Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 13, 1963 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1963
Page 11
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1963 THE REGISTER -NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 11 Jacoby On Bridge Enst Is Kind To Declarer BV OSWALD JACOBY Ne\vn|inpnr Enterprise Asnn. Smith's 'cnvt. hid was Inspired. II* . ' •'•.oulri hnve passed his T«>: ; ,/a diamond ovcrcai!. West opened the n.uccn of spades. East took his ace and. on the theory that it was "Be kind to declarers' day," returned a low trump. South proceeded to take advantage of East's kindness. Ho covered "Were you REALLY back there taking a nap?" ROOFING SIDING INSULATION DIAL. ?43-0rtl)!J Aluminum Storm Windows, NEAL BROS. ROOFING CO. FREE ESTIMATES Doors and AHIIIIII;*. \1\ Broadway Tf we nre not ahle to prevent a third world war, we shall go down in history—if history should survive—as the guilty generation. —U. N. Secretary General U Thanl. Cuilom Butchering end wrapping for Deep Fritz* FARMER'S FROZEN FOODS Butcherthop 3 mllet east of Ini. All cull Pork and Beef -Wholetale It Retall- Thomat Farmar, ownar t operator Phone Hempttead 7-2941, Ina, III. OPTIMIST CLUB MT. VERNON CHRISTMAS TREES i s I ^SSSS^I ^It l0T OPEN DECEMBER 1st | .« W . G MOTORS USED CAR LOT | g Buy Your Christmas Treo Card NOW from a member of $ yj the Optimist Club or one of the boys who are selling. ^ fi Proceeds will be used in civic youth work. W | BOOST LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL. | WORTH U *63 • AQ080 *AQ73 WEST EAST (D) 4QJ984 4AW • KJJ •MTJ + K8 *JM >«54 SOUTH AK752 ¥ AJ852 • 5 4 + 02 tfo one vulnerable East South West North Pass Pass 1 * 2 • Pass 2 V Pass Pas* Pass Opening lead— 4 Q East's queen with dummy's king, led the ten spot, crossed to his hand with the king of spades, cashed his ace of hearts to pick up the last two trumps, finessed dummy':! queen of diamonds, cashed the ace, ruffed another diamond, finessed the queen of clubs, discarded his two losing spades on the long diamonds and wound up with all the tricks except that ace of spades taken by East. South felt that North should have either doubled the one spade opening for takeout or at least have raised two hearts to three. North felt that he had bid perfectly pointing out that the play was extremely lucky. This didn't mollify South at all. He was still mad at North. The argument didn't impress West in the slightest. The game was duplicate and West was sure that Smith's score would be a top. Finally, West could stand it no longer. He said, "If my partner had led back a spade you idiots wouldn't be arguing. South would have made three hearts or possibly only two hearts. But now you have a top score. What more do you want?" West was right. He was also right that South would not have made more than three hearts if East had returned a spade. But four hearts can be made on a double dummy play. 1 0VERS6** DELIVERY AVAILABLE See? No springs. Volkswagens have torsion bars instead of springs. They run horizontally between <he wheels. This is how they worlc. Take a 3 -(ooi steel ruler. Hold one end in each hand and twist. let one end go. It bounces right back to shape, with« out going boing, boing, boing. The same thing happens when you drive a Volkswagen over a bump. You sit and wait for the next bounce, only it never comes. The VW has separate torsion bars on oil 4 wheels. So each wheel feels its own separate way over the road (and spends more time in touch with the road). You get a firm, solid ride, with exceptionally accurate control. Torsion bars alone aren't unique. Nor is 4-wheel independent suspen« lion. But the combination of both systems is extremely rare. You can count all the sedans that have it on one finger. R R 5, Salem Road MOTORS, INC. Mt. Vernon, III. ® euiHOiiio •met) 1111 T Ml! THE STEEL RECORD, 1952-1962 WORLD STEEL CONSUMPTION 1,000 POUNDS PER CAPITA AND OVER 500 TO 1,000 POUNDS PER CAPITA 100 TO 300 POUNDS PER CAPITA Fire Destroys Brick Plant ALSEY, III. (AP)-Alsey Re­ fractories Co., Inc., the largest industry in Scott County, was destroyed Thursday in a S200,- 000 fire. The 38-ycar-old firm manufactured fire bricks to line commercial and industrial boilers. Thp two-story frame building, a water tower and two clay bins were destroyed. William McLaughlin, manag­ er of the firm, estimated damage at $200,000. The cause o£ the fire was not determined. The firm employed 30 workers. Alsey Is 20 miles southwest "of Jacksonville and six miles southeast; of Winchester. T will concede that the right to Issue trading stamps was not specifically granted by the Magna Carta. —William S. Belnecke, president of British S&H Stamp Co. 1952 '53 '54 '55 '56 '57 '58 '59 '60 '61 '62 TOE STEEL STORY -^lthough demand for steel Increased slightly in 1962 — net shipments were 7 ner cent above1961 r production did not match the better years of tife past. For the fourth y?ar to a row Krts deeded exports. Chart left, shows that Imports in 1962 were more titan two million tons greater U^n ^eSSSriShttS •bowed a slight Increase because of foreign aid program expenditures in this country .Sap" Si^hmvs that the United States and Canada continue to lead the world 1 B steel' lonsumption-one reasS VhyftS are prime marketS for competing foreign steel makers. Data from American Iron and Steel InsUtute? market! TEN WAYS TO SAVE WATER IP LIMIT use of water to essential FIX all leaky plumbing fixtures, purposes. DO NOT wash dishes under an DO NOT leave faucets or showers open faucet running. DO NOT run water continuously DO NOT heat, ceol babies' bot- while shaving. ties under running water. I CHRISTMAS GOLF GIFTS jj flNDlAN HILLS G. C.