Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 6, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1927
Page 2
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„ THIS HAS HAPPIIIID . mUUY \VJ«tiI-B. huiid of thp BliiVo di>tNtrtini >iit nt': lite big ftu)llii Ifllori!, .'- - Winn lit, jirl«i< ifnr tiur lijniityiirHi lo « -. ,i|ttiitlriiimilH». ia 'Iic. liWfO 'dH iin- ; inoumicil n( tlii> lljlrllctn « iiUviTi'liry -celehrutlOn, W. T; Q. ipH'TtB: mll- , |honalr« iiwHt!!*. who jn-u |l4rod the «iu*'i«tlnniiiilrti hlmKclf. r - NYDA IXMttAXrwmNiB. BHKL- ; TON nmi twctity-twu othmKlrlN-rnid. women also win tvrizvic In n- ronffr- oncc room whpru Old T. Q. .tnlkii prIvaU-ly with the wlhhiTK. Blltv io- ' •• . tloe«^ Uial amniiK thi'' lucky on** kir leotcd 'by the old maniaK wlnnrr$<^of thb ;Ooi|te»l iinf tha |very prdttleat i irlrls Jn ihc otoro. Shir 1. M | Infstnnily 'I. i ^UKplcioUK. and . hor'^Huspiirlonx . Jirc heightened when; during Hie ronfer- • I -•. e^ce, Mr. Curtis .requests |the win-- Jierii to !partici |»itc In'a neitond con -r lest. tUteh girl Is to write Urn a letter, telllnc what she would do If -ihc Inherited one hundred tholLiand ^Uars. . I When Billy Boe.s hpme itftcr the celebration, xhe finds Cl-AY PURTIS. son of the store: ownnr. i>leep- Iner before the fjre. ;;Clay has dls- ,! Inherited himscKl and', is Ihiinsl with ' i the Wells familyi In a^iioorei- .wetlon .of the town; workini; In U faetor.v .iand wrttlnB music ^t; nlRhn. Billy's ; ambition to be a ercnt vinlftilKt !.<< a - bond between' her. and Cla^-'^ When Billy tells him about the sec >njl. contest, he opposes, it' as ivehe^encly as he did the tjrst. susp cious of his father's motives nnil H J-BS Billy ' to drop the whole huslne^s^—"as i if it were H homlj." I i I ; NOW QO ON WITH THE STORY I OHAPTfeR XII.j I Sunday afternoon, while rubbing .'iter Iresbly shampooed bojlr w^itb a i Turkish towel, Billy stuijicd the ! ^VO paragraphs pt inatructions -Mtbich T, Q. had framed to govern tbiB second amazing oootest ofihis. Her mother was rocking placidly and sewing. "JuBt listen to this, mother, aoid ste how crazy $t is," Billy com- .manded. "'Stipimsc, for tlvdrHake of this eaHay, that yoii liavo just inherited—tiot eirnud—^a hundred ttioiiBaud dollari^ Write, I in not niqrc tliun ."iOO words.' Just what you would do with tliut sum. Write honflfltly. Tell how you wnujd handle tbiH Hiun of moiicy; to itucuro tb« moHt pluuHuie for yoiirHolt or . your fumily or iiumuully 4u gen- •crttl.-" • :': I BiUy rofleiflcd, frowniiiK iit Ihu Hhncl of piipiT. "If yiiu'iim me, think it'K li lot ot appl<>Nuu!(!it, and l*d. lie williuK to 1ml right now (Imt I could iiumi! ut litiMt eight itftho pfUe wIniuTK. Aif<1 ercry liint oue of them would lu" a pri'lty glifl!" BWly rubbed fOrloUHly with Uic Turkish towel fo.r, a niinutu, then read aloud the romainiug paragraph: 'The contest is o|)ch only to the twenty-five Rrize winners In . the. questionnaire I contest,, and closes on February 5. T. Q. Curtis •will ibe sole Judge of the merits of the essays submitted. Ten prizes, of worth-while vaUio, "will be fiwaMed upon announcement of the jprlze winners, not later than Feb-j -ruai-y 10, 1925. • Signed—Thom^ Quinn Curtis!". She nicked thd . sheet of paper irritably with thumb and forefinger, then burst but at ier mother. "Did you eVef hear of anythiiig so—so mysterious! Doesnt tell what the prizes will be, keeps the judging solely in his •own. hands—blessed if I know whether to try for the. fool thing or not." "Don't forget you won twenty^ -three dollars in one of his foot contests," her mother reminded her. "You go ahead and try, and don't get fresh -with him, eitherl It'might tickle him once, but not twice. Now, you get your thinking cap on and write him. a real sensible letter. Goodness knows, I don't know "what you can say! I'd die of heart failure if somefbody left "me a-hundred thousand dollars."