Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 19, 1950 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 22
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TWtHTY.TWO ALTON BVttNtNO TELEGRAPH THUMDAY, JANUARY II, lilt Cbesterfielddub To Hear Therapist CHESTERFIELD, Jan. 19 • (Special) — Mrt, Edna Wettover, occupational therapist of Alton State Hospital will be guest speaker before members of the Chesterfield Woman's Club and their guests Tuesday at a p.m. at the home of Mr*. Elisabeth Relfen- berg. Mrt, Westover Is a registered therapist, having graduated from Columbia University. She has been employed as a member of the occupational • recreational therapy staff at Alton for the past 10 years. Her talk will be on occupational therapy at it applies to the. mentally 111 In the state hospital. Mrs, FUefenberg will be assisted In entertaining by Mrs. C. W. Towse and Mrs. Mildred Towse. Mrs. W. A. Knoop Is chairman of the American citizenship department of the club, under whose direction the meeting has been planned. All members are requested to Invite a guest. Ckeatorfleld Notes CHESTERFIELD — Mrs. Rot- lin Dawson has been a guest of relatlvta In Pekln this week. Mra. Bessie Carter, Medora, spent Wednesday here with Mrs. Dave Rlltbey. Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Knoop were Sunday guests of their daughter, Mrs. Maurice Wadsworth and family, Alton. Elmer T. Keele and son, Kollln, were business visitors in Pcorla, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hounsley, accompanied by Russell Chlsm, will leave Thursday 'for Montello, WIs., where they will attend the wedding of Miss Betty Jean Chlsm and Fred Cartwright, Saturday, Jan. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wiles, Car- llnville, Mrs. Jason Starkweather, Hettlck, and Mrs. Harold Huyear and Mrs. Howard Snldle visited Wednesday at Barnes Hospital with their mother, Mrs. Ella Hewitt. Mrs. Bob Long and Mrs. Clyde Phelps, Alton, spent Wednesday here with their mother, Mrs. Viola Nixon. Add nothing to modern paints, the amateur painter has been warned. Adding a little of this and a littlf of that to modern household paints may entirely change their characteristics. Three St.Charlet Teen-A gen Admit Intimacies ST. CHARLES, Mo., Jan. 19 — i— Prosecuting Attorney M. K. Stumber* prttmltH to look deeper into a "shameful situation" which has aroused the parents and teacher* of high Mhool fir Is. The prosecutor Mid yesterday three teen-age girls have admitted having had Illicit relations with •t lea«t 18 men, many of them married. One 14-year-old gift, he said, told him the had been Intimate with 17 men. Two young men, one 20 and another 18, were sentenced to 90- day Jail terms yesterday on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The two were found In a parked car with a 16-yenr-old girl. Another man, 24 years old, Is In jail, unable to make $5000 bond. He Is charged with statutory rape on'complaint of the parents of a 14-year-old girl. Slumbers said the j?lrls told of being "picked up" while enroute to or from school, with the sex offenses being committed In automobiles In remote parts of St. Charles and nearby St. Louis County. The prosecutor said the girls received no money from the men, rartglns In age from 18 to 26. 4 Illinois Post Offices Added to US Bide. Plans WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 — <*•>•— Four new Illinois post offices have been added to the government's program for which planning and site acquisitions soon will be started. Sen. Lucas (D-I1I) said yesterday he had been advised that the projects will be at Urbana, Eureka, Casey and Grayvllle and that the Postofflce Department Is ready to proceed with them. Estimated cost of the Urbana post office, Including construction, is listed at $790,000. Those at Gray vllle and Casey are expected to cost $160,000 each, and the one at Eureka $180,000. Money for sites and planning was appropriated by the last session of Congress, but the cost of construction still must be approved. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" NOTHING COULD BE FINER THAN TO BE A DINER of BAVIS'S FINER FOODS!! Ftw Alton Stores Con Moke This Statement, We HondU Only U. S. Government Inspected Meots ALWAYS ON HAND - CHOICE CALVES LIVER AND SWEET MEADS—CHOICE LAMB—CHOICE VEAL—CHOICE FILET MICNON — CHOICE PORTERHOUSE - TOP SIRLOINS - NEW YORK STRIPS. Our Own Fi**h Dresed Pan Ready— Taste the Mffrremw Lb. Compare:! CHUCK ROAST OF BEEF . -39e Tk* finest Seasoned Klght PURE PORK SAUSAGE . . • 25c lUtk or American SLICED BACON .... A Real Trent Not Scrap!! .... -29c No Wi»*t«> ROLLED RIB BEEF ROAST » 69e Real Economy Uniformly Cut SHORT STEAKS .... 49c Morrell'i Priiltt For Your Protection lt'§ Govt, Init»«cti*d CHILI CON CARNE . . . -39c A I>»vl» Hooop PORK RECK BONES . . 3 25c OholoK Klh Rnil PORK LOIN ROAST . . . ' 35c Chwk Thl» On* Round. 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Laux has returned to her home from Slk«ston, Mo., where she visited her son-ln-laW and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. Dewey Urban for the past 10 weeks. Mrs. Laux fell and fractured her right arm early In November. The cast was removed last week and she Is regaining the use of her arm. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Myers have returned home after spending three weeks at the home of their son, Warren R. Myers and family at Ferguson. Mo. Mrs. Ullle Hauler is spending January in Alton with her son-in- law and rlnughfer, Mr. nnrt Mrs. B. L..Mar!cle. Mrs. Hauler attended, funeral rites for Mr§. Anna Boker at the Evangelical and Reformed Church Tuesday afternoon. Telegraph Want Adg "CLICK" CotUw Hills VFf PlansHemeeoming HowimlMcMonigslNimrd Chairman COTTAGE MILLS, Jan. 19.—At the Veterans of FdMIgn Wtrs meetlnt, at vrw lod|«, Memwlai park, plans for the annual home* coming were discussed. Howard McMonifal was appointed chair* man. ' • Earl Kutter Is post commander. The Auxiliary served refreshments late In the evening. ftothalt* Girl t« Wed COTTAGE HILLS—Friends here have received announcement of fhe approaching marriage of Miss Barbara Brook, Bethalto, to Rob« ert J. Hllllard. The wedding will take place Sntvirda* Feb. 4, at 8 p. m. at the Bethalto Methodist Church. ' Miss Brooks was formerly a clerk at the Eardley Gro- —*—• I afla -" wry nviv. afc^'ato i a A ,fr a j -£^t r §y*jtM^^* : jmaiilliia Biuuwi limn nw» u»»»iwiy '5i"^"*Ir at id* Community Baptist CMtifc. Families of the met* ««rt lnvi»*d for< a ixtttuck wpper aiM J. It. Turnfceaugh, president of the Brotherhood, presented a farewell Rift to the Rev. Jack Brown from the men of the church. •fannies Beet COff AGE H1L|£ — irdwnte Troop^tt, ..met Saturday at the home of Its aponsor, Mrs. Lee tru- glUb, and elected the following officers for th* neat two months.: Brenda Mala, president; Dtana ElMott, treasurer, and Janette Klopmelr, secretary, T« Pack MIsstMiary Bases . COTTAGE HltLS-There 'will be a special missionary meeting Thursday at the Community Baptist Church at 8:30 p. nv to pack missionary boxes. Mrs. William Douglas is While Cross chairman. Hrftwii to Eater Seminary COTTAGE HILLS—Bill Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brown, left Sunday morning for Los Angeles, calif., where he .wilt •Mtr we Mum BtBti* kit Seminary. Brown wrnpitted M* hit* at***! wttk in J«n» at ralUi Mito HMtrny, Camdetiton, M&, tfti M*a r*wn«y been em- plotM at Memowal Hoef-itai, Alton.