The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 29, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1892
Page 4
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CHINA'S COMPOSURE Newspaper Article Showing How Our Oriental Brethren Feel. The Mikado Has I'lcnty of Guns, Ships, Wealth and Soldiers. Not Afraid of I'nolo. Sam—Con- soqiuwes of the Ue&is- t rat ion Act. o.-m rr.xncl.-eo, Oct. War Keo, u urw>i>;i |H -r inilili.'-luKl in tills <it.\. i >i'uiis )uu;\.i ..i to l>a n mull M,l,l.,l,ll'.!' lit lull IK US 111 Ml Ctlilia I'y tin- Lisa Mi-.iuu-i-. Anions iho ui'iiilt-s cm- is ln.-lu.vitl to IHJ lusiilicd Uy Uio yon-rnnu nt nail Is Ui uitturo coniitUiiUiil IJJSUUL'UOIIS to tliti Chitii-se consuls m Uit- Unit I'd State:). It silK- gusis Unit, Un-y iu..l;o biiootly anil as i-iijnhalli.-ally fin uonslblu certain'o- ji.-mai-ou to sviiaioi's mid eouyi'csawuu cuiwui'iiiiij; Uio Uuary law. The uri-.clu ua translated la U3 follows: "Clii'.ui una iilumy ol' wealth, plumy ut guns, ami big v.-urshlns of modem cou- stnieilou aiitl jilenly of soldiers. Cliina Is not tui-uUl vi£ tuu United Slates and can opu villi lit-r lit war; but Cldna dues not vniir, to light with tho United HUit«'-t^ for thero are inuuy OUKT inea..s ot retaliation. Tae tuUele goes ia 10 statu that the people «f tlie United States were nervous alter (he Now Orleans alTiilr mill liesan u hasty eoustnieiiou of battleships autl nuns. China, It says, has ho'.li of these, but tho United Slates Is not ready. If a Chinese registration net Is persisted in, Cliina will Insist that A'.uer- lean residents In China shall resistor and wear t.itss or penalty of imprison meut and expulsion. China will niso Impose a heavy tax ou American imports, particularly iloui and cotton. MADCAP; THE MOST STUBBORN Blcin and Scalp Diseases, the wont forma of Scrofula, all blood-taints And poisons of every namo and nature, aro utterly rooted out by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. 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MA'lTlktlU. l\<\ thottrjlit instantly of Hester, nnd AiipixMCil Unit M<>tiit> iiiti-rview had takr-n t'hu -it tu-twi-cii tli« two wuuinii, wliiclt, iii-roniini; krinwii to Mr. Kyrp, lui'l thrown Ititii into a state of disorder tlntt oiii-o liofiuv liml I 'lilmtntitKil in nn iin- pttlsn of tntirdor; but li« said no word, oniv st-cm.-il tii-iirer to him tlion in itcrpatlu-Ui'. situivtion, and by hernobln- mitiili-iltii 'sM. Iliiiti MIIH Itiiil over beon to liiit MI her tlioinrlttluss youth. "Soim-how," slm went on, ptmtly, "thinan are so o.loar to mo to-nialit—us thiinuli 1 luiil not, out into a purer air. and it was easy to si!« thinirs ns they tvally nrn. I ktiow now that I need not li:ivi>'ln-(-ii mlsi-rabto almittthoDuclioss, mil I was wicked toward you. But that's all over now—only you 11 remember som • day that I told you so. And you've made tiu« very happy, Frank— iin-1 Do ly loves von. '* "(Jod h'.es-i you, Mule-ip!" ho s-\\d .ind kissed Iter' hand, ft-elitr.' tlmt she, had utven liirn tiu» erown.tho reward of his lon-j I'aitliftiltiess to her. Hut somu one outs do, whodiil not heiirllm words spoken, leaned forward and looked after the yonni pttir as they moved from tlm window bark into tho room. She tried mm of tho two doors that communir.-iteil with the library. It was locked, and llion ^li sho called to him, Mr. Kyre did not reply. "I urn tired. - ' she x\\>\ to Frank, "and will leiive you now. You will wait a UUle while tor him?" Frank said that lio would;and having bid caeh other "Go.) I ni-.'ht," shn turned at the loot of tlm stairs to look back and untie. So ho saw her for the lust tlmn in lift) —so for sixteen Ions years lie remembered her—the sweet little tyrant of his voutli, tlm early love of his manhood— Madcap—Madcap! _ (»iTIKTl».) A tat powttai ul nek*? to lieu with nniQT *bi< iU. tkt «MtMk mtkp th* Ml Vfrtaawtl BtrfBau MANHQ CIIAl'TKIt XIII. II,- lillll'ul. U Uoiill Frank, left alone, sat down by Madcap's littlo table, all thought of ilr. Eyre ROIIO in the delight that her words lt.ii 1 u'iven him. "Yon have made me verv happy,"she had said, and more than tlial lie could not have done, even tu niving her up his lift>. and to-uijrlit it seemed to him a vry little thin,' that he had taken upon himself, mid tne reward out of all proportion to the saerdi e. Jlis thoughts went l>aek to that day in the copse, when she had known her ono sliort, sharp, biiter space of misery —misery so quickly turned to joy as to be over almost beforo she had tasted it; and if afterward she had sorrowed for Hester's sake, and his sin, that sorrow had touched no vital part of her life, mid siis was Madcap still, in her brightness, imiDceneu .and youth, as she should always he in heart so ion^ as he lived to puar.l her. Ad this presenti' tnent, though snnrcoly of evil, that seemed to possess h-r to-ni-rht, meant notliini;; it was only a passim; mood, and to-morrow sho would be us bright ,is she had been that morning. And then his thoughts traveled back over .ho day that had begun happily by his nieo-.iir; her with the boys in the village, and he had persuaded her to go with him to see a pretty sight that lie had chanced upon an hour before. It was no less than a group of three young chestnuts that had hurst out in a complete new suit of leaves and Mowers, affording a marked contrast to the russet-brown matrons standing by, who had an air of by no means approving of such out-of-season They had stood silent before the curious and beauttittl sight, then Madcap, looking up with something very sweet and solemn in her face, had said to him 'Frank, don't these irees make you think of a human life in moro ways than one? of a life that h is beon happy, and all at onto trouble came to it v tint