The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 5, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1927
Page 6
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(Cootinuiid-from Face ti • .s FABSOXK Dtf^VT VOTB DESPITE HEATiti > ¥mm « Parsons, Kaus., ^pr.-6 (AP)— Despite a fiUter personal pre-elec- tJon Tight few persons we; it; to the polls here this mpming. Sheriff Alfred Coad. Oswego, and Chief of Police-laamW Ei«n. ^ila^t! night prpmbed toliave onioers at all pre- . evidence this morning . ^hc principal fight is that of iMoy^r A .C. Holce, i^cunlbent.. op- jKMed in his candidacy fdr a third terjn hy James Powers; ^rmer fiupe'riutehdent of the •waier-worlcs. Besides life mayor, two city com- rotssioners and.three members of the school board are to be elected today. Indications are that the in- rthiibents! will be i^turned for another term. . The wpathe'r- IH'XOOI and cloudy hfcre today. .(as riiANcnisB Js UP I.> EMPORIA ELEtTlOX Kmporla. Kans., Apr. 5.. (AP)---A decision on thd proposad naturiil xgas rrat4-bise will be nude at the ! polls hoiic today. The Emporia Gas company seeks a 20-year' franchise > to sell natural gas which has been .'piped from, near filmilale. , The franchise is the leading issue and diff ^renpe of opinion regarding the fairncsi^ of the 'proposed rat^s has ^ developed some hitterness. A com- .1 misslener of finance, three schi^l 'board members and ^ school board J treasurer also will .be (Bitted* i LARGE TOTE EXPECTED AT WlELLlNGTP.N TODAY ! \yeUington, Kani. April 5. fAP)-^ • i Cheerful skies and mild temperatures marked today's city election and held forth the promise of a. large percentage of the more than 2.000 registered voters, casting ballots. . . ; A commissioner of jstreets i and ' public utilities, four members and a treasurer-of the board of education will< be elected. There is' but lijltle Interest in the campaign and only friendly rivalry. ' .\ >, 1 • •• ' • • (TAX LEW QLESTIO.NS XKy. UP IN' WI>FIELD iWinfield. Kan., Aiiril B. (AP)— Two propositions, attracted the only . interest today at Winfifeld's :§lty election and a light vbte is expected. The propositions' are for ;tai levies; one to provide support for Hid Winfield municii^l fiand. the other to rebuild and; enlarge the pavilion: at ' the municipal fair groundK. Members J of the city 7 commission and board; of educa.tioh I have no, oppbsition. ) OTTAWA EtECTIO^ irODAV TERYj griETi IS REPORT Ottawa, Kan., April 5: (API — Humboldt Ekces Ended With (Sradufting Class Fkr injLead. I ' • J " -—!— •• ' i ' . .Humboldtv Aprj 5.—(Special)-^ The lilgh school inter-class track promisea lo nare oixioenj m an JUS- . , — ^ clicts today but tfaey were not In meefw as finished yesterday. The - A • ! mepf was easlv won by tlie senior meef was easily won by the senior class wifich had'no close rival. The senior nicn won, first iii eight e\'ents, second,in five, third In fivei and fourth in'tito events, making 66/point* total. The senior relay team was also victorious. The frcsbmeq tallied next |o the sen'r iors, in :tltelr number^;af points.' Howevcrir all. their iJqiuts we/e maia 'by one man,' RoyiJuy. high point man of the meet, Wlio made 28^ points. Th(i sophomores made 23 points and th« juniors 19. misflloncr of flnnnce, throe members of the Iraard of ,educiition and treasurer of thd Imard of education are'the only officials to be chosen today. The contest is between n. n. Bennett, who is asking for a second term as finance commissioner, and P. SI. Bushong, a former mayor of Kepublic City. Manhattan's registration is 3,419. ARKA.X.SAS tifV VOTE IS >0T IIEAW TODAY Arl^ansas / City, Kans.. "Apr. r5. (AP)4-With the race for commis- sionei- of public utilities alone aroufflng interest, a light vbte iai beingT: cast here today. The two; candidates for the place on the commission. L. G. Collins,| who is seeking re-election,- anil Frank-U. Thompson, conducted an active campaign. There are i six candi-' dates for the four places' on/the: board of education and a single candidate for treaffury of the board. 