Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on May 21, 1936 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MAY 31, 1936. [FARM BUREAU INEIPS MV HELPS. t Com planting Well Under Way. torn planting work In the county is ibidJy under way and this week will L, majority of the farmers com- bling this part of their spring work, tal good seed com has been In de- and. Practically one hundred bushel \j been exchanged through the Farm iircau office. This corn has all been sled and represented a surplus which je farmers' brought to the office folic benefit of those who did not have i adequate seed supply. : Ibis county was in the satisfactory jsition and perhaps in much better edition in meeting the demand for w d seed corn than most counties in je state. This shows the interest the rower has in giving the proper at- iition and care in the selection of is seed corn. Information has been run through iese columns calling the farmers' at' mtion to the importance of treating is seed corn. The majority of the mners are abiding by these sugges- ons and should get profitable results ir their efforts. For treating seed corn over a period [several years has shown an average sin of 4 bushel per acre and especial- r is this true where the seed corn is [ the lower vitality than usual and irries much disease organisms,which the case this spring. Fanners cannot afford to neglect •eating their seed when the cost is aiy about two cents per acre. This tar where 100% germination seed >rn is considerable more scarce than sua), suggestions were made that in- reased rate of planting in proportion i the germination percentage be cared out. For instance, if 100% ger uoation seed would be planted three ernels to the hill, the 75 germination itd should be planted four kernels to it hill. brie Voelkcr Gets Special Invitation to Girls' Convention. Marie Voelker, member of the 4-H unshine Makers of Post township, has >ceived a special invitation to attend le color review, a 4-H activity which •ill be given during the state 4-H Hub Girls' Convention at Ames in une. Miss Voelker receives this special ivitation as a recognition of her long nd active 4-H interest as a member (a 4-H club. Miss Voelker until re ently has lived in Clayton county •here she has been active in club ork. After coming to Allamakee she ediately became a member of the THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAGE SEVER. Post township club which shows that I she is anxious to carry on and receive: the benefits offered by this important project. She was one of the representatives who attended the National Convention Congress at Chicago to present the color review as it was given at the Goodman Theatre there. On Thursday evening, June 25, at Ames, the color review will again bo repeated. The Farm Bureau regards this as a very important honor and will try to make satisfactory arrangements in order for her to attend. Henry McShanc Elected Farm Bureau Official. At a meeting held in Franklin township on Monday evening of the past week, at which a large representation of Farm Bureau members were present, Henry McShanc was elected Farm Bureau director of Franklin township. Mr. McShane succeeds Harva O. Miller, who has represented the township as Farm Bureau director during the past few years. Mr. Miller represented his township in an admirable manner, always on the outlook to see that his township was properly represented in the various projects sponsored by the County Farm Bureau organization. Mr. McShane has a splendid record of co-operation and is an ardent supporter of the Farm Bureau. Therefore, he comes into the office well qualified to represent his township and to take an active part in the county activities of the organization. Briefly, the Farm Bureau organization is supervised by a board of directors representing a director from each township, elected by the Farm Bureau members of the township from which he is chosen. Therefore, the county board of directors of the organization consists of the officers and the eighteen directors, one from each township. The duty of this group is to outline the program of work and see that the various activities of the organization are properly carried out. BETHEL Mrs. Arbe Behrens entertained the Contract Bridge Club at her home on Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Will Loui of Postville were visitors Tuesday at the Mr. and Mrs. Arbe Behrens home. Lottie Gruhn spent Thursday night and Friday at the Mr. and Mrs. H. H, Douglass home in Postville. A large number from this community attended the West Grove school picnic at Decorah last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Schultz were callers at the Mr. and Mrs. Arbe Behrens home Sunday morning. This community was shocked last Friday morning to learn of the sudden passing of Will Ewing of Postville. