The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 8, 1947 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1947
Page 6
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^ 12 March t, 1147 MHW citr oitki-autH*, MMU cur, u Midwest. Livestock (SATUEDAT'S FBICES) Austin. Minn. Albert Lea. Minn. Trend We Good Butchers— lower lower Steady 140-150 Ibs »22JO 159-160 Ibs *Z3.SO 160-170 Ibs $26.00 188.1! W5.50 170-UO Ibs. *37.00 »7.15 IM.SO 180-200 Ibs $28.00 «*.15 1M.25 300-220 lb« JM.OO $38.15 $28^5 220-240 Ibs 418.00 *28.15 W«JS 240-270 Ibs W8.00 #8.15 V»3S 270-300 Ibs. $ZB.OO W8.1S *28.23 300-330 Ibs *2M5 «7.«0 138.00 330-360 Ibs. P7.SO «7.*S fJ8.00 Good Packing Sows— 370-300 Ibs *SSJO W5.SO W5.7S 300-130 Ibs. *»5.50 «25.SO • I3J.7S 330-380 Ibs. VBM W3JO W5.TS 360-400 Ibs »25J» *J5.SO WS.7S 400-450 IDS W5J3 *ESJ5 JS5.SO 4SO-500 ]bs #5.25 W5.25 JS5.50 500-550 Ibs *2S.3S IZ5.25 $25.50 Oedai Baplds lie lower SM.OO *17.7 SM.OO $34.00 $34.00 $38.0 *J7.7 U7.7J- $« JO $29 JO *S5JO KB.S WSJ $35 J5 $23.25 STEADY MARKET ON LIVESTOCK Chicago, W 3 !)—Hogs, cattle and sheep were quoted nominally steady Saturday. Hog prices were in a $27.25 to $29 range. During the week hogs declined 50 cents to $1 with the least decline on heavier types. Consume: resistance to pork prices was widely evident, livestock observers said, and wholesale porl prices slumped at the week's end fDSDA)—Salable hogs 500 (estimated) total not given; compared week ago mar ket 50 cents to $1 lower, least decline ~ weights over 300 Ibs. and sows. Salable cattle 500 (estimated); total not given; compared week ago market un even but generally active on all classes and grades; fed steers and heifers predominated, cows, bulls, vealers aloni with stock cattle remaining scarce; com mtm, medium and average-good steers and heifers lost early advance, closlni steady with late last week; but strictly good and choice kinds, both steers and heifers, finished 25650. mostly ISO cents higher; beef cows strong to 50 cents higher, good grades up most, canners and cutters strong, active all week; bull 35 cents higher; vealers steady; stod cattle In very limited supply, largely 250 90 cents higher at tl8.508>20 on medlun to choice light yearlings; very few half fat weighty feeders available at 121.50 down; choice 1.250 Ib. fed steers reached $30, 2 loads at price, a new high since mid-January; next highest price $29.7! best yearlings $28, heifer yearlings $2t with light kinds $24.60; most choice steers closed active at $26 upward according t weight which commanded a substantia grade-for-grade premium; medium an< good grades $20.50@25; most medium and good heifers closed at «18®23.50, near- choice light offerings at $24, strictly choice 1,122 Ib. kinds reaching $2B: moi beef cows /'remained active at $13015.50 good cows! very active at $18.50*18, with strictly good at $19: cutters $U.7S down sausage bulls to $17.25; specialty beef bulls to $17.50; vealers active at $28 down early but closed at $27 down. Salable sheep 100 (estimated); total n given; compared week ago; receipts ligh all week; shipping demand broad until Friday; slaughter lambs closed fully steady after being 25*50 cents higher through Thursday; slaughter ewes steady to $1 higher in spots; other slaugbte classes around steady; bulk good ant choice fed wooled Iambs $23.73624.25 Closing top $54, with week's top $24.51 paid early; most medium to good wooled lambs $22.25323.50. few common $17019 deck medium and good clipped lambs with fall shorn pelts $22.50, few good and choice with comparable pelts $23.50; few good and choice yearling wethers $2 with yearling ewes at $18; small lots native slaughter ewes, mixed grades t8.75O9.50 few common down to $7, ear common t( medium western ewes $8.25, load good and choice 120 Ib. led ewes to shippers $10.50; common western slaughter bucks $€; few fleshy feeding and shearing lambs 122.25. Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Saturday Twenty-five cents lower. , • Good light lights 140-150 $24.00 Good light lights 150-160 $25.00 Good light lights 160-170 $26.00 Good light lights 170-180 $27.00 Good med. weights 180-200 $28.00 Good med. weights 200-220 $28.00 Good med. weights 220-250 $28.00 Good med. weights 250-270 $28.00 Good med. weights 270-300 $28.00 Good med. weights 300-330 $27.75 Good med. weights 330-360 $27.75 Good sows 270-300*25.50 Good sows 330-360 $25.50 Good sows 330360 $25.50 Good sows 3M-400 $25.50 Good sows 400-450 $25.25 Good sows 450-500 $25.25 CATTLE MASON CITY—For Saturday Choice steers and heifers — 522.00-25.00 Good to choice steers,- heifers $21.00-23.00 Good steers and heifers $19.00-21.50 Medium steers and heifers .. $18.00-19.00 Fair steers and heifers $14.00-15.50 Plain steers and hellers . $1140-13.50 Choice cows $14.00-15.50 Good sows $13.00-14.50 Medium cows $11.00-13.50 Fair cows S10.00-12.tO Canners and cutters $ 8.50-10.50 Good hulls SH.50-16.50 Medium bulls $14.00-15.50 Bologna bull* $12.00-14.00 CALVES MASON crry—For. Saturday Fancy selects $24.00 Choice $22.00 Good S20.00 Medium $18.00 Common $15.00 Culls $10.00-12.00 SHEEP MASON CITY—For Saturday Choice genuine spring lambs ... $21,50 Good genuine spring lambs K0.50 Medium genuine spring lambs .... SIB00 Common genuine spring Iambi ... $14.00 Choice ewes $7.50 Good ewes $6.50 Medium ewes t 530 Common ewes $ 3.50 Hides Quotations firnlinea bj woll Urn- inc. 808 Fifth Slim Southwest From 15 Ibs. up Nomina, Prom 15 Ibs. down .< Nominal Bull hides Nominal Borsehides Nominal Produce MASON CITY—For Saturday Eggs, No. 1 40c Eggs, No. 2 36c Eggs, No. 3 31c Eggs, current receipts 35c Heavy hens, 4J Ibs. and over 23c Light hens, under 4i Ibs IBc Spring chicks, heavy breeds . 27c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. & over 22c Stags 20c Old cocks 20c Eggs, at retail 43c-45c Butter, Iowa State Brand 79c-80c Butter, Corn Country 78c-79c VISITORS FROM DALLAS Wesley—Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mayes and 2 children, Susanne and Richard, Jr., have arrived from Dallas, Texas, and will spend some time at the parental Ihno Gerdes home. Mr. Mayes, who was graduated from Texas U., Jan. 30, expects to go to Boston next week where he has employment with the Westinghouse company. On June 1 he will enter a company training school for technicians in air conditioning. The family will join him when living quarters are obtained. STOCK LEADERS SHOW LOSSES New York, (IP)— Selected stocks attracted support in Saturday's market on .the idea Friday's sharpest relapse in 4 months hat been overdone but many leaders continued to seek losing territory In the resistant area were International Harvester, Dupont, General Electric Westing-house, Anaconda, Kennecott and N. Y. Central. Laggards included TJ. S. Steel, Chrysler Goodyear. Goodrich, Montgomery Ward Woolworth, Boeing, American Telephone, Allied Chemical, American Smelting Western Union "A," North America] Union Carbide, Eastman Kodak. TJ. S Gypsum, Pennsylvania Railroad, Southern Pacific and Southern Railway. Rumors were heard of foreign selling from countries pressed for dollar change but these were not verified. Commodities mostly were higher an< bonds inclined to give ground. Backward in the curb were Burry Biscuit, American Republics, Mesabi Iron and II. S. and International Securities. STRONG MARKET ON ALL GRAINS Chicago, (IP] — All grains advanced in a strong market on the board of trade Saturday, responding to a boost in the government buying price for Hour and higher cash markets. March wheat went to a new 27 yea: high and March oats reached its 27 year peak. All deferred contracts of wheat and corn established new seasonal highs. Spurring the upturn was anuouncemenl that overnight the production and marketing administration had advanced its price tor "enriched" flour by 40 cents hundred pound sack. The new level . is K.40 a sack at gulf ports. Wheat closed 2'A64V« cents March $2.64, corn was higher cents ., higher, March *1.63tt©%. and oats Vt9 _ eents higher, March _. All lard contracts reached new seasonal highs and closed 43 cents to $1.63 a hundred pounds higher, July $30.75. CHICAGO CASH GKAIN (Saturday's Market) Chicago, (ff^—No wheat. Corn, No. 3 yellow l-64y.