Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 19, 1950 · Page 29
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 29

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 29
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*A01 THIRTY 1940 DODCI COACH Ortttrml fHili*, • I**** «*•*• MtmmMte, mutt t» see* t$> •* ALTON EVENING TELEORAMI TMUftftDAY, JANUARY HUM- RICHAftDS MOTORS, Inc. W*rt River Rak* 4t» N. Wood Rlv*r Aye. Dial 4-»««* tUTHER C . «h«nk nil our friends, neignnori " rata&e. «or their kindn«. «JJ •««: .pathv shown durlne: our recent oe- mvement W* especially wish to tflSnTihi mtahttr of the Upper Alton • PrwbyterUn Church, ***£•"**;•£"• 'organist and singer, and Streeper fun- •eral home, nod those who sent floral •offering* spiritual bouqueti, the don- •"ori of cars and all who assisted In •;*ny way. Brothcr Lconard Brakevlll and Family. TRUCK BODIES to ViNif , Sp»H lflcati0ni KATfOIMi t«12 ......................... ••••HU'8 GRAIN IODY, 7«10 .............................. J22B.OO fANtL BODY, 7«12 ............................. $.50.00 see V8 FOR YOUR FAINTING AND REPAIR WORK. TRIANGLE BODY COMPANY 4M-R St. LOtJtS ROAD COLLlNBVILLe, ILL. l»ps ANNA TRUMP—We wlnh to thank fiMfrftnda.Telil.bor.. and friend. I for their klminw and sympathy •ho*" ••during our recent bereavement. We • especially wl§h to thank the Rev. -• Upton of Edward.vllle. the flower •girl*, the singers, all who sent Hotel •offerings, all who donated cars ana ••U who misled in a t wlih to extend my sincere apprj- to my nelghbom and friends y •«ryone of them for the many lovely ard, and floral MONUMENTS-CBM. LOTS iTviONUMfNTS - MARKERS" '. ALTON MEMORIAL SALES 110 Main St. Alton. 111. Phone 2-84J1 _ i isteblished to serve Alton and community as AUTHORIZED DEALER* our modern display room featuring all leading f™nltes. * Quality • Service - f*U*faetlon ' At prices which are competitive ;0rde> ?5wfor spring dellwy trots ' local firm NOT representing any ; outside Interests. - MARKtRS' BEFORE YOU SELECT ANY MEMORIAL ... ', We urge you to Investigate and ." compare DELANO SERVICE! , DELANO QUALITY! J. DELANO PRICE! 1 >BEMEMBEH THIS: When you buy from •Delano you buy DIRECT FROM THE "•MANUFACTURER. YOU eliminate an 'the Intermediate costs and that means VETERAN* Why accept anything lea* than the bnt? Thousands of mechanically !•> lined men have benefited through C. T I. Training. Wa will assist you In anttins! part tuna work while attend- ng ilchool to add MO to $111 pa* month o your gpvammMrt •» bi »'! toll 7»mLR2 o $180. Lesrn ona of the tonowlng splendid pay trades In only SO waoks: R?frig""l Air Condltlonlns Radio . Televlalon Servicing Electricity • Electronics. You will be taught on modern equipment In our large shopsvnder axpert nocrvtilon. Free placement service fter graduation. LivFng facllltl.. avail- bis. Write today for complete detella. Jo obligation. Commercial Trades In- tltute, Box 1200. care Telegraph. DELANO GRANITE WORKS £3*40 Hawthorne Blvd. 2-2252 — DAY OR PERSONA!. uvw COLLEGE GRADUATE—Interested •• In assisting high school students with •* troublesome subjects. Write Bo» MO, " f care Telegraph. •; g<1 WHO "KILLED EVA SMITHT—Please • call. I. O" SOCIAL EVENTS >UHMAOE SALE—Friday ft Saturday, .024 East Broadway. Sale starts Friday, t H noon, by Alton Eastern Star. SOCIETIES — LODGES •;GA«PAR SHRINE V. D.-WIU hsve a • covered dish dinner for members and -" families at • o'clock, Saturday, Jan - 21. Regular stated meeting will follow * Informal. *r*umcuN CHAPTER-NO, s, B. A. M " Prtday, Jan. «0th, 7:80 p. m. Past a ; H. & at. Degrees. Dagreet. Gregory Flynn. H. P. ,_ J LODGED. 38. A. F. * A. •"• J*. Soeel.l meeting, Thursday evening, -f JanrWS P. m. Work In third degree. •Visiting brethren welcome. 'h Verne Williamson. W. M, ftnAEA LODOE-NS 37. A. F. ft A M '.Special meeting. Thursday, Jan. IBth rf at 7:30 p. m. Work In Third degree v Visiting brethren welcome. Refresh| ******* Harold W. Beattla. W. M. •Tj, MST—STRAYED—STOLEN pearl necklace, quare or — Blue corde purse, between s- MSI JunloV and Masonic Temple. Con * uinad glasses in case. Reward. 