Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1915 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1915
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 3,1915. ^OOP—The Cub Reporter. It's Hard to Hold Down Two JoW at Once. By**HOt»*' ,4?H*VE. X <*0T "tH HL LAD <JiiT R)R. WANTS-ALL KINDS ~*— « * » * * * « a * TK * * 3r * 3- Sr •it ft IF IS NEED OP A FARM LOAIs'. or any kind of INSUR- ance.^come to me. I am prepared to TAKE CARE of you.. R. Li, Thompson, office over Evanl' Drug Store. Tel. 142. * *:* 3- * * * * * 4- rS ij- * * WANTfcD—STORAGE ROOM FOR !|<ixteen automobiles. B. T. Barber: Fhohe 435. fiABIE^ CARED FOR AT 202 N. Taylor. Mrs. Oldham, LaHarpe, Kas. AVANTJED—TO BUY A FEW GOOD, calves. •,Call 988-33. ^ WA.NTS-ALL KINDS. WA.NT—TO BUY 1 OR 2 ROOM to move. C. .1. Hawlcy, phone 974-4. WANTED—EVBI^YBODY TO EAT dinner and supper at G. A.' R. hall Saturday, l^adies of Trinity Church.<• • • • • • •:• • <•« • •> • • • • IJst Your Property with U. W. .1 DAMS Kojil Kstatp, Loans, Life ^aiid Fire Insuniuce. Over Palace. Phone 296. • • • • •> • •:• • •:• • • • • • • • • •> •:• FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—PIGS AND SHOATS. Call 987-23. Frank Bale. FOR SAFJE—NICE BRIGHT TEXAS Red Seed Oats. .^Iso Commercial White Seed Corn Phone 989-21 or 984-4. W. F. Webber. FOR SAIiE—WHITE BLOSSOM Sweet Clover Seed. .1. N. Thompson, Route'2, Moran. Kana. PURE BRED WHITE ORPIN'GTON EKS-S for hatching. Also White Pekin Duck E.?g.=. Chas. M. Funk Phone 1092. FOR SALE—FOR SALE WANTED—WHITE WOMAN TO DO housewoi^ on farm. Phone 9S0-21 or address Mrs. P. T. Hall, Carlyle, Kas. PAY1.\G EMPLOYMENT FOR WO- men; full or part time. Sell guaranteed eottSn, lisle, silk hosiery to user. Experieafc unnecessary; large profits, j Spring business now on. International FOR lijiliBi 30«6 Chestnlit, Philadelphia. ioak. THREE GOOD PROPERTIES ON paved street. Will sell, trade or exchange. See Kelley, Pennsylvania Hotel. FOR SALE OR RENT—FIVE ROOM cottase, G15 South street. Inquire C. S. Black. Phone 867. SALE-BEES, 322 SOUTH W^ANTED—TO RE.VT FAR.M. SMALL or large. Must loc:ite soon. What have you got? i Address G. .(., care Register. j WANTED-A GOOD RELIABLE Vhite girji or woman fpr general house *ork: gdibd wages; no washing. Telephone S2|; 1209 .\. Sycamore. I WANTfiD—MIDDLE AGED WHITE lady for general house work. Plione 698 after?6 o'clock. FREE, iV ALU ABLE STOCK BOOKS with eaclj purchase of I^Gears Stock Food. Eiikin's Hardware. , EGGS FRO.M PURE BRED RHODE I Island Reds and Single Comb White Leshorns, good laying strains, 75c per j .settingj,_|3.0P per 100. Mrs. G. G. Dick, j LaHarpe. SALE—^OOD CLEAN RED Seed, $10 per bushel. G. G. I Dick, LaHarpe, Phone 723. ' FOR i Clover ; FOR SALE—T H O R O U G H BRED ! Barrerl Rock Cockerels, while they last j $H)0 each. Also eggs $2.30 per liun- (Ivod from flock. From penned fowls I $1.00 per l ."i. Emma Mueller, Hum- .1 boklt, Kas., Route 2. FOR SALE—MODERN FIVE ROOM cottagie, nearly new. Young fruit, well located, cheap for cash. "N," care of Register. FOR SALE—PURE BARRED PLY- mouth Rock Cockerels. S. W. Harris, Geneva, Kan. i EGGS FOR HATCHING, ROSE Comb Reds. Also 1 splendid cockerel. Phone 310. FOR SALE—40 FOOT LOT WITH 5 room house one block from square on terms., Phone 117. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—RED POLLED BULL calves, eligible to record. James Holtz, Neosho Falls, Kans. , LOST AND FOUND FOR RENT—FOURTEEN ACRES of. ground adjoining lola with S-room hpuse, good barn and good chicken house. Mrs. Stcinman, ISV^ S. Washington LOST—1 STEEL BALL BEARING l>awn Roller. Call 116. Frank Riddle. I LOST—A BUNCH OF KEYS. WILL give reward. J. L. Bedwell. HAVE A GOOD R. R. EATLNG house for trade for a small farm. This place clearing over $100.00 per month. See .\rrowsmilh, Allen County Inv. Co. A YELLOW SINGER CANARY FOR Sal«i. Phone 1090. " FOR SALE—FIVE ROOM HOUSE; built three years. Price right. 