The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1915 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1915
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 3,1915. f ii Suits and I Several models that are the most beautiful examples of the tailor's art we have ever seen— bright and beautiful—bristling with style—splendidly made with becoming neatness. These handsome garments will be enthusiastically welcomed by every woman who appreciates style and quality at a minimum cost. Coats ranging in price from $22.50 down to $5 00 Suits ranging in price from $35.00 down to $12.50 Children's and Infants' CoatS^a splendid showing. ^ew Binding Hats Beautifully trimmed Hats of such exquisite style and beauty that every one ai)i)ears a m 'y •>r >terpiece. ;] We have been able to effect several little economies in bujnng that enables us to give exceptionally low prices, and you'll be abfe to find just exactly what you want, for we have such a big line. Right Now is the time to make your selection Miss Long, who has met with much favor with the ladies of lola, is turning out hats each day of rare bpauty and superb style at very attractive prices. It will pay you to visit our store and see the beautiful new goods in every dep't. Allrh County's Greatest Dept. Store. Wc Pay Mileage to Out-of-Town Customers ^i\(iLK (OMR iyUVVE LEU. HOK> tpdf^. the Tri-Stat(\;Stiow ;il Person's, KaK.. in a tlividcd exhibit, I wton 1st. 2nd, and •Ith' hon; 2i|d, cock; Isf.. :!v(J and 401 liul- lel; and 1st j)en, ' At Independence* samp wcok I won 1st cockerel; ilsi inillct and' best cockerel in Jlcdiieiranean cla!ss. Eggs from peiini'il liiid .s stor- inri, from 93 to 95-points, *2 .«0 ]^ange Slock ?4;jiU IKT IOD. Bahy chicks llfj' to 11*. a Kio. MRS. A. J. SMriH Coiony • - < - Kansas PERSONAL MENTION CanoD City Coal To CIoBC Ui»'stock, Whiic it Lasts—Delivered ijl f *50 Vert»n. lola Ice^ CpldiStorage & Fuel Cottiiiany Phone 116 Friii|< JUddli-, Mtrr. • i Robert Parrish, oF. t'liaont'-. and Mlas Ua/.ol Wqst, of lliis city, were married til is inornliig in th<' «\\UM OI Probate Judge Sinltp. Tliis ••veninfi TrlentJ^ of the bridci and Rrooni will give a spread for tliein at tlie lioineiof the bride's inotilier on Nortli Walnut sireet anii tbeyl will leave at X:r,0 lor ChSBUte wherej tlioylJ ex pe< t to begin housekeeping iinniertialely. Mr. Par- rfah. Is .overseer at tlic Chaniite nur^s- «ry. Alter Match l§tli, Mr. and Mrs. Piarrlsh' will m at h^me at 714 North forreet street, iu Cifaoute. . (^;irl Bcyni'M', of ("liniinl'', ::tfH'lied iierc today tor a short vii-i( with frioiiils. Ilo is on liis way to Kansas City for a l)iisincss visit. — \Va 11(H) Hitters, tlif .'spring tonic. (Ill salf- 2r,c a l)nltle at Miindis' iJru^ .Store. ,Mrs. II HiKcs, of lliiiiiholdl. who lias hce'i here for a short visit with Mrs. .1. II. MeMurray, returned home todav. —llr!<L Hull & Hull. OxUHipathIc FhTsirians. rhones 130 and «ef. . lid ("hirady, of Dover. Okla.. came in last night for a short visit with friends and to attend- tlie W'est-l'arrisii wedding this morning. —(lasoline at the I'alace Garage now for 11 cents. Mr. and Mrs Mid Hiiockey, parents of .Mr. and Mrs. Grant Kliockey, ar- rixcd here-today from (Ja.rnett and will 111.-; lie their lionie on North Huckeye street. - — Get your hest Goal at siini- 1111 r |iri< es .\ car on .M. K. & T; track lor lliree (lavs.—lola .lunk Co., tn-.i, \. .leffelSOIl rllOlle :il7. ''.'ilM .\ .1 Servey, who was <|iiile ill .1 few IIM.VS ago, is rapidly imiirov- iiiK and it is Ihpuglit that he will lie (;iiiti' well again as soon as the watli- er liecomes.more favoralilo. I FuH line of (vejiielico 'I'ypewriler Supplies at Miindis' Drug Store. Ilcrhert Alien, of TUIB.I , Okla., is liere for a visit of two days with his parents, Mr and Mrs. G. W ..Mien. — ICxeliaime your Old. Kurnilme and Sl<iv<\s for New at Kd Ileiinlng(!r.'s Plove Store. Mr:- U'infield .lorii-s ;iiid lier hahy •aiiie ill (his afternoon from Neosho l-'.ills for a short vi.sit with her, parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.. D. liean. —.1. \V. nickman. Paper Hanger, phone I'-S. I Mis Nancy Williams, who has been here four months visiting her. daughter, Mrs. G. W. Fine, has returned to her home in. Dennis, Kans. hawrenc'' Kisher, who has