Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1915 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1915
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•J •3 The Weekly RegiiiMV Established iac7. Th« Daily RegTi |er, Established 1S97. lOLA, KAS., MAR. 3, 1915—WEDNESDAY EVENING. Successor to The tola Daily Register, T*»» Daily Record and The Tola Daily tnidnb SIX PAGES T. B. SHAXJrOJT ^BB£D OF *2Q0 IX iqUTLEBI liAST SII1IIIT. OUT A SUSS PMIEL - ' j I • THEN AGUE THIEVES CRA WIE D THROUGH SMALL OPEMXCJ. I'rjom Qnatititr o( Goods /aken It Is Believed Rohbers Hud Meani^ of Transportation at Hand. I THE WEATHER FORECAST FOB KANSAS: Snow toni^lit and Thnrsdajr; colder In soutli east portion. / Data recorded at the local office of the U. S. Weather Bureau : Temperature—^Highest yesterday at 2:S0 p. m., 48; lowest this morning 6 a. m., 35; normal for today, 37; excess yesterday, 1; excess since January 1st, 399 degrees. Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. ra. today, 0; excess since January 1st. 4.14 inches. River stage 7 a. ni. today, 2.2 feet. Rlative bmnidity 7 a. m. today, 87 per cent; barometer reduced to sea level. 29.96 inches. Sunrise today, 6:T")1 a. m.;' sunset, 6:17 p. m. 6«SliRE STILL lir LIUI6E Y \viw T. B. Shannon hardware store • •was robbed of a quantity of cutlery, rii |zprs and ' revolvers valued at $200 las^ nigtat. Thelthieves effected an entrance by breMcing, out a glass panel; in a rear jjoor and crawling / througb the smatl opening. They esr caped without living a clew. The robber}- w^s not discovered until early today, i; When Al. Davis, a machinist employed by Mr. Shannon ^ opened the store -.for the day's business his attention wa^ attracted to a glass ; display case which evidently had been tampered with, ^n inspection revealed the fact that t ^e mammoth case had been completely 9 'leared of the articles which it had coniained, mostly knives • with the name ^Shannon on them. FurUier Inspection, showed that other cases had been r|nsacked and that razors, revolvers, tennis balls and other articles were mi |s!ng. When Mr; Shannon' arrived at the A store, an inventory of the missing property wals taken showing the fol- IqWing loss: (p& 38 -calibre pearl handle U. S. re \plver, a large number, exact number unknown, of pocket knives manufactured by the Henry Sears & Sons Company, with the name oi^T. B. Shantipn stamped on the blade; a nickej plated searchlight with black, handle; one gray s^v•eater coat, size 40 or; 42; one sweater size :<8;i one red sweater coat; one Jersey-, blue" with oranfee stripes and orange 1< tters I-O-L-A. across the breast: one ' bicycle electric; flash light, black enameled case; aV number of Spalding tennis balls; two pairs of rubber soled (Oxfords, sizes 8 and 9; fancy gold handle scissor^. Wise make; razors m^de by Henry Sear» & Sons; Sitfety raxors made Enders, Clark and the Eve^-^^eady; i; one Durham-Duplex .igikfety razor wfth ivory handle, leather Icjiase; auto gogj ^les in leather cases. ]'[Mr. Shannoig today offered a reward rwi |iO for tlfe' apprehension of the pueves. ^ • ? ' I JBeca .use of their elaborate scale of operations, the burglars are believed ta have been .provided with transportation facilities and it is suggested that the onlyi reason additional proip- erty was not taken is because the robbers became .frightened and departed before complettliig the job as they had iiplanned. S i| Thfcopeniia; made by breaking out I the glass door was small and only nipn I of small stafure could have passed ! through it. ^ -About twojyears ago, bitrglare roh- '•bed the Shai^non store, securing several revolver^. They went to the Pal- ace Garage, ^ommandcered a motor car and ma4e a \»dlrt dash through yontheas-t Kahsasl They finally were J -aptured by ^ poise in .Vf-osiio county and. having ^kolep horscK .aftor abandoning tho c^r; wfere held in that county for trial. L.VST LECTIHE lOUpSE M .HllKlt. BA>K ROBBERS HAVE ELiroED THE rOSSli OS THEIR TRAIL. Bloodhounds L »!4t Scent at Creek Three Miles .