The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 29, 1892 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1892
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/ lit* $0 *toiU *§(WW. PUBUSHXO KVSBY SATURDAY —»T— W. K. BCBDIOE. TBBMS: »1.00 Par Year, Striotly la Advanoo. 7"** B**< Airertiting Medium to rtaclt the four north-ta»tern eonnlio Offlc* BoutnwMt Comer Lawler and Tlldou Si- n W. N. BcituiCK, HUit r and P roprikor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN UULE OUR MORAL GUIDE THUMB: $1.50, IF PAID IN ADVANCB VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1892. NUMBER 33. ADVERTISING RATES: TlMB 1 in. 3111. 4 III. 1 wef k ... tl 00 tl 50 tl tin f wet-kg ... 1 Ml 2 US < S week* ... 2 00 .1 mi 5 Oil 1 month .. •t :o 3 7.1 6 2.', * monl S 00 4 M 9 (Hi 5 m' ntln . « IK) 8 -a II 11', 4 months.. » in 8 Oil 1 10 00 13 01) 18 0i J,. }l 00 5 T» 7 50 0 2S II VS 10 00 20 Oil so ool |1 00 fl 00 10 (XI 14 00 tr on oo Sli 00 45 00 510 00 19 OU 10 00 19 00 •a oo ill 03 w oc IW 00 lltmln.-Bs curd- not excvndliiK live lines. «3. I** C&I mlviMtlsi-mi..tii nt l.»nl ratea. Adrertlse- Hienl» Insr-nrd with no Bpvclllc Wine ivlll bf niiiilNlie I nut Ionian-! out nnf -hnixud for no- cordlndy. All hill.i p:iyabl qnimcrly THE FINGER OF GOD. It May bo Soon Evorywhoro and In Evory thing. Volloir Die rolnttoft/ of tho Dlvlnn ringer aa You .HIT Ft Voumolf—It I'tiloU to the Strnlirlit Ituuil TllrouK>> Sunshine nml Shadow. The "Finger of Ood" furnished the i» . M i i !• i 1 yourself. Ruljcct forn recent sermon delivered by Rev. T. DcWilt Tnhnage in Brooklyn tabernacle. His text was: Tho Fingr-r of Go 1.-Exodus lx.. ID. Phnrnoh was sulking In his marble throne room tit Mem phis. Plague after plague hud come, and sometimes the Egyptian monarch was disposed to do better, but at the lifting of each plague he was as bud as before. The neero- whicli make me think that one hundred and fifty years ago then: was some terrible crunk In (inrtiniasti-al line. Realize that, and it will be a relief semi-in- llnite. Let ns take ourselves as we are this moment, and then ask "which way?" (.let nil the direction you can from careful and constant study of the Bible, and loolc tip mid look out and look around, nnd see if you can ftiul the finger of (lotl. It Is u remarkable tiling that sometimes no one can see that linger ' •! A year before Abraham coln signed the I'roclauiation of Emancipation, tile White House wits thronged with committees and iissiciatioiis. ministers ami laymen, advising tlie president to make ttiat proclamation. Hut he waited and waited, amid scoff and anathema, because lie iliil not himself see the linger of God. After awhile, and nt just the right time lie saw the brought.the, neighbor into communion- ' (CONDENSED NEWS, tion with Robertson. That acquaint- ^ I Divine pointing and signed the procla' manc-cn. of tho palace, however, were matioll . Tlu , distinguished eonfeder- compeled to recegm/.c the Divine aU , s M „ S()U am , were token off movement, and after one of the most tt „ Knp u sn v ,. ss ,,, bv t]lL . VnXU-A States exasperating plagues of all the series ; ve) . mm . Ilti .. r)m V t „.,„„ tht , m „ they cr ed out In the words of my text: sholllc(1 ftl | the northern states. "Let us .l.L..,V.!°,."rf'!!!°L"!!! r .r;" t „A!!! i lmv " »•»«• vviUl England rallu-rthansui- iinaninious first nor the last time, when bad people j , u . r Uu , m „ WBS U)c „ lmi)sl said a good thing. An old Phlludel phia friend visiting me the other day asked me if I had ever noticed this passage of Scripture from which I to-day speak. I told htm no, and 1 said right away: "That is a good text for a sermon." We all recognize the hand of (lod nnd know It is a mighty hand. You have seen a man keep two or thvee ru 1 bcr balls ilyintf In the air. catching nnd j pitching them so that none of them fell I to the lloor, and do this forseveral min- j utes. nnd you have admired his dexterity, lint have you thought how the hand of Ood keeps millions nnd millions of round worlds vastly lnrger than our world flying for centuries without letting one fall? Wondrous power nnd skill of (Jod's hand! Hut about that T am not to discourse. My text leads me to speak of less than a fifth of the Divine hand. "This is the linger of Ood." Only in two other places does the Hible refer to this division of the Omnipotent hand. The rocks on Mount Sinai are basalt and very hard stone. Do you Imagine it was a chisel that cnt the ten commandments in that basalt? No, in Exodus we read that the tables of stones were "written with tho finger of Ood." .Christ says that. Ho cast out tho devils with "tho finger of Ood." The only instance that Christ wrote a word, Ho wrote not with pen on parchment, but with His linger on tho ground. Yet evy of the north. Hut William 11, Seward saw the linger of (lod leading in just the opposite direction, and the confederates were given tip, and we avoided a war with Kn^lnu'l. which at that time would have been the demolition of the United States government. In other words, the linger of Ood. as it directs you, may be invisible to everybody. Kollow the Divine pointing, as you see it, although the world may call you a fool. There has never been a man or a woman who amounted tonny- thing that has not sometimes been called a fool. Nearly all the mistakes that you and I have made have come from our following the pointing of some other linger instead of the finger of God. Hut now, suppose all forms of disease closo in upon u man. Suppose his business collapses. Suppose he buys goods and en not sell them. Suppose, by a new invention, others