Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 6, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1927
Page 3
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•HA H. G; Lieorance family have moved from 424 North street to 215 South Walnut street . J • . i . i_ . - •• 1 ' —For Fuller Brushes-pho. 1024J. C. E. Coy, 421 Walnut. Ida, Ktls. Mr. j and Mrs. T. L. Wright and daughter, Isabel, and Mr. and >Ir8. Frank Lamptpn of Fort Scott were -Sunday gi^ests of Mrs. E. E. jPat- terson of 316 North Washington aTenue. Wm. Penn— {> oetits— A Good'ClKBr Mr. and MrsV C. E. White, of Kan4a8 City. Mo., Jwe ^e over-Might gueslR of* Mr. WhIte 'B Bister, j Mrs.' W, L. Aillsori and i.Mr. Allison. 402 South Walnut street. They made the trip overland,^ —Scientific lawamower grinding. F. G. Lhwj-er 'H Shop, 12 N. Walnut. - Mrs. Clifton Clark arrived home last night from Topeka where she "spend a week vfl'th Mr. Clark. —For Rent: Store room'.: Tn- qpire at Tire 'Repair Shop, 116 East Jackson. . - ;^ Archie Woods, of the Peerless Oil station,' was. a business, A isitor In Leroy Monday. —Dr. Montgomeijy, Chlropcactor. Icila Laundry Bldg.,' Phone 138. 'The Ida friends of S. wdbb of W^nee, Okla. will be sorry, to learii that ije underwent an opera^ tion for i^^endicltla Saturday. J Mrs. Logan Hunsaker of 304 South State street is quite ill, With a severe, heart attack. —^Dr, A. B. Tvadell, Osteopath. .S;ew; Globe Bl^. Phone 191. Goba Workman of. 811 Sodth street, who hak been quite ill of pneumonia, Is reported as recovering nicely.. i t \'m. Pei^n— £ eentJi— A Good Cigar June and Vern Denisiin of Bassett, wlio has? been ilii with the measles, was ijeported ^better today. r-Tlie Diploma Examinations for rural schools will be lueld April 16 and Apilll 23. 1927. at lola, Humboldt. Carjyle, Moran, Mildred. Elsmore and Savonburg. Fee. Jl.OO.— FIbrence H. Round, Co. Supt. of Public Instruction. (F. D. Minor, who has been vlslt- li^ his parents, Mr. and-Mrs. Min- of; of' Salem district, returned to Wichita yesterday. —Chicken dinner Thursday. 3 .ic. First (phtisfiaii. Church. Mary Miller of SO-I Ba.ssetl is reported, very ill. » • » • • Befoie Easter It's time to send those garments to be Cleaned nnd Pressed! L. tox, M: v., Speclaliat. Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat t '• ' Mrs. Frink Lindsly left last night via Fort Scott for St. Petersj- burg, "Fla., jcallfed there by tKe illness of her mother. Mrs. Mary Grubbs, whojis there visiting her Bister, Mr.<!. J. W. Marker and family. _ Vfm. PennT-5 cents— A Good Cigar The Order of Sleeping Car Conductors is now in.the tenth year of Its existence. —Don't fail to sec the dpniopsira- tion' of Rogers Brushing Lacquer Friday and Saturday at "The Evans Store. ' ' , Mrs. t C. Oilkerson of Carlyle . is Bp «>nding a few ilzyA at the home of Mrs. Anna Olmstead. of" 402 North Fourth street. -r-Chicken' Dinner. Thursd.iy, .1.''.c. . Firft Chrhitian Church. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Foust "of 307 North Fourth street and her mother. Mrs. Hathaway of .North Third street, motored fb Wichita^ •today to visit relative over the week eftd." - I Ableilon Cleaners Ph bne lO.'i If yiU.X ilAYES LEK Oplomelrlst • Eyes examined Glasses fitted • , Phone 158 for appointment . • Optical Parlors 3 N. Jeff. » • • • • • * • • • K enneh Meiiry, am lOf Mr. and Mri- C. K. Henry. Is reporedUI. WB. PCBB—5 ceatu—A Good C ^ar Sr. and Mrs. M. E.HillearyiQf Hutchinson wef-e buslneiBS visitors ;ola yesterday. Meredith Mcllyaine of betrolt. Miqhigan, is .visitjng in the hbme of |h1a cousin. Lee fioftisger and family. 