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Nuehring, Oliver and Virginia were Sunday evening visit ors at the Mr. and Mrs. Arbe Behrens home. The Evergreen Wonder Workers were entertained at the Mr. and Mrs, Herman Nuehring home last Saturday afternoon. Delicious refreshments were served at the close of the meet ing. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Johnson, May 27th at three o'clock A full report of the previous meeting will be found elsewhere in the Herald OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD OF RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS OF THE STATE OF IOWA M. E. KALLMAN, M.D. Physician and Surgeon Office Over Luhman & Sanders H. B. THOMSON Graduate Veterinarian Telephone 219 Postville, Iowa Dr.F.W.EIESAU,M.D. Dr. M. P. KIESAU, M.D. Physicians and Surgeons Office over Postoffice Phone 245 J. W. MYERS, M. D. Offices over Kohlmann Bros. Telephones: Office 188W Residence 188X BURLING & PALAS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Over the Postville State Bank Rural Electrification Meetings Held. Two rural electrification meetings were held in the county during the past week. One of these meetings was held at the Cherry Valiey School in Franklin township on Monday evening, while the other was held at the Court House in Waukon on the following Tuesday evening. Both meetings drew a large attendance and considerable interest was manifested in the possibilities of getting electricity on the farm under the REA setup endorsed by the government. C. H. Van Vlack. of the Agricultural Engineering Extension Department, was present at each meeting and gave each group a very clear understanding of how the REA is set up and carried out. Mr. Van Vlack stated that 29 counties in Iowa had already made application to the government for this service. He also slated that in order for any county to get consideration for this government loan there must be at least 25 miles of line constructed and at least 2 or 3 signers to each mile. The speaker itemized the various subjects which would be considered under the total expense in building and maintaining a line through the rural districts. The source of the current, he related, could be obtained through co-operative associations set up through provisions and satisfactory arrangements made with local municipal or utility companies. He informed the group that wherever conditions made it possible the supply of current thru the local power source was the most satisfactory. As a result of the meetings committees were appointed to talk this subject with their neighbors and other members of their committees and range for other meetings to be held within their townships in order to get| nilie the approximate amount of signers that would be interested in carrying out this project. The Farm Bureau organization arranged for Mr. Van Vlack to come to the county in order that definite information and a thorough knowledge obtained regarding this pro- DR. H. D. COLE D e n t is t Office over Citizens State Bank C M. MORGAN Veterinarian Office in Stockman Garage Telephone No. 272 LOUIS SCHUTTE Undertaker and Embalmer Orders Taken For Cut Flowers j R- 0. Woodard Geo. B. Woodard Woodard & Woodard Insurance and Surety Bonds 1 Tele. Office 00-J Residence 33-J J H Vine St. WEST UNION, IA. could be ject. Future possibilities in taking up this work looks quite favorable in the county and in case any community or township meets the required specifications the Farm Bureau will again | arrange for Mr. Van Vlack or some other qualified individual to return' to the county to complete the setup. There's always big news for you in the advertising columns of the Herald. The most dangerous man in America these days, says the Northwood Anchor, is the man who gets behind the steering wheel of an automobile while, as the Ames Tribune phrases it, playing host to a skinful of liquor. And the most difficult thing is to devise some foolproof way to take such a man from behind the steering wheel and put him behind the bars. Up at West Union the other night I met Mr. Ross, who is a candidate against Mrs. Alex Miller for the democratic nomination for secretary of state, says "On the Air" in the Independence Conservative. He told mo that one of the planks in his platform is that if he is elected every republican in the office will walk the plank as soon as he can replace him. I shook.hands with him. Now I want to shake hands with the republican candidate who will say that if lie is elected every democrat will be ousted as soon as he can get around to it. Let's be fair. To the Citizens of Allamakee County: Notice is hereby given that James G. Minert, Waukon, Iowa, doing busi ness as Blackhawk Freight Line, now operating as a motor carrier of freight between