can furnish the same goods nt less price. Suppose a cold spring or a late autumn or the coming of an epidemic corners a man, ami his notes come due and he can not meet them, and his rent must be paid, mid there is nothing with which to pay It. and the wages of the employes are due and there is nothing with which to meet that obligation, and the hank will not discount, and tho business friends to .vhom he goes for -Accommodation are In the same though so seldom roference is made in ' predicament, and he bears up and strug- tho liiblo to a part of Ood's hand, if you, and I keep our eyes open and our heart right, we will be competed often to cry out: "This is the finger of Ood." It is my intention before long to begin a series of sermons on "The Astronomy of the Bible, or Ood Among the Stars;" "The Ornithology of the Hible, or Ood Among the Ilhtls;" "Tho Pomology of tho Hible, or Ood Among the Orchards;" "Tho Ichthyology of tho Hible, or Ood Among tho Fishes;" "The Oeology of tho Hible, or God Among the Rocks;" "The Waters of the Bible, or Ood Among the Seas;" "The Zool- ] ogy of tho Hible, or Go.l Among the Beasts;" "Tho Precious Stones of the Bible, or Ood Among tho Amethysts;" "The Conchology of tho Bible, or Ood Among the Shells'." "The Botany of tho Bible, or Ood Among the Flowers;" "The Chronology of tho Bible, or Ood Among tho Centuries," and I want this coming winter to get you and get myself into the habit of seeing tho finger of Ood everywhere and in everything; but this morning I want to Induce you to look for the linger of God In your personal affairs. To most of us gesticulation is natural. If a stranger accost you on tho street and ask you the wny to some place, it is as natural as to breathe for you to level your forefinger this way or that. Not one out of a thousand of you would stand with your hands by your side and mnke no motion with your finger. Whatever you may say with your lips is emphasized and re-enfoveed and translated by your finger. Now, God in the dear old book, says to us innumerable things by the way' of direction. He plainly tells us the way to go. But in every exigency of our life, if we will only look, wo will find a providential gesturo and a providential pointing, so that wo may confidently say: "This is tho flngor of God." Two or three times In my life, when perplexed on questions of duty after earnest prayer, I have cast lots as to what I should do. In olden times, the Lord's people cast lots. Tho land of Canaan wa i divided by lot. The cities woro divided among the priests and Levltes by lot. Matthias was chosen to tho apostlcshlp by lot. Now, casting lots Is about the most solemn thing you can do. It should never be douo except with a solemnity like ' that of tho last judgment. It Is a direct appeal to the 1 Almighty. If, after earnest prayer you do not soom to get the Divine direction, I think you might, without sin, v-ite upon ono slip of pa- .por "Yes," and apon another "No," or some other decisive words appropriate to the case, and then obliterating from your mind tho identity of tho slips of paper, draw the decision and uot upon it. In that case I thinIc you have a right to take that indication as tho finger of God. But do not do that except us the last resort, and with a do- vnutness that loavesubsolutely all with Ood. Yov much thut concerns as we have no responsibility, and wo need not make appeal to the Lord for direction Wa are not responsible for most of our turroundings, We aro not responsible tor the country of our birth, nor for whether we ure Americans, or Norwe^ glans, or Soa'itl.njini, or Irishmen, or Eugllshmen. Wo nro not responsible (or the age in which we live. We are not responsible for our temperament, tw It nervous or phlegmatic, bilious or •anguine. Wo are not responsible for t>u* features, bo they homely or beautiful. We aro not responsible for tho helghth or smalliiens of our stature. ,'••••.Wo ttro not r >>?p <uwlbW» *or the fnut v»tftat we (w« uwt.uvlly dull or brilliant. ¥w the most of orir environments we him from joining the going to India, and gles on, until, utter awhile, crash goes the whole concern. He stands wonder ing and saying: "I do not see the meaning of all this. I have done the best X could. Ood knows I would pay my debts if I could, but hero I am hedged in and stopped." What should tho man do in that ease? Oo to tho Scriptures and read the promise about all things working together for good and kindred passages? That is well. But be needs do something beside reading the Scriptures, lie needs to look for tho finger of Ood that is pointing toward better treasures, that is pointing towar I eternal release, that is urging him to higher realms. No human linger ever pointed to the east or west or north so certainly as the finger of Ood is pointing that troubled man to higher and better spiritual resources that Ho has ever enjoyed. There are men of vast weilth who are as rich for Heaven as they ara for this world, but they are exceptions. 