816 East street. ; Mr. J. E. Booze of Ottawa was a businesg visitor in lola yesterday<j andl'calUi^g at the home of Mr. and Mr^. E. L. l.*<ihien of 802 South street. I . w4. Pena-^ MBU—A Good Cigar Mr. and Mrs. (tlem Fisk, Mrs. Evii Sprln^atou. Miss Marie Flak, MrJ D. Nash and daughter, Ruth I.«von. are vlHlting relatives neiir Mildred today. -Mr. and .Mrs. Frwl Coffield, Jr., moved Saturday frbm 304 East Lin- c'plh to the Wiggins farm, on ^'orth ^j ^fe street road. Mrs. J. C. Coffield Is moving back to jher old home at 304. East Lincoln.' Out of town Relatives here 16 at- terid tlie funeral of Mrs. Maud Ha,i;dln Nash were Mrs. Ella Staf- toTf^ of Bayard. .Mrs. Harriet Arch- er.i!.Mr. and .Mrs. Seth Archer, Mrs. Evil Snyder of Moran; .Mr. a^id Mrk. John Burrls. .Mr. and Mrs. Ll<l|yd Burrls of Mildred; .Mr. and Mr^. Vern Burri.s. of Kincaid. VTik Penn—5 cents- A Gffod Cigar Mrs. Wayne Wright of .Moran re- tunied today from ^ visit with her sister, Mrs. O. F. Miller of Geneva. .Mr. and .Mrs. W. A, ^imons of 9 Irwin street left yesteraay on the Oil Flyer for Denver, Colo., where they will nialje their heme. Mrs. W. E. Starks of 122 South Cottonwood street rcturneil Sun- tHE-IOIA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESPAY.EVENiyG.AFiRILej 1927. mS AGAIN TAKE JOMP ,U; S. Steel Common Also Hits New High Marl On Mai-kets. ! New York. April 6. (AP)—Bullish enthusiasm ran rampant again in today's stock market, with .the 'Chief demand centering In the rails and high grade industrials. U. S. Steel commoni touched another dew high reconl fqr all time at 172% and General Motors at 184. Trading was again in rather heavy volume. ' , The day's news was rather mix ed In character. Call money was again available in Irge volume t ( ow rates, facilitating the opera- ions of pools. The'declaration of an extra sfock dividend' of 20 per ^ent on Pere Marquette brought fresh (uying Into the rail group. If • Oil coDiinued to rally on short coy^rlrig and fresh buying induced by uniisually favorable 1926 earnings riports. .Motors held fairly well Uespite the sharj) cut in Pierce Arrow prices. ' A good investment demand also was apparent for such Issues as General Railway Signal, Western ITriion ind Woolwortli," all of which touched new peak jirices for th.e year, o'r'longer. the gains running as high as 5 |7.25 and better: bulk raalers Ito pacl &rs $11.00 <ff 12.00; a fcwl bt $12:50: shipper kind scar:e. aroajid ?14 .00- , Hogs 11.000: very SIJW; tbp 112.00 paid' for 140 to 50 pojitad weight; bulk-good and hoice 150 to 200'pound $11.60®llJ 0; 210 to 230 pound |11.15 «ril .60; 260 to 300 pc/unil <(P 11.15; thw sales packrng^stiws at $>.65Cr9^5: odd lots of ; nigs $11 00« F 11 40; heavy' weight i {ilU .50@II 25; U^e- dium $10.60 «fl'.so; llgh: $n.ia& 12.00; light 1 ght $1100^>12.d0: packing «ows $19 .501 ^10.1); slaughter pigs $10 .T5 @11.85. Shefep lo.OOu; good medium weight wopled lambs $16 25f|il6.: 0; asking arouiid $17.00 lor chb ce hany weight; desirable clipned lambs $15.00© 15 .75; cl oic« 77 ppund ctipperi to shipptr>i $16.(0; few head of thoire fut «|ard to $10.7.=i. |of Bassetf. who has for the past two to return to ; Loren Hilllg ^een quite ill weeks, was alble sphool yesterdajr. Wm. Penn—5 (ents—A Good Cigar Mrs. Ed Old of 314 West Spruce street was called to Kansas City Monday by the serious Illness of her .sister, Mrs. Ralph Grant. —Modern Brotlperiiood of Amer lea lodge will meet at K P. hall, Wednesday evening, .