The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 29, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1892
Page 3
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BE FOR1 N miltlm K U \ ^ I. 'ill Hi MWMii I AH 'A I, I y |.V I I W J^tJM£s ,-lli'lt In I; Ml, I'm, tt,-'ttl, Uein' , " 'it I I In, I 'It It'll I \ ;1,>II,M .,1 I II iklnj. tin II • r in 'I II I.. C'liliilli, K.IIIJ. Nll,.,.|„.| i ,i;;lii"il |n |, m | ,,, i, | |,, Itii'.tl 111,11 l,i,l ittKl't. I|| Hll •V Foci i, in (luted ail llllllllt cli,I,I n |„„ ,|, M - 'iw Vi^ " You purchase your 1 it lite Si k do not fail to call on the TJ. T. K and examine the goods which they are offering. They have made great preparations for the present season. They Have Loaded Their Counters with the-latest styles of Men's and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Furnishings, Under Flannels, Trunks, Hand Bags, &c, and they would be pleased to have you call and look them over. WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. D. T. I CLOTHING STORE, J. H. GRAY, Proprietor. LUHMAN & SANDERS. HEADQUARTERS FOR wmmmm Full Line of Cloaks and Jackets-Plush, Plain and Fur Trimmed. v\,t Y Mmuti II c. II I'lo-th hull, pyitui i loei'lted tev Satuulat ill IIMI'I itimil until.v( FOUSYII A second tiuiiit Show I'ase liii|iiirt' ill I lio I 'l 'iul \ I'lii,In I i ill left. Till- flllY Illinois In I • • \v 11 Unit llttl ol will l,o tor rout iiiv l,|,inj- i iipldly pirk ed up. Joe Grat can't liiiu^ liU tllV WillotVS IIMV IIIHlV lie's dtnvit. luviji on mil "fin TlVO .'Will II half bushel* l>r IJIMH, selected potatoes will pay fur tho UK- vucw :i tear. - Rev. It. l>. Smith nth KptVtM'tll I.UIIIJBI, ClIUYt'lltioll loosa this week. niled (1H> lit Oska- — Paul 'i'opol and wife, near Frauk- vilH 1 , mourn the loss uf ati infant only four Yvuoks old. —J. M. Collins, county auditor, was ov)r ou Wednesday and wo aro indebted for a pleasant full. - The REVIEW will now bo sunt to now subscribers to Jan. 1st for "5 ets. Send il to your friends. —The doll carnival, fast evening, was a phcnuuinal Tlio receipts were over $50. Friday success. —Our town tl ;irr Wlu promptly placctl at half mast on receipt of the news of the death of Mrs. Harrison. —Mrs. S. J. Russoll ami son John, of Spirit Lake, have beeu visiting oltl friends here fur several dais. —A Child's Solid Oil Grain Button Shoe with sole leather tip, at 75 cents, 31lf at L. STUOEBEL & SON'S. —Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Piuo Finishing, for sale at SAMUEKS & KAPLEK'S. Everything in our line is sold very ©heap. ResDectfuiiv —l-or Sale Cheap, :it onoc, 1 Heating Stove, 1 Cook Stovo and some household Furniture. Inquire of Jso.'C'ttosuv. -Don't be bashful about bringing in those potatoes. Wo havo the salt but it is pretty dry eating without the usual accompaniment. —Miss Bertha Meyer returned last Monday ovening from a six weeks visit with her aunt, Mrs. It. A. '!'. Moycr, at Elma, this statu. —Ii. N. Douglass has been painting and fixing up several of his houses in town. We believe he owns more resi­ liences than any other citizen in town. —Kev. Talnaagn says theic won't bo any cholera in this country next year. If ho can guarantee this the vrovld's fair commission ought to remunerate him suitaHy. —Honry Poeseh's dog took a swift kick in the head one day Inst week. Kcsult: Instant death. Moral: Don't monkey around the hind logs of a horse even in a corn Held. —Elias Topliff, n brother of John, who lived in this section in nn early day, has been out from Kansas, his present residence, on a visit to relatives and early friends. .I,,l. III hi l„ ,,111 l.