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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, April 6, 1927
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tTA C T VOLUME XXX.i Nd 140. The The 'Weekly RpRlster. , lola Dally. Iteglstef. SIXTEEN VOTES GIVE B-stalilixhed I$<7. E><Uilillllh <M ];18!(T> I0LA ,iC4N., WEDNESDAY EVENING, APfilL 6, 1927, Jola. Ifaily to The loLa Daily Register. The .Record, and lola Dally Index, SDL PAGES Narrow Mar^rih Separates i Candidates j Fpr Position In C16sely Contested Race- Vote Cast Is VeryjLight In one of the most'closely contested rates in the histo of lola, O. Wl Holmes,'fiSrmer city clerk, was elected fiaante commissifmeit over A. H. Hecox, present commii^ioner, in yesterday's city electioni' Holmes' margin was sixteen vot^s, with the city's total as follow: Hecox, 639; Holn^s, 655. W. E. Halslon. A. R. Sle^rter and*I. C. SiaiUer hiid no'o] llM* raci" for boArd of ed 'uratlq lite (•xceiiUi n liy voterH Ih fwo no m in n po- )n of < HltlOliH, Willi nnincH wrliien >vardH. I Mtflvln Kronk tiHd tion lor Hcliool tioard irt-nsiurBr. Thf vol)> for ftiialire UOIIIIIVIHHIOU- fr by >wurdit folloWH: Plr«i ward, ibcox, 1(1; iloltnen, 148, Hfcond jvnrd, JIHCOJ (. JSfO; iiolnieM. 8U: third ward llecox, 134 HolniPH, 112; ruul -Ui. Hecox, 143; UolutcH, 187; fifth wa^d,- Hecox. ilolmen. 8U; Hixth •<ox. 43; IIulmK!). 48. ! • ' Voting waH light, despjilfl' usually good weather, attributed to the fact WaH no i.ssue of conseijuebcc. and t6 the fact lliat very littli 'a(,'tive L -umpaigning *as dofae \ flecox. Holmes inaUe aj thorough: c^ of the city the! week liefore: election..' . i -I , I Yesterday's' ;t(ital vote for, commissioner wafi 1.2.94. which.' was slightly heavitiri than the primary total of I.OIG ballots for the same I>osition. commlssinner, Hijlmes. ifpr several yoar.s, KANSAS HAS wurfl. Ife- 'tih- Tjhis 'wan thht there MANY •y At Lowjlen other HiglTSpota Stand Out in Ford-Sapiro Million DoUi^r ! Libel Suit; Heavy .Votes Oast in Many Citi^ Where Contests Anidv Issues Arc i . i)evelpped by Candidates. The new WQ8 city clerk leaving that position a yeaf. ago; Thiat lola wa.s ed in the result inteiisely intt^reHl was indicated at the Regi.ster office last night by. the constant ringing of telepjiones and ans^'ers tot inquiries on the finniice commissioner race.. 3 The ?ity comniifisiftners an^ city cUcrk will mak^' the official ^ount Friday. This 1.1 not expected to vi,i,j »nake i>ny material *^^'^«''.e result. N : ' difefreuil in LEGION m EWftR Harry ,Cook Announces "VVar" Between Kansas And Okla The menihprH legion of KuiiHu Member!^. If The AfueHcun will obijcrvf. the lenih aniilvern «rj; ift America'* de I 'laraliou of ^'Hiry Into llio World War, by asnln JeclurlnK wuf- on lliflr . Ililii '-lioiiur •(] otlemleM, . The Amerli'ii^ l .egjon of Uklutionid. 'VUtit iwiin lh>> (iniiouiicfoieni made lothiy, llailry T. Cbok. J'ost Commanilcr. :l .K >ji|le .r, Campbell . I 'oHt St). 15, The American.l.eiion, as he uniumnced plnnH for the •participation of the Pout in the State wide drive foi^ membership. , I'ost Commaiider Cook j announced that for three consecutive years the kau^a Legionniiires have humbled th* service nleii of the Sooner State in the State-wide membership contest. •• The contest clones April 30 ;aud the big. Kaiisas- |jffunsi\i' wbieli will be participnted fn by the Leslie J. Campbellj Post begips today on the anniversairy of Amtfrica; entering the World Wai!. Local Legion ()ffic |al8 are thbre- for* very busy uerfecting thier or(he' member.t.hip liey hope- to len- War .veteran in gaplzatiou for drive, in which- t roll tfvery World the American Legion,! aud goal is one hnn'dred 'new bers by April 30. ' Post Commanded Cook-hns 4»s- sured State Commander Caifskill that he will. wi>h the co-operation and help of his "gang", help Kjin- Topeka. Kans. Apr. <i. (AP) |<ansaH cltiet of the first antl se )nd classes today took stu|k -he hew officials elected ycste ilajr. A ni nibcr of bond i .s.sues ai father spei ia] proposals also we kjnacted oil. ^ • ' Heavy votes were east