-l.65y,; No. 4, 1.58y«-l.«0!4 No. 5, 1.48',4-1.53',4; sample grade. 1.4514. Oats, No. 1 heavy mixed 1.00'i; No. 1 mixed 1.00%; No. l heavy white 1.00V4- 1.01%; No. 1 white 1.0054: No. 2 heavy white l.ooy.; No. 2 white 9954. Barley, malting 1.50-1.90 nominal; feed 1.30-1.40 nominal; field seed per hundred weight nominal; red clover 43-47;. sweet clover 11.50-13; Red Top 17-50-18.50; timothy 7.40-7.75. Mason City Grain MASON CITY—For Saturday . 2 oats, 34 Ibs. or better '82c •Jo. 2 corn, new $1.42 Soybeans, 14% moisture ... $3.40 EATimOAF GRAIN CLOSE Chicago, (IP) — WHEAT— High Mar. $2.64% Hay 2,51!i 'uly Sept. ... CORN— Mar. ... May .... 2.34','. , 2.17 1.6354 1.62 Low $2.60 3.45 !i Sept. 1.3714 OATS— Vlar. .98 May 89 uly ......... .78% -.': .74TJ BARLEY— Mar. Kay LAHD— uly 30.75' ept 30.10 Oct •Jbv. 26.50 2.12 LSI 1.59 1.56% 1.54 '/< Close $2.64 . 2.50-50)4 1.33 3 /«-24 1.63 Vi- 1.5M4-* 1.57!4 30.10 29.70 .88V.-69 .78%-y. .7454-% 1.31 1.35 30.75 30.10 28.03 26.50 ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS Chicago, (£3—Unofficial estimated live- lock receipts for Monday: Hogs 10,000; cattle 15.000: sheep 5,000. HERE'S HOW TO WORK IT: HXFPMHYMMM Is SHAKESPEARE One letter limply it«adi for mother. In this exunplt H Is (or S, M for tht 3 E'f, etc. Slngla letters, •pottrophies. the length formation ot th* words «r» hints. Each daj th* letters an dUterent NOW GO AHEAD: WMH IKHQ N M H ZDKDCH. 2FC M M H O R W N WMH IK'HQ — XRKVMPCKH. Yetterday'i Cryptoauot*: THE KING WHO FIGHTS HIS PEOPLE FIGHTS HIMSELF—TENNYSON. NEWS ot RECORD Births Reported (At Jferey HMpilaU—Daughter to Mr and Mrs. Everett Peteraen, Ventura Thursday. Marriage Licenses Bobcrt Blakesley. 21, and Evelyn Beck man, 16, both of Mason City. Ralph Elliott, 32, and Mary Ann Fox, 33. both of Minneapolis. Robert Ktaball. Jr., 31, and Kitaryn Harper, 21, both ot Mason City. Police Court Leaving the scene of an accident— Charles Kreutzbender, 734 llth N. B was fined $100 and costs. The car he wai driving crashed into a parked car owned by L. H. Mohr, 814 N. Federal, at 12:36 Traffic violations—Harlan Saug, 727 15th Place N. £., forfeited a $2 bond for 2n offence of overtime parking. C. D. Sher wood, Rockwell, and the Farm Equip ment Co., 315. S. Federal, each forfeited $1 bonds for overtime parking. Divorces Filed Bendolf Melvin Nelson against Marl Nelson on grounds of desertion. Marriw Aug. 24, 1930, at Maion City. Separated April 1, 1133. Dorothy Bendickscn against Bert Ben dickson on grounds of cruelty. She asks custody of 3 children, $125 temporary an permanent alimony, $200 suit money anc attorney fees and title to the household goods. Married Oct. 30, 1943, at Austin Minn. Separated March 6, 1947. Divorces Granted Imogene Crabill divorced from Larry Crablll on grounds of cruelty. She IB given permission to resume her maidr same, Imogens Whitney. New Cars Sold F. B. Hurley, Clear Lake, StudebaXer John H. Glaspey, 1008 Harrison N. W. Studebaker: State Brand Creameries, Inc. International truck; Fred Heidkross Sheffield, Studebalter: Sondergaard Produce, Thornton, Studebaker truck; D. W Adams, 5<H!-5 Adams N. W., Pontlac; Bex Sncebretson, Thornton, Dodge. Realty Transfers Gallagher, Nannie D. et al to Michael Curley »1 (WE) Eli NEK-22: t Wtt W'/« 4 NW'A SW'A-23: all In 94-20 2-21-47. De»n, Lillian & Bay to Ross S. Jewett 1 (O) IA, Elk. 22 In Auditor's Subd. In 5-9S-20. 