Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 5, 1947 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1947
Page 6
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12 April 5, 1847 M»on Cllj Globe-auette, Muon City. I> Midwest Livestock (SATURDAY'S Albert Lea. Minn. Steady Trend Good Butchers— 1M-150 Ibs J21.25 150-1GU Ibs $22.25 160-171) Ibs $24.75 170-180 Ibs $25.75 180-200 Ibs $20.75 200-220 Jbs $26.75 220-240 Ibs $26.75 240-270 Ibs $26.75 270-300 Ibs $26.50 300-330 Ibs $26.25 330-300 Ibs $26.00 Good Packing Sows— 2VO-300 Ibs $24.00 300-330 Ibs $24.00 330-360 Ibs ...$24.00 3GO-400 Ibs $24.00 400-450 IDs $23.50 450-500 Ibs $23.50 500-550 Ihs. $23.50 PBICES) Austin. Minn. Steady $24.85 S25.85 $26.85 $20.85 $26.85 $26.85 $26.60 $26.35 $26.10 $24.00 $24.00 $24.00 $24.00 .$23.50 $23.50, $23.50 Waterloo 25c Higher $23.75 $24.75 $26.75 $26.75 $26.75 $26.75 $26.50 $28.25 $26.25 $24.00 $24.00 $24.00 $24.00 '$23.75 $23.75 $23.75 Cedai Rapid 25c Higher $23.' $25.7 $20.7 $26.' $20.' $20.7 $26.5 $26.25 $26.0 $24.00 $24.0 924.M $24.0 $23.7 $23.7 $23.7 STOCK MARKET DEALINGS SLOW New York, (/?)— Leading stocks crawled over a slightly uneven terrain Saturday in one of the slowest markets of the past 2 years or so. From the start of the short session the ticker tape frequently halted. While modest plus sings persisted in most . departments near the close, small declines were plentiful. Turnover for the 2 hours was in the neighborhood of 300,000 shares. Bonds were held to a narrow routine. GRAIN MARKET DEALINGS DULL Chicago, (/P)—Strength in May wheat featured an'otherwise dull grain market Saturday. While most wheat deliveries eased, the May contract was firm on trade reports that the army quartermaster corps will buy a large quantity of flour in fie near future. * The army buying, according to trade reports, will be made through the production and marketing administration and will total more than 350,000 tons. Corn moved indecisively most of the session but oats displayed a firm undertone. Rain over mosl of the midwest encouraged some buying of oats as it was felt the moisture would further delay planting of this grain. Best yields are obtained by early seeding. Wheat closed 2 cents lower to 2J higher, May $2.48i-i, corn was 4 lower to 1 cent higher, May $1.755-51.76, and oats were i-i higher, May 87-874. Mason City Grain MASON CITY—For Saturday No. 2 oats, 34 Ibs. or better .. 84c No. 2 corn, new $1.62 Soybeans, 14% moisture ... $3.70 CHICAGO GRAIN CI.OSE Chicago, WHEAT— High May 2.49 July 2.22% Sept. 2.17'/ = Dec 2.1554 CORN— May 1,7614 July I.eSVa Sept. 1.63 Dec 1.4914 OATS— May 87% July 81% Sept 76 Dec 73'A BARLEY— May 1ARD— July 25.70 Sspt 26.00 Ort Nov Low 2.4314 2.20'/« 2.15 2.13 Close 2.4BV'4-li 2.21 %-'/< 2.15%-Vi 2.1314 1.74% 1,75%-1.7G 1.68'/a 1.69-1.6914 1.6114 1.62V4-1.62 1.48Vi 1.49 86% 87-87 Vt 80% 80%-=,'. 75 '/„ 7514 7214 7214 1.55 26.65 26.70 26.00 26.00 24.00 21.00 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Saturday's Market) Chicago, (fl")—No wheat. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.8616; No. 3, 1.82-1.B3'/.; No. 4, 3.77J4-1.82; No. 5, 1,67-1.59. Oats: Sample grade 8814; barley, malting, 1.60-2 nominal; feed 1.40-1.60 nominal. Field seed per hundredweight nominal; red clover 43-47; sweet clover 11.50-18.50; Red Top 17.50-18.SO; timothy 7.40-7.75. Produce (Quotations by E. G. Worst) MASON CITY—For Saturday Eggs, current receipts 37c Heavy hens, 4J Ibs. and over 23c Light hens, under 4J Ibs 18c Stags 18c Old cocks 16c Eggs, at retail 42-47c Butter, Iowa State Brand 72-74c Butter, Corn Country 69-73c War Department O.K.s WACDurant's Sentence Washington, (U.R)—The war department Thursday affirmed the courtmartial sentence of 5 years imprisonment at hard labor imposed on WAC Captain Kathleen Nash Durant for theft of $1,500,000 in Hesse crown jewels. The army said Capt. Nash will be returned to this country from Europe. A general court martial there convicted her and sentenced her to imprisonment and dishonorable discharge. The court found she stole the jewels from their hiding place in the cellar of Kronberg castle in Germany, where she served as chief hostess at an officers rest center. Her husband, Col. Jack Durant, is now being tried by a court martial here for his alleged part in the theft. STEADY MARKET ON LIVESTOCK Chicago. W)—All types of mea animals were quoted