3-1808 koST-bUmond ring. .White gold, to ^downtown Alton. Keepsake. Reward *c.» e-8283. NOTICB ANTED—Ride to vicinity of South :• west St. Louis, between S-,30 and 7 la. m, a-3648. WANTEO-Ride to "SO S. Bdwy, St Louis. T a. m. DJal "-4428. Joe Moralee. Oakwood road. Alton. i - --.• j LoulS. _ to downtown St. M j.», hours! B;is - B p. m.^jjjOrf. PROTECTION FOR YOU WHEN FIRE STRIKES! Do you need MORE Fire Entingulshers Are the ones you have in the RIGHT PeUACH? you have the RIGHT KINDT ^, will make a complete SURVEY o •'* your premises to determine whethe * or not you have adequate fire pro '• tectlon. Where U NO CIIABGE lor the "urvey. *We have a complete Una of first-aid hand-fire protection equipment, In eluding: g) Soda Acid 8) Foam 8) Carbon • Tatrachlorlde • Carbon Dioxide (CO3 •' 0) Dry Chemical and others •• LaT us do your SERVICING and * RECHARGING work. •• Price quotations upon request. fe rYB^FYTER SALES »nd SERVICE SPAN HOEBCR. Authorised Factory '« Dealer, 808 B. 7th Bt.. Alton.Jlllnols 'WATCH 4, JEWELRY REPAIRINGi •', Murphy, 830 E. Bdwy, (Crown GU "STATE LICENSE EUR* ORIVEM *04 K INCOME TAX SERVICE a farm near Puwa. Ill Same will be proatcuted It Louis or Granite City be- tm orTn. m. from East Alton. Tifcona 4-W83. 1919 Font PMC* ...... S295 19M Inttrnatronal tonal . . . 9291 1940 Chovrotot Pmttl .... $299 i Down, 12 Months on RoJmteo HARV. & PHIL REILLEY 1025 EAST IROADWAY NOTICE INCOME TAX RETURNS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE NOTARY PUBLIC Call a-S48S INSTRUCTION 1050 U. S, »-»--—---—-—--Start high ai »«1.34 week. »«eure po- .iltloni. Men. women. Quality NOW. Many openlngi expected aooh. Expat- lence usually unnecessary. FREE 40- paRc book ahowlng Jobs, salaries, •ample teata. Write today: Write Box 900. care Telegraph. (ARRIED MAN—For general farm work, near Medora. Must have car. State age, experience, etc. Writ. Box 1000. care Telegraph. FULL OR PART TIME Could you tell an auto service coupon booklet for 81.00 containing lubrlca- tlont. brake adluitlng. apart plug cleaning, wheel alignment, oil change, etc. Car owners grab It on sight, via to »M paid dally. Hotel Stratford, nnnm all 8-0:30 a. in.'. 12-1 noon, f~3o p.'m. Mr. K.y.f. No phone calli TUBE BPECIAUBT Trim Top. Take Down and Haul AWW Iniured. ID KRAUT. Dial 4*343 WANTED—Saletman for old eatabllihed auto firm.; aalary and commlHlon. General Motora car. Write Box 030. care Telegraph, YOUNG MAN—To do general wort and do light chorea In retail atore! experience will help but not neceaiary If energetic and willing. Full or half-day tune conaldered. Give age and penonal ieTe%ncw. Wrtte Po.t Office Box No. • Alton. III. ___ FLOOR SANDING — And reflnlahlng; alao painting. Reasonable ratea free eitlmatea. Dial 3-6514 or 3-3330. II HELP WANTED—FEMALE TRAVEL — Three neat appearing young ladlei. !• - M. Average earning, *SO, •TS weekly. Transportation furnlahed, ixpenaVa advanced. No •»!»'»•"•;• neceaaary. We train you. See Mr. LcStta? 4- •" Friday and Saturday, 'Hotel. No Phone callin, pleaae. . I ••'• . _.' *^ . 1 .. iVJ 0^11 I. , . _ m .,._„, EVERYDAY CAHDS-34 for llf Sell big value Aaaortment for Blrthdaya. other eventa Paya you up to 100% on fa»t »l iiale.1 New Metalllca. Gift Wrapi, PLASTICS, Imprinted Stationery, othera, Btart earning with FREE Imprint Sample! and AMortmentB on approval. Write: ARTISTIC, 315 Way. Elmira. N. Y. CUSTOMBRB WANTING AVON-BW.- aentatlve wanted. Write Avon. MS Eait 8th. WAITRESS WANTED—Apply room Faulaltch building after B a. m YOUNQ LADY—For general . and can do aome typing. Experience not nectary U willing to wort and learn. Give Pjraonal Mftrmeji. age. and Mat experience if any. Write roat OfflceBox Vo. g. Alton. I». »• •"""»•**•" WILL ACCEPT APPLICATIONS — For men who can eell complete line of art and commercial calendar, and ad- verUalng apeclaltlea. Good oommtaalon 2nd bonuaeV Small refundable depoalt required. Write or call Standard Ca endar Co., 1313 Madlaon Av... Madl •on. III. 11 SITUATIONS WANTB RESPONSIBLE MAN. SO-Wanta work. Good driver, electrical; any kind 1-2310. el*'a>****'' ,__..