^ -"I don't believe I'll go over to WJnnie'B, after all." Billy fltuig the towel aside and sprang to her feet." "She just wants me^ to - help her Write her essay, or to worm pnt of* me what I'm going to say. is Clay coming back to suppcf, or didn't be say?" • , "Oh, he'll be back, don't worry.. "Fhat'hoy does mora walking than any person I over saw. Why don't you go walking with him'/*' "Because ht| Jiasn't "askfed me," BlUy retorted. "Now, mother, for beaven'a sakei; don't .vou go to ihrowlns him jit my head or me at hlfl. I get plenty.of that at the atoire. It's euough to make me halo him." • "But you (jon't," her niothcr said Boftly. glancing up at her daughter with twinkling blue eyes. . Billy did not answer, but marched put'of the llvinfe rbom into her owni room .'icroDB the hall. "BMter lighf a fire in there if you're going to: chut yourself up to write." her ilioiher called after dowji;' Clay'v a senlu*—ti real g^oiu. It tcsPH my beftrt out to think of hlH breaking hfi'^hack In a'factory, getting hla plaBoj^ingers at) rough and broken—oh, I ought ti^ nt«k« him. go back to hii father, (to that he could apend nil of his tlmd at hla music—" [ i p'lr expect it's good for him to get aqaiiainted with real folks and real Jife-and hard wbrk," hrir mother Mid wisely. "He can go 'back any •tftiie-" • ' I 1 " hl^No. he can't!" Billy Interruptea ai|!^rily. "There's something divine and foolish and strong in; him that woiild mak^ him kill hitnself at work he ha,^e6 rather ^lan i acknowledge; that he's not capable of tearing a. living out of this com- m^cial old ; town with jhis bare hands. "We mustn'tj let [ hihi go back, 'mo'therJ Something jhappened to make him^ hate Mmself because he) isn't a moncy-ihakinig gp-get- ter-^" h»r yoico was b^ter with contempt of the breed—'a—a woman, r thlnk^ and he'll never believe in himself uhtfl he proves to himself that he can make money.' Oh, well, I've got tfl get busy. Funny, isn't "It?—inye got t<) go; write an ess4y on TV qulHito hands over hor hotter to cohcontroto. "I ber. "Oh; I'll w Billy -came ToonK ''Wc three, fires time, and I let Ciay's ro probably com^ back from | •with his head that he'll be Hte In the kltchen.r dhivering out of her pan't afford , to have [iirning at the same haven't the ihearl to bm get cold. He'll liat I would do with a hundred thohsand do'llai-s; when we chnVeveh afford the coal to heat my jropm for me to work in. Don't look so grieved, honey-Ioye." She bent swiftly over ber mother and rubbed faeii fresh, firm young cheek caressingly against her mother's. "I'm not really bitter, bujt -sometimes iti does seem as if my dream bf being a great violinist l'^ so at surd." She stri Ightened and. stared about the iving room, her tear- brig ^il blue eyes glancing about the walls, on which hung four or five cheaply fra ned little water colorn, signed "Kn ily Stark"—hijr mother's maiden name. "I only Hid a lalent fof dreani- I MK ." Her nother'a' eyes 'followed her glance, ^iid she sighed for llu- del d'dream* of the lung, dead Emily Sti^k. "1 never thought I'd be tt: great minler.. niid -I gueHH I wiiH hihlly' 1 rclty glitd to get ninr- ried and s'l^idio you with the <luly of making ny dream, as i well IIM .vour own, j;: sriio true. BuL you've got genius, loo, fliily. Y