Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 5, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1927
Page 5
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CABBAOB pia^TTS-MO cents lOP while- tbejr lasit. H.^. Ctaaney, Gasi:.; • - i'-^ ... • i TIMOTHY SBED—Clean. iZM per • bushel. Allen County Iniplemiknt Company. j ; rl WHITE SEED CORNrrAdaptedljto fertile soil. $2 bu. Umited aiip- C. W, Works Farm,, Hui-, iy Qnnt-auslih Wn^ Happened .' -At the • thirtieth anniversary celelnalion '• of the big Curtis Store, ohi T; Q. CURTIS, millionaire owner, announces .the prize winners: in jiicon'testlwhich bsw^ involved the a .'qiiestjonnaire.' BI is one of the win:^ arii»were<l the ques iiswerinK of a A.y WELLS \^rh. She has ioiinnire. over the piotest of CILAV ,ri;RTis. Hon of the old man. wiid suspects JiiH fall]eC of som; ildden mo• tlve, - . i • • I \ play' Iiiis disinhtTited himself aiitd Is now IIIVIIIK Willi the Wells fanillj in la'iliiiorer isei tioi) of thi* f<)wn, workluK an a ftcioi -y h :itid ' MIMT'n rj^itiK music III nieht. Cliiy Jfi^.aiKfirwl nilly that HKU vie.; ' lloiiit 4hi' hiiH Keuiiih. UillyV iiu' «wer« to the qucHtto m iirr- Im- fiuden hut Iriithl'ii. w Hie 140 of her <)-work«rM, .N'YIVA LO.VIA.X and )ri..\.MK SUKLTfi.V. lie to oJKJrfn Old T. ii.'H favor . ,-Curi .ii asks the menty-flve winne •« to meet him ^ » a conference lefoff tht! dauc lit; btCgins. and tl eK' he uslonlshes. them liy ^ •a refjtest that they Write him a letter, tellfnt? just ' how. they would spend a hundre:! thousand dollars. Far- the beat answers, he offers prjies. , Billy is puzzled by this jarjinge request, and all the more: so when, she suddenly realize.-^ that obi T. Q. has . V ,. picked the very prettifst girls in •the store' as winners fbr the first, i .contest. " . I WUeu Old T. Q. asks Billy to .waltz with him later in lh<» evc- ' uing. then: requests her-in gnh- t 'le und'pleadjing tones to do him the honor of culling tbe bit; birt.'iday cake, she is i <"oniriletely ' d.Tzed with wonder.'Slie ri -.sorves •to liia ce Clay tell liwi what - his fa her '5. scheme isi \on f'o On Wijlli Ibe Story CHAPTKR XI. ! it was one o't-luck Siinday morning, befire the big anniversary |iar- .• ty was over at the Curtis Store. Jijjt Eddie I anuiu;:, Nyda Loniax',s "boy i friend," insisted thai . Bill.v anil Stanley Powers. Winnie ; Slielton' and Clyde Stewart; .her favorite • suitor of the moment, pile.iiito tbe • big sedan . which ISddi'e's eniployer had lent him tor the evening. Dur• itlg the day Eddie wore a neat chauffeur's qniforni. but that, night he was resplendent in Tuxedo and • dre .ss shirt, knd l (M)ktHl every iiicb the millionaire own<>r:as he shepherded this guests iiJJo the luxuri- • , bus machine j • . • ! On tbe I'rdut seat.; Nyda nestled conljentedly into thej crook of Ed• diii[i4 arm, "aiid \owM aloml that she' coiild JIIHI die riding by lj <ldie 's Bide in a swell cur like that. Where- ujion Edilie kis.sed her bmackiiiKly. unil Winnie shrieked from the back seat, where ;sbe : was iiesiliuK ii Clyde's: Mrms; that if Eddie dliln't wiiich tbe:ri)i*d she probiilily woiild die II) Ills HJiie In llitil very riir. The buck HOiit was so wie, UIHI Its fen)luineloi'cupnnt)< MO Hiiiii. that the four -oic' then 'i.- Winnie ' iiMil Clyde. Illlli' and Stanley—were not at nil rrowilod, Stanley's iirni went Hbout BlIly'H sllhi Mliijulders ifs a matter of course, hul she shrugKed . piif of his cnibrace uhd sal forwaril , on the. edge of her st-al. ''4 "fHi.. come on. Billy! Be chum• 'inyV" Stijniey pleaded. "Oh. I'm in love with the boss 's boy. and the Ijoss 's boy loves nie! .