__--., - - - WORK OF ANY KIND—Prefer daytime |ob,Call 4-3080. C. R. Atteberry. Cot- isge Hills MARRIED -Shurtleff student attending night school, desires full time day employment. Phone 2-5888. •JUJIff \*mj •||iya»^»e«^»e». _..__ , — -__-' HOME REPAIRS—Miscellaneous work electrical, plumbing, linoleum tile •uttering - eny repair work in homa Phone 2-6175, $8 Stt WANTED—PBalALB COLORED GIRL—Wanta houaework or care of children by dey or week. Dla 3-8101 3-8101, RESTAURANT—Cooking or ahort order oi waitress work. Write Box 1030, c.r« Telegraph. SMALL BUNDLE WASHINGS Dial 3-5853. And WHITE LADY — Wants washings and Ironiiuia. Phone 4-6438. COLORED school and . work after '. 3-0352. •ayaamja. ea)tp»ej •»• -^-•-_—- ——^, -,„ ,, , ilTUATION WANTED—Aa housekeeper P°0. mS* 148. Jerseyvllle. Ill, •• • ' iiiiii«iii' i.. ' •_,_- « TVriMJ aT-. **t 8»T*»'^...»^' r "' • '• MTDDLEAdED' LADY — Wants housework by day or week. 8-4768. VALUABLE" FRANCHiw-H f you on».ome. |5000 wll atart you manufacturing and selling patented artsfles in '"wehUe-protect- ed territory on royalty basis. Phone DRY CLEANING PLANT Will teach you to operate. Dial 3-5022 1222 State street. Alton. SERVICB STATION FOR LEASE- Excellent location on Broadway. Major brand products. Small Investment re- Sulrid. Contact Mr. Huber. Box 181 rrtward.vllle. Phone Edwardsvllte 20ft CAR OWNER—With S hours week spare time to service route of new type Nut and Amusement "•r« h »n«"»' n f. lvm «: chines. Income up to $300 wonthlyto start, with future possibilities. $M3 working cash capital required which Is fully secured. Applicant must be de oendable and have references. For In terview Include phone in application Write Box 1050. care Telegraph. LAUNDRY WATER - DRYING - STARCH- -TINTEXINQ. OPEN EVERY DAY FROM 8 TO 5*30 P. M.. EXCEPT MONDAY UNTIL 8:00 P. M. EXCEPT SATURDAY UNTIL r00 P. M.. WE DO YOUR LAUNDBY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TtW 8-HOgiJ SMVICE. Food CMIW and Dorit Dodfon, Jr. I5ej i. Bfv*dwn Dial 3-929$ DIAL 2-8732 INCOME TAX SERVICE • A. M. to • P. M. E. C. •ROEHL Formerly with Intonwl Revenue Ml BROADWAY AND HENRY JThrao »-§M> ALTON, ILL, LAVNOEBINO CURTAINS — Washed and stretched Called for and delivered. 3-7656. BUS CESS POOLS—And septic tanks built and pumped, reasonable rates. 2-8415. _^£j "j__ • ^ .,..._]!. .. «_ _ CWi BE KIND TO YOUR SHIRT — It ha. atood behind you, now give It the gentla treatment It deaervw. Found only at the White War Laundry at 9th and Belle. TO PROPERTY OWNERS — Beware of termites. They ere destructive to your property. For fry. Information tall Century Termite Control. Phone 182. 1010 Ruskln Ave.. Edw.rdavllle. III. All work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT WORK — Of all kinds. Union work. Fr^ estimate.. LYNN WOOD, 3803 franor. (-MBS. —""TRIE SPECIALIST 7~ Trimming, topping and removing; we haul away the raruah. Fully Insured and reliable. We also have some sweat gum shade trees left. Fre. estimate M. C._ LOVE GUTTERING—Spouting, metal chimney covers. Fre. estimates. WHITE'S. TIN SHOP. 2-14M. ; OfCOBATfNO VAIXPAPKR STBAMXR'VOB DM a-am. 10Q4 Pblnney. WALLPAPER STEAMER FOB Dial 2-2141. 1004 Phlnney. RENT — •APER HANGING * PAINTING—AIM ateamera for rent. Phone 4-6048 after 5 p. m. ,'AINTING it DECORATING—Removing wallpaper and patch plaatertnf. No. money down with 36 months to pay U so desired. All work guaranteed. Free estimates. John Ewlng. 2-87B8. WANTED—Paper hanging. Goodworfc at reasonable prlcea. • Phone S-8MT or 2618 Yager street INTERIOR DECORATING — Plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Reference. Free estimates. Dial *4m DIAL 2-2141 — For free estimate on floor aandlng and Inside painting. WHY WAIT?—Get yout deeoraUnaj dOM now before the spring rush. There M no plastering Job too small or too large for us. Will we plaster your ceUinfT Yesl Will we plaater your complete roomT Yea!, Yes!, Will we remove your wallpaper, paint your walls or ham wallpaper Vest Do wa guarantee our workT Yesl Will we decorate your whole house and give you easy termsT Yeal Why not phone us today No oh. lUatlon. Of course not Phone llgatlOtl. Ul cuurap up*. r»mi>w •-».