nominally steady on the livestock marke Saturday. Hog prices ranged from $25,25 to $27.50 at the end of a week which saw values advanci 50 cents to $1. Sows lagged on thi upturn. (USDA)—Salable hogs 500 (estimated) total not given; compared week ago, bar rows and gilts 75 cents to $1 higher, sow 50® 75 cents up. Salable cattle 500 (estimated); total no given; compared week ago: After drag ging early In week at dull to lower prices all killing classes reacted upward an closed measurably higher on very actlv trade; fed steers and yearlings finlshe fully 50, instances 75 cents or more ove late last week; heifers mostly 50 cents up receipts curtailed sharply late In wee following set of draggy markets: bot local and outside interests bought com petltively late In week; average-medium to good steers and yearlings closed a $21.75®26: latter cattle carrying weight comparable heifers $19.50023.75; severa strings medium to average-good llgh steers sold late in week $1@1J5 ove Monday, and $27.75 top steers late 1 week stood much lower In choice grad than $27.50 offerings exactly a week ear Her; week's extreme top average-choic 1300 Ib. steers S28.Z5; next highest pric 528; hiRh-choiee 1125 Ib. steers at mid week $27.35: load 1726 Ib. hish-<Jressln but aged choice steers late in week $27.50 top on heifers during week $25, these no strictly choice; strictly good young cow sold up io $18.50; bulk beef coivs closec at $13.25(^15.50, with canners and cutter at $10^12.75. only underweight canncr selling down to $9.50 and below; heavy sausage bulls reached $17, and choic vealers $26, paid, however, very sparingly stock cattle weakened further on draggy market at $17.50(^20 mostly. Salable sheep 500 (estimated); total no given; compared week ago: Monday's re celpts heaviest since last October an slaughter lamb prices declined 50 cents supplies only moderate on subsequen days but trading generally slow with weak undertone and no price recover, developed; eastern order buyers took . liberal quota on caeh of the 4 session with these interests the main prop unde the market from midweek on; 14 car- good and choice fed wooled western lambs, including 12 loads 90-105 Ib. Colo rados at week's $23.10 top. Next bcs price and closing top $23 for around 12 :ars good to choice woolsklns, many loads [ess attractive from finish and weigh standpoint but grading largely good to choice $22@22.75, Inside price for 110 Ib averages, some fat but very muddy 110 Ib. fed wooled lambs $21.25®21.50, most medium to good wooled lambs $21.25® 21.75, few medium S19. with common down to $16.50; good and choice fed shorn 110 Ib. lambs with No. 2 pelts 520.50; slaughter ewes steady to 50 cents higher; 3 decks common to medium western ewes $9.60 early, 3 cars 107 Ib. comparable grades $10.25 at mid-week, few :ommon down to $8.50; few aged slaugh- er bucks $9.50; 3 decks 83 Ib. shearing ambs $21.50. Local Livestock BOGS MASON CITY—For Saturday Steady. Good light lights 140-150 $22.75 Good light lights 150-160 $23.75 Good light lights 160-170 $24.75 Good light lights 170-180 $25.75 Good med. weights 180-200 $26.75 Good med. weights ....... 200-220 $26.75 Good med. weights 220-250 $26.75 Good med. weights 250-270 $26.75 3ood med. weights 270-300 $26.50 Good med. weights 300-330 $26.25 Good med. weights 330-360 $26.25 Good sows 270-300 $24.00 Good sows 300-330 $24.00 Good sows 330-360 $24.00 Good sows 360-400 $24.00 ~,ood sows 400-450 $23.75 lood sows 450-500 $23.75 CATTLE MASON CITY—For Saturday Choice steers and heifers — S22.00-25.00 Good to choice steers, helferj $21.00-23.00 Good steers and heifers $19,00-21.50 Jediurn steers and heifers ,. $16.00-19.00 Tair steers and heifers ,..-.... $14.00-15.50 'lain steers and heifers $11.50*13.50 Choice cows $14.00-15.50 Good sows $13.00-14.50 tedium cows Sll.00-13.50 "air cows Canners and cutters t 8.50-10.50 Good bulls J14.50-16.5o fledium bulls $14.00-15.50 Bologna bulls $12.00-14.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Saturday 'ancy selects $24.00 Choice « $2200 Good $20.00 Jedium $18.00 tammoD $1500 Culhj $10.00-12.00 SHEEF MASON CITY—Por Saturday Choice genuine spring lambs $21.50 Good genuine spring lambs $20.50 Medium genuine spring lambs $18.00 Common genuine spring lambs ... $14.00 Ihoice ewes ..