402 N First St. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—ROOMS FOF. HOUSE keeping or sleeping; partly modem: 212 W. Madison. !•> • *•> «« • • <» « «•><••*••• ;« •:• I* F. I. B. LEA YELL, BL D. « * Specialties— • * Diseases of the Chest. •> •> Diseases of Children. <• * X-RAY. • * Phones—OIBce 147; Kes. 147 « * lola State Bank Bldg. « « J. B. PEPPER <• « DenUst <» 4 OlBce « Riley's Hdw. Store 4 « East Side 8q. Fkono 887 « * • FOR S.4LE—FIGURE PAPEH! AND sheep skin scraps. The Register Book bindery. FOR SALE—GOOD WALNUT POSTS Phone 975-21. FARM LOA>S, low rate, annual or semi-annual interest. Privilege to pay in full. IXSlKAM't written in the best companies. R. .H. <'L>M>GHA.M Office State Savings Bank. FOR KENT—MODERN COTTAGE; 309 South Oak. Phone 1178. FOR RENT. FOR SALE, LODGING, Furnished Rooms, Boarding, and other cards can be had at the Register office, neatly printed in large, plain type. Five cents eacU. FOR RENT—4 ROOM HOUSE, CITY water in house, located on East Spruce St. Call Spangler, Phone 29. UK. ('AN>0.\ HAS PIKCHASED THE PATTOX FARM. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Wilcox Move Here From Columbia, Mo.—Sews aud Personal Items. IBA n. FRANTZ OPTICAL CO. lola /- - Kansa* WHEAT SHOWS VERY LITTLE AC- TiyiTY OS THE MABKETS. Livesf«|i'k Values Are Generally Steady [Hogs Are Sbade Lower In Kansas City. (86.70; • • • • • • • • • • • •> <• • • • • •:• FOR RENT—IMPBOYED r>-ACRE tract; alsolCO acre farm. W. E. Starks. —Ruga, Rugs. Rugs. Over 100 new floor Rugs at Ed Henninger's Furniture Store. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • <• Guaranteed Human Hair Braids for sale. Combings made to order. Coloring done. 502 North Chestnut. Phone 1242. market Some fool is going to arise some day and say there are too many lodge poor people. We are shown "the world's greatest" too often. UUUePE NEWS FOR TODtY 0> WAV TO DOCTOK PATIENT FELL A>D »AS I>41 RED. J. L. Ruit|i )N Has I'urrhasi'd St. .lames I Hotel4->ews Notes and Person, i ' ai Mention. : LAHAltPE, .MAR. The Booster' Club will;havc a meeting Friday night •it the Cily Hall and W is hoped that all the niSembers will be present. Important subjects are to be discussed. For Rent—4-room house with two lots, S. ^lain. close In. See J. T. TredwayJ j J. F. AdaniH left yesterday for Girard ,,Ka8;, where h-- will "attend jto business vJiiatters. ; See Our new line of sjiring wiijl paper. Waters & Danforth, Drugs and Jew^ry. Guy Jayneg of Thayer, was in the City .Monday transacting business. —Wf ripw have ouv complete line of ^yall Paijier on display, beautiful pattern.'?. Prices from 7c double roll on Uft' F. AI Cookse.v, Druggis .t. J. L. Bnmps of lola, has traded for the St. JSines hotel and will repair it and get i| in shape for business. • 3: P. CJiilds, who has been conduct ing meetings in Blue Mound has returned h ^re and will refeain over Sunday, f , j -f-We n'bw have our Complete J ^^ine of'Wall Paper on display; beautiful ' latterns. I Pric^ from 7c-double roll on up.—F4 A'Cooksey, Druggist. Jack Cinipbell. of Blue Mound is Jiere for a visit with reJatives. j The Alien Ceijter Grange Wiet. last iJight at ihe school house. Mr. j Mc- Kindred, Jthe organizer, was present. I Paul Mattox: of Bronson, was a busi , i^ess visl^r here yesferday. ^ Glen Lawrence left .yesterday for Elsmore. S He is Working with the Breckenrfd^e Vig which hag been .'^hui diwft sevieral days on account of the bid i-eatber. —ijf yo\i want some good Wall Paper tHEAiP see Cooksey, the druggist. • WarrenI Hockett' atid family are moving t.