Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 19, 1950 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

••?> **THURSDAY, JANUARY l», 19*0 ALTON IVIMWO T«T,KOfAt>M TNI* ATTRACTIVE WOOD RIVI* HOMI FOR SALE — $7*00 TERMS $1000.00 CASH AND $50.00 PC* MONTH 5 rearm, btth, full betement, furnece, ntwly decoMtee! and Mhtteel; lerfo kitchen eebineto; inlaid linoleum in bath and kitchen. ALLEN-HESSCNFLOW AGENCY II WOOD RIVE* AVE. — DIAL 4-8881 Evening* Dial 4-M47 or 4-7748 A Complete Line of OCCIDENT FEEDS AVAILABLE At WERTS STORE Fit* Deliver* Evtty Day In Alton And All Surrounding ArMt LOWER PRICES EAGLE STAMPS for EXTRA SAVINGS PHONE 2-8009 2-8039 LEE and GLEN WERTS, Owners 1941 Chevrolet 2-Door New paint. Htater. Spotlight. Seat covers. ' $135 down, $24.81 per month (including insurance) $395 HARV. & PHIL REILLEY 1025 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-8732 NEAR FAIRMOUNT t story, 5 room brick, 8 room* and enclosed porch down, fireplace and built In book case, downstairs carpeted, modern kitchen cabinet unit, inlaid, t bedrooms, tile bath up, 0 closets, steel casement windows, marble sills, mahogany doors, knotty pine enclosed porch, full basement, oil furnace, 81 Q *J£f\ attached garage 1O»/UU GROSH REAL ESTATE 1001 PHINNEY AVENUE OFFICE PHONE 8-3578 After S P. M. Call 8-7884—S-608Z—4-0505 '37 Pontlac 4-Door. Perfect. Cleanest old ear In town. Thousands of mile* left In this one.' I '36 LaSalle 4-Door Good condition, very dependable. WALZ MOTOR 00. OLDSMOBILE Sates and Service 881 E. Broadway Dial 8-0878 INCOME TAX SERVICE PHONE 8-80*1 THOMAS P. KEENEY Peramlr Inleraal Beveaae Desl *• COAL—COKE—WOOB ,' lump. «>d egg. delivery. DONALD" SHORT. COAL—Delivered **.00 per ton. 4-0533. cntDEHB—Dirt, rock, tend ana .T.7 hS55JT'paul 8W 4-0481. LUMP, EGG - And .toker coal available. Call E. Woodson. 8-8845. BEASONABLE ^rofc>^oal. oftvewe» rock, chat, i»nd and fill dirt Call *• L. GATES. 4-B087. I,, UA1T.O. V-VUBI. „. CANTEEN HABD eT^n 1 coAJj-T* lump 40JS; 4 x f ell. tame. Prompt delivery. 4-0871. ^^ •tpkw Cool itoket Cos) Lump, walke *••*** :"• ""' "priced 'lii' Vhr'ae^'n" AaWittl^VUrtA..-: COAL. BOCK", BAND, and 6MT eral hauliag. Phone 4-3*14. OeOerl' „, IfJOJMlB-Uood. **&-*??£ ''?% oak, extra leave- -. two •»•*• I*T41 TOJ» i wv • — -" • *—_™. fioTPOlNT-Apt ilM raage for •ale. like new! trailer dolllet for tale. 3181 Rockwell, 3-7B9T. 8-PC. LIVING ROOM SUITE—TOO end tatolei 3-pc. bedroom outfit, com- '49 Plymouth 4-Door I Beautiful ear like new at a low (price. '46 Bukk Super 4-Door Sedan I Excellent condition, mechanically and otherwise. Priced to sell quickly. '•46 Oldtmoblle Sedan Wtth Hydramatie | Ready to go. Very nice shape. WALZ MOTOR 00. Oldsmoblle Sales £ Service 1821 E. Broadway Dial 8-8878 WAREHOUSE SPACE 2000 Sejun feet f Fireproof. Both Rail and Truck Facilities. DIAL 3-3544 1948 teSoto Cwtoi iktOAN. TM» tir fo ewtJetely ea^peo 1 . Rtfo Heater, fluid drive. In perfect tfcee. One owner cir. Hard to tell from new. MANY OTMtftS TO CHOOSt FROM. ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. DESOTO.PLYMOUTH DEALER 2M W. FERGUSON AVB. • WOOD RIVER, ILL. 1949 Chevrolet FLfETLINI AERO SEDAN. Radio and heater. Many .other acceitoriei f 1595 MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM. ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. DEeOTO-PLYMOUTH DEALER t*« w. rERouaoN AVB. • WOOD RIVER, ILL. 1948 Studebaker CHAMPION CONVERTIBLE. Radio, heater, overdrive, hill hold. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM. \ ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. DESOTO-PLYMOUTH DEALER , 200 W. FERGUSON AVE. • WOOD RIVER, ILL. 1946 PeSoto Custom 4-DOOR SEDAN. Equipped with radio and heater. Really a nice car. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM. ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. DESOTO - PLYMOUTH DEALER t«0 W. FERGUSON AVE. • WOOD RIVER, ILL. 1939 Chrysler 2 - DOOR. This ctr it in perfect condition throughout Has radio and heater. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM. ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. DESOTO - PLYMOUTH DEALER 200 W. FERGUSON AVE. • ' WOOD RIVER, ILL. TILE 7S HOUilHOLU OOODS MAGIC ELECTRIC WASHER — With Lovcll wringer, perfect wprklnir condition. *20; 42-inch (ink, (10. US Bowm«n, E«it Alton. 8-Pe."UVINC ROOM tUi dltlon. (40. Dial *Me». COAL OIL STOVE—Relriftrator. wash- ln« machine, for tale cheap. 3-MU. ing machl cnosIiY •OK per- m^, e,wt •ea^ <r •••••>•> ^ ,„ HETKIGEIIATOR -fact, unit n«edi repair. >^06». ELECTlllC REFRIQERATOR - Ai U, (7.50, J. 1. Rubenitein. 14th and Alby. Dlil 3-B410 daytime; a-5aea night. FOR BAL*. CHOIAP—G*i range, toft- hind oven, lutomctlc oven regulator Dial 8-13SB. 3'Pc. KNOX HUTCHINS - Bedroom suite, Beautyrest msttren and taring*; 4 0 ^ Cab ^ t ^1.w"^ood V "JSv.r fU ' SMITH IIOS. USED *URNITURl eaae, perfect eeVINO) 4MWIIII* *nu ewoTivv 4U BJ8tTt repaired Treadle msraiaos "SSS* tffSRjp "'«* *»n tanrord a-QOet SERVlCI, REPAIR!. PARTB All maket, Convenlon for Portablei anO coniolei. Uied machlnei. 3O4 8!e»t Broadway. Phone 2-8318. *EW~ BITE BEWING MACHINE CKNTBB. •IWINQ MACHI^Ee L_- . __ tumjaa s a& % work eaiae *.w.. ••• •T*^ ^T-:;.»" relrlesrotor -HolpolBt Waiher U with new unit Uwtderma I AHTAPPfclANC8! CQ. rerguion. Wood River •1L.- "' m*r'W~--'r~f~v •• -•-•• tutmt-f-i ™-rrnturt, igmpt. vow* to 9M9 Hr oolorim eJetas. PITTSBURGH WALL TILE OUILDCREST PLASTIC RUBBER FLOOR TILE LINOLEUM PLASTIC BAKER AWNIN8S VENETIAN CANOPIES Retail or Installed CROXTON 1ROS. 8.808* TILE CO. 8-8858 ORDER MOW! Stfktr C99l Av9ilabl9 Oil! 4-M04 WILL SWAP-ror what havO you, double barrel «hot«un, Oibaon banjo 15 jewel Elgin wrlet watth, «mBll 18 jewel Elgin hunting caie. IT jewel Hamilton pocket watch. Shrine em with S dlamondi. Masonic ring with 4 diamonds, ladlei white g»UI 14 dla- mond wedding band. Dial 4-OT4I. WILL""TltAD«—Wlncheitw pum» «un, never u««d. tor good bedroom iulte; alio MoMberg automatic U caliber rifle. **». 3-4taa. . 1*40 CHtV. 5-PA8*). doOl«-l*4* mo - condition, reasonable. 300 FOR 8ALl-By original owner. !(47 Chevrolet convertible in eKcelleat con- dltlon. Phone 3-7358 ____ 1(40 PORO J-bbOM — Clean car. lor aale «ke«p. Dial 4-4104. 