$750 Hood ewes $6.50 Jedium ewes $ 5.50 Common ewes $ 3.50 ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK BECEIPTS Chicago, c/p}—Unofficial estimated live- tock receipts for Monday: Hoes 8 000: attlo 16,000; sheep 6,000. Where Men Are Tall Amarillo, Texas, (U.R)—An ancient ordinance still in effect in -marillo is tailor-made for tall ?exans. It requires anyone owning rees to keep the lower branches rimmed to at least 7 feet above he sidewalk or be subject to a $10 fine. Urges 7-Cent Coffee Houston, Texas, (U.R)—The nickel cup of coffee soon may be loomed along with the "5-cent ci- ~!ar" and the nickel candy bar George L. Wenzel, a Baltimore restaurant consultant, told Houson restaurant men that 7 cents was a fair price to charge for cof- ee these days. HERE'S HOW TO WORK IT: HXFPMHYMFIM is SHAKESPEARE One letter simply stands for another. In this example H Is u=ed for S, M for the 3 E's, etc. Single letters, apostrophies, the length and formation of the words are hints. Each day the letters are different NOW GO AHEAD. VXBIB NA MERZ MEE IBRNPNME, VXMDPX VX-BIB OIB O XDEHIBH TBIANMEA M U N V — A X 0 Q. Yesterday's Cryptoquotc: MOKE THINGS ARE WROUGHT BY PRAYER THAN ^HIS WORLD DREAMS OF—TENNYSON. THREE SQUARES i3y Walt Ditxen -NOW PONT SWING UNTIL 1 BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN DOES THIS ANSWER.'iaJR. RIDDLE? - -"WHAT HAS 2. FEET - HE GAVE . CHATMOREftO TOR. AN ANSWER, SO MAYBE HE'LL GIVE AT FOR. THIS ONE,- DATS AWFUL/ •-MAKE YER.MIND ROLL UP ITS SLEEVES AN'GO TUH WOIK./ -A 24-INCH RULER. HAS 2 • FEET;- • •LITTLE TWIN GIRLS HAVE 2. MOUTHS AND 4 AND THEIR. DOLL HAS THE OTHER. 2. EYES/ HOOKS LIICETHE JUDSEWILL. STAY BROKE TONIGnT- A LINE O'PIPE Stick to the Pipe—Let the Smoke Blow Where It Wil BASEBALL COMING UP The baseball season opens soon, Oh happy day; Of winter sports no more we'll hear, Hip hip, hooray. The baseball players now will soon, Throughout the land, With bat and ball the fans all thrill, On every hand. M>w every team's a winner and, High hopes they bring, To fans who see a championship, In early spring. But come the autumn and how sad, It is to see, The fans who thought their team would sure, A winner be. Which the saying that "Hope springs eternal in the human ireast," must have been spoken about the baseball fan. Especially n the glad spring time. And it is ndeed a poor team that does not lave a few fans who, no matter low lowly the standing of their avorites, do not harbor a little lope within their hearts. At that it looks like it would be good year for baseball. From the )ig leagues down to the smallest andlot there is much interest be- ng .displayed for the national ame. Which pleases us very much s it is our favorite sport. The baseball finish prognosti- ators are going to have a hard ime with their final standing uesses this spring. It looks like icre would be a lot of good teams n the big leagues and almost any earn in either league, getting a ew breaks, might do a little flag opping. With of course but one vinner in each league. T. Pipe: Speaking of flies, how toes have changed. We now now them to be one of the most oathsome insects but you can robably remember away back •hen the following little verse was oing the rounds: Baby bye, There's a fly, We will watch it, you and I; There it goes, On its toes, 'ickling baby's nose. Can you think of anything more horrible at the present time han that of having a fly crawl ver a baby's face? —AUNTIE Simile: As homely as the front nd view of the modern automo- ile. Or at least the front end iew of the most of them. ALL THAT GRILL WORK ON 'HE FRONT END OF MOST !ARS MAKES THEM LOOK iUT OF BALANCE AND THEY EEM TO BE SHOWING A LOCK OF BIG TEETH. And so the city government got self re-elected unanimously and y a large vote majority. And if lat ain't something we don't tnow what is. When a bunch of men can run city the size of Mason City for years and then get re-elected nanimously it's a pretty good ecommendation for the all of hem. But how we missed the excite- lent of a good hot city election. WHEN CITY DADS, ALL RE-ELECTED ARE, THEY MUST BE GOOD. AND HITTING UP TO PAR. Note to the weatherman: Come n. have a heart. Let's have a ttle spring. m In a recent book which we read •c came across a sentence that egan, "The men who was go- ing—" This caused us to wondci a heap was it correct and shoult it not read, "The men who were going—" However, our daughter Ruth who is a mighty bright ga advised that "was" was correct. Not entirely satisfied, when