„ • il . I M i •ii \\, • i» i*|, iluit ,.i, II,i. M, \„i| |„ \* M 'in In\ 1. 1 u '1 1,1.. III'.I, I h.i. .;l,,„ il Mil,., I i • » ... /. i •. . Ii If I I u i IS,I,,i I ) I l,|> II Mllll Ml iliil,.,! Mi., i-i knY. tJt>i In U ill l I'M «•! M \ il,.,,|.il . ,,|"M.,I" Hll,' '., l"l,' I, It , Will IMo'i I 'in,- 1 I, I li'tt Hi' lupli, <<\ , l„.,,l „i t„ i I .hill, I I'lll'H't l\ ''k , 'H In, l ,-l I'l'llttll UOOKI* llll' ' I,I • ,,|,l'll I'M' ,'l'Ui'il Hill I lllllll •Y't I'II \, a •Ml il'lin t,i t init I 1,1,1 \\ I*,(IHM,I i' "li'lf I If III, •We purloin the (olio(voiu this' I . • ! j wuok s IV-ui'icrat: ; •k •I'li-i-e mil 1 1 :ilt,-r- v , ,iurt. II ,v. N'l.i, i ..I V *.:*i> I I H Yl .\ ^ ,V Mi I HII'IM' I" lllll'tllwill • v l III 'Mil' Wit i YIM it. \y \i s. I lull V will 1 M, tll '^.'ln',.'h UO CM-'USC I'M I'llllltlls II ,|. Yolll,;; lliw fllll I'lw. j I,'IY\, II,'I. l-'st :t ,1 IY I", lllt 'lllll -l OH i >i,',',,uiit i,| l*.t,l t\,*uilirr Vlw lal! work ,'„i('ilnh niii -il. l>i., ,\ rll ;tl,,i^ -,m,I Unit can on tilt spuntl a h.tlf ilat lor the ,"tti*'.,. VVt, -ttire an,I votf llii -t vo:tv. V'Hir vott, tn:it Hun Hi" -vali." t'aiiilnlale tin f.i.itf t.| t-lntlj.,. N\-YY • x/i/Ji-t.. /.c,n ,• Y niir t •> til ,/|./m llu'i iia's. HtlO I 'Vi Mult,. mllll'lll'll till III,, III,, 111 liilu Milt » U It t/l Mtv I'' I ninl/.t'ii YYII.S down funu (.i.ssian on Tiii^.liit. I,ut mil I'viii till) tYI' llill lint H|l(l I'oiiiili'iiiiin'o at lioitut that ;;ooil uaturvd lltu-d Kiii-ui For 8ul» or K«ut A ;;>HHI farm of'.'!'(.> acres, 5 j stuitlnvt'tt of l '',MtviUo. Kor tt-ri itiforiiinlitiii iinpiir* at lliit ollioe. miles s antl Horee-SUooitip. No hit ami mitt, but a £oo,l job every t'lattvr and prices very rcasnnable. 'I'ltos. SUOUI'KKI'.I'. To Ktut. Milliiifry Shop, one door south of the po>toll'u '0. Itotnl location for a barber shop. W. S. WEUSTEK. Small Farm For Sale. The John Moir farm of 40 acres, a half mile south of rottvitte. is now for sale. Call ou Johu Moir for particulars. One tftif his I u nolit:ea l, le in llu-i campaign. :t"d it it eonuueml.tb!,' The;,! U.t^ b''en no ,pi ivre' i n^; aa,l ,lis- pulin^ ,,|, ilto direct eoi ners bettveeu parti am, en:;,'!i,leri"^ bail blood ami enmities that hi<t lor months after e!ee- lion, Sueli ,\,ntrot ersies Ut it', !^oo,l to any party an,I YVO hope ncYcr to see them indulged in a;;ain. I'he (.Isajre I'ros { last week tells of .\u accident to John Katlian. the horseman at Independence. \« svhielt he tvas seriously iujuretl. While handling Ma\ O'KoH the horve kicked him in such a mauuer a.s to break several ribs. An Independence physician said '•e tva.s not seriously hint, but he con- linueil to (eel tvtnsc and returued to t'sajje, tvlo-ie an examination revealed the abore comlition. 1 "O'tut is in sc^si"ii this tvi are in probate. :!«! -.tate. .«l«t new .".ts,i< ,iii the tt"eki't. 1 1 MI ,)ii'b;e Uoyt armed Monday m'.'n an I iijint,.'i!iaH']v opened It i.-I hoc'tlit llie'erm tti'll.-t^! a'.vut 1\YO week-,. Mr. John K Kvaut and Miss i'arrie Hefner. ,d Volnet, tvere marricti a'_ tlte Meiln'iliit paiton.'ijju in t,hi> eitv lati Sali'i'tlay. the :'":',1 in-t.. In Ket W l'. \laciir 'dY. I'he Y 'aDtoit vtindotv mtsteiv tvill n.'