The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 29, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1892
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Tin Postville Weekly Mew. POSTVILLE, BAT'DAY, OOT. 99. W. H. BXTBDIOK, Kditor. tittered at the pottofficc "t roslvillc as tteond-olass matter. National Republican Ticket. For President, BENJAMIN 11AIUUSON, of Indiana. For Vico-Prcsident, WHITELAW REID, of Now York. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS- FOK ELKCTOKS AT LA11GE. A. B. Cuinmings of Polk. Milton Renilcy, .. of Iowa. DISTRICT ELECTORS- First W. M. Walker, of VnnBurcn. Second Cbns. Lewis, of Johnson. TUird C. E. Albrook, of Hardin. Fourth H. P. Hancock, of Fayette. Fifth Henry Stone, of Marshall. Sixth B. F. Carroll, of Davis. Seventh E. It, Hayes, of Marion. Eighth.... L. C. Mcohen, of Appanoose. Ninth. ..John Linett, of Pottawattamie. Tenth 'A. A. Church, of Green. Eleventh .E. D. Chassell, of Plymouth. STATE TICKET. For Secretary of Stale, W. M. McFAHLANU, of Km melt comity. For Attorney (loneral, JOHN Y. STUNK, of M ills county. For Treasurer of State, BY HON A. BEESON, of Marshall county. For Auditor of State, c. n. MCCARTHY. of Story county. For Railroad Commissioner, (}. W. PERKINS, of Fremont county. CONGRESSIONAL TICKET. For Representative Fourth District, TIIOS. UPDEGRAFF, of Clayton county. COUNTY TICKET. For Clerk of the District Court, J. P. RAYMOND. For Couutv Auditor, J. H. MEIER. For Recorder of Doeds, AXEL P. DILLE. For Supervisor, MERMAN B. HINRICKS. COUNTY AUDITOR. Thus far in tho campaign we havo .said vory little on county politics. '.While wo havo known, as everybody -also knows, that all our candidates are .at least tho poors of the doniocrntin i nominees, wo have left it to them to ' make their own campaign, as the most • of them aro bettor acquainted with -our readors, perhaps, than with us. But as we in tho southwest part of tho •county, for tho first time havo a candidate for one of tho more prominent positions, wo feol more than an ordinary Interost in tho matter, not only on aocount of location but on account of the fltnoss of tho man for tho plnco. Wo nave not said and will not say one word against Mr. Collins as an oQicer or as a Ho is a good man ami a good oflloor. So was Presidoni Grant, and still the party refused to give him a third term. Mr. Collins has ocoupiod the position of auditor, either as principal or deputy, for about fifteen years, and '.his should bo enough for any man. We do not blamo him for accepting the nomination whon tendored to him. The blame lies with the party for renominating and the people for reelecting a man for so many loruis in succession, whon there aro so many other good mou who havo better claims. Jchn H. Meier is amply qualified for the position. His business as lutrnber of tho board for tho past three yoars has been intimately connected with tho auditor's office and it lias givon him a good preparation for tho placo. Ho is quick, aotive and onergotio ami has those elements of affability which will make him popular in any position in which ho may bo placed, aud should ho bo elected we venture tho assortion that he will prove one of the best and most popular ofllcials who ever hold a "chair" in our court house, and we know that is saying a good doal. Post township, in a businoss sense at least, ranks second in the county, and still it never has been givon a prominent county office, at loast not one of the prominent paying offices. Only two mon havo boon givon the position of supervisor. Tho democrats gave one term of tho legislature, one term of oounty attornty and two terms of sheriff to us. The republicans have had one term of supervisor and one term of sohool superintendent. But we havo never had a treasurer, auditor, clerk or recorder, which aro considered tbo best oflloes. Now there is an opportunity to do us justice in a partial man nor, and wo ask the poople of the county, regardless of party, ID this instance, to lio'p us out. and especially tho people of this section of the county- Post township should oast a solid ballot for John H Meier. Such a ballot would be a credit to the voters aud ft nredlt to the oounty CONGRESSIONAL. Wo have deemed it idle and unnecessary to say vary much as to the congressional candidates in this district on general principles. In the section where tho REVIK-W mainly circulates the candidates are generally known and their ability and general standing are household words. It i? no pnrt of our desire to use personalities or abuse in politics or anything olso. As a rule if we cannot speak woll of any man we say