in mai^y bf the cities where spirited co tests and i Issues had developed In Topeka. W. O. Rigby. Dem •rat.' defeated W. O. Anderson. {> :nayor. Only twomeinbers of tb Dresent- city commission we eraliied. .1. O. -Kmerson, incumbent, was rJefeated by' Don ('. .McComhs, municipal judge, in the Kansi ^s LMty,: Kansas, mayoralty race. Arhur H. Strickland, finance c«m- ^nlsloner; exonerated recently of. ;harge8 which led to ouster proceedings againi ;t him, was re-elec ed while Henry K. Schaible, strei-t cojnml.sloner: 'similarly exonerutid was defeated.' . Ben F. Co I (ley, former mayor if Wichita, .was idefeated in his ratje tor re -electlonl to the Wichita city (joinmisBlon. iMu'yor Prank NIKH- The heralded comeback of Jam* B fr-Hig Hearted" .Mm Davis lal- ••a to mnlerhinze at Leavenworth where Fiani-is .1. .McAullffe wis re-eli^'ted. tJuly one rominisHloi - er, Henry F. tislcliargi-r. WUH rifr turned, L.. .M. AlkliiMiiii was i-li'iicd mayor of^ PIltK.bni-K. dcfciilliiK A. 1..]' Cou'den by r>'j» VOII-H . Three iVr cumbcnt city icominlHsioiier.-i we defi'iilcd. ! W. K. ChlldfrH was elected ma or of Fort .Si|oti, defeating C. .%lorrow, Incii^nbent by 40U votij Two year* acn, .Morrow defeat Chlldcrk by lit voles. C. K. J. liiati defeated CO. Hitchcock, fj mayor of llutchlHon. Frank Holiday was defeated for re-elc lion as mayor of Lawreix-e' llobert C. Rankin. Kmporin defeated n franchise Offered by the .Kmporla (ias Con- pany to supply the citvvwith natijr- Detroit. April C, (Ai')— Thtfe jlilgh spots 8tot >d out In tWty'8 ses- 'n}nn of (he trial, of Aaron Sapiro's $1,000.11(10 libel suit against H'eory Ford. ! Turning to national organixiatiQns Sapiro hud represented while be was counsel for the marketiuK com- initiee of the American Farm Uu- leuii Federation. Senator Jaitiep A. lli-ed of .Missouri, head of th«[ Ford defeiiMc iiliorneyg and donsidered ill miiiiy (luurterx UM a pronpi^ft for the lifrmixratlc prevldeiitlitl nom- Innilon. to'>k u whuck at Frank U. l/owden. of Oregon, ill., former governor til IlllnoU and regarded by some UH Kcpubllcan preHldentluI inaler.lal, *Thti other two high llghls were inti-r (|esHhiim by Kvderalj Judge Fred '.M. Raymond la dlitpiites between ileWd and Supiro vyjho was under! criiss examination for the eighth day. ' j ! The Judge demanded sternly that coiiversatlon.s, ^between the (two be hatted, termiiig; tbem Intolerable in any c <uirt. especially- u jfederal (•ourt and insisted that some progress be made. ' i i The record already haq been openud to too much drivel he warned and asserted that 11 could HOt be opened to'a "year'or ivfo" at testimony. i Senatur, Reed encountered Lowden's name aliiong a. list jof men who attended a meeting at Chicago In September, 1!»23, when Ihe Nai mal Wheat ' Growers' lidvlsoiy iiommlttee was formed. ' Hunning down the scorej-or two of names. Senator Heed asked .of each: , "Was he a wheat grower?" \<'hen he hit I-owdeu 's lUime he sot this reply: / "Oh, he may grow wh ^yiV; he certainly grows grain." "He is a capitalitit. isn 't \u'T' and "does he make his living furm- In? or is he the son-in-law of Pullman of the Pullman Car comiJ.;iny';" were other Heed questions; '"^ Hapiro defeiKJed the former llll- tiotii'governor us u man who "raakea' his Hvlng by hln work as a lawyer and 'uy his work as a farmer." WAR Fdfhfms Men of Big Woi'td If^r Days Are Now Free of Public Cares-Many Are Dead Today Waahinfirton, Apr. 6. (AP)—The decade thjst foi^ Americans enfolds the great war has gone trooping down the corridor of time. Ten years agof today, following the ideclai^- tibn ot war on Germany, the call to arms was shrilling Sn every'town and hamjet under the Stars and Siripes.' The ten years since that day-^*^ ^ears of battle, of victory, of restless and fermenting post-war dif­ ferences—hav» brought to the grave all three of the'men whose names are written on the war rea- jolutlon—Wilson. .Marshall and Clark. Only a bare handful regain to struKKle with the fretful aftermath of war.] ! Soldierly Pershing, his yekra of active aervlce ended, .prealdes now over the commlasion'on