3-4-47. PrUchard, Paul s. et al to Extol L. & Alice A. Smith Jt. ten. $1 (WD) part SE'/. : all SW'/4 NEV« 23-97-19. 1-28-47. Van Every, Geo. Wm. to Eugene M. & Clara Ann Hotter *1 (WD) L2 B*. "P Oak Park Add. to MCI. 3-6-47. Nelson, Alvin E. i Betty Jane to Thomas H. & Audrey L. Waters SI {WD! U5, Blk. 8 H. E. Francisco's 2nd Add. MCL 3-6-47. Chappell, E. E. to Idonla B. Chappell love A: -5-47. affection) (WD) SE'A 34-9S-20 Long. David B. & Myrtle S. to James A. & Frances C. Champlln $1 (WD) L19, Blk. 23 C. L. Camp Grounds, C. L. 1-11-47. Swan, E. E. & Gertrude V. to Harry U. Marsh $1 (WO) NEVi 24-94-19. 1-20-47. Donelson, George E. to Bessie I. Donelson-$l (QCD) L18, Blfc. 1 In East Park I. Add. to MO. 3-7-47. M.. C. Loan and Investment Co., to \mold A. and Battle C. Holthus, jt. ten., 1 (WD) N 44 feet ot L6, Blk. 1, W. D. Mien's Add. Mason City. 2-26-47. Salvage Calendar WASTE FATS—Deliver to your- local market. Market pays 10 to U cents ound. Nation Calendar SUOAB—Spare stamp 53 beeam* valid an. 1 for 5 pounds and will be good through March 31. A new stamp becomes vaUable April 1 for 10 pounds of sugar, nother 10 pounds will b* validated on uly 1. All stamps listed are contained In war ration book No. 4 and the new su ration book. Stamp books to replace lost ones, for oldiers returned Jrom service or for new dditlons to the 'family may be obtained y writing to the Office ot Price Admin, tration, 700 Liberty Bidg. D« Moines. The price control board office, at the postofflce is cow closed to the public. Office hours for defense rental area com 18, federal building: 10 a. m. to 2, noon; 1 p. m. to 3 p. m, Monday through Friday. Closed Saturday. BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN ._ SAfTOP.M£ JUST HOt-DUM THIS FOB. BIS FELLA TO SEE, AND ME NO TALK./--TERRY SAY THIS MAKE BIG FELLA SCARED, AND HIM SELL. UM ME PIS/ DW MUST BE H5 WAPAHCO HEXSADGEir-'-BUTIT AINT 6ONNA WOK, BECAUSE CIS GYPSY CHARM RING AN' CA POWDER OF BURNT PBJCAN FEDDERS OH MUH , HEAD IS TOO STRONG FEB. CHIEFS Jusr FOLLOWING ORDERS DOCTOR HURT IN GROSSING CRASH St. Ansgar Physician Suffers Broken Knee St Anitar—Dr. W. L. Dockstader, physician in St Anagar and vicinity lor 37 years, was re-covering in Mercy hospital, Mason City, Saturday from » fractured knee and other injuries which he received when his car collided with a boxcar at a crossing here Thursday. The doctor was alone in his car making a trip to see a patient in the country when the collision occurred in the Illinois Central yards where a boxcar was being shuntei on to a siding. The front of the doctor's 1940 Hudson was badly damaged. The accident occurred a block from the doctor's home. Reports from Mercy hospita Saturday morning indicated thi doctor would probably be released Tuesday or Wednesday. A son, W. B. Dockstader, of Austin, Minn., came to Mason City Saturday to see him at the hospital. HERE a.d THERE Plymouth—E. E. Sutton was taken to a Mason City hospital suffering with pneumonia. Lyle, Minn.—Henry Niemira visited a few days at the H. A Matter home. He was a pal o Henry Matter in the navy at San Diego, Cal. Hanlontown — Mr. and Mrs Thomas Quisling have returned from their wedding trip to Minneapolis and are preparing to establish their home hi the Smeby house recently purchased by Alfred Kingland. Goodell—Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gilford -and Wanda, Mr. and Mrs Paul Halfpap are on a 2 weeks vacation in California. Colleen Sifford is with her grandparents in Britt while her folks are away Popeioy—Fred Erts left Thursday for his home in New York, after spending several weeks with his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Erts. BritU-Mrs. Anna Denzel ot Chippewa Falls, Wis., visited