stripped it of everything—just as the caaffers i-tinio in spring and destroyed the leaves of these trees—loav ,ng them bare when those around were beautiful and happy: b'lt now, in au tumn, just when all the others are sober uid dull, these ii ivo the r youth renewed, just as that life might be oven more beautiful and happy in Us autumn than its spring," "But there are some lives, as there aro certain trees, that cannot be HO re r.owed," Frank had said sadly; "once stripped of happiness, tho heart novor stirs in them again, and after all these seem to mo the grundost trees, the noblest hearts." "No!" Madcap had cried; "that which has once loved for love's sake, been happy for nnolher's sake, may have thought it has lost all, but yet carries in Itself the powerto produce as beautiful fruit ns any that have ROIIO before snd a second youth is possible as to that tree which lias so boldly reversed tho edict of fate." Hut Frank had shaken his head; there could bo no second Madc.ip to him in the world And then they had stood still to watch the children go down the clade,dancing over the yellow leaves with feet asllght as the hearts that winged them, and no instinct told the mother that this was the last time the little brothers would pass that way—the last time her eyes would follow them. lie wished now that ho had gone all the way homo with her, and so have averted that meeting which ho feared had taken place, and that accouuted for the excitation of mood Mr. Eyre had displayed that night. To Frank it was ! lamentable failing in that strong ml in i, tho incessant fear of what Hester might s iy or do; but he forgot that Mr. Kyre had only seen Iter In those fiercer moods when anger hud swayed iter, or when that mad, reckless determination to inuvt) him, that will often make a woman willfully degrade herself in a man's eyes, had carried iter beyond both truth und honor. And tonight all his sleeping dread of that catastrophe to which ho had feared Mr Eyro's violence of hatred might impel him, was once more awakeuod. Tola lethargy that Mr, Kyre iiad thought to mean decay, Frank knew to be natural aa the snow-wreath that covers the Biirtli, while, ben ••nth it. busy life is at work, silently preparing Its forces against the coming struggle; for even inunimato creation, as In'our insolence we term It, does not achieve existence at a leap; and while brain and heart rested sluggishly, Mr. Eyre's strength \Viis secretly renewing itself, whether for Rood or evil. The Necessarian, In effeot, says, "Given the whole of tho tmtccedonts, tho action can bo predion ed.» The Fatalist ndds.that the man MHDBeu nas uocmng Co no WJUI tue antecedents. Democi'itus teaohes that chance la nt the bottom ot nil things, and ao reduces life—all things—to very btvrten.iSjmeB", not sttenBth. truth, oour> Bgo, nor ability, winning the race, but CftUttce. Ami Frank wondered It this same nlinucn had taken Mr. Eyre to tjynge Lane that night; but tho thought was too horrible to bo pursued; and Frank, pacing the room restlessly, longed for the library door to open, and Wghoat oorao out to reassure hlra. ;Dut Mr. Evre. gur.fc a *i ap in slumber, in his band, could not U he would, to power- spuqlsajit nightmare; wMte blind and the wmaow-rrame irnnn] caught agllmpso of him sound asleep at his table, his head sunk on tho outstretched arms, 5 pen still grasped by his Angers. In turning away, Frank struck his foot against a ladder placed against tho wall, but of this he thought nothing, and In a few moments had mounted tho atone steps, and found, as he expected, the outer door njar. lie entered, but noteo quickly but that warning was given of his approach. As he gently pushed the nursery door open, a woman stole behind the half-open door of a linen-press, and stood there trembling, believing the new-comer to be Air. Eyre. Doily lay tossing on his bed. nnd Frank's heart contracted with a bitter pang as be looked down on bis darling, who in droam-land clutched fast the pillow that represented to hira his "mummy." Frank had been able to avert one sorrow from Madcap, but he knew that he could not avert this one; nothing short of n miiaclew onM ever rear Dody to manhood now. The fatal cold caught on the spring morning when he had stolen out to gnthar that birthday flower, had taken fast hold upon him, and the beautiful little body in which the lamp of health appeared to burn so brilliantly, was alroady fevorod und weakened by bidden mischief. An Inner door (.pencil, and Josephine entered, start ingback in genuine amazement at sight of Frank. Mrs. <;inrk«> is here," he said, np- proaehing her. "I saw her enter." lie added, ns Josephine held up her hands and eyes in contradiction, nnd called upon heaven nnd earth to witness that there was not a soul there save the children and their two selves. Ami the door that I found open," he said, "how is tliatv" The woman gavo him an inscrutable look from under her long lashes—how tunny nights had she not thus left it ou the latch—then as he still looked at hor, she ."hriiirgi-d her shoulders. "The diamonds dizzied me," she said; "it was in thinking of tit- in that I forgot the door. Aid mon Die.uV and she clasped her hands, "a man might die, commit a murder for a necklace like that"—perlnp.s it was of such a keepsake Mr. Dl.