3,50?' per.eons ar^ eligible to vote. The weather here is unsettled and cool;: ^ For Jhe first tinle In all his many horseback tumbles, an action picture For Hie iirsi ume lu uii inn MIBHJ — — • l|i. taken Of the Prince of Wales (loft) actually coming u cropper. It is evident from the singular position of his mount's hind legs as hexlears thTf1 ?Hthrdle In the Grand MiUViry-Lightwelght P.Hnt-t«-Hoint st..t.,..e- cl^^sTat"S^ England, thui the hurdle^has been ovcr-Jumi^il.^ex- pfttlnlng why horife and royhl rider went head over heels. Throw" «;a. and t ninjured, Edward remounin.! and finished the race. C. H. lI..r%.->, pn ••-TiKer.':' who won. Is taklnrt le hurdle at tlicrlghu m GDO0 Team Will Bef Excdptioiii^ ally Strong in Long arid (Middle Dtonccp. be very niiddl,' RAllS ADVANCE llumors of Dividends Send Issufes to High Marks. Ottawa Is having a day. the only contest Kuel W. Mitchell an the latter a former'mayor.-for the posjt of conimlssionar. of finance. •Mumbers of the school' board have 110 quiet election being between il A. H. Slater. opposition. PITTSBIRG ELECTIO.V VOTE IS jVERV HEAVY Pittslmriiil Kan.. April 5. (API— With^ ideal 'weather j prevailing, .the I'lttsburg vpters k(>pt^ the polls busy today iis thdyi balloted to fill tUe offices of ma^tor. four commis- sioncrs and three city court; offic- i ials. in addition to J three members .\\ of tlie board of educiafion. A special vote also was being taken !6n - a proposal to i^ie $10,000 i in bonds for a new ealst side park..' • 'The vote at tb'ej primary last ; week was one of the Ijeavlest'on I j -ecord and today's is expected; to J far exceed it. Some ok the • contests for city offidcs ^ave bean i spirited. • ! LAIVREM E VOTE IS AROIJiD THE AVER,1GE .Lawrence, Kan., April 5. (AP)— A fair early vote turned out for the city; election here today follow-ing a campaign in whfch only mild' interest w^s shown. Thel voters are to choose between F. M. HoUiday, present riiayor and a. candidate'for re-elecliopi, and R C. Rankin,.' son of. a former mayor, for that office, 6nd to select thretj mgrnbers ot the school board but of a field of five. SEVER.(L OFKU'ERS ARE BEFORE .MANHATTAXITpS Manhattan; Kani. "^ril 5. (AP) ' —Manhattan's election day began with spring-like temperature.; 'an nvercast riky and only one contest to enliven the vqting. A coiri- HlTfili.XSON EXHXTS HEAVY VjOTISG TODAY Hutchinson. Kan^. April 5, (AP) —^A .heavy vote i^ anticipated at today's .election wHicli finds Hutchinson deciding oir a mayor iind four commisipners.iTwo bond pro­ posals'one for $185;0U0 to build an addition 'to the senior high school and the other ||40.0U0 Jor improvements 'to convention ^all are also submitted. C.j E. Lyman, present commissioner 6f- finance and C. O. Hitchcock,. an implement 'dealer are the opposing candidates for mayor. * ATCHISOX ELECTIOX IS .VERELY FOK.HALITY >0W Atchison. Kaiis. April 5. (AP)— With ho contests, Atchison Is go- I ipg through the formalities of! holding a city election today. Two places on the city commission and three on the school Iward are to he filled, with all five of the present nffice-holders as the'only, can-; dldatiB*. ; jkVlth ifie siime cnnditinri. prevaWItig in the primary! a week ago. M\i votes out of a registration of •1,523, were cast. PAHK LIIPROVEMEXT IS ISSIE tS CHAXITE .