we got to the office we asked our friend Maurice Miles about it, hi being unusually bright. His answer also indicated that "was" in this case was correct. Still no: satisfied we put it up to Ceci: McMonagle who is also unusually bright and he at once averred the sentence should read "The men who were going — " And then the fun started. He and Maurice have been at it ever since. Will anyone who really knows' the correct answer please advise. But be sure the answer is correct. Otherwise the controversy will rage even hotter, as both Cecil and Maurice are great argufiers. ^ Note to Jim VanHeel: Don't stick your neck out on how any team in the National league will finish this year. Any thing can, and probably will, happen in that league. You wanted a tip. There it is. Now we see in the paper where ihe black marketeers shipped some one or 2 million pounds of sugar out of the state last fall. Will someone tell us how they could get that much sugar when we more or less law abiding citizens had to skimp *ong on a pound or 2 a month. Fireman Hurt When Ton of Dynamite Explodes Dallas, Texas, (U.R)—A ton of dynamite on a parked truck exploded early Thursday and critically injured a fireman on an engine speeding to the burning truck. The explosion tore a 10 foot crater in the suburban Dallas street. A woman, who had been standing 100 yards away, and 2 other firemen were hospitalized with minor injuries. The blast damaged a filling sta- ;ion, shattered windows in north Dallas and the park cities suburban areas and awakened thousands of Dallas residents. A part of the truck's motor was found 3 blocks away. The force of the explosion was felt 3 miles away. The dynamite exploded when he fire engine was 50 yards from he burning truck, critically inuring Capt. J. A. Birmingham, of he University Park fire station. 3e was taken to a hospital and jlaced in an oxygen tent. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF PBOBATE OF WILL STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. In District Court. No. 6694. January Term, J947. To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified, that an in- trument of writing purporting to be he last Will and Testament of A. W. Stock. Deceased, dated February 12, 930, having been this day filed, opened nd read, Monday, the 21st day of April, 947, is fixed for hearing proof of same t the Court House In Mason City, Iowa, ae£orc the District Court of said County. r the Clerk of said Court: and at 2 'clock P. M., of the- day above men- ioned all persons interested are hereby lotified and required to appear, and show aure, if any they have, why said inbtru- iient should not be probated and allowed s and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason City, Iowa, March 21st, 947. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk of District Court NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL 1TATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County. ss. In District Court. No. 6693. January Term, 1947. "o all whom It may concern: You are hereby notified, that an In- trumcnt of writing purporting to be he last Will and Testament of Lottie fannens, Deceased, dated January 6, 027, having been this day filed, opened nd read, Monday, the 21st day of April, 947, is fixed for hearing proof of same t the Court House in Mason City. Iowa, icforc the District Court of said County, T the Clerk of said Court; and at 'i .'clock P. M., of the day above mcn- ioncd all persons interested are hereby otified and required to appear, and show ause, if any they have, why said instru- rent should not be probated and allowed ; and (or the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Mason City, Iowa, March 20, 947. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk of District Court EAST AND WEST CONFLICT SHOWN WyneTs Black Fountains Explores Jap Mind EDITOR'S NOTE:—By special arrangement with Lewis Worthlnjton Smith, who as head of the department of English at Drake university established a national renown as creator and ap-t praiser of literature, the Globe-Gazette presents from time to time reviews of significant contemporary books. By LEWIS WORTDLNGTON SMITH BLACK FOUNTAINS. By Oswald Wynd. Doubled!?. $2.75. ' The conflict of the East and the West is not over. The author of this novel was born of Scottish parents with American connections on July 4, 1913. The 2 chief figures in the story are the woman Omi, whose education for five years in America had given her the independence in thinking thai is Western, and Ishii, who had known Oxford for 2 years in England. They are both now back in Japan. At the time of Pearl Har- ,bor they know together that it is in their blood to be loyal to Japan, while knowing also that their devotions to the freedoms and the ultimate triumph of the Western world will endure. 