-ges had been thinking, when he had promised her—poor stupid fool that ho wus—anything il she would be his wife! Frank Miiilcr). at the thought of tho brilliant Frenchwoman as plain .Mrs. Digges, but the thought did not cross his mind, ns it would inevit..lily have done Mr. Kyre's, how in this stolid stupid man's passion for tho unprincipled woman lay tho elements of i crime, lie wasiiiiukingof Hester, nnd as certain that she was in the house, as that Jos-phiuo was ignorant of. her presence. lie advanced to tho inner room, followed by the nurse, mid as they disappeared, a tigiiro stole Iloui its hiding- place, and with ono rap!d, passionate kiss on Dody's brow, passed out und down the stone steps. cnAPTEn xiv. Whru lio I murder! The night, its stillness, its pence, was suddenly rent in twain hv n shriek so savage, so awful, that it drove the blood curdling round tho hearts of those who heard, and for one helpless moment rooted them to the ground on which they stood, while their flesh crept, awaiting it knew not what Frank recovered himself urst.instinet causing him to connect thnt cry with Madcap, though the voice was not hers: and scarce knowing where ho wont, he ran like one mad out of the nursery and along the corridors, till ho reached the opposite wing, where, nttracted by the light shining through a half-open door, ho pushed it wide, and stood trying to collect his senses, endeavoring to grasp the scene upon which ho gazed. In an arm-ohair, drawn close to the window, eat Madcap, to all appearance dead, her white wrapper all disordered and stained with blood, while Mr. Evre standing beside her, held his handkerchief to her side, and on seeing Frank, made a gesture to him to approach. He was still in evening dress, and no speck of blood was about him savo on his hands, which wero deeply dyed from the office ho filled; but his voice was steady as usual when ho asked Frank to ride at onco to Hamilton, and fetch a doctor. "Not one of these fools could saddle a horse," he added, with n look of scorn toward the servants who had hastened on Frank's heels, and now crowded to gether, sobbing, crying, stumbling Josephiuo alone preserving her solf- control. It was she who was tho first to ob. serve that tho window was open; sho who cried out, after a hurried glance round, that the diamonds were gone; sho who removed a littlo table from her mistross's side that held a handkerchief, a book, and a few trifles, bringing in its place a hoavior one, upon which she placed tho medicine chest that Mr. Eyre bade hex bring from his dressing-room. But, alas! alnsl poor Madcap! The hand that did '-medicine thee to that sweet sleep" could easier lay thee thus^ still and silent, than rouse theetolifo again; and as though conscious of the helplessness of his efforts, hor husband suddenly ceased them, and carried her toward the bed, upon which she sank like snow. As Mr, Eyre laid her down,he looked up. "Selzo him!" he cried; and all eyes were turned to the window, through which a man's face peered—heavy, animal, fixed in a kind of fascination that held it motionless, whon a dozen hands were stretched forth to triaan the mau slKiutdors, and provent ms escape. "Poor wretohl" Baid Mr. Eyre con- temptuously,-a'B he recognized his gar- demur. "Let him go." But those who. in their zeal, had already rushed round to the outside of the house, thought proper to secure him, so that he appeared to drop backward from the window, and vanished in a yoll of execration thnt mado night hideous, and seemed an uiitrago on the quiet figure that lay as if asleep, each feature stilled to a peace that might not be rudely broken, "Gol" said Mr. Byro to the remaining men and women, and their habitual awe of hini returned; they hurried on each other's steps, and he was loft alone with Madcap. lie laid his lips to that little cruel rift in her side, he kissed her clay cold mouth, and swore aloud that he would never rest till he hud found her murderer, and delivered that murderer up to justice; and then kneeling beside her, tluit beloved head on his shoulder, he listened for the sound of horses' feet that would herald n message ot life or death. When wo are nt death's door or in sore extromity, the man who has made the healing of the body his life's study comes to HIS ns nn angel of light and as God's representative v/u receive and honor him; but when he 1ms carried us 'through' the valley, we soaruely turn our heads to thank him, and he Is forgotten till sharp necessity bids us e;.'uln summon him to our aid To Air, lSyrv, the shore stout man, Who nt the Mid; of three nimi'iem «' «« hour entered, was endowed with supernatural poVvors, when, after tlvo mln utes' patient application of. certain roinedioB, Madcap's eyes opened and looked Into his. - And without,' JPrnn't lennea nttalntt the lintel, cold and slok, scarcely listen* lug- for any stir within, no sure was h« that death was there; but as he so stood, something cold slipped Itself Into his hand, ami looking down, he saw Dody in his night-gown beside him. »ni..» ^rribitf toy had awakened Mm mat night, oven as it mid struck bis mother. Seep wl* mummy," said Dodv, as he clasped his cold arms round Frank's neck, and even ns ho said it, fell sound asleep in the young fellow's arms, ao that when Mr. Eyro ramo out to summon attendance for Madcap, tho corridor was empty, Frank being then In the nursery, The dijiing-roorn presented a strange tho dining-table was nrmly tied the Bcene. To one of the massive legs of , ftftwreiitlssaly I .1 man Digges, whoso griiniico" of fear ns he looked round nn bis body-guard, furnished that element of tho grotesque that is seldom absent in any real tragedy. His stupidity of countenance was In his fi \"or; lie seemed too utterly devoid of the courago to conceive, und tho nerve to strike, that the deed entailed, though possibly a psychologist might have found in tho man's bnUishtiess, all tho elements of au accomplished murderer. Why couldn't you fall in love with ono of your own sort," tho cook was aylng as tho tears ran down her honest ace, "and not take up with a bit of folly like that, as sets joolery n sight beforo vartne? "When you can give mo di'motidi like mistress. I'll marry you.' BI'Z she, for I