The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 5, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1927
Page 4
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CIa»s. lUtter. Pri^^*^ran'iiikBx:ciuuai^' Connecting All Xiiepartments). Official #i^:c)^.«riota. . Official Paper City of Saaaett. Offlcial Paper Allen; County. , I • suBscBiPtiiON RATES: By Carrier In loIaL Oaa Qlty, LfiHarpe ' -1 and BassettJ One Week' .i....15 Cent* One Month' ... r9£?l? One Year i j.... »740 , BYiMAIL. ^ I outside Allen County ^ One Tear .• J 16.60 Six-Months Three Months : ..tlM . in Allen Co«nty One Year: • ; UM Six Months .....JI2.00 Three, Months. ......... ^1.26 One Month i.... 1.60c Membel- of— • National Editorial .Aiioclation. Kansas Preta Anoclatlon.'' The Kansas Dally .Leagual. Audit Bureau of CtrcMtatUln.. Precs Conor-ess of fthe World. Inland Dally Pr^g A—oclftKm. - . MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRe&S. ^ . Th* Itegteter carrli* the Associated - Press report by special leased wire. The Associate<) Press Is exclusively entitled to the uae for' renuliUcatten of oil news 'dispatehes' credited to it or not otherwise! credited bi this pnper, and alaO the local news published bere>- In. All rights or reputiUcdtion of'spe- clal dispatches herein are also reserved. Bible Thought for Today. ——— \ f come-ye after me, ;and I' will makeyou to become fiRbe'rs of men. Mark 1:17. • i MORK LIGHT !>' ireXICoJ Two extremely competent wlt- npsses, testifying. tbroMgh public jieriodicals, recently toave"^ made "stalenienta which throur a flood of light on the sitnation in Mexico whi<;h'.some of our self-appointed . T .diplomat.s have been trying to.da.rk- •\ en by words without !ki owIedg«. One of these witnesses Is a Mexican, Dr. Prietd Yeme, until recently publicity agent for tl e Calles administrafSon: in Mexico, but now a fugitive 'fot' the reas' )n that he could not submit to U e injuistices. lie saw being perpetratid In Mexico and feared to speak! a jainst them lest he lose his ftfe for his temerity. Dr. Yeme. interviewed ^r the K«i- thatrthe pcjoplelare reaping blit mbiltainnr '^are of the jJtieneflti "fhaiei JBdriimaiint ''*geB^i^_st». in ijiuDeridkle eases, cslze aerlcnlt iral ijind frtHn. th^ owner oif the ilea. n it' is needed for the pec pie, they turn over only a snail I ^rtien -otjit to ttie peopl^/ reo in& the; remainder "and putting the BM ^y in their ^• WB pockets. I <it conrs^ an this is pathetic jand must be ijioted more in sorrow than -to. anger.- It the Mexican ad l ^intetrtticin were personally hon* ist it wqnid still Ihave a' hard enoui^ lask in .undertaking to upr iu<'pet^lejvbo don't want to be liplifted, at least'not in the way he admintstratlon is-trying to up- jfilt them. ' But wbvo an adminis- 'rMlon is Hself ezpMting the i >eo- tile it is robbing foreigners on I the idea of h^iag, however sympa* thetlc: one may be with the people iie cannot work up much sentiiqent for the administration. sas City Joomal, President Calles is a; ciunmunist at , heart, tliat he h is deliberately set himself to achlete.the four principal Soviet aimsf The destruiqt of the church, not the Call lares that church onjy but all ch urches; destruction of the marriage i dla-^- tlun: the' establishmeni of the ^o• vfet form of control With 4tfl :Compi^niment of asMsMnation • miisHacro; and the Romplett* -(ingulshniont of perjional lliHrfy under the guise of the 'rule of^ lon ijlic he proletariat." A H an dvldenc^ thi' men no^' in power in Mekico arc jiot In poUttca for tbefr he|ilth Dr. Yeme decfareH that Marines, the S(!Cretary of Labor, has become «norinou »ly wealthy during ihn two or ihreei yedrs he has held-phice, -J mainltalnlng Itwelre aotomobHciit and numerpns mistresses, and Vhat . President Calles aliio la very much richer; than he /was when lie entered office. The Other wUnegs iB Isaac F, MarcoBson, perhaps as well trained, cfirefnl, accurate, competent and truthful an Observer of polltlcat