1 This conflict in the story enables the author to explore the mental processes of the Japanese minutely. As a story it is a haunting tragedy. The coil of bitter circumstance winding about the 2 as they try to live freely in a world undermined with intrigue is both dramatic and revealing. Out of the story—and the author's own experiences ol Japan— there comes the belief that devotion to nationalism, to the deeply imbedded tradition of Japan will persist despite every outward show of a spirit conforming with American democratizing purposes. The Japanese tendencies and the German tendencies are alike in that in both countries the people have been taught to submit themselves to authority and wait for today. There are various ways of knowing about a people, from their state papers, from their history, from the .books written directly about them. It is only the novelist who, from the very necessities of his case, can make evaluations of the inner life of a people. Public reports in general make presentation of what is externally observable. The novelist within the field of his personal knowledge and integrity, makes a more intimate showing of what people are and of the emotions and purposes that move them in their social and political environment. It is for reasons of this sort that "Black Fountains" should have many readers. Mr. Wynd knew Japan closely, and what he reports underlies General MacArthur's pronouncements and the news summaries of reporters. POISON ARROW IS GIFT A resident of Kenya presented Creech Jones, British colonial secretary, a poisoned arrow, on his recent visit to Africa, saying: "It is a weapon with which to kill the color-bar." It will be hung on the wall of the secretary's London office. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF MOHAWK AIRWAYS, INC. To whom U may concern: Notice is hereby given that at a special meeting of the stockholders of Mohawk airways. Inc., Mason City, Iowa, held at th; office of Mohawk Airways, Inc., on the 24th day of January A. D-, 1947, the Articles of Incorporation were amended by the adoption of a resolution which amends the original Articles of Incorporation by striking that portion of Article Three of the Articles of Incorpora- ;ion which required all transfers, con" veyances and mortgages of any interest whatsoever of the assets of the corporation to be executed by the President or Vice President and the Secretary and Treasurer and Inserting instead thereof the provision that all transfers and conveyances of any estate 1 or interest In real property of the corporation and the re- ease of any recorded lien on real or personal property shall be executed by the President or the Secretary of said cor- aoratlon. Dated this 27th day of March, A. D.. 1941. MOHAWK AIRWAYS. INC., By MAXFIELD M. MAJOR. President By ALTON J. HOTVEDT, Secretary NOTICE OF INCORFOBATION OF BALDUF-HAWLEY, INC. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have associated themselves together as a corporation under and by virtue of Chapter 491 of the 1946 Code of o\va and have adopted Articles of Incorporation which provide as follows: 1. The name of the corporation Is Baiduf-Hawley, Inc., and its principal ilace of business shall be In Mason City. :crro Gordo County. Iowa. 2. The general nature of the business o be transacted by the corporation is to deal, engage in and carry on. either as vholesale or retail, or both, the purchase, ale and repair of new and used motor chicles, parts, supplies and equipment hercfor, electric, gasoline and other ap- iliances and equipment, including per- ;onal property of all kinds. To engage in and carry on the general jutomobile sales and service business, in- luding the repair and leasing uf same nd to carry on a general retail business nd the sales of all types of merchandise nd equipment. To' build, contract, maintain, operate nd lease buildings for the use of the cor- soration and for rental purposes and to uifcl. construct and maintain any and all :inds of improvements upon real estate ither owned by the corporation or by thers. To engage in the business of loaning money upon both real and personal prop- 1 erty and the financing of tales of motor vehicles, appliances and other Items ot personal and real property. 