\pril fi. at 8 o'clock. A dance will follow. Invite your friends. Perry and Titus Simons of north of lola vislteil Monday afternoon with Mrs-. F. O. Hecox of 505 South State street. —Try It once—you will hive no other. Van Hobzer's Bread. ' J Mrs. Sam Bloom of 815 South Washington avenue, who attended da} Dodge City. Wirhita and Lprni'-i. Mrs. N. .T. Esclienbrenner and ddJghter. .Mary Lou, of Blackwell, Okla.; who have been visiting in the home of .Mr. and -Mrs. Dick Fry, returned home on tlie noon train today. - the funeral, of her .Springfield, .Mo., home. nephew in has returned Earl Melton of Bassett left Mon( day Xor Tyrone, Okla. were he has ermployment , ' —Free .Demonstration of Roger.s Brushing Lacquer Friday anil Saturday at The Evans Store. Mr. .and Mrs. Raymond Scott of Borger, Texas lola yesterday looking for a location.' •W'HU PeBn—5 cents—A Good CigAr Edgar piippin. a student at Junior high,' was unable to be at ichool today on account! of ill• aess. . ; ^ • • i —Vacuum Sweepers for rent. K. C. Electric & Plumbing Co. —Just like Angel Food Cake. Van Hoozer's Bread, i for IHc. Mrs. Paul Harvey and two children, Robert and Dorothy, are here f^om Barliesyllle, Okla. for a vi.sit with MrsJ. Harvey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. U Rj Ray." Wm. Penn—5 cenlf:-A Good CIgaij Mrs. John Burns left yesterday for .City on a short busi- 1 nesk trip. ' from i» three weoKs Visit in F. I- B.LEAVEIJ-, M. I>. Special attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Office lola State Bank HIdg. Phones—147 and 705. • Kansas City Grain Kanisas City, April 6. (AP)— Wheat: Uccepits 130 cars; ^ to Ic higher; So. 2 dark hard $1.30 iTi* 1.35Vj: .Vo. 3, $1.29<frl.3n; No. 2 hard $1.29',i!«T1.35; .No. 3, $i.20(ffil.3S: No. 2 red $1.2C'/j at 1.27'A: .No. 3, $L25»4 @ 1.27. Corn, unchanged ito Vl-f higher. No. 2 white llliTAc; So. 3, CS% (?r7Ic. ' No. 2 yellow 75 B 76»ic; No. 3, 72',4 (fii 75c. No. 2 mixed 71 Ci) 72'.{.c: -No. 3. 67',A(ff70'^c. . Oats.; unchanged.' No. 2 white 45»v ffP 4 3, 43',4- » 47c. . Mllo ,niaize $1.I9<;( 1.23 Kafir $LlliR1.19. Rye 97<S9.SVic. Barley 77 <{» 79c. City, April Close: Whelat : Mav old $1 new $1.27>.y;'.lnlv $1.'2 (hi(jag» <.raln.{ Chicago, \pr. 6. lA Wheat .May $1.3.5.V "> $1.29*4; -Svpt. $1.27% to Corn, .May to Vic: to %C<i9ic; S^pt; Oats. .May il4>,-ic; Ju SeplJ 4.1.'Sic. ' Rye. ^lay $1.04% to S $1.01T<t: Sept 9fiT*c. ewes lip- ValFey Falls Democrat Takes, Poison, Is Deid yblley Falls, Kan.. April 6: (AJP) —Pjineral services were held to<jay fonf Frank Gragg. 69, who ccjmniit- tedl' suicide ^unday by taking p|)i- sonj Mr. Gragg. a farmer. \({as th4 Democratic nominee for first district congressman; in, 1922. |le was a delegate to the; Democratic national convention at San Fr4n- cisoo in 1920. Financial reverses led him Uo eiRl his own life, be explaiiied [in a note to his sister. Mrs. H. |H. Mitchell. Mr.' Gragg was a bach- el '»—rio!4e: %; JUly V,. : July w^i ly 4-iTi. 1 .05: July Mr. and M^s. G. H. RAnkih arrived today from Bartlesvillle. Okla. Mr. Rankin will r>main only a ^few days but Mrs. Rankin will remain here. Their hJiiio is at 839 North Jeffer.soh avtn.ue. While working on his t;araKe sit his home 424 North Ktteet. hMgiir Mae Westfand Others Face Ternis in Jail PAGE THREE . ^\ \ Damiages Ate Asked in iFebinary Car Accident i.Damages to his car and alleged injuries from flying glass are-the ba^s for John B. Clark's damage suit for $i;550 . iagainst Herbert Goshorn: The suit was filed in district court today. Clark charges that he 'was injured and his car damaged in a car accident on the lola-Humboldt road February 5. Goshorn was driving th^ other car. khe petition alleges. Marquis Viaina Is : U l)ead Today in Madrid ; ; Madrid, iSpaib, April 6. (AP)— The Xlprqiiis,, :be Vinna, court chamb«rldin 'ind ."formerly King Alfonso's, master-of horse, died tor day. i , " Separate menus for their cus-j tomers' pet do^s, are now. provided' by many Partsjiah restaurants. New iYork, April 6. (AP)-f-.Mae West, <(utbor-star, and her tweniy- bne ast^ciates in "Sex." the rai>|e<l Broadw|ay play, to<lay faired! Jiall sentiences. The entire company, two ma (lagefs and the .Morals Producing (Company, the financing corpora ion. were convicted yesterday bf )roditclng a play tending corrupt the morals of youth to B. Sniilli liad the misfortuU' ruu ii iiuil through li !s root. Fred" Al. Bruschi has lUt ,on 40000 liorseshops during he twenty ilacksmiih years lie has servc<l as for the National Park Voseniite, Calif. to Service Slic; No.l 6. (AP) — 2.S'4; .Mhy %; r;orn: in .Mrs. Emma Cowell of 623 South sycamore street who underwlcnt a major operation at St. Johns h,bs- pital sixteen days ago, returned home this afternoon. . .Mrs. Alice Martin of Colony turned to her hbme tcMlay after a week's st.iy at St Johns hosi)!tal for treatment. i Ford Motor Company Makes V^ealth Report Boston, April I 6. (AP)—The annual financial report of the Ford Motor Company of' Detroit, filed here today, fwith i the. ^tnte ce >m- missioncr of corporations and taxation shows a surplus account of $697^6.37,788 on k balance sheet of $784,208,080. Capital stock is listed at $17,264,500. , Will Rogers;Deserts Kansas for Iowa Now Junction Cily.iK.s., April C. (AP) Will 'Rogers, comedian, who was the guest of Brigadier General E. E Booth,.cavalry school commandant yesterday at a horse -^how staged in his honor, took off this morning for Des Moines. Iowa, in a plane piloted by Major II. H. Arnold, in command of Mai^shal Field, tlie Fort Riley air station. POWDER An old superstition still prompts many actors to lift their liats wiien passing a theater underi construction, to "bring luck" to , the new playhouse. j j dr.". .M. L. Kennedy left toda^}' for Ellsworlh, N-inH., to the .Motlit^r Ulkerdyke ll .im.'. ilr.x. ,T. L. Cljrk of Kansas City. MiL wllb has been visiting'hji- uls­ ter. Mrs. E. J. Siout in Lallarpe, retilirnejl home today. small [o. spent . j.^-?y with. Mr.s. R. C. if win of South Sycamore street ' Mrs. L. J. Irwin and ^^hter of Kansas City. M .XE -w nr.s .SEKVJCE ; FOK lOLA ! .A jitney bus line -'from' lola • to East lola and return will * he started tfimorrow morning. • 'Route —SW comer Sduare. • east OH Madison to Jefferson, • nortli to East street, east to * Kentucky, south to Majliaon, • west to SW corner Squire. • ; Time— Leave Square! 6:45 • a. m. and every 30. minutes • thereafter until 10:30 p. m. • Leave Kentucky street! 6:.'i0 • 8; m. and every 30 minutes • thereafter until 10:3.5.; • Fare— Ten Cente.; BROWN TAXI LINE • ':* K. C. El«*trlc & ] . Attention B. P; 0. E. -••InRtallalion of officers tonight All membfrs ref|uested-to be present; i A. R. E.NFIELD, E. R. • Mr. and .Mrs. E. B. Murdock returned home last. night from a bu^ii^ess I'isit in Kansas City. WiB. iPfjnri—« cents—A Good Cigar •fh^ Saiid club met in the home of jMrs. J. W. Gordon, 411 North Chestnut street Monday afternoou; Roll icall. responses were quotations' by noted authors. The club had