American gravea In France. busylnK bimaclf wl^h affairs of that legion of The Army-That-Was, who Will liever bti mustered out or come home. Clemenceau, the Tiger of France, heavy with years, dreams away (he doyit in peaces remote from public affairs; "Papa" Joffre.'the rock of sturdy courage on whom France rallied In the bliter first days of battle,.pipe In month takes his ease, careless of bis great honors In the placid contentment of his home. Halg, Kngland'fi dashln;; cavalryman who saw it through from Mons to the .Marne and back agaiii, to Mons nd victory, is now a country gentleman. Uoyd (George, the little Welshman, Efngland's war premier, stirs with politics at home (hat are small besides jhe great stakes he i layed for In he war with all the night of Englsjnd atl his command. Not far away, as the crow flfca, William Of Germt ny liveii his Iht- ter days In ezil<j and secluslofa. ! Name by name the y^ars have taken toll of theni. Only those tWo master soldiers. Hlndenliurg und Foch, go on In the heftt! of gr'at post-war problem*. Hlndenbcrg as president of the war-born Oeriian republic; Foch still Fraijce's m>st (rusted son In the hour of battle peril., r The ten years IhdVe iieen vist changes In the meh and the, mati »r- ial ^Ith which the great] war.v as fought. There remain uijknown in the graves of Fraijce.more than 1,800 Americans Wiled In bat le, while another l,iyo are still jm- 8ct>ounted for: si^rphis war supplies' aggregating an. original cast of more than 3 bllrlon dollars have been sold or traiisferre<i with a return to the gbvernnent of around $100.000 .6oo pnd he wastage by death alrhong the 3.01^0.000 men discharged from, the army in 1919 as physically fit to sp -ve} again, has made h'eavy i^road^lon the trained veterans on ' ' W.iSM^y ere For lievival Noted Evangelist Writes Ministerial Grtiiip That He Will Be Here, i SAVE LIVES country can rely. KODELHOME al gas and re-elected Frank Ktia- ney finance commissioner. • Dr. B. P. Smith was defeated for re-election as mayor of .Vi-oi sha bj- B..H. Hill. A .grbtip phasls.. on city .schoo loit. Thef. elected, re-elected COLLEGE DEBATE JEAMINVICTDRY Fort Scott Squads Are the Victims in Last Night's Verbal Battles. their,; Ian. advocating greater em- the "three its' in the s was defeated at lie- opTiosKion. led by t>r. K. E.. Brevier.' for 30 years president of the school board, w^as .\iayor J. ,R Stack w-as without opposition. R. R. Bennett wa.s re-elected finance com'mi.'*sioner at Manhat- meni^ the sas go over Oklahonm.f Therefore they aik that every-jex- service man in the World War Join now and Help defdat Oklahoma, in this contest. ; • • top I and defeat Wilkersbn - Ctowell Suit in District Court A dahj-age suit brought by W., F. Wllkeirson against S". 1. CrowelL Is being heard by a court today. district ; With the lighle.'st vote in its h lory. Salina re-elected (!uy T. Hi vering and Charles t city commis.sioii. Mayor Emmet t Barker was lie- cte'd at Pratt by, seven votts el wliMe at Cfty. Frank . 'Thompson, incumben^ was defea ed for comtiiissioner of utilities jiy three votes.; E. C. Collins'was reelected. Harry C. l.llts was re-elect ;d amyor of Abilene. 3 to 1, defeati ig J. E. • Crane. A' iiroposal for t le support of the local hospital "was defeated. , ; L. ?f. Cole was re-elected mayor of Mafrysville. .1. Ross Fiigate, .1, M. Hduston and George W. Woldey were elected Newton cit.y commls- (^onttnued on Page 6. Number -j) ToCofC. embers -The meinberM of Jtho Chninber;of (,'ommerce who uit«nded the noijn- day Iiincheoti lodiiy, which wjim Mcrvtid In the mHinidinlng room lof • Ihe Kelley Hotel and wa{t uiiUNually largely- altended. fjilt Ihemselifpff fortunattt In having OK the cpealCtT for the occasion MrRecs llugh^. Snperlnletident %>f Scihools nl Po ^t .Scott. .Sir. HugheiJ took a<» Itis. topic "Financing a- Chamber bf Commerce" and made a plain atralghttorw.ird talk that was full of sound sense and ^antalued matiy inspiring Buggestlon.4J The very first need of a Chatn- bfr of Comtnnce, ! Mr. Hughes said, taklr^ it for granted it vis capably officered aiod had amotig (Is nM-iiihcrshlpmen who- were willing !