been visiting I'riends 'here for a day or two, lias returned home to Kansas ("ity.. —W;int(^d, all hank rnhherH to see .Arrowsmitli, of the Allen (-'ounty inv. C 'l., about :i loan first. Do U Now. U. II. I'.ennett spent yesterday in Freiloiiia on legal business. -Talie lunch at .Mundis" Drug Store. Its ''lean. j I':, ]•: Allen, of Huntington, Ind., ! u iio has licen iu Oklahttina looking af- I I' r hiisiiiess affairs, is expected here foiiii:.'it lor .1 sliort visit with his broth, rs, r,. C. Allen and G. W. Allen. Money (i) Loan • —On farms. R. M. Cunningham, office State Savings Bank. I .Mrs. K. K. .Munger is nuite ill at her i home. 101 East street. -Dr. O. L. Cox, Siicclalist, Kye, Ear, >o<<c an«l 'I'iiroat. .Moigaii, tilt; tw(!lve-year-old son of M IS . L. A. (!eniiett,vvho has been very I ill with pneuiiKmia. showed decided ' iiliiproveiiient today, hut liis foiir-ycar- 'oid, sist<!r is still very ill. T0R.IO Better Sight— lAiSS Annoyance 'I'orlr lionxes ifhe it hir;;cr lirld of <;l«iir YIHIOII, a n «l th*>lr ciirvi'd Nliufte niakex flusni. iiiiiicar very niiii'h neuter Uiun flat lca>t«K. lour «)'«• lH^b«tN will not tnucli th»'1n, nor will yon tinil any nur r«fl4M-. lions to r»nfn!«e and : annoy. l,vt m vx- ItlttlN (lieir many ad> vantagpi* lo you. WATH'W BEtTOEir 'BlJRKjr Colored Minister WRS Stricken Here With AMkmn. | Rev. George H. Burks, D. D., colored, aged 6C, a native of Jolinson county Kentucky, died yesterday after noon at the home of R«»v. T. W. Gjreen fotlowing a severe attack of illness. A brief prayer service will be hield at the Green home tonight and; bie body will be shipped to Waterloo'rla., for burial. Rev. Green gave the Register for publication this afternoon the follow ing statement of Dr. Burks' illness and death: Rev. G. ir. Burks, D. D., of Waterloo, la., came to this city February 9th to visit his Brother, Rev. T. W. Green, sr., pastor of the A.. M. E. church and to assist rn conducting a series of meetings at his church here. He remained here until Febrilary l."), going to Parsons to assist his nephew. Rev. T. W. Green, jr., pastor of the A. M. E. church there in conducting a series of meetings, remaining there for two weeks fighting against sin and satan, receiving ror their labors there 21 souls for the Masters Kingdom. Saturday evening February 27th Rev. Burks suffered a very severe attack of asthma growing steadily worse until Monday when his nephew brought iiim liero. Or. .1. S. Bass was called and remained almost con- slantly by his s'de until the end. Dr. R. N. MeMillen was called in consultation. Loving handu rrled to the ul- most but tile foe could not be.driven back. Uev. Burks was a member of the West Kentucky conference, having spent 40 years m the ministry and holding at various times liigh positions in the church. He leaves a loving wife and daughter who reside in Waterloo, la., a son in Paducah, Ky., a. s ster, Mrs. H. C. Ashley, of Riverton, N. J., and s Brother, Rev. T. W. Gfecn of this city, besides a host, of other relatives and friends lo mourn liis demise. .Miss Idella .leiinings left this morning for her iiome in Outlirie, Okla., after a visit of two weeks with .Mr. and Mrs. M. Newman. —Attorney ,lohn W. Brown ha.q opened offices in the Stevenson building where lio will be pleased to. receive thost}' desiring professional services. -Mrj^. .Ij W. l ,ow(\ of I.,allarpe, who has I'teen' the guest of Mrs. II. A. Tei- rill liere for two days, went to Huiii- boldt this afternoon to visit other friends for a few days tjefore returning home. —Kill, dinner and sii)i)M'r nilli la<lie'< of Trinity churrli at A. K. hall Saturday. Kveryliiidy invited. .Mr. and .Mrs. Herman Pancoast returned yesterday from a very pleasant visit with relatives and fi-icnds in Harvel, 111., St. Louis and Kansas City. They have lieen gone two weeks. lOverett. Samuels is. a business vis- itorin Chanute tills afternoon. —Make the .Vliindis' Drug Stori? yoiir drug storf. K. Uigt ;s, a .Missouri Pacifi(^ tele- grapii nporator, who has been II! with uiiDendicitls, was able to leave tlie lioopi'.ai yesthrilay; .1. D. Moore w ;ispr(ilialily thinking less about today 's wetillier than any other inan In town for the reason thiit he had some pleasant memories of (ifty y <>ars ago to occupy lii .s mind. Kifty