1 f a man grows in grace, It is generally before he gets one hundred thousand dollars or after he loses it. If a man have plenty of railroad securities and has applied to his hanker for more; if the lots he bought have gone up fifty pei cent, in value; if ho had hard work to get the door of his fireproof safe shut because of a new roll of securities he put in there just before locking up at night; if he ha speculating In a falling market or a rising market, and things tuko for him a right turn, ho does not grow in grace very much thnt week. Do you know what made the great revival of 1857, when moro peoplo were converted to Ood, probably, than in any year since Christ was bon? It was tho defalcation and bankruptcy that swopt American prosperity so flat that It could fall no flatter. I am speaking of whole-souled men. Such men are so broken by calamity thnt they aro humbled nnd lly to God for relief. Men who have no spirit and never expect anything are not much affected by tlnnneinl changes. They ure as apt to go into the kingdom under one set of circumstances as another. The only way to get rid of them is to lend them a dollar and yon will never see them again. I have tried that plan and it works well Hut 1 am speaking of the effect of misfortune on high- plrited men. Nothing but trial will turn suolt from earth to Heaven. It is only through clouds and darkness and whirlwind of disaster such a man. can see the finger of God. A most Interesting, ns well as a most useful, study is to watch the pointing of the finger of Ood. In the seventeenth century South Carolina was yielding rosin and turpentine and tar ns her chief productions. Hut Thomas Smith noticed that tho ground near his house in Charleston wus very much like the places in Madagascar where he had raised rice, and some of the Mndagnscar rteo vnis sown there, nnd grow so rapidly th;vt South Carolina was led to mako rice her chief production. Can you not see tho finger of God in that incident? Rev, John Flotohor, of England, many wlU know, was one of tho most useful ministers of the Gospel who ever preached. Before con version he joined tho army nnd had bought his ticket on the ship for Houth America. Tho morning ho was to sail some one spilled on him a kettle of water, and he was so scalded he could not go, lie was very much disappointed, but tho ship he was going to sail on went out and was never hoard of again. Who can doubt that Gad was arranging the life of John Fletcher? Was it merely j anceship kept dragoons nnd spending his life in military service, and reserved him for n. pulpit, the influence of which for gospelization will 5 resound for time and all eternity. i Why did not Columbus sink when in early manhood he was afloat six miles from the beach, with nothing to sits- j tain him till he could swim to land hut a boat's oar? I wonder if his preservu- ; tion had anything to do with America? Had the storm that diverted the May- 1 flower from the month of the Hudson 1 for which it was sailing, and sent it ashore nt Cape Cod, no Divine super- : vlsnl? Does anarchy rule this world, or Ood? St. Felix escaped martyrdom by crawling through u hole in the wall | across which the spiders immediately j afterward wovo a web. His persecutors saw the hole in tho wall, but the j Rpider's web put them off the track. A boy was lost by his drunken father and could not for years Hnd his way home. Nearly grown he went into a Fulton street prayer-meeting and asked for prayers that he might find his parents. His mother was in tho room, and rose and recognized her long-lost son. Do you say that these thing* "only happened so." Tell that to those who do not believe in a Ood and have no faith in the Hible. Do not tell it to me. I M.I id to an aged minister of much experience "All the events of my life seem to have been divinely connected. Do you suppose it N so in nil lives?" lie answered: "Yes, but most people do not notice the Divine leadings." I stand here this morning to say from my own experiense that the safest thing in all the new world to do is to trust to the Lord. I never had a misfortune or a persecution or a trial or a disappointment, however excruciating at the time Ood did not male turn out for my good. My one wish is to follow thn Divine leading. I want to watch the finger of Ood. My friends, I do not know how wo nro going to stand it—I mean the. full inrush of that splendor. Last summer I saw Moscow, in some respects the most splendid city under the sun. The emperor afterward asked me if I had seen it. for Moscow is the pride of Russia. I told him yes. and that I had seen Moscow burn. I will tell you what I meant. After examining nine hundred brass cannons which were picked out of the snow after Napoleon retreated from Moscow, cueh cannon deep cut with letter "N.," I ascended a tower of some two hundred and fifty feet, just before sunset, and on each platform there were bills, large and small, and 1 climbed up among the bells, and then as I reached tho top, nil the bells underneath me began to ring, and they were joined by the bells of fourteen hundred towers and domes and turrets. Some of the bells sent out n faint tinkle of sound, 11 sweet tintinnabulation that seemed to bubble In the nir, and others i thundered forth boom after boom, boom after boom, until it seemed to shake the earth and fill the heavens—sounds so weird, soswect, no awful, so grind,so charming, so tremendous, so soft, so rippling, so reverberating—and they seemed to wreathe and whirl and rise and sink burst and roll and mount and die. When Napolean saw Moscow burn it could not have been moro brilliant 'than when I saw all the one thousand four hundred turrots aflame with the sunset, roots of gold, and walls of malachite, and architecture of all colors, mlng'iug the brown ot autumnal forests, nnd the blue of summer heaveus, and the conflagration of morning skies, nnd the green of ricli meadows, and tho foam of tossing seas. Tho mingling of so many colors with so many sounds was an ontraucement almost too much for human nerves or human cyts or human ears. I expect to see nothing to equal it until you and T see Heaven. But that will surpass it and make the memory of what I saw that July evening in Moscow almost tame and