lu can't go back on It. You'll get your chance. I've had tlic. queerest feeling lately tl at you're Just on the brink of it. Old Mrs. Ashbell cut the cards fot m(| the other itaS, and she said my wish was coming true very soon. And the only wish I ever have is that you'll have .your chance at real teepher,; with all the time yoU' want to practice—" "You're a funny dumpling and 1 adore you " Billy laughed^ She had intended to write a flippant, impud«ut letter to bid T.'Q., guarding hei dreams froin his sardonic, quizJEic at eyes, but she fou^d, when she sa i with h^r ptii poised above a fr'es i sheet ofpajier, that there was no impudence left in her. Her mother's belief in her genius bad mac e it posttible.> to hold fast to her dream. jDean "funny mother! But oddly enough, as she sat staring blankly kf, the white sheet of pap* r, her moljher's image faded rapidly and it was T. 'Q. Cur-,j tis's eyes tha; she remembered. He was sorrowmg for Clay," of course. He was lonefer and bewildered, its was wonderiig, she mused, nibbling at her Jen, what money was good for anjfway, if'It could not No won- what other eyesj the want tha finest vloliii that money ^an bay-" n Strjulivarius >r a Cren^nja. {And I wantthij beit violin tpathcr in the world. And after that |l i want to ploy before people who | unoar- stand ^and lovk music, atid ([who will pay me Just enough for {Maying- for them .so that I ckn .jllve and go on playing and hear bthe'r musicians make lovely {nusic. That's really all I want fo : ine myself—^but ihother —of [ciurse mother would like thingsl tpo'^ not enough grand things to frighten iier. but Just cozy thing^—h jsnug little house alll paid fort money ?nough so that she could buy jthree nice dresses in one season ^-ifhout peeling like a cnminal. Noj Iicaii see it wouldn't fkke much ofllthat miindred thousand, to give thi^ Wells family its heart desires. 1 sui]' ^ |l could give it away in smttll THE lOIJA DAILY REGIgpR. WEDNESDAY EV^NmO. ia|>to.6.4927. ,1" INSOCIET THE VREEOOM OP TUG HWiJi. to other girls that don't sec pose Hots h"* I'their dreams arc coming true. Well, anyway." she nodded emphatically, ' - silly conundrum up to me. It giyej) me I've tried the now moon tilled in the a|r Al)ovc, a hazy rce-and-fartn-housc : cluster I've tried It fine with little breath of iustr^ Aa onp might try a Jewel In the r hair. Alone or in one ornament combin- i 'ng With one [first watier star almost ' ai^ shining. I put It. sliining. anywhere I please. By walking slowly on some evening later; 've pulled it frt m a crate of crooit- ec^ treeii. |i And brought it over glossy water greater. J And dipped it in and. seen fhe imV age wallow. 'The color I run, Jill sorts of wonder follow. —Robert Frodt in the New York Herald-Trib ino. I'm glad old T. Q. put h^ 'ycij, la nice, fi'cc. warm feeling | inside jto realize that 1 don't really ivant ilots ot money. I always thought I m." • , ; Hnr face grew rosy and her blue pieR sparkled like living sapphires P'ilh the jo.v Df her discovery. \ She I rg^ed that odd Joy to her heart nr .niiother precious moment, then, ^yiih a soft chuckle that brought Ijlie hrindic caV purring and arcb- ijiig its back, ?s!iejbent over thej Iiiper .'ind beg.-in to Write. ' It w;iK not until she had fin- iHlicil hor Funny, iutiniato, wliinidi- tjal litlli! confession that she re- liienilu'rcd her hull-formed suspl- t;ioim and the wager she hud made li> ln'r inollier— "I 'd bo willing to liel light potv that 1 could name ut li'uHt eight of the prize winners " I^ A H her oxiiltutlon died ifown and locality pn'Hxcd In up«;n her—the HItclioii was netting lileiikly cold— she did reniomber.. All Ihe cynl- I MIII wlihli llfi) liiid fnrt'ed UiMjn ii-r cnnu- riiMhlnK back. !Slie seiziMl '.