314 Ind (treat, River. _ __ tlrei, 1M« '«JL — , • Kelly e> Wright •hell atatlon. Milton road. 1939 CHEVROLET 3-DOOR-(10 down, W4ao WHW AUTO co. ' KeiTt Alton. 4-3871 ______ IE- __ WHfcN IIADY T6 PIN '42 OWsmoblle 78 Club Sedan Equipped with hydramatie drive | dependable ear. '41 Chrysler 2-Door i Lots'of good miles, priced very | reasonable. 41' Packard Club Coupe S New'paint, new tires. WALZ MOTOR 00. Sates and Service 1821 E. Broadway Dial 8-4*78 1949 FORD COACH Low Mileage $139* RICHARDS MOTORS, Inc. Wood River Buielc Dealer 419 N. Wood River Ave. Dial 4-802! II AUTO—tVUUNOIB CAM 1»3| CHEVROLET TOWN UDAN-41 down, 818.14 per month. JOHN WHC AUTO co. Eart Alton. 4-3OT1 UMD CAM AT BABOAIN WtlCES 194> Chrytler Club Coupe B 4>__M I1BM i»«a Plymouth BtOaa. * * H. One owner 8IH 1948 tart t S-Deer. HAH, epotlffht Mat coven *•* 1941 Plymouth 3-Door. II * H sad f<xx tlrei *M 1040 Chev. H-Ton Pick-Up, good can dttlon 1350 1940 Chcv. 2-Door. II 4 H snd lu vUor »4M 1039 Plymouth Sedan. • * H . 4340 1038 Oldi Sedin, M * HI run* food tVX> MAMPEII-I AUTO •Alii Junction HI. 140 and fotterburf Rosd Olel J-4TS3 1937 FORD 4-OOOH — Good «e»dillon 3-HU after • a. m. FOR SALE—ISM Btud«b»k«r. A-l con dltlon. chMP. H» BUnbow, Wood Hive 1947 PLYMOUTH HOAN 4.DOOH, -Phone 4-334« YOUR NIXT CAR PURCHASE Phone A. O Philllpi 3-991). Imuranc* Agent, located In Beari Roe buck It Co. BulMIng end (Ind owl how to get one of the loweM (Inane* in th the United »*»!»» tALe-lM" Model A r •a** or«OBBl*> e>up. L06K~Af~THESI IUYS! 1*4* Nsah Club COMBO 8U04 1*47 Chevrolet Aero 1*47 Plymouth , 1*4* lludioa ' 1*41 Doaie 1*30 Pontlac UM7 Ford ..../ t« 1*47 Nash 1040 HuaVton > IMS Huiion .., , 183* rord 1037 Bulck AUo 25 Other Model*. FORKEYVIUE AUTO SALES Cotleat Aveaue at c. ». e> 4J. VMtw . *-3S*0 ROStWOOO HEIGHTS—New 4 room rnodern tiwme. CaMnet* and InlaM*, Hot air heel. Lurfe, level lot. Price 95800 EAST ALtON—WaaAinelftn At*.—4 room modern Brick home. Venetian Minds, storm windows, aertiened-ln porch. Hot air heat. A food buy. Small down pajimnt. Price ..$5250 EAST ALTON—Cherry St.— •& room modern home. Large floor plan. Newly decorMed. Venetian blind*, cabinets, storm •a«h, automatic oil heat, electric hat water heater. INWm.OO down. Price 17350 ROSEWOOD HEIGHT!*—New 4 room modern home. Very larte floor plan. Lara* livine; room with picture window. H.W.F., hot air heat. Price $7500 EAST ALTON, Ootildlne; St.—5 room modern home with nun room. Fiilly in»nlated, Venetian blind*. Wired tor Move. Stoker heat. Gnnt*e. Price >60OO RODGERS AVE.—On bus line, e room modern home. Very large floor plan on one floor. Large closet space, cabinets, stoker heat. Double tamte- Price <1O,5OO WOOD MVEK — New 4-roem modern home, tally Intulated. 1 Lore* living room with picture window, cabinet* and In- laMs In kitchen and hath. H.W.F., Venetian Minds, automatic goo hoat. mA flnaneed for |8lee. Price ... .9950O WOOD RtVEN—Close to hospital and school—4 room modern home In good condition. Cabinet* and InlaM*. Venetian blinds. Gas heat. Wired for stove. Price 8640O BAST ALTON—Large, t room home, 20*J4, in good condition. Water and lights, oil heat, good location, large lot. Prtee »2flOO GODFREY — A new e room ranch style home with garage attached.'Large living room with fireplace, large picture win* dow, HWf, cabinet! and InlaM*, rcdar lined clone closets, stairway to attic, forced air oil heat. Price *11,90O MIDDLETOWN — • room modern homo with dinette, fully In- oulatod, HWT, cabinets and Inlaid*. Very large floor plan, otokor koot, gorago. Small down payment. Price .... 