>«rth of Yates Tenter. Harry Morris and James Harmon, the two youthful bank robbers who escaped from the Yates Ceifter jail last Sunday night where they were held-for the-looting of tht State Exchange Bank at noon on February 10, still are at large having apparently made effective their bold dash for freedom. - . A\l\en the men were found missing about 5:30 in the afternoon, a posse immediately was orgaptzed, bloodhounds secured and puriHit started. The hounds followed the trail to a creek three miies north of Yates Center but halted, at the water's edge, completely baffled.' Because of the muddy condition of the roadfi, pursuit by motor car was impossible and with the blood hounds andering aimlessly around, the searchers made' slight progres and it now admitted that there is small hope of the immediate capture of the fugitives. Sheriff Dunfee who motored to Hum boldt yesterday afternoon following the receipt of a tip that the bandits had been seen there, returned late yesterday evening with the news that the trip was futile. • > The report, tbatl the two young men ad been captuiod near Eldorado also proved to he erroneous. Two young men were held on suspicion there but were al)Ie to give a satisfactory account of themselves. SEEK SUKER'S HOUSE HERE Bepartnirnt of Justice t'llnirs to the Trail of Silas Johnson, Held for Federal Court. b( Amerioin fiSrls Musical ('ompany (it thi Grand Tonigljt. The Ame'dcan Girls, a high Class musical corppany, will appear at the Grand theatre tonight as the final number onHhe lola lecture bureau's course. The company, is declared to be one of lie very bosj of its type and patrons ,ari^ assured a very plea.sant evening.'. For a dull, ''dark, dreary, rainy night nothing .gpuld be more cheering than two hou/s of instrumental and vocal music and all wlvo attend tonight, despite the unfavorable •weather .aije certain to be repaid. Those S|:ho have worked harj to ! make the lecture course a, financial ' sticcess wiijaiipreciate a large ationd- ance tonight. Some chpicd seats still are available at the J. V^^Metchant Jewelrv Store. BELIEF STEAMER ASMOHE. Belgian Suppl.r Ship Stranded On the >'«rthj'Carolina Coast. (By the Associated . Norfolk* Vii.., Mar. 3.— The British steamer St .Helena, carrying supplies from Cluir eston. S. C, to Rotterdam for Be )§ifn relief is ashore off Currituck Uf« %aving station on the North Carolina Jcoast. according to advices here to^s^. The St. Helena is a vessel of 2 7i)0 tons and left Charleston rebraanfas. Her cargo consisted of ,^,000 toni.of food and clothing and is the gift «t citizens of South and North Caroliha|and Georgia. ^ \ IPROTEST TO CAHRAXZ.i. O M. Ot>rf!gon Has >'ot Kept His I'roin. fee ConceruiBg ' Food. 'Ilv tha A"»«)<5tiitcd Pr»«^J . Washington, March 3.—The State Dnii ^rtn^nt protested to General Car- ruiM against the alleged "incendiary !»»««enjeBt«s" tnade of Mexico City by G«aeralj.-.Obregon regarding the |food aitiiatioiii there. Although Obregon made a:; public announcement that he would i|1thdraw his troops at the first iltJi «f'^ hunger rlota. advices today -aald be, |iad declined aid from thet:om TURKISH A RXT .4L0XG THE GULF Lis BEI>G BOMBARDED. FONOS MOVED IROM CIIPITIIL TURKS REALIZE THAT THE SIT- UATIOX IS CRITICAL. Desertions Are >'umeronf| and Young . Turks are FroelalBed t» Re Tmitors. Though considerable evidence in the government's case against Silas Johnson, alleged while slayer, has been re- ealed in lola following a thorough search under the direction of E. B. Stone, special agent of the Department of Justice, and Thomas Christy, Chief of Police, there still remains a link in the chain of circumstances which Mr. Stone is cKiieciaily anxious to complete. It is desired to find the .street and luiiftber of every house in this city whore Johnson and the Tliomas girls stuiiped. I'rging that all pussilile assistanci. given, Agent Stono t'xlay wrote the following letter to liic liogistcr; The lofa />aliy Register, lola, Kansas. Gentlemen:- .Ml.jw me' to conmiond your useful lublication for the article on the Silas J. .lolmson case aiipearjng in the ev- ning edition. ' ^ It was admira!)