heard her; but oh. Lord! to think that you'll hang for that wicked speecii as put murder In your heart!" "I never touched the diamond?," said the man sullenly: "I only looked at 'era through the wtidow"—then, seeing tho liango in the faces round, stuttered in his speech, still further deeping his fellow servants' conviction oi ti .s guilt. Few of the usual traits ot vulgareurl- iity aul foar wero visible amougiliose present; intense grief for what had he- lalieu an adnrgd mistress, cast out the horror of tho crime, and they thought lens of tho instrument,. than of that young life now hovering between life and deatli overhea I. Tliev knew that she lived—that she would*probably live until her child was born, and thi-n—and then but if strong nnd earnest, prayer put up by lips not used to pray might turn tlm balance by its urgency, then Madcap's feet would turn earthward, and not toward those rushing waters that strike chill upon the feel of those that are fain to tarry on the shore. As the n ,'ht wore on. gradually tho dining-room emptied of till save the prisoner and the gray-haired butler, who sat by the open door, straining his us for tho lirr.t sound that should •ach him from his niistress'schambfir. Tho women crept as close to it ns they dared, mure than one feeling Indignant that Josephine should bo within. Hut in tho awful emergency of tho night, the gin's wit and re smirc .i had shown themselves In an extraordinary degree; it was on her more than Mr. Kyre that the doctor relied at every turnflier head was cool, her hand steady as though nothing unusual had happened; even the room was restored to its usual order, and all traces of the cruel deed removed. How did the night pais? Only when dawn came, it found Frank's hvo'ten heart healed, for ho had fallen .-. -'eeii with his arms roun 1 Do !y, and In his dreams Madcap had come to meet him and kissed his cheek as in tho old boy and girl days together, and he had told her with tears how ho had dreamed that sho was dead—while sh-of whom lie dreamed, an I upon wiioso face the brightness of the golden c ty was already shining, with' arms clasped round her husband's neck, wus thanking Uod that Ho iiad brought her salely through the valley of Uiu shadow ot dutith. CUAITKR XV. Stinrlpo wus smiling o'er tho city (T;itoB Uesy mid tu nutUill, nnd ll 'om tho lillla 'l\»t curly I 'ihi-n punr were cemlujr hi. Hay was breaking, not foretaste of early winter, but v.vidiy, a page out of tliu missal ol^ ihrustin nt hazard among the lal.r chapters of the year. Madcap's heart swelled as she looked through the open window at the brightening sky beyond, then, as though llio chiliucssof 1110 morningliad touched her, nestled closer lo llio shelter of Mr. Eyre's "(bin thinks of (iod lirst." sho R-»ld ns her hand stole lier liusDand' neck, and rested . "Hut now— now you've got \ madcaps, instead of one, to play tri.witii vou, and be jealous of vou, and lore yo--! N ' Sho lauglted out joyously as sho said it; but something in the .sound of her own voicj startled her, and sho clung more closely to Mr. Evre. "How weak it sounds," sho said, with something like fear in her voice, "and 1 feel so strong and well; even that throbbing in my side has ceased; husband," sho added, "couid one dream a Hung and wake up to llud it reult Last night I thought that I fell asleep in my chair, and was half wakened by n sudden blow. I struggled to speats, to cry out, but could not; and when I opened my eyes you wero bending ovor me, and there was a cruel pain hero—but after that I knew noUimg till I woke with the cry of my little baby in my ears." "Aud who would harm you, sweet- hearty" said Mr. Eyre, as he wound his arm closely about her side. "It was bad dream; you'll forget it presently. "It's forgotten now," she said, in that voice of pure joy, with that ltghion her face that each uow motherhood brings to some happy few, us though the mot iter-bean were born over again each time there comes a now claim upon it But Mr. Kyre saw not that brightness —his face hidden in her hair, he was counting each breath she drew, knowing that each word she spoke, each weak pressure of the arm she gave him carried her a step nearer to that uu known land to which, like a child ignorant of his destination, she was hurrying. Fur Madcap was to bo ono of those who die "not kuowing,' who ore gathered to their Father's bosom as children, the end ot wiioso holiday is unlooked-for-rest— who havo been scared by no grisly tales on the way, and knowing no rear of their Father, greet Him aa the friend of whom their mother's lips havo taught them—recognizing Him with passionate love as the rovoront instincts of their youth recur. Did Mr. Eyvo add blackness to the sin thai had main her, when he resolved that she should sot out witlt no more knowledge of her journey's end than ol the deed tii'vl bad sped ner on her way 1 (To bo continued.) THE DEADLY CAYOTE. Around the Henrilistono. roor flour bus a bluish tinge," says a houiuki anii on breiid-ninklng, "and may be easily blown about, Hhowlug no iidlu-rxlve tendency, sometimes looks dingy ns If mixed with ashes. 