\'yda chanted from'the ;front seat. with a wicked flash of her Wad eyes as she glanced over hei shoulder at Billy. •Tnt. fed up on all;jn8inua- tions about Clay Curtis and me!' iBilly istruck her crossed knees sbarpl^' with a clenched flat.' "Just biK -aiii^e be happened to pickvouf .our place to board at, without having the least idea in the world who lived there—" "But how lucky for you, darling:" Winnie drawled. "Ob, don't get sore! Any girl in the more would give t"ii years of her life /»)r your chame. We're not blam- fuK yau-'" :; "Alul dill yoii see T. Q.' beauing;, Gone are the : dinmieum when yoo rtllo» tW« lent. FInt: E« limrter Ire sTxton a. duOce to iBf aUlo, Iwttia' oizeulun. test reoftlts qokklr. BOc orascipactataixes atyoor CHAMBERL TABtETSW;!§8' idLA HIDE, FUB & WOOL COMPANY Gef flw prices on PODITRYJI?!* ECfO» We will! come lUKfer ponlirr. B. A. JONES, III So. Ohio PlKHie '1307 ?6RENNAN'S MARKET -We pay the following prices:. rjfo. -.^..-Sac So. a Eggs _ I8c 5 6,9 Eggs—— KK! o. 1 Hens — 21r Koi_ 2 HenSi ISc BrtUers - .— 30c Home Hides .—... iOreen Hides —„.L —«c Tonng and Old Cocks lie •We. wlircome after yonr ponltry. i ' • ___ 3. F. Grennan Produce Co. Jier iii'oiiud,.dancing w-lth her, when] lie haitn'i dunceil with uny other i'mploye of the «iore in Ibe me»i-| ory of the otdesi InhubKan^, <and ilsliJng her lo eui ilii; birthday cafte'/" .Nyda contiibuN-d fruni tb» finnl seal. "Oh, let the kid aioiiel" Clyde Slew-jrt urged, as he. gathered Winnie's liny body- into 'big arnis. ••Count us out of the row. Winnie and I have got some Important pet- 'liiig to attend to." ... "IMease take- me •. home first." Bill.v/leaned forwar'il to tup Eddie upon the shoulder, , When.the car stopped before her house slie "almost hysterically re- j fused Stanley I'owei:s's plea that Ifc be allowed lo come in for a few mii[utes. • ".\'o, ao, l"pi tired!" .she cried, her voice breaking in tears. "Cant you let ine aliMie? 1 want to go to bed." ! "Cin't 1 come around about five and take you driving'.'" "Xo, I'll be busy all day," sht tolii bini, tugging to free herself 'Spending a hundred thou^iind dollars'/" Nyda laughed. "Ob, Ed t\i;: it's Uie.lunuiest thing! A per fti'.l scream! Old T. Q.—" Hilly freed herself at last, land ran up the path to the little webfh-^ er-beateu . irame bouse; Odd ithat I here' should be a light in the' 11 v- •;ti.n room. Surely her mother w.uuldu't be suc.h a ble.ssed idiot as to wait up for iter till this time of nigbl. She let herself into the hall as (|uietly as possible, shed her coat and tiptoed to the livinjg; room door, it was slightly ajar atid she pushed iiito tlie room 'noiselessly. But it was not her niotb^ who h.-id fallen asleep waiting f6r her to comerboinc!. It was Clay Curtis, sprawled before the fireplace, whose coals were leathering over with a fine djiist of ash. He had proii])eil cushions from the davcii- port the big chair that Mtiiod beside the hearth, but bis liead hail fallen to ,one aide,'so that 0^27 a tBi ServKvlik Inuat have been crying!" he ic- cused her incredulously. "Did you have a rotten time at the party?" "No—swell," 'she answered In the Uav> of .her aet, and grinned im- pudentlr atJhimrashe flinched. "I wasn't. really crying—on a large scale,"' she added. "I'fhlnk crying muat IM; catching. I began straight off as 800B< psi I saW'TOu'd been having a i«tepp fest What had yoji b.'pn cr^liajt about?", ;, He dropped to the | floor betide lier. "I tiada't been trying on a large scale either,? he-iaoghed ruefully. "Ii don't know-'why gIrU think thai men >never feel weepy. At about one o'clock ray accumu- ilnted Horrows presHed heavily upoii me and i forgot that I belonged HO. a sex that la not auppdaed to find relief in if-ars.'' "Accumulated: sorrow*?" Billy niurtnared, careful to keep her voice from ahowlng too much sympathy. "I was lonely. 