3. The amount of authorized capita stock Is Five Hundred (500) shares o common stock with a par value of Ooe Hundred Dollars ($100) per share. The stock shall be Issued and paid for from time to time as the Board of Directors may direct The par value of all stock Issued shall be paid either In cash or in property at its reasonable cash value a the time of the issuance of the •lock In Ihe manner provided by law. 4. Said corporation commenced on the 28th day of February, J947, am will exist for a period of twenty years thereafter, unless sooner dissolved by vote of not less than the majority of the stock outstanding. 5. The affairs of the corporation 'are to be conducted by a board of not lesa than two, or more than seven directors. The officers shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, and a treasurer. The Board ot Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders each year, the 3rd Monday In January at the principal office of the company. The officers shall be chosen at the anmia meeting of the Directors, which shall be held immediately following the annua meeting of the stockholders. Until the annual meeting of the stockholder? In the year 1948, the directors are: Conrad Balduf, Mason City, Iowa, William Hawley, Mason City, Iowa, and until the annual meeting of the Board of directors in the year 1948, the officers are as follows: President—Conrad Balduf, Mason City. [owa, Vice-President—William Hawley, Mason City. Iowa, Secretary—William Hawley, Mason City Iowa, Treasurer—Conrad Balduf, Mason City, Iowa. 6. The private property <rf the stock- lolders of the corporation shall be forever free and exempt from all corporation debts and liabilities. " Dated March 20, 1947. CONRAD BALDUF* WILLIAM HAWLEY, BREESE Mason City, Iowa Attorneys Classified Advertising Rates 5% discount If paid at time of insertion. 3% discount on all classified ads paid within 10 days of last insertion. Cards of Thanks $1.25 In Memoriam .. $1.25 for 15 lines Regular rate of 20 cents a line for anything over 15 lines. TABLE OF ECONOMY WANT AD PRICES This Is 6 point type The rates for this size type are- Count 32.33 letters and spaces to lint 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days 2 Lines $ .40 $1.02 $1.80 3 Lines 60 1.53 2.70 4 Lines 80 2.04 3.60 Lines 1.00 2.55 4.50 7 Lines .... 1.40 3.57 6.30 6 Lines 1.20 3.08 5.40 8 Lines .... 1.60 4.08 7.20 9 Lines .... 1.80 4.59 8.10 This is 10 point type. The rates for this size type are— Count 25.26 letters and spaces to line 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days 2 Lines ....$ .50 $1.32 $2.40 3 Lines 75 1.98 3.60 4 Lines .... 1.00 2.64 4.80 5 Lines .... 1.25 3.30 6.00 6 Lines .... 1.50 3.96 7.20 7 Lines .... 1.75 4.62 8.40 8 .Lines .... 2.00 5.28 9.6G 9 Lines 2.25 5.94 10.80 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days 1 Inch ....SUO $3.15 $6.00 JUST CALL 3800 AND ASK FOR AN AD-TAKER Index to Classified Agents 28 Acreage 37 Apts. (or Bent 33 Amusements 1 Auto Ac'sortes 62 Autos for Sale 60 Auto Truclts . 61 Auto Financing 13 Seauty Shops 12 3oard, Room .. 38 3us. Locations 30 3us. Op-ties ... 18 Bus. Eq'pzn'nt 50A Cafes 14 Card of Thank* 2 Cemeteries ...A3 Cleaners. Dyers 15 ;ottages ... A35 Jcalh Notices .. 1 Dogs. Birds, Pets 43 Electrical A22 ''arms for Sale 39 r arms for Rent 40 Florists 4 Foods 45 funeral Director ....... 3 Sarages ....... 62 Gardens A45 Jelp Wanted , Male, Female M Help Wtd. Malt 20 Help Wanted. Female 21 Help Wtd with Investment ., 19 louses for Sale 35 louses for Rent 34 H'seh'd Goods 54 In Memoriam . .A2 Instruction .... 28 Insurance 10 Investment — & Uves'k for Sale 41 Location Wtd. A15 Lost Found .. 6 Lots for Sale .. S6 Machinery — 41 Misc. for Rent 46 Misc. tor Sale 44 Money to Loan a Musical Instr. 48 Nursery Stock 47 Office Equip. . 60 Offices for Rent 49 Optometrists . 11 Chiropractor* .HA j Personals .... & Poultry. Egga . 55 Radio 16 Real Estate ... 61 Real Est. Loans . ... A8 Rooms tot Rent 32 Sale or Trade 31 Sale or Rent ess Salesladies 24 Salesmen 25 Seeds. Feeds .. 