>0W Chanuie, Kans.; April r>. fAi'.— Voters licre today are taking part •in a referenduin as to whether I lie city shall issue $20,000 in bonds for. park Improvement purposes. There are two contests in the election, both for choice of school board members. H. E. Coulter, city commissioner of finance and H. C. Bodley school district treasurer have no opposition. LASE VOTES TODAY. BUT SHOO-BXT HAVE .Ottawa, Kans.i April 6. (AP)— At least oiie spiall town .Jn the state, voted toda.y, though its citizens' were supiibsed to' go to the polls yesterday, witl^ the other third class cities. At Lane, ih southeast Franklin county, the officials became confused , j and thought the tdwn election should be held today. So today it was held. . . .\i'w York. April 5. (AIM—Ccin- inued gains in current rsyiway 'arningsj freight traffic incrwises, •iiniors pf favorable, dividend d<'- reIopment:j and the prossure of in- .•estuieni fiinds combined in lodai's stock market to elevate more tli'an I .score of issues into new high crritory. l{i>newal of the call rate [it .4 per cent, 'indicating an abtjn- liance of money available fpr stdck market purposes, gave encouragement to operators "(or advance, who centered their attention larie- ly on railway .shares. I,ow prlt^ed carrier i-ssues which have Ijcen associated with merger rumors wore iKiiight in linavy voluine. especially Western .Maryland second prefifr- red. (Jains of nunierpiis other, transportation shares reaehe<l Hire;.' ppints or so. - ' | Spirited buying of General .Motors nent the slock up to 1S3>4— (Iuprrea (ing,it8 hij:h record prici-— wliile'DuPont. wliSch holds'a large block of General Motor shares was liid up to a new lijgh record at 2i7. .4fler establishing " "'•^'' all time at 170%. orderi strong: ijiothlug slrhkly choice offered: medium to K""d short fed'steers j)f light and mo- Mint)! weight, .slow, steady: other killing classes 'ahd stockcrs and feeders unchanged: vealers strong io'COc higher; diolce l.::il imund Colorado steers $12..'.0; 1.294 The coUeg^ track Jmen are now working out for tha meetift to he enterfid this y^ar. ^overal oub dif town iiien seem ready f<ir i gootl I season-this yeir as /well aft severlal of the- last year% high scb0(|I track men wlio are, in junior college this'-i-earJ The college seems to stronji; on distances I and , distapco men. F'br the mile there probably will be Tay ot-.'Bicker an(' Dreher. Cunningham, jyitjir lliirti boldt' man last year! i mil | UIBO he In the same group (for the half milej In the. 140 iherc will Cuiiiiingham, 'hiyldr! ; Bakbr. U9& Welch. Welch is of,' Morkn, and promises to ho one oi' the biest <ht8li men .that the college has this .vea^ Hootlli, who placed i| the hurdleis iu the district as v^ll as placiw in the board jump list year, wl enter these events I or tht" collegL' thiMlycar, and should bri.ig in • good nuiny points io the colleg Wchfh will also eiiter the hroaW jiiinii an'<l with, Kurgen wilt do th vanliing fur the college, is alt^o working out ^in the coioraao ' SIUL-IO ,p....— •• —•—o v - rv pounds $12.15: bulk fed offoring.H j for the lollese as Menzie $9.00 '# 11.2 .T: practical vful loi> " ' $10.50; light weight heifers $10.60. Sheep ,4.000: lambs -5 (fi :{."ic higher,: Ifop wooled Iambi? $lt ;.0O; others'$il5-T5 (Ti^ l.x.SS; odd lots sheep lambs jsteady; 99 pound slioni $13.75; native siiring laml>s Steel reacted cm heavy prbfit lak- in.i; and fell below 170 Burger [weight s may do pill ofi Genevi some] of th|o iiin ev.eiit wi if hf; comes out. fi, prohiilily will enter ilisi;inc<'s but his ni be the higlj jump. , Thi-> college men aic going to ei; ter .igainst the higli school mei In the interclass mdet to (be hclii at.tlie Uack FHday. to bo entered this K. I'.