The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 22, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1892
Page 4
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"O t, the children got them." "They will only net their own shnro after today," said Mr. Kyro dryly. Hut did you?" said Madcap, still .kr-cpuri her lips out of reach. \s nlteii as you kissed Frank; not one uioro or lessi," lint he did kiss my hand,"saidMad­ cap, looking down with jiravo dissatis- lti«iioii ;u 'irit utiilty member. 'And th(> Duchess—lutt, no; wo nrn even, Miuleaii, if you never kissed Frank's baud, mid ill I never kissed hers." "Hotly wants to say his pairs," said Dodv's awe-struck voico iu the doorway; "and mummy's teaching him what to suy," CltAITF .n. si. Twni ho Oave hent Into tho Injurv which returned, ll pi-'llli-'l lU'll^hled into thu bosnm Of III in jriivn tlio f it. There followed on that visit to tho Towers a period of lUn most vivid happiness that Mr. ICyro had ever known, for his fears buins lulled to sleep by Frank's assiiraiico that Hester was more determined to avoid an interview wilh Madcap than tho latter was to obtain it. nnd also a keen sense of having recovered sotni'thhiKthal he had almost lost, (jnvu a charm, a zest, to thu merest trille of every-day existenco iu Madcap's company; so that, uncomciously to himself, be was goinit thromib the phase that slio had done after Frank had lold her that bo was the sinner,not Mr. Eire. It was ono of those ideal autumns that renew the senses with all the freshness, without the languor, of sprinsr. and late October itself brouitlit no shroud of fo,', but only an added charm nutl brilliancy of atmosphere that kept Madcap and iho children out and about nlidav. often Willi Mr, Eyre, lliouyh oflcner si ill with Frank. And Frank, iu a fashion, was happy too; I'or hard as he found it to bo forever iu Madcap's company and not betray himself, lie bad found oven a few day's absence from her hardor still; and each day was being brought into liner discipline, by tho 'unconsciously selllsh happiness of iho two persons who dear ly loved him. And no echo of tho world's scandal, or its clamor, camo to disturb that gold en season to husband and wife; if none of thu usual invitations veacbod tliem, the stato of Madcap's health accounted for tho omission, mid Mr. Eyre, too happy iu his homo to wish to lcavo it, even iiestleeted thoso duties as magistrate for which he bad Ion;: had a secret disinclination. Job alone felt abitter dts satisfaction at tho position of affairs, the more so, as bis "dear littlo Master Frank" never permitted him in any svav vo allude to tlie conversation that heliad overheard on tho occasion of Mr. Eyre's visit. "Jiut murder will out," tlio old man would mutter to himself: "we've not seen tho end of it yet, and thouifh you in iv snatch an Kvro out of the devil's mouth once, Nidi's safe to got him iu the loiv*-run." About this time Josopliino would, vfith locked doors at uiglit, gloat over certain trinkets and gewgaws that had lately come into her possession, though sometimes a shuddering thoughtof tho coin in which Ihev wore to bo paid for, would make her liido thotn ever, from her own eyes. .Between tho two womon was no spoken contract, but Josephine know how gradually, and in such a way as to disarm suspicion, Hester was making her arrangements to leave thn village; "to join her own people," she said, with a brightness on her face that seamed to tell of tho wolcoino with which they would receive her. The village opinion bad veered round toward her during the six months alio had dwelt among them; lior utter in difference to tho effect her beauty pro duced upon tho men, her acquaintance with Frank limited to a HIW words spoken on loth sides when by chanco they met. her passionate dovotiou to Mr. Uyrn's child, that by some strange hallucination (or so the villagers thought) she believed to resemble hor drowned baby, bad earned tho respect oi mora than ono wife and mother, though they wondered greatly that she should willingly leavo the boy in whose vcrv life she seemed bound up. There were many prayers put up for Madcap in tho village at this time, the chief being that a woman-child might be horn to her, and so win Mr. Kyvo, for the llrst time, to love a child of his own I'or tho sake of its resemblauca to its mother. "I think if I'd got a now-born baby to lie in my arms," said Hester one day in latu October, when tho gossips were wondering what Y/uie-tido would bring to the lU>d Hall, "I could boar to lot one of the other ones go. Couldn't you?" Bhe added suddenly to Bet of the Mill. "I don't know," said Dotty rumlna- tlngly, "you see, we grumble when they me coming, mid there's the pain; but there ain't a true woman that Iiat03 the child I'or that—mid somehow, whether it's Tommy or Folly or Mat or Hill, they ruako tholr way to our hearts, and wo can't abido to lose 'om, even if tho lliirial Club do pay up himdsouii, and we have the satisfaction of knowing they're coin i'oriabler tiptop as choru- bims, where, having no stomachs, they can't feel hungry-like, ns they do more or less down he'ow. And what with washing days, and a husband getting tight moat S itui'day nights," she added relleotively, "the oliil'en getu ,\ poor time