insipid. All Heaven aglow aud all Heaven n-ring, not in tho sunset, but In tho sunrise. Voices of our own kindred mingling with the doxologles of ompires. Organs of eternal worship responding to tho trumpets that havo wakened tho dead. Nations In white. Centuries in coronation. Anthems like, tho voice of many waters. Circle of martyrs, irclo of apostles. Circle of prophets. Thrones of cherubim. Thrones of Beraplim. Throno of Archangel. Throne of Christ. Throno of God. Thrones! Thrones! Thrones'. The finger of God points thnt way. Stop not until you reach the place. Through tho atoning Christ, all I speak of and moro may be yours and mine. Do you not now hear tho chime of the bolls of that metropolis of the universe? Do you not see tho shimmering of tho towers? Good morning. A Ilondurnn schooner is "\vroeUcd nnd thirteen lives lost. Several persons were frozen to death lit Colorado's groat snow storm. Columbus tiny services wove held in all tlio Chicago churches Sunday. Tho county democracy decides to put up ti lull ticket lu New York City. Several fishing vessels, it Is reported, were lust hi tho galu on thu tiuiC of Mexico. Chitiles . J. Clinic, nt Winnipeg, breaks three world's record's lu putllug the shot. Mrs. Lease, the Kansas populist agitator, iiilviscs 1U0 populists to vote for LLu'i'Uou. The Tennessee republican:* and populists fuse on couytcssloual uud local Candida les. Fur the liret time In years lu North Carolina there are uo convicts at worli on railroads. There Is rouiii for just live more dead lu the "poet's corner" of Westminster abbey. A waterspout lu Texas (loads 400,1)00 acres to (lie dcpi'.t of two foot aud destroys much llvo stojlc. Charles F. Joy has been iiomliinti'il for congress by Hie republicans of the CluvcuiU .Missouri district. John W. lless was killed at Anna, 111., Saturday night by being thrown I'l'O.n uu Illinois Central tralu. G. W. Ackcrnmn, a porter, attempt- fa to lir.nille a live electric light wire u Kansas City, Friday, ami was killed. William fair, of Syracuse, N. Y., Ails killed Sunday by tho Chicago limited uu the .Now York Central road. The Anroll Meyer haul: nt liiickc- Uuig, Lippe, founded 10T years ago, has failed with liabilities of 1,500,UOU murks. Edward Woodford Seymour, a justice of the supremo court ut Connecticut, tiled at his homo lu Llteklield, iimday. Walter Lauo, 11) years of age, of Crawtordsvllle, lud., committed suicide Siuiday because Uo hud been crossed lu love. All the telegraph operators aud station iiyciits on the Gulf, Colorado 1^ SiiuUt Fe system nro ou a strike for more pay. Mrs. Victoria Woodhull Martin gives out her letter of ticccplniice as the presidential candidate of tho wotuau sull'ragists. J. S. Bedford nnd Dim Basch, suspected of bollix huiuotkleves, weto shot and killed by masked uieu near Ckey- euue, Wyo. [''milk T. Chambers, of Cedar Rapids, luw.i, coininitlcil suicide In Butte, Mont., by swallowing laudanum, lie Wiis penniless and out of work. Adjutant General Recce has Issued an order for the establishment of n camp for riile practice at Fort Sheridan from October ^'-t to October -ii. While out hunting near Goshen, ltul., Sunday, Henry, tho lti-yuiir-old sou of -Moses Kiiglciniiv, was instantly killed by the accidental dlsclinrgu uf tl shotgun. At Dixon, Kentucky, Edward Herou waylaid and mortally wounded John Winston. Herou attempted to escape and Wiis shot to death while resisting arrest. The Buffalo Ten-cent Permit unit Snv lugs nnd Luitu nsocialion, which was plundered by Its lute treasurer, Mr. Diiim, has been formally declared Insolvent. Franco and Gortuuny nro likely to engage lu u serious diplomatic dispute over Uurnmn Interference ou behalf of tho Dnhouictyiius In their war with the French. I ID. Benjamin Andrew, president of Brown university, a democrat, Is appointed a delegate to the International monetary conference in placo ca* F. A. Walker, declined. —Rend tho Bible for yourself. Don't depend on D. Ds. and commentators, They are worthy of respect, but are not infallible—the Bible is. Those who loun on expositors alone aro like men who should depend on lactated food and waited milk for physical vigor. We learn from uu exchange that General Bognu, ox-urcstduiit of Honduras, la visiting this country, uud wuuts Americans to go down aud develop his country. He often* laud and liberal conces- slous lu return for tho Urulus uud bniwu uud capital which tho peoplo of the United States onu furnish. Honduras lias tried to build Itself ou our lines of law and enterprise aud what tho geuortil saw ou his trip across the coutlueut asstu'es ultu that It has taken tho host possible model Honduras, ho says, has precious uiet- uls, hardwoods and fruits lu nbiiuduuue, but Its peoplo Uavo too receutly emerged from the grip of oppression uud ignorance to bo uWo to m thorn before U10 world. accidental that Bloharl Rodda, « , .,„ . , . Cornish miner, whoWISOJI J UJ U SWIJ^^^ Valuer Dliniln commtmdery of the Cuights of St. Jolui was installed tit Jruwfoiilsvllle Intl., Sunday. Several hundred uniformed knights participated iu tho grand parade. The Rio Urnuda road from SttlUla to Urauil Junction is still tied up by the itrlke and President Jeffreys sajs the company will nut lelnslato Engineer Gordon, who violated lis rules. Tho old arsenal In which John Brown made his last light at Harper's Ferry lu 1S0U, has been transplanted to Chi cngo unit was thrown open to visitor sSatuiiliiy night for tho Urst time. Tho 111,000 clothing cutters lu New Yorit threaten to veto against the democratic ticket ueuuusu Uov. Flower refuses to parUou Master Workman J allies