! down and hundred- of people continue totUitlhu plane. <oine of them elaini in^ that wnndeitnl cures have been pertormei! f l, r them Sev'-rtil trom this tieinity hatw made tin' journey up there and are firm in ilioi- ivl'.et ci ibe aelualitt of the pictures. We are tit,iced eMf'tne'.t ->>;•; v ieatti that Mr. Mos t lieu,lets.",. ';,i,,. band of the totiuer M;-» .V'ttia Krown. has U\st the si ^ht of los ,,tJior ,'t e :i'',t i< now tolallv bli",l. We .;et ourint'or uiatiou through the Kika.ter l\'.".;i-te'.'. The family now reside at, l\t erst'lie. It is a sad alHiction and tvi',', be deeply regretted by their many t'nei,,t> in-te. " HS 'l'^FLlSH'l'.U l»oe. Jll II HOUSE, (Iltf I'ittl UHlt U Ultl 'C S| t »t h^'i.'tl (MU ft.-t It .1 It' tlsitt.' >(.i?i/i- ?t>< >tf t ' Miss Mabel DeCou, Graduate of the American Conservatory of Music. Chicago: also pupil of Amy Fay, is prepared to teach the piano, organ and harmony. FOSTVILI.K, - IOWA. —'I'he W omau's Foreign Missionary Society Yvill give a Missionary Tea at the M. K. church, Friday evemug. Nov. •I. After a short program refreshments will be served. Admission 10c. MAUY McDANr.Lit, Sec'v. --HI2CUY cV- AVILL/AAIS are making special discounts for two Yvceks to reduce thoir stock before moviug into their new store. Kvery- thitig is reduced from 10 to 50 per cent. Come ami sec. Ward's old stand. - -Last Monday afternoon F. T. Smith antl family left for the remedial institution at Mud Springs, Indians, where I'eter \vill be treated for his long protracted illness. I'he mineral tvmers of the springs and the application of the mud are said to bu verv utUeacious in rheumatic troubles. Fvcry man. woman and child in this whole country will unite with him in rvjoicing should he be curod or greatly benefitted by I he treatment. -Mrs. Fnuua Lucas was to bt've been united in marriage with Dr. Coleman, of Mtlford, ou Wednesday evening of this tvoek, ami if there was no failure of railroad and livery conu.'c- Uous they avo now one. 'I'he many friends of the bride here extend hearty congratulations, l'r. Coleman it :h» young physician who succeeded Dr. J. K. Crecii at Milford, and is having a very large practice. — "Urnec Myron Talcott" is the name of the new boy that eamo last Sunday to live for twonty-ouu years with Mr, and Mrs. M. E. Talcott. Wo havo smoked a fragrant Havana at Mr. Talcott's expense, ami offer congratulations. Farm For Sale. I now offer for sale the Win. Mitchell farm. 1U miles tvest of l'ostville, containing U>1 acres, with good house, barns anil outbuildings, an unfailing well and running water ou the premises, ami fenced in several fields. uise of selling, advanced years and inability to superintend it. For terms call on the undersigned on the ises. A good stock farm. (17ui.S) J.vs. KESNKHV —Jns. A. Parker .spent Sunday, Mou- day and Tuesday visiting his relatives at Independence and viewing tho sights, including tho insane asylum. Ho liked tho appearance of the latter but thought ho would not bucomo a regular boarder this time. —Hoavy snows aro reported iu England, Scotland and Wales. It has felt a good deal liko it hero this week, and it is liable not to be long delayed now. "Sot your house in orilor." — W. II. Gossman, from tho vicinity of Clayton Center, a son of one of tho wealthy Gorman farmors iu that see tion, stopped off over Sunday with friends here, enroutu to points, wost. —Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chriss returned from Chicago on Tuesday oveniug. They say there were several pooplo in Chicago last week. Doing otherwise engaged thoy did not stop to uouut them. —Business in town hns not been tiYiilo aa brisk of lato ns could bo tvish- od on account of the farmers all being busy. Wo too weuld fool happier if moro of our subscribers tvo.ild feci warranted in enrolling themselves on our "roll of honor." But it will come in duo time. List of Letters remaining uncalled for iu tho postollice at I'ostyille, Iowa, Oct. -21. 