•» INTERIOR PAINTING -'Removing or cleaning wallpaper: floor refinishlng. Special prlcea now. 3-8364. HAKE OLD FLOOR* JUXB our high speed sender and 34141. 1004 ' Nkw-me.t INTBHI6B PAiNlWG-Wastartog •& patch plastorlnf. If Toajare tiredi« old wallpaper, call ua today .we will remove your wallpaper and. with the latest style cotors. we will ramodern- lie your home. Call today for a free estimate, a-6030. RADIO •t-gOJBlC—BAplOS & TELEVISION »l 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 BREOENtEB'S Radio. Televlalon Serv Ic. at your horn*. Guaranteed. Dial 3-Ooaa. 1222 State. ; 88 FtlatNITURB WORK WINDOW CORNICES — Wall cabinets what-not shelves, etc., made to order Dial 3-52K3. 40 8TOBAUS—SiqVIMO "SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL — LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6S6I 1» W. Ferguson. Wood Rivet Uned Furniture Bought and Sold ~ FOft QUICK. MOVING PRES. BELCHER ~ h A. NtVLlN MOVINC, STORAGE ^§8 US S8S5S.5? LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE la* WABHINOTON AVE OlAi. MeCOY TRANSFER CO. m FRONT IT ALTON. ILL. DIAL •ORNSEY MOV p^aM rUBNITURB vma A STORAtW CW Call 94031 After 6 0 I LIMB* We Alton 41 si,sspim> 3 SLEEPING ROOMS—One with private bath; close to 3 bus lines. Breakfast If desired. 3-7003. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM—Adjoining bath. Close to bus line. Private entrance. 717 E. 6th. LARGE ROOM—In private home, Mar Po«t Office. 327 Alby. SLEEPING ROOM — On >bus Una. Hot water. Dial..8-7318. VERY COMFORTABLE—Sleeping room EKcellent locattou.^pial 3-8Sa4. FRONT SLEEPING ROOM—334 Acton Wood River. Calljt-4408. UPPER ALTON — Clean, light, warm basement sleeping room in large gas heated home; private Mi- trance. Phone, laundry and kitchen privileges. One block from business district; two bus lines. 3-7058. Col »SBBSll.eE. f privileges district; tollege. SLEEPING 1 SLEEPING ROOM-For gentleman 154 B. Pence. East Alton. Dial 4-83SS. SLEEPING ROOM— And garage, tor gentleman. 440 Prospect, Wood River Phone 4-4808. FOH RENT—Sleeping room. East Alien Call 4-71T7 or 4-4JJ38. NICE SLEEPING BOOM—614 Alby. EAST ALTON-Modern sleeping room for girl, adjoining bath. Near resteur- ants. Dial 4-61185 MODERN BLEEPING ROOM—On bus !!»•• g«s h««t. Dial 4^848 , iLEEPiNQ ROOM-For lady, 8111 College, on bus llns. 3-3138 SLEEPING ROOM—In all modern homa for girl. 405 McCasland. Kast Alton for gt 4-6353. ROXANA— On. Thomas. room for rani. NICE MJUfWfiS&nN* »"•"> s)U 1940 Dodge 1-Ton Panel m iWaain 19 MAM||M Ml ftMMMA - RsTsJWtTB e>8» invmnv •*•» ^iwipnww $165 HARV. A PHIL RDLLEY 1025 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-1712 SATURDAY, JAN. 21st 52 W. ForfiMMi Wo«d ftfvor Dial 4-5430 AUCTIONEER: HIT KING. AUCTION IVIHY SATURDAY HIOHT 1946 DODGE CUSTOM 2-DR. SCDAN In Perfect ifesp* $995 RICHARDS MOTORS, Inc. Wood River Bulck Dealer 4tO N. Wood River Are. Di»l 4-162* mt— OFFSET MtlNTINQ OUR SPECIALTY ocas* rotns Form Lottom DIALsV4a» Tompto HaH , Butlnost Sorvlco UNA C. Broo4w«y—Alton. OL 41 SLEEPING BOOMS «»* nv~m as BOABD-For a laoy In private horn*. Dial 34805 after 5'.30 •OPSEBlEEPDtO BOO1 FURNISHED BOOMS-r-For light house. keeping; private entrant* and bath. 300 McClure. a-»174. dasjay irav^^smag, •-»*•••« ^ ^ 3 FURNISHED BASEMENT ROOMS Partly modern, close to W.stern. Adults. Dial 4-0000. « fUJiUim. J-fiaii Ti -irwyr - m T r FURNISHED—Light housekeeping room. Lights, water, gas heat. Adults. 703 Washington. Dial 2-1740. ilROOM EFFICIENCY APT.—All uUl- itlea furnished. $6.50 week. 633 Alby, efter 6, '49 OMt 99 Dokixo Club Coupo I rally •quipped, Uke new, very I low mlleBie. '49 Rulek 9upor 9odmotto Radio, heater and teat covert. Two-tone paint and perfect throughout. '47 ChovroM SpMlal DiliM 01. Gtupf Completely equipped. Perfect. WALZ MOTOR 00. CHdimobil* SalH fr Scrvkt E. Broadway Dial 3-6678 Moot AM Slztt RECONDITIONED U9ED FURNACE9, Plpo and Plpolon. Low Prleos WISEMAN'S 1128 B. BrosdwBjr Alton t-»2»4 •——_____ M BUSINESS PBOPEBTT EAST ALTON—2 houaekeeping rooraa on firat floor. 