Hughes, convicted of extortion The democrats take legal steps lu St. Paul to compel tho secretary of statu to put the names of thu four fuslou enuillilutes for electors ou tho demo- crutk. ticket with tho dcmouratlo cuudl- dates. Uov. Dr. Lawroueo M. Colfclt has resigned iho pnstoratu of the Oxford Presbyterian cltutcU iu Philadelphia because ho held views iucompaUtilo with auvcml cardinal points of the l'resby imiitu creed. Tuo Btetuuor Bokhara of tuo Penii'i sulur aud Urluutal iluo was wrecked uu Saud island, uear tho Island ot Formosa. Sho curried it largo uutubur uf. passengers, tho greater part of vvooui weru lust, lJurlUK u republican pnrado lu Pittsburg u cable car rushed down tin lu uliuo aud through tv.o ranks of the uuircuoro. Henry Apcl was killed, Ward ltutfuer fatally Injured uud sor- ontl oihors badly hurt. _J to Mexico under tho charge of murder. Cutaiiho Garza Is said to be in Chili. lu the case uf John Daly, the member of the Toledo, Ohio, city couucll charged with bribery, the jury was utit about an horn - and returned a verdict of guilty. This is the ttrst of the seven cases uud means a conviction in all of I them. j Francis C. Hewitt, 11 city weigher lu j thu New York custom-house, has been arrested and admitted to bail in the sum of $1U,UUU uu a charge of having bribed ex-United Suites Assistant Weigher E. W. Sinioiuls, to make false returns of weights of sugars. The authorities at Jamestown, N. Y., are Investigating a case wherein a youug woman. Miss Leonora Wngguucr of Buffalo, was permitted to diu of typhoid fever without a physician being culled in. Her parents were adherents of the faith cure Idea Tommy Warren, tho ex-featherweight pugilistic champion, attempted to kill a young gambler named Boot lu a low resort In Waco, Tex., Sunday morning. He shot wkle of bis murk, however, and the bullet front his pistol killed Clement Stovel, a colored man. t Portsmouth, Ohio, Saturday, two boilers iu the rolling mill of the Burgess steel ami Iron works exploded. Richard Fleming and George lsrcssler •ere killed, twelve utliens are seriously ind some probably fatally injured, and 1 score are muro or less Injured. At Logausport, lud., JJ.ivid Humphrey, proprietor of a secoud-huud store, shot uud killed Shorty Stevenson, caulker, Sunday looming. Steven- sou was drank aud attcmpicil to break into Humphrey's place. Humphrey shut hhu with a sholguu through, the window. Sunday afternoon two boys, aged l) tud 10, sous o£ J. 11, Oiltcs of Des .Moines, Iowa, were run over by an lectrlc car aud instantly killed. The yuimgest was decapitated and the other shockingly mutilated, 'iho older buy Wiis struck while trying to save the younger. , Suuday night at Wheeling, W. V11., Robert Belleville, a peddler, well knowu uuoiig mill men in Virginia aud western Pennsylvania, iiuarielcd with Willim Bayless, 11 nailer, over the miller's strike. Belleville assaulted Bayless, fractured his skull uud lutllcted fatal injuries. Belleville has beeu arrested. The Roiutiu Catholic church iu Danbury, Ct., was robbed early Monday muL 'ulug uud six golden chalices were taken by tho thieves. Other valuable properly from the altars Is also miss- Tliu chalices tiluiie were valued at ver ¥3,000. The police are wurkin, ou tho case, but have no clow to the burglars. A brouzo monument of Alexander ou Humboldt was unveiled iu Huiii- liuklt Park, Chicago, Suuday, iu the pieseuce of 10,000 peoplo. A parade f German societies preceded the uu- olling and several speeches Wert made. Tho monument Is the gift of F. Denis, of Chicago, to the Germans of the city. lu addition to tho Greek minister to Rouiiiauiu, who was recalled because of the Roumanian government's seizure of an euoriuous fortune wtdch was leit by a Greek merchant for the pro­ medol! of husbitudry anil liiiiuiifacliire u Greece, all the Greek diplomats and ousuls lu ltotimauiii have been summoned to leave their posts. Tho Ottawa correspondent of the Empire (goveriiiueuc organ) announces ulltcinlly the resignation from the cabinet uf Hon. Edgar lJewdeny, minister of the Interior, to accept the lieutenant ;overuorsliip of British Columbia, and lie calling of T. .M. Daly, M. 1'., for Selkirk, to his place in tlio ministry. Air. Daly was sworn lu Monday. Harry Hlggiiibothani, of Chicago, son of the world's fair president, hud it narrow escape troui death in a tussle with a bear a tew days ago while hunting In Culurado. Ho had shot tho bear and supposed It dead, but while view ing his prize It sprang up uud knocked him senseless. Two hours later he recovered to ilud himself badly bitten and scratched and the bear dead beside him, MRS. HARRISON DEAD. In Willi tVl-l'ect I'eni'e Mm I-II»SHH Away, lilt- l '1 'i-.-.lUi-ut 111 Iter II I-IIB I IU;. Washington, Oct. 25, 1:40 u. in.—Airs. Harrison uled at 1:40 11. ui. She was uncoiisciuus and unable 10 move lor scleral hours belore the cud. Consumption wus Uio cause of her dcaiu. The taiully was present. Oct. 1, ls.r_', tue house of the Rev. John L). U mierspooii Scott, 11 presby- tcriuu iilviue, president of the oxiotd (O.) Female college, was made uappj by the birth ut a daubhter. At mat tune Andrew Jucksuu swayed the destinies of tlie cuuuiry and loudly Ouuui- sou, wife of his private scciciury, uud Sarah lurko Jackson, wile of 111s luster sou, divined lUe honors of thu social ntiniimsiratiun of lUe executive muu- siuii. lu tlie presbyleriau cliurch at Oxford the Uov. Henry Little, a noted minister of mat day, clinsieued the-in- flint diiuglilui- Carolina 1 -uviuu Scutl. Upon her marriage .Mrs Harrison appears to luivu dropped mo middle Uiiiiie of Scoit, and