•> Kervp the tiimiMiiiit>j In li ly rreiiNAiiable way. wan ihal It; be iidettuittely financed. 11>' \\uy'\ of lllUHtriitlOu lit) cited the ,(nt that the.owner of a herd of dairy c6wn may feed thf m In two way.*. He may nupbly Just' enough to maln- inli^ the herd, keep the cov.-* nlli-e. or by a properly nalunced and j^ijf- ficlent ra ,tlon he may feed It in sueh a way iis to make It return a ha id- som.e pre fit. And so a Chamber of Commen e inay be so meagerly financed as to have no funds exc -pt to. barely maintain its existence with no po8stbllltj>' ojf real accqm- pllshments, or it luay b^ fiuanded (Continued, ofn Page^6, Niunber la- Wlnhlng by the nart'owj margin of one point the loin junior' col­ legia ilebale learns opened the season last nlKht with a Win over Fort .Scott. Representatives of lola debating In Ihe High school auditorium were: Ruth Settles, first speaker; and .Mary (ireen, second apeaker. Tl/e negative teams stayed at home. • ! The lola team was especially strong on rebuttal. Mary Green carried. of first honors making 94 points which gitve her a iyia point lead over any other debater. The members of thej visiting team were ' Bernard PIptijowskI first speaker, and Richard-Hunter, secohd iip'eaker. i . The lola affirmative was defeated decisively at Fort Scott. The two lola invaders were Raymond Baker, first speaker, andj William "Bill" nreher. second Speaker. Mr. Thompson, high school j debate coach went with theiri. j i • This is the first year in college debate for both Raymond Bi^er and Mary Green. Both Ruby Settles and William Dreher Iwere on the college team last year. The question this year! ISi "Resolved: That the trend from local to Federal; control jn| matters that concern the wholej nation;' such 88 prohibition, police protection, federal judiciary, federal tax- atipn, and federal aid, jwliich baa cjharacterized our government in the tw^en,ti?th century. Is linimical to the best Interests! of the United States." ' I : Persons doing the coaching are Superintendent 'Thoroman and Dean Flcimlng. Tuesda^ evening the lola teami debate Coffeyvllle in another dual njcet aui| If they win *[lll be in line for the n^xt round o debates; At that time the Negatives will travel and William Dreier and Raymond Baker will mak(« Iheir flrs( home apiwarance. M I'AHSOSH DKHATKKH HIN Parsons. Kans., Apr. fl. (API— ParsouH junior' college [debaters split even In n dual debate with Independence junior coll^g* last night. The home teami winning In ihelrlrespecllve cltle^- FORVISITORS Those Visiting Home Are Free in Comment on the Features Which Make It a "Home." whom AMERICMIN CiilNAUNpER BOYCOnNOW ^he "One; of the things tliat especially please>< mi^'about this wbole enterH Anierican agitation prise," remarked a visitor to the Kegister's Home Beautiful yesterday. " IH Ihe fu>t that a hrund new hotise. thoroughly ni»dei-ii and up- lu-ijuie iusid" anil out, has taken the; plact! of aui ancient dwelling whiili never could have been made .'1 thing of beauty, i.nd ^^u old barii- llku und abandoned church building Which wuM rapidly becoming, if It liiul not ulreudj' be(omt, an eye- so,re. These are really beautiful lots with splendid well-grown trees with modern homtes un all sides of them und the wido open' space of the high school grounds Just across thi- slreet, and to have ihe old church abd manse removed and this beautiful building put in their place Is u^i Improvement to the whole .street which certainly apiieuls to me." It is generally known, and may be appropriately commented upou In view of the foregoing remarks, that the three lots which comprlsojl the old Reform church corner and upon one of which the Home Beautiful is built, were acquired from the church organization by U O. Northrup, who sold the corner lot to Frank .McCarthy and who still owns the other one which is understood to be for sale. Doubtless Mr, McCarthy will build upon his lot as soon us practicable and a modern home-no doubt will soon be constructed upon thej remaining lot, so that the