her daughter, Mrs. Rose Gourley, for a few weeks and is now in Corwith visiting her sister, Mrs. John Heise. Garner—Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bun- ;enbach and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rehm Teft Saturday for Fort Worth, Texas, to attend a livestock show and visit friends. Garner—R&bert Katter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Katter, who is attending the University of Iowa at Iowa City, visited recently at foe home of his parents. Ionia—Mr. and Mrs. Clair Scott of Greene, Mr. and Mrs. George Immal of Charles City and Mr. and Mrs. Willis Huffman of Nashua were recent guests at .the Kranz home. Chester—Mr. and Mrs. Glen Simes have moved to a farm near Austin. Ionia—Dorothy Gilbert sprained ler ankle while skating at school. Rudd—Mr. and Mrs. George Nelson and daughter of Marble lock moved to Rudd recently and ilr. Nelson is operating the Standard Oil station. Le Roy, Mlnn.- -Mr. and Mrs. T. Lindeland had as guests his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. A. Bell of Palatine, 111. Bake—Mrs. G. M. Quam, R. N., was in Albert Lea, Minn., at the faeve hospital, caring ior her aunt, Mrs. Oscar Lund of Albert who died Saturday after a lingering illness. Garner—Mrs. Ella Ayers re- ;urned from Downey, Cal., recent- y after a visit of about 3 months t the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Thummler. Hake—Mr. and Mrs. Hamon Nelon left Sunday for St Cloud, VTinn., to be with her sister, Mrs. ver Anderson of Monticello, who s recovering from a major opera- ion at the hospital. Kanawha—The H. H. Veldhouse amily will move from their farm into their house in Kanawha. Their on, Heiko G. Veldhouse, will oc- upy the farm. The Herbert Em- rnons family who have been liv- ng in the Veldhouse property ave purchased one of the new .ouses built by Hanson and sons in lie new addition to Kanawha. Rake—The new bowling alley perated by Lud Lund opened for usiness this week. Mr. Lund ented the old town hall from the ity and has converted it into a owling alley with 3 lanes. HREE SQUARES By Walt Ditzen fAFTEB THE NEXT SAMi,IWANT YOU TO TURN, INYOURSUIT! -THAfS THE LAST GAME ,v OFTHE \S5ASOM IWKWIT-ANO I WANT SOME EQUIPMENT LEFT AROUND HERE , FOR NEXT YEAR: O ODTX Gamer—Midshipman William Mallinger visited here recently a the Scott Pollock home. H« i* th son ot Mr*. Lillian Mallinjer, lor mer Garner resident *nd i* icrv ing in the navy air corps. He has served 2 years and recently en listed lor 3 years more. He ex pected to leave for Corpus Chris tie, Texas, to resume his training KETDKN FKOM TRIP Gmnwr—Mn. Frank Chizek has returned from an It-day trip. She left for Faola, Kans., to visit her son, Robert, and family. In company -with Mn. Robert Chizek and son, Bobby, sht went by plane to Burbank, Cal, to visit in the home of Frank C. Chizek. They left for Kansas City by plane, making the trip from Burbank to Kansas City in 4 hours and 15 minutes. PLAN MUSIC EVENT Nan Sprinci—The annual sprln) concert fiven by the school ban< and instrumental soloists preparing to take part in the yearly music contest, will be held in the school gymnasium Sunday, March 23 at 3 p. m., according to announcement by Director Luverne Lee. LEGAL NOTICES generally aa an t in violation of fifty (2SO) ne Hundred NOTICE OF mCNXWID AND SUBtTI TDTKD AXriCLM OF 1NCOJWOBA- TION •( *. W. CLABK * CO. It Wkua It Mar Cueen: Natlc* is hereby given that th* Article! at Incorporation at X. W. dark * Co, with ill principal place ot bualntss at Maxm City, Iowa, have been re- ifewed. The general nature, of the Imtln+ta to e transacted by this corporation la buy- Ing, selling, leasing and exchanging ot real estate and personal property, negotiating loans, writing Insurance, and transaction of business . ndlvidual might do. not the laws ot the