of it; but there, you've got the mother's heart, and you understand," she added, clutching Hester's uurliigod hand with herown wetither-buiitou holiest ono. IS.irly in November there was circulated ono day in the village a report of Mr« livro's sudden and prematura nines Hester was oiioot'tlui llrafc to hei.r a, ami scarcely waiting to oioali hersoll', made her way to thu ltsd Hall, and unobserved (as she thought) reached the nursery by the doorUiut led rmn it to the garden. It was auout three o'clock, nnd in the clear autumnal air the hoiisa wore an unwonted look of cheerfulness and paaue, so that ou looking at it, ono noticed k'Bs tlie frown thrown from the rock behind it, than tho red banners flung by tho min on its mooy windows, mid HO giving warmth to the otherwise cold coloring oi' the/ucado. "Is she deudl" thought Hester, as «U* turned the handle and went in, struck by the (inlotthiit reigned In the tuiraar- ies. As nho went fonvwl, trembling ami m i inn, sbo Heard n Bteu oeldiidJieA ilUlLUUUllua^.W'lliln I'liimJaJ^"^-"^ int?ntion. "Why not?" sho said, sullenly. "She was kind to inc. I have a mind to see her—sho wants to see ine. Tinir>s ami times I havo got out of her wav; but now 1 would like to have a word with hor beforo it is too late; for she is ill, they say, and sho might be beyond my reach to-morrow. Site isn't dead!" sb.i added, struck by the curium cliaugo that had passed over Mr. Fvre's face. "Head!'' ho repeated, th'' hatred of bis glance, the scorn of bis voic keen as tho stab of a knife to 1 J • - j- heart; ",11111 you living? Hut you tempt fate." he added abruptly. ""I lravo you your warning once tieforr, I give'it to* you now again. Mal;o inn inor.i cllor't to see her, and the consequences be on your own head." "Von told me tint, before," sho said, slowly, "and I mi';ht have l's'.en'd to youthen. I'd only got a taste of happiness; and a soiil th it's faint with starving Ml sum 'times lay the bit of food down, l'e:'lin; that sh:''s got b'voud it, uml it's easier to din than lo worry 011. Hut when you've got to love yi or life, and morning, noon, and nigh I your heart cries out to be fed. it isn't iii human nature to go away lo obligi. son) body who's been cruel to you from the beginning." Warped and stultified ns was the woman's instinct of right, even now it yet moved her toward tho I'm her of her dead child. S'ie could have forgiven him, she thought, if it had lived tit his image, representing t'n • ,ood he might havo brought to h >r lit' •, an 1 not I'I.I evil; but implacable and stern, Mr. Eyre stood, tne jud ;e, not th:. 1 sharer in the sin. and thu moment of relenlni; scorched up in her invnst as suddenly as it. had been born. Von can bo reac ie:l through her," she said, with one oi thusimpulses of reckless mil ruth mat sum "tun's wdl sweep a goo I as well as a ha I worn in away; "if she cam • in here now, mis vnniiite, I'd led her b d'oreyonr eyes. It would not lako very Ion ; to sav, • Vour husband is the fattier of mv dead child. Lord hovel told you a he!'" She c .nw! close to Vim, possessed by a rage that templed viol -Mice; hut Mr. Kvro returned her glance with a calmness that still further in uldeiied her. 'Perhaps you'll keep us up irt after all," she said, "but deeds can spealc as well as words; and wuen you see her heart wrung, and II.T cheek white with misery, nerhaps you will understand a little of what I felt when I loa. my baby '• S'ie ceas-'d abruptly, terrille.'l l :, st sho should have given him a clew; but as she moved a step away, her loot struck against something that lay 0:1 the ground. Il-'r lips quivered, her eyes softened as sho stooped ami lifted the little sho j and put it to her lips, crying out below her breath, "O 1. my liit:o love! my l.t- tlu angell I am goo 1 when you are. iu my arms—an I I doa't halo her men— I'm not jealous of her then.'' If a woman ha I be MI by. she must havo understood what was in this poor wretch's heart; but Mr. Kyre saw nothing in the outburst but ouefivii'iie I woman's jealousy of another, salved over in herown eyes by a sentimental fondness for a child. "Uol" hu said, and held UID door open. "Shall I?" sho said, pushing back tho masses of black hair from her wild beautiful eyes. "Ay, but I'll come back. Vou shan't turn mo from my purpose; I'll carry it out to the end." "Unless you die lirst,"'lio said. "Hie!" she repeated; "and may not sho die, ns well as other people? 'Have you ever thought of iliac—how some day you may lose her. and so get your punishment at last? Even now she is ill " "Who said 00?" cried Mr. Kyro,starting. "So that touches you," sho said bitterly; "but when your child suffers—is not that his voice?"sho added abruptly, and went to U\e window and looked nut. Madcap was passing with the children, her straw bonnet pushed back, her face glowing with health and happy smiles us the bovs ran beside her. A look of bitter jealousy clouded Hester's face as sho ga/.e.l; perhaps she. bad never before been so struck by the difference in their two lots than at that moment; and Air. Kyre, catching that look, was to bo excused if afterward it canto back to him with a significance at once fatal and sinister. As tlie three disappeared, Hester moved to the door, but paused on the threshold and looked at Mr. Kyre. "I'll cimw back,', she said. "You may think to savo her from mo, but yon won't; perhaps after all there won't be a word spoken between us; but I'm going to reach her heart for all that—and if sho dies, mind it's not 1 that killed her, but you—.your sin and t/nur punishment." 