•r iK'ii again and wmlf rapidly— iKht^nunuw. . ! "Here, mntlier, keep this list until the'prlx('>< ai;c iinnoiinrcd, and Hiifi If I can't say, 'I told you so!'" ifljc sail! in a hard little volOe as she tucked the folded bit of paper into her mother's uprou pocket. TO BK CO.NTINUED. | On the day of thp contmt uwards. lillly sells glnre^ to. a dlNlurbini; strnnger with hyp- Inotlcejes. Read the next cha|». ten , ! buy things tir his "boy, dcr h« wantel to know people t^JOtjiht, of m^ney—What good things it could buy for them that he had i listed. "If I had a hundred' thousand dollars," she ^mused, bending her mind deliberj tely to the problem.' •her impuden , bright little, faec very grave a id mati|re of a sudden. "Why-^" she jlrew a deep breath of asto lishmenl as she made an important discovery. "I don't want a bundled thousand dollars! It would frigliten me to death, all that money: ibcni], If I got over being frightenet, it would tie me all up - In a snarl of obligations. Clothes and i big' house and cars and servant)—and—and things! Things! I'd pe a slave lo things if 1 tried to sftcnd a hundred thoii- tisnd dollars. Of course I [don't watat it! Whit dp 1 want?" : She laid: one of hor sn&ill, ex- 'ii'i I lii 11 Mrs. Phillips Says Husband Spanked Her "Wichita, Kans., Apr. 5.' (AP) — Mrs. Frieda Phillips testified today that her husband.'G. L. Phillips, plaintiff' in a |li>U.0OO alieniation of affection j-.uit against Joe Gaston, wealthy Newklrk. Okia., farmer, once "turned me over his kiiee and spanked me.' , She testified bat she and her husband quarrelold l-outinually from several months • after they were n arried until the time the suit wias filed. " . ; Frequently, she declared, her h isbami backed ; iier against the w'all and chewed on her neck and Birthday '^rl« Bridge Dinner Mr. Fred' Deu ton was host last night at a seven o'clock dinner and bridge jjarty in the Kelley Hotel grill as a jsurpr se in honor of -the birthday C |f M)rs Denton. A Ihree-jcours; dinner was served at small tab cs. Favors werb npses to which place cards were t^d and novel nut cups had for!-' times atta,ched. Mrs. Denton was given surqirise rifts. •Favors ^t brjilgc were received by Miss lyiargai et Smith and Mi*. Ijce Nbftzger. The guests were: Mr." Jesjic Wiikart. of Garuett: Mr. Gordon Rd le. of Bella Vista. Ark.. Mr:l Mercllth Mcllvaine, ojf Detroit, Miss K hel Anderson, .Mi and .Mrs. Frank .McCarthy. Mr. and Mrs. IA'JB iNoftz» er, Mr. anil Mrs. Paul need, Mr. i n<l Mrs. it. ir. Fry, Mr. and! Mrs. L. N. (llsh. Miss Margaret Sniiih, M -. Douglas Hclioni- erus, Mr. and Ars. Walluco Smith and Mr. and Mis. Melvin Frunk. ' « <• * (;hHiitpr jl„ I'. I. O. .Meets .Mrs. D. P. Northrup and duughr leader ol^ tha devotional Mriod and gave tb^ ^Story of thej Midn ^ht Ride." Special mnalciwaji i(,ipIo. "The Beautiful Can en df <Pra)i^r,'^ sung by [Mrs. C. I. Joldiihith fith Mrs. C. IB. . Crick i atjc^nipany^ing. Mrs. O. p. CuUison toldfiaie "Life Story of LydWa <ohv^rted MOBT lem woman. Mrs. ).'El. iMcCarty revtewed the last i iiptef pf ^tha tex|^ booc, "Moslem Wfpijien." Fhe mystery box was londucted "by Mrs. W. M. Willian i. prayer by. Mrs. _J. [H. Huff, .c {)s;ei^ the (|ro- gram^ ; Sunda}[.. Aprilj 24.