1 bad indigestion from eating at .Mexican I'ete's chili parlor—big bowl of chill con came for fifteen cents, with crackers— 7 and-^" "Scrvea you right for scorning a perfectly good supper that you'd already paid for," Biily intcrrupt- Dr. iiRd Mm. E. K. Rnnsell, Here .Since Earljp Seveniles. Kenove , to Salt Lake City. . (Rrancia Culver) ed hi'< the i saj her lug pale cheek was brulsetl agalUKt leg pf the chair. Illy tiptoed to where lie half half lay, and knelt beside hfm. drawing his bead evw so gently childish breast . Without opij hlM eyes, he burrowed like sleitpy child, uilJUHling hlH head (lie lender curve of her bare you . arm, and Hlghlng a loiig, shudder iux breiith. like a child who i[e- mcmbirs- in his sleep tliitt he has been crylnif. How—bow beautiful he WUH! Of ronrfe he would hate her for call- iiii; blni beHutlful. Boya ut\d nibn wet 'C: funny obout that. Hut jie was beautiful, as only a very young, cfran man can^ be beautiful. Cautiously she raised a hand and rest'- ed her fingers upon the fine, soft blackness of bis hair. Mow clean and thick and fine, it was! Probibly she could ' have held him^ in Iher arms for hours, as she longed ito do, but a tear froih her ow ri eyes betrayed her by splasb- iijg upon tbe end of bis noses. She could not help laughing a little as he wriggled the tip of his noae In an unconsciona effort to rid it of that unaccountable drop of w^arm water. He did not struggle to a sittjng position, just opened bis <ye.s andij stared upward at her. Then sleep wasjutterly routed, the child became a man. a suspicious, bewilder <>il, harassed man wbo remembered why be had wept unmanly tesr.s as he fought in k nelinesa "before a dying fire for th; possession of his soul. I She let him go, her handa dropping into her lap. as he scrambled ro liiv. feet and made passes over hislbair and bis disarranged necktie, liis back was turned to her, .so that she clouid not i ui^ that jhl^ fa .'e was red with embarraJBsroent. I must have been asleep." he .s.sid in a voice almost as g^uff as old T. Q.'s. ^ "Ymi certainly were.*; ake told bijn cheerfully.; "You looked most horribly Qhcomfortsble and I was tryii'R to wake you uii without ntarfllng you," . "1 have never before been awak- fued so painlessly," he assured hcj', turning to face.her. now.that he was Hure that ahe did not intend to refer to-her highly nncot^tten- tioiial beitavlor ."Fanny— ^I dreamed it wa 'a racing, that a drop, of warm rain bad fallen on ray noae." He touched )he tip of Ms noSe, then wl^ w^^M kla nm« "tared at bia finger ; uirbeli «viacty. jtoakliMM «M KM^ «• e^ljy, the dream .ya. right! You And 1 was moat awfully lonesome." he .went on, ignoring her comment, "and I'd lost my job." •Obi Clay.'again;?" she cried, tactless in her dismay. "Why? They're not fair! They think they're pleasing old T. Q. because thty won't let you make a living in their dirty old factories!" He grinhed feebly at hpr vehe- iiience. but shook his head. "No. I don't think they give two hoots who I am, or wbo my fatlwr is. The lloreman said any . strong-armed half-wit oould handle : lumber Itwicc as ifust as I can. • Told me