4-6885. ATARTI 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS * BATH— Conatent hot water, modern kitchen. In Wood River. No objection, to child. Private entrance. 4-8812. NORTH SIDE—Near bua and atorei. 3- room apt.; alao 2-room apt. Utllltlea furnished. 519 Elfgen iUSINESS PROPERTY Grocery ator. and 11-room brick houM. House has 7 rooma-. and bath firat floor, 4 room, and bath aeeond floor. Grocery atore on adjoining lot Price of property, bualneia, atock and, «x- turea $18,000 ALLEN-HESSENFLOW AGENCY 12 Wood River Ave. Dial 4-5447 or 4-7748 3-ROOM APT.—Unlumiahed. Venetian blinda. floor* covered, all utllltlea fiir- nlahed. 917 Washington. 3-ROOM—Unturnlahed apt.. «U modem. Private bath, private entrance. 2U2 Rockwell. 3-7B97. nuvf*, wvyas* u-iervi> 3-ROOM MODERN APT.—Lights, gas. heat furnished. 017 Washington. 3-ROOM APT.—Modern. Accept I child, no pets. Dial 3-8258. MIDDLETOWN—Near bus line. Living room, bedroom, kitchen and dinette: targe closets and storage room; Venetian blinds, private entrance. EUe- trlclty and automatic heat furnished. $75. Write Box 080. care Telegraph 9»\tt TT4 •»• mfw*- py"« ^*-»M *t_ •^wa»>-»ir" TWO LARGE ROOMS—Private bath, 845 per month; two large rooms, $30 per month. Heat, light and water furnished G. H. Foratlng. 30 W. Cherry, Hartford. 3" It 4-ROOM MODERN APTS.—Auto- matte heat and hot water, Applyjje- tween 0 and 7 p. m. ACTON APTS.. Wild River. Apt. 7. 7-9 p. m. FURNISHED 2 SMALL ROOMS * BATH—Garage. 263 South 13th atreet. Wood River. Child allowed. 4-8512. 3-ROOM — Furnished basement apt. Private bath and entrance, tile floor and electric refrigerator, automatic gas heat: haa been treated for dampness', on bus line, ell utilities furnished. Adults only. 4-3946. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — For working couple. Close to town. Gas. lights and heat furnished. Phone 3-4488. 2-ROOM MODERN APT,—Private entrance and bath. 121 Conley, Wood River. 4-7701. 2 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS — In Milton district. Electric atov. and refrigerator, private entrance. Working couple preferred. $50 per month. 3-8408 2 ROOMS — Reasonable. Inspection Invited. Dial 4-6781 Thursday. Friday, or Sunday. 2-ROOM — Basement furnished apt., Wood River; dry, clean, private entrance, built-in cabinets, heat, lights and water furnished- Adults. $8 weekly Phone 4-5763, 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT.—For rent. All modern. 110 E. Hawthorne, Hartford. Phone 4-4707. 4 ROOMS—All-electric kitchen, private entrance and bath. 3-8880. WANTED—Employed lady to share 3- room apt. 3-8008, 3-ROOM—And 3-room apt. for rant, Lincoln addition. Dial 4-3337, FOR RENT — 3-room apt., near bua. 2-2816. 4-ROOM—Nicely furnished apt. aUddle- town. Laundry facilities, automatic heat and water. Dial 2-1S07. 2 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING BOOMi— With sun porch, private entrance, pri- vale bath. Utllltlea furnished. 308 Illinois avenue. East Alton. 3-ROOM FURNISHED — Basement apt. Private entrance and bath, electric refrigerator and stove, heat, water and lights furnished. $40 per month. 456 iTpton. Wood River, after 8 p. m. 4-ROOM FLAT — Furnished. throughout. Adults. Dial 3-JIS7, Modern 3-ROOM MODERN — Furnished apt Private entrance, private bath, gas heat. 831 E. 8th street. 47 HOU8ES FOB BENT 4-ROOM HOUSE — Modern. 810 MlUar atreet. Call after 8:30 p. m. ifter 8!30 p. -MODERN 1 NEW 4-ROOM MOD1BN HOME South l»th. Wood Btvar. Phone 4-8488 FOR RENT—3-room house. Upper ton. 2-7161. AT- 4-ROOM HOUSE—FursUshed or unfurnished. $40 month. Baa Mrs. Fllnn, Lincoln Drive, Cottage Hills. s-.UBKlHlltlt 2-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE -' adults only. Dial 4-5618, fwo ISIJUItJj V1I1J i •jeraajl •v*weivi FOB RENT-4-room modern. Completely furnished. No children. Apply 813 South 13th street, Wood River, between 8 and 8:30 p. m^ BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT or SALE— Masonry building, 88x41. al 187 QouWing avenue, sip £s ante. ^aho hov. now occupied Dial 44884 U a»SC»LLA»llOl)S TB'AILER BPACB - At prlvjlo horo. Must be right party. Call between 8 a. m. and 3 p. m. 233 Ohio avenue, East Alton. TOMNT 84 WAKTBB WANTED TO RENT-i or 7-room house; man with family- References furnished. Dial 3-8357. •J-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.