!y well written and 1 may bring the result desired by the government, that is, to locate he house in lola, where Johnson stopped last month, with the two Thomas sisters and their children. The efforts made by Chief of Police Christy and hfs men along this same line, to assist me, are appreciated. Respectfully, E. a STONE. Si)ecial Agent, De|>t. of Justice. Mr. Stone left t'lis afternoon for Missouri to continue jthe investig'ation of the .lohiison. case in that state. Johnson is accused of having held wo sisters, Kittie and .Minnie Thomas in submission to him foi' over seventeen years. • (By the Assnciated Press) Paris, Mar. 3.— The bombardment of the Dardanelles was resumed yesterday says an Athens dispatch to the Matin, when an allied fleet steamed into the strait. Four battleships are reported tcThave bombarded the po~ gition of the Turkish am y along'tjhc Gulf of Saros which Is sei arated from the Dardanelles by the Gallipoli peninsula. The fUndg and books of the Ottoman bank aild the German balik, it is said, have been taken froni Constantinople to Konieh, a city in Asia Minor. An Athens dispatch to the Figaro says: "Information from roliable sources is to the effect that Turkey now realizes that the situation is becoming critical. Defenses are being thrown up hastily along the coast of Asia Minor, Troops from the Vilayets of Shiyrna are being rushed to the Dardanelles regions. Desertions are numerous. Placards are said «o have been posted in Constantinople proclaiming ^he young Turk leaders as traitors. Bitter dissentions have acis- en among the Turkish leaders." Athens, via Paris, Mar. 3.— Nine bat tleship« took part in 'yesterday's bom bardment of the fort in the Dardanelles. Six were British and three were French. The squadron advanced to within two miles of Chanak, Kalesia at the rtirrowest point in the straits. A detachment of the Allied troops landed at Kunkaleh on the Asiatic side ind met the Turkish garrison which j was scattered easily. The telegrapfi station at Besik Island, near the entrance to the strait was demolished. | A dispatch from Athens Tuesday said the Allied fleed had - destroyed the batteries at Chanak, Kalcsia (Ft. Sultanie.) Rerlin, (via wireless), Mar:'.l—The chance of success for the Anglo- French fleet at the Da»!anelles is con sidered by Major Moraht, military critic of the Berlin Taggeblatt to be "rather weak." He says that the destruction of all the forts'of both sides of the strait would not permit the passage of the fleet or an invasion by land, since It would be necessar.y to free the waters of mines and subdue the Turkish land forces, England and France. Maor Moraht argues, would he unable to bring up land forces of sufficient strength for successful operations where the Turks have strong forces available. The ships blimbarding the arc haudi faiMiod'by the lack of- sufTicinntly high irajeclories and because of tli«; fact that the" amount of ammunition aviiilable for ihem ig liinitr^d, Considering alt tlieso things he maintains there is no reason to doubt that the 'forks will continuK to control the Dardanelles. RUSSUmfORTS ARE POLISHED MATTERS LOOK BAD FOR THE LI>ES OF THE RUSSIANS. SHIPS PLAT k BI6 PIRT TURKS RKCKIVE , FURTHER SET. BACKS |l> CAUCASIA. Austrian ShipsjHaTe Bombarded An- tharl the STontenegrln Seaport Witb Success. (By the Assoolated Pi^ss) Berlin, Mar. ^8.