I siniptv wasn't bnsky enongb far the Job. 1 don't blame bini. He's right." "Please try the Truman Automobile factory. Clay. Don't be an idiot. They pay the highest wages in town, and sureiy they have plenty of Idbs on machines that don't require heavyweight champions. Just; because you went to college with Ralph. Truman, and wonid hate to. have bim: bossing! you—" I "It's not tbit," he contradicted her. '•! wanted to try everything! else first, so i could say that i hadn't used* any pull 1 might have to get a job. Ralph and I are fraternity liroihcra, and he's already told me to .come, around to the plant, and ask-, for a job In the regular way. Guess I will," he concluded, squaring bis st oulders and trying to look like a grim, go-getting young jAmerican. Then they both laughed, and Billy sprang to jher feet with.the suggestion that |ihe make hot chocolate. Ov(>r the cupa of rich, dark 'hocvlule, wickedly made with the Weukfasl cereal cream, ahu told ilm everything she could remchi- ler about i:he parly, but moat fully of all about the awarding of th|» prizes and T. Q.'a announceihcQt \>r the second contest. "Kithcr vour honorable parent Is (*razy. If you follow me, or he's tduntiing to give away his fortune to charity so that if th^ prodigal iion returns there; won't be any fatted calf," Billy: concllided, nibbling thoughtfully iat a sVgar waf- |r. "As a qualified expert on said honorable parent, .what would you iay. Clay?" . ' I know he's not>.going crazy and I know he hates 'organized char- ty too much to give away bis lard-earned millions to institu' ions." Clay told her "So he danced vith you, did he? Somehow I can't lee him as a lady killer. T say. Blly. forget that second contest,<won't rou? Drop it—as if it were a r b!" -. ' TO BE CONTINCED. . 1IU.MB0LDT. .Apr. 4.—Dr. and Mrs. E. R., Russell left for Salt I.ak-e City today ,to make that city their home now. Dr. and' Mrs. Russell aire residents of long stdnding here. Haying come here in the early ".-leventles" they remained here a number of years, anil then moved to Kansas City, KauH. Several years ago they rer tnrneil to live here. .Now their friends here regret the removai of these well known citl/ens. Dr. and -Mrs. RiiHsell were accompanied on their trip- by their daughter. .Mrs. Fred Stewart, of Salt I .4ike City. ) .Mrs. H. II. Perkins of, Kansas City. Kans.. bus been here for several ilaya visiting her ilaugblir nnd- family. Dr. uurt .Mrs. A. II. Chnm- hcra of thi|« city. She Intends to remain hcifij for a short time long-, cr. if' ' —Read about big Auction Sale nscdFord Cars on Want Ail page. McCarthy Motor Co. .Mr. A. Samuel Woodsj died yesterday at the home of his sister, .Mrs. J. M. Wllhite. Funeral services will be held tomorrow., April S, at 2:.10- p. m. at tbe Wilbite home. A number of out-of-town relatives are expected today. , Mx. and ..Mrs. F. W. Fussman and children, Francis and Charles, returned here Saturday ni|;ht after cn extended motor trip , in the South. The family has been motoring almost continuously for three months in Texas jand surrounding states and in .Mexico. Mr. and .Mrs. W. T. Carvie are the parents of a son, weighing eight and one-half pound.s. born Sunday Might, .April .'