'Then', wrapping herself more closely in her cloak, hurried down tho sieps and was goiiB. ciiAPTnit xrr. Fori hnvn ilrumui'il n dronry dream, lti'i'oml tin.* 1 ,-lu 01 SUvo 18n \v 11 Oisiil iii'in win 11 11 flit. Hut 1 Ihlnll Unit mint uns I, Half nn hour boforo dinner Air. T"yro went to his wife's room, and found her sitting at her toilet-table, a row of open jewel-cases before her, that contained the diamonds she occasionally had brought out lo make sure of their safely, and the whim seized him that sho should wear them that evening. "Frank is coming," he said. "Somehow to-night reminds me of that one when V came bom > to you from Paris, and dressed you till In white. Women like you should always wear white, just us there tire others whom it would bt llunarpi'nl to IbinU of M-IVP in ld;w>\ And that looso softrob3 you were going to put on is white—will you wear them?" he added, in a stritngo voice, as ho lifted the stones from their satin bed, mid held them above her hea I. sh 1 looking with pleasure at the ikr/.z ing glitter. "You'll let the children como and sso me," she s\id; whereupon Mr. Fyro badotlio woman bring the boys, ami moauwhilo fastened hor ueokhtcu and braceleti himself, and secured the lace at her nock with ihroo brilliant stars. Jioily came in his night-gown. Ha bad been interrupted in his prayers, now from Josephine's arms clasped his hltlo bauds and said, in an nwu-slruci* voice, "Mummy's going to heuvenf while Douue, half in fear, lingered her bracelets, exclaiming that they were made of lire, seeiw'mily nwivo perplexed than delighted with her unwonted adornment. Perhaps that luxurlunco of womanly beauty that had coma to Madcap of Into struck Air. Uyro as he gazed at tho throe; perhaps ho then, for iho llrst and lust timo in his life, realized how beautiittl her motherhood was, as sho sat with Dody'a dark, Unshod face against thu whiteness of her throat, while Hotino, curious to discover how that necklace of sparks bad got fastened round her neck, peupud over her shoulder, completing the group, In the background Josopliino looked ydth, (jroeiW, .Bp-arkling, eyes at the jewels in wiiion oiVr mlsiress was decked, wlille the maid's stolid eyes expressed more timu/.emcut at than covetous- uess of tho baubles. Air. Kyre was struck by Josephine's look, and us lie lifted Dody out of bis mother's arms, mid pitied him in those of tho woman, ho said tohimsjlf that iu future he must study her more carefully titan he hud hitherto done, Dody knew bettor than to resist, but his lips quivered, and a look of despair cauie into the little face. "Ssep wi'i," mnmmyl" bo said Imploringly, its Josephine curried him away, the contrast of his warm nest iu his mother's arms and thu loneliness of bis little cold out pieroing him with a sense of loss nud misery as hu went. llut sooner than t)ody_ jkiiiiniaiLot mm said lie was as unapnreciativo ot her diamonds as the children ha 1 been. "A glow-worm will outshine them." said Mr. Kvre. "I saw three to-night, tempted out In the belief that spring bail como again, I suppos-i." "That is vcrv unusual." said Frank. "Where did yon sen them?" "In Synae Lane," said Mr. Tlvro carelessly, and both Frank and "Midcao looked up suddenly; but Mr. Eyre's eyes were Inscrutable, and lold nothing. Vet lie s-'emed to bo laboring under st rung nervous excitement, and presently Ronvthing occurred to causa Frank the keenest anxiety. They wero crossing tlie hall to the dining-room, when Mr. Eyre suddenly slopped, his dilated eyes apparently ilxod 011 some- Ihoi't iu the distance, "Lookl" ho exclaimed. "Didyou SOD that under the clo ;k?" They looked, bm there was nothing. Frank knew the legend, but MmV'np did not. that when death or misfortune of any kind threatened the Eyres, tho uncouth figure of a dwarf appeared for a tew seconds to ono of the family beneath tlio oil clock on the stairs. Hut in a moment Mr. Kvre had rc- covei'Cil himself, and led Madcap into the beautifully lit room. ".See," he said, "tho table is dressed wi!h as muc'i c.ara asyou." And toiler surpr se, sho saw a quantity of beautiful hot-house ilowers heaped in the center of the table, and a small choice bouquet laid, beside each napkin. "WioM-e i-niild the gardener havo got thi'iit?" i'X'1 limed Mndcip. ''Ho bad m.t one in the placo this morning, and he will never b:>-» any from iho surrounding houses." "OU, I got them," said Mr. Eyre carelessly; "that honest fool had nothing to do with it. 'Fry tlr.v. wine, Frank; it has been in Iho cellar over a hundred years. 