—Private bath, wired for electric stove. Refer- i tuml»*.d. No children. Write 1010. care Telegraph. FABMS AND LAND • MILES FROM UPPER ALTON — 197- acre farm: 70 acres tillable, rest in pasture. Good 8-room semi-modern house, very good outbuildings. For information dial 2-4258. VERY GOOD—204-acra improved farm, near Edwardsville. Vi mile from highway, all-weather road to highway. Electricity, water, fruit; 30 acres good pasture with some good timber. Possession soon. Per acre S175 GOOD STOCK It GRAIN FARM— 176 acres, improved, near towns. Electricity, water, all-weather road. Bus, mall and milk route by house. Possession soon .. ; $MO° Other Good Modern Farms and Houses CHARLES HAUSKINS. Broker 088 Hillsbury Ave.. Edwardsville Phone 111 20-ACRE FARM—4-room house, garage attached, large rooms, electricity, other outbuildings. 10 acres in cultivation, balance pasture. Ground has been limed. 3 wells, cistern, all weather road, school bus. $7000. Write Box MO, care Telegraph. 40 ACRES—Extra good farming ground: no buildings. Electricity, all weather road. School bus. Nice site for build- Ing. Price $125 acre. Write Bo* 950, care Telegraph, FOR SALE—80-acre atock farm on all- weather road; all stock and machinery. Close to Alton. For information phone 10B-L3. Brighton, 111. 5f HOUSES FOB SALE FOR SALE—New FHA approved homos In Wood Biver or Eait Alton oa low as $350 down and $42 per month. Thees are real buys. Must be seen to ba appreciated. Phone Edwardsvilla 3181 Ralph H. Ladd. General Contractor. 4, 8 e> • ROOMS — $2000 down. Immediate possession. Good location. RIEHL AGENCY 303 Palmar. 2-7732 - 3-5354 • 8-3723 4-ROOM HOUSE—14 acre of ground. off Fonterburg road. Dial 3-2098. FOB SALE — 3-room home. Basement under 3 rooms. Hot air furnace, garage. $4525. 978 East Penning, Wood River. MILTON AREA — Nice 4-room house. Furnace and stool. 83800. 3-3147. CROSH REAL ESTATE NEAR STATE 8-room brick. Large reception hall, living room, dining room, kitchen with modern cabinets, 3 Urge bedroom., closets. 3 porches, ornamental fireplace, built-in bookcases. Laval lot i 80x144. Largo closets, hardwood tloon full basement, hot air furnace, near 0-room modern. 3 room* and entrance boll down, hardwood floor*, cabinet sink. 3 bedrooms, closets, up: I bath*, oil heat, good roof. Immediate posse*; §ta " UPPER ALTON Large attractive 4 room, newly decorated, new cabinet unit, new linoleum, 3 bedrooms, bath, large living room, concrete basement, furnace, garaje "'''NORTH OF GODFREY Five • room Modern Kitchen cabl net unit. Inlaid, entrance hall, guest closet living room, dining room. 3 bedroom*, bath. Venetian blinds. Ona •«*• land, S large chicken bousas. ether New 4-room. Hardwood floor*, cabinet unit, inlaid kitchen, concrete bajament. furnace, automatic got water, storm windows, Venetian blinds. UxlM chicken equipment 85800 UPPER ALTON Close in. Attractive 5-room. tile kitchen. large cabinet unit, inlaid, til* bath, t large bedrooms, closets, dining room, living room, hardwood floors, an newly decorated, new roof, recently painted- Enclosed front porch, life-time screens, furnace and stoker, near school* and bus 88800 LESLIE AVE., W. R. Attractive 3 room modern. Excellent condition, newly decorated, t largo bedrooms, closets, both, living room, dining room, kitchen, cabinet unit. good roof, dry basement, ga* convor- Balance on contract. Rouen*. 8 .._ 1 floor. J bedrooms bath, claeata. living room, dining room. Kitchen, hot air furnace, wired for stov*. Concrete basement. Lot 75x180 . ...TlTSK WOOD RIVER 4 rooms, frame. Hardwood floors. Venetian blinds, modern kitchen, bot " 'CRWH RIAL IftATI 1QOS MUMWV A' Altejr rTIVfl r> JUST LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS USED CAR PRICES ARE DOWN! 1950 STUDIBAKIR 4-DOOR. rlMtvf. Ojafwrpa ..