nothing. In politics if a man is :ilmsed, even if it is merited, it creates a sympathy which does him moro good than harm." We havo no doubt but uoarly everything said of tho personal character of Mr. Clovelnnd in 1881 was true, anil yet wo believe tint personal tight is what elected him president. As nothing has or eanbesnid against tho lifo or character ot Mr. UpdcgralY we pvoposo to say nothing against Mr. Butler outside of his public nets and expressions, like his Crosco "blufT," which are tho property of the public It is therefore our province to deal willi tlio campaign on general principles rather thau with personal candidates. Tho position of member of congress is preeminently a political and iv national office, and it ou^ht lo bo reasonable to suppose so long as thore are no local antagonisms engendered against either party such as grow out of postollien changes, that tho voter will he governed solely in his vote by his convictions on tho platforms of the two parlies. For inslnnco wo havo right to expect if a man favors freo trade, free state bank circulation ami a restricted ballot lie will uaturally vote for Mr. Butler, oven though ho may know that Mr. Updeginff is fur the better and abler man in every otlior ros pert. On the other hand no man cm consistently vote for Mr. Butler if he bolievcs in protection aud reciprocity, sound national money, such as we have had for thirty years, and a freo and untrammeled ballot, Mr. Updcgraff lu his candidacy represents tlieso principles fully and entirely and Mr. Butler opposes thorn. If eloctod Mr. Updo gruff will give his voice and vote, together with all tho inlliicnco he can command to these groat cardinal principles which have made tho United Slatts the envy of the world. If Mr Butler is elected ho will work and voto to unsettle tlio stability of everything, not only tho money of the eotiutry but tho industries and tho labor of the country under tho gui.«o of a tariff for rovenuo only. The question for the voter to dceide is whethor or not to exehango a cer- laimty for an iiucortniuly, actual prosperity and progress for what at best is a theory that may work widespread ruin and paralyze all our industries ns well as our monetary system. It seoms to us Unit the people of this country aro not prepared to take this great risk or lo try such experiments as are presented by tho other side. If not thoy will vote for Mr. Updcgraff and the republican national ticket rngnrdlass of foru<cr affiliations or local issues which havo no bearing in this oloction. Tlioro is no class of our citizens moro favorable to good, honest money, that is worth ono hundred cents on a dollar anywhoro in tho world, or nro by nature and education more favorable to protection to labor than are our German citizous; and wo believe that hundreds of llioni in the quiet of tho election booth will sooie'.ly vote in accordance with their lifo long convictions on tlieso groat questions, and leavo until next year the dooision on state quos- ions, whoro thoy properly belong. If thoy do this Mr. Updcgraff will be triumphantly oloetcd and the 4th district will tnko its plaoo again in tho republican column whoro it belongs on national issues. WHO THEY ARE. Brief Tacts Regarding Republican Candidates. [Lansing Mirror.] A vory good and wise nomination by tho county convention was that of .JOHN V. HAYMOND for the olllco of clnrk of courts. During L. M. Bcarce's administration of the office of clerk, Mr. Raymond seryod as deputy. It was a rare thing to find him unoccupied, tho alluils of tho olllco being almost entirely entrusted to him. No man ever sought information from Johr. P. Raymond, but received a cour Icons and prompt reply. He is a gentleman of lino education, serving a term most acceptably as county superintendent of schools. Three yoars ago JOHN II. MBIKK, of Post township, was elected member of tho board of supervisors, of which ho occupies the position of chairman, serving with honor to himself and satisfaction to tlio people Mr. Meier not desiring to servo longer on tho board, was placed in nomination by the convention for tho office of auditor. Ho is a German, an excellent business man, ono in whose enre the duties of tiio auditor's olllco may bo safely entrusted. Mr. Meier should roceive a rousing majority, and if we mistake not the feeling regarding his opponent hero in Lansing is shared by voters all over the county. Victory is sure for Mr. Meier! AXEl. r. DU.I.K is ono of the best known and among the most intelligent farmers in Allama- ,kee county. He is a Norwegian by birth. BOCMISO Mr. Dillc is a farmer it must not lie inferred