The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1915 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1915
Page 2
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Carpets you wift |^ ^ ifja- ison are now being f town in our k4e of flppr coverings, Don*tbTay wilhout seeing these bargains. TOE iOLA 'Om-^Brown.' VIrgJI WlUta, Hatryl Ctook, Bob mfe aBd Arthur MetcalL Mtais In* ^Butler, daughter of Mr. •iMl Mm. J. BuUer .>aBd Mr. Law<^ Lr «9plB Ifipor, ot Vjiibu penter. vere . the TelepboDf^ WhcReVfir niother teJeplibnes She talks pbput lot of things gotather o^l^F sits and groans : Wbenayer^ anybody rings. "Tiie eeaBoa ^is earlier this year, 1 I taaY«|i't got my new straw hat. 1{)Cap't becaiiise my child is here. What did your husband say tha«r to lllod fatk^r <^Iy says. Hello, , Aad takes the pbone In his hand, tis that you Hawkins? This is Snow ' Wired Chicago. Understand? Iith ^lour ^an intends to fight. But we cai beat him if we try. Yoit ^d better Mo so then tonight, ..See y<^u toiporrow. AVell goodbye." en s^e fjxcs up her hair, e Bsie fixes up her hair, body; could see her through. on'tlknoWf Oh I don't care, cai^ If you insist, ^asn'l; yesljerday a dream? Beven; on the waiting list. I do l<^ve strawberry ice cream." —^t. Nicholas Magaiine. Ten oittheiilgh school g,irls who at teil)9 cla IMS iaught by Miss Lurene Iriih surirlseid her last evening at the hotae of Mrs.? J. 0. Major. The gath lei^ns, .which }was very informal and joily, wa I planned to celebrate 1 the birthday >f the honor guest, and each of the viiitorg took with them fancy ^ork with w^ich to keep busy while tbiiii: ylal «d. 'The girls who carried out ' the Burpi^ise were Miss Lucene >8skncer. Migg/Anne Gwing, Miss Hel en Allisob, Mis* I^uth Scott, Miss Vary Gateg, Miss Dorothy Kelley, VlM'Gra^ Adams, Miss Tel line Ev ani. Migg Vent Connett and Miss Hel eaHerddan-l - There *as afmeeting of the P. E. O Gbapter jjestewlay afternoon at the hoine of-^rs. p. P. Northrup^ but be caaie there w^g so much business to occupy thi afternoon no program was 500 boxes BuciU Croc he t Thready now in. All colors and sizes— lOcball 421 jSoiith given. TonjorroJw eisening St. Margaret's GuHd will meet with Miss Nita Christy at the home of Mrs. J. i'': .Ves^nln the nftw books will be stud fed and it Walnut street. P. Blssett, The fli-st Is hoped taat all members will :1 )e pr<^8ent:;so that all may keep ii tducli with tSe lessons. * * • The ipl6B |iQnary year has closed for • tilt -W' M. A. ol the United Brethren jchurch and! at the meeting to be held " .t ^jfio 'rrow kflernoou at the church p ^^lorfiolpberfi for the new''vear will bn ^lect^d ^od pja^s will hp made Cor : new i wor)i. 1 It ;J8 probable that the greater par of Jiife time will be tak- up.ylth iplportanj. business hut the Eocfal "committed hag bfieii ajlpoVnted as usual anU th«y wtll serve tea. All mWDbera ar> urged Lo be present. Tta0 gi^ton) cbi^pter of a very inter- estlM BO*' pu4f b09k was revlew<!d •t pleasaiXt nwetins of tlie West- mlB(it «r Owl d b^W'i last inlg>Jt at UH •Iwine of Nrt. 8. ^.'iHilsctier The lo« •on wag read byigt^veral members of S B quild and Mrp. Hilschcr had ^rgc of thi I ,»t )idy,| uul tliig was (ol iflHaid 1 )y Mveral ijnuKlcal numbers that; were grisatl)^ enjoyed. Mrs. Goo. OrttgR and: Mrs. Hi^rry glfers played aiul'ilfiag Mi rtha ^Marker saog. 'The .boateases w4re .Miag ^TheU Brewer. Mlaa once Kinaer, Miss Ina Connett, 4nl| iUsi Ma^nltl Fife, and the oth- It -31 .