27 Services Offered 27 Situation Wtd. . 22 Trade Service .. 29 Wanted. Misc. 69 Wtd. to Borrow 58 Wanted to Buy 56 Wanted to Rent 57 Wear's Apparel 53 Notices UNLESS special classification of ad is requested, customers must accept classifica- fion of advertising department of this paper. Death Notices CARNEY, Joseph, 85, formerly of Clear Lake, died at a Des Moines hospital Thursday evening, after an illness of 2 weeks. Funeral services will be held at he Holy Family Catholic church at 9 i. m. Monday, with the Msgr. R. P. Mur- >hy officiating. .Burial will be at Clear ^ake. The McAuley and Son funeral lome in charge. Cord of Thanks CARD OF THANKS—We wish to extend out heartfelt thanks and appreciation or the acts of kindness and floral trib- tes received from our many friends in he loss of our beloved husband and ather. Mrs. H. W. Barker Leonard Marion Barker Glen W. Barker Richard H. Barker VE WISH to thank all our kind friends and neighbors, blood donors, Church f Nazarene, Mercy hospital staff and loctor for their kindness and sympathy luring the illness and death of our jrothcr and unclo, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Staley and Children. In Memoriam A2 In loving memory of our dear mother, fas. Nellie M. Schwartz, who left us 8 cars ago today. ^accfully sleeping, resting at last. The world's weary troubles and trials are past, i silence she suffered, in patience she bore. Till God called her home to suffer no more. God saw that you were suffering \nd that the hills were hard to climb o He closed your weary eyes \.nd whispered: Pence be thine. The Schwartz Family Funeral Director McAULSY & SON Funeral Home. A dis tlnctive, dignified funeral service. Am bulance. S South Adams. Call 631. PATTERSON Funeral Home. Known fo service. Ambulance. 322 North Wash Ington. Call 1MO, MEYER Funeral Home. A beautiful serv Ice need not be costly. Ambulance service. Phone 1505. MAJOR Funeral Home, 209 Second N. Efficient Service plus Reverence. Am bulance. Phone 511. Personal* Maternity SetitutOD ttnl tarium (or unmarried girl*. Low rates Working reduces expenses. Confidential 1424 Cast 27th. Kxottf City. Mo- NOW a few vacancies available. Audra L. Jackson Nursing Home, 206 3rd St . E. Ph. -5284, and Bethany Nursing Home, Clear Lake. Ph. 628. GOOD NEWS—Deliveries back to norma on Spencer supports. Ph. 4491W Lena rhorndlke. 1213 2nd S W Lost, Found LOST—During winter, Pekinese dog, ; eye injured. Anyone with information call phone 1850. LOST—Pkg. of graduation pictures In Mason City store Fri. night. Return to Kirk Studio. Reward. LOST—Billfold containing large sum of money and valuable identification papers between Cecil Theater and Sod; Grill. Liberal reward. Ph. ?7W at Osage, MoneytoLoon 8 NEED MONEY? Easy to Pay $30 LOANS $300 See Mrs. Simon SECURITY LOAN CO. Room 321,1st National Bank Bldg. $$$$$$$$$ LOANS $25 to $300. State Flnanct Co. 201 Welt Bids. Phone 1038. NEED A LOAN? SIMPLY- PHONE 541 YOU CAN BORROW $20 TO $300 on salary, car or furniture, with* out endorsers. Your ability to repay is the only requirement and you may take 2 to 12 or more months to repay depending on the purpose of your loan. Household Finance CORPORATION LOANS MADE TO FARMERS and residents of nearby towns TUNE IN "THE WHISTIJ3R" 9 P. M. Wed. KGLO LOANS,. Federal Discount 19 li North Federal Telephone 516. SEE the United Home Bank and Trust Co. for real estate mortgage loans. SIGNATURE - AUTO FURNITURE LOANS COMPLETE AND IMMEDIATE SERVICE FOR MEN AND WOMEN ANYWHERE IN NORTH IOWA UNITED Financial Service "Family Finance Counsellors" 5i North Federal Phone 57 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store GEORGE F. OLSON, MGR. MONEY BY PHONE Your application can be made by Calling No. 3. Hr. Nuddleman, Lysne or Darland will have your loan ready when you come to the Investment De- jartment First National Bank PRIVATE party to loan money at 4% up to &4.000 on first mortgage of Mason City home. Write H-l, Globe-Gazette. NEED MONEY? For extra fast service phone or visit Household for a loan of $25, >50, $100, $200 or more on salary, car or furniture. No endorsers required. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORPORATION N. Fed. Ave. Phone 541 Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE—100 bales or more of red clover hay, baled with Case slicer baler. .Leonard Long, Thornton, phone 7FI3. 