that he is not a competent man for tho position of recorder. We all know there are men engaged in agricultural pursuits who aro well educated, some of thoni eol lego graduates. Such men are always successful on the farm, as Mr. Dillc has been. During tho busy season lie aided Treasurer Bryant, ami his work was neat and tasty. Ho is in every way worthy. FOK SUI'EKVISOK. A mistake is always made in nominating for cilice any man whore thcr exists a doubt of failure to accept, or who fails So give good evidence of his willingness to aid himself and the ticket Such nomination and refusal on tlio part of the nominco weakens tho entire ticket. Mr. Robinson, nominee for supervisor, was not, as wo understand consulted; therefore no blame can attach to him for his refusal. The name of Herman B. Hinricks, of Union City township, will bo found iu the ticket, Ihe gontleinan having consented to make tlio race against tho democratic nominee. We are unacquainted with Mr. Hiniicks, but ho is spoken of by his neighbors as a man fully able lo perform the duties of tho olllco. MORE BLUFF. In his paper, tho Fayetto Co. Union. Mr. Butler this week prints another lottor charging perjury upon tho thirty or moro prominent oilixons of Creseo and Limo Springs who mado nQldavit to the faots that ooourrod at tho joint dobato in tlieso towns, and again challenges Mr. Updcgraff to a joint debate at Crosco. As wo staled last wook auothor joint dobato there would throw no light on tho former debate. If Mr. Butler has got a case why don't ho either commence suit for perjury or submit affidavits in rebuttal? It looks very muoh llko a continuation of tlio bluff game. And by tho way how do tho Howard county citizens like lo appear ns perjurers? Wo have personally known many of those men for thirty yoars, some of thorn for a longer time, and if thoy are not reliable mon then it is useless to look for any in Iowa. And is it not an evidence of illimitable chook for ono man, without the sanctity of an oath bohind him, to chargo wholosale perjury upon a large number of the most prominont citizens of a county? Mr. Butler must do something ni"i'o than ho has yet done to dear up this mattor or he won't got a corporal's guard of votes in Howard county, and it will militate largely against him all over tho district. Tho iefereuoo is that ho in badly scared or he would hardly Inks Gov. Boios out ou to tho prairie at Garnavillo to make a speech. It is now very evideut that if republicans will do their duty and turn out to tho polls Mr. Updcgraff will suroly be oleoted. ""DlFHOBliT to loeata—a rennhllojui THE Dubuque Times says that Walt Butler is boing called ou his bluffs wherever ho goos. Ho has now boon taken down several times on statements made by him, some of which show his ignorance and oliiors his unfortunate propensity to misstate. One of his last statements was about steel rails, in which he protouded to quoto from Labor Commissioner Wright of the Washington bureau. Ho produced tlieso pretended quotations to sustain tlio statement mudo by him that in manufacturing a ton of steel rails England pays more for tho labor than Amorica. Butler was speaking in Ana- mesa nt the time, and tlio editor of tlio Eureka thought ho would hunt up just what Mr. Wright did say on this subject. Hore is what tho editor found: "In his sixth annual report, 1800, on pages 173 and 17 f >, Commissioner Wright gives tho cost of direct labor nocossary lo produco a ton of slqol rails in tho United Slates and England as follows: United States $11.69 England $ 7.81" Tlio abovo is a fair sample of tho mauner iu which Butler is runuiug his oampaigii, by bluff and mendacity. HON. THOS. UPDEORAFF. REPUBLICAN LEAGUE CONVENTION. A oou von turn of Iho Republican League of Iowa (to bo followed by a grand oveningMnss Meeting and Street Demonstration) will be held at Cedar Rapids, Wednesday, November 2,181)2, at 2 o'clock p. iu. Every republican club in tho state will be entitled to threo (8) dologates, and one additional delogato for every twenty members or fraction over half that number. Counties will also bo enlitled to live delegates to ho named by tlio respective chairmen of tho county central committees. Business of importance is lo be cousidorod and a number of the host orators of tho country will address the convention. Prizos to tho largest aud best equipped marching clubs will bo awardod by the republican olubs of Cedar Rapids. Presidents nnd secretaries of clubs are ox-oflicio delegatus to this stato convention. F. R. CONAWAV, JOHNSON BUIUIIAM, Secretary. Prosidonl. THK National Bulletin this wook published tho full list of Cleveland's pension votoeB, 624 iu all, giving a brief account of oaoh, It is a list that naturally would mako a soldier turn pale with rage. Tlio democratic papors attempt lo make it appear that nil these bills were frauds, but they will tail to statu that every one of thom were acted upon and passed by a democratic house of representatives. In 1888 tlio soldiers did not vote for Clovelnnd and thoy will not in 1892. Ho was not olectod In 1888 and ho will onot be iu 1892. ^</3&.» I WK SOO by tho McGragor News that IV.