«MfsfacttoB Gainnlcfld «r ¥«ir Keaey lic ^aded. cr members of the Guild who were present were Mls's Viola Dalgarno, Miss Inez Cook, Miss Freda Najeer. Miss Florene Wheeler, Miss Martha Marker, Miss Helehe Potter, Miss Trean Ixjwdermilk, Miss Jessie Pry, Miss Blanche Colt, Mrsg Mildred Uiwe Mrs. Harry Sifers, Mrs. Phlla Trout, Mrs. George Gregg and Mrs. Frank Arnold. Gucstg were Mrs. Stevens of Wyoming, who is visiting Miss Grace Kinney, and Miss Martha Mark er. . i , <> • • serrice.'' They ^111' Mvfe In Yateg 'kJen-" Uer where tbe gropm naa an epicetlent •pbsltlon. Both Mr. and Mra.^Miller tawa lived here alnce cnildhood, and both bave inany friends who will Join fii:,wia]ilng theni ,:all bappbjesB an4 aitccess. . • ,.; • The usual nieetlng .of '.the .,\V ^oqdi |:ian Circle, wag held lapt nfglit^ jtnd: cour trary to ' the, UBual fiile norsupper. was ^eryj^d but the: ipembers rentaini^ for a jpieasant gpclai bonr after the:biiai-; n €is. The members oTrfbe Haithia'-Yo-; ga Club wbo were: present .hel^ a abort meeting and decided to ppBt pone their regular meeting until tomorrow afternoon. •> • * • Three times. each year the raem- bcrg of the Home Missionary gocifity of t^ First Methodist Church enter- tato their hiiabands, and the'£rst of these affairs for 1915 wag held last •yming at . the borne or Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Kirk, and in every way wag dflightfur gathering. The entertaln- ipent.^tpr the entire evening wag in t)!e bands of the Queen Esther Circle, ijynipr home missionary society, and it seems that those who were entertained ran hardly say enough in .praise of the success of the program, tbe Queen Esthers ihave been making a special study of the American In!d |a »s and they opened their pro^ grapi with a spirited debate as to whether.^'the Indians or the Negros were most easily helped by home mis sion workers. So mwcb tliought had been put into the preparation of the debates that some of the guests were inclined to believe that older heads had planned them, but the - girls k could proudly claim that "they had decided all the points for tbcmselycK: Tbe program was completed, with ravsic by Miss Sable Bruce, Miss Ojial Uoyer, Miss Flossie Hershkowitz und Misg' Pauline Doggett. Luncheon was served at the close of the evening. EXTRA SFECUL!- "tHE ADVENTURES OFKATHLYN" Episode No. 7. HOyV BREAD GOT ITS NAME Famous "Pumpernickel" Derived From ' Humorous Remark Made by the First Napoleon. "The fact that the German emperor baa called upon bis people to eat a new compound bread in order to'hus­ band the supply of wheat in Germany," said a local baker the other day, "la reviving the old story as to.the deriva- tlou of *Puoipemlcker or 'bomber- nickel,' tbe German brown briegd which i^.pore or less widely known in America. Tbla name, so the story runs, dates back jto the Invasion by Napoleon of Germany. "After a hard day's Journey across German territory. Napoleon' rode to an inn by the side of the road and calling the proprietor, ordered something to eat. I His larder low through the ravages o'f war* tbe innkeeper was able to offer the great militarist only some coarse brown bread. "Napoleon, ghrugglng his ghoulders. pointed to his horse, Nicol, and said, 'Bon pour Nicol'-rthe French equiva- loat for 'that ig gobd enough for Nicol.' Whether the Frenchman finally a<y cepted the briead or went further to iogk for better, the story does not relate. It does say, liowever, that the Germans quickly accepted this as a nickname for the bread, so confusing the French words, though, as to making the form 'pumpernickel.' Whether or uol the talc is.a true one caii hardly he determined, but at least it sounds probable." Leoii Norton ^ Comp 'y i In a Ohe'Act-Parce-Gomedy, "Xlgger JlmS Tr «»BbJe» bi tbe