— Two of the RusBiarf forts at Bosso^etz in Russian Poland have been deijiWishec and their guns silenced according to a dispatch today in the Cologne! Bossowetz is an important ^drt in northern Poland. Itis one of the point.s of support in the fortified line to wnich the Russian Tenth Array fell' back after'Us retreat from East Prussia, j- Tiflis, Frenc^ Caucasia, via London. Mar. 3. —The l^ussian army' of the Caucasus»drivihg the Turkish forces before it hag reached the river Kho- pachas, the tributary of the Choruk in Armenia. This advance of the Riis sians cuts the. route of the Turkish reinforcement^'and supplies from Con stantinople to the Caucasian frontier through Kohaba, Turkish Armenia and isolates a -large section of Turkish territory. The isolated section includes the dikrict of Ardanuch, Ar- gahan, Olti and Sari Kamysh. PBOBIlBiy GET BIG SENTENCEin ;;*:::;:r RESGOERS MM fH NIGHT • ANARCHISTS l> >K>V YORK KACE I>DICTEME>T FOR FELONY. I Bomb Throwers Wanled 1» -Open up Gratcw of >otc,| .Hen llHried iiv- . ncalh the Chunh.T I. S. OK BELIEF SlIll'S rhe Ilairiie, via London, .War. 3—The German tfovernnient iilt'oruted Dr. Henry Van Dyke, VmcnVan .Minister to the Netli- eriands thron^h the tiernian -Minister V, VoiiMuellcr, that arrangeiiients had bten wade to araiit the safe passage tliroiitffi the niiifti war xinie 1» Aiiieriran relief ships with sup. pli*'.- for itel^riiini. RIVER HDRBOR BILL PASSED 1 he Vice, 'rrsidcnt to .Make a ({noriini for the Session. A .Statement by Mr. Ewinir. To the Pul>lic: The undersigned desires to assure the patrons of district number 10 that it is the intentiouiof the Board of Education, .in the event that the proi )Osed bond issue carries ,to make the 180.000 pay for the new buildin'g in its entirety, and the public will not be called upon for any further funds for the purpose of providing equipment. li has never Ijeen the intention of those membe!-8 who are advocating'a. new building to make' this building cost more thim the amount of the bonds asked for. In reply to the statement that the Board Jjas incurred an annual deficit of from three to five thousand dollars and now has a floating debt of several thousand dollars I want to assure the public that there is not a sing^e^ollar of floating indebtedness, as can be ascertained by anyone who wilt take the trouble to call up the clerk , of the Board, Mr. W. A. Wheeler, } who Is maintaining a strict neutrality in this bond controversy. Mr. WlteeleV's number, la 5^5. RICHARD A. EWING. Berlin, (\vireless to Sayville, L. l.i Mar. 3.—Included in the items given out by the Overseas News Agency today is the following: "Turkisp head<iuarlers reports from Constantinople, under eate of March 3 iis follows: "'The 'enemy's fleet yesterday - un-, successfully shelled the Dardanelles for three hours. TIpis fleet was then forced to retreat by trie successful fire of the Turkish batteries; At the same time another fleet consisting of four French cruisers and some destroyers .''helled the Turkish position on the Saros but without success. aviators successfully bombarded the enemy.'" - ENCOURIteEO BY GERMAN NOTE -New York, Mar. 3.— in iiii'Si-iiiiii!; to the Grand Jury today tin- casfs of Frank Abarno iiiid John Carhoue, ;ic- cused of placing botniis in .St. I'lit- rlcks' Cathedral ycsierriay. District Attorney f'lTkiiis is to ask an inilicl- menl under the penai cixlf dcsiKiuit- ing a.s a foiony the case of persons who att(.iiipt to oxiilode, cxpIosiVHb in any placi; witli intent to destroy j |( Neressarv to Arons* though no damage was done. Tlif; penally is -0 year.s in the jitiiitcii- tiary. TJic arrest of Abarno and {'arhoiu: i endOd an anibiiious )ilol accordiii;; to' the police, of which the wiiukiiijA nl the Catlipdral was to be only the ( of a series of oxiilosifiiis dirn i.d ;:i the lionii's of AndriMV r'iinio.uic, .hiliii IJ. Rofkcfcll'M- ;)i)d otliir rich nu'u, and oxtcndinj; iln; oiin-agrs to lianks. Abanio's story lu tln' iiolici- was dcscrihctl by iho oli'iccis as I'ollow.s: "I wa.s ill lliig j(ih but iiiicr in nuy oilier. 1 pill ihosi' lionili.s in ilieri'. 