189:2. Far- ties calling for any of thorn will please say "Advertised:" Celiu Cummiugs, Frod Knoke, Jno, Evonson, Libbie Halo. Kay Moody. JAS. I'KUKV, I'. M. FOB SALS! Buggies of All Descriptions. Guarauteo: After two weok's trial if the Rico Coil Spring proves not to be the easiest ridoron earth, will exchange and givs any spiing dosirod—with the 'Hand; Top," tho most convoniont buggy. W. S. WEBSTEK. —All now stibsnribers paying a year in ndvanuo. or old ouos paying up to date and for another year, vill be credited to Jan. 1st, 1894, whlw s equivalent to giving thorn tho next two months freo. — Aro wo to havo any more speeches this fftUP There is only n littlo moro than n. week in which thoy must mttto- sialliso if at all, and It is time thoy woro advertised. Neither UpdegrnfY or Butler have enlightened us as yet. A uetv town has been laid out -If a young lady wishes hor best folloYv to kiss hor. what paper should she mention? No Spectator, no Observer but as many Times as you ploaso — [McGregor Times.] And havo tho transaction relleotod in the Mirror! [Lansing Mirror.] And lot tho oxor- diso bo subjoot to frocptont UEVIBW. Take Notice, That tho Fostvillo Steam Holier Mills will grind Food, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and Saturday of oaoh week horoivftor. Having added a lino of wood-working machinery wo aro prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notico. Bring Iu your logs and havo thorn sawed. Rospootfully, E. D. STILUS -Tho art display of the Singer Sow ing Machine Company In the Mott building lias been drawing tho attention uf the Initios this wook. Tlio dis play is truly lino and it looks almost like a mlraulo when we redact that tho work Is done on a sewing; maohlne. Not ovorybody can do it of course, but it shows what the ninohino is capable of doing. Tlio display will bo contin prem- FARW FOB, SALE. My farm of 200 acres for sale. Situated in Madison township, Winnesheik Co., Iowa, three and a half miles west of Decoruh, iu sections tl and 11. Well improved and timber enough for farm use. In good state of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings, School within six rods of house. Long time will bo givon on part payment. Inquire on farm for particulars. Address: Wil. MCINTOSII, (Box 2U8) Doeorah, Iowa. — Tennyson is dead. Anything Hint can toll of tho personality of the man is intorestir.g at such » time, when tho reading world of both continents is discussing his life. And an illustrated sketch of him is still more valuable. Such a sketch hns just been issued by Harper & Brothers in tho Kecimls ol Tennyson, Huskin, Browning, by Mrs. Ritchie, tho danghtGi' of Thackeray, and tho book has tho additional interest of being a comparison of Tennyson's work and lifo with that of tho other two groat men. The Bullet Law. By a careful study of the .Vujtrahau ballot law we find thai the follow ing U : the correct way to mark, ballots. We gi»e it in few words that it may bo the nn,re easily remcmoerod. If you want to vote a