Undertakers' Parlor" BIG REELS- Theatre \j We are now ready to show you one of the best and largest assortments of new Jtngs jind Draperies for spripig ever in oijr store. A big shipment of DniH penes just unpacked Saturday jtn^^^a big shipment o( new Riigs in this momi- iiigijind they will aUbe ready for ^OTrJn8pt !ctionr--and neveii were bright new Rugs and Draperies of high quality marked to sell for less money than they are lioW at the beginning of this spring season. Come in and look them over, PLEASE YOU. • , "•" " TOSIGHT "TIIK L.UV OF TIIK UAXttE" (Three Parts, 101 Bison) UMVtKSAL WEEKLY Cartoons by Hy Mayer HUffllllDT m MID NOfES |»K. WEBB nEMONSTR .\T £l) ¥Vh. MOTOE TO THE STUDENTS. \ f <ATIJ{DAY! HEUl.All POYNTKK in her own play »Tlic little Girl That He Forgot' iCointy Afent Watklns In Humboldt —News Notes and Persional Men lion of the City. Last Number, Xiecture Course Ko woman bases her demand for alimony on her owrj earning capacity. « _ i . ^. —The Nu Bone aijd Barclay, made lo measure Corsets, the stays guaran leed not to break or rust. 1 year; will demonstrate at Mrs. Turner's Mlllin eery store every Saturday afternoon Mrs. Bertha Mitchell, representative. Phone 1059. . *•>•:• .Mrs. Nettie Ewart, of New York and Miss May Brigham left today for San Francisco, California. Mrs Ewart will spend the winter there and Miss Brigham will probably spend several weeks attending the fair and visiting at various points. + * * The last number of the Lyceum course is to be given tonight at the Grand Theatre and six girlg. The America^ Girls, are to give che en- tirq program. It is said that their program will represent six distinct types of American girlhood, the Indian Maiden, the Pur;tan or Qualcer girl, the Colonial miss, the hoop skirt girl, Uie basque style girl, and the iiiodern girl, and as many of the partg are-, to be given in costume it is a study of types that should be very interesting •r . : • The Violet club will meet on Friday afternoon With Mrs.. C. B. Krause, who lives at < North Sycamore street. • • • Tloi Lddlcn Aid society of Trinity Methodist cliurch met at the parsonage on Monday afternoon to close the worlf of this conference year, and tli(-y docided that the last work for Uc year should baa dinner and supper at tl|c U. A. R. hall on Saturday, to which everyone is invited. The year Just closing hag been one of the nioht Huccessful In tlic history of the Kociely and g^iiat Inf^rcst is being tak en in the plftps for the nov yc »r. > * * The dioir of the Chrlsi^la n church lias made plans fpr the atini al Kfiifiter uiuslcale and tbp first rebcariial Is to be held tomorrow night und 'sr the dir rection of Miss Mabel Williams who' ^ been absent from tier Intieg air directress of the choir for several weeks on account of lllnesg Mr.{and Mrs..:G. W, Thompson returned last lilght' frpjni K »n ^ag City and it! wag reported that Mrs. Thonip son,; who }xw. been rery ill in the Swedish hospital was able to witta- stand the j (%niey well and today is resting nicety^Several of the basket ball fans have a pleasing custom of entertainr ingthe team Coliowiaga victory, bnjt it is doubtful: if a more deservinf tea^ was ever honored in this way than tbe preaent fiGSt team and bMijt ivenlng at the Mupdip Prug Slfif^ . . . _ Mr. /. D.MuhdUgayeithomemb^ daughter of Jir. and Krs. A. J I^exel of the ieam a spltMKId Oyster feaafc'--- - mevboya vbo vmeitt vlnvited' to .fn it wer «i .|Iam '8b«tt», F6i TE "The Baby's Ride" Two Reel Featiire "Scourge of the Desert" •The Unseen Vengeance' EXTKA! "Exploits of Elaine'' 5^— TT ADMISSIO.V 10^ I FKHIAY! 