-. Ariotha* local fcey, Francis Duty, ion of Mr. and Mfa. Andrew Duty, is also a Undent at Lot Angeles theological seminary. . . Gattage Hills Mates * COTTAGE HILLS— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rowell and family, Wood River, VIMted Sunday at the Ben Kay and John Eardley homes. Mr. and Mrs. Elta smith entft- talned Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith, Sun. ,,., LaVoy Rose It ill at his home with an Infected throat Mr. and Mrt, Dick Carr have returned from a week's visit at the home of Caff's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Morgan, Hannibal, Mo., and Mrs. Carr's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. ,and Mrs. Alfred Whltacker, Pittsfieid. Carr returned to his work Monday at the Box Board after being 111 the past four weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fish, Zalma, ttMftf fWt law had sister, UM ft** *t* • ii4 . j*^^^ <• • • .. raw Brawn. - ..... . • ,:• ,,. Mi* **e*l William**, is itf her httftii, : '• "C^' Mr. art Mr*. MaurfceWftta fimiiy, E*»t Altw, *mtilitt at the hem* ttMt. and Mr*. MM* ton TarriHJ* Mr* Wills atf MM. Tarrant are Ulttrs. Australia ife* hai very few ]N»b- ' WHI:. .mm eoni- CUP CAKI MIX Impress your tea or bridge p«rty guests. CuphW has th« quality no other cup cake mix hai beta able to equal. Make* 12 so 18 dfr * ticioui cup mktt « one. - 1 — inch layer. ITS ANOTHER TIM M ITS HARD TO BELIEVE/ A DAZZLING CLEAN WASH WITHOUT RINSING! TIDE cuts washday work in half! No more rinsing! Just wash... wring out... up! 'NO MORE RINSING FOR ME! SOX* Afa* £'<zob«th Davit o» roaikMouTH. OHIO "I didn't believe Tide could do it... till I tried it! But it'« true! I took the clothe* right out of thiwo wonderful Tide aud* and put them through the wtinner and ontt» lh« line. And. believe me, they looked no bright and clomi- I WHS pmud to hang them up!" "I took my wash out of the Tide suds— wrung it out -and hung it up CLEAN! I'll never rinse again!" says Mrs. M. Hayes Of WflHAWHfN. MfW JIBMiV "Tiilonow (MlSSlllIf ui|> iii-w kind ol mid i »f all the tun** I'm KOiitH u> niivti . . without ruining! Ami think of the wnai and Uwr il nave* on my cloth*) a* v«ll MM on me! ThMtfc you. Tide. f|M th* higgtmt ntu^toy misud* "My dothes dried so soft and fluffy-ironed so easily -without rinsing at all!" •oyt Morgan! iocins/ooat Of INOIANAFOIM. IMO. •TaUahputmir acliw! I take my clolhen out of Tide'* wonder nudM. wrii>(t them nut. .mil Ihp dirt ri^hl oul Ihn wash just 88 they «y it dueal And what a hmutiful wa»b .. . ftaab. . «nd «wt)«t-*uieUin| without ul all! It dria* nuft. fluffy, ay to iron. From now on, it's Tide -and only I'lde—lor me)" YES, another Tide miracle has been discovered—and it's the washday news of the mid-century! With Tide in your washing machine—you can rake your clothes right out of the suds . . . put them through the wringer and hang them on the line dazzling clean! Without rinsing! Hard to believe? Yes, but when you use Procter & Gamble's Tide, it's a fact— and women all over America are proving it today. HERE'S WHY! Tide, with its miracle suds, gets the dirt out of.your clothes and keeps it suspended in the sudsy water. When you wring out the clothes, the dirt runs out with the washwater . . . and the clothes come from the wringer white . . . fresh .. ; CLEAN! YES, CLEAN! You all know how clean Tide has always washed your clothes with rinsing. Actually cleaner than any other washing product you can buy. Now we'd like you to try Tide without rinsing and com'pare the results. It's simply unbelievable how bright, fresh and clean you can get your wash with Tide, wMour rinsing. And think of the time and work you save! So try Tide without rinsing! If you do, you'll never use anything but Tide again! FOR THE WORLD'S EASIEST WASHDAY... TRY TIDE WITHOUT RINSING/

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