lew persons Knew linn she ever bore the appellation of Lu­ nula. Some forty miles in 11 northwesterly direction from Ciiiciiiunli, O., Is tue rurai loun ui Oxford. As early as 1SU0 11 was made the sent of Alinnil umver say, founded under the patronage ot me stale. Important educational interests suusi uuciiily led iu tue establish- itieulot the Oxturd Female college auu the Western female seminary. Of lormer Rev. John W. Scon uud become president. Benjamin Harrison was 11 student at Oxloid. lie bud passed from Farmer's college lulu the .Miami university aim gruuuutcd at the age of Is years. Tue yuiuig student, iu tne mldsl uf ins pur suit of learning, loiiud himself over taken iu love, and l>r. Scott's duugUlei was the object uf his infection. Julio Scutt Harrison, the lather of the sin dciu, was tuo warui-hcuricd nnd liberal lu lay by much uf earth's stuics, 01 even to take a scllish care of what m received by inheritance. The pain luoiiial estate had diminished in ucre» and the family exchequer in cash during his lnaiiageiiiuit, which left Beu- jaiulu 10 make his own way,, witn u good education as his capital mid th world as His Held for investment. It was a iryying situation to sever lender tics which held him at Oxford for tin unemotional experiences of a student at law lu the oilicu of Bellamy Storey and Abraiu G. Wyiin of Ciucbiuali. He tiiuslkd his loi.soine journey 111. iho rugged high way ot Jurisprudeuce and the lust tiling thereafter weudeu 111s way back to oxturd. On Oci. ^0, 1S6J, he there made .Miss Carrie Scutl his wife. The cash capital at the command 01 Benjamin Harrison when he began married liie mid the practice of his pro- iissoln was ¥S00, an advance ou u 101 iu Cincinnati luhcritcd through his aunt, who married James Flunty, soldier of the war of lslJ. Air. and Airs. Harrison began their responsibility lu ruuins in au ludiumipolis boardin iiouse. lu the summer of 1S&4 All': Harrison paid 11 visit to her parents ut iho uul kuuie at Oxford, and there, ou •Vug. l'J, Bussed Harrison, their eldest child, wus born. After uus eveut in Hie family circle, tho young uiuthei having returned m the uiiuuuu to lu- uiauapolis, the proud husband rented a small house uud begun life In earnest his faiiluul mid Industrious wife doing her own housework hi a collage three rooms. The steady gains iu practice uud pecuniary rewards in two yem* found Airs. Harrison presiding over larger and more preicuiious house Here their second and last ci , .mir.i scutt Harrison, was burn. in 18S1 Gen. Harrison entered the senate of the United Suites, and Airs. Harrison became a member of thai distinguished circle, the wives ol senators, and later, as the wife of the president, the leading lady of the land. She was tl model, motherly woman lu every respect, loved by till who knew her. sotiri-i,, unit dent to three or four failures of private CONVINCING FIGURES, bunking urms prior tu 1S70 were equal Tllry ,.„„,„ Ir „ m „ ,^7,,,.^,,,. to the total losses which had up to that tmumi im (ialimuiii. time occurred under die national bank- Here Is Commissioner of Labor Peck's tug system. During three years ending olllclnl statement as to the effect pro- January 1, 1ST0, the failures of state duced by the AleKinley law 011 labor In and savings bunks and private banks New York state. Commissioner Peck m tweuiy-three stales numbered I'lO, with lusses amounting to tflW.uTU.UOT. 'The average animal lusses to creditors by the insolvency of national banks during slxteeu years prior to 1STI) was $yuo,ol2, while that occasioned by the failure of banks other tnau national was for three yours prior to 1ST0 not less than Ijilo.SiU.liUO per itnuuni. The repurt of tlie comptroller of tho currency for 1S70 show that lu the states uf Ohio and Illinois aloue the losses m three years through the failure of state saving and private banks aud bankers aggregated over ys,ooo,000, of which about ¥i;,00t),t)UO were lu Ohio and about jiii.UOO.OOO In llduols, the total li sses iu these two stales being greater by $1,- OS.Olli than the total losses tu creditors by nil the national bank failures which have ever occurred. Tu eight years the losses to creditors through the failure of national bauks I11 the cities of New York and Brooklyn were If!) 1,000, while tho losses by saving banks in thu same two cities for corresponding period were nearly $4,- oOO.OOO." in addition to the above, it nitty be stated thnt according to a lute report of the comptroller of the currency there were dining the year ending June 110, 1S01, failures of 117 banks, brokers, trust companies and saving banks iu this country, Inning uu aggregate of liabilities of over $38,000,000 and assets of but ?2(i,000,tHK). These figures aro not only of import nee to liuauclers, but they are of vital interest to every laboring man and small capitalist. The men of small means are deeply concerned In having sound money. There is nothing which can moro seriously threaten workingmen and those of nmilciiito means than a revival of wildcat bnnklti Every thoughtful render will carefully consider the argument which the figures given above present. Is a democrat and was appointed to his position by David B. Mill: He finds that In tlie wholesale inanu- facttiries of this state the wages paid fur the year ending August 31, 18!)1, ' showed an Increase over the wages I paid during the year eudlng August 31, 1SU0, of ¥l>.377,!)25.00. He lltids that Hie tiet Increase of production Iu the samu time wus $31,315,130.08. He finds that of sixty-seven industries Investigated 77 per cent, show uu Increase lu wages or production or both. He finds that the number of Individual increases of wages Iu these Industries reported for tlie year ending August 31, lSUl, was 80,717. He tinds that the average increase In the wages of the entire iiHS.OOO em­ ployes represented was $'J3.11, while In lifly-one of the trades represented tho average increase in wages per Individual was ?4.'