and economic conditions as there 1» in the world todajr. Writing a series of Articles for the Saturday Evening Post, Mr. Marcoiwon gives a number of Instances of the grossest injustice to' foreigners in the^ caTrjring out of the so-called "Agrarian Program" of ,the Califs adminiatraiion, some pt which are positively ludicrous in their conception of legal procedure. Iii one case the gpvemmejit seised 506 acres of a large plantation and not content 'with that diverted the river which was iiecessary. for irrigation purposes irom the ;portion left' to -the unfoUunate owner. Later theriver r ^n | dry and tl!e peons to whom the land had been turned over brought |8Dit against . the owner for damages, holding him resp<msible for the drought! In anmher case a group .of foreigners, including British and Americans, bought a large plot of land and laid it out a|i an) addition to thej city which it |j|>iaed, and' of Whichj it really was ii -spent a large amounit it, getting ready to jscll-It out {n lotK for rOHldenee pui |KMeti, when along,came the Kovernmeat , and took uway the most d >sirable portion of it, claiming 1 ihot it was UHttileil fur .villuHe co^ motiM, when UH n iiiniter of fuel lit lyotr- within Uic city limllH. It wnij not nirrtctil- tiiral land, and thor# was no Tillage near! -Wbetj this fact pulnled oul to thtj government ng- epiK the eomiMiBy jrece veil «B Intimation that' if lili per. cent of the most desirable lot^ wete presented to a certain offtchil an( his friends the matter might be "irranged."; The system of confiscation through ; which the Mexican government Is undertaking, according to Its claim, to-re^re lanl to the people wjotrld^ biuLe^oufii it the As I nnderstaad the Ben Lind^Qr theory of "companionate"' nar- rlage;. It. iji baaed upon a very i roll uiiderstood hninan' characterh tit:. If you glvie a,man iaud woman the right- to %et a divorce whenenrer and Jojr whatever purpose dealied, right then they will quit wantjing divorces.—C. S. Finch. That is one. way of looking at it. On the other hand tf> a i uin and woman were hooked up on that plan wouldn't the Wian imme- dtately begin looking ai^nnd tojsee if he couldnt find a girl he liked better than &is wife, and wouldn't the woman be gi-ring the high ijign to the first handsomer man she met? •Where the Nationa^lat <oiice8 go," said Gen. Chiang' Kat Shek. the commander In chief of those force.s, "they undertake of their own accord the ; protection o|f, foreign fea and property. If they fall in liat duty they will not shirk the i^sponsibility." The trouble is tkat i they fail in that duty, as they 8 > notably dkl both in Hanl^ow a idj Nanking, the fact that t^ey atsnme responsiblHty does not s ore -the murdered dead to 1 and H is not likely even that »ill, ever reptore property rfeatr >yea or stolen.' - ^ fe. it Ten years ago today Congress pi ssed and the President signed the JG int resolution which marked the l^fcrmal entrance of the 'United .Slates into the World War./ Htw prirdlt is toireallee it Is anlytjea iriars—and yet when one stops to jthlnk, what, a crowded ten yei r» t3t has keen iknd'bow tar tlM woi-ld h «H come since that day. . i Bwing Herbert lij how aeparattng hi I- parasrapha by asterisks la^ -ad of runnlBg 'then^ all in with oiily two or three periods to t»- Ui !nte the end of one and the be- gi latng ot another: Unless yioa hi re been reading - "The ; Dally hilnd" yon dont know what a relief the change is. , liNafc g; 1927. BERE. |. .Margaret Anglin. who h| awarded the Laetare Medal jof Notre Dame Unlversltjr, one of tlie highest honors that can be conferred upon an American Catholic, has long been prominent as an actress In Shakesperlan and classical role.s. Miss Anglin, who in private life Is Mrs. Howard Hull, is jthe daughter of 'a former Speaker; of the Dominion House of Commons, while her brother is ihe liresent Chief Justice of Canada. sl>e' made her staie debnt at a ye^y -early age and rose rapidly in' her chosen