^ a farm at Neosho Falls. Ernest Hjelm is moving to the Egle firm sou|h of town. Mr. Valentine •who hasoei^n livingon the Egle place, is moving to a farm south of the pow <)'r house:? Mr. "J^atimer's and Mr. ll^neys'?are movlnfe to farnis south of lola. » —Whett you have an appetite for Pie call «jt the Red TJght. jfr. as^ Mrs. J.W. Armitage, who have bee% in Illinois and Iowa on a lecture t&ur for about foiir months hare returned here and will stay here ?9t an-igfefliilte $lgie, . —Dr. F R. Hook, Physician and Surgeon. Phone 66. Office south rooms over National Bank. P. T. Moot while descending the stairs leading to Dr. Stapleton's office, where he. had been for a bottle of medicine, fell to the sidewalk below. The bottle was broken and Mr. Moot was badly cut with the broken glass. He was uncotiscious for nearly an hour after the fall. However he had sufficiently recovered yesterday evening to be up and is getting along very well. Thero if? nojhiiig n\nre humiliating than to .strike at a man in anger and miss i.iini entirely. Woman makes a poor silent partner. Keep Your Lunfs Strong This advice is floubly iinportant with the knowledge that every three minutes some one in the United States'Succnmbs to consumption and many refuse to. realize they are afflicted until it is too late. It is after colds or sickness, fronjover- ivork, confining duties or when: general weakness exists that tubercular germs thrive because the resistive powers of the body are weakened. | Only with fresh air, sunshine and abundant rich blood can one hqpe to arrest their prosjress, and the concentrated fats in Scon's Emulsion furnish luel for rich blood, and its rare nourishment helps strengthen the lungs while it builds up the forces. If you work indoors, tire easily, feel Innj^uid or run-down Scott's Emulsion is the most strengthening food-medicine known Mild is free from alcohol or stupefying' <lrujjs. Avoid substitutes. u-Gi Sco :t & Boirne. Bhiamfieid. N. J. T|IEDIIY'SD0IN8SIIT6ilSCITY BAUGHTER OF MR. A>D MRS. W. " LOXG HAS DIPHTHERIA. 1 Case is >ol in City Limits—News >ole !4 and IVrHonal .Mention of Gas nnji Vicinity. Dr.^ James' Headache Powden give instaat ridief—Coat' dime a paobage. • '''' •». •' • Kcrve-racking, splitting or dull, throbbing hcad«che.s yield in just a few moments to l^r. James' Heidacbe Pow- 'der» which cost onlj 10 cents a package at any drug store- It'atUe quick- vai, surest headache relief in the whole world.-* Don't suffer! • Keiievc the Hg:oiiy and distress ; now! You can. Millions of men and women haye found that headachy aad neuralgia misery ia needless.' <j0% what you ask - ^ • '-r • 1 GAS CITY, MAR. Z .—H. K. Snyder, of Kansas City, is here visiting his brother Sam Snyder. Mrs. P. P. Wise, who has been visiting in Kansas City rar the past week has returned home. Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Shipley of Sadictown, ai> eight and one-half pound boy, Monday evening. Louis SparV|i is moving from North Main street 10 the Caleb Barker farm south of town. Georgia Cole has moved to a farm three miles east of LaHarpe, Allen Ensminger will move to the Blue ribbon farm east of town. Mrs. i\m. Dwyer, wno has been ill is now able to be up. l^ester Lewman lert today for a business visit to Parsons. L. C. Sarten and Carl Adams of l^a. Hari)e were in town yesterday on business.' 3 ' 1 The little three year old ,sdn of Mr. land Mrs. Walker l>oBg tg ill With diph I theria, and a quarantine was placed on the home yesterday. Mr. and Mrs., j Long live in Sadictown outside the I city limits. The L. A. Shipley family jalso live in that district. Th^ epidem ' ic last fall did much damage to the business interests of the town and the merchants think it oiily fair to state that the present cases are not i in Gas City. SALEM. March 2.