1 bad ' them bring it out to-night in vour honor." Frank just lasted tho wine, but bn was haunted by an uneasiness that Mr. Eyre's every look and word tended to confirm. He kw;sv Vtivw danger rons"d and ex cited tin 1 remarkable man. stimulating his init'li ctnal powers lo extraordinary brilliancy; and while Made in laughed iu delight at her husband's spirits, Frank felt more and more convinced thai something fresh had occurred with regard to II -ster. •No. ymi are wrong," said Air. TSvra, suddenly iiirning his keen eyes upon the young fellow, "triow-worms, Frank, have been known to walk in at an open window, attracted by tho light; and moths, ton, are often attracted to their own destruction; but they do not kill, Uii'V are usually killed." Aladc ip lojked from ouo to tho other perplexed. -It is nothing," said Mr. Fyro, sm'l lug; "it is 1111 old jest. Madcap, yot all je.sts must have an end. Your health; and yoi'is, Frank. May next year lind yon l/iitii as handsome and as happy as you are now." "And you," cried Madcap "What of yon?" "Nothing,*' bo naid. removing a glass that she was lifting to hor lips. "Vou know, M i-.lcap, 1 always had a horror of toasts of weddings, as well ns of— black beetles," he added, laughing. He kept his hand upon hers, talking nonsense, until sho had forgotten her intention; ihen, Frank decliuingto take any more, wine, they went bade to tho drawing-room, where a choerful wood lire burned, and seemed to invito their comoaiiy. Tuey drew round it, Aladcap between them; an I never hid an hoar pa*s>d to her more happily than with these two beside her, whose, IOVJ made such till atmosphere of rest an I content. At hall past ten -Mr. Kyre rose, must leavo you. Madcap." hes.titl, "but not for long. Don't let Frank go until 1 coma bade. I have work that must be ilono lo-night, and then—ay—then "Then wo will bo happier than wo ever were before," cried Aladcap; "will wo not, Frank?" "Vou will be," said Air. Eyre, with a scarcely perceptible accent, on tho "you." "And I shall bo happy when— when " He did not complete thosenlence.hnt smiled, then went inio tlm lihnrv. * uey uear.i me Key itirn 111 tno melt as tho door closed. "There are but a few pigos to a Id to his work," said Aladcap, whose fact) had shadowed over at his departure; "it will be his greatest," sho added, with womanly pride, then turned to tlio piano- it recoiled iug that Atr. Hyro must, not bo disturbed, closed it, and approached the window. "There will ho a moon to-night," sho said, lifting tho curtain, and lookiu through the glass left unshuttered each evening until sae had retired to rest, Frank cams to her side, and to ,<oth . they looked out til tho blue-black doiuo pierced with a million <lart< of lire, tip petl with wild, blue spirit-like bright uess—at ruddy Mars mid brilliant Sirins, already beginitin» to pale b'fore Hit crescent just rising out of her silver- lined clouds. "I never look at tho stars," she said "without thinking of Vendean peasant who, on being told th church-steeples wero to bj demolished and so tho last traces of their religious b'lief swept away, said.'You may do that, but you cannot abolish our stars, anil we see thorn from u much greater distance.'" Frank thought sho looked a part of the starlit sky itself, sum (thing too of its solemn beauty se-'ined to havo touched her, as slnj went ou wistfully— "How it quiets ono to look at them; how all one's littlo an try, jealous thoughts drop away— one, sees tho temptation, not thu fall—thn struggle after right, not tho failure; ono scorns nothing and no one " "Frank," and sho turned to thn young fellow, "1 seem to see things so differently now'. Open tho window a little way, and lot 1110 see the sky without the glass between. I think 1 ' lo look tit inanv tilings as through glass, Frank; not ftusii to face, as I loo'-t at them now —perhaps it is because I am so happy —sometimes V think no m, tmhl ba ns happy as I am. without being punished for it—there was oaly 0110 littlo clou.i to make me loss perfectly content, bin is gone now—I'll tell you tomorrow nit 1 must 1 ell 'i/ni llrst." 'Jo te ruin,) 1 , il Tlio Alr'a u.',i..,i.j , During a lUuiiilt'isioiiii the air is oi sueu. nuyiua ueusny iniit in under pen* aru never IIVMUI ill a uisuiucu cunva punuiug 10 llieir vioii'iico. i. ur iUu sauu ieaaou the roar ut lliu caiiuuu uu a Held of baltlu is uol uoiiuuable, uuU lire nay has ullcu Uuuu tost wiuitu a oUuci ilisiaucu ul itiu reserves of mo delcaieu army wmi'li wero wanny lor unsound ot artillery lo call ilium iu lUi scoiiu of action. Tliu air at tilylu if- mure liomumjucuus, una lieucu suturd* aru Ilea I'd more clearly and lariUcr Uiaii iu tlio daytime, iu tugfcsy wealliei sounds miller liiutiuieruuiu delteclioUb from the mist, ami aru uuou deturoyod. i'llncu lilsiuuicti Is quoicd us miyuiji lately to 1111 American visitor: "1 SUOUKI HUu ubuvo tilt ibmiia lo visit America, For America and Amcricaus I have tin profoiuulust respect. 1 tulio the mum est iu your appruucliluc world' fait, mid may visit Amcrlcii next year, ui ihuuiili it is yet Impossible to form ono » plans so far ahead." A tv.iiia'-, It wns dusk. A cool twillghl hud fallen upon the hot city after a day of Insull'er.'ihli; licit. Tin- sun ilanied through a yolden mist. The breeze, like a caress, crept through the trees; the roar of the city was like the growl of a weakened lion. In the park a pair of lovers strobed up and down, oblivious to all the world in thidr iiiiiceiit [i .-issioii. Sin.