1 had bife^n lold that Arclihislioii Corrigan and Aniibislioi) J I UK I U'S and oth cr big men in the church were Iiuridd under the floor where I tun the boiiili, and it was niy hope liiai the (explosion would 0)10111 their Rravcs. "I am "4 years old and came lu lliis country wiih my parents sixtc'-u years a^o. ; ^ am a priiitcer. .About live years ago I began to study -anarchy. Thai, 1 decided was the proiicr means of settling the wrongs of tin' • / This was a ti-rrible winter for''""'" • • • • • • •:• TEN ME> HAVE BEE> TAKEN I FROM THE MINES ALIVE. .Several Bodies Have Been Discovered But the Exploration Will Take Some Days. There Is Hone that Note 01 London May Be Intlnenewl by the tJer- man Message. William Davis undfrirent a; minor surgical oj)eration Tneaday. lie re- ppited t9 b« recpv^rlBf |r»|»MI ^.J., (By the As.sociatctl Prf.'is) Washington, Mar. 3.— Administration ofRcials were manifestly encouraged by the unoftlcial reports of the German note. While unofficial reports from I.<ondon on the same subject have ^o far been indefinite officials here take the view that the German note may have some influence on it. They hold the view that the position of the United States K absolutely in accord with international law although they realize that Great Britain hag taken a very advanced stand in her latest note. Commissioner Stebbins, of the public utilities department, has received notice that the njammoth Corliss' engine recently purchased by the city to fake the place of a worn out engine at the power plant on the Neobbo river, will be shipped soon: All the court* were quiet today. Not a Bult was filed In either the district or the juntic^ cQurta, , poor. the poor. Our group decided to do something. We decided tn ojn^n a campaign against t!:i; Catholic and j Protestant churclies, then to terrorize and perhaps destroy tlic hoivj^s of the Rockefellers, Carnegie and sonve of the Vanderhilts and (inally, when we had the city terrorized, to invade tiie tanks ab'the head or an army of the poor and lielii oursel/cs to the hoards of the rich. "We fi.wd on the Cathedral of St. Patrick because it was the bigc^st Catholit- church and our demonstration there would attracc so much attention. Carbone was selected to make the bomb and lie bought the materials uptown. "He made the bomb according to di rections in a book printed in Italian and circulated iy the anarchists. 1'his' book telKs how to make bombs, how to place them and bow to get away." The grand jury today indicted Frank Abarno and Chas. Carbone, the anarchists, accused of plottin ga dynamite war-against churches and men of wealth,' who were arresti^d yesterday after the police had foileil an attemiii to explode two bombs in St. Patrick'.^ Cathedral. The District Attorney said he would ask indictment under the law providing a maximum sentence of 2S years. Edward Emelio PoUgant, the young detective, who under thfjname of Prank Baldo, was taken info the corlTidence of the anarchists, was the principal w ^itness. It was not until today when 4barno and Ciarbone were brought he- fore the lineup at police headquarters that they, were certain the man they had known as Baldo was a detective. Carbone was heard to say: • "1 warned you to be careful and now yffu see' what the tnUh was nt\- I In* .Nssni'iMrnt Pr''.*i.-.'» AVasliiiiLiloii. Mar. —At (^:.'17 a. iii.. after ail all night session, the .Senate uasspd the. rivers and liarhors bill, last, of till.' large .sUlijily bills to eonie l)eii>ri. jr and reei -sscd iiiiUI 11 o'clock. It. w .is only b.v taking the unprec- edenfed step of arousing thp Vice. I'ri\-;i .lc ;ii mat a (luoruiii was ;ob- jtained. Shortly after 4 o'clock Senator Oliver raised the pornt of no qiior uiii I') eet ilie conslrtoration of an aiiK ndtiieiit for a new dam at I'ifts- hurfih harbor. Oi^ly 46 Henators were found and two were iieedint for a (luoniiii. .A motion wn.s made for the ' i??uanc(' of warrants for the arrest ; of :i !)sent(!es. Senator Bryan, temporarily in the i-hair, declined to sign ' tlic uarrant