—George Porter's residence I will soon be connected witU the Salem tele|)hone line. Mrs. L. B. Pearson and daughter, Mrs. Grace Austin and children, spent the, week end at Mrs! W. H. Pettit in Humboldt. That box .social at Salcm school hoiise is going to be a huge success. If you don't believe it, come and see for yourself. It's the evening of .March 4, you know. • If you want to eat witii a pretty girl- buy her box. If you don't, buy a ten cent lunch. It's spring time, fishing time. You can fish (and be sure to catch a fish) at.Salem social, March 4. and her mother, Mrs. Coltrane, of Sa- Mrs. Sylvester Snyder is quite ill lem, is helping care for her. Mr. Roiirk and family are moving to thei Bishop farm. -Anyone who has lived in Salem will ^ be glad to come back to Our social— f 'and we will be glad t« have them. Many \a tbla nelgbl>o|:bood wanted to attend the reception in honor of Mr. Scott but the condition of the roads prevented a long night drive. Sam Knox Is moving to his farm one and one-half miles south of Salem. Frank Knox is in Salem for a few days on business. Mrs. Sam Knox will stay in LaHarpe for a few days while the house is done over. Mr.' Walter Young will occupy the faim just vacated by Mi^. MuUenix who is going to a farm northwest of lola. John Thomas bought from George Porter a Scotch Colile. Mr. and Mrs.- Tipple will move to the Fronk place and farm the Fry eighty. . Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yokum are moving tjo a fariii near Chaniite. Mra. Pcars-on and Mrs. Austin spent Tiiursday with Mrs. Tipple. .Misses Grace and Dorothy Parker and Raymond Waitoanil Foster Porter were at Mr. E. M. StauCter's for dinner last Siniday niynt An Atrhi.^:on girl is getting thin on ;tccount of the rapid manner in which she chews gum. in HEB m lim MS FOI Ml THE T0W> BAND HAS BEE> RE- OBGAKIZED BY YOUNGSTER. Rich Hill Man )Iuy Start Picture Show Here—Sews ?iotes «md Personal Mention. MORAN, MAR. 3.—A. M. Smith returned to his w'ork in Wichita Monday. . Miss Mary McKittrick, who teaches school at Pittsburg visited home folks over Sunday. Mrs. McCoy, of Bronson is here tak ing care of her mother, Mrs. Gibson, who i^ very ill. The W. C. TT U. w!il hold its next regular meeting at the home of MTK. Higgins Friday Marci) and the county president will present the minutes of the state meeting. The president would like to be informed of the of copies'needed by the Moran local so she can send for them. The I>adies Aid or the South Side will entertain the Ladies Aid of the North Side Thursday, March 4 in the basement of the M, E. church. Miss Zella Page of LaHarpe is in town today visiting rrrends. Kemp Gilliam is hoiptng his mother in-law move to his farm southwest of town today. At the young men's smoker.^ Monday evening during the boxing and wrestling exhibitions Blynn Smith met with a slight misfortune. Blynn is weariiig a "shantyi" under One of his "lamps" this week. R. C. Johnson was !n town from Rich Hill,, Mo„ this ween looking for COLONY, MAR. 3.—Ed. J. Reed, born in Colony, and well known here, will be one of the "Harmony Four," who appear at the high school building in a complete musical program Wednesday night. He is a guest of the: Dentons. G. W. Chandler has moved from his home in Lone Elm to Route 2 out of Kincaid, on a farm he bought. Harry Fackler has taken the Kan- sag City Star route from Preston Bowen. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Wilcox and boys are here from Columbia, Mo., ready to move to the farm they have rented west of Colony, as soon as it is va cated. In the meantime they are living In one of Frank Denton's houses. Mr. Cannon who bought the Patton farm has moved onto it. Mrs. Patton , stored her household goods in the|@6-'»Newlon warehouse and went to Kan- !sas City. J. H. Samples of Kansas City, was here Tuesday looking up a location for a business house. We did not llearti what success he met with. S. B. Prather of Luray, stopped in Colony long enough to clean off some of the Anderson county mud, before going on to his farm near Lone" Elm, known as the Alf DePoe place. Harry Hay had business in lola Tuesday. Miss Nellie Murray and sister were visiting in lola Tuesday. Charles Arnold, soda fountain trouble man, was (here the first of the i week fixing up the Colony fountains, | a