building oif the Home Beautiful in this particular location is a part of a modest "development" which «-ertalnly cannot fall to be appreciaivd by those who are Interested In the beauty of lola's residence districts. (Continued on Page 6, Number 1) GoddsMade ih U. jls Center of China's Anti-Aiiierican Agitation in Changsha; dbanghaf. Apr. takliJA the f|)rm of ;a strikejand a bjoycottj of LVn^erl- can .goods] has brokci Chung^ha, capital {of thl> of;Hunan, In.southern Chi^iu. wlrelesi< dispatch that p| 6. ( S. N)w AP)—Ahitl- A few days ago th^ Regis-i te'r reported the possi)i)ility of Billy Sunday, the great evari- gielist, coming to lola for the purpose of holding a series of religious meetings. It is a grieat satisfactipn to \ be able to announce now that this po.s3ibility has become a certainty as will be .seeij b^' the f o 1.1 owing correH |^)ndence which passed between Dr. J. H. Sowerby, .secretary of the tola Miifi.sterial A.s.sociation, and Mr. Sunday: Dr. ,SoHerby\- Lelttfr. -March ::H. I!t27. Rev. W. A. Sunday. Tampa. Florida. , ; Dear Brother: , I hav,' your gofxl letter of the 23rd. and this morning i>rescnted it to the Ministerial Asjsociation and they instructed nie to reply, and to say that WL - do n»t believe there is another .season of]"the year and business P i^ut Ok' bere when weather conditions would be better for a meeting than the dates you named, February 'hi to April 3. Which are just the dlites you have jfor your Tampa meeting. i • The ministers are enthuiiiastic to have you icoine and decjare that their churches would btj, behind you - for everything they iare able. We presented your coming also to some of our leading' layni,en and I would have no dlfflcultv in getting them. to join me in the invitation to a man. We have had meetings here of course but there I as never I been A man even approacljing your calibre hold a meetinif anywhere in Southeastern Kansa.s. The meeting would influence the whole S> B. part of the State, for we have" paved roads in all direc Ions for 25 to 50 miles, excitpt wesi tin^ the Disastrous End to Four Continent Flight Comes^at Roosevelt Dam While Plane Is Taking Off for :San Diego, • Apache Lodge, Roosevelt Dam, Ariz., 4pr. 6. (AP)—The. inter-continental flight of Commander Francesco De.Pinedd came to a disastrous erfd at 12:05 p. m^ today when hils plane; the Santa Maria caught fire as it was bein^ put under way preparatory to taking off for San iDiego from Roo.sevelt Dam. : —; ; ^-fr The Santa Maria hadi arrived here at 10:14 am., mouul^ain tirtte from Elephant Butte Dain,. New .Mexico, and hacl stopped on Roose- voli Luke to refuel. Tlie Italian flyer, who flew over dangerous Bra /.lllMii jungles without mUhap. had Intended (o reach San Diego by (4 p. m... Pacific time. J ithe plane is :i; total loss. Com- maiider De Plnuilo and ills . ere* • escaped uninjured. At 12 .:(ir> p. m.l the Italian avia- torj announced thai hci was ready to lake off and craft on the lake had moved shoreward wheh^ the SEVENTEENIS INEXPLOSION Parco, WyoJ, Plant Scene Of Oil Refinery Accident—three in Hospitsll at Rawlins. at nee A ace today said ih.* sirlike abd boyk-ott went liilo effect ii 1 noon .Mon iliy. and repurttHi thai the j Aniercan consul .has goni! ulioard ifhe I'nited States gtinbont Pab>/, oii tlie Siang river, iirepurutory lo leaving Cluing- shu. The wbol« ptovlii-.-^ of llunun w^ll be evacuated by | foreigners shortly because I ibor and tnti- fuS'elgn manifest ji ions, I jlKluklang. lui tlie Yangtse r ver lui Klangsi prov uce. i^eporte 1 a general strike agi initt all foreign- eijs has been cal,lod to begli ut nbbn today, while ;it Hnn'kow', h >ad- iliiarters of the Cinton«isc. or Nationalist, goverunicui, all biisl less was virtually at a stan<|stlll . Japanese civilians bo.itded siiam- slilps on the VanKtuK ma iing rt^dy to evacuate Hankow, .\joui 100 French. Belgia ns and Swi.stj remained in the city. Britishers and Americans took t uarter* clos • lo the water front .;p as i|> be r ^ady Many i Liberals Die in Battle, Is the Report Managua. Nicaragua. April 6.