| wab decided lipon as Lhankofrerin; daf and the Rev C. I Coldsj^ithlWiilj preacli a thankoffi rlAg sermoti at the 11 o'clock s srvice on th it ;day. The hostesses, Mri. FJ A. Wagner. MrsJ-J. E. Lan(. Mrs. W. ,>I. WilllamsJiMrs: i. F. Nigh, MrsjlM. ter, Mrs. R. W. ekses yesterday iK-rs df Chapter hood in the hoi WZ East street, i A musical proj Mrs. P. E. Wa Harry, were host{afternoon to ment- L, P.. K. O, sister- ine of the former|. (ram was given by igii, and roll call 1 r4 re- was "Current M isical Events." Refreshments were served. The members present were: Mrs. F. H. ./mold. Mr.s. P. ;S. Mitchell, Mrs. 1'. S. Bcattfe. Miss Ars. H. !A. Brovrn, Mrs. Florence K. O. Christian, Mrs. iMrs. J. G. .Stadlcr. Allen. C«nler Meets. The-Allen Center Circle met witji A^rs. Kaim for an all-day meeting, Thursday. Qiiilting was the work the day.' At noon the hostess served a bountiful dinner. At 3 o'clock the nio«;ting was cilled tp order by the president. RJoil rail was answered wUh "Your Fiiyorite "Author" and a feelection from siiine.' Roll call at the next ntcctinK will he n "Riddle." 'liie next inerting will be alliday Willi Mrs. Neinieyer, -April 14. JThose attending were: Njrs. Ba-- rpw, Mrn.; Rose and Virginia, klrs. Cliester Rnni;!liprg, Mrs. Nplmoyer, MV H . Roofiol, Mrs. Stiidoville. Mrs. Drake, .Mrs. Fleencp, Mr. and Mrs. J.' W. Rellly, Mr obd Mrs. Lawr- ••nce Kahn and diiiighter, Audry. Stodghill. Hazel Bowlus. Mrs. J. T.JReidj Beiding, Mrs. Rj John C. Scott. Mrs. C. L. Hoytj. Mrs. E. B .iStodgr hill. Mrs. F, J. Horton. Mrs! J. VV. Ilesser. Mrs. W R. Heylniun. -Mrs. Clyde Thonipso I. Mrs. PanK Klei^l, Mrs. P. E. Waifgh and Mrs. G. ^. ;> •> Woman's Foreign Missionary .Society Meeting^, The Woman')! Foreign Missionary society,of the First Methodijit Episcopal' cfhurclb held its regular meeting yeijterdjaf afternoon in the church social room.: The president. Mri. B. E. Thompson, presid(>d. ' A' hymn was sung »nd Mrs. 0. W. holmes offered, irayer. Mfs. F. G.' LawVer wai Hall and Mrs. Lora Jllje served freshmenils. M' , '^ . Alpha Cfklf Inslalk ^ifSlcfn The gi |rlB of the Appba Circle met last night at six o'kilpck as {Usual iii ttie guild roo i) [of the first Presbyteifian church fpr a pi^ic supper and afterwi rds < installed of fleers, for the next fis'cal year. The Wesjminster gu ld| installation service Was used one was cond tct- ed by Miiis Georgia G<jritton. patroness. . The officers arc: ; Miss Ch i-is- tine Henrichs, president; Miss k ^r- garet Shannon, > icc-presid( nt; Miss Harriett Httlbert, secretary and Miss Esther Kraiz; treasurer. <• «« . ^' Birthday for Son Mrs. Charleis Hall, of 807 N( rtb State street, gave u barty yes cr- day afternoon in honi(r pf the fifth' birthday of her son. Kiisseli Hall: A large birthday cnkci moui ted with five candles was,jhe center piece of the dining taiblp and 1 gbt refreshinenls were senrpd. Mrs 4. A. Wilson,'Mrs. C. J. Iteadcl |n^d Mrs. T..K. Ayling abiiisted Mrs. ilttll. The little gucaU! were: iv Albert Wilson. Jr.,[Francl8 ^11- son. Oeorge Williani iVilsoni pitln Gene Readel, Neva ^oy WHitc, Jeis Aylipg and Marc ;Iltte Ayliiig. Ttfitls »ulid Membeiis of the Tu (IS, Gt|lld met Tuesday iilght in the Baptist Topple. This was an ini tutrial, meeting and |a contest wis sta^|!ed among tlte members, ^rap books were made for missii nsl. | Lorene Wiley, Thelnia Alterman and Blanche Land wcrtj guests and members present wetei j Leila Belle Jewett. I lljzabeth Led- ercr. Lucile Wagner. Beulah Lan- fern^. Nellie Strodi ,| ICwe^dcilyn Todd. Catherine Rovden, Bei;tha Nichols. Doris Moyer j Helen Robr inson, Gfraldine Roiitden. Nabmi Manrin, Mary Mosher. Quelle-Nichols. Dorothy Hodgfsj Carmcilia Sanson, [Lillian Che jning, J^ean Ciignill. llosephlne Coihil and Ithe kpdnsor, 'Miss Frances! iMarshall. PMlomafhlan