{. Both mother and child are reported to be doing very well. Ur. ll. .M. Webb left this affer- noon for a short business trip to Kausaa City. Mo. Miss lleleif Ileins of Cbanute was here yesterday visiting friends. Miss Heins was a former resident here and ii) well known by many Humboldt people. She, caine to Chanule reccntlv and is employed In a beauty parlor there. Mrs. J. W. Braucher returned last night, from a. trip to Kansas City. She made the trip by anto- mobile. fevery Satitrday at 'Bishop's Sales Pa' AUTOMCTrtVE Automobile Ajg^nacs A USED CAR—Is a4 the dealer who Sales and Service, to buy good,. At present we ha' line of both open els, priced to sell Co.. 214 North Wa4 . jTh dependa1>Ie laye! aid Automobiles F»r,8«le AEROPLA.\E—Curtiial J. N. 4-P. .motor in excellent condition, ship ihas-never been crocked. At bar- jgaln for 1450.00.' B. T. Barber. dependaJUe '^iB lip it —bodge The best! pFaee a1 )Ie used cars: ye] a complete closed liiod- t Ellis Motor ihifagfon. J II FORI) TIJDOR ~1920J acdan. balloon Hres. two of them'practically! new, upholstery extra ! goml,' original finish, good mechuiilcilly. guaranteed. McCarthy .Motor Co.. 212 South Washington. Phone 893. ClIEVROLET, 1925 TRUCjK. CHEVROLET. 1(925 COUPE. CHEVROLET. ?92.1 TOUR SC. -CHEVROLET, 1925 CHASSIS. CHEVROLET. 1924- TO.URl.NG. FqjiD, 192.1 TRUCK. FORD, 1924 TOURINO ' • SHELLY .MOTOR COi, CATTLE WANTED—To pasture. Lewis Pow^ll.'mile north and mile east of Iron .Works. CATTLE . WANTED—To pasture. B. E. Spurgeon, mile east, 5 north of LiaHarpe. • , ; CATTLE WANTED—lio pasture. T. W./Lytle. 2>4 niileg- west of lola. jPhbne 995-12. Wanted-To Buy STROLLEft?-In Phone 975-21. cpndit WANTED TO'BUY—Good: - v.-agon, harness and cows, i 14m. I i ; tea^. Phone ROOMS ANP BOARD Room<i Without Board FRONT ; SLiEEPINff ROO.M-j-South exp.o.siire, mode 'iU. Phon* S85. FURNISHED ROOMS—In i private home, modern. 222 South Buckeye street. .Phone 1438W. 118 W. JACKSON PHONE 60 Anfo Tracks For .Halei FORD TRUCK—1925 mode, good tires, starter, motor In Al shape, . Rucksteli rear axle. Boyeif Motor Co..: 212 S. Jefferson. Pbotie 23. GOOD USED CAPSJ-192S Essex coach: 1926 Ford roadster; 1926 Chrysler "."»S" conjie; 1924 Ford coupe. We trade. Ross Arbuckle's Garage, Chrysler Di?alers. Pho. 56! GOOD USED CARS—Buick roadster, new tires; Studebaker coupe; Ford and Buick touring at a price that wiir interest you. Marr Auto Supply Co.. Buick Dealers. OAKLAND — DealersPON-ri.AC '26 Pontile coiipe, good as new; '25 Chevrolet tourliig. like new; '24 Ford roadster; '22 Ford coupe, good; '18 Ford c«ui)e, cheap; '22 Huil.son sedan, good shape; '21 Studebaker 4-pass. coupe, fine shape; '22'nodge coipe; '18 Dodge touring, good; '24 Overland touring, good: •2.*5 Dodge roadster, ex- tra good. Some other very cheap cars., terms <|r trade.: Ho- hart-Steele .Motor C<>. How I>o Yoo Feefon Arlshiir? Very; likely your kidneys control yonr answer. It is glorious to awake with a lively, healthy, energetic body. It is miserable to drag an aching, tired weary body from a aleeplesa, restless bed. Foley Pills, a diuretic stimulafat for the kidneys, constantly uscjd for over 25 years; are a reliable, valuable medicine that promote healthful, normal action of kidneys and bladder. Cost little, contain no harmful Ingredients.. i?atlsfaci Hon guaranUied. AMk for Foley I'llls diuretic. REAL USED CAR JBARGAINS— .1926 Chevrolet coach:.192S Cbev -y 'rolet coach; 1923 Cbevrolet road-? Bter; . 1923 F. B. ClJeVrolet road- Hiert 1919 Chevrolet touring; 1922 Chevrolet ton truck; 1922 Cbevror let light delivery trtick; 1923 Staf roadster; 1925 Star touring; 1926 Star'touringr late n odel Stai^ six toujring; late mo< ei Star aix collide: late model Star four sedan;] 1924 Essex coach; I9I8^p6dge touring; 1918 Chaltners touring; Ford] louring. B. TL Barber Garage, 211 West strtet. Rhone 515. Xmto AcresHorles, Tires, Patls 1.1 IS PASTURE F0R-3i COWS- Park. Tclepbon| 4. -In Acers PASTURE—On old jrfaliley farm 4 miles. southwest, lola; $1.50 per month. Phone 777. • WANTED TO BUY—AH kinds cattle and hogs. J. .C. Batcher. WANTED-^Stocfc to pasture. R. E. SuHIvan. 