on the ground that they could bo sigJiiMl only by the Vice- President or ]iresident pro teiii Sen- j After a parliamentary wrangle, i however, Sen;itor Stone moved that •the Vicp-I'rcsident be requested 10 attend. This was carried and the Vice- President was aroused from bed at i> o'clock. Just before ce arrived. Senators -N'elsoii, Page and- fMllinghain reported and made a fjiioruni. The Vic6-Presidenf. however, resumed the chair. The rivers anil harbors bill was ^passed substaurJally without amendment. ^ Th'! House eommittfe voted 11 to i to dropVie ininoachment proceedings against.Judge Dayton of West \'irgin- ia, although the majority, repori held that the Judge's conduct had bi-eii in part "reprehensible." The Murray resolution establishing !i 440 acre domain for the Creek nation from unallotted lands in the Ciish ing oil fields of Okhilioma was iwssed by the today ; nd sent to the Senate. Reprp.septative Murray said the tract was worth $30,000,000. CHv (lie .As.-iocr .'ited Pre.s..^) tliiilou. W. Va., Mar. 3. —Rescui- |iar ties worked in relays throughout the nif;ht in a foverisli effort to ponetrate the dejitli of Laylund mines of the New River and Pocahontas Consolidat ed Coal Company, seven miles from Quinimont where 1S2 minc|rs were en tombed by an explosron yrsterday. Ten men have so far been taken out alive while nine bodies have been l;rought to the surface, bin owing to the wrecked condition of the mine the rescue work is tedious and it may be days before the workings are explored. From outside evidoncc (he force of the explosion must iiavo been terrif- fic. The stone arch over the main enlraiice of the workings was de- stroyi-d; windows within a 300 yard railius were broken and I he explosion was felt for miies around. A. 1'. Cooper who delivering groceries withing seventy-five yards of the mine entrance, was blown aga'nst a telegraph pole and killed. The first rescue party which penetrated the mine, a drift working, found bad slaie falls. They reported the air courses good. Guard lines havo be«n established about the workings and only workers are i>ermitted witliln them. Company ollieials refuse to give out any information. Most of the entombed miners are of foreign birth, but there are also a larce number of Americans. Hugh R. .Mc.^Ji^lpn, assistant mine . boss, is among the missing. RGHT OVER APPROPRIATIONS Debate in Kansas House Lastetl- Two Hours This .Morning—I'wo Bills Were Passed. The Russian forces advanced from Batum, on the Black Sea near the Turkish bordeV and were opposed by the Turks atj.every step. They were assisted by I ussian warships, which cleared the shore of Turkish forces and cut off Successfully several avenues of Turkish communication until the Kohaga route jOnly remained.- AP ter a battle of three days this last routp was closed effectively. ' . London, Mar. S.-j-Aiistrian warship^ « have been lombatding Antivarl, the principal s ;aport of Montenegro. They inflictel . considerable .damage. This inform! tion iwas contained In a dispatch rec dved iby the Montenegrin consul genet al in 1 London. The me*sage whicJi tomesfrom Cettlnje.^ad*- 'IK as follows: "Tuesday ; morning five Austrian warships entfered the port of Antlyari They destroyed a quantity of valuable stores and material, sunk the roy al yacht wfich was at anchor in, the harbor and killed one civilian.' SAY A LI Englishmen lES SEE WAR'S END. in America Buying Sup. pitii's railed HomeJ Chicago, j: Mar. 2.— Pour English j army ofllcelrs from Montana, Mihne- i sota, Wyoming and California .met ^ here today on cable orders to return : home at once. They interpreted their t recall to njean that England belieyes the allied leets, by forcing the Diar- ?; danelles, viir enable the armies' to C' utilize Rus ila's sources of supplies. h The offic-rs are Capt. Thomas Hal- » ston SVebb- of the Royal artillery; i Capt. Edwfjrd Force Stridmore./of Jthe Royal lanciirs; Capt. Herbert Claxjon. i Sec<Jrid Northampton Infantry, 'and r; First Lieut.', Edwai^d Howe St. L^n- f ards, of tie subsistance department.