f)r its guest Rev. J. W. Gordon tf St. Joseph, Mo., who gave many encouraging remarks. The nfternopii was spent In art and Deedl*w'orfe Those present were: MrsJ John Bass, .Mrs. P. M. hove, .Mrji. jJ,. W. Gordon, Mrs. S. H. Handley, .Mrs. J. E. Smith, .Mrs. John Pappin. Mrs. Hervy Bland. .Mrs. Jbhn Fox. Mrs.. Cleveland Pulleyj Mrs. I.awson Newman, .Mfsi. Lee Smith, [and the. hostess, Mrs. J. W. (Jordon. Charles Victor Recob, the sjJiall Boh of Mr. and Mrs. Pa»il O. pte- cob, who has been ill qt the m sles, is recovering ver^nicely. •*J'' • • - — "' I • •^Lfixver prices on high grade Edison Electric Lamps. Buy them by the-cartqn " " Plumbing Co.. The name of Miss Delpre Opal Gammon, daughter of Mf.'and Mrs. C. S. Gammon of 619 South Buckeye street Jappears on the!.:list of fr^hmen honor roll, and; the name of'-Miss Gladys. Mabel | Wingler,' daughter of' Mr. and Mrs, J. R. iWlngler, of near Carlyle, appears I 'on the senior honor roll' at the ' Emporia Teachers collpgei. The honor roll is made upi of names of Students who werebmpngj the^blKl^ «Bt 10 percent In their class'In ifcliolar^p last. semesUr. > ' ^:-'-^--V.:-^-''.' ' jLawnraower Sharpening: and ' Repairingf We call for and deliver PLOW WORK, <»WOOD WORK, AUTOMOBILE PAINTING, GENERAL BLACKSMITHING J C. C. McCarty <& I Son, : aoi South] St. Phbne 216 Mr. A liner Rr foi davs'>< Grlico The Horyille Unit of the Wom- enfs Farm Bureau met today with Miss Vide fetherngill with Mrs. Cl»ra Howland as leader. The le! son today was on Nutrition. nd Mrs. A. H. Viiggs of 20 strett bit tlil.< iifteriJOiiU Kaisas City to be with the^r jht( r. .Mrs. C. C. Snelson. who 1 uijdergo' an operation at the losj-itai in the morning. ELLEY Mght Hie 30c I T(|NIGHT ONLY .May 7:5c; July 77'. HC ; rfept SO'/ic. Knnxns City I.Ive.<ite^k Kansas City. April 6. (United State.s Department of Agriculture) —Hog.s. 11 .0110; unevep; 10 to 2."»c lower, mosily l.'> lo 20c lower than Tuesday's average; stock pigs steady $11.7.'. Cii, .12.7.'.; toji $11.7.'V on 140 to l.'.o pounds; bulk desira- lile 170 to 2Zn pounds. $lU.9.'ifi'il ll.:l.'i; 140 to 160 pounds $11.40''(( |11.65; 240 pounds up $l<».3-i(!( 10.9ii; i| A maii committed suicide in London thei otlier day after visiting an undertaker and paying his funeral iBxpenstjs in advance. ' /' Safrie firov^r USE LESS THAN OF HIGHER PRICED^ BRANDS Why Pay War I THE GOVERNMENT USEI> : MILLIONS OF POUNDS Why do ] women marry?—For wedded hliHs or for ilimonyj?—IntriRuing^ situations, suspense, heart-throi^s, and an amazing climax, make this ont of thej most delightful comedies in which Uairice Joi- has ever been seen—Don't overlook it. packing sows $9.itoif( 9.7."i. Cattle C.'iOO; calves l ,00(j; oeiier;. grade.^. weighty steers 15c to 2.V|| THURSDAY ONI eights !• Qj ^T jHp. STAGE Irs. Frank Smith and .Mrs Sam Dale a id dauKhter. Mari^. drove to Ch inut e to visit Mrs. William Ogden., steady to l.'ic higher: she stock steady: bulls 10 to 15c.higher: vealers 50c liigher; top $11.00; stockers and rfeeders slow; choice heavy steers $l:!.00: other gdod medium weight steers $I1.00tfi; 12.:i5; bulk light steers $9.00(^1; 10.7.5; Sltfep C.OrtO; wooled lambs J strong to- 2 ."ic higher; sheep steady: choice .SO pound Colorado wooled ' skinned lambs to shippers $i6.25: others to packers- mostly $15..S5 <f? 16.15; 67 to 76 pofind Arizona -spring lambs $l.S.OO(f? 18.40; practically straight; .shorn Arizona ewes $8.25ff7'8.aO. SALEM (Hazel Markley) April 4.