- Updcgraff vory properly aud sonsl bly refuses to moot Mr. Butler again at Crosco, not to discuss the political issues, but to explain what was said at tholr foruior discussion. The" large audience then in attendance know juet [Entailer ArRus.I Few indeed are tho men iu northern Iowa, who aro belter or more favorably known than tlio Hon. Thomas Updo- grafl, the present republican candidate for congress iu this congressional district, and therefore a sketch of his public life and service would seem lo be unnecessary, but as Mr. Updcgraff has been in private life for some years past it may not seem superfluous for us to give in a short skotcli of his past public life and service, some of the recollections of his public acts wherein he has contributed to the benefit of his follow citizens. Mr. Updegraff was born in Tioga county. I'ennsvlvanin, on April Did, 1831, and as his ramo imports, lie is of Gorman descent, and lie comes from an old family that had settled iii that stato long betoro the revolution and who have always boon known for their ardent love of human liberty, nnd today wo IInd the various branches of the family scattered over Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and many of tho southern slates, nil of them retaining the traits, character unit high prominence as public and private citizens as their old aud revered ancestors. Mr. Updcgraff enme to Clayton county with his brother-in-law, Hon. Elijah Odoll, and settled iu Garnavillo, and then commenced tho study of law in tho office of Mr. Odoll. It will be remembered that at this limo Robert R. Read was the popular clerk of the district court, having served in that capacity over six years, but lie was getting old, the work was accumulating, nnd discovering in Mr. Updegraff a quick and rapid writer, lie made him his deputy, and after a few months he resigned the olllco, with a recommend to the board to appoint Mr. Updegraff his successor, which was accordingly done, and at the election following Mr. Updegraff was elected to the vacancy and again in 18,18 ho was elected to succeed himself for two years. In this office Mr. Updegraff proved an able and oOicicnt clerk, and lieoonie known through the country as ono of its rising and most promising young men, and it was then and there that he laid the foundation for honesty, integrity and abililv that has ever since kept his nnino prominently before tho public. In 1801 he commenced the practice of the law in the county whon he soon rose to a very high rank as a lawyer among the profession, a rank that ho novel lost. At tho election in 1878 Mr. Updcgraff with Mr. Alexander Bloediing as his colloagiie, was elected from Clayton county as a member of the 17th general assembly and it was at this sussiou that Mr. Updegraff brought himself into notice ns a public speaker, a debater and a legislator, which laid the foundation for his future career as a public mar. In 1878 ho was elected to congress in what was then called 'the 3rd district, and selected again in 1880 to succeed himself. In those two bodies ho occupied a prominent position on suveial committees and by his loarniug, his ability, his woll known industry, together with his knowledge and experience ho soon rose to tho very first rank among the ablest men of thoso bodios. He took a prominent part in tlio discussion of great national questions, mado himself familiar willi evory department of the government, and when ho received from any source a letter of inquiry, or a request to attend to some business, the lctior was promptly answered, tho business promptly attended lo, to tlio satisfaction of all and at the end of his congressional career lie was called by all mon and all parties, our good and faithful representative. Mr. Updegraff was one among the true and loyal men of tho republic during its darkest hours, and his voico mid his pou were never for a moment idle in its defense, and ho as well as others have since seen Hut value of tho union uot only to the present, but for all coming tlino, and It is this knowledge of its value that makes him today tho ardent friend