profession. Early In i her^ , career she was leading woman with Richard Mansfield. She siarrt^d under the management t f the late Henry Miller, took her own company to Australia and j)layed at the Greek Theater of the Uiiiyersity of California. Since the commencement of her career as a star Miss Anglin has appeared in more than twenty leading roles. "The l|ink Stinker," ap allegedly huBMipuB publication Issutd »e- ee itly by some of. the Btndeats k>f th > State' Teachers College at wn- po ia. lasted Just one issue. The tn uble with moat college "tuliaor- kti" ia ihat they cannot dtetlh- gn sh between humor and vnlgar- ttjj or wir and tilth. ~ via spite oftth.e turmoil and confusion In China,! malls to an(l from tJiat country continue to be lian- iUed promptly. A circular in an nnaealed envelope, upon which iVj cents postage had been paid, niiill-^ j!ed from NewjYork in February to |Pefeln|e, addressed to a man who 'ie<t'tbe latter city nearly two years ago, was forwarded to the man's lola address and duly received a day o^ two ago, making the round trip In about two month.s. Josephns Daniels sa^s the next Democratic candidate should be |a composite- of Tllden, Cleveland and IVtlson. -The Gteat Unwaalied will 6e'lucky If it Isn't-a compoalte of Jllm Reed. Hendrlck Shlptead an^ Tom Heflln. The Battle of Shlloh, one of the heaviest conflicts of the (Uvi) War, began 65 year.s ago today. There are still a good many old soldiers in Kansas Who can remeniher the ev;ents'of that battle such as came under their own ob.servation. as if it were yesterday. Incidentally the anniversary of this battle is the date of the Confederate Memorial Day. in several of the Sopthem (^oni Inued from Page 1) addition seven Japanese were held as hostages. The dispatch added that the'Jap­ anese couiltry i cluB; the Japanese hospital and timber and oil go- downs, or wardtonsea. were looted and hnme'd. Brtti8h _proiierty''wa8 not tonchad. ; The former British conceaeion was qntet. I Two fanndred British aoldiera-ar- rived atl^hameen. ther foreiga qnar- ter of Canton, to protect the islaad against a Chinese atuck. Parades and other demonstrations by anti- foreignlats for the purpose Of d»-. mandtng the return df 3hianeea tb the Chinese -were, postpaoed. Kum- erous foreigners have ignored consular notices for thea to evaourte tlie native city and out-statlons at Canton. . Foreigners continued to concentrate at Tientsin, from widespread sections of north China in view of Iho constant press northward by the, Nattonallsts.- Fearful of lack of safety in Tientsin stmie of the foreigners annonnced their Intention to.proceed to DsireB, in Uao- tuug or japan. In the native city at Tientsin the anlho^ties searched hotels and tea honses for suspicion* efaaracterii. This was done niiiler orriera from Pelcfng. The soviet general labor union has sent a message to the Chinese workers of Shanghai congratnlattng them on the capture ot Bhaaghal and urging that:"as the labor unions of both countries are under the Red International" they should cooperate. "In the fight against imperialists and all oppressors." KILLING AND LOOTING • IS REPORTED TODAY- Peking. Apr. ertAP)—Killing or looting throughout the salt area in the province of Shanstung md along!the coast south of Tstnetao the Ta Tal Hul. or "Destructlion Siciety" was reported today. Sinclair to Recdye . | His Sentence MondJEty Washington, Apr. 5 (AP)—Harry P. Sinclair, wealthy oil operator, will be sentenced'to Jail next Monday by Justice ^Itz In the District ot Colnmbia supreme court for contempt of the senate. Tarahuniarai Feature EMent. Lawrence, Kai^ A long distance April 231 was assured today INDIINS Vidians Lawrence 8. April 5. race from Kansas City to Lawrence by Tjaral umara Indians of Mexics. as a feature of the Kansas relajs to be bell here receipt of a nli:ht letter by Dr. F. C Allen, dirM :tOr,of athletics at the Universit] of Kansa.', fiuim Carlos Peraltra. director of egibn- al edncation