Waterloo, Independence, Oelwein, Strawberry Point, Dubuque, Elkader, Monona, Waukon and certain other points, has made application to the Iowa Board of Railroad Commis sioners, under the provisions of Chapter 252-A1, Code of Iowa, 1935, for a Certificate of Convenience and Ne cessity to operate as a motor carrier of freight between (Route 1) Waterloo, Jesup, Independence, Bryan tburg, Hazleton and Oelwein; (Route 2) Oel wein, Arlington, Strawberry Point. Edgewood, Greeley, Colesburg, Lux emburg, Holy Cross, Rickardsville, Durango and Dubuque and (Route 3) Waukon, Postville, Luana, Monona, Froelich, Farmersburg, St. Olaf, Elka der, Osborne, Strawberry Point, Oel wein, Maynard, Fayette, West Union, Clermont, Postville and Waukon, in Black Hawk, Buchanan, Fayette, Del aware, Dubuque and Allamakee Coun ties, Iowa, except for the transportation of (a) freight originating at Waterloo or Independence or at any point intermediate there to and destined to another of those points; (b) freight originating at Dubuque or Colesburg or at any point intermediate thereto and destined to another of those points; (c) freight originating at Waterloo and destined to Maynard, Fayette, West Union, Clermont or Postville; (d) freight originating at Postville. Clermont, West Union, Fayette or Maynard and destined to Waterloo; le) freight originating at Maynard, Fayette, West Union, Clermont or Postville and destined to another of those points; (f) freight originating at Dubuque or Colesburg or at any point intermediate thereto and destined to Elkader; (g) freight originating at Elkader and destined to Colesburg or Dubuque or to any point intermediate thereto; (h) freight originating at Du buque and destined to Independence or Waterloo or to any point intermediate thereto, and (i) freight originating at Waterloo or Independence or at any point intermediate thereto and destined to Dubuque. The Board of Railroad Commission- has fixed Tuesday, June 9, 1936, o'clock A. M., at the office of the Winneshiek County Auditor, Decorah, Iowa, and Wednesday, June 10, 1936, nine o'clock A. M., at the office of the Dubuque County Auditor, Dubuque, Iowa, as times and places for public hearings on this application. BOARD OF RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS OF THE STATE OF IOWA. J. J. LYNCH, Secretary. Des Moines, Iowa, May 11, 1936. Docket No. H-2318. crs Springtide Renewal THOSE who love to watch, the changing seasons, the • dawning of springtime In the fields and woods and even along the city streets, .is ever now. Each returning year one welcomes signs of earth's awakening— the bursting leaf buds, joyous bird songs,' the delicate unfolding of the first wild flowers. Surely this ever-recurring miracle of spring has some significance of permanent value to thOBe who love to watch It. Once a woman sat by her kitchen window burdened with the languor and weariness which she had neen accustomed to associate with' the spring season. Outside, in her little garden, a song sparrow perched on the fence, and the air was filled with his cheery song. Lilacs were In bud and delicate shoots of grass were springing up. Suddenly she remembered the words of the Psalmist (Psalms 104:30), "Thou renewest. the face of the earth." "Thou-renew, est,'' she thought, as she watched the signs of joyful awakening before her. Then she realized that she herself needed spiritual renewal, and that In order to experience that renewal, she only needed to turn to God, who Is the source of all'life. She only needed to realUe that her strength, vigor, and vitality depended upon Him, and not on times and seasons. The words of the prophet Isaiah (40:31), f'They that wait upon'the Lord shall renew their strength," came to her with a deeper significance, and she found herself suddenly rejoicing in her freedom from pain and Weariness, It is related of the prophet Hoses that he was "an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated" (Deuteronomy 34:7).' As the seasons come and go, the human so-called mind is apt to measure life by their passing. But Christian Science reveals that man's life is not measured by the turning of the earth on its axis, nor by its revolution around the sun, for God 1 B Life, and man reflects Life, because he is the image and likeness of God. As this scientific fact of being is understood, men will enjoy better health and longer life, In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 246) Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Except for the error of measuring and limiting all that is good and beautiful, man would enjoy more than threescore years and ten and still maintain his vigor, freshness, and promise." The renewal of strength which results from a scientific waiting upon the Lord can be experienced at any time and at any season. It is not