Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 13, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1972
Page 2
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fivefilng Telegraph Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1972 as quoted by North 100 airmen lost since April 6 ESPER A&tolated Press Writer SAIGON (AP) — The American effort to compel a Vietnam settlement and free the prisoners of war by the sustained bombing of North Vietnam has resulted in a inajor Increase in the number of POWs. With the loss of an Air Force F4 Phantom and its two crewmen in North Vietnam Monday, the U.S. Command listed a total of 100 American airmen missing in the North since the resumption of full-scale bombing more than five months ago, on April 6. That's an average of more than four men a week. Thirty-seven of the fliers have been reported captured. Many of the others probably were killed. Prior to the resumption of full-scale bombing, the Pentagon listed 412 Americans missing in North Vietnam during the war and another 388 held in prisoner of war camps in North Vietnam as of April 1. By Sept. 2, the Pentagon's list of those missing in tho North had increased to -IS.") and the number of captives to 425. The U.S. Command's total of 100 missing is 20 higher than the increase in the Pentagon's total of missing and captured. Hut the U.S. Command's total includes an additional week of losses and is also based on the status of a plane's crew at the Lime State unhappy with plan for Alton desegregation By SANFORD SCHMIDT Telegraph Staff Writer An official of the office of the superintendent of public instruction said today that his office is not happy with the . Alton school districts' latest desegregation plan and that further instructions to the disrict are "imminent." Dr. Boyd Mitchell said yesterday that he expected further instructions if Alton's July desegregation plan wasn't sufficient. Royce Derks of Chicago-based Equal Education Opportunity section of state superintendent: Michael Bakalis's office, said j ; he is surprised Mitchell hasn't j; already received them. ,•' A Telegraph story Tuesday • said Bakalis announced that Alton was not in compliance wjth the racial guidlines, but Derks said this morning that Bakalis was referring to a citation last February. In effect, eight school district's that were newly cited yesterday were, in East Alton Bakalis' announcement lumped with 13 districts, including Alton, which were previously cited. Further descriptions in press releases yesterday attributed to Bakalis describing Alton's racial situation were actually referring to the .situation last February. Derks said there was "nothing new" about Alton in Bakalis' announcement yesterday. Mitchell said yesterday that he had received no response whatever to Alton's July desegregation plan, but Perks said this morning, that the new report "doesn't fulfill our desires. 1 thought he (Mitchell) had received some response, but if not yet, he will in the very near future." Derks would not comment any further on what the difficulty was with Alton's new desegregation plan. the loss of the plane was announced. It is not changed, as the Pentagon's records are. when a missing flier is declared dead or is rescued. The U.S. Command «ays f)3 American .jots have been downed over the North since April fl. N o r t h Vietnam has brn,'hv:'a«t reoerdecl messaecs from mor" than 20 pilots capture;! during 'he current campaign including some cali : ng for an end to the bombing and the war. One of the pilots captured during the spring. Air Force Mai. Iviward K. Elias is among three Amerran POWs Hanoi has said it will rebate .soon to representatives of a r.S. antiwar gr>i'p. Antiwar statements' attributed to Klias and N'avy I,t. Nnrris A. Charles, also announcer! for release, have iK'fii among those broadcast during the .summer. One of the statements at- Inbuted to Elias said: "We proved in previous years that bombing of North Vietnam would not slop the war in South Vietnam, and now we are filling the detention camps again." Cora Wci$s, cochairman of the Committee of Liaison with Families of Servicemen Detained in North Vietnam, to whom the three POWs are to bo released, says Hanoi authorities have given her the following breakdown of Americans they hold: Between 19(5! and IMS, .108 Americans were captured. Nine were released, 15 died iceman pel \ on carpet * Sgt. John Crotty, a 10 • year * veteran' of the East Alton ' police ' force has been '• reprimanded and faces : possible temporary suspension from the department. 3 Police Chief Fred Bright 5 said the matter was "an * internal problem" and refused : to discuss details of the in- : cident, but confirmed Crotty had requested a hearing before the village police commission, made up of village board members. Bright said that hearing might come within a week, but must come within 30 days. Bright has apparently a.skecl for a suspension of three to five days for Crotty's handling of a juvenile. Responding reluctantly to a reporter's questions. Bright said Crotty's actions were "not what I would expect of a 10-year veteran." A source close to the case indicated Crotty had improperly released a juvenile offender. The case did not involve Crolty or any other officer mishandling or physically abusing a juvenile prisoner, according to the source. Crotty is currently on regular time off, and wa^ not available for comment. If you fall to receive your Telegraph by 5:80 p.m. phone 465-6641 before 6 p.m. and your copy will be delivered. Alton Evening Telegraph Published Dally by Alton Telegrapo Printing Company PAUl S COUSLEY President. General Manager STEPHEN A. COUSLEY Editor & AisUtanl u> the Publisher RICHARD A COUSLEY Vice President and Clarified Mgt HENBY H. McADAMS K*«reuu> aad AnUiant General Manager- MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (Tbt AMQClAUd Preu tt e»clu»lvely mUU#i tatbt tun of publication of UiaAWl dispatches credited In this -~ and to U»* local MW* pub By carrier, «0c 24 HOURS A DAY IT PAYS TO SHOP AT BROADWAY & MAIN PRODUCE MARKET _2flSOJE L Broadway, Alton NO.i~ HED POTATOES 20 £ B jl .00 New White "" ONIONS .... 