of those who contributed by their valor to savo it. "Wo novor, nevor can pay these old worn out vetorans too much" is liis constant ejaculation in public and private, and hundreds of tlieso old warriors are today resting their rheumatic limbs in case and comfort through the exertions of Mr. Updegraff both iu nnd out of congress. In 1884 Mr. Updegraff was. again the republican oandidato for congress but was defeated by Mr. Waller, a green backer, when ho returned again to tho practice of his profession, and this ho has steadily pursued until ho has again boon called upon by tho republicans of tho district for the fourth limo to lead them on to victory, and ho is now making through the district the most determined and brilliant campaign of his lifotimo. It has boon a cardinal and lifo long idea willi him. that the prosperity hnd happiness of this nation require that it should use and consume its own raw material and that tho producer and consumer should bo ns near to each other in the Kami) neighborhood as it is possible to bring them. Ho BOOS that our population is daily and hourly increasing at a rapid rule, and it is witli him another cardinal Idea that it is the duty of this government to provide vocations of labor for all, and that prudence requires that every waterfall should bo harnessed into a manufactory, that our vast coal tlolds should bo made to drive the Corliss enginos, and that ovcry powor that human ingenuity can discover, should bo employed in every portion of our land, all demanding hand and skilled labor, and this labor in turn demanding of tho farmer tlio annual productions of the soil. Ho believes tiiat around and about tho localities of tlieso ivauufactorlos, cities, towns and villages would grow up into iiuportanoe aud prosporitv, daily and .hourly uulivoned by tho whistle of I engines and the hum of thousands of spliidlus. Ho is also a strong advocate of the eftlolouoy and pormanenoy'of'our present unlional ourreuoy, and ho looks upon tlio attempt of his adversary, to drive It, out of circulation by tliu Institution of stato hanks, as being fatal lo tho prosperity of all of our domestic affairs. Like ex-prosidout Cleveland and many other sensible democrats, Mr. Updegraff rogards tho voto of his adversary iu congress to impose his silver iK/llar upon tlio people, not only as a gipss fraud upon them but an attempt to diivu the gold of tho country out of circulation. Mr. Updcgraff is opposed to Ills adversary's freo trido plank, and declares that is either a tariff for Amor- lea or direct taxation tor tho support of tho government, mid tho payment of our debts, and on every occasion ho has demanded of his adversary to name tho articles of imports ou which he would piaco n tariff for revenue, without receiving a- reply. Mr. UpdografV deolaros that a tariff for rovouuo Is also a tariff'for nroteo- tlou, and rogards the monthly llow of omlamnis to these shores, us Uiu limit towards nil niu! OH his private character there is not a single stain that for one moment sullies it, and it is those characteristic) both of head and of heart, at home nnd abroad as well ns his talents, ability and learning that have given him such a fast hold upon the affections of tlio people. There is no man living who can say, "Updegraff wronged mo." Mas. HAitmsoN, passed peacefully away to the groat beyond on Tuesday morning at an early hour. Tho president and family have the sympathy of tho entiro poople regardlols of political bins. Tlieso dark shadows fall ovor tlio highest ns well as over tho lowest. None aro oxenipt from the payment of tho debt of nature and none can tell when the shaft will fall. Tho scriptural injunction is, "Bo yo also roady." '•THE Crcston Advertiser pertinently asks: 'If froe initio in raw sugar is such a good thing for tho poople, why would not free trade in somo of Millionaire Carnegie's Homestead products bo equally good foY them?' " Thore is nothing pertinent at all in this, as overy school boy ought to know. There can be no comparison belweeu sugar, winch cannot bo produced in quautilios sufticiout to supply tho demand hero, and tho products of iron, which can be. CLOSING SALE Of Boots Shoes, HERMAN B. HINKICKS tho republican candidate for county supervisor, is one of the best known men of tlio northern part of the county, a good business man, a successful farmer, in evory respect thoroughly roiiable, possessing tho conlidctice of all his neighbors, anil woll litted to look after the interests of the people and tax-payers. He should receive n majority of tho votes of the county ns the right man for the position. Ho has not sought the place, but tiic place has sought him, and lie has consented lo run atIho earnest request of the republicans of tho county, know ing his ability and fitness for the post tion. —Wankon Standard. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —A lady rolativo of tlio Becker family lias boon visiting at tho doctors for some days. —Wo understand that Mayor Clinton lias purchased the lumbor yard real estate of J. S. Molt. —Gov. Boies will speak at Garnavillo next Tuesday afternoon and at McGre gor Tuesday ovouiug. —Tom Shortreod lias coniinoncod re. pairs on tho Stafford blacksmith shop which ho purchased recently. —Ed. Cornell and Will Holaliau have gone to Chicago to view iho remains of the Columbian demonstrations. —Jns. Cuny and family have return oil to Postville and occupy the Charley SchulU residence on the west side. —Honry Frlsbin and wife nro hero on a visit to relatives. Ho Is a cousin o M's. J. H. Sanders, and resides in tin state of Now York We intend to quit business, and therefore we will sell our entire stock of Ladies', Gentleman's and Children's Shoes, Slippers, Rubbers, Men's and Boy's Boots, R EGARDLESS * OF * (Q ST. These are all the Latest Styles and were bought for the fall and winter trade. Now is the time to buy your Fall and Winter Footwear for you can get them at WHOLESALE PRICES. — Wo regret to learn of the death of Mrs. Katie Brown, nee Slioehy, at her homo in Kansas. The remains will be brought to Cloriuont for intcrmont. —Mr. Dains lias boon up from l)y- sart sovoral days looking after the farm interests near Frankvillo. He is well satisfied with business prospects at I)y- surt. —Just as wo expected Wnlt Butler will not speak iu Postville until Iho ovoning boforo elecliou, whon there will be no opportunity to reply, either by tho press or speaker. —Tho Crosby family got oft'on their trip to California last Tuosday evouing, where it is hoped thoy will arrive safely. John is an "orphan" now. Ho should proceed at once to got another mother nearer by than tho Pacilic const. --Tlio Congrogational church hero has oxtauded a call lo Rev. L. S. Hand, now looalnd at Sioux Rapids. As wo go to press we havo not learned wheth­ or ho has accepted or not. Ho has never preached hero wo bolievo, but ho is vory highly rocoiunioiuled. Mass Meeting of tlio Iowa State Republican Clubs, nt Cedar Rapids, November 2, 1892. For this occasion iho Burlington, Cedar Rapids A Northern Railway will sell excursion tickets to Cedar Rapids from all its stations iu Iowa, at a rate of One Faro for tlio round trip. Tickets on sale Nov. 1 and 2, good lo retain until and inoludiug Nov. 8, 1892. For further information call ou ticket agents. J. E. HANNHOAN , G. T. & P. A. The Saturday Blade is tlio greatest nowspnpor woiulor of the age. It is four years old and has a circulation of ovor a quarter of a million copies a week. The latest sensations and tho most IUIU'VOIOUN events aro written up in tho best stylo and fully illustrated. Subsoriptious received at $2.00 pur year, $1.00 for six mouths, or 60o for throo months. Special luduooiuonts to olubs. Send for froe specimen copies. Boys ovory- whero aro making big money soiling t|io Blado ou the streets. Write for particulars. Address the publisher, W. D. Boyee, 113, 116 and 117 fifth avenue, Chicago. Alt Oiltl Itiloa at Havujfoi. It Is a oisrlous fact that Mexico poa- Beesos an Island in tlio Gulf of California only a ooimle ot inlloB from the main land ot the State of Bouora, aud not ovor thirty nillos from Hermoslllo, S^'N. B. 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D., 1 'IlYoICIAN AND SUUUKON. Oflice and roniihtncu ovi;r Chliss' New r'uiiuNuu Umpotiiun, I'ostvillu' luw.t. of J. SHEPHERD M. L)., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, U. S. rUNsIUN ItXAMlNKU, Ofllo* nt roslilonoo on aroon Btvout, BUCOUII noitaii hunt of Hoy & MoNoil'a Harilwu: n. DANIEL A. JERALD, ZMZerdiaxit Tailor, Postville, Iown. All work'warranted io give satisfaction. A full lino of the latest styles in samples. BR. J. S. GREEN, viiYsieiAN ,v si: u<; ICON, Ollicn and Residence Southwest par town. All culls promptly attended L. STROEBEL & SON, — PHOPlllKTOllS Of — Postville Boot and Shoe Store, (AT AUMSTllONU'A llOLTKll'a OLPHTANU.J Have a full line of itoots, Shoes, Slip- p'jis, Uuhbcrs.and everything kept in a No. 1 general .shoe store. Custom work anil repairing neatly and promptly done, Kvory uair warranted. We Keep no shoddy. DR. MABRY, I'HYSICIANtK SUItGISON. Office and resldenc e nt Purl; Hotel. Calls will recoivo prompt attention da) and night. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, IiiBuriuico Agoutaiul Collector, Authorised to pmotloo iu nil tlio courts of tlm statu, Ofl\c» ovui Lton'a Btoru, brio It blook. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B, HART, Proprietor. Opposite i - Postville - State - Bank. Nono but the best meats purchased. Everything in lirst-elast shape. Courteous treatment to till. Prices alwajs tho lowost. FRED. N. BEEDY, POLAND CHINA HOGS. CHOICE 1'IUS OL' U1T11KK SKX Tor sale at low prices. Aro good breeders and make a largo line lion- of superior style. Farm two miles no'rtli- east of Poaivllle, lowii. 0. W. IlAllKIM. On and alter Sunday, Nov. trains on the C. M. & St. p leave Postville as follows. 'iv will (iOINIi KAST. Passsiigi'is. No. 2 4 M.I n No. 4 (night) a n Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock .. No. (i Way No. 12 Milwaukee Stock IIOINII WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night No. 3 Freights. No. 7 Way Freight.... No. !) Time Freight .... No. I' Time Freight... •11:0;-,;,. m •4:10 p. li.. .6:U. r ) p. ni I '-'.'JO a. in. 10r *j.*i a. m. 11: <j."> ii. m • f'-.iil )). Ill • KM.') p. tn All Freight trains mentioned, except No. 12, carry passengers when provi,l,.,| with proper transportation. Nt.. y del ween N. McGregor and Mason City. M. E. TAI.COTT, Agent.' B. C. R.&N.P..E. -i-PHOTOG-BAPHER.-:- And Doalor Postville in Picture Frames. Iowa A YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTION PAYS Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. Those intending to purehsiso Menu" menial work for future delivery wil' find it to their advantage t i examine M. y. Kidder's (j rani to Work iu Cemeteries, as he is doing Ural-class work at as low prices as can bo procured in tho country- If he has not culled upouyou drop him a card at Decorali and he will bo ploasod to visit you with Designs tuid samples of all kinds of (iranlte, at the L»\vest possible prices. M. V.KIDDER, 34mft Docbrah, Iowa. A Guaranteed Ciliu lor I'lloa of whatever klml or dcKi-uii—lixlarital, Internal, Ullml or nisodiua, llcliltiK, Chronic, Recent or Horedlmry, Thlu Kuinodv lias positively never been itnowu to fall. St.u) it box, 6 boxes for S5.00: sum by mall iireuiild 011 receipt of price. A written Guarantee positively nlvk.ii to ouch purchaser of 6 boxes, when purchased tit one time, to refund tho Jj.oo paid If uot curod. Guarantee Issued by K. N. DOUGLASS, Dauaotsv. Sole Auent, Postville, Iowa, PAEKBR'S LEAVING AND ARRIVING^ TIME OF TRAINS. IMX'OltAll DIVISION. Time Table in effect May U93 Passenger going North... iVl'u. 1' i\ South &:0(), •• Freight. " North, ^AU, Y. M " South, 11:00, A. M. J• K. Pi:i ;iiY AJI* 11'. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONGREGATION A I, .-llev. N. I,. liuriiui. fin- tot. every Sunday utlC.:iU A.M. and 7:30 I'll. Kiil.l.ath Schi .i 'l iiiinu-iliatcly uftor ir.nrniue; service. Y. 1'. S. 1:. r. iiut -ta every Sunday evening (it 1;.].",. l'ntyhr Meet- ii'L' Wednesday ovenint-'s. MKTIIODI8T.—Ilov. K. J. I.ortwoci.l, Vaster. I reaching services evory .Sunday at 10::I0A M . and 7:110 I'. M. S-ulil.uth School ilr.lucia- utoly uftcr morning siirvico. The l'.pMi'ilh League every Sunday evening at li :00 oVled:. l'rayor mooting every Wudnetday eveniuu ut 7 :00 o'clock. Yoi: are earnestly inviu d. POSTVILLE LODGES NOBLE LvlDGE No 51. A . v. u. ir. The Koynl Ancient Order of United Workmen meet!? the Second and 1'oiirth Saturday evenings in each month, in the Masonic Hull over the Brick Drug tore. J. W. SiiEiaiY, M. W. WM. SiiErilKifD, Recorder. EltOTHERLY.XOVE LODGE No. 204, A. f. it --I. M. Regular meetings on Tuesday evening on or before the full of the nititin. All brethren iu good standing tire cordially invited to attend. K. I). STII.I:S, W. M. WM. MOTT , Sec'y. STATIONERY. Don't forgot, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. J.A.HAVIRLAND, "Veterinary Surgeon. fOSTVU.I.K, IOWA. Ollice lirst door East of the Commercial House, Green St., Po.stville, Iown. A line set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept 011 han il Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly answered Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origina. Postville Urav I'ine 1 11111 prepared to do all kinds of draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily, (iood teams, good drays and cnrefii 1 drivers f.lwnys nt the sorvioo of the public, al fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy town oroountry promptly ilone. $x,ooo.oo REWARD Offered for any Machine 'thai will Uo as groat rango of work and do It M IWJIy ttud an null ui mm lm rinnn m»

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