State oi Iowa, with the power to purchase, U It desires, its own (lock. The authorised capital stock Is Tmn- ty-flve Thousand Dollars ($95.000.00), divided Into two hundred flf shares of the par value of One . Dollars (J100.00) each, to be Issued only upon payment In full In cash or In property duly approved, as provided by law. The annual stockholders' nutting to be held at the office of the company on the second Monday in January of each year. ea,ch share of stock to be entitled to one vote in person or by proxy: at which annual meeting the stockhold era shall elect a Board ot Directors. A special meeting may be called by the president at any time by giving ten days written notice to the stockholders by mailing notice to the last known post office address of said stockholders unless they specifically waive said notice in writing, but an attendance at any such meeting shall be deemed as a waiver of notice. The corporation shall begin business on the .day of the expiration of the previous charter and shall continue for a period of twenty (20) years, unless sooner dissolved. The atfairs ot the corporation shal be conducted by • Board of Directors of not less than two (3) or more than five (5). The officers ot the consist of a President _ ._ and Treasurer, the latter of which may be filled by the same person. The Secretary and Treasurer to have full power to issue obligations of the company, to release or to sign mortgages, and to convey real estate without the joining of any other officer. Until the annual meeting ot the stockholders in the year IMS and until their uccessors are chosen and have qualified, the directors shall be £. W. Clark. F. '. Potter, N. F. Clark, and L. B. Foter. and the officers shall be E. W. Clark, of Mason City. Iowa, President, and F. F. Potter, of Mason City, Iowa Secretary and Treasurer, All officers and directors to hold office tor one year and until their successors are elected and qualified. Th* Board of 'Directors o have power to fill any vacancies in he offices until the next annual mert- ng. The Articles of. Incorporation may be amended, except Article XI which provides that private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from corporate iebts may not be amended. The corporation shall have a corporate eal. The Board of Directors to have the right to adopt by-laws for the corporation corporation shall and a Secretary and the right to amend the same. Dated this 6th day of March, A. ' B. W. CLARK tc CO. By E. W. dark. President. By F. F. Potter, Secretary and Treasurer. Jno. A. Senneff, Attorney. D.. NOTICE OF raoBATl OF WttX STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Cordo County ss. No. 6689. In District court, January Term, 1947. To All Wl»m H Hay Ctottn: You are hereby notified, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament ot Dr. Wm. Potter, Deceased, dated Nov. 90, 1931. laving been this day tiled; opened and ead, Tuesday the llth day ot March, 947. is fixed for hearing proof of same t the Court House in Mason City, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, r the Clerk ot said Court; and at 10 'clods A. M., ot the day above men- ioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and Ilowed as and for the last Will and 'estament of said deceased. Dated at Mason City, Iowa, March S, 947. S. R. MacFEAK, Clerk ot District Court NoHcci UNLESS special classification of .ad is requested, cus- omers must accept classification of advertising department of this .paper. Death Notices 1 3RIGGS, Beuben, 83. Plymouth, died at a local hospital Wednesday evening, ollowing A lingering illness. Funeral •ervices will be at the Free Methodist church, Plymouth, at 2 p. m. Sunday, ivith the Rev. P. W. Orcutt officiating. In- erment will be at Plymouth cemetery. The Major funeral home in charge. HAT.T.EY, Mrs. Fleeta