— (AP)— Capture' of Tlerra. Aiul and Muy Muy by Cfonsenrsttve' forces bnd tbe'killing of .aereral buodred Liberals is reported today:by the (Xinserra^Tea. COURTJURORS AREJELECUD Thirtytsix Are Selected For Duty in May Term Of District Court. Thirty-six Jurors for the' May term of district court have been named. They will report for duty May 16. The veniremen are: W. A. Winder, Humboldt. Route 5; 8. E. Fowler. Moran: Grant Warner. HumholdL: K. H. Bartleit. Morunl Uarry Fronk, Humboldt: Dene K. Bllllw, lola; Wm. C. Hartley; liila; Dan H. Dressier, loin; JoHeph Elherton, tola: II. L. Frod- Mham, !lala: C. Wlllcox. Mildred; R, IJ. Copejilng. lola; J. L. Maf- fltt. lola; James Ard. Btsroore; Lester Ard, BIsmore; Clarence Allen, lola; O. B. Rose. LaHarpe: H. P. skinner, lola; Ben K. Bacon, Moran; Walter Hamilton, fola: Logan Fronk, Hiimboldt; W. B. East- viooa. Tola: N. M. Fegley. Bass^tt; B. E. Hardson. lola: W. O. Holer, Bronsoh: Chas. Manning. lola: O. W. Stephens. LaHarpe: D. A. Keller, Humboldt. Ronte 2; J. N. Bam- slde. lola; Chas."Hall, lola: Qeorge Ctjewnliig. Ilola: Edwin O. BrHes. loia; pdnl ^y Burtiiett, lola: John Bergman. Idla: a. L 'AAdr Dmrd. lol*. to leave at .Americans in about 105. Several heads oi 8l ]|ort notice Mankoiv nun applied to the American cansui general for his d remaining at their posits, out informed them th their own risk. While the state of the Yangtse «ver. i caused antl<;forelgn aglta be growing wors civil war situatlcj great rivers is becoming more carious as the CJantosiese armies progress further t ern capital, Peking. F^r the ment the objectlvi ese are Tslnanfu. . _ tung. and Tientsin, strategic way center of the .Marshal Chan^ American fi pprovhl of their he \-y wobld stab' at .of affairs si Pnroo. Wyo. April 6. (A P)— The death tuli Jn thie explos.lon in the producers and Retlners oil refinlni; ^lant ffaere (oduy reached 17 at nodn with the ^ death of Calvin Smith in u Rawlins bospHal. •» Sixteen bodies have been taken from tHe plant, 14 of which have been Identified. Parco, Wyo.. Apr^.-6.' (API—At least fourteen men were kilted early today in an exiJlosion in the Producers and Refiners oil refining plant here. ' Two men were missing shortly before noon and were bellevejl to have died in tbe blast ,and. subse- i^uent fire which causedidamage of f.lOO.OOO to the refinery. : The explosion rocked this unique oil town, likid out only a few years ago by Frank E. Kiatler. head of the Parco orgaulzatipb, on mndel architectural lines, and the detonation was; felt in Rawlins, seven miles west. The disaster iwas I have asked some men mate the : population surrounding us. and they think 3.1.0110' a conserviitlvu (fstiifiate number wilhiu reach,, The to esll- ^vould be of the (ililireh- The iiher rms ion. lappearfi I steadily, n ncirth ' of bward the n<>rth- md- puth by to the the pre- of the (Jahton- capital of Shan- rail- North. T^o-Llp, the lere, can hold Peking ojily so long s|s be of Northern war chief, it |s felt is able to retain po^esslon Tientsin, for (ha railway center provides the only nieaus of :om- munlcation with the Mancbijrian base of the Northirn; forces. Americans and Brltli <herH iij the territory through which It iij expected the CanttilneKe I now will make their way are hastily leck lug points of saf4-ty, fijarlng epe- t it Ion of Jhe ouioreaksf which fol- low.d thf Cantohese.vlctorlts in (he Ynnglse vulUJy, A manl'res(o, isiiued |it ^hni ghal by (he; Cuntones • leaders, d ;«k'd In velleil (erms tliot a (ipllt ei Isted within (ho k'uomln(ang[ or Ri pub- of (he city have lippriixiniutely the following lnember»lilpt|: ' Two Methodist churches with isni). the Presbyterian 550. Chris ian .651). Baptist 275. IT B, 30 )1. with several smaller churches suili as fCazarem! etc. We have good I!