- relays and the On .May .'iO the ctiJl go to Indcpenddnce junior college meet. „. .J\1\l Wll 'l for the statfe Independence J ?17.00(ft ijs.oo. I K.-insiis Cliy (.'nifn. Kansas City. .April .'». (.MM Wheat; receipts 42 cars; unchiing- cd; No. 2 dark hard $l.2S<...<f/ 1.: H',J: SO. -.i $i.27''<.(r;i..';i: .v.. 2 hard $1.28'?/1.:;4; .No. :! $1.27'?(fr 1.31: No: 2 red $1.20frl.27: No. ,:; $1.25(?i 1.2r.. Cora, unchanged: ".No. 2 wliiti- 71 filliii No. :: «s ',•_.'(/7Ir; . N'O . 2 :.<•!- Iow_^750r7Glir: N.K :! TS-i^; 7;^r; i.,,,;,;^;;;;,,,™-^]^^ sjihobrtiipturci) No. 2 mixed .If. ..;>c; .No. .; r..V,ij, „„:,, „nck and fifld mebt froni . . , , , : I C'h.rrvv;.!.. y.-sterd: ' ' Oats., unchanged: N<i. 2 white | f;-ss; In.loiii.iidcuce L LI/ IJP tlVl A Olhrir'meets ^ear are th s Bakeij relaysj. •ue ti igh Wins Tra^k Contest Independence, Kas 45'^#4SVi:c: .N'o. :! l.".'-_-'<i ITc. .Milo niHisc $1.19'S.1.23. Kafir $l.ll'&1.19. Hye. 95 ',i:(r *.97c. Barlvy 7"«79c. ' j sl;ir.; w:i>; liif;li point I tlirt-r. first plai-iis ! •jinnther. Apr, fe;. (AP , fil to 5:5^, citidel- patO man. finning lid, I icing f<ii I'hiciigo l.iveslock. Chicago. April 5. (f. S. H.-pt. of! ,.\priculturei—Catih' 15.000:, lings $12.00; hulk fed steers $9.75 a new^peak of',^,, jj-j 'r,. j;,„ and feeders ix.m l-nited; States ' ^j,,,,,,. pr.-irle.^ tat cows luiUK- iiiK new high priees. quality eoii- f^idcrcd: bulls artive; mostly $7.iil» | on medium bulls; f<-W; at $7.25; i :hoice vealer,- suitable for Kasler Kausiis (11) fio'ie. kansas-Citv. Apr. 5. (.-\P1-Close |,i,.iiiand .'.Oc higher: few at $Ifi: Wheat. .M'uv 'cld $1.27'^: May new |)nlk'$1:!*/15: packers $lM .5iir ,i 12. *l.2r,%: .lulv $1.21'^i. ' Hogs 15 .0(10; uneven: bulk l^.'l Corn. May 72%c iSept. 71U I'. .Iul>' 1 Kansas Cllj I.Uestork to 2110 iinund averages $n.i15'if 12.15: 210 to 2511 lb. hiltehers at $11.10?/Il.tiS: 2«l> to :!00 lbs. $111 .75 (Ji 11.10; paiking sows liinstly $9,90 Kansas City. . .April 1 ("liiitpd 10.15: few He !<ete<I slaughter pics Stales Deirarliutiil of .Agrleiiltur(-» i upward to $12; hulk $ll.25'(i 11.50; --Hogs 7 .500; Kteaily to lite; high- j lo-avy weiulil liocs ^lo .Oirli ll..'M: | er; nioStly steady to slroiigi with uiimilium $lo.75'i/ll;9ii; ij^hi Jii.25' yi'stcrda.v'a average butcher grades '(Ji 12.20; light liKlil $11.15*/ 11.20; \ slio»ving advance; stock pigs ioi-! jiackinK .MIWS $9 .i;n'}/ iiu'.'",; slangh- blgher $11.75 (f/ 12..S5; top $U ..S5 on ter pigs $11 .00'-(f 12 (iii. ' 140 to 160 pounds; hulk 17o to ; Slieep 8 .000; cool 92-lb. folora-! 2:10 pqunrfs $11.15if/n.5oi: 240 tojdos $15; packac- of good 51 -lli .325 pound butchers $10..'ft)*/ll.lo; ; Illinois springer-- J I'2: <hoire lian 140 to 160 poun/is $11.6 O«YI 11..'^5; packing sow.s $9.0009.7.5. | : Cattle 9.000: calves l.OOfl; few choice wiJighy steers on shipidiig dy weight cli|)pei| around $15.90; market steady. aroTind $10.00. lambs held shi-lep scarce and FeW good fat ewj-s When you sick, real heir sym- frieiid.s offer pathy. Sympathy) iH all right;,-hut wliat yuji ifeally: necti i .s Chiropi '^Ltic. CiniKullaliitii willfout cliarj/c ot Dr. C. Z. Montgomery TIIK CHIROI lohi I.aun(|r} Telephone Emporia Teachers to iAiCt at Humboldt Soori J Emporia. Kans. AiSr. 5.