sure harbinger. Arch Wllleyj hag started work on a new carpentei" shop that will bf 24 by 40 feet and afford room to handle his growing business. C. H. Fergusons have moved to the J. H. Skoiirup bouse.. Here is what Anderson and, All^n counties need: An organization of business men and Tarmers for 'development purposes. The grain market is the best prospect of the future at present and it is the one line that should be developed. This is a grain and forage country. But thousands of acres of land is raw, unbroken prairie—waste practically. Take route No. 1 out of Colony as an instance: '(By the Associated Press) Kansas Cily Livestock. . Kansas City, Mar. 3.--CATTLE, receipts .',000. Market was steady. Prime fed steers |8.0O@«.76; dreasedLbeef steers |$6.75^8.00; cows and-heifers $4:15@«.2ar'8tockers and faeder^f)!^ @7.80;| bulls $5.50@6.50; calves 1 .6.60 ©10.75; HOGS—Receipts 11,000. Market was steady to ac lower. Heavy |8.60@«.70; packers and butchers 16.65(8)6 .75; light »JB.60@'6.75. - ' i Chicago Livestock. Chicago, Mar. 3.—CATTLE, receipts 13.000,1 Market slow. Beeves f5 .6(>@ 9.1.">; dowB- and heifers <3.50@7.70. HOGS—Receipts 32,000. Market was steady.: Light $6.40@6.65; mixed 16 .40 for writing this letter if I can help any tired, wom-ont mother or housekeeper to find health and strength as I have. Writes a Letter to Tired, Worn-Out IMothers Telling HowlVinol Made Her Well and Strong. Jackson^ Miss.:--"! shaljf eelrepaid ; a "Jocation 7o "r' a "pictu7e" sTow ° and with a little help we can land him. The Moran band has reorganized •ahavea famiirif Sve, sew, cook w«l hold its first rehearsal Tues- and do my housework and I became °"y|^'f"''_^^.^^ . „„„h„iHt very much run-down in health. I bad Foster Reeher went to Ilumboldt indigestioDandatomachpainB and bead- ^"f some horses for Mr. Winslow. wh^ Often I would^ in bed for ^ A., and E. Holeman were in town aeveraldays at a time, and before I Tuesday on business, took Vinol I tried too tilany remedies to .Mrs. Alta Young s moving into the mention, without benefit. A friend h'use vacated by ClauC Bradford, aaked me to t^ VinoL I did ao and Fred Pratz and Dunrap McAdams before I had taken one bottle notieed • ^il' PUt on a 30 minute wrestling ex- lUg improvement. Now 1 am well and hibltion Friday night, sttong and my bid time energy baa been George Welch shipped a carload of restored. Vipol baa no superior aa a cattle today, tonic for worn-out, run-down, tired mothers or booaekeepera."—Mrs. J.' N. MELTON, Jackson, Miss. We ask eyety tired, care-worn, mn- down, nervous man or vromsn in this .> n Have the Register mailed to vicinity to try Vinol, our^delidous cod ^ yon. OB rnnil ronles In Alien * UT«r Bndjron tumic wiijioat oil, and ^ rsiuty t &M per year; I1.SS for « ft^^^.*^ ^ •'"••i" ^ « Bi#Btb»lW week* for 75*. By • Vinot haa^biat tfaam up and made tfaew >; niail to uy put »f the V. 8. • •ti(»g..R«i«nnber,wewiUi«tiinyoar^ SSe n Bontlk Sabserlbe now! .* Boneyif itfailsto T.*-'!"^ "i'..;.-'^ j. '-"*"v^ '^~'''' •^'^ -'.•'•ri- Kansas^ City Produce. Kan.'jas City, Mar. 3.—The Produce unchanged. market! No. 2 heavy $6.15@6.65; pigs $5.50 There are sixty-seven families served by the carrier whan, if the country wasy developed ther^ 'would be two hundred. The same t?iing is true of all the other routes. From the standpoint of intensive development we have reached the stage where we can boH .st aljout one-fourth of what we have before us to do as accomplished. If there were two hundred families on route one, as well as the same increase everywhere else, there would be ten times the business in Colony, lola, Garnett and other places that is now transacted. That sounds big—but it is really small. The curse of the country is the farmer who tries to handle three-quarters wnen he should confine his efforts to an eighty or a quarter. Here's proof. Theo. Shearer has a quarter section in Indian Creek neighborhood with about' 100 acres in cultivation and he is a hard Kansas City Grain. Kanias City, Mar. 3.