<WI 1 K north, east, south and wetsi whii-h would be reache<l. ' I can assure you of Ihl; utmost unanimity in Nupport and jliope you will give UK the date yiu name. There' was a good ineellnii here six years ago. that would be seven years by the time you could come. We had a smalt meeting j a couple of years ago but It .did ^lot touch the city. The whole coitstltuency is expres.'flng itself as devoutly hoping you. will come. Sincerely yourst. DR. J. IL SOM'ERBY. Mr. .Sunday's Reply. ' Tampa, Fla.. April 3, 1927. Dear Doctor Sowerby: Your gpiod letter at hand just a day or tvrp ago and-it ha;; the ring to it that makes me lool: forward with delight to the pro.sipects of holding- a meeting there. I believe we can count on the date—do not think it will be exactly February 20. but th.e Sunday that date—and I jwili have my advance man get in touch .with you soon with: reference tio preliminary plans and the proliable cost of the meeting. Jiuch of that depends of course on the ponstruc- (Continned cn Pag? 6, Nt mber 3) ABLAFERMAN IS NOT GUILTY Jury Returns a Verdict Last Night After [Four Hours Deliberation. set fire to nine other stills and two storage tanks. The fire still wus burning lute ihi» iiftcrnoon but wtts under coutrdl. Fourteen budies hud been taken fronr the plant. Twelve of them were identified. The Identified dcud were: John Paul I'nimer, 30; Frank Tnylur, 30 s Vi. W. llodd,-ISi i-'rederick Ji>«inirr. 27; F. V. S|»eyerj •!»» Al- herl .Snillli, 2.'»; VIclor .MckerKon, Xf'iS ('lan<nce Posey, 27; Victor. Juno Montiifu, .17; K. H. WeUh, .12: a. Tun>ln. 2«; Orceio .Vur- llne/- :Mi. , The mlKsing were: R. .V..Sherman, 41; 111 t). Kb.v, 25. George Evans Curry and Arthur Ayala. were believed fatally burned. They were in a Rawlins hospital as were P. L. Welsh, Calvin Smith, George Byron Polls, who were severely buriied. ' Ail of the men killed were mar-" ried and must of them had- one 'to three children: llcan. revolutionary party. It talned an appeal SUeni loU: lsetU^eiits .^8ingljr or |ndepedde«f- •lr,ot'otb9TS.' for lenity Within •this con- cru- tbe Cantonese rajnks ajl cial moment.; As for the fore gn se ^tletnetJis at Shanghai, the manlfestto bad; " to say: | "The communfats hajve endbrsed the kuomintang's resoI,ation tn refrain from the uei > of mlUtury force to effect, ,tbe ret rocesslons o ^ tbe settlemenis. .Th< general labor nnlon ba«' issned a manifestc that, laborers will not try tp invade the After four hours of j deliberation a jury in district court last night returned a verdict of not quilty In the state's casji dgalnst Ab Lanferman. .Ij.anferinan was charged with persistent' violation of the prohlblltory liquor law. A verdlit of guilty wiiuld have cari'led with It a (ienienito In the state penitentiary. , Burniey Miller, former county attorney, acted us sped il prosecutor In tl e case. •Wi^lter Crook, foreman of the returned the.verdlH shortly 9 o'clock. last night. The [went to the jurjr ntjS o'clock. Jury afterl case Wrecked Plane F^und jWith One Bod |r There Mddesto. Calif. April fi. (AP)— A wrecked airplane, believed to be the due that left Fresnol Satarday midnight, carrying Edward Neher. pilot, and Alfred Schiller, was found today three miles from Gnstine. The airplane was partly burned and one body -waa ^inone tbe imcka$e, i Allen Couiity Girls in ! Play at Humboldt Miss Margaret Johnsoii of Humboldt and -Miss Magdalena Y^oung. of Moran.'students at the Kansas State Teachers College at Emporia, are cast in the role of "O Sole Mio," the three act comedy which will' be presented in the- HumobUlt high school auditorium by. the Gilson Players of the K. S. T. C. Friday ;night of this week, April 8. Miss Johnson, although a freshman in tne teachers poUcge .is active In ;both dramatic and forensic work, and in additioii to her work with the Gilson Playfrs i.s a member of the teachers college women's debate squad. She is a member of the Lambda Phi Delta, national find art sorority. Miss Y'oung is prominently identified with many activities on the teachers college campus. She Is a mem- of the teachers college debate squad and for two years has been a member of the players. She ^8 also president of :the Alpha Siig- ma 'Tau, national educational sor- orlty; Saiita .Maria[was seen to be afire. .Almost Immelllately the Santa Maria ' wai aflame from stem to stern. The' vessel's creW leaped overboard for their lives. 