years ago today he shook liands with Abrnliani Lincoln and fifty years ago tomorrow attended tlie Inaugural ceremonies at Washington, whidi made It necessary for him to make some long rides to rejoin his regiment, the 107»h Illinois, by March 14th. just after it had reached Kingston, N. (". Mr. and Mrs. .1. AV. Goff.o left today for Wichita, near wiiere th«-y expect after a short time to nwjve onto a farm. In conversation during a farewell visit to the Register office this afternoon .Mr. Coffey expressed regret at finding it necessary to leave lola and he declares it Is one of the finest and cleanest cities.of the many in which he lias lived, and the best in every way in which to bring up children. Mr. and -Vlrs. Coffey have lived liere for about fifteen iyears and their going away is regretted' by a great number of friends. Atiorii^y K. W. Myler left this after n(,ou tor Wasliingt(iii_ where he goes on business connected with HK ; De- itai'tment of .Tiisfice. .Mrs. I'i. R. Gillihan, of North Wasli- ii'.feton avenue, wiio was stricken with paralysii.- several d:iys ago is reported to he iniproving.i' Mrs. K. Ketring. of Denver, Colo.,- wlio has been here tw-o days at the home or her brotlier, lOarl iUggs, left for her home today. She lias been visiting in Michigan points siiu-e last Sciitemher and siojrped luic on her way lionu.'. I ':\ meeting of t!i .Mlcii CoUuly h'air Association w;is held this afternoon in the olfice of Dr. I^'rank S .Ilijattie, sec- r(!taiy The direcUtrs juet for the purpose "I" idanning for.i tlie coming fair. Secretary tJeattie said that a s-tatenient would he issued tomorrow. .Mr. Fred Kettle moved, yesterday, with his family into tlie residence property on .\ortli street which tliey houglit .some time ago froth .Misses Adda and KIsio Adams. Mr. Kettle will not admit that he has "retired." although he has worked hard enough these iiast forty y('ars and been successful enough to have earned that distinction. But he does admit that he wants to h<! free for a while to work or not. as he pleases. So he has turned the farm in Garlyle township over to his son George, and will put in his-' time Riving the hoy good advice—-and trying to make him.scif believe it is more fun to see someho.iy else doing the work than it is to do it himself. .Mr. Kettle was born at Kink's Lynn, ii(!ar f-'carhoroiigh, the English coast town that'was homliarded not long ago liy the German (-ruisers, K) he feels .a very liv<>ly Intercast in what Is goiiiK on .across the .water. Couldn't Fool the Dog, A citizen of- Bangor, Mc., has a skyo terrier dog which has been taught to take a paper bag in his mouth and go to a restaurant after his dinner. He goes to t'ne door of the establishment nnd scratches the outside, fill he is admitted. Then he trots down, stairs and deposits bis paper bag on the floor .".nd waits patiently until some meat is placed in it, and returns to his owner. The other day the restaurant penple placed .<;ome raw potato cuttings In the bag instead of meat and twisted it up as usual. The terrier did not discover the trick until he had reached the outside door of the restaurant, when he suddenly dropped the bag on the floor, pawed it open and found nut that he had been fooled. Me could lint bp Induced to touch it until some moat had b'-en'placed in the bag in plain sight, when he took up iiis din- n,er and trotted off with it. MILLER OIL CO. WHOLESALE DISTRI BUTf)RS Majestic Line Oils and Greases, Kerosene and Gasoline, lola, KauRBH. BRANCHES: ( Chanute, Kat. Clinton, Okla. Humboldt, Kas. Cuater, Okla. Wichita Kaa. WHY IT IS NEEDED: Tlie prestmt enrollment of the High' .ScJiooI is 3»4. j This is 2r> liiore than ever enrolled, in any previous ye .ar. There are more students in actual . /iitcndance today tlian were ever enrolled in the entire year of any previous year. About, 110 students will enter Higli School next year to take the place of j about .'{.'i who will graduate this.year,' There are about 17,'> pupils in the seventh grade and over 100 in 6A. .Ninety to ninety-five per cent of (lioso who complete the eighth grade work enter the High School. 