2'_ miles south of Tola on State-street road. Phone 988-4. WANTED—A few more cattle to pasture, $2.00 month: vearlings. S1.50. J. J, Keefe. North Ken- tncky street road half mile. MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale* Booms iPor Honsekeeplng TWO FBRNISHED-Modefn 'light -housekeeping rooms with sink. Two I adnlts. 206 S. Qhestnttt Phone 957. ; REAI, ESTATE FOR Apartments and Flatt^' ' / 74 FURNISH ED ~-,AP.\RT.ME.N'r — in moderii home; also sleepinjg rooms. Phone 671J after 5 p. m. Farms and Land Fur i9 FLAGS—All kinds at all times: typewriters lo rent, all kinds at all times.; WllllainH Typewriter Co., over Globe. | CIJEVROLBT PARTS^Both new . and used, a big stock. B. T- Barber Garage. 211 West strefl.' —^ TlRiCS—30x3. .10x3H.;29x4. be bought at a real saving. Wrecking "Co. Phone 7S2.J Can tola BUSINESS SERVICE Insnrance and Siarftj Bonils 3^ FOR CITT.,FAR.M AND AUTO— Insivance see the Ray investment Co.- i \ IT'S TIME FOR TORNAOq—And hail storms Better let us write you up a policy aiid be protected. Arbuckle Real Estate. .YOTing, Trucking,'SteraglB 2S CORR TRANSFER CO.—PacUiig. storage, long distance hinllng. Reasonable rates. Phone Jl40. 1 I.MCURATOR—Practically new Old Trusty, 240-egg ! capacity; also good sewing machine, flO.OO. Inquire; 8-34 ISast street. WALNUT POSTS—And native lum- . her for sale. A_ J. Swinford: 617 South Cottonwood street. Ba.slncss and-OOBce Equipments »l LARGE GROCER'S—Or restaurant ice box, new; also^ used computing scales. Henninger's Furniture Store. HOUSE-^For rent will? % acre fine truck groun^: good place for chickeni 3>,i miles Vjiotithwei^ lola, just oft the-cement slab. I'honjj>70-ll. I. ' ^ •!.• llnukes For Kent HOrsi-^— .Vice six room, :gardeii - andifrult. ll.'.M. Cunnlnghani^ HOUSK -5 roorti modern, till oak floors, newly decorated.' | Phone 966K2|^4.-|. I THREE ROO.M HOUSE—Eleotifi lights, city water, located i at 508 South Chestnut. See M. A..Scfaliok. 4 ROO.M COTTAGE—Furbished • sarderi and garage. Te^epbone 4. Fuel, Feed,- Fertilizers 5« HAY— Few tons baled prairie, $8 at barn; alfalfa and crab grass, $10 ton. .1. I. Conger. 2 west. 2 .sout* and half west tola. LOOSE HAY—Alfalfa; also timothy. .Mrs. Anna Weber, mile west, 1>4 north Carlyle. - Phone 989-24. MJlAy MAIZtV-2O0 bnsbels. 50c bu. at barn. Bring sacks. J. 1. Cogger. Professional Services S8 SUR05,nY— Medldn^. Xrraji. Dr. K, tenaU. Phones:! office^ 88«: residence. 1126W. i ; EMPLOYMENT miD WHITE MOTOR ANNOUNCEMENTS Perstmals In .the next chapter Billy disposes a mythical hnndred thon- snnd dollars and makes a cynical wager wjth her mother PUBLIC .NOTICE—1 will stand an Arabian stallion, scrub license No. 1351. this spring at ray place nine miles northwcfst of lola, known as the old Dave.Runner farm; $5.00 cash for. the .season. Dewey Huntwork, Geneva". Kansas. .Strayed, Lost, Found 10 DOO-^ Pointer,, white with spots. Reward.' 301 South born. Phone 1005W. liver Col- HORSE—Strayed, one small gray mare. Phone 917. J. C. Butchei^. AUCTIONS Auctions I0.\ CO. PUBLIC AUCTION—I will sell at pirblic auction Thursday, April 7, at Ir-IO p. m. ai 222 South Sycamore., fiirnlture for six rooms: beds, iiresser.s, tables, chairs. rug.-=,-| stoves, cooking utensUs, dishes, and lots of: other articles. C. S. Bishop, AucHonieer. IlUnSON -E.SSEX DR ^VLERS— BUICK, 2 1920 ROADSTERS. CHkVROLET. 