1. . Tfhousand.s. of persons gathered ' oh the shore oi the huge irrigar . tioii dam' witnessed the disaster. Anigong them were many Italians wh^ had come to cheer their couri-' tryman on his four-continjent flight,' which was t^ add new glory to his achlicvementa. i I : The, accident followed a day of .' failnres yesterday when the plane., was held fast to the glassy stirface^ of Elophant Butte reservoir at Hot Springs. New Mexico, and 'could ^ not rise until shortly after abph.' The plane finally got off but re- • turned to the lake 25 minutes lateif because' the engine became oTer-j- heated. Today's take-off foij Hooae- yelt Lake was made without diffi- culiv and tbe Santa' Maria ~ mada good time to this stopping place; ^ covering 400 miles in 3 hours and ^4 minutes. First indication that the plane waU afire was notied by spectators on the shore wheii a great volume of black smoke was seen pourlns from the-shlp'sniotor. , De PinedO announced- he would ilhmediateiy make an atteimit to raise the shIp'K ehgljie, wbk*.'i»«r^t^>!| rests on the bottom of Lake Roosevelt, at a depth - estimated at 60 feet. "JThe fire was believed to have originated In one of the motors. i»K pi.\>:iio'.s FLK.'iiT IS r VSMKU FOR SPKfcD HECORD New- York. Aj>r. 0. (AP)—Com- initnder Francesco De 'Piucdo, wIvoMf: plane burned todays at .A'pjii-iie iyodgr. Arizona, Is one of tliii most seMsatlonal ofalLilong dlHtance filers. Ills long flights have been noted for the speed'wjth which jthey liave been carried iut aifd thb daiting Itineraries chosen.. Whcii his airship burnedi-\the° Itallati avia ,tor Was engaged in. makiii$| a fobr-contlnent flight trom Europe-^ to N'orlh and South Anier- Ic.i, and return, touching Africa en route. 4 \ , The ifour-continent' flight 8tarte<t from i'agliari. Sardinia. Februirje IS. Ci *ps8Jng the Atlantic by. way| of Africa and the Cape Verdej islands. Commander De Pinede'ti plane, the Santa Maria, reached thf. mainland of Brazil Februarjf 23, and Buenos Aires Marchi- 2i Frdni Buenos Aires he tumedf -'H northward on the North.. Ame.ricaii leg of his flight. ' THE WEATHER FOR KANSAS—Unsettled weatiw er, probably with showers, toalglit and Thursday;' not maeh change in femperatner. Temprerature—Highest yesterday 68, at 3 p. m.: lowest last night 48 at 5 a. m.; normal.for today.j 53; excess yesterday 5; excess; since January 1st, 352 ^ degrees: this date last year—highest 56; lowept. 3ff. ; i Precipitation for the 24 hours"ending at 7 a. m. today, 00; total' for this year to date,-7.00; excess, since January 1st, .49 inches. Relative huml.dity at 12 soon yesterday, 33 per cent; 17 a^ m.; today* 74 per cent; baroiueter re-:: duced to sea level, 30.15 inches. Sun rises 5:59 a. m.; esta 5 :49'. P- m.- ^ - ,1 • All clear, except Hutchinson^ Salina. Coffeyvllle, Wichita, partly cloudy;_ all roads good Justices Guarded In Massachusetts Boston, Ai>rJI 6. (AP)—Unusual precuiiilonti were taken today to guard members of (he supreme judicial court -of Massachusetts who yestenlay without dissent denied a new trial in the Internationally celebrated case of NIchola Sacco and Bartolomeo VanzettI, sof clallsts convicted-as murders. Guards were posted about the residence of Justice Wm. Cushi^g Wait, who wrote the-'opinion,' and that of Judge Webster Thayer, who presided at the trial, as. well a^ In the , vicinity of the homes of other members of the court. At the Pemberton Square court house special officers were arm ^d nt once, and persons not known to have business near, chamberii i{t whlcih mcinbers of the court Were silting ivere placed under crirefol scrutiny. ^ It was not tho first time that lliolice protection has been Invoked in the six year fight , of tha- two men to escape the death 1& the; electric chair which they. face.. Soclallstio organizations the ; world over have interested themselves in the case! Frequently guards have been posted aboulf ' American embassies in Bi^ope be-i cause of fear that reprisals might be directed at the Amelrcan gov«' ernment. by sympathizers^ of th^ prisoners. K -'is. -.1

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