dependent on time or circumstance, but upon the understanding of the ever-presence of God, divine Mind, who is the source of all vitality and strength and activity. There is "no variableness, neither shadow of turn, ing" in the truth of God's ever-presence. Mrs. Eddy also writes (ibid., p. 246), "Let us then shape our views of existence into loveliness, freshness, and continuity, rather than into age and blight." Are we sorrowfully looking forward to "age and blight, ' or are we expecting every day a renewal of "loveliness, freshness, and continuity"? Are we companioning with these latter thoughts, or are we fear ing the dark shadows of age and decay? . . . If our work seems burdensome and the day drags wearily, it is well to remind ourselves of the divine promise that "they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary ^ and they shall walk, and not faint.' This promise is available now, at the present moment. We can avail ourselves now of the ever-presence of divine Life, Truth, and Love. If the need is for more energy, that need is supplied through the understanding that God, divine Mind, is the source of all strength and activity. If to human sense the need is for rest, there are "green pastures" prepared for for those who have need of such re freshment, and Love, the divine Shepherd, leads the discouraged and weary pilgrim beside "the still waters," where he may renew his spiritual strength and drink deeply of that which will satisfy and sustain him.— The Christian Science Monitor. Political Announcements. For County Treasurer I hereby announce myself as a can- For County Supervisor dldate for the office of county treasurer for Allamakee county on the Demo- I hereby announce myself as a can- cratic Uck8t subjec( . tQ ^ dedsion o£ didate for the nomination for member ^ vot£ , rs gt the Junc imarieg _ r of the^Board of Supervisors, for the ghaU • reelate good wiu ^ term beginning Jan. 1, 1937, subject support to the will of the Democratic voters at the June primary election. Your vote and support will be greatly appreciated. JOHN STIRN, Lansing. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Sheriff for Al lamakee county on the Democratic y 0 u r sup "p 0r t will be earnestly appre- ticket subject to the will of the voters dated. at the June primaries and solicit your BERNARD A. HOULIHAN, support and good will, For Sheriff To the Republican Voters of Allamakee County, Iowa: I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of Fortieth district, (Allamakee and Fay- sheriff on the republican ticket, sub- e tt e C0U nties) subject to the decision ject to the decision of the voters at 0 f the Republican voters at the June the June primaries and solicit your primary election, favor and earnest support. PAUL P. STEWART, JOHN P. KING. Maynard, Iowa. ABSENT VOTERS BALLOTS CAN BE SECURED OF CO. AUDITOR Physical disability which prevents an elector from attending the polls oni election day or anticipated absence from the county on election day, entitles an elector to the privilege of-voting an absent voter's ballot. Application for absent voters' ballots must be made to the auditor by mail or in person, by the voter and no other. After such ballots have been marked they may be delivered by the elector in person at the office of the county auditor or may be mailed to the auditor. All such ballots must be in the hands of the auditor prior to election day. . Application for ballot as stated in the preceding paragraph can be made on any day not Sunday, Election Day or a Holiday, and not more than twenty (20) days prior to the dale of election. The voter may also apply at the county auditor's office not more than fifteen (15) days prior to'the date of election and vote an absent voter's ballot. A poultry clinic will be held at Waukon on Friday of this week under the auspices of the Farm Bureau. The hours are from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m, SIMPLEX BROODERS Still at Rock-Bottom Prices ! ! CARLTON SCHROEDER, Postville. For Sheriff. For Supervisor To the Democratic voters of Allamakee county: This will announce my candidacy for member of the board of supervisors of Allamakee county, term commencing January 1, 1938, subject to your approval at the June primaries. JAMES P. BAXTER, Waukon. For State Senator To the Republican Voters of the Fortieth Senatorial District: I hereby announce myself a candidate for the nomination for state senatpr from the For Supervisor For Representative I wish to announce my candidacy j hereby announce myself as a cantor the office of county eupervisor for didate on the republican ticket for the the term commencing January 1, 1937, 0 gi ce 0 f s t a te representative from the and solicit the support of the republican voters of Allamakee county at the | primary election on June 1. FRANK THOMPSON. 