5 b ' ubR 590 Ibs. 1 Large Freestone PEACHES . White Seedless GRAPES ...... 3 )hs5 1 READ'Y TO EAT ~~ CANTALOUPES 3 DAMSON PLUMS ON SALE! 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Registration Will Be September 14, 6:30 p.m. To 8:00 p.m., Room 124. Civic Memorial High School If Any Questions, Contact ADULT EDUCATION DIRECTOR 377-5211, Extension 30 of wounds within a week or so of capture, and fhc died of diseases in the camps. Between December 1071 nnd Aug. 23, 1072, at least 44 more pilots \ captured, bringing the total number of prisoners lirid by the North Vietnamese to 383.' She said this total is lower than the Pentagon's because the Defense Department continues to list men as tnissint,' or prisoners after the North Vietnamese have reported thi'in dead Senior I'.S. officials in Saiuon fee! that the quickest way to got all of the POWs bark is to continue the bombing and possibly to intensify it. One senior Air Force official who helps plan operations against North Vietnam said recently: "My judgment is that the fastest way to gel these prisoners back is to compel a .settlement, get these guys to talk, put some give in their position. There's been no give. Just keep pouring il on them. "Is the bombing in fact delaying the return of the prisoners. I think the answer is no. We stopped the bombing last lime — in 1968 — with the expectation of getting some sort of speeded up negotiations and .prisoners returned. We got nothing." Five Winners In Snyder 's Wig Warn Contest Buster Brown & Snyder's recently staged a promotion to publicize the new fall children's knit wear and had children register w h e n visiting the Snyder store. The five winners of the Wig Warn contest, which ended Saturday at, 5 p.m. Sept. 9, were: Jeff Fen- ccl, 405 Cass Ave., Edwardsville; Jimmy McCurley, 4961 Hill Drive, Godfrey; Ella Nettles, 1208 Belle, Alton; Deb Werts, 212 Anna St., Brighton; Joe Whitworth, 300 Rosewood, East Alton. Each won a Winchester® Trailblazer Wig Warn. All nylon 3 x 3 cord knit with self turtle neck. Front zipper with novelty ring pull. Gripper crotch. Sizes 7-8-10-12-14. In gold, navy, red. and turquoise. regular $5.98 Phone 462-9751 Lebanon is fearful of Israeli raids Rotary oulboards •/ William C. Scott, (right), president of Outboard Marine Corp., and Douglas Bells, a development engineer, examines the rotor for Outboard Marine's rotary engines in Milwaukee. The first American-made rotary combustion engines rolled oft' OMC's production line Tuesday. Tlie revolving rotor replaces pistons in a rotary combustion engine. (AP VVirephoto) (By the Associated Press) Lebanon's premier expressed fear Tuesday of a new Israeli attack as U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim called for General Assembly action against terrorism. "From an evaluation of the •situation we cannot say that last week's Israeli attack would be the last," Premier Saeb Salam told the Lebanese Parliament. His fears apparently were based on reports of continuing Israeli troop concentrations along Lebanon's .southern borders and of new Israeli threats to strike at. the Arab terrorists. Salem said the Lebanese army ha.s clear orders "to do the utmost to repel any Israeli aggression, at. any price." Israeli war planes attacked Palestinian positions in Lebanon and Syria last Friday in retaliation for the Olympics massacre in Munich Tuesday in which 11 Israelis, five Arab terrorists and a West German policeman were killed. Premier Golda Meir told t h c Israeli parliament Tuesday that Israel will strike against Arab terrorists with all its strength and skill. With only the Communists abstaining, the legislators supported "the government's right to defend its emissaries and citi/.ons wherever they may be." The U.N. chief told a news conference in New York that the United Nations "cannot be a mute spectator" to increasing violence. Bui he acknowledged that any an- titerrorisn resolution will face difficulties in the 27lh General Assembly convening Tuesday. Waldheim said it is up io t h e Assembly to find measures to deal with the kidnaping and killing of diplomats and increasing acts of terror in the world. Acting on his own initiative, he submitted' a proposal last Friday that the 1.TJ-nation assembly take action. The Soviet Union and China vetoed attempts in the 15- nation Security Council Sunday to link the Munich slay-ings to the reprisal strikes Israel conducted against Syria and Lebanon. The United States then vetoed a resolution calling for a Middle East cease-fire but making no mention of terrorism. Foreign ministers of the 10 European Common Market countries met in Home and agreed to take a united stand on any proposal against terrorism put before the United Nations. The West German government was busy trying to repair the damage done to its relations with Arab governments by the German anger over the Munich attack. 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