1'here Is every reason to believe that Hie High School will continue to grow a;i it has for several yi-ars past. It is conceded thai-no high school class should have over 2 't students In '< if. an(f no laboratory clauB more than | twenty. There are ir, cJass<>s in the lola High School that exceed '>^>, and laboratory classes number as high as 28. There is no chance to make these cVatses smaller without organizing other classes and tlierc i.s no room tor other classes without renting rooms ()lItsid(^ of tlie. High School. This is what will liave to be done in tlifv near future unless room is iiro- vided There are only six rooms in the present High School that are proper/y eqiiiiiiied for recitation purposes. .M .TPy recitations jiro now being hehl in laboratories and in a small office room. The entire third lloor is without jirovision for healing. The best asset that lola has is lier repntatioii for good schools. We have recently lost some smelters and other industries but we can better alTord to lose these than to lose our reputation for having good schools, and that is what is going to liaiipen unless we iiiakfr provision to lake care of the liovs and girls who want to attend High School. DIRT CHEAP! Oklahoma I.and—from I'l lo <ilii acres, per acre, and up; ' half ca .Mh; balance terms to suit r piircliaser; on un|)ai(l balance. 10 acres at $]J.r>0, cash, lial. to suit )>urchascr. 211 acres at fr.O; J-tOO rush; lial. to suit purchaser. •10 acres at $f00; $IOo cash; bal to suit purchaser. S(l acres at »«.00; cash; bal. to suit (iiircha.sor. lJU acres at $10; $1iiO cash; bal. lo suit purchaser. IG'i acres at $5.00; $4IM| cauli; hal to suit purchaser. acres at $.5.00; $(il'.") cash; bal. r, years H'/'f'. '•i2n acres at $2.'); $4nui) cash; Jial. fi years H '/c. The Potter Realty Co. Ifooin r.—(»ld t'ourt. Hons BIdg. Fiione m. \I,I, KH;ilT 'l(» SHOOT A niRSEIt. tiklahoma .ludgp KPICUSPS lU-l'endant Who Took Offense at JUan's Swearlnsr Saimlpa, Okla.. Mar. 2.—That certain "cuss" words give a man the right to shoot another was the substance of a verdict handed down in the justice | court of A. P. Crawford here today wlien Thomas Rhodes, who shot .1. C. (.'ederbcrg on the streets of Depew several weeks ago, was discharged. The testimony showed Cederberg went into the Rhodes store at Depew and (Mirsed him. Rhodes listened to a string of oatlis for about five minutes then drew a revolvcrr and shot his tormentor througli the shoulder, inflicting a slight wound. '1 believe the dcl'endanl did what ;iiiy; other man would or ^Jlould do," said llie (^oiirt in handing doHu his decision. rrnnipt Action Will Stop Voiir t'oiitrlil -When you first catch a f^ilil loften indicated by a sneeze or cough), break it up at once. The.idea that "It does not matter" often leads to serious complications. Tho remedy which immediately and easily penetrates the lining of llin throat In the kind demanded. Dr. King's New Discovery soothes the irritation, loosens the phlegm. You feel better at once, "(t seemed to ri'ach tie very spot of my Cough" lb one of niany honest tesli- nionl «lB. 'iOc. at your. Druggist. 'i'he villain in the melodrama also has some difficulty trying to mak(^ liis glances as dark as his luoiistache. Women are not^ so spirituelle but when tlie party grub attracts niore at- tentioii than the decorations. Just recei Cherokee Lump Coal /ed a car of Deep Shaft FREE from rocks ties. Only at M. K. & delivered if taken whi: car. for and impuri- 3.25 on car (r. track, or • only $3.75 e unloading Company Phone 317 409 N. Jeff. STOP CATARRH! OPEN NOSTRl |s AND HEAD Says Cream Api^Ued In Nostrila Kelievea Head^Colds at Once. If your nostrils are clogged and your head Is stuff(jd and you can't breathe freely bcca lae of a cold orca- larrh, Just get a Bi |iall bottle of Ely'a, Cream Ilaliii at any drug Store. Apply a little of this , fragrant, antiseptic cream Into your nojitrils and let It pen elrat<; tliniuBh ov(iry alii passage of vour head, soothlrtg and healing tho iiiriac.ied. swollen (mucous membrane and vou giit inslanx relief. .Ah! how good It feels. Your nostrils arc open, your head is clear, na more liawking, snulff ling, blowing; no more headache, dryness or struggling for.breath. Kly's.Cream Balm iar.Just what sufferers from head colds and tarrh need. It's a delight. —Tell your Warita to SO,fliOO tiiru the Register's ClaBsifiod columii.

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