straight ticket \ all you hate to do is to put a cross in ] the circle at the lett of the title of the i ticket of your choice ami make no oth- ' er marks. This will be counted entire i for the parte so marked. I U you want to tote one party ticket I in the main, but with some exceptions, j cross the circle as before and then | cross the square pteevding the name or j names ou the other ticket or tiekeu for j whom you wish to vote, and the vote will be counted for those so marked, and for all other candidates ou the ticket tinder the heading you have marked. Voting n "straigh'" or "scratched" ticket is very plain, and there ought to be uo mistakes. The best souvenir of the New York Columbian Celebration is the number of Harper's Weekly dated October 'J-'d. All the important features of the celebration are described by the most competent writers, and the illustration-', which aro numeroiu. include a front page picture of the banqiu" at Lenox Lyceum, » double page view of the mililfiiy parade, and a four page panorama of the naval review. The next number, dated October t'.ilh, will contain an equally full ami graphic description of tho dedication ceremonies j at Chicago. Tho number will be bound iu a specially designed cover, and its illustrations, by the best artists and photographers, will include views of all the most interesting features of the occasion. Well Bought is half sold. We can assure the people of l'ostville and vicinity, that uo stock ever brought into the city was bought more tulvantagousty or will be sold ou closer margins. Wo have Huished tl.e purchase ot holiday goods and can now show vou a complete line watches, jewelry, gold antl fountain pens, silverware, includ- III 11 > i '! i^tlOt/ i r YY- ft ,'< < i ;><>i 11 ( YY fit.' I \ r/it'rii, !>ti( our ,-i f.l.sify ff«v - lllO.sf CYfcnsivo /. / >'/-' «>!' I,H;H r \\ f- ft.N 1' ; \l V > t v't >;M i H'' 11 1 > >rt nii'ni < > cp. MII YY" if .iify ;i rri v iuy. tl • » .''v.-/' • i ' ut I'litxlty v/i i £7(- i il! II'II I he lumic YYt' t i'ls- ' ; • wo .sf I'l'lVt'.s «.'«.»!»«• n't ki't'/i I'm - prices !' s, •> - : a'ei'.ss I' u 11 y iiii'ct >ui? I';i( lonis is f St Y crcr in is well . t hi I fe-il Y Y (it YY" 1 1. Or I'l'l,!. 'I'eimt's Ui'NI.\(:SS SJ / IS, t'llll.DKH.V'S SF1TS. ssiiitii'iv Snirs, ,'i( S !().()(> iintl Sli'.OO, • host <_M >t>ifs I'm- r/u- • •ii t lie mar/ti't. e* ;1 <;;-:,\; /"s sisttis <,'s. DKMiSS SFI'I'S. ing a large line of novelties; gootls of every description, material, stationery tWh'uing' aid) and presentation books. FARM FOB BALE. Wo offer for salo the bost farm of its size In Winnesheik Co. Consisting of 280 ncros, lying two milos Northwest of Frankville, together tvith 70 acres lim- bor land iu Yellow River timber. Tho farm is undor a high state of cultivation. Tho houso and barn aru new and good. Tlio barn largo enough to shol- tor all stock on farm and feotl for it. Good fencos, &e. For prices antl torms, call on or address, ii. & L. W. BHAKD, !!w Decmah, Iowa. musical artists' s stand- The latest designs, the best gootls, ami lowest prices. WO defy competition. Respectfully, W. J. HANKS. , - Columbian day passed oil' terr quietly iu Fostville although Ihiue was n fairly good atioudaueo at the exercises on fhu school grounds, tho program being carried out in full except the "remarks by ci'.izovts," who evidently did not cumn with their speaking dollies on. 