—The Gll- spn Players, dramatic troupe of Rmporia Teachers coliegq wUidi vf 111 appear ' aO Humboldt Hiuh S5chool, Friday, April 8. In "0 Sole Mio." is ! completing Its twelfth sifason of presenting dramatic pro^ (fuction In xommunlttes throughout Kansas. Jus^ ;two weieks till Easter— 'il want a new Siiit—bet- tei- get it now. We'vfe a wonderful line of new . • i at— $16,^0^ $35.00 New line of new'col6rs-f- All the new patterns and coloVs. "'Pants jlisfc'in—Beautiful patteiTis in all the $4,q0*$7i50: , ieldsClo.Co. Q. ' Wfiy does Sprdycd Ruhher give so much more to the car pumierl A, Sprayed Rubber g^ves more, to the car owner because, it gives him loi^ger 'wearing tires. | & It is strongeir, more' uniform, purer. It is made from a specially fine rub* bcr latex. It is produced by a new and exact.mechanical method—and with' out the use of either ^oke' or acid. The United States Rubber Company invented this metbod specifically to make better tires. Jiist as!they established the Utiited Staies Rubber Plan* tations in .1909 to improve the quality of their rubber suppl^. / By creating finer-rubber, neW methods of producing the rubber and jof huiiding it into tires, this Company is creating better tir^ all along the line. SPkAYEb RUBBER WEB ; -CORD FLAT BA^b METHOD BUY WHERE YOU SEE THIS SIGN it : :. UnitBd States Tiada UNITED ^bber Company STATES CORD BALLOON Stn-ayed Rubber pro' duciiig plant on a V. S.j Rubber Plan, (otton iii Sumatra, For SaU By ELLIS MOTOR W. W. PECK & COMPANY , COMPANY I' |." r • Number2 - . f.. . - (Continue^' from ] Page li) counted In on- the^ enterprise may CaJl either the Register Offi|:e or the Chamber of Conimerce. The past Cnrrentsl'Topics season has been a vek-y suc (|es8ful one, every meeting /having i been thoroughly enjoyed iby thdste who attended it, and there werej many eiipressions of regret last ijvening that the time; had come IJor adjournment. Hoot Buirger to Figii|t At Eurekal^A^ Eureka. Kajus. Apr. S.—CS^ieclal) —Hoot Bulbar, sensational Kansas heavyweiglft.j will meet Buck Bra-I dy ot KanJHali City hero Abril 11 j In a ten roiind Ixiiit which'Will feAture 34 jrcjunds of boxing to; be presented Ui|der the auapf ' ' the American-LeRlon. Frai „ promoting the matclf. Other bouts on the card will usually good. A new law in South quires the display of the mandments in every public} room In the State. Avoid Those Last Minute Worries Early Chnstma-s Shopping has proven besb and so will early Ea.stcr Cleansing. A look into your clo.set this week will save you a- lot of hu.stle and bus|tle and worry later. Ypur thing.s drycleaned no\y—ahead of our; pre-Easter rusrti—will be returned protnpt- ly—rready for you when you want them.^ And naturally, unhurried drydleahing is best. Have your Spring Coat drycleaned this week? at the I I I PHONE 105 . GOOD MONUMENTS • stand the test of time. Our large stock of the latest designed me, morials of genuine Rock.of Ages r.arro, Ruby Red and St. Cloud ^ jrranites ar(j now on, display at our show yard.s. Youi- patronage is solicited on the merits of our work.: MONUMENTAL WORKS I'hones 676 and 200 301 South Washington Ave. il ••' Bring Your Wife Along! She's a Judge of Values! Bring her along to look at. (he suits in this April clearance! Shc/knows value if you don't.' 'And she knows' style. Rring her along.and lisich to what she , has to s<iy aboijt the values that we're ^ offering. Not that wc don't think that you'll he impressed, but we know she will.!' I •' ^; ' II $23.85 • i " ' \ \ Priced with all the benefits of volume buying. Bought by our New York office after months of hunting albout for what' was what—bought in volume—for this store; and a hundred and three other store-s—and priced tti make you jump at them :is quick'ly'as we did! NECKWEAR i . . • ' : ^ • ^1 , i New styles, new materials and the very ; / first |of the new Spring colors and com- : I binations! Don't say we didn't tell you! I • l

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