—Cash Wheat, unchanged to 2c higher. Nei— Ihard, H.39@.1.40; No. 3, $1.38 ©1.38%; No. 2 red, $1.39%; No. 3, $1.38@p9. Close—May $1.36%'; July Sept. $1.03V4 V—Market M: to IV^c higher. .\o. 2 nixed, 70@70i/4c; No. 3, 69^4C; .Vo. 2 irliite; 72c; No. 3, 70@71c. Close , —May 70%@71c; July 73V4@73'4 "c; Sept. t3?4ig73%. i. OATS—Market % to Ic higher. No. 2 whit?, 55@55i/4c; No. 2 mixed, 52® .->3c. RYE}y-$1.14 per husnel. —Market weak. Choice tlm- 5.00® 15.50; choice prairie $11 HAV- othy$ 12.00 Wheiit received, 27 cars. i Cliicago Close. WHEAT—May $1.44%; July $1'.17%. CORN-May 73%@74d; July 75%c. OAT®—May 55^; July 52%c. PORK—Mav 117.37; July $17.72. LARD—May $10.30; July $10.55. Local Markets. rrodi)ce quotations furaisbed dally by Cogbill Commission Company. Packing Butter—16c per pound. Fresh' Eggs—15c per dozen. Poulsry—Hens. 10c per lb.; young cocks, 6e; spring chickens 9c lb.; F.F. F. ducHs, 9c; F. F. F. geese, 6c; No. 1 turkeys, 10c; No. 2 turkeys, 7c; old toms, $c; guineas, 20c eacb. Green Hides—12c; No. 1 horse hides $3.50 each. GRAY' H.VIR BECOMES / DARK. THICK, GLOSSY Loobi Tears Tonnger! Try Grandma's Rk'ipe of Sage and Snlphnr and ' >obody Will Know. Almoit everyone knows that Sage Tea auA. Sulphur, properly compounded, brlrifs back the natural color and lustre to the hair when faded, streaked or'gray; also ends dandru". Itcb- ing/scalb and. stops falling hair. Years he made good money this year, more than some of his neighbors who tried to farm three-quarters and didn't raise as much grain as Shearer. The three-quarter farmers are on land owned by speculators and the sp«pu- lators do not do much toward develop ment. What we rieea is an organization of home men and speculators who wiiradvertise for farmers, see to it that the farms are broken up, good houses and bams built on them, good roads built, and if several hundred young farmers should be found stranded In Kansas City, for instance, the organization should loan them equipment money to get them started. If a real live useful organization of this kind would get to work, land would juipp from $30 an acre to $300. Every eighty would be occupied. Th(»re would be five times as many business houses in Colony as now and all would do a thriving business and new industries would grow with the increase in population. Can we do it? Welcome Inforuntlon. —Most middle aged men and women are glad to learn that Foley Kidney Pills give relief from languldUess, stiff and sore muscles and joints, puffiness under eyes, backache, bladder weak-, ness and' rbeumataim. They get results. Gontaia-4io barmful drugs. Bus- reti's Dwi Stpre. No. 201 No. 203 .Vo. 207 .No." 209 No. 215 No. 219 No. 202 No. 204 No. .2138 No. 210 No. 2l6 mussy kpd troublesome. Nowadays we simply ask at any drug atiore for "AVyeth's Sage and Sulphur^ Compound." You will get « large bittle for about 50 cents. Everybody^ uses this old, famous recipe, because!, no one can possibly tell -that you darkened your hair.' .does it so naturally and «venly. You jlaBitiH en a sponge or soft brush with ,it «nd draw tnia through your bair, taklilg one smanl strand at a time; by mdni- Ing the gray hair dlaappoars. and' al. ter another application or two:,yot|r hair be (k >mes beauUfully dArk. thick and glodsy and ypu look years younger. Special Agent. S. R. Burtel!. cial Agejot ^. R. Burrell. SA|>'TA FE TIME TABLE. Effective Feb. 7, 1915) South Bound. Passenger dfeily-._ll:42 a. ni: Passenger daily 2;45.a. ni: Passenger Dally.,. 8:24 p. nU iPassenger daily—. 6:30 a. M. Freight da^ ex. Sun. 12:3S p< a. [Freight daily 2:20 a, ni. Kortii Bonnd. Passeager daily 1:40 p. m. Passenger daily... 3:30 al- m. t^asenger dally— 6:30 J m,. Passenger daily 7:lt|k. JFreiKht da. ex. Sun. 12: U n. nk

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