- They have been stationed in the wftst r:. and north *-est since the outbreali of J the war, Iniying horses, mules pndi; food supplies. ;,- T "The sinniticance of these orders,".;:/ Captain \\ebb said "Is that; the allied?: powers have l)egun to see thfe begln-!i'! nirig of tlve end. Millions of doUnrss have baen: expended In the Unltedi' States by Great Britain and VtiAt»?J The imminent forcing of fhe paSsiagefi into the Black Sea will put an end toj; this. Russia's immense surplus wil^i be rushed, to the western natlo'ns vUi; the Mediterranean." ^ Jlore- Api-ointmriits .Made. (P.y the Associalrd .Pres.".) Wa.'^.hington, .Mar 3.— The President today nominated the .Kansas State^' Fire .Marshal, Harrison Parkman, to be postmaster'of Emporia, Kas.. Samuel L. Posers of Franklin, N. C, has been selected by President Wilson fdr dire-tor of the census to succeed Wm. J. Harris, of Cedartown, Ga., who wa.-= confiraied by the Senate last night as memlier of the new Federal Trade Commission. Mr. Rogers' nomination was sent to the Senate today. President Wilson today nominated Houston B. Teehee of Tahlequah, Ok., to be register of the Treasury to succeed Jabe Parker, who recently became commissioner of the five civilized tribes. He was formerly a niem- ber oC the lower housi^ of Oklahoma. (P.y Ihf -AssoeiatPd Pies-) Toiieka. Mar. 3.— For two hours this nioriiinf; the house fought ov<»r the issue of sending the big educational appropriation bill back to the ways and tneans committee and to the Sen ate committee. The appropriation measures constitute the real bone of contention over which the two par­ lies, of the legislature are working. The Senate this morning' passed, with a few minor • amendments the fiotise Welfare Commission for women bill. When the house concurs ii) ihe iiniendinent's the measure becomes a law. Uy a vote of 88 to 19 the House passed the livestocjk committee bill Which provides for the inspection of feed stuff. On Mission of Peare. (By the Associated Pfs.i') WasTiington, Mar. 3 .~Brigadier Oep era I Scott, chief of ?taff of the army, le.*'t here today for Utah to attempt a peaceful settlement with the recalcitrant Plate Indians. Snow <Mer Kansas. Salina, Kas., Mar. 3.— Four lynches of snow has fallen over all central Kan- sab and is still continuinj^. MISStklJRl BANDIT OAjVE UP. f Bne or .Men in'WllilaniHTilie Robber^: Surrendered—Brother Drawaed.^ i Willian|sville, Mo., IklarcISi 2.-^1101: evading two posses all nlghtK aee1ni| his l.roth^r drowned and be [ng wonh^f ed himsetf. John Wilkerson of Oreenj; viile. Mo , ten miles from here, stopped^ at a far n house just south of Mll||f ' Springs, Mo., at 10 o'clock! this inon^ ing and asked that the aherlft iHi/ called't< arrest him for r<^blilg ttiq Williams vllle State Bank yesterd»n After he' had. been arrested M co^i.. fessed. I is said. He told how ha aad his brother, Frank, haid planned tW . robbery. ' ., \ Frank was shot as they- trlM to ; swim aijross Black river.' Aftoiii IM.; middle dif the river John could tioHoflk 'l er hold his brother above the taw! i He^saw he would either have, to ilwip ! him or both would '^rown. Aftfirjl let hi.s. i rother go he seized a shM .ajll watchet his brother go down, had be«|n shot in the arm and li»is|jl the constable and his leg and aj,. were broken. * 1? Black River will be dragged lind namtteil this afternoon .0 reeoVer body of the drowned man. Joha-I erson ind his brother, Frank;: braken ien on the WllliamsvUle, Q ville i, St. Louis Railroad,' mi o'lt of here .and both liTed (.in^Gi ville. Mo The captured robMif hi!'. br>ther first 'aug^stedtliisl: robber r and made mpat of thjg He; ha a about $1,000 Jn h\ti'$^ when ie was drowned. Betir««i and $ 00 were taken from.'Winii K9 wi»# arr «»t «4, liv''.?"' •

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