17th Episode of 'JflLLIO-X HOLL^LB MYSTERY' HUMBOLDT, MAR. 3.—W. S. Wallace a prominent and successful dairy man of White 6lty, Kansas, wag here the firgt of the week. He purchaaed a fine Gernsey bull of Mr. T. R. Smit|t, who Uvea north of town. Ed Scbmidt, who is employed as a salesman at tbe Wedin grocery laft Monday evening for OKiahoma where he will remain for an extended business visit. Mr. W. E. Watkins, county farm agent was In town Monday on business. Mr. Watking is in this vicinity frequently and his visits are much ap predated by the progressive farmers of the community.. Cleve Sheul of Neosno Falls visited lover Sunday here. Howard Williams, of Chanute, visit- led friendg here Sunday evening. Mlsg Charnic Bray entertained the high gcliooi with a very intcreating gtory of the preaenl European war. Dr. H. M. Webb demonstrated the functiong and mechanigm of the pulr motor at the high school this morning. Th^ seventh and eighth grades were present and will derive mueh benefit from the demonstration in connection with their physiology work. a S y seat -5^ A fellow can work ten hours every day, scheme, sweat an take abuse from mankind generally, apd lay up enough WAVERLY. (W.H.Morrison) March 2.-^Mr. John. Vaughn is still laid up from being hurt and is under the care of a doctor. Will Shaughnessy is mpving onto the Hanna eighty. Harley Snider has moved to the T. W. Jones farm. Mr. money to keep him and his family dur- l"®.f-,^- '^""n^- ing their declining years and the Milan lyidecided as to where ht will - - • move. Dickens brothers have shipped both hogs and cattle lately. Standard has noticed that tlie people who know him best will say, "He was lucky." As a rule it is the man Wfio needs exercise wlao doesnX waul to take it. Sometimes the after dinner speaker acts like ho i.s conducting a filibuster. - _ _. Angier B. Duke, Tobacco Millionaire's Son, and Cordelia Drexel Biddle, the Girl He is to Wed Frank Stoddard and family will move to LaHarpe in a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Bratton, wiio are slaying at Mr. Hanna's visited in Gas dtir- I ing the week's end last week. Mr. Hanna' is sorne better this week. Mlas Eula Vaughn visited home I folks over Saturday and Sunday. Eula I is attending high school in lola. Mr. Wyley Skinner is working for the Dickens boys. Mina Barnett visited Mrs. Bessie Penland a couple of days last week. Johnnie Lust IVBH a new driving pony. Will Nadler was in l.«Harpe Friday. Alfred Rogers will be our road boas this suinraor. Dickens brotlmrs Kiiwod woorl last week. Hepry Barnett is building a new I fence around his harp.' ^^^^ -V .^r^- I THE AMERICAN GIRLS. I A company of artists in a program of popular and patrioticinterest. •r; PRICES... •V" . .25c, 35cand50p KEEP THE CHILDREN BRIGHT AND HAPPY Mi>l>l>y yuungi^ters must I HI healthy. The digestive organs of children get out of readily as do those of their eld*rg, and the result is equally digressing. When the bowels are clogged with an accumulation of refuse fi-om thp stomach the child nattirally becomes cross and .fretful from the I discomfort, and la often punished for temper when hiedlcal attention Is really what Is needed. The next time your child is cross and unhappy, without aPPjtrent reason, try clying U a mild laxative. Dr. GaldweU'^ llyrup Pepsin is a ; mild, j»lq«8||9t tasting cqmblnaUon of simple lastf^Hvebefrbg wi|h pep- I sin, and is especially teoontmended. for children )>ecaUBe of its free<lom froni all itpiate or narcotic drugs and its «en^e actiop. It is. sold In drug sj^pces .everywhere. A free trial bottletcan be: obtained by writing to Dr,;W. B. Caldwell, 452 Washington St., Mqnticollp.jlts. Society in New Yoit^Pbilad<Mp|hia:| New .York.. The ceremony will be per- 4 • • • • « • •.