$ tfi Open daily 8 to 5 p.m. ft K Friday 4 to 6 p.m. 5j U 243-1441 Appointment sfi HOUSE & SPOUSE PR0TECJ0R Join Security's {Christmas Club Today And ... PAVE THE WAY FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS 1964 9 Wilburn Davis 2600 B'dway Office 212-3770 Home 244-1649 State Farm life Insurance Company and State Farm Fire and Casualty Company. Home Offices: Blooming, ton, Illinois. FREE GIFT TO ALL MEMBERS Security Has A Wonderful Gift For Everyo .M Who Joins Their 1964 Christmas Savings Club. FREE OZARK FLIGHT BAG (Mttuu I Start saving now for next I Christmas with easy payments — as little as 25c weekly. Security Bank 119 N. 9th St. Mt. Vernon, III. DO use automatic washers at DO NOT use toilets to dispose of rated capacity. Light loads waste water. DO NOT over-rinse if washing in standard washer or tub. THE DOCTOR SAYS ... Physical Fitness Pays You Like Money In The Bank By WAYNE G. BHANDSTADT, M.D. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Physical fitness is like money in the bank in more ways than one. You can squander U but you can also get it back. It can be built up and maintained through a combination of factors. Most important is an annual physical checkup by your doctor. Recognition of the warning signs of impending ill health can lead to preventive measures. Such measures are far more effective than treatment after a disease has become firmly established. A dental checkup twice a year is also important. All athletic coaches urge the members of Iheir teams to maintain a good state of nutrition, but you don't have to be an athlete to achieve such a state. 'The well balanced diet should include two glasses of milk and two helpings of meat a day. Bread or a cereal should be a part, of each meal and you should get. enough vegetable and fruit to make it unnecessary to use laxatives. When these requirements have been met, you can allow yourself a piece of cake, candy or cooldes if you are not overweight. As we grow older we tend to exercise less. Although a person who is over 40 does not require as much exercise as a child, he must give his muscles, heart and lungs a workout every day or their effectiveness will diminish. Fortunately the person who has allowed himself to get; soft can regain his form- Diol 242-6200 Preferred Risk Mutual Insurance Co. AUTO, FFUR, JLTFE AND HOSPITAL Office 1012'/, Warren Ave. Dial 242-1289 GEO. H. SH ELTON AGENCY Home Phone 312-1288 DONT run water to get a cool drink. Refrigerate it er fitness through a systematic program of increasing exercises. Exercise that is fun is most likely to be faithfully adhered to. This may take the form of games but for persons who are 40 or over bodily contact sports or those that; are highly competitive should be avoided. If you take up golf or tennis, don't feel that you have to rival the experts. Swimming, fishing, rowing, archery, hiking, badminton and dancing are excellent means of keeping fit. To be of value, however, they should be pursued two or three times a week and preferably every day. If this cannot be done, they should be supplemented with daily calisthenics. Exercise should lie strenuous enough to cause a good sweat but should stop short of causing exhaustion. If your heart is still fast and pounding hard five minutes after you have stopped exercising, you have overdone it and should increase your exercises more gradually. Bending forward Is fine but; bending backward and deep breathing exercises are not recommended. Rest and relaxation should not be neglected in your physical fitness program. These are favored by a change of pace, a hobby that doesn't require great, physical exertion, and through sleep. Combination TV and Clock-Radio '149* Jim arrived and it'* a tentation! 11" TV weight only 16 lb.. AM radio and TV both can be automatically controlled by clock. $10 Down Sensational 11" TV Set $11 A Month 11" TV weight only 13 Ibt. Built-in antenni. Can be uted anywhere. A thrilling gift. $9 Down - $9 A Month $9995 $ FOR YOUR OLD TV SET When Traded In On A New G.E. Console TV LINKON'S ANY PART — ANY CAR Equipment, Parts, Glass Complete Machine Shop. CHRISTMAS TREES CANADIAN BALSAM Sires: 4 to 6 Foot Your Choice ONLY $1.19 At Your Friendly MARTIN OIL STATION MITCHELL'S HAVE THE G.E. STEREO-RADIO COMBINATIONS "THE ABBINGTON" CONTEMPORARY DANISH WALNUT jr 8 Speuker Sound System •k 20 Watt* of Audio Power -fr Custom Changer and Turn Table •fc Diamond Stylus — Custom Tone Arm -k AM-FM Radio With Stereo Star Other G.E. Stereo-Radio Combinations from $269.95 to $469.95. Easy Budget Terms. Rich Daniih styling. Superb Gl Sound reproduced by the world'e fineit matched and balanced component!. Thit it the fineit available tor the money. Hear ill $15 Down-$15 A Week '299* a 8 IS 8 8 a miTC H€ LL'S 218 S. 9th Southern Illinois Finest Furniture Store — Our 44th Yeor Mt. Vernon i

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