Guild Eitertains FiWIsOuBd 1^ The Phiiomathian guild members entertained the memberil/ of the Fidells chapter list nigbli -in the guild room of thej First:;Pfces- phne Stodghill, MisB Viola Dalgarf- no,' Miss'ieaa Dalgarnpl »iss Nellie .Walters. Miss ^)a Vei le. Miss ^oy H^pih^rger, Ifise Kate Shield*, Miss Dorothy Cu nmings, Mi«8 Theta Brewer. AOss Dora Langford, Miss Georgia Gritton, Miss Melvin Orltt^n,. i/lu- T. S. Tfebell and patrdnJM8,.31ri.' D. P. Northrup. The hostessei were: Miss. Beatrice MbMurra)*, ' Miss Millicent Vporheci, Miss Pearl Johnspij, Miss Julia . Irwi i. Miss Bernictf McNlel. Mills Thein a Maddux, Miss Jesslie May DiJgarno, Miss Iva Overmeyer, I Miss Wllina Shields, Miss Bthelyni Leavl tt, Mrs. Lester I^essinger, audi patrc nesses. Mrs. Florence Longshore, Mrs. Florence' K. Beiding ai^d Mrs. R. O. Christian. i - 1 , • • I*,-; imular Carrent ETentK Club Execntlvp Meeting The officers of the Junior Currant Evjents dab met last night in the office pf the liili Laundry; to transact business to come before the club meeting ton ght : n the home of Miss Clara ^rbwt, 301 North WaBhington !; avenue. Mrs. A. G.'Speegle. chairman, ai^d Mrs. G. J. Trombold. of 'the . Current Events club committee, iifici with them. I . ; -I : • The offlceijs areh JVIIss ciara Brown, presicient: Misi Pedrl Met Karnin. vice-president; Mis» Eyaf lynj Breckenridge, secretary, and Misa Lavoa Fisher, jreasurijr. [ . • • fr| • j Olferb^ CTaUd Xeej^ ' • [ Members lof. the Otterbein Guild of the Churbh-of the United Breth-i ren in Christ held a, meetipg last night in the church basement, with the .newly elected officers in charge. I After the business period a lunch Was served.: The new of- ficer8v?rc: Mrs. Leda Oliver, president; NEWS |R()|i UiNE ELH AND VICDUn Irene - PeBland Snffen Rebipse Frpm FMeasIei^Tlie .XiewtoB's Jiemore* to KlncaJd. rPfesf- secre- treas- devo- •Jastcr byterian church at a bocial p^^ty. Games were played afid refrish- The guests mens' were served, were: Miss Esther Schaffdr,, Miss jhls walk full of a liew song 'just aching |to write Hi- r SPECIAL FOT Tomorrew 10 Dozen SILK SCiVRFS $1.19 'Silk and GeprRette. jBICHARDSONTS tbsee^ It.deana Its imr U^Eitiy •Gtow a i iueeds no oiUng—nns smoothl^ and dfi. daadyioc a lifetime pfoae. Ithaa every, ftt/ton diat malrea fac lltutou^i fiyilu It Ja guanintefd by Geoecal Hectirk: and approved atitiitf* Sold on Easy by 43ood HoofckeepiDg .I» Tenns.| A. E %eper f^ The Mo. 1$, 1500 watt plant is thown. Other aixct are 050 and 3500 watt. Da- Miss Thelma Roberts, vice| dent; .\Iiss Latona Smith, tary and V.::: Layon Fisher, urcr.. ' « :« • Busy Bee Class .Meets Members of the Busy Beej class of Trinity Sunday school mi^ yesterday afternoon after schpol In the home of Mrs. Joe iiurlock. 112 South Fourth street. . I.,onisc Datigherty was th< tionol leader and gave the lesson from Matt. 281:1-10. Roil call reaponees were memory verses from the Bible. Geraldlne Osborne, j>ccsldent, conducted the meeting. Mrs. Lnfe Conpver Is the class-^ teacher." After the btisiness, Jjamcs wer9 played. Seven membcri^ were present. , ' A community meeting will be held at the school house Wednesday night, April 6. ! There >^all be discussions on Ipcali dairy improv- ment work, some very good dairy pictures:- also announcements regarding the annuaij dikiry iour. Everybody come, i The M. I. C. will ineet with R. E. Sullivan Wednesday '|afternoon. April, 6. —Read about big Auction tTeed Ford Cars on Want Ad .McCarthy Motor Co.