1926 J^aiidau Sedan. CHIBVROLET, 1924 HOADSTBR. CHEVROLET, 1923 COUPE. CHRVSLEU, 192C COUPE, KSSKX. 192.-. COACH. 1 FORI), 1920 COUPE, LIKK NF.W. FOKI). 1927 TOUIll.SO, .NEW. ' FORD, 1925 Tudor Sedaui dnco finish. I FORD, 1925 ROADS! ER I FORD, 102,5 TOURI .Np. • FORD, 2 1924 TOURINGsi FORD, 2 1923 COUPES. " HUDSON, 1925 COACH, j HUDSON, 1925 ^ jiew. HUPMOBILE. 1924 TOURING. OVERL.\ND, 2 1924 '^OURINGS. RICKENBACHI5R. 1925 SEDAN. STUDEBAKER, 192.3! Special Roadster. Help Wanted—Female COOK —Lady, wanted. Inquire Victor Hotel, .Mildred, Kans. WHITE GIRL —Experiencifd in 3S housework, good .home. 1 wag?s. Write Box 312. lold. good Help Wanted— »8 |e FARM HAND—Wanted, by Bert Wilbite, one east, «OUth of LaHarpe. Ihonth. three MARHIBD MAJf-WIth amali fam ily, wanted for farm work. Chas. Robinson, LaHarpe. FINANCIAL TIMOTHY HAY—About two tons. $1«.(J0 per ton. Phone 9S3F11. B. A. Hill. Carlyle, Kans, WELL ROTTED MANURE— For nowers, gardens and lawns. JJ C. Butcher. ' Household Goods CDAI.. R.^NGE—We are offaring a 6-hole, full grey enamel coal range with rfoset and fnll 10-gal!on reservoir for $95.00. Sebell •Gas Stovie Company. I AM- MAK.I.VG—A big reduction on cotton mattres'ses and congo^ Icuni rugs. Bryson Furn. Store. 4 ROOM COTTAGE—Go6d rcobdii, tion. §38. electricity, ^a{eif in kitchen, garden, garage. ° Phone-4.-' HDUSE—Barn and 3 acres, chlckenj louse. lots of fruit. Van Hyning, I :elley Theatre. SiilinriMn For Kent 80 RjEAL ESTATE FOR SALK Inarms and Land For Sale ' at IH ACHE TR.^CT-One of .the besti It. the connty';- rea.sQnable price,; {{osBession at oncej John Reitth'erj Houses For Sal^e BUNGALOW--r.My sevenj room'bun­ galow; also nice five room biipga-^ low; good four room cottage apd: three lot.s with good house and fraine business building locatedi half block south of sqnare. Ray Investment Co. ' . - " , -• Snimrban For .Sufe 87 SUBIJRBANS FOR SALE—12 acTes, • good improvements; 15 acres, jvell improved, on slab. Jackson R^lty ^Co.. over Brown's Drug Store: , Wanted—Real Estate 89 WANTED -T -To hear from owner of land for .sale. D. .M. I.eight, AI- aadn, Mont T CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Money to Louii—Mortgages 40 FARM LOANS-Qnlctc •errlqa and i^uoaable rates. I'A.- D.lHaw tftoma. 218 S. Waihiojiton. MjONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastern money to loan on farms And cily property. Low rate. T*nM aad payment tO' lultr borrower. 8t6wirt A Funk. STUDEBAKER. 1922 Roadster. Light Six 15 other'cheap cars at your town price. FARM AND 6ITY LOAJli34Ba«ei rata oa farma. 6%, city <%. or ihort-tlma. R- M. Cnnnintham. LIVESTOCK Horses, Cattle, Tehlcles j 48 O.NE .MARE—5 years bid. weighs 1250; X)ne horse, 6 years I old. weiglis 125<r, well bt'oRe. and ' a good worker: 10 head milk bows, just. fresh: 15 bead [Jerseys,! Durhams,, and Gtfemseys. will be fresh In few! days: one set jwo.rk nameSs: oiie wide tire gsr^gon; one low iroij wheel Wagon \ with be<l; two saiddles; one 14-incb walking plow; ohe. mowingj m.i- rhlhe;' one 'disc;. obSe hay rake; will sell on time or tirade for jother cattle J. C. Butcher. ' Used Ford Cars % April 9th .1 • 2 p. m. and 7 p. m." ON NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE on the lot behind Sandwich Inn' (formerly Peerle.s.s Oil Station.) On Our Entire Stock of Used.Cars. COMPLETE LIST Will H given t)n thi.s page Thur.sday edition, also all details regarding sale. • ;

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