- woiv a cluster of paiLslcs ut hor hell. Half a dozen •ivtls away sat a woman and a i-hi'nl HI a bench, two pathetic instances oi Immunity born only lo poverty uml sipmlor. Mother mid child Ihey were, the child uu infantile rcpi'inlui'ilun oi its mother, villi that weird, niuniniy I'lTi'ci that piviii.iimv ago alwa.v> makes. He was but four years old, Sho ivas ild in sull'i'i ing. In experience, iu un iipdlcd love and hope that had long .since turned to despair. The child was already old In his inln-iil .-iiirr .1; ill these. Heredity had done lis work, l 'lii; lovers came bark and walked near : In-ill. "Yes, dear," .she said, "you NOO Inn, wol 1 van manage I'VOT.I thing. Wc shall live like a king and queen." A> ilie spoke shi' tool, one of iho pansie> roin her bell and fasleiicd il in hoi over's eoal. Hi- drew her inlo the .hailo of a tree and kissed her ipiieUl;. flu'.r passed on. '•.Mamma," .said the boy, l.ilnlly. "What is il, darlingsaid the mother. Irauiug him cloM'iy to her nud lending li.'iiderly over him. '-.Maiuina, 1 waul some ilowers like die lady has on." His eyes K cued wilh unnatural .ight. A heavy dew lay In great drops ou his almost ii'uiiapuroiii skin. Tio milliter's heart gavo a great throb. "Dearest, 1 will j;el you sonic to morrow." "lint, iiiamiiia, 1 want lln-iu now." "Dear child, there an.' none hoio iu el for you.' The hoy wailed. "If I mill had some Ilowers like lh .11 lady." The lovers were coining back, llo was luklug tenderly Into her eyes. "How clever you are," ho was saying Admiringly. "11 all oilier women were like you." 1 beg you to forgive mo, but 111.1 boy is sick; he has been .sick a lmi^. time, llo wains Ilowers and I cauiiot get thum for him. 1 would not ask you for Ilium for myself—but my boy If you would " The inolher's accents died away She clasped her hands with .11 eloquent, Iiupusioiied gesture. Thu girl puiekly took the Ilowers from her belt and banded Ihetii to the woman. With a sudden Impulse, Hi young man look ills solitary llowei from his coal and offered it also. 'Vou are a thousand limes wel come," said iho girl, graciously. The lovers passed 011 with an lucrca- oil IcudcriR 'S lu their hearts. The niolhur sped back lo her boy wilt frantic eagerness. "l'uul, Paul," she cried, "here are your ilowers. The lady has given iheiu to you." The bloodless little hand, as frail us a .snowdrop, clasped the Mowers languidly "1'iot-ty llower.s," lie luunmuvd. :S sudden icy terror froze thu mother', veins. "I'aul, Paul," she said, in a hoarse convulsive whisper. Tlio child did not answer. The "pretty Dowers were Hi ill clutched tightly by the bloodless Utile lingers: which now loked llihiir than over, but be Would leevur see their beauty again. Tlicic was a filial smile ou his lips, caused, perhaps, by tilings nion. beautiful 1 Iran the pretty ilowers be had wanted .so much. A few Mops away, thu lovers were laughing again, while the bruezu, 11! a caress, crept ihrough the lives, nnd thu ruar ot the city was like the yrcAYl of a wakened lion. that belief which 'ompcls practice In tliu truth of 'he old adage, cleanliness Is next to godliness (on whlcn side Hie adage doth not say), and we shall keep clean all the time.—Indianapolis News. latiiu Tnini.-i,, Tho prcclommcss of littlo tUlugs w»-> iiovor inert* beautifully expressed tUtiu by U. F. 'Taylor, lu thu following:"Little, Wf.I'dtt ai'O tllO BVV.Mitatf, i.~ 4' U'.l II1 Illl'H .Most of the serious diseases to which human flesh is heir aru duo to tilth, or aru fostcrud and spread by tilth. Hut il is iho hardest thing in tho world for the race to be cleanly. I'crsoual cleanliness, for example, as understood by thu Anglo-Saxon race, by the Dutch and by the Jupauusc, is imknowii to most other people. Lilies go ou for gi'iiciatlons drawing their waicr supply from polluted sources and lmui'iiliiig al "visitations"—thu lmplcty of 111—ot lev crs. Or they invite diphtheria b.v care lvssnoss in ii'gard lo drainage, or rooli lug musses of Uilh iu defective cess pools. Filth out of sight is so generally out of niiiid. lty and by 'an awful pestilence comes—through thu "inscrut able provldeiii'o" of the Almighty, ns people used to say, reverently but at lite isauie time impiously, if is "providence," but uu otiu thinks of 11 any more ns luserultible. 11 comes in the iiuturu of things, as effect from cause. An immutable law Is violated Quick or slow the lucvitablu retrlbu 1 Ion comes. It Is curious to reflect that lids has been tho usual course ot the human race from the very earliest times iiiuney. to Invite pesilleiico by llltbl uess; thou, when tlie Invited guest appoint*, attended by goodnian Don 111, to charge bis coming to divine wrath at something oilier than thu I rue of lease; mid thou, wlille seeking to appease the lingered deity with sacrlllce or Increased devoutness In religious ser vice, lucldiutally lo clean Iho camp, or house, or city. One of the earliest pes lllinccs on record was which assailed tho hosts of the Aelialuns be leaguerlug the city of Troy, which Homer describes in immortal verse lu tliu llrst book of the Iliad. How far hack of tliu dawn of history It was \vi do not know, but hew trim lo human life it all is after these thousands of years! Tlio llreoks, "child minded men were sum when Hie posllli'i.oe sliucli the ramp, smiting mules nud dogs as well as man, that the wrath ot thu gods luul boon kindled against them A prophet was ready to recall that 1 heir most powerful chief luul only u few IIII.VH beforo (lospitufully treated an ngeil priest of Apollo, who came, grief stricken, to thu oitmp, bearing rich ran sum, and pltcoitsly pleaded to bo al lowed to redeem his iltiugiiter. Ago moiimon brusquely refused and bade him go; and tho old man hud prayed for vengeance, Surely this was tlie cause of tho pestilence! Tho ouly tiling to do wtts to send tho maid homo to lior futhor without ransom and, with her, rich glfls to Iho outraged god, Thu llreoks applauded the wisdom of their prophet; pubjh^jjiihiloi MI'I good," 111! Weill a double siumaei-- biii-li lo the early I'.IIMVV. notion : DIME NOV!?'