!.!)(J. This information will bear frequent repetition. POLITICAL POINTS. thnt Good Old Uouuwriit, tumoral Mcklort, Hiiyh—Oilier A'lltt 'H, He W UII ItiiHtnonN. Detroit Free Press: Ono dny durlii tlie hot spell uu opticiau 011 Woodward avenue had a number of theuiuiuelei's dunging over his front door. Yurlou.- pcrsoiis consulted them, aud Uiiually a solemn appealing old gent stopped and between mops of his streaming; face hv took a luuk at each Instrument. 'Aro thesu for salo'i" ho Inquired of tho proprietor. "Certiiluly, sir," ho responded (lint gentleman with an eye to business. "Do you want to buy one?" •Cm—er—well, no," he said with ti half sttille; "1 guess not to-day; they're too high. I'll see you whon they lire lower," aud ho moved ou quietly and cheerfully. Tasks Tlitit Hunt lie Done, Nature Ima »«»lgned Imporliuit l»ck» to th> liver and the boutda, and bi In it mutuallT ds- liHink'iit upon Pitch oilier for tlta rpgiitur and Adequate Uncharge of ttiene tnek*, acenatloii of tvoiV tiy one cuuaua tlia oilier to lulls'* Into Inncllvlty I'be tuckti of ferret'nn rind evuouutlou niuttb- performed, or the ijsleiu m pomuurd and dlnor drred. llori'ovrr, fund liifliuninrillou ot tho bow«l« or Blitcets ot Hie liver ore apt to en tie II liiticllon o( tliree oruunii tre allowed to go un 111 riled. Tlie danternim txinlrii-y i-hoiilil tu olirekid at tlie oiit.ui with llori«u«r'»smiiiniI liiuvre, an un l-l>llluui> f|«-cino aim mmulvu Alik out ft p>vr Nuvi-r dum niuilkinu ciiimu i 4ttaltu o( the nomnrh or iiiL'ii»lin»a of tliebuw »K. It dout IK teforinutorv work plt-a-aMI; th'iiiuli Hi'h rraiomtlile iwiivliy, It prevvnn miliaria and tin 1111 a lo di-tm-uj, kidney ruin plaluui uud lellevi» dyrpniiMA mid tervoutimtt, CHANQEO HIS MIND. I'roouatUugii or tlio OHta-lot .VU.iraoy In til Jienite ^iijrder tJajuiL BAD MONEY. It I H t'ortllili to Follow Uomoci-utlu Wildcat i'i< Business men will uoi fail to see that tho bunking sysieui now ptoposcd mo couuny by tuo Cuicngo uuuveuilou Vtoiuu, it UAtoptcil, tu 0.0 a worse uu,iu cud umiciluu mail tue liuuuuig ui trie cuuuiry wuu grceUbucus, wmcu so largo a pui 'llou oi mm party roooilllj uivorcd. lor of jji 'icubaoii* 11 cuiua be 4idu mat lUcy Muaid nave mo gmoiu- uicut back ui them, but ii die 01U sjs teiu oi sutlu buu..a suuuid be iciivou iney wuuid become, 11s tuiy uiu before, a s.uice»ay iur puuiniy over Hie cuuu­ iry a lloud ui uoles WHilotlt prupei security. Ad svuuiu uoi be so, bui IUOIX wouiu bo millions oi uupiuiocteil 01 uiily partially secured money lu cucu- union. President Harrison, iu his letter ot acceptance, vividly recalled the condition 01 ttuairs wueu ihc old system 01 stale bitUKS wus 111 Us bnlciul prime, iiie posiuiitsier-geiieral, in a counuuiii caltou 10 1110 last cougress, preseuteu some startling statistics ou 1110 IUUUIA. of private banks, wuich become 01 momentous interest since tho dcinu .-lilts hate iiuuuiiuced it tu be tueti pulley 10 remove all restiiclloua upoi. tuo clrciUulioii of statu bunks. The uosluiusier-t>t'Uurul snj s: Gen. Sickles—"I tell you, sir, Iho old soldier will not vote for Cleveiuud. He cannot carry .New Y'oric." Solid New York Delegation—"In 1SS1 Clevelaud defeated Blnlue lu the pivotal state of New 5iork by 1,047 votes; In 1JS88 Harrison defeated Cleveland lu the same suite by 14,373, In ISS4 Clevelaud carried Indiana agaiusi Blalue by 0,512 votes; lu 1888 it was carried by llarrisou against Cleveland by ^',348 votes;, lu 1884 Connection went for Cleveland by 1,^34; lu 1888, 330 votes. Mural: Duu't force New York to accept 11 candidate who is op posed by the entire delegation; don't place lu nomination one who caunul carry the state of New York. (Jiiuy Is a rabid Harrison twin now, Clarksou reached this stage over 11 mouth ago and Flint Is beginning to put his war paint on preparatory to throwing himself huto the breach to battle for the ticket. There Is nothing the mutter with the republican party.— St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Calvin S. Brlcc—"1 toll you frankly, there Is not a thinking democrat In Chicago to-night who doesn't fully leull/.e that Mr. Cleveland cannot bo elected president of the United States this year. The Pioneer Press well sn.vs: "The grand old republican party Is once more spelling hiiriuony with a big II." There Is every evidence that the peoplo of the nation have resolved to continue their present prosperity Instead of Ittdiilgiiiu in rainbow chasing and visionary specula Hons. Ouiiirmau Murphy, Democratic com luitioe—1\ e siucuio.y trust mm uio ue- inocraey oi otUer niutea win not Uimn- ii.ile iho democracy of the suite 01 .sew lork by nuiniuutuig 11 resiueui 01 1U0 suite ivliuui me uiyauixuuuu ui luv stale believes cuuiu nut oe elected, lu ucuiuuu mg it return 10 uie wddcat luui uauiviug sjsieui ui me unys ueioie uio war— iur mal is prticiicuuy wuut li dues—liie nomocracy snows itself lu lu rue colors, it jusilues us record tic mo cousisieut chuuipiun ol every rarely ui uuiiucial uusuuiiduess, iroiu tut puuu, uuudol'uud sieuulig practiced Uj .dississippl, Tennessee, \ irgiuiu una oilier suutuern stales, lo the mil iuuiie.\ uuticy uf u deciiue ago uud liie iioi MI tor mauuess ol today.