Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 19, 1950 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 20
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ALTON IVlMtttO TtLMRAPH THURIDAY, JANUARY ll» IM VofotsAto onniiii f* m o Winter Meals By OAtttott MAMMX MCA Staff Writer Broccoli js one of the most 1m- tmttant Vitamin G bearing winter vegetables. Try H with chMM sauce with tllMd cold turkey. Wash about two pounds fresh broccoli and trtm a bit off end* of stems, but do not remove branch™. It any Menu are more titan H Inch In diameter, make lengthwise gashes throufh them (about 4 or 6) alffiMl to the flowerets. The ctalkt will then cook at quickly M the flower buds. Drop broccoli Into a small amount of boiling •alted water. Cover and cook quickly until Just tender— 10 to IS minutes, or 1H minutes In a pressure saucepan. Ckeaw Sauce (Make* wantk for 4 scrrlnn) Melt H pound processed American cheese In double boiler, When melted, atlr In H cup milk. Pour over hot broccoli. Shell J peunls fresh paas, fe- servini 3 or 4 of the pMa. Com* bine peat with 9 «ttpt ettay Cttt (•to one-half Inch frtee**. A*l 1 teaspoon «alt and H eup watet. Add pods to vegetables for added fresh flavor. Cover casserole tl§ht- ly and bake 1 hour at 32S degrees F. Remove pods. Season vegetables with butter or fortified margarine and pepper to taste. Serve while not* 10 MT INI lilt, MR fOR- HMORN , winter luncheon salad wHh vitamins. ' *) two t«otofice cans tuna (3 cups), a cups diced celery, 1 red-skinned apple, salt and pepper to taatt, mayonnaise or salad dressing, Iceberg lettuce cups. Break' tuna Into large pieces. Use sisaors to cut celery Into filMl ttfe* atfM and sattttkl* )•*» I* pftottnt teH OmWM taM, ertoty and apple Seam ttttkv salt «Ml ptpper. Toss wHfc Ofl0v|n mayonnaise or salad dfesatnt to moisten. Serve In lettuce At least 40 different orders of animal* contain luminous species, according to the Encyclopedia BlrtahHIca. Only good food taste* good. Corn muffin* made with Flakorn are delicious because they are made from finest quality ingredicnti. No other com muffin mix hat been able to aqua) the quality of Flakora. Compare. I >'i TOM-BOY ^ OCCIDENT MIX KIT anUMMSMKIMM UMISIUMUMN IF YOU IKE TO BAKE. •YOU WILL INJOV •AKIN* MORI WITH TOM-ROT IARINs> MJr"clBCO--3^7Be KM SIAl SUVOU-SAKMt CHOCOUTE. £37 SCTTV enocKEK-Minr CAM CAKE MX CAkUMtT—tor ouAirrr BANN6 POWDER QUICK. |A!Y TO USE OUCH CAKE MIX FINEST QUALITY HERSHEY COCOA CftKt MIX CAKE MIX CflKl"rj\'l'x AI>D IR^M K *t>0 r MMMWV^—WMBJ ** rmm mim 9 Campbell HUT OR SMVI COLO SUCCO CHOPPED HAM VIENNA SAUSAGE^." CORNED BEEF CORNED BEEF HASH. OHIU CON CARNE_ . IS* n . J» CSM l.t-» I Brooks Beans....2 H». 30J CMS 1-2-* Cooky TOM-iOr FRISH FRUIT find •a* Vaar VHawlas •* Tata-lav •« N« fcrtr« Cat*. A FIRM FRUIT, GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS..2 THE HEALTH FOOD—WINE8APS OR RED Dl APPLES 3 U. 8. No. 1 LOUISIANA SWEET POTATOES YAMS 3 MEDIUM TO LARGE, TOP QUALITY CARROTS.2 NEW TEXAS, FIRM GREEN HEADS CABBAGE .. SKIW tOWFWCff ALL-PURPOSE. IDKAL FOR BAHBICUB HAUL'S SAUCE——._ MR All MIAOINO NHDS UMON JUICE MALEMON ll-Oi. 27' MNI raa WAFHK oa HOT CAKU LOG CABW SYRUP Lbi. fdMATOSAUa ,. ISMS' BuncBti <GLO-COAT TRIAT VOVt NT 10 TNI IUT PBuX DOG FOOD MAKI WT$ AND f AMI SHINI TOM BOY QUALITY MEATS! SWffT CLEANSER VMS SUNDAY HAN YOUR MIAl AROUND A TINDIR JUICY CUT OP TOM40Y MIAT — IOW PRICED TOO — NTS THI IUDMT SWIM'S PREMIUM, HONKUKSS KOLLH, ALL MEAT NO WASTE l.b. KRSONAl SRI IARS IVOBfSOAP •" VEAL ROLLS U. 8. GOOD GRADE, TENDER, JUICY, FIN1 CHUCK ROAST 49' B4|MWASHIN« WONDER froctK i 6*mW»'» DiiawMiilns; Oiwovsry. Lb. PORK SUITS Fresh, Tender, Ideal for M Juicy Roast •* 37c i THURINOER Mnyrose Tasty. Ideal lor an Evoidni Snack! By the Piece "• 45c PORK STEAM Tasty HII Nulrlllou -45 