. FIEND. teach your boy has Just stuck a •ill..-. ..ail olil Inn s. After she had seated herself In the ferry boat, little Wlldu broke away from Inn- and b „mi rolling around in the dust and dir. before us all. "Alt, me'un," whispered the old nlleuian, "do not try to stop little Willie! ! lov • i 0 see the child have fun." "Yes, indeed." 'it docs tuy old m, as Willi! SUIT. mil; "It carries lays. I tell yeu ma'am like youth." l'hat is true, sir," she said, s«i«'l- l.v. It recalls to 111c, niailam, the ol.l farm where I on-e romped, u cave free mortal all Ihe liveloag day." Willie is such :i good hoy," she vou lured. William yelled rats three limes and Ihrew up his hat. file old guiitliMiiiiu suddenly let out roar that was heard over tlie •i vur. "Wo w!" be gasped, bowling vim 1I11. "Mercy, me!" exclaimed tlu woman, tiring. "Whv don't you some in-iuneiv'.' Hi pin in my log." "Hill hu Is only s harmless child, ir." "Wo-.v-w!" "And his conduct carries you back to the early days!" "Wo \v-w!" "And youth fades so quickly, sir." "Wnw-w, madam, wow-w, 1 say I'' "And it reminds you of thu days on he old farm." "That will do. madam." lie gasped, lising and glaring at us all. "I see. madam, that I am In Iho preseneo of .1 -pnllt child, your sweet William. Vi.u xpi'd wo should all sing -mil dance, hut you are mistaken, nu-.'am—mli-lnki n lo the utmost. I predict 1111, Ih.-it i your boy will grow up a burglar and • horse thief, and if he doisu't break is inolher's heart before i,<> Is '_'! mv "A man should be a Siegfried." says Schopenhauer, "armed cap-a-pie, to ward the small troubles of every day— those little differences wo have villi our fellow-iuun, hislgnlllcanl disputes, unbecoming conduct In other people pony gossip, and many other sunllui anutiyniH 'cs of life; lie should not feel ihi'tii at all, much less lake to heart and brood over llieui, but hold them : it arm's length, and push them out, ot his way, like stones thai lie lu the road, | mil upon no account, think about thi'ti>. | mil give them a place in his relli'i'tloii.' j Common sense Is a gnat requisite lu • Ihe making of a profitable orchard. Do not. expect, a healthy, thrifty growth of j young trees from land which you hn \o' oeen continuously cropping in grain and j grass for years, and from which you ' •oiitiiiuc In lake off exhausting crop., j il'ter the trees are planted. The trees ' must have something to feed on if they , uv in is-mv, nnd if the hind does not I iiipply llieir need you must furnish for- 1 lillizers. Another uuporlaiit point iibout .siai-ling tlie trees is lu regard to the j pruning at lime of planting. The roots should be cut back oiie-hall. and tlie u ,p I pruned hi duo proportion. The 1 branches of a tree us il conies from Ihe nursery are oflcii where they are | not wanted, if opposite each other' dure is danger that the live will split j as it grows older. Il is a good practice 1 to take off iho top entirely, leaving only buds on tlie in-iiii trunk, and ihes • run he allowed lo develop into branches ! where wanted. All that arc. not wanted .should he removed with Iho thumb and linger before becoming large I enough lo require Hit) knife He l.fli-. .1 : li'mi.-i.l t-l:-!i I,, '...i Kvrn" Willi 111. 1 :.: . J.indvlllo. Col., Oct. 17.—I Yrinun Truman, 14-year-old son 1 .1 S. A. 'I'riinian. with several conipani. :!'\ st- 1 tired ^IKI pounds of giant powder and placed it in a small initio near hie. father's residence, the Intention being lo kill Ihe buy's father, mother, little liroiher nnd sister, against wb an be had a laue'ieil m-iidge The powder was exploded by a long fuse and ihe r-umaii rc-i.lcii-'.' as well as the house of I'clel' I'livcue. in- .1 door, was al.nost com- pli'iid.v wrecked. Miraculou..;,-,- "e... •>l \\\ * ll-lil:il -S Were Seriol 'sly lltoi. II i' s f,,ruil tp-ii yoinig Truman had .. 1. ' h"loi dug 10 his father and had Ink 11 wnU : ;> e-luer hi .1 he nides I'IOIII home. (Klieers Mi" in make an :invsl. As is a victim of dime novels I, il. is probable that he The explosions causi'd dollars wnrlh of damage. 99 hove ::: Truman an I i • erme: wi-i resist hundreds of Se.eril IMUS built. "German Syrup Two bottles of German Syrvf cured me of Hemorrbage of th« Lungs when otber remedies failed. I am a married man and, tbirty-six years of age, and live with my wifa and two little girls at Durham, Mo. I have, stated this brief and plain so that all may understand. My case was a bad one, and I shall be glai to tell anyone about it who wiU write tne. PHILIP L. SCIIENCK , P. O. B0X45, April 25, 1890. No man 'could asic a more honorable, business-like statement. 