Irene Porter, 47, died at her home, 229 S. Jackson. Saturday morning, following an illness. Fu- eral arrangements are incomplete. Tne tlajor funeral home in charge. OUNG, Maiy Lou, 15 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Young, 46 S. Jackson, died at a local hospital lursday. following an illness. Funeral rangemcnts are incomplete. The Paterson funeral home in charge. In Memoriom A2 W LOVING MEMORY ot our husband and father, Clarence Carle, -who passed way 4 years ago March fth, 1943: ~e do not torget you, or do we intend, think of you often and will to the end; .•one and forgotten by some you may be, ut dear to our memory you ever will be. His Wife and Children. Funeral Director IcACTLEV * SON Funeral Bonn. A distinctive, dignified funeral service. Anv lulanc*. I South Adam*. Can 651. ATTERSON Funeral Bom*. Known for service. Ambulance. 323 North Wash- ngton. Call 1140. MEYER Funeral Bom*. A beautiful service need not ba costly. Ambulance; strv- Phcma 1305. MAJOR Funeral home, M Second N. B. Efficient Service pta» Ktvarcaca, Am* Phone 911. PWMMlt rAQutomn iMsnit- tinusm. a***. tartux Mr Miatinieil (trss. Law rates. WwfctB* reftMte eaujaaeae. CuiUHen—• 1414 b* sTth, r a nail C«y, Me. GOOD NEWS-D-mvtrlea beck to normal Thorodl .. supports. Ph. 4«Hf. Lane miiiwi «. - WANXXD-3 or 1 riders to Long Beach, CaL Leaving about March 19. Clyde Lent-. Ph. **, Clear Leke. FOUND-Billfold. Phone 9MOJ. LOST—By elderly man, billfold, Thurs a. nv» either near 3. C. Panney's or on bus. Finder please return. Reward. none 41MJ. LOST—Black leattMr purse Wet. afternoon, containing valuables. Reward. n Undo Drive. Ph. MH. LOST—Cameo set on State or near or In high school. Reward. Ph. 9700. LOST—On Uth street, white ruffled curtain.' Ph. MM.1J. Money to ioait NEED MONEY? Eaiy toPay $30 LOANS $300 SevMrs. Simon SECURITY LOAN CO. Room Ul,1st National Bank Bid*. LOAM3 «t5 to *MO. State Dane* O*. 1 Watt Bldg. rhon* 10M. LOAMaV federal Discount lift North rtdtnl. Telephone ill •EX the United Han* Bank and Trust Co. ft* rod MUt* mortgage leant. NEED MONEY? For extra fast service phone or visit Household for k loan of $25, ISO; $100, $200 or more on salary, car or furniture. No endorsers required. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORPORATION N. Fed, Ave, Phone 541 SIGNATURE . AUTO FURNITURE LOANS COMPLETE AND IMMEDIATE SERVICE FOR MEN AND WOMEN ANYWHERE IN NORTH IOWA UNITED Financial Service Tamfly Finance Counsellors* 15} North Federal Phone 87 Over Ford Hopkins Drug Store OEOBGB r. OLSOIt, MOB. S«M!I, Ftsds 17 FOR SALB—SOO bales timothy and clover hay. 50c bale. Joe CiMU, Rockwell. FOR SALE—Stack of alfalfa hay. Ift mi. S. of Emery. J. R. McMurray. FOR SALE—Baled timothy and clover bar. William Ufka, Crafton, la. Ph. SIS, Crafton. Northrup King & Co. FARM SEEDS Medium Red Gover Alsike Gover S.weet Gover GET OUR PRICES- STOCKS NOW ON HAND MOR-GAIN FEED STORE 516 S. DELAWARE AVE. FOR SALE—Mixed clover and timothy hay, baled. Joe Uogers, 3 W.. 2 5. Osage. FOR SALE—600 bales straw. W. A. Oxley, Clear Lake. FOR SALE—Mixed hay baled, m barn. C. A. Blum, 5 mi. S., 2V4 E. Mason City. FOR SALE—Second cutting alfalfa hay. Baled. J. Halfwassen, S ml. S., % W. of Thornton. FOR SALE—Control seed oats. Beenken, phone 7F4 dty. FOR SALE—Timothy and Clem Hebel, Route 2. hay. }OOD alfalfa hay for sale, with some timothy in it, H. C. Hiemstra, Claron. Iowa. FOR SALE—Loose and baled hay. 4 ml. E. of Plymouth. Glen Chapin. WH., 20 HELP wanted. Man or woman, sttno- graphte ability prefnrttf, not necessary Work consists principally ot polling Kar- Ocx Inventory control. Very good pay and working conditions. Glao to coMl«r disabled veteran, wtte. Writ* H-6. Globe-Ga NEED 2 MEN EXP. AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC ALSO AUTO BODY REPAIR MAN WITH EXPERIENCE WRITE