| , O. KPIberg of Hutchison, sas, boiight the Scovill farni week and moved his family Mr. Scovill moved j to lola. It is reported 'that Mrs. Scovill bad about !40 of her| white rock chickens stolen' week.. ; . ' Hr. and Mrs. S. E. Ross and Hy spent Sunday afternoon Mr. and MrsJ Roy Stickle and April ,5. —Mr. and Mrs. Charley Ntiwlon i are moving this week ; to i<lncald. where Mr. Newloh haii a position. In a garage. ' i The last, report from .R. G. Lew- Is- is that he was resting as iVell as could bp expected." FrPmi a splinter run in his foot infection set in and he had to have the foot and a part of his leg taken off. fie is at the St. John hospital in lola." / i . • •Mr. and Mrs. Andy Sarver returned from Florida this week. They enjoyed their stay and Mrs, Sarver came home feeling fine. Born to Mr. and Mrs-. Edd Powell a fifteen pound son. —Read about, big- Auction Sale tlsod Ford Cars on Want Ad page. McCarthy Motor Co. ' ' Dr.. Roberts filled the M. E. pulpit here Sunday. The Rev. Mr. Misbach is out on a glee club tour. Br. Roberts spent the week end at tlie: Spangler-home. ! , Mrs. R. P. Spragne received wPrd Saturday that her father, T.' W. Stout of La Harpe had died very • i ||l |iiddSi ]y. -'He has been In- poor health for some tline but none of ua are quite prepared when thn |.end comoi. He was laid to rest in tlic Moran cemetery. . iRose Bljo. Spanglpr spent Sunday, evening with her sister, .Mrs. J. Ri Newlonl , | - Irene,;Pcnliind suffered j a relapse from the measles unii the I HHC ten days has'been In a Very st'r- ions condition. She is s(ime bol­ ter nPw. Mr. jand Mrs. Otto Humbert nnrl chlldr6n took supper at the Ernent Helen home ISunUa;^. Margarette McAdams was ahli; to start to school Monday- having Been out - for several weeks wiili scarlet fever.. When moniy departs it seldom leaves an address.' . " - . Be0i4y Hints —If the face powder you ihp\y use does not stay on long enougli to suit you—does not keep that t'gly shine away indefinitely—;does not make your skin. colorful; like a peach—try! this new. wonderful, special French Process Face Powder called MELLOiGLO. Remember the name MELLO-GLO.,There\s nothing like it.-^ooks Drug Stpre. ; - r Sale page. Kan- this here. fe. F. fine last fam- wUh fam- FREE Demonstration Tomorrow the Ful •I ler and Johit^on ^eqiQnairation .truck will be 'at oui- .stol-e; froi^ morning until jate -evening. /This demopstiralUo^ cw .^ill .ctmtain a ciHnpIete -Fuller & Johnson ITou may be sure we koiad WHiad. very care- fnliy before lewctinc a lino of power and btnt plant toKOi .We chow Fuller a Joiuuoa'a became of tht netita of the pisnU tbeni-; •chrei, and becauie of the maimfacturet^a record fo •building KrviceaUe. de pendable. looc-Jiycd c<iuip ment fcr the farm—a ret «cri whicb date* back to Power and 3 H. P. All in actual oper ^l ion. demonstrated^ wat(!r pum: I^et us show you h4w you your farm. 5 H A |I M HAIU>WkEE AND Dd PI^ I3ENTS. Over 30 lYearsIII lola. ilectrical' appliances will, be ' 4Jtc. ' bin" have more convenience on Everyone ikivited — NoOblifi^ationj Dear to Her Heart Toilet Articles, The Pyralin hair brushes,'conjjbs, powder boxes, tx-ay.! and similar useful and dainty dressing in The Home Beautiful Were all taken manicurt! .sets' rpom accessories from our stock. These are things which' will delight the heatt of any-" woman. Let us show yoii oiir large assdriment of toilet, aids, including perfumes, powders, soaps, bath salts, and perfume atpmizens, as well as first} aid necessities | which should be in every medicine cabinet. ' DlfVO STORE Phone 181 Wc Deliver WE KNOW BeauHtiil weii^ by US 4 30 years in lola

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