«. .^ifjwo 1950 CHEVROLET CLUI COUPE $l«Mf 1950 CHEVROLET AERO 2-DOOR $1605 1950 STUDEBAKER CLUB COUPE $1695 1950 STUDEBAKER 2-DOOR REGAL DtluM, radio, htattr ovtrdrfva. Prico $1T»5 1950 FORD CLUB COUPE—Hoattr and Dafmttn $1645 1949 CADILLAC 62 4-DOOR-Ridw, hoafar, hydramatic $3395 1948 CADILLAC 61 4-DOOR-Radio, haattr, hydramatic $2495 194? PONTIAC CLUB CPE.,. $1295 1948 OLDS SEDANETTE 2-DOOR- Radio and hcatar $1295 1941 CHIYROLET-Radio ._ $11** 1947 CHEVROLET-Radio wd .„ hMttr ............... Hl» 1946 BUICK 4-DOOR-Rgdio and haatar ....... ........ $1095 1946 PONTIAC SEDANITTI-IUdio. haatar ............... $1195 1947 BUICK 4-DOOR-Ridio, haatar ........ . ...... $1195 1947 PONTIAC-Radio and hta*tr .............. $1195 1949 FORD-R»dk> ( haatar . .$1195 1947 FORD CLUB COUPE ....$995 1949 FORD— Radio, haattr, war- drivo ................ $1695 1936 CHEVROLET COUPE— Good tim ........... ... $95 FULL PRICE ON ALL CARS LISTED ABOVE!! Drive (or push) that "Old Heap" to Swing's and trad9 for Ui9 car of your choke. "Shop at tho Cornor Whoro Your Dollar Buys Hit Most" [WING AUTO SALES 231 St. Louis Avo. — East Alton, III. OPEN EVENINGS DIAL 4-9611 For Comfort Mid Protoctioa V-Seal Storm Sash Aluminum Awnings DIAL 4-S92t ALTON VENETIAN BUND CO. n| St. Loula Ave., E. Alton, III. ** HOUSES FOB BALE 6-ROOM HOUSE—Built-in 'cabinets, 3 acres of ground, fruit trees, nice strawberry patch. In city limit*. Immediate possession. Phone 733-R, Jerseyville COTTAGE HItXS-ExceHent locaUoa. 4 rooms, all modern. HardwoodI floors. with space forj rooma In attic, large front porch, 80x20 garage, on <4 aera of ground with berries and fruit trees" Priced for quick .ale. Phone 4-5053. 'WWWes* ^___ FOR SALE-Country honWrF w™, -room modern nous* Located 3 mil*. ™.» on Rt. 100. 3-8831. For Sate BEAUTIFllL BRICK HOME IDEAL LOCATION W GODFREY TOWNSHIP — Large rooms, many closets, oil automatic b*at. doublei garage, attractive grounds. Priced right. Write Box 1020. care Telegraph, VIEWLAND ST.—New 4-room modern. Hardwood floors, full basement, garage »5300. $1200 cash, balance on contract for deed at $35 oer month. 2-6458 6-ROOM HOUSE—AH , modern; garage in basement, gas heat, carpeting upstairs. 3^855after_4_p.jn ; 4-ROOM-All modern. 4 lots. PlMtered. built-in cabineta, tile kitchen and bath, $5000. Stanley Dalton. 230 Certain. Bethalto. WOOD RIVER 620 Acton Avenue 4 rooma. fully modern. Hardwood floora. full basement, automatic water heater; house only 4 yeara old. Owner transferred. Immediate possession. Price ........ * ............... sHWDw Pay ei'abo'catn and take over O. I. 12 Wood River Ave. Dial 4-»4«7 or 4-TT4g TEAL ESTATE FOR SALE Aconli. NIC. lot. Convenient ^ItHn-ND HENRY "~~ » room., modern. Very clean throughout. large rooms, furnaca. v.ry good oction. .... ....... — location. . ht witeTfully tof""*"*- "••• DUPLEX Five and tour. Both ar. lovaly living good income - Eight acre* of trees and beauty makes thU new horn, built for two. • real oaradlseT 24-foot living room with brick fireplace, wall-to-wall ?«»•»*»»• six closet, with four cedar llnedi ultra-modern kitchen, full basement with automatic heat. A perfect horn. for the young and an Ideal haven when you retlra. For Ian than cost .* ..................... $lu.M)Q BUY OLD AGE INSURANCE — by— Alton . . .. BETHALTO Four-room modern with I bedrooans. Heated,, with oil heater. Wirad tor stove. Cabinets. Price ......... MILTON ROAD * 0nl DOUBlT SIZE 11 " 0 "' 1940 Oldsmobile 2-Door HtMettr and Radio $295 $95.00 down, $22.56 per month (including insurance) HARV. & PHIL REILLEY 1025 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 2-8732 5* HOUSES FOB SALE 'HOUSES FOR SALE Close to Bering street In Upper Alton 4-ROOM HOME—Not modern $2850 Will seU for $500 down payment, balance monthly payments. Box 1000, care Telegraph. FOR SALE—2^4 acres improved woods, fruit trees, berries and large garden. House modern, brick ranch type, 4 rooma. large utility porch. Valco storm windows and screens. Located 1 mile east of Brushy Grove