0 must be entirely rc- I '.H ILDRIiN a HOT, An A • Lieut I Mi.11 '.llslil tin,.1 It ll . •rii veil Whit, hunting Wis. squirrels, I lei. 17.--While, (iooi'ge II. Olds : out icci- di'iii.illy shot Tom liansnn and his younger slsier wilh small .squirrel shol. "I'll" children were digging pot a toes In n lield near I lie edge of a woods vh-M'e ii'.-l- was linming. Tlio boy was shol in Ihe face and the girl in the bo l.v. I Xeilher is dangerously wounded. The children's father is a farmer living 11 'ar I ibis vill.ig.. JAKiiSVILLK'S FIRST MAYOF1. I.,- I'n-M'. Auny -,U III. Keili I'muily II' .I.iuesvllle, Wis., Oil. IL—A. Dyalt Sniiih, Uu; llrst mayor of .liuiusville and tit one time a leading democratic politician and member of ihe llrst­ stitutional convention, died al his home lie: Ihis i ii v lasl evening llacilhi.. ,11 the In i-eporlers 1 country, h ho Aslaticiis is qiiile iinllgnant itmi'iit he has reecived by ihe and the newspapers of Ihis Well, let it be so. Wo only would return to ills native hind, and not set fool on American soil again. A Stillwater girl drowned herself because her lover had been kliled. Economical, easy u> take, Small bile Bean*. 'flic cnnliigc hi wliU-li Napiitcon I. mailo Ids funtoii., it-tlcal fi'mii .\Ui3Viiiv is blill well picsLTicd. ll buluiigs to Ihe Wullinyloii ealiiLu. ,1. 8. VAUKEIi, l-'reiloniii, N. Y., says: I "Shall mil call on yuu Im" I lie $100 reward, ' fur 1 Pi'liuvu lbilfo Ciiturrli C'uie will euro any eon of ciilarrli. Was very luul." • "Wiilc liini for jjurlii'uliirs. Sold by lJrug. , gists, T.le. _ j A woman of Lyons, Neb., Inm A noae four , Ullll tlllec-lpllll lfl-3 illllll-d long. j One Small Pile bean every nltrlit for > week uvuiiso Toriiul l.ivcts. -nc. per bolllo. : Slatistli's slinw that 7,1)0(1 persons are iiinr. ' ili'i-iil In this country every year, and uulj luurdci-er lu fifty is punkilicd. j No HAI.KAV.IV WOIIK. Cure yor5r cougli thui-oughly. HAI.I'.'S HUXEY oir IIOIIEUOUXO AND TAII will Uu ll. j I'IKK'S Tuoiii.iciiB Dual's Cure la ono minute. A woman who ilicil rci-i'iitly hi tlie Norrls [own tt.sylum tiud uot upokcu lo any ouc lu cli'vuii years. It Onr«a Cot Jt,Cou«ht.8or« Tbroat,CrDnp,t*iflBM. ia,Wliooj>lnf COURII. Bronchttiiand Atthbia. A •ertatt «ur« lot ConlumpUoa in Artt ttaf «t, %%i * attra relief 1B advanced atafat. Uia at oaoa Tan will aen the aacellpnt affect after Uklny tht flrat doae. Bold by dcalera •varjrwhera. Lug* •aitlaa JO tenia and (1.00. a AMERICAN TIN PLATE. Wc carry large stock bolh bright and rcofing. They are rolled from bett American iron by American labor and capital. They arc uncqualcd Cor ductility and jinislu They arc superior to the same grade* imported from England. We sell them lor less money. Wc guarantee llicm to the fullest extent. We handle plates fcom six dLQcrent American mills. STARKWEATHER & CO., Tui J'lale Importers, 75 & 77 ImlTalo St, ' Milwaukee, Wi*. No more old pills llcaus, if you pli-ttsu. fnr me. Small Bile THe Best Wateriiroci Coat In the WORLD! Tlie FISH ItU.lNMl SLICKER la van-anted water, proof, and will keep you dry in llio hardest norm. That inn I'OMMtX SUl'KEUU a perfect Odlnicoat.and? cover* Uieenllraamltllii. Uevraruuf uu.lla.Uuaa. Oon'l| bur a cunt If llio " rish Itrmid" Is not on It. Itttiitra. led I'ataliifim Itee. A. J. TQWKIl, lloalnn, Uaaa. it 1ms ticcn cstluinU'i! Hint It wnulil I nice n man S.UOO years to rood all thu blauilai'd ivoiks. If has been kuowu for many year.-, thai copper sulphate hi solution is a perfect, security against various forms of fungus i roubles which develop in • bo "ins of grain. Thn sniil". for Instance, lu various kinds of grass and on wheat, and the ergot which prevails in rye, is effectually guarded ngaiiul when lite wheat nnd rye mv slecped in a solution before sowing. Tlio spores of llio.)> fungi attach Iheinse'.vcs lo the grain, and when Ihe grain develops Ihe fungus nffccls the whole system, com lug again lo the surface in Iho veil for reproduction, il hits sluco been found that although Ihis treatment bus been perfectly safe iu various grains tuul other seeds. It is wholly ineffectual us applied lo barley. The smut appear* in tho grain of barley when the plant is maiiii'c, no!withstanding Ihe seeds have been so slecped. .Inst -why it should be offeelnal In the case of all Iheso, wilh lids one exception, is one of the mysteries connected with the whole siib.ect. DON'T fool with indigestion nor Willi a ilisonlcri'il liver, hut lake liccidiaiii'a pills for iuiuicilialc ri-lii-f. ".'i i-ents u buy.. Six lunulas! Norwegian families are to 1)0 located as a colony in banc county, Oregon. Mado tn T.onk I.lllA Kair, DrcsiU'S, lient'a tllulliing, Feathers, Oloros, etc., I'lyi'i! or l.'lceiicil, 1' (iiirinuiiU Sli'iHiiisl, al (lliu I'lulch'ii U>o W. Muter St., .Milivaukcu. tjcml for circular. (Inn caps were first used iu 1823 lu tho English army. In llussla they have to pay dearly for nhiiilc ami .-.heller, A i ;oml Kngli.ih Bilk uui- biulht co.its from S'.Vi lo iilu in Moscow. —'llio man who Imagines Hint tho advertising Held Is already fully dove-loped comes a long way from hilling tho nail on thu head. There arc hundreds and hundreds of nrlicles on the market to-day whose miuiufactiirei's do not realize tho benellts to be derived from a Judicious uso of printer's Ink, but who, under the- pwalstent, tearful pleading of Iho solicitor or special agent, could soon be brought Into line. So, too, there nro new luvciillons and contrivances brought out; every day, and these rcciuiro extensive advertising to bring thorn to the attention of llio-public. Tlio held grows broader and broader every day, and yet, like Iho fellow in Iho circus concert, "Ihoro nro many moro to follow."