'Good Hour adheres to tho hand, and when pressed, shows the Imprint, of He- lines of the skin. Its tint Is clean, white." These words bring to my mind th great, need of more dellulli- inslnietlini from thoi older to the younger house keepers. Hundreds write on the subject ni bread-muklug, without mentioning tlr ubovo Items, and how are the iiicxpii leuced to know 7 I'osslhly you say their mothers should have taught them before rcsponslblllt.' ciuuu upon them. Very true; but If there didn't, then whatV The truth is, so many uf our gi' I step from the cradle into the school room, aud from the coniiiieiiccuicii. platform, Into homes of thur own, th;; tiiero seems almost no tlinu to acquire tho homely urt of houseUcepliu;. it is really a pity, because, good cooking Is more in the ir. era homo than Uroek or pliiluspliy, but II tho years, especially tliu vacations, wero wisely uiauuged, there \vou. . in time enough for all. It Is a nilsiaUi-u kindness to turn a girl oiil«lo romp, tho hour- school closes; better she res. by doing something worth while Thei-o Is nothing more fatigueluif, b^ sides, thau idly seeing one's own pleasure. liut to return—the average recipo moro u auure than a hulp to many becausm It suppuses that iho bono-.Wile already huuws what sliu noes not Wo havo all siiiUed over the sir:- Wifo who closely iolluwed given diieu Huns fur mailing u cake, and iuok froJJJ. tho oven a mass of sweet what-is It. A neighbor, chancing along, aslicil how much Itower she put In, aud was naturally astonished al ilie reply: Flour—why, 1 did not put lu any the recipo didn't call lor It." Some people must have exact meastir- incuts aud uircotiousjlliey cauuol go along witu: "put in about what juu think will need," "sweeten lo taste bako until you think It Is done." know u housekeeper ovor seventy years old, who religiously follows the directions for cauuiug, pickling, etc., thai sho began with In her early house keeping days. Tho writer, llrst quoted, goes oil to say: "The whole science and art ol bmid-muklng is no mean study. I'he why as well us the as the how should bo alined at. Mo thing but expoiicucc though, will secure lor ono llio coveico name of "good bread-maker'." She further states, what we all know to be U'uo, thai good Hour, good ye.isl imii watchful euro aro essential lo goua bread; but some of her other stalemeuia we may nut always be iniudlul of. (She says: ".Many lualie the mistake of Bitting their spouguo over night. Ono secret of good bread is that every stage of the process must be complete und rapid. Every niouieul of waiuu^, means deterioration. At the precise moment that the sponge is fully llgui, the bread should be kneeded, mill tlie process of rising ought not to require more than three hours at ihe most. Set your boougo then, as early In the uiorulug as you like, by taking in the bowl two quarts of sifted Hour. .Make a hole lu the nilddlo with the sliirlng- spoou; pour in half a pint of soil yeast; lirst stirring It from the bottom, iliu-ii. mixing with tho Hour, add tepid water, stirring constantly until a smooth, si in batter is formed, which stir and beat vigorously with the spoon for us long as tlvo minutes. After It is perfectly mixed, cover lightly und set lu u warm plaeo until very light, almost foaming, but bo suit- and knead beforo it subsides. Now for the kneading process. Sift tho Hour, say six quarts, Into a pan, make a hole lu tho middle, pour in tlie spougo, add a pinch ot salt and mingle the Hour with the soft sponge, with tho baud, gradually adding a quart ol warm water or milk, quickly working tho whole Into a smooth,' even muss; cover tho kneading board with Hour, place upon It the dough, which must not bo soft enough to slick or stiff enough to resist, and knead vigorously und long. 1'lnco whero the temperature Is even and about blood heat, lu two hours it should have risen to twleo its original volume. Placo It again upon tho board, divide With tho hands a portion of tho size you wish for your loaves, remembering it will rise again as much more, lightly mold into shapely loaves, with as little handling as possible, and place in well- greased pans. Set back lu a warm corner for half an hour, when they should bo very light and showing signs of cracklug. Baku from forty-live to sixty nduutes. Keep a steady heat. Take immediately from tho oven aud rap iu clean linen. "A good way to tost Uio heat of the oven it to hold tho bare arm and hand until you cun count twenty moderately. If you can do this, it Is ubout right. To, test whether tho broad Is done, break tho loaves open and press with tho ungor;lf elastic it Is done. Single loaves may be. tested with a broom straw; If no dough adheres, they are done." Surely tlie above directions aro mln- uto and lucid enough for tho veriest amateur. Would Uko as clear cut di- reotlona for making 'other broads- Indian, Graham etc. from somo reader, That terrible! $ry -jouno and (In thaw epltlifa ..potent "mar - Ills Jllte Now In Sullk'lcnt to 1'roduoe Ily- Uroiihoblu Helena (Montana) Independent Whon El Paso was a little village called Franklin It was tho boast of oldthners that hydrophobia was unknown In the southwest, savo whon tho frontiersman was exposed to the bite of tho skuuk Of recent years a bow daugor has beon added to a Ufe upon the plains from the attack of the coyote or wild dog of the plains, Under normal olrcuiimtances the coyoto Is a cowardly animal. But duo to some faot unknown to tho writer, ot Into years coyotes have been frequently known lu tho southwest to attack travelers In broad daylight or to snook upon them when wrapped tip in thoi.' blankets at night rusthjg, unsuspicious ot danger. Vim deaths occurred last yw &frouv this Pause, QUO £i them near A)uugvtoniue, J4out. Brttton Davis, of OWhUftJiua, Ms#K>, rooeatly, Informed tho/ wriw ,^U M*O; oily, death will bo Uio consequence. Mini- have never luvn troubled with H M-IISI-H . The stock Is changed ftv pieutly, and only strong, healthy birds re kept in raise from. The medium Ixi'd Inwis nro best, the hens weighing at one year old, HI lbs., aud the male.- iin.ol L'l II IM . Tin. dark bronxe U mi fiivot'lii-; their plumage Is lieaiilllul. ihimini,' brilliant ineiiillle Inns III lie Hllllllldll. Tlll -.V UIO Hll'IIIIK, I'llllllHI fowls, easily hi -pl lu icood oi'ti-r, inn! vi -ry d 'H -lle. In 1 1 j * - Mpriiik', lh" Ion »• >li-l\en Into tio- iMil-.i v-lii 'ioi- win-re llii 'ir lii-il ••• hive filn-ioly I i l'l I 'pitl id, IV IU 1 Ill-'V f-'iOII ciov/ fi 'io-- lolio il to III'' [ihirc, oiii| In o .