878OO MILTON AREA — • room modern homo, largo floor plan, large eleoet opoee, oaMaoto and Inlaid*, hot air heat Down pay»«ant at teee. Price 863OO rOSTEKBURO and DORSET ROAD — 1 acres of ground with a T room house e years oM, large living room with fireplace, cabinets and InlaMs, fully Insulated, full basement, hot air heat, electric water system, other out bulMIng*. Will consider trade for city property. Price »1O,5OO WOOD RIVER, Acton Ave.—8 room modern home. Very large floor plan, In A-l condition, H.W.F., cabinet* and inlaid*, Venetian Minds, large eleoet space, ga* water heater, large ooeeoBMd-lB porch, garage. Financed through F.H.A. Price 98400 MILTON AREA—« room modem home In t-A condition. H.W.F., oalitaeto ao4 InJaMa, storm sash, rammer porch, fully ln- oulatod, otokor hoat. Price 981OO MIDDLETOWN—e roei» modem home. Newly decorated, Inlaid* In kttohOB aad bath, vopottan blinds, wired for stove, large deeet apace, forced air heat, garage, 1 block from bus. Meo .TV.?..., «895O LINCOLN ADDITION, Wood River—4 room homo In good condition. CaMneto in kitchen, Venetian Minds, large lot. Price S310O EAST ALTON, E. Alton Ave.—4 room modern home In A-l condition. Large floor plan, fully insulated, Venetian blinds, storm *a*h, hot air heat. Price *59OO MILTON AREA—4 room modern home. H.W.F., cabinets, wired for stove, hot air heat. Price >550O BERKELEY AVE., Milton Area—5 room modern brick home In A-l condition. Large floor plan, H.W.F., cabinet* and Inlaid*, Venetian blinds, garage. Price 912,600 PARK DRIVE. Bethalto—S room home In A-l condition. OH heat, water and lights. Large level lot. Price *25OO FRANKLIN AVE., Cottage Hills—7 room modern home In perfect condition, 7 years oM. Large floor plan. 5 rooms and bath on first floor; 8 rooms and bath on second floor, also shower In basement. H.W.F., Venetian blinds, storm sash, cabinets and Inlaid*. Double garage, large lot, 140 x 280. Price 80800 MIDDLETOWN—ft room modern home, fully Insulated, with gas heat, large floor plan, Venetian blinds, cabinets and Inlalds, storm sash, awnings for windows, double garage. Price 9875O SEMINARY ST., Upper Alton—4 room modern home with breakfast nook, very large floor plan, large closet space, eablneU and Inlalds In kitchen and hath, Venetian blinds, sereened-ln porch, homo insulated, garage. Extra lot. Price .. 97250 Me*) 9B700 etr BOI4 90000 WOOD RIVER, State gt—4 roe* motet* B4MM M i A»l CoMnete and InlaM*. venetia* Mmdo, 4*erm oa**, feet ejt>ji4 Puce ........ . ............ «.»*««« ..... ....,..«* 99JO9J9J WVS8 ST.