at Ghihuahna. )irect- or Peralta's mes mge state I that he had secured he men for the men's rate and Jthat ninne-s had been sent Into |iie moanuiinB to obtain the acceptance of gi the girls' race. ^le expressed confidence that th;y would accept and asked for a plan of lh( route of the forty-five mile race.l Tentative plant are for tl e men to race from Kaiisa;< City and fbr the women to rtce .from "opeka to Lawrence, D T . Allen 84ld today. EAStlOLAlRidKBi XJ. Pi Bell) F. B. Fleiiiing^ and family moved from 71S East J ickson iVne to 105 South Th|ird Mr. Fleming recently Innch staiHl near the but hfis not decided yet he will engage-in business .Jbut' d.oes not contemplate' 1 avlng tola. Mr. A. O. Glidden olj Tennessee has traded h ave .vest ijeetl sold his <res8 8 .ore as to where property for an eight a:re suburban tract in the Clinti[n addition, with a -Mr. Keyser an I--the t lid- den family are moving to their new home. Otbel Sinclair of 21 [South 6hio street has commenced work for! the Western Union Telegraph Co.,i; as messenger boy. John and Jodie Sinclair, who 1 ave been working in the t il fields:-of.] Texas for . some ' tlm4. retui|ned home! Sunday. Frank Gamble came In the {latter pbrt of last- wtjek from Faw- huBka, Qkla., for a visit' with the G.; B. Bruner family o|f 15 Nbrth Third street. Mr. fi. H. Jackman M Gas City spent Saturday eveninife with (his sister, Mrs. C. S. McPafin and |Mr. McFann of 120 South Ohio istireet. Mrs. Wesley -Wimmeij of! near Humlioldt was'in lola Stinday for a short visit with: her C. S. McFann, of 120 street. A party was given ; of Mr. and Mrs. M." 4S5 South Third street 102 South s residence Sister. Mrs. ^outh Ohio i I the home Roniine. last Friday Will AP)— by the Hs for ChiqagQ Election Is Rather •^Tame" lloday hend(|oarieni 5. (AP)—Wwa [if Democratic political workerN were bombed early today . In two aatomejbiles. was injared. Chicago, Apr 5. municipal boundaries and to foreign fields, voting stag^ with] special macihne by men rldlni; No one (AP)—Ch most extraordii ary mayoralty campaign, show i sues hurtled!the |oday enteijed! the 5,|H)0 poll -eihen, gutt squats and armed plain clothes imen on guard at the polls. Thk 'main issue is between the candidacies .o Wm. Hale Thompson, Hepublioat. war lime mayor and democrat, presenti Suits Are Stakr PhiUip k parti. They jof money on land thus, taken w4B|W :tu4ly used for th erjelief of the j >eop|e. But -as a mhtter of fact^ a icording to Mr. Mircosson,;tiie iewj la^ is being administered lor'.sijp».Ow^ougb.-: ^y.nacnipBloM mA Atchison. Kap.. Suits to recover a| from the estate of of Holton, Kansas, life last February mass of financial involving hundred4 Kansas firms were brought toda:^ district court at F oltpn andl United States district tout at ijopeka, Atchison law rirm. Wm. E. jDever, city head. night in honor of Mrs. H. Reeder who is leavftis for S{ verly. Kansas, to make -her home. Games and mu.slc iritersperseii witii conversation, were the 'evening's entertainment. A very pleasant {iihc lis repoj^ted. A three cdurse lupch- 'eort. wa.s , served. Thohe present were: Mrs. ;F. L.-Smithjand dauKh- ter. AlLss Riiby: Mrs. -Vova WtUey and family: Mrs. C. H. jReeflerjand family: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence;Ryherd and sou Junior, a!nd Mrs. M. C Romiue and daughter. (3eorgia Claire. Mr."*. Novji Willcy and family of llfi South Ohio street and Mrs. Willey's fatlier. Mr. li. J. Stejeley spent Sunday in (.'olony ' visiting relatives, ! | The familiar sound pt blapjting at the cement plant wu:i -welcomed when! heard this .Monday m6ri|ing. The itartiug of the pla'n^ will mean a lot 'more men employed an'd :j lot morei houses filleil with families. OF ler APRILS—9 A factory representative will demon- ' strate to you thati ROGERS BRUSHING LACQUER is fhe best of this •type of finish^ ; „ Made in all iTte latest colors. ',' .SPECIAL—BRUSH FREE WITH EVERY CAN 01^ PAINT. THE EVANS •If: . i -I Business, ixjo. will