-ili 'ii ' wlillf i:o to tloii lo J.-i of tie-it i r,\ i loiMil; MO II H-I'I ' l-i no li'inlil'- nti'io- 'hunting" tori;".-.- IH.I I M nil m -i -i- Hi farm. When llo'.s lie' w II cm-il fm he name lien vwll ii.mall.v i .ii •<• I e. • In-.mils every « -IIBII.I ; or, If they arc im periiillli'il lo go v .llh llelr Mule one. will coollliile lo In.v nnd sit like i lib -l. ens. Hill my nelgiiliiu's say my inwl: .in- parlleiiiaiiy well iruined. SAYS ITS NO I'ltEli C'JUN ; RV. iitrr, U .lo,-.. i I'I " in, i ' hina. ehllivl: ,I-.I I inn. i liineM- atioent \\U'u:h she r h:uuls ilnrni-_ r tile • il vvell, in the empire I 111 r .:i inn II as siiper- et , to ntlli-l- f il'i'igll- , e;ilVl'l'll- tliis laud Mr-, lint,111 In, It Hell; 1-1 ML-il tVi-li'li-il liv I 'litiliille "|iiil|li|.n Nt:u- YI.I;:;, <),... -Jl.-Nii . f. (or twenty yi-.ii-.sii mi-v ion;iry ii spoke in Til.- A .bii-y Melh-i.l'e-1 ye^tenhiy It.'fore -., I:i i-^e .1 in^n'. Sh.- sp. il,-e in hi J, t erm-, of lie- in.I ui I lie kind it- receive I nl their 'Ctu 'C. of years she she regarded th-- ior in mmy -rs whom lln- VJniled Stale inent lucorils free entrance. t> anil citii'.eiuhip lu-re. Certfciu individual's apparently laboring men and fnr.-i-'iiers, took umbrage at the sp'iilu-r's n-marks und left I lie ehiiivh utter ereat in--some 'listorbanee. i'he speaker said since she, bad been delivering lectures in this country she had vecwived threatening letters and, not long ago, special policeman were detailed in guard her hoii'c lo eii-cnm- vent a si.'lieme for burning it down. This is Christian America and in lii'iiok- lyn, the City of Churches! Mie bud never been ill such danger in China. Mrs li.iiihvin said that it made her sick- to hear speeches such as were made during the Columbian celebration in which America wus ipnken of as the land of the free. She thought that wus not the case. Why Eiigs Spoil. Whenever ,1 fertilized ecg Is raised to a temperature of ninety-livo degrees. Farm, Stock and Homo says, the hutch­ ing process begins, and when the temperature falls much below this point, the process ceases. These condilions are found in the warm days and cool nights of suniniei'. I luring the long, lint day, tin.- hatching process is al •.vnrk; during tin- cool night It ceases. After three or four alterations of till- t.liid. tin- einliyrn chick dies and the .oiling process begins. Sow: it is evident that It the egg< ••.ere not fertilized, the bali-bin-.: would u -it begin, neither would the rotting, n I lieiice. there would be au absence .1 rniteii i ggs. Tin. remedy, therefore. . lo pi.'tint I'crii.i/.aiiuii oi' Uio ej-gs. .in.I o.l- ( .ill be .'..-i,lied ley the de-li'il'j- nun ol ilie rou.Viui. l .ur.\ lousier liui iinen,t it lor breeding, .lion:.I be l.ilii -ii ol si;l.l.lj Ilie liiicl..-,li .-i so HI ;i.-> big cuin.gil to cat. .'sol oV'.'l -a- r., O.MIT sin/nut uc kept on any talin I.II 1 i <iie i ./njiul ,;.ul ui. licit with not niuii. in, bens, and ilie egg:a -Mii iiiii..o neiis slioiilil Le ucpi or .->o;u piv.-'.-dj i.. i liaiei.iiig. 'Jin- oilier In u* .-.iioiilu be i ;epi i'.-i.eiaally tor eggs -m liinii.ct or tabic i.and no roosici .oulil e .i -r l.e al .owi d auiou,^ ttieut. On tlie ordinary lann, auoui oiie-lciiili if 111- l'owis nr,. rooslers, wlneli is ihout nine limes as many as there can lye any possibli.' u.-..* ior. 1 iiii. Tiili /cil eggs are much sweeter i ini belter lor talii.; use, and will kecj. ii 'oiii two lu lour times as long as I'eiiili/.eil ones, llclis not kept uilli nuclei's w ill lay longer aiul sil icsa than ollu -is. It is sale to say, that Hi tlie i .niHii Stales alone, tbcie nie '.JUU.iniD 'ers and l.i ,l,oo ,...i. .if lliein are a jn .s .iive and i '.\pi-tisiii nuisance, except mr tin- table al tin right nine. If these roosters Wen Killed and their places supMcd with .ens, and ivleli hen laid 'Jim eggs pet rear, the aggregate would bo ;;,Mio .Mii ,t>iK> worth one cent each, .s:'„s ,i )on HKI every cent of which would In •tear net prolit to the farmer. 99 POULTYY. Whon Uio young turkeys nro about as largo as a brown Leghorn lieu, I permit them (says a I'amwr'a Daughter, hi the "Country Gentleman") to go to roost, which makes them supremely happy; then they will come homo nl most lu tho middle of tho afternoon lu order to havo tho pleasure of nvuuglug themselves to their sntUfaotlon ou the low poles placed In tho forks of trees Tho proud mother sits lu tho ceutei with her wings outsproud to tholr utmost extent, trying to cover as many of hor ( brood as possible, I hare known peoplo to put a few duoks wltb tho turkeys lu order to bring them home at nUjtht, booauso, thoy say, ducka til ways start toward homo nt ulght, and the rest of the Hook will follow, but the poor little short-legged ducka cannot roost, and navo to sit on tho grouud under the tvoo until mornuig. TUT keys have so many enemies that It Is n ^on4er so wauy ot tbein are raised; thg Jbftwke aro particularly, fond of y»ew, fttld swoop down nnd carry them M : wm : «ttov th»y »» htrgo as Mm9w :a«)W9lp*.-'^9**-.-J»«w MWiaMfcllwi tmlUI. ilm fln.nii nt Hmln toil. PENNSYLVANIA'S BALLOT LAW. Tliu Stuto Supi'i'lilti l.'iiiirt IKiGllll.'n tu AS' Minn' ,lui'|.<lict I'm ill lliu .llnltiir. l 'li lsiiriiu, Oct. ^ I. — 11 will he re- lueuibcreil that lh ' State Supreme conn was recently asked to restrain llio county commissioners of Allegheny county fi'niu having the ballots uudvi- Ilie linker law prinled in their present form. This uioniiug .Justice SlcrrcL I'i 'liirneil the papers in the case nut announced thai llio Supreme Court of the Slate refused to assume jurisdio' lion in the m.titer. The county coin missioiicrs will therefore proceed iu the |iivparatinu of the blanket-sheet ballol in accordance with llio provisions ol the acl ihe Legislature. BANK ROBBER KILLED. Shot Tliiiniu-li llu, 11,. ,ul U'lillo JrytiiK lo Itluvv l»iu>u u siife nl rrnniiiiii, i ''i;i ;.uo.