'OR SALE—Marion seed oats. 8 mi. S. E. Mason. Henry Kalke. FOR SALE—Certified Red Wing flax seed. Mullin's Hybrid Service. Britt, la. FOR SALE—Extra good Boone oats, Ph 1978. FOR SALE—Cleaned Manchu seed beans, 90% germ or better, $4.50 per bu. Paul Jahalan, Nora Springs, la. Ph. 22F23, on City, Business Opportunities 18 FOR SALE—Good investment In grocery business and 5 room completely mod. home all In one building. 616 9th St. N. W. Help Wtd., Mole 20 WANTED 6 YOUNG MEN for Sales Training with Standard Oil Co. in Mason City Ages 21 to 30 years, physically fit. College education desired but not equired. APPLY PERSONNEL DEPT. or write W. H. MILLER, Mgr. (STANDARD OIL CO.) Mason City, Iowa Wanted—Exp. Farm Machinery Mechanic AND SETUP MAN lontact Mr. Foster, North Iowa 'arm Store, 706 S. Fed., Ph. 982 1 H«tp Wtd., Mote 20 WANTED—Wholesale -salesman for Mason City territory. Salesman lor automatic heating, alt conditioning and commercial refrigeration, to travel in vicinity of Mason City. Work consist] oC contacting established dealers and soliciting and training new dealer accounts with nationally advertised lines. Must have car and be able to furnish character and experience references. Liberal salary, bonus and expense account set up. Write W-2, Globe-Gaiette. THREE GOOD JOBS Mechanic We need another first string mechanic, one who can go ahead without being watched and who won't be satisfied with less than $60.00 per week. See Dale Hays Car Washer Our last porter has been graduated to a better job with us. We need another to replace him. Steady work, good pay and a future for the right man. See Dale Hays. Office Man A grand chance for a young man with a business education who can take some shorthand, use a typewriter and knows something about figures. See Mr. Hart or Mr. Griffith. HART MOTORS Inc. 120 N. Delaware Tel. 980 CLERICAL EMPLOYE AGE 21 TO 30 Excellent opportunity for Young Man for Office Work Excellent starting salary. 5 day week. APPLY PERSONNEL DEPT. or write W. H. MILLER, Mgr. Standard Oil Co. MASON CITY, IOWA WANTED—Someone to move bldg. 16x24 ft. from Rockwell to Central Hgts« Mason City Ph. 3494J. 1502 S. Coolidge. WANTEI>—Experienced married man for general farm work. Small family. Elec- tridty, small house, 2 quarts of milk a day furnished. Reference. Wages 9160 per mo. Theo. E. Thompson, Thompson, la. WANTED—Service man for out of town work. Salary plus expenses. Mason City Tent and Awning Co. Ass't Manager Wanted Age 25 to 50. Salary and commission. Personal calls only MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY 20J South Federal Ave. Over Penney's Opportunity for Dependable Young Man Typing essential. Experience not . necessary. WEITE N-4, GLOBE-GAZETTE WANTED—Spray painter. Experienced or apprentice to learn to spray baked en- «mel refrigerator finish. Stoddard Mfg. Co. WANTED—Night janitor Y. M. C. A. Help Wtd.. Femole 21 WANTED—Girl for housework. Small apartment, 2 children, good wages, room, board. Telephone 4617LJ. WANTED—Girl to stay with child days. Phone Mrs. Eudke at 3800 during day or 827 after 5:30 p. m. GIRLS WANTED Steady work. Mason City Dyers and Cleaners Wanted—Sales Clerk Man or woman. Apply between 7:30 and 9:00 a. m. in person. !!ook Paint & Varnish Co. 118 South Federal Phone 1017 VANTED AT ONCE—Cook at a county home with 50 patients. Write V-4, Glohe-Gazette. WANTED—Stenographer with some general office ex- serience. Good pay to right jarty; very good working conditions, located in one of Mason City's larger office bldgs. 'lease write letter of applica- ion to H-5, Globe-Gazette. VANTED—Housekeeper on farm. Three adults. Write P-4, Globe-Gazette. VANTED—Experienced waitress. Black and White Cafe. VANTED—Housekeeper for elderly lady. Phone 825, 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. WANTED—Waitress for Park Inn Tap Room. Apply Park nn Hotel. WANTED TYPISTS AND TRANSCRIBER OPERATORS Excellent working conditions, 5 day week. APPLY PERSONNEL DEPT. or write W. H. MILLER, Mgr. Standard Oil Co. Mason City Iowa VANTED—Woman or gir] for cake icing work. Apply in person before 2 p. in. t Ogilvy's Bakery- VANTED—Waitresses. 6 day week. Jc&'B Cafe. Jennie Young, Clear Lake. Help Wtd., Male, Female 23 .VANTED—2 EXP. WAITERS OR WAITRESSES AND ONE SECOND COOK For night duty. 6 days a week. Good pay. hurleys Cafe, Clear Lake Phone 714

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