School on Rock Hill. R. F. Buhs. 4-7088. J11U. n. f • *•»»*•», -v-evevwi FOR QUICK SALE, $3800 — 4-room modern house. Immediate possession, large acreened-ln porch, nice bath, automatic hot water heater, electric pump. Vt acre. 5 milea from Shell. Call Edwardsville 1886-W3 after S p. m., or can be s^n any evening or Saturday or Sunday. Clarence Daeck, Poag road. Edwardsville. WOOD RIVER—«-room nous.. Double garage, chicken house, fruit trees, i'4 acres ground. Just outsid. of city limits 87500 4-ROOM "MODERN HOUSE—ca. heat. 917 Ferguson Viiii* 8 *^ For Appointment—Dial 4-BBJ8 P. A. SWAN. HEAL ESTATE 3A West Ferguson. Wood Rlvar 6-ROOM MODERN HOME—3 bedrooms down, extra large bedroom up; beautiful large living room, hardwood flwrs.c:bineta. stoker. Excellent location and condition. 3-3388. HAVE CLIENTB—For 4^T-room homa. in Alton; good condition, batter class property preferred. Varna C. BIjgs, 11 gears' experience witt Harry W. Hemphlll Agency. 3-3338 - 3-3584; _ Hemphlll gency. - - -; _ HOME WANTED-Must be right. In Godfrey. Can pay 93000 down U modern. Dial 4-B326. __ ; __ WANTED TO BUY-House. 6 rooms or larger, modern, from owner. »»*•••• srs" Price and location must be In- riudeTwrltoW« *70. car. Talegraph WANTED TO BUY-4 or 5-room mod' tousJ. d^abl. loeotlon, fair 34100. PERSIANS-Extra good young white mala, brown female, and ,2-year-old 'FhonTsa. 300 Barr. JamyviU.. COCKER SPANIEL ^ «^"-T —:"i," NyLSSs-fflS...^ CANABIEB - And ST Di3 3-1837 813 *'™1 31 atnota. te* 4 ' LIVESTOCK FOB SALE—10 .weaning pigs. Dial 4-838T REGISTERED GUERNSEY BULL—For breeding service. Vernon E. Dehner. 3305 Belle street, Dial 34435, rOUI/TB* AND SUPPLIES FRYERS. HENS—Alive or dressed traa and delivered; fresh eggs. V« mil* oui Alby street road, turn right at sign. 2-aflto. ODELL FRANCIS. FRYERS—And young bakers. Dressed and delivered. Wholesale and retail. Earl Davis Poultry Farm, 2127 Holland. 2-3780. HOMEJCTLLED MEAT—For sale. Whole one-half, or by piece. 4-8802. 2. 3 ai 4-WEEK CHICKS' <- Are your safest buy. Because they do better, save time., work and money. We brood all leading breeds. Sexed or untexed. Visit our hatchery and see how our chicks are started. Write or phone us your order. It will be a pleasure to serve you. HALL'S CHICKS, C.r- rollton. Illinois. Phone 181. BROODER HOUSE—10x12! ISO bales Of good dry atraw. Edgar Cooper, V» mile south of Bethalto. Phone 26B-R. tl ' ARTICLES FOB SALE 1 MAPLE YOUTH BED — Like new. 2-5243. IB-CASE—Electric Coca Cola box, used 4 months. $129. Original price $397. Phone 4-7170. RAILWAY SALVAGE—Dishes, cann.4 goods, furniture, Jewelry, novelties, antiques, Vt price. 423 E. Ferguson, Wood River. Dial 4-0513, • FOR SALE—Hedge posts, any length. Call 3-655B after 4:30 p. m. LARGE ASSORTMENT —Room lots of wallpaper, suitable for any room, priced from B5c to $2.50; some regular stock patterns up to 25c @ 8c per roll. Get your requirements now beforo these bargains are gone. LANGHAM'S, 508 E. Bdwy., opposite Bridge entrance MARX ELECTRIC TRAIN—With pair of Manual Switches. Phone 2-2135 after 5 p. m. ; FOK BALE Show cases and shelving. Central Avenue Hardware. 141S Central. Dial 2-3518. BOUND OAK WOOD—For fireplace i furnace. Will deliver. Dial 2-8883. KEYSTONE—• at. M. movie projector and screen. $35. Phone 4-4818. UNDBBWOOD TYPEWRITER—In sjoon shape, reasonable. Dial 3-3080. 1131 East 7tfc THROW BUGS — For sale. Custom weaving; herringbone design dona. Sit Whittler. Wood River. 4-83M. MAYTAG WASHER — And tub* tot sate, vary reasonable. 4 442B, FOB 8ALE-«-lt. meat display refrigerator. 1 electric meat slicer. I aeala, meat block, shelves, etc., in good condition, cheap. Mrs. Goo. Lehman, five miles south of Bunker H1U on Rt. lit GIRL'S WHITE SHOE SKATES 8. Practically .new, 813. Dial 441 O. E. REItUalRAK order, vary reasonable', Dial OIL BURN! trols. U tJL sale. 4-4878. vary reasooi IRNER—For FOR iAl.E-30-gal. hot water FOB 8ALE-Ga.-h.eliT tank. 1818 Main etreet. il, water COLBY— Etestrto reasonable. Phone) saw ._ 3-3818. TAR»AUUM8-AU

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