\T, Neb., Oct. *-l. —At J o'clock this muriiiiig the night waluhiuau de­ lected a man trying lo blow open iho safe of tile First Naiiohal bank". The wiilchinaii shut the. rubber through the head, kioing iiim iiisluutly. 'J'he dead i u nn is unliiiown iu this locality. Kotb (livi'ii mi J:u-|- Jn ccpt Ion. Mux KHiMr .nv, Ala., Oct. 21.—Capt Kolb, who was the third-parly candidate for governor in the recent uluo tion, ui tempted to address a political meeting' ut ilui'don, Henry county, iu this Slate, Salunmy. In Ihe itsseiu binge were several disorderly characters who were dete;-mined that Ikipt, Kolb should not speak, and when ho uppeureil on the platform several rot ton eggs were llituwti, one of which struck the speaker in the face. This broke up iho meeting. A lluy Att<<iii|it* Niilclil .3, BouiiKN'i'ow:;. >>. ,1., Oct. 24.—AUrei'l Swift, aged lti, attempted suieido liy shooting Himself in tho head lust nighl in the Presbyterian church yard, where he was found this morning still uliv Ho attended church Sunday evening and subsequently visited relatives. Ilo gave no indication of suicidal intention and the cause of his act is a mystery. His father, Capt. tieorgo Swift, is uow on his way home from Kiigluud, 'Ovet'wm'Ucil El 1A llniin. MustritiH, To nn., Oct. 2-1.—William Sliced, a prominent luwyor and capitalist, president of the Kust 15nd Dummy railroad, director in several banks und enterprises, is Buffering- from mental aberration, caused by overwork. In addition to his own business ho has had charge of tho Enoch Kinsley estate in'Ahibumu, and tho strain was too much for him. Mui'iloi'ud by Qimrvymnn. IIUNTtNOTO.V, I'll,, Oct. 24.—TWO Italians working iu a quarry mado an attack on two quai-ryiuen named Mieliaol Stone and Lawrence Krutika yesterduy near Union Furnace. Krutika was shot through the heart and Instantly killed and Stono was futully stabbed, 'ilie murderers escaped. lllllluo IamvoH Nmr York. NEW YoitK.Oet. 24.—James 0. Illume, Mrs. Illiiino uud Mittf Alice lthiino left for Washington on tho 11:30 o'clock train this morning on tho Baltimore & Ohio railroad, Mrs. Oamroseh saw her parents und sistor to tho train. War Ship I'lnuliiiuitl to lis l.iuiiiclirjd. NltW YOKK, Oct. 24.—l'ropiirnlions aro ltiistonlng' for the launching- of the new war ship Cincinnati at the llrdok- lyn navy yard Nov. 7. Sho Is the BOO- oud vessel Unit has been begun In the uavv vard iu the last^va-mm'w. Mrs. Ohrlstlau Tauslng, of Nnse- wnupoo, Dor>r count}', dropped dead while engaged lu washing dishes;. Hart failure was tho cause. "German yrup ! Two bottles of German Syrup cured me of Hemorrhage of UM Lungs when other remedies failed. 1 nui a married man and, thirty-six years of age, and live with my wifil and two little girls at Durham, Mo. I liat-L- stated this brief and plain so that nil may understand. My COM was a bad one, nnd I shall be glad to (ell anyone about it who will write me. PHILIP L. SCBBNCK, P. O. B0X45, April25,1890. Nomas could ask a more honorable, bust* ncss-likcstatement. • J TAKE IVnliH-il (o-iiwlio; 'I'll 1 14-1-. A statistical Item of Interest to wo men is thai, women to-day are two lu taller, ou an average, than they were twenty-live years ago. The causi is found iu the exchange of the embroider." needle mr the tennis racket, oar and the gymnastic apparatus ot the school and eollego. Sir Thomas I'.nglidi the amateur run aer. ran at. Ilcivn Hill grounds twelvi miles in rlxty-lwn minutes and forty- three seconds, thus breaking tin record for the distance. ninv nilil'Mi TO 'colli AY n WIIKKZ' itli n i -i'ie„h M I I'H- I I ltux '.s llo .M.V n: rial \ 11 i MI Tu: « ill cue. 1'iki.i Tom a.iciu: liuuiM Cure lu me IU lllin 4 » il II : 11. 1 nl it mill :t 1 .lellnlll f tin; word straw 'l'l" lliilll.'lll ..;I\'S it U u lnii III I'teit \ nlliiu r mini ut nil. • •' i-iil ill ink .it tliu oilier. C 1 1-' \ ou 111 e Willi lu- Illlilitlialc l< 'oii-.-ii .nl il .1 lie. 1 lie I'. Of -.1, l.lllnns or 1 rim I1I1-1 i-i-i I .II 111"^ Pills iilliii-i ihilg^i.-ts. i» tfiili. ll'«n little i|iici-r, «lien j-iui think of 1; ''nil in 11 i- ni a 1 ,1111k vou luive to get ii uiu; mill unlk. Mrs. Willliun I'llliy, N. V., l;i\e tntlnws. -' 1 li:i Sj ill|> mill linil it diniikl to Mittiniit it .Vui'ilcii, Hi; 'I Mill St., Al .-ill 111! |lll'l-l| of pnilM', n ie IIM-I 1 Dr. Itnirs Coii(j! no cipuil. No ftinnlj " IVIiy iliil you Icmu tho beftsliore m 60 tilt " "Tliu huiilloiil [lrein-iitcil UU Mil," 1'ITH — All flu St.i|,|i«il frni. 11/ l>r. Kllnr'« Hi-111 Xvrve It -.«.».-.>|.. No I'lu nri H r tlm 1 IIIJ'K u«(i. > in-i-i'loiirt i-iin-rt. Triinllamiiiil f'J.llO tiullle fiuu 1.1 I'll Cu.oa. titmil tu llr. Klluu, tljl An.kMt.,1 Mln., l'u. It ilocsti't ttike mucli cnyiltnl to nlion wlii-tliur ive nro doing bii&hiCBS for Ooil 01 nut. 8. K. rOIiCHN, Mar., Clorle Scott, wrlten: "I Ihiil Hull's Ciitnri'li Curu a viihinlil.- rciiii'ily." lirugglsls hell It. 7."ic. "Tlusller wab all broken ilnwn when In n cut on Ids \ in-ill Inn. IIuw dldhu I 'uturuy" " Hi'uUon up! "—Puck. FITS.—All I-'ils riloj.pml lii -i-. by Dr. Kliw'i Onut AVnv 7 ,'t .sfoe.