'I'he address by Rev. Ii. P. Smith is spoken of by all who heard il as boing exceptionally line, some assorting that it was by far the best address over delivered iu l'ostville on a siiniliur occasion. Wo very much regret our inability to be present. Perhaps Iho next 400th anniversary will not occur on Friday, in svhich event perhaps we can all attend. In !»•<>» (•c'l'oi-i", /.mri'sl, s" C '/of'i fill; \i'i" Imrc n l:u'i ;cr /fur f/um t • »'t • i' mt/ /w/i'i 'N, .li'i-ort/iui; (o (Jtttillly, tin- I 'c'i'Y' C '<unc ill .'llllf /of IIM s/ioi\- vim inn' sloo/.' f)l'l'l >|-<i /in rt'/ni.s/ni;'. .1// «iiuils YY .'irivinf ci/ iiiiirici' wtll Itf i'ttecrt'itllv vt't'timli'tl. IIS I'f/'ll tl'll, <>l" GAEL HOLTEB. Dairymen I Tho Iowa State Dairy Association is ranking aotivo preparations for its next m»oling which will bo hold at Amos, Nov. 15, 10 and 17, 1892. Tho College Authorities havo Invited the association to bo thoir guests and will do everything to make its members comfortable. Tlio opportunity of ylslllng tho Agricultural College should bo taken advan- Ugo of by all who aro Interested in dairying, There will bo reducod rates on all railroads and tlio charge for ontortniument YVIU bo meliorate, Address O. T. Denison, Pres., Mason City, or 0. L. Gitbrllson, Seo'y, New Hampton. Tho Chicago Lodger is twenty yours ol I and has a circulation dt 1'10,000 copies a week, (t —A letter from Geo. Tuttle, at Spirit Lake, brings tho siul(?) news that' on account of tho frigidity of tho weather out there ho has quit bathing and shaving. Wo always knew that. Gourgo YVIIS opposed to tho uso of water internally or externally, but wo never supposed ho would got so infernal tired that hu wouldn't walk down to the harbor shop and get tils fnoe cleaned at least once a Yveek. Ho says business is good, also his appetite, antl If you never take another bath wo hope you may "livo long and prosper." --Iu addition to what wo hare said about voting olsewhoro wu want to add this precaution. Doir't mark but ONK oirolo. Some have supposed that if they YVantod to vote a "mixed" ticket thoy would bu requirod to cross the clrolo at tho head of each ticket, HO mo of which thoy wished to vote. This is erroneous, and it ticket thus marked will necessarily be thrown out. Marie tho circle at tho head of the tlokol tho most of which you wish to vote and no other." The other niaiking is explained In tlio other itnm. FURNITURE, lBDINi; AND CAR PUTS. i Tho Largosfc and Clioapost Lino ' of Furniture, Bedding, Oar• pots and Window i Sliados ! ovor shown in this • Community. Como and BOO US. > j EESPBOTFULLT, ki.Y-;k!.'-.'.:ii^^ Methodiat Ohurch Notloou. Saturday evening at 7 o'clock Presiding Wider Green will \iroach, and hold the quarterly conference Immediately after pioaohing. Love Feast Sunday morning at U;40. T?eW* "H *"V "W™< "WHMIWtV WVTS -AW!*- T^f^ff^- T- "J,.! >'RWffv '\\<' BIMSY W POSTVILLE, IOWA. t 1 TO"" 'I*"-." ™WW"i N. IIOIICI.ASS, l'n««. |, I'. SMI I'll, V. I* |AK. M,.l:WHN,i :.'.iillU'ii. l'AID UP CAI'ITAI,, $Rri,()0(), Do a General Hanking lliislnoss. Buy ami soil Foreign and Doinnsiln lOxiihiingii. • Accoiinlrt o( Farmors, MnroliiintH ami others I'miulved and carefully prnlouUid. liitoi'usf ()ald on Time Deposit*. Inyiisliiieius uuiile for yiilnltlo par ties on fuvunil'I 'J lurnii. Wjrl'roiocloil hy llru proof vault and screw ilnor, lime look, burglar proof HIITo. Safety deposit steel drawm's for rent. mtiTi TUifimim T n imfnnn virm

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