SATHSiniARS SWEmCART SOAP 2lo StUU AS YOU WASH •WWMTE.. SICH INSTANT SUDS WITH SMALL. » LR8. AND DOWN—SERVE WITH KRAUT SPARERIBS . . HUNTER BHANI»—FINE FLAVOR BOCKWURST . TOM-HOY, OVENKEADV FRYERS . . . - Dairy Dipt - 37c SURF POWDER ...STlf nif DI!H ClOTH SIVERDUST WONOUrUl SUDS WITH 49c HIUS MfVINT 1 O. UfEBUOYSOAP i ilZl MCKACE . FOO* : LUX FLARES MAUTL1Y WISCONSIN SWISS SKINN^VwHrnNc'''''* 1 '95e i^^^^^ 1 CHEESE x Ib. We WyWtyJSii^ ,?.' Sc I »£*£•« TMwiw '*'^'^-' WISCONSIN OLD FASHION Fr.ih Teui 1 WHCAlKS MICK CHEESE Ib. 49e JUMIO SHRIMF Ib. 65e " Pate Mori' Ai A TOM-BOY STORE m J» W m '^y/////////^/^///////////^''/////^// //'"//////M////////^//, . ..^~*sssss/JZ,s£. : f -4 MAKMET >T|MN« to • Ton-toy Sltft ItoM* Y flCHTEI. MARKE1 «»• MAKKKT llAKUKK'ti ' §•««•» RAIN * MAIN FOOD MARKET SMI «Ult F Our BE advertising IS THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ! Lhia leaes TWHWl WrtlrsN Betas WHOLE OMAIN MAIehhaOen , ROYAL OWMT ~ Wash ttWts Osrs Beses StJNiET SHM Sweet ms. MUCHMORE ' Temateee . . • . PLAIN OR IODIZED NASsH ALWAYS PROPERLY GROUND i Slimy Mora CofffM (FRESH ROASTED IRoyal 8ml Coffee . VACUUM PACKED MA Mm Coffee , VACUUM PACKED Marietta Oeffee . Boxes 1-lb. Bint 1-lb. Bag 1-lb. Can 1-lb. Bag I5o 66c VEQETAILE SHORTENINO LAUNDRY BLEACH ^V/ 1 \\\\» -^r r \\ CRISCO... PUREX IGA PEACHES GOLDEN, WHITE, SPICE 0 CINCH 3 GOLDEN, WHITE, SPICE OR DEVIL'S FUDGE CAKE MIX Lb. Cm Quart Bottl* SLICED OH No.2| HALVES Can 17-oz. 79s 75« 2 39 THF WINNER" OFTHI', WMKS HOUSEHOLD HINT Mrs. Oeo. Bu»ken Florlismnt, Mo. When cooking green vegetables, a small pinch of soda added to the boiling water Just before putting in the vegetables will keep them fresh in color. . • • • • SEND US YOUR FAVORITE HOUSEHOLD HINT! Type or write the hint on one side of a piece of paper, giving clear direction*. Print your name and address on each sheet of paper. You may send more than one Household Hint. Mail to IGA FOOD STORES, 120 Monroe St., St. Louis «, Mo., o/o Adv. Dept. If your hint U selected and printed, you will receives » crisp, new five-dollar bill. All Household Hints become the property of IGA FOOD STORES. Sliced Dole Pineippltf Delmonte Pineapple Juice IGA Fancy No. 2 Can Delmonte—Large . . . 3le Evap. Apricote No. 2 Can Delmonte . . . I9o Evap. Peaches 46-or. Can Delmonte Tomato Juice . . . , . 26c Seedless Raisins IGA Sweet 16-os. <lnr Delmonte Dill Strips 39c Evap, Prunes Sunshine 'W-oi. cello Welch's Hydrox Cookies .... 22e Currant Jelly CERBER'S—PLAIN OR CHOPPED BABYFOOD . 3 "- 25c AMERICAN CHEESE 2 £.87* 12 REGULAR ' A _ MODESS . . . . . .2 65c TOILET TISSUE . . 2' 15c F PINK SALMON . . . . 45c CAMPBELL'S SOUP 2 33c CHILI CON CARNE . 31 c BIT Armour's Treat Armour's Chopped Ham Armour's Beef Stew . . IS-oi. can 43C 12-os. can Sic lO-oi. can IGA ENRICHED FLOUR 10 Dl^MONTE TOMATO SAUCE 2 Washington State Delicious APPLES 3 ICA Red POTATOES ^m ^BB^ w •_ kJeTAKaW ^B ^RlsV •• .f^A *h*D* Jfs\c»n VB ^^B4k 1U Bag 49C U. S. No. 1 Texas Carrots 2 '—"" 15c U. S. No. 1 Colorado Yellow ONIONS 3- 23c U. S. No. 1 Mexican Tomatoes I "• lie Armour's Tamales llllFuPORK] laundry Soap P&G . Toilet Soap Ivory . Kitohea l«-oi. can . 25c 3 ^ 23c 2le 3 c -25« 101 CENTRAL ROXANA, ILL. Shop at Thftt IQA Marfcttt and Dauer's Market Economy Super Market —«*• Gerdtag's Market ' OoldfarVs Svper Mkt Cbarile 9 s M«iket Knfeb's Market Mathlas Food Market Schneider's Market ~ *imwu urEMIWOK WOODUVBR Ml UNOUUB AVB. •OVTHMUUNA BUNKER lUIX, HI* ILL. PICNIC HAMS Swift's Premium Smoked, • to l-Ib. SMOKED _ . 3 Vitamins—Compteto Fro* M ttin Food Iron-Hi|hly •9«9C Digoitiblo BEEFTONGUE . . .» 33 IOSTON lurr STYLE 4 to 6 Ib. avarafa PORK ROAST 33 SMALL LUN SPARERIBS " SELECT IEEF SHORT RIBS 33' FKESH LINK POIKMUMQE . / 33* r*-

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