90th district, subject to the will of the voters at the June primary election, and solicit your support and good will. LLOYD WALTER, Post Township. PROOF OF WILL For Supervisor—1937 Term. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for member of the Board of Supervisors for the term beginning on To All Whom It May Concern: January 1, 1937, subject to the Repub- Notice is hereby given that an In- lican voters of Allamakee county at strument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Edward P. Durno, Deceased, late of Allamakee County, Iowa, has been opened and read in the office of the Clerk of District Court of Iowa, in and for Allamakee County, and that May 25, 1936, has been set for hearing the proof of the June Primary. P. G. OLSON. For County Attorney I hereby announce myself as a candidate for County Attorney on the republican ticket for a second term subject to the will of the voters at the I said Will in said Court. June Primary, and solicit your good will and support. ' WM. F. SHAFER. For Sheriff I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of sheriff of Alia- akee county subject to the will of the democratic voters at the June primary, and solicit your good will and support. JOHN WITTLINGER. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court this 18th day (Seal) of May, 1936. O. H. FOSSUM,, Clerk of District Court. By H. H. Schroeder, Deputy. For Representative I hereby announce myself as a candidate for state representative 'froml the 90th district, subject to the will of | the republican voters, and will appreciate your support at the June primary election. FRED STRAATE. For Representative I hereby announce myself as a'can­ didate for the office of State Representative from the 90th district of| Iowa, on the Democratic ticket, subject to the will of the voters at the | June primaries, and respectfully solicit your support and co-operation. I OVE T. ROE. For Supervisor To the Republican Voters of Alla- SAM P. GOETSCH Vote for Sam D. Goetsch makee County: I am a candidate for c f DeCOrah for Representa- member of the Board of Supervisors . . , TT '4- A C+ + for the term commencing January 1, live in the United fetateS 1937, and solicit your support and good CongTeSS of the 4th Iowa will at the June Primary. . * •»-».,. , M . c. DEERING, Congressional District on post Township. the Democratic ticket, June 1st, 1936. Here's your opportunity of a lifetime—a chance to get a genuine SIMPLEX Brooder Stove at a rock-bottom price. SIMPLEX is the most famous of all brooder stoves—preferred by leading poultry men for 25 years. Come in and ask for prices and let us explain why SIMPLEX Brooders are sold on a money- back guarantee. MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery 'YOUR 5 .BEST BUY is AH.; My Platform ffc-."..^ YEAR 'ROUND ' -41*' TRACTOR It's fun to run! That describes the Allis-Chalmers Model "WC" — biggest tractor hit in years. Comfortable . . easy to operate . . lots of speed and power. High traction differential— puts the power to wheel with the best footing. Five miles * an hour on the plow; 10 miles an hour on the road. Quick-Hitch implements. Adjustable tread. Dependable power take-off. Quick acting power lift. Truly an all-year, all-crop tractor. • Ask for a demonstration. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY J. P. ELLIS Postville, Iowa The National Union for Social Jus| tice and its 16 points. I am a member ; and a strong supporter of this Union. Change our monetary system according to our Constitution. There will be no confidence in this country until Congress coins and regulates the value of our money. Give us the Frazier- Lemke Bill. Let us restore this nation back to the home owners. Let us have tax free homes up to 40 acres on a farm and tax the non-taxable bonds. Make it easier to become a home owner and harder to lose a home. I am a member and a strong supporter of the Townsend Plan. With our present machine age in competition with labor we must pension the aged to a decent living with a 2 per cent transaction tax to create a buying power and a decent living wage for the young. Cost of production for the farmer with a profit by elevator storage for farm products and Federal money loaned on stored grain at one per cent. Tariff high enough to protect our stored grain and butter and meats. Protect our American farmer, factory and American laborers against foreign scab labor. Investigate my record in the Senate of the 46th General Assembly. This advertisement is sponsored by the local units for Social Justice. Be sure and go and vote at the primary election on June 1st, and call for a Democratic ticket and support our candidate. You may write to Sam D. Goetsch, Decorah, Iowa, for his platform.

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