—Mr. and Mrs. .Merle Mirkley visited Wednesday at the parental King home in Chanute. Mrs. Markley's -sisf-r. accompanied thi'm home for a few days visit. ar. and 'Mrs. Claude Stutevilje viiiled Sunday with-Mr. .pod Mrs. S. J. Markley and family. —Read about big Auction Sale Used Ford; Cars on Want lAd page. .M Carthy Motor Co. | Mr. and Mrs. George Russell en- te -tained a large namber bf friends at their liome Frfday 'evening. In hrnor of .Mr. Russell's birthday. Refreshments were served and a veW enjoya all present. /lei-Ie an(t Friday with) WJxson in l)le. time was had by Mary Markley spent Mr. and: Mrs. Fred iHumboldt. Itcd Sunday mc ther. .Mrs family. dr. I.,ark nard of Kin Mr. and Mrs. George Pettit vis- wlth Mrs. Pettit's Ernest Pearman and iTaylor and soii May- aid visited Sunday iit th^ George iMarkley home.! ilr. and Mrs. Horace I^ower called on .Mr. and Mrs..Merle .Mark;• Sunday afternoon. I EASTER ADVICE It is as natural for a roan to think of new clothes ai Blister time as it Is for him j to think of sleep at bed time.j It is. an impulse ,whlch' many men are experiencing.? We advise you to obey it ;If >|ou ' Would be happy. ! .STVLEPLIS CLOTHES. ' for Easter and the months to follow. , $28.50 to $35.00 THE HUB Chicago LIvesiock Chicago, April 6. (United .States Department of .AgricuTtiire)—Cat­ tle 7,000; few heavy medium bulls Also Cjomedy \md Fclfx The Cat. Y 1 • r . i: • '' ''Dashin PinahfFom . 25- Featiii'ing Eddie "Running Wild." rOLORED PEOPLE^ 25 .emon's, late .star|of Miller & Lyle.'? I I 7PIECEJAZ:^BAT!fDANDpRCHt:$TIli^ | ON THE SCREEN— [ ^ Ann Pennington ani Julian EI inge in 'W^ADAM | BEHAVE,"a^ cousin ito "Charle^ Dally MATIXEES S:00 p. ,m. Shtnrday 1 ta 11 7:00-9:00 m. 'THE LITTLE HOUSE WITH THE BIG SHO\VS." i! Last Times Tonight 7-9 i). m. George 0'Brien4—Olive Borden This $14.00 s^t of two self draiiing tubs with benches on casters, '. ^ree with each washer duringr this sajle. Owing the fact that our shipment Of Vbss Washers andjself Efraining Tubs was delayed en^oute we ai^e extending our sale for the balance of this week. Take advantage of this opportunity to secure ydur complete washing outfit. • M Metal Washer $M .V $79 Voss Is as Good as the BeM —IN— Three Bail Bieh The romance of a girl in the land of,, er.s in search |0f gold, liberty, and happiness. With a of 25,000 people,' western even Ben Alexander in "SCOTTY OF THE SCOUTS." krazy Kat Kartoon Komedy. Last times, come early—Children 10c; Adults 35c./ THURSDAY AND:FRIDAY—THE LAUGH FEST. Douglas Mac Lean in "INTRODUCE ME" It's a streak of laughing lightning. Added Attractions—Matinees 10-20c; Nights 10-25c. . COilING MONDAY STELLA DALLAS, KELLEY— THURSDAY ONLY • Who heads. the cast 0/ the. Dashing Dinah MUSICAL COMEDY COMPANY . I Eddie is correctly called• the king of bkckfaJj ; comedians and was fea-- tured for two season's : witji I Miller and Lytle^ Running Wild i Show. I ElblE AM» HIS .Sri 'PORTIXfi CA.ST OF f , 25-1-C^LORED ARTISTS^5 Present a Pfay that M 'ill keep you in .uproar of laughter. SPECf jiL SCENIC AND LIGHTING EFFECTS YOU WiLli SEiS-L-The fistest dai^ers in th« country, band and jazz orchestra. ON THE SCREEN— .^AL CHRISTIE ) OIOOM CHASEBi to'S*^ Onteatt by Sam Sidney ifeaniAriette She may be no lady, biit s^'s enterlaining —she'll make you laugh . and if >iou jare human, you 'n bevthe better for making the /acquaintance of **Madam Behave." j LviSaCOMEDY AND NOVELTY REEL. ^ Matinee Pictures Only 10 and 2bc. Night *a>ASttING DINAH" and Pictures '25c:and 50c. i I / t its

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