-i-. No l-'lu alter llrsl ihiy 'H uso. Mmvi -lloiis I 'lirc -i. Tienlliio mill fli.OO trltil lii.tllii friui tu l''tt emus. Soudle XJr. Klhic, Wit Arch St., pldlii., l'n. 8peakhipr 111 of olini- puuplu I» only > rouml-about way of bragging nn oursiilTe*. Imiiortiiut to l'li;Hliy Poople, IVn linve liiillreil a pngii nrllele In tie hnshm (ilclic im I'i 'tliii-hig welglil at a ver,- -nuill exi 'i-iiM'. It will iniy our rendura I- -i-tiil tun cent httiuiu fur 11 COJIV lo llotliu firi-ulntliig l.lliniry, 3D K. \Vubliiugtoi .Street, Clih'iigo, III. Tin) ('li'iiiiimui ninv inn he all wool, 1101 yet u ytud w Uio, but he. will wash. Nuturo Secda assistance II may lie best to render It promptly, hututiu ulumld ri.tnumher lunar even tlio inosl. perfui-t ri'iiicillus only when itiTih'fl. Tliu best nml rdmplo uitil guiillc ri'ineily Is tlio S.vrup of l-'ign, iiiuiiii. f 11c-111 lull by tliu California Fig- Syrup Co. Franklin said: "If a man empties lilt purse Into \iU Intuit no Hum can take If from I1I111. An iiivi 'Htiiiuiit of kuuwleilgu always uoya tliu licst luiuicnt." Miiilii to I.nolt T.Ike Kew. Dicssits, (lelil's Clothing, Fimtluirs, CII OTDI, iite,, Dyeil or (Jluiiiiurl, l'lusli liariiumU Klt-iiiiii-il, at (Mln l 'luti'h 's l)y •! Works, S-til Vf. Wiilcr St., Mlht 'iiiikeu. Hcnil for circular. A gotnl namo Is a good thing to have, but 11 gimil heart Is better. Keep a dime eye on tlio man whose wife is afraid to ask him for money. King Or Ufilloliiri !• what I CQtiBtdtr llood't B«r«tuiu rlllti. for 0 1 «u> oouVnad to s>r •)•< * Ut kfnrui* •urva. T» m \vu>, A, i,«ur, , ^ uuuii 'n »*« MAI'AM.) lil<A. tb* mti B 4wr»Mail< 11»» imiw>gutw*nw, »lw't VM «> urilihiUjtt- tut & Cures Pain Promptly. 4 O C fl n * Hon,h & Expenses \ l/l llll TO AUKNT» TO »«LL y ll^iitZji CIQARS TO DEALERS. fsaAsai'flafi^ SAMPLES FREE PhERSPNt Jly <1iK'tor *ny* It nett ponttT nn th« •totnach, l\*m •nil kitiiii'vn. nivl l^a plrmtant laxative. This drink U niaitt; 1 mm ln'rh 1 *, ami til pruparuU furuie *u eattli ms tt'o. It Mrnllcil LAKE'S MEDICINE THE NEXT NEW AND • if..i;.'..u ^11 .1 nl i;- 11 l *r [.bltp. If ynucuinrt f* .1 - .!•!'.» l.f.I,.. un.|.u. U„.| lamll* H^lrlM . III. b»Hrl. pn 'h il,,. In ..r.l.r I., h.alltiT. IM,'^. OIlAT.iK P. WllliniVAlin, l .ilt. A Jkl% iu ,-Thr. Afrlenltnlnrinul, • »ir * • a • • « **Afi'lott, Is N»lur«'« 8ut«0u« tot Atllmia, Vnvv Uiiiti'iiatniul ui- Ku I-ai. I.iligiluUlvo, 1101 ljroudwuy, Maw York, l'or l.ili'«.' 'J'v.iil ••;.>« JfllKM l>y JI.»U. ail-re*. u«\« liuuuitlli(t t)«., m fliia at., Dliiuliiuutl, OUlo. Patents! Pensions! Bawl (ovl»v>uiui'a<lulila at How to Olitolu « Vutaut. ..*"? t of . 1/l J (S !!l uf • , «:!<»l<'l>aiiil lliuiiily l.awri. VuU'lvM O'^iuvell, Wiialilugiuu, b. c. "HOTHER'S •. FRIEND' la a Fcicntillcally prepared Liniment uttil htirmless; overy lngredieut is of recoKtii'/.cd vnluo uud in constant uso by tho motliciil profession. It shortens Ltibor, LCKSCIIS Pain, Diminishes DunKcr to lifo of Mother nnd Child. Uoolc '-To Mothers" mailed frco, con- tuiiiiiis valuablo information and voluntury te .-dimoniuls. Sentbye\-prr«s, clitir^cn rrcpalJ, on receipt Of price, f l.C'J | JIT hott.c. ERAOFIELO REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Ga. Buhl by all druggisu. BiIeBeb.ns Small. OnarantMd to cure nitidis AttaoJra, BI«k> Readacho anil ConatlpHtlnn. 40 la itaiaB tattla. 1-rlcii Ho. yur aula ti/ drucgUU, Plotur* -7, IT, 10" and umpla doaa m*. I F. SU1TH A CO., Proprlttors. NEW fO#* Two Grout Hoiiioillos. The hiitnan citadel la open to •> tacks from two, and, aild« from tii'i'Mcnts, thcie two are thear*. lines from which all of the maladltt that nill ict the race spring. The dril of these ate what are known as thee* cieti.i'.v organs. These are the lungl, the kidneys, and the skin. Then suffer from congestion, which taltei the form of colils. Sttitilni,' from whal Is called a cold, the maladies that r»> 6u;i uto widespread, ranging from ( cmiKh to consiiiiiiitlon. They atUck all ;if;es und till stations. "No one U free from these trounles. There li, however, a remedy that Is a safeguard. This is HKID'S GKHMAN COUOII AND KIDNEY CUUE. It run tains nojiolson, but it will heal any form of lung trouble, or any malady that arisei from a cold. The other class of die- eases arise from derangement of the digestive organs, and result In constl- ptitlon. Whon tho howol» do not aot, the siomii- h Boon rufusi B to digest the food, ott'l W" are tioublcd with ludigestloa, fevet, und a long tin 111 of illsnidcrs thai cm 1 .ntco a wltlo ruugo uf niulmlloa. The Ijii\atlvo Guiii-Droiis will curreot anj difllculty of this sort. They contain nothing doleteiloiiH, hut are Bate end plcneunt. Got them of uny doiiler. Syr.VAN UEMKDY CO., I'eoriu, III AMERICAN TIN PLATET We carry large stock both bright end roofing. rhey are rolled from best Americm* iron by American labor and capital, They are unequaUd for ductility and finish. They are superior to the lame grades imported from England. We sell them (or less money. We guarantee them to the fullest extent. We handle plates from six differ** American mills. STARKWEATHER & COt, Tilt Plate Importers, 75 & 77 Buffalo St, Milwaukee, Wit $40,000,000 Karned bj the B»U Telephone Patent tn IBM, Toot invention may U» valuable You khaald proteat U bf imt«nt A4dreiu> for full and Intelligent advtoe. free it ubarife. W. W. IHJIH-KV «t 4 O., BoUoUoraet P.teat* PaoliLfl BU'f, 822 Y St., V. W., \VHNUlugt«», U. C Mention thla paper. FIT FOLKS REDUCES ^3hloa «o. WE PAY POST- All you have guessed about lifo iiisiuunco may be wrong, 5f you wish to know the truth, send for "Uow and Why? issued by the PENH AP r MUTUAL LIFE, 921-3-5 Cheat, AbL. nut Street, Philadelphia, bryaili. bMilsolie.uienlirdtproMlijn, painful illgmtlou, baa courjlanim, wutall lUiMaeauinai by liUura el tha itomaob, ifrer ar bowr v iu, jinn ui,uw.uaw wu., ,v tT |iruae Btl, Havr^l^irli.i i......»««.«.f»«« > »«»«« < ««««««»««» RHEUMATISM NEURAI.9IA Plain, common •anw dttr^tM tnetlao en orlgui, eeMW, ijej hire, varleUaaTiironipl tteUil ana Mutual infalUbla Jor H. nlcW .Writ* New! i aiiuoai inrauiuia vtra,*MH .' t..i •«

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