—l'iuitidelpm,. .North. American. Brother Dana Is awfully dlslurbeu about Uio iree trade "iaciion," us in lei-uis It, wniLii is nominating the demo emtio puny. Tno democruiic puny is now a lice iruuo puiiy, pure auu .motile, it uus soiciiiuiy ueciared niiy toriu of prou-ollou lo American Interests lo tuo uiicoustlluiioual, and It Uu* oorruw'cd iroiu tue cousmuliou of the defuuet southern confederacy a dccltirn uou mat iiiruis etiu ouiy bo levied bj 1110 Lulled States for revenue. Tlu» oitf fact cauuot be rubbed out with 11 dump uewspttpv. ..—New York Adver User. FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT. Sovi-n Killed In a l-'lroivorkn llu Mill,I Los Angeles, Cal., Oct. 22.—A frightful explosion ended tho Columbus day celebration hero last night. A large number of people, including many children, had gathered around the spot where preparations were being made to explode a piece of six-inch gas pipe loaded with powder. The contrivance exploded prematurely and caused dreadful havoc. Seven persons wore killed outright or received Injuries from which they died soon afterwards. Besides these, it is believed that nt least live others were killed or fatally Injured, and a number of others were seriously injured. One man, named Theodore Itnpp, was standing near by, holding his two llttlo daughters by the hand. Both girls wero Instantly killed, the side of oue of them being entirely blown nwny. The first body found was that of a 14- yenr-old newsboy, named Frank Ford. A piece of gits pipe passed through his body. Tlie body of another boy nnmed I/itiis Oden wits found. The dead, ns far ns known ut present, are: Frank Cohen, aged 14. Agiitn Cohen, nged 8. Louis Oden, nged 12. Antonio Bnghltto. Victor Ottssauo. Two daughters of Theodore Rnpp. Among the wounded nre: llermnn Cniumcl, who works for a local fireworks maker, and who Is supposed to have fired the fntitl bomb, right leg amputated; will probably die. Kdwiml Griffiths, 10 years old, flesh torn from left leg. Mike Culleii, nged IS, right nrm fractured. B. Bunker, nged 50, received Injuries that may prove fatal. II. 3. Lloyd, nged 13, left leg shnt- tori'd; may llvo. V/ilsnn, tlio mau that loaded and llretl the gas pipe, has been arrested. It Is thought he did not use ordinary powder In loudlng the "gun." 1 THE NEW COLORS. lluuutU'ul Now ttlmtlort lntroiliu-ed for tlio (.'out. UK \\ tutor. Harper's Bazar: French color cnitls of millinery fables lor tho coming sea- sun display much iigtitcr similes thuu those usually worn in waiter. Tho leuomg series of six shades gradually darkens from pale lose to deep Provence red, through usuilea pluti, rose- geramuui, auu peony, lohowed by Uiroo metallic gray snuuis, l'aiiiiiiariiy Known 111st year us urgeul, nickel, and plultuu, wutlo 11s 11 11111 iter ot ittcl, steei grays are much, muio largely represeuicd iu the uew imiiurutliuus. Next there Is a new pule green shade culled augeiiquo, ivulch combines cuiiriiuugly with uuvk uiurtor, or mulberry-leal green, and tho still deeper ruuees, or brier green, Tho suudes mat expericuced buyers murk as most popular iu Puns are eminence or bishops purple with a reddish Unge, and a liguier suade, called pitge-purpio, uul uunuo the piuulsh lutes uc luuuvu and ot tlie violet uow so fashionable. -Sew dahlia shades are almost as might as cherry red or lutigeuta. Tho brown series begins Willi a pale umber hue, tiplly called champiigue, uud deepens through labile and chestnut to louue, which is seal and other brown. Beige and castor, the llghl browns of lasi settsou, prumtse 10 rcmutu iu favor. AU the old blues reappear, and lo these are added a dark gray-blue marked ico- uiud, a pulo tint called petit due, aud tho weU-kuowu peucoclt blue, which Is almost green. Dlavolo Is a dull yellowish red, while Aleplnstu is a gluwiug, brilliant tint. Au observer looking over largo Importations of selected fabrics lluds tho preterence given to eminence purple, pinkish tan or apricot, reseda, emerald aud myrtlo green, thou beige, castor, uitirroou brown, cur- diunl, uud black. A political party which stauds readj to abolish our prcsout curreucy system and re-establish tho hideous, dlshoues and dlsgruooful wildcat statu buukf "Thai pin ale buuiiing Institutions del of thirty years ago, will bo ou hand to uoi niloiu iiUcqutilu scuuiuy lo depositors Is most cloui'ty demonstrated by Uiv sittiistlcs ut the command uf tho government, showing tho failure ot private onuknig linns aud couirastiug uiese (allured hi their extent and effect with the losses luuiirrcd through thu Insolvency of uatiounl bauks. These statistics nro coiupartutvcly limited, but, such us they «iv, they consilium such strong proof oi mlsmaiiitgeuiiui auu recklessness of wucurusjfruo^fri^ I 'e-esiubilsh Alricau slavery uud tin slave undo wheu opportunity present*- itself.—Kxoutmgy. Tho mau who wanted to chnrtor an ocean gwyhouud to hunt sharks with lithe klud of mau exactly to go ntlubow uuuttug with corruption dimes iu the great republican uorthwesl.—New Yorli Advertiser. Thu bourbon papers ttro kicking against New Missouri. Yot tho pit. tm He <•>« Louisville Cornier Journal: A Pndu- ctih clergyiuuu tells this: "1 marticd ti couple up In Allen couuty, and after l hud pronounced them husband nud wife, tho groom took mo to ono side, uud asked wo what tho duiniigo was. I bid him that there wits no fixed price; he might give 1110 what Ue uhoso. 'Parsou,' said he, *Pv© got llvo twutid pups down home, for which I'm asking llvo dollars apiece, nnd I'll lot you have ouo for turou dollars,' Of course 1 declined so vedkmloua JV fee, us i hnd uo use for tho houud _umni vvl.^i, I-— •

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