—frliilcr's Ink. A fresh terror seems to be In uioro for the unfortunate hmiittcs of tho Itus- slan prisons. It Is proposed that tho cells should bo lilted with concealed microphones, so Hint nny conversation can lie. tuitoinuUcnUy convtyed by wire lo u distant telephone Miirnlns. Many hilcrmil icuicilli-s arc glibly nrt,-cr- tlscil, to Miiirii -u Inliorani! lessen llio pains of tdii 'Hl -r.irth, ami wilh wonderful im-on. fcisti-niv- tu' uun ^iitntt 'ion. (Join- im>n M -n -c r-i.oiihl niich an) woman that a pi'c|iaia!h-ii inl.tplcil for ini'iiMriiul di^orilurs will mil prcpari) llns system lor Chilii-bii-lli. We, eio-m'.-.|l) say, bc.\;ireuf all sueli; Hicy can al this critical linio do no good, nnd their use limy he fiila!. It is only by per- Blslent exleinal h'eiilincut, Uuis. cclusbiii unit softening all the parts, that tho ili -cau limn- In iiililieil of Us pain and terroi', anil no reniedv on earlh itoes this but "Mother's l -'ilciiii." Iliiithieltl I'.eg. Co., Atlanta, lla. bold by nil druggists. THE RULES OF SUCCESS. The secret of success in lite is to keep busy. To bo persevering, pa lie-lit nnd untiring iu tlm pursuit or calling you are following. The i busy ones limy now or then niako mistakes, but it is better to risk these than to be idle and inactive. | Keep doing, whether it be ut work or seeking recreation. Molion i» I life and the busiest tire tho happiest. J Cheerful, active labor is u blessing. An old phijosophcr says: '''ll.e fire- Uy only shines when on 111- wing; so it is with tlio mintl, when ouce we rest, wo darken." This, of course, takes it for granted that these habits are founded upon a jiliysictd system in perfect health. Mo man can satisfactorily pursue his labors if lie be ufllieted with a cold or annoyed with any sort of pulmonary trouble. If he be weighted down in this manner he should at onen get a bottle of UEID'8 GKU.IIAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CHUB and take it 1 reely. It eontiiius nothing deleterious but will cure any malady that arises llom colds. The s in 11H but ties are 25c, large ones 50c. SYLVAN I'KMEDY. CO ., Peoria, 111. What rtmoliliiK- lines. Rimlotto concludes un urtlclo on smoking with those words: "So ilou'l sinoUe, my boy. H makes you stupid, so It doesn't help you In your sludlos It is bad for tlio heart, so It doesn't lidvnnco you In atlilelio sports. II makes you nervous, so It doesn't make you a bettor shot. It mnkea yon smell IIUo a tape worm, so If doesn't maUe you pleasant company. It doesn't do yon one particle of good: It imiUes you appear silly anil ridiculous; It Is as dlsagriHi The hdiuliilants of tlnchhi, China, liavo a pceuliiii- |ii-el'ei-('iien fur ml leu eggs instead of ones. The}- uUo nro very fund el Hiill'i-il dog miol. I'lTH.-At! Fits Stopped froo liy l>r. KHnr'a '•-•-•-HI .\cl-v*. II MIII No l!'im iiTlor nr.t liny', nun. UtorvuloiiA eiiru.. Trenlimiuiiii $-2.00 trhii liollto (loo to l'-it C'uuus. Suud lo Dr. Kliuo, UJl Areh St., 1'hllii., 1'u. Ono of iho youngest graiulnarents nllvo Is tho ihiclicss of Monlpcnsler, slslor of Queen Isabella. Shu was giaiuliiKilhor at- tlih'ly- Ihieo mill u greiit gruuiluiollici' nl llfly.llvo. If allllcled witli Sore Eyes uso f)r. Isaac Thompson's Kyu Walor. Drugulala soil ItaSc. John Solileskl, King of Poland, mid ono of Ilie greatest wiiri'luia of the soveiiloeiuh century, uovcr slept moru lluiii four hours. A Mother's Gratitude Tooprfite for foment \n tvil, It du« 1\QO(1'> Bnr«r.iiarilta. My duugli­ ter Oll<» IUT»« y *At% atjo hnd arvuai'ul lmlitM, eiluiitliutf to ulmottt vvurjr JoUa in her botly, cuu»«t. by V o li • 111 u I I o II a I ,;r«w ]nna ami thi MWtilUngt stibatlilt*'] nfter uslnit ou* buutttot 1IOU1VH H.VUSAI'AUII.I.A. Tl.«u liiipruruuiuut HUI riiitdtl, uutlt It etfocL«tl • p*rftot cur«v'" Uua. J. A.. CAUL, lUyuQlvl»vUU, XlootVn I 'illi nro the ba «t ulUr>dlna«r rilli, aHttUt Uitfutloti, our* houituclia. ELY'S CREAM BALM WILT. VUUK C ATARR H I 'rlce 00 Oeuta. Appli Halm Into aaoh uoslrll KI.V BIIOB, M Warr.o SI., N. V *«A CALIFORNIA ?\!S5t0 5i5 per day, o« hom», lolllnf LIQHTNINO PLATER >ni.(iHtUKJt>««U;,«i.Vi)hM t»blew»i«, ««, fuitt UM Due«t sf Jewelry good u uv«, on th k.Ddiaf mttU *lib gold, dim or ulekiL No tir/erleaM. N* upttkl. KT*Tj bout*baugoodi nt*4> Iti| pUiIo|T. Wbelaiftit t* •B«pt»|4 A*rli«fiirclr«». !»•. It. C. nEL.NO M RIP A N 8 T A B U L £ 8 iwulRtf tbe »l (iinat-h, liver una uowelg, uurl-, ty the bltHH,, nre ttato «ud «tlec(u», i tit) Ltent iiiftlK'iiie kuowu tor blllou*- otjwi, coimtl|>aUoa t dy<u>e|)«ta, foul brcfttb, lieiulUcbe .iuanu dyBDeptla, tlaU depre ii CO jd by lUe stotuaoU, llv«r ot Umeii to por«f wid all daSMJ-eii OAUHtid, by falluro off »fni*in Uiulr proper (uiu'tfotin. I*»rttons given to over{ MtliiR *r« beuetlted by taklnir one after eacb lyuaj l'i It*^ $i •> iamnlo. I fie. 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