take in new and old man|y will life put cago's soared on s Estate lApiirll 5. dAP)^ total of 16,000 PK tlllp M Haas W 10 ended his 28 leaving, a e Btanglements )f noiltheast abd Inilividuals. in the Jackson Maiihattui , Is lust To Two C<mven|tions Manhattan, Kans , Apr. 5. I A P)— Manhattan today is [host to upward Of 1.200 del'gales td two sfnte-wide conventions— one of edu-; rators nii'I parenti qt st^dol children bnd tlie otbt r ipf 'Awiiers of iudjepdndent telcpfaon< excbdnges. The! annual co iventlon of the Kansas Parent-Teictentf Autocla- tiou I K expected to brang! a i elega- tion of more than 7(0. | Aii^ addl- Ipual.SOO are exietjted! hertr to' reprment the Kah lak, ludcp •tideiit Telephone Asso'cla ion. En ;h ot-- COBintion Is hold ng| a thrjec-day ojnifereace. _ on a lot more airs. Mr. and .Mrs. M. C. Ro^ine of 43.=; Soutli ThirO street. si)enL tlte week end in Chanute visiting the parent's of .\Irti. Romiue. t -Mr. Sheldon Post has arrived from I'ueblu, Colo., -wheri* he s >eni the 'past winter. .Mr. Post s a brother of .Mr. Jolin IVist of 113 South Ohio street and ss topped, olf in lola for a visit witl. .Mr. and .Mrs. .Kihn I' He is in bis way to his home in, Ohio. .Mr. James Suker aui Jiis faily friend. Miss Oillett. hot i of l.'rif. Kujis., spent Sunday :it tlie lioinc of Mr. Kaki-r'.s brollier, I alph ^ak- er and .Mr.s. Baker of 110 S^utli Tennessee, street. i | .Mr. C: F. Baker of WS South Ohio street lias the^ co itract for bulldlug a fine huugaio v for. Kd- wiii Thompson on .Sortli Ohio. There seems to be a briskjde- m.-ftid for rental propert y in East lola and there are many chankes. Quite a iot of resident-* property in this part of town is alst lieiug .>-old ami traded. I ° ,T. A.-Dcul! canii? up fironi S>em- inole, spend a few day.* with hi.s; wife, who is at the lilmie of her p'areuts. -Mr. and kirs. .1. S. Joneg of 1U4 South Ohio ; treet.JMr. Doullj returned to his work in SJem- inole Sunday. ! We haven't seen old la ly Apple- sance this week so don't knovy of anything to s?y about fier. ! We think; however, tliat she s jus^ as mean as ever. Forty-five cents coven legal costjs for a divorce sia. " •I all ^the in Itus- LET JONES DO IT! Jones Electric tVjorks PHONE 192 PHONE -«5 WHEN YOUR LIGHTS GO OUT OR YOUH PLUMBLNOf ? GOES BAD || llectric and * Phmbin ^Col THE RADIO STOJRE Jf/rce ¥^R TOUR CONTENIENC^, WEi DELItEKFREi; Dally MATINEES 2:00 p. m. Saturday 1 to NIGHTS THE HOME OF THE BIG FEATURES. In presenting the il Bad Men we fruantntee satUifaction, tlieb cast and story, ranklni^ as one. If not the greatest western sto Jen ever told on the screen and we cordially recommend 3 Bad - T I'I' lr> onr many western patrons. . , I i T. N; MAGUDER. I BAD 3 MEN Cast of 25 ,000 With George OlBrien and Olive Borden ' I- Into a I.niul of terror, a land of gold hiaddeiied nifen, and frenzied womitln, rode a slip of a girrand V, bad rnen. They were border terrors, killer.s who settled disputes with the .shooting iron, but thej[ formed; a protecting trio for thi.s tran.splanted deser; "flower,: and they rode into eternity with a smile that .'i le nri^,:..!- rf-alize the-se- tret of her dream.s. It's iyf great dra-- nias of the early west. Ae.sops Fables Topfc^ of the Day Fdx Comedy—"The Old Flame.!' Come Early^.\Iatiliee.s ll^-25crNights. 10 -35C. ^ Election ResaUnon the Screen Tonight. ' • ALSO COMEDY X N D NEWsT 1 WEDNESDA V )ONLY : Leatrice Joy and Clive Brooks in "FOR ALIMONY ONLY" Here in a st^rllinR^ comedy-drama of divorce and alimony that reveals all the hieart -throbH. near-tragedy., humor and /iurprising complications of modern marriage. COMEDY AND N^WS. Thurs<lay—Musical Comedy Da^biii' Dinah ifoin Caroiine" * COLORED PEOPLE- 2.5- -25. Featuring Eddie Lemon's, late star of Miller ^& Lyles "Running Wild." ^ . . 7 PIECE JAZZ BAND ANDORCHESTOA A Fast stepping Chorus. On the screen "Madam Behav^" a cousin to "Charlie'sj Aunt." ' I

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