-8 room modem home M A-l floor covering. Wired for eWve, BO» air WOOD RIVER AVE., Root AHeB A hooMtlittol 0 home. Very targe floor plan, nwfo llttHf M place. H.W.F., InlaMs In MtcfieH BMl hoik, leliiitei, NejiHjfl blind*, Imulated. Oarage. FJl.A. FlmuMOOl. Meo 910,500 WOOD RIVER. WMtelaw Ave^4 room ln»ti»«ted. large floor plan, otalrway t* Bttte, yeaothm Inlaid* in kitchen and hath. Stoker hot holler fotcoi etr garage. Clooe to school and boo. Moo . ., BETHALTO, Park Place— New 4 room. Largo floor ptoa), eohiBOia and Inlaid*. Bath, garage, ehMne) kotjoe. Mco .... 94800 WEST PENNING AVE.. Wood Rrver—1 n»ota) modom BO4BO. 9 rooms and bath on first floor; t nemo on eeeeni floor. Urgo floor opaee, now gas fumaeo. Meo ........... A. 90MO HUMBERT ST. ROAD— 1 aero of ground, wtth B BOW 4 roooB modern home, fully Insulated, H.W.F., largo Uttaf room, OBh. mots end IntoMo, largo elooet oBBeo , ...... . ...... 9828O WOOD RIVER, North 9th St.— 9 room homo IB perfect «mdl. lion, tile InlaMs on floods, targe tot 99x190 ........ 942OO GARDEN DALE— 1 acre of ground, wtth a largo 9 room homo, In At condition, cabinets In kitchen. Lots of froH and strawberries. Largo chicken house, wash homo, gango ..93700 SOUTH ROXANA— ft room modern home. Very large floor BkM> H.W.F., cabinet* and Inlalds. Large closet space, hot Blr heat, garage. Meed to oell ............................. 90300 BUSINESS FOR SAM) BUSINESS FOR SALE— Drag Store, iolng good huomeoo. Ex* eellent loeatim. Coll for further Information. Price 934OO GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET— AH equipped, doing good busiaoos, good location. No Information given over phone. Call at our offftao, RESTAURANT— O*e of Alton's largest, accommodatoo f 8 pooplo. Doing enorneoo buslneos. Coll at oar office tor farther information. MIDDLETOWN— Euclid Place— A beautiful e room modem homo In A-r condition. One floor plan, large living room wttfc fireplace, 8 large bedrooms, with largo closet opaee, built-in cab- Inet* and inlalds in kitchen nnd bath. H.W.F throughout, large glassed In porch, gao heat, insulated, restricted area. Lots of shade and shrubbery. Price ............ 914,700 MILTON AREA — Coronado Drive — 1 room modern BOOM, 4 rooms on first floor with bath, 8 room apartment on ooooni floor with bath. Also 4 room homo on rear of lot. Stoker* hoat, good Income property. Price .................... 919,000 WOOD RIVER— e room modem homo. Now, oa OBO floor. Call for further Information. Price .................... 98300 MEDORA, ILL.— C room homo n A-l coBditloB, wtth ooa room, storm sash, eaMnets, screens, Inlaids. Insulated, tool ehcd. P'l« ............................................. 94100 LINCOLN AVE., Bast Alton— ft room modem homo, Very kttgo floor plan. Cabinets aad Inlaid*. Stoker hoat ....9705O HUMBERT ST. ROAD— A beautiful 9 room modem brtok home. Large floor plan, H.W.F., cabinets, and tnlakts. AotomaMo oil heat, tile roof, e acres of level ground. Barn for horses, other outbuilding*. Will consider trade oa city property. Price .............. . ............................ 818,500 UPPER ALTON— 8 room modem homo, wtth 9 room modem apartment, ILW.F., 8 hath*, Venetian blinds, knotted, gaa „ heat. Price.. ................................. 91O.OOO JUST OUT OF NORTH ALTON— 4 room home In good condition. Electric water system, 9 acres of ground. 