^ • 4> 4 ^ ^d P^ttsburgji wias ftUOTesWlaJthn^ ' • ftictthatMt^l^^fkDyiierft^^^ "^'^ • daughter of Hr. and ilrs. A. J. Krexei ^Ifi Qf.jl»blladp||*|»,, has S(Bl<^^ We4nesdayi:Ai »f |i^ IIP |be dn/^'ot *««• redding toi *«fSw9.H0iiC ,^^B^ BETHEIi. i^Iarch 2.—This kind of weather is gopd to make doctor bills. Mr .Luety and family arc ' moving \ over north of Humboldt. George lx>oney and family are niov- Ing to their home south of lolu. Gone leaver had a valuable cfill not luiiit last week and called a votoriiiari- a^ froiii Humboldt. Quite'a number of cliildrcn arr- out of sfhool on acoiint of l>ail weather, and several liave >lprt this district also. I Curtis Hoyer is moving tills jWi't-k to Ills farm soutii of Chanute. J l.lttlf; Myrtle Camiibcll I IUH had <|uito a .sUrgf with croup f 'M' 'hr paKt wi 'ck. Irvi In (tajitlst went to tiriioiitowii Friday >'> ''ny a f-arlnail (if Imy and ill^VI) HlllppCll OVCI- Id; l(!('(l llig (S-iltU- until pruHK .ouii^K. Ilii' Ixumlit! iieail at till' DoriilioiKh' H.I I C. .Mr. ,rn <i. KurHtnan vvonl to loin .Sunday rotiirnlnt^ .VIoii'la.v'' evening, bringing Ills wtl 't! and lialiy liuiiu' with hlui. .'Vir.'<. Fur.snian liiiK hi.on slaying at her milliner's, MiH. llirii ;M, in lola, liikinu treatment lor .some time of Ur. Twa- dtll. RuastiU Daruold was a caller at the Jim .AndrusH home Sunday. (JJeorge Kaniplng, I;larold and (jcrald CajDiibplI received their five nioiitlis' certificate and are justly proud of them. • Will Campbell and Irwin l-Jantist attended tlie Mrs. J. J. Kelley sale Tluirs da.v. Evny on<! in this vieiuivy '.us nirel theirhclji for the Kpring- work with the exception of" Kursman. brothers. Any one wanting work migiit do wol! to call. i'ZECH TROOPS SLEW OEFICEKS. Ixjndon, Mar. 3.—"The Nlnetyrflrst Austrian Infailtry regrment, cqm.posed onlirc'ly of Czechs, ; mutinied at Prague, retusi and murdered says I ho itouli correspondent, d to proceed to, Qalicia ali its senior pflicerg;" r Telcgrapi Company's quoting a Bucharegt dispatch rcceij'cd Iher&r "After being; severely punished the regiment lias been transferred lo .Bra chow, the RoumanUn frpntier. Another mutinous Czech regiment was recently transferred from ViepBA lo Albajulla." OUCH! LAME BACK! RUB LUMBAGO OR BACKACHE AWAY Kui) Pain Kit^lilOnt witk ffaiaU Tfkl Ilvttle of Old ''St Jacob's 'Oil." There are a.'-:o those who are disposed to make explanations their life work: -Kidney.-^ They liaxe not cause iicne is caiii 111- a strain,, and Hoothing, penetntihg' Rub it (Tight oii cause Biiekficbfl .i ^ot no nerves, tberefdre cao aiii. Wstehl, Y^iir l ^iek-. sed ,by liupbago, «cJ»Uc« the Qulc\test H^liet <a •'hg^'St.'JaqQb 'a Oil." your <painfup| pafi'f, and instantly tie sorenes<t, ~ i|Ufln^a ami lamones» di!apfi «ars. J>fiin ^:atay crippled! Get al small.(rlaV^^ttlp of "St. .Jacobs 011'"; frc^ jfpiir. .|ii'cpKglst aad limber up. A miajment after it la applied you'll winder . w.h'*t'»ecame of the backache or lumbisgo pain. ^ Rul) old. honest "St. Jacj»b'a,,QU" • whenever you have sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism or sprains, as it is abao> lutely harmless and dpesa't bum tba skin. :• '.I --^^ anumg her attendautji ^.liss Hope ReaJ, ^ and ;<MiBaj:u8eni ><Sae8aU... both debu- ^ tantea of this season Jn Phij|tdelphia. ^ l-mmS'^M)^ ftoi^ hfer ,dai?;htei5 .are * MtaJ^pg for apme time al Palm Beacp, 9 to J9(« 9«.faBB fSMvi ^ty. Rca- «Q|g»ble «»te, jOpJfoBitl Pay- CAMPBELL We strive to Pldase

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