9Jome fruit. price. 8100* dowa ...................... . ......... M75O SOUTH ROXANA— New ft room modern homo, large rooms, full basement, hot air heat, cabinets, good location. Price Price ............................................ 95OOO E. ALTON— A new beautiful 4 room modem homo, with gorago attached to homo, folly Insulated, H.W.F., eaMnets and Inlaid*, automatic water heater. Immediate paoseesloa. Prlee ............. . ........ . .............. ....... 9785O FARMS WE HAVE LARGE AND SMALL FARMS FOR SALE. Call for Information. FARM— 9 miles out of Alton— 144 aero farm. 80 aero* for cultivation, 98 acre* creek bottomland; to acres of timber. Ample water supply. 8 room home, water and light*. Large barn, other outbulUlngs. Price ................... •••»912,600 We Offer You a 30-Day Sale* Service, v Our Time Is Your Time * Offleei 1104 Mitten Road FOR A QUICK SALE OF YOUR PROPERTY CALL— Eli M. Greer Agency and Realtor 2-5735-NARUF 2-8571-STAUINGS money IirUYIHOaTMtt*/ OFFICE PHONE 3-7504 4-6659-|IM GREEK CIISON-2-4251 S-6830-HOOVER i Loan* mad* oa oi«natur*,Wr or furniture, without endorser* or guarantor*. Repayment plane wpMUUy arranfod to fit your budftt. W» ipKiaHti in /Ml. friendly, courreou* «ervfc* Phono or Tieit HFC today. Convtntmt Pcymmf PI** to Cat t IM tee Me MONINIV PATMWT PiAM *• U U « $6.78 13.38 19.67 31.47 $8.40 16.69 24.66 39.81 16.03 10.07 20.03 29.6B $9.24 18.48 36:85 64.90 90.14 MONIY WHIM YOU MUD IT 111 W. Third Street 2a4 Floor PHONEi|-U71-AlU0 mt* It MiMnU eS «er*> M VENETIAN BLINDS Aluminum - Woad - Steel Old Blinds ReftaUked Dill 4-3922 ALTON VENETIAN •LINO CO. e»8 St. Ixiuis Ave., E. Alto*, III, 41 AUTO~PA*MNOiB 0AM NO~DOWN " PAVMENT 1948 Croaley I-Door. Like new, 415 a 1444 >n OM> "14" ledanette 4-cyllnder; one-owner car, 1*41 Plymouth a-Dpor. Beit of condition. <M4 a month. \»'M Packard 4-Door. 414 a month. 1BW Ch«v. a-Door. 4ia.50 a month. 103* Plymouth I-Door. Good one. 411*0 llon. 8-Ooar. «4 .Di- . . (11.01 a meatk. , . ...... 1934 rord. New motor, new Mint, will . , , do to miles aa aewr 4U • mealfc. las* Plymouth. Oooi Uaasaorlilfia. ft ' 114 81. Loulf Ave. VIM fMQSi i 4-1ITO •IA l*4Jr"f6B'Br Vi-tdi( PICK-UP - 4000 4-al* tires, )M4vy duty THE ANSWER TO YOUR TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS For Real Inexpensive Driving We have a number of Fords, Plymouth* Chevrolet* and othar cheap transportation, which can be bought ... FOR ONLY $25 DOWN CRAIG BROS. INC: USED CAR LOT 1300 I. MOADWAY Dial 2^122 1941 Pontlac 8 Torpedo COUPE — HEATER AftD RADIO $545 $186 down, $30.20-15 months. HARV. ft PHIL REILLEY 1025 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-17)2 tli BICiyCLEO AMD MOTOBOCm FOR aALB—»«J4 Harley Devidaon motorcycle. good condition: hai new tiroi tube*. Phone *****..!. - - BlVpwlsB •*• ^"If* •TIU, '^l.flS ' UalU FOR USIO CARS w*~Fsr .U ** rront 4 Alb* 3-3JI4) _ .BB-fw >wr Phone 8 Auto 9*104, INCOME TAX SERVICE MAM0ARIT L MUITT Ml North POBO* EAOT ALTON Dial «-eiM S ACCB»4OB»e MONEY IN ONE DAY $100 Oa W ajPesw evaBB^a^p ^a^as^f ON AUTUMUlUUi rawmuw PUBLIC LOAN J MAD

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