L-8, GLOBE-GAZETTE WANTXD—Tarm Implement Mltnnen young and aggressive veteran, for on the-}ob training program. Apply in own hantfwrltlnf. five qualifications and ex Bcrlcneewith Jam machinery. Write K-t Globe-Gazette. WANTED—Farm hand, middle aged, txp O. H. Bratrude, Ktnaett, Iowa. WANTED—Tankwagon man to" Mil, deliver petroleum products to * etc. Writ* C-«, Globe-Gaiettt. . fltwrs. «Hctr). clans at th* Labor Tempi*, 1J54 North Over Ford Hopkins. Disabled Veterans The War Department has extended deadline to 31 March lor re-enlistment at former rank of partially disabled combat wounded veterans of "World War II. Although you may believe your disability will prevent you from re-enlistment, 'check with the United States Army Recruiting Station, 207 Post Office Bldg., Mason City, Iowa, for details. , Many men have found they are qualified. WANTED AT ONCE A MAN WITH EXPERIENCE IN GROCERIES AND MEATS AND A GOOD MERCHANDIZER 3ood habits, no boozer. I have a job for you. Wages no object. WRITE V-5, GLOBE-GAZETTE JOURNEYMAN LINEMAN WANTED FOR ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER CONSTRUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION. Work in Mason City, Iowa, and vicinity. WAGE SCALE $1.32ic PER HR. 40 HOUR WEEK TIME AND ONE-HALF FOR OVERTIME DOUBLE TIME FOR SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS UNION JOB Write stating age and experience. Peoples Gas & Elec. Co. MASON CITY, IOWA WANTED—Truck driver. See Wm. Madsen at Farmers' Lumber Yard, Clear Lake. WANTED—A-l body mechanic. Dependable good worker. Mason City Nash Co., 311 N. Fed. Ave. Fh. W5. WANTED—Experienced building supply salesman for good territory. Car necessary. Outstanding franchisee on nationally advertised materials. Furnish references. Write W-6. elobe-Gazette. Wanted—Experienced TIRE SALESMAN Outside selling. Car necessary. Liberal commission. Ask for Mr. Lies. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. GOOD SUNDAY REGISTER ROUTE OPEN—NOW. OUT OF ROCKFORD. EARN $6.25 FOR 3 HOURS' EARLY SUNDAY MOENING. Write ALBERT NOSER Box 94, Mason City, Iowa Phone 2958J Help Wtd., Femolt 21 We Have An Opening FOR AN Experienced Saleslady IN OUR Fashion Accessory Dept. This position is permanent and offers opportunity Jor advancement Liberal discounts on all amily purchases. PAID VACATION Apply to Mr. Jensen Montgomery Ward & Co. WANTED—Woman Jo care for 2 children in my home S days a week. Ph. Buiinm Opportunities 18 FOR SALE Bulk Plant and Service Station Equipment Bulk Storage, Truck Tanks, Pumps, Air Compressor, Cash Register, Safe, 150 Ft. 2 Inch Galvanized Pipe. INQUIRE CHARLES ROHR Log Cabin Oil Co. MASON CITY, IOWA OR SALE—Auto parts store. Will sacrifice for immediate sale. Write Box 174, Mason City, Iowa. Wallc-in elee. cooler, double oven Garland gas range. Seats M. W.500. ohnson's Cafe, Belle Plaine, Iowa. OB SALE—Combination bulk gasoline plant and filling station. Good volume, good profits, good location in small town L couth central Minnesota. Box M6, Htlp Wtd., Male 20 WANTED—Filling nation man. Median- leal expur. prefetjed. write Z-7. Globe- aiette. service station opr>* bookkpr. Write D-7, Globe-Gazette. r AKl'!ii>—Aggressive young man for parts department in local, large dealership. Must have high school educa- Jon and a good background. Write Box -7, Globe-Gaiette. 'ANTED—Married man on farm. Separate buildings, elec. Apply Wm. Lon- •rgan. 2 miles North and H mite West " Sugar Beet. Phone 855-J2. WANTED—Woman for bakery work. dear Lake Bakery, Clear Lake, >,; WANTED Shoes Saleslady Experience preferred, not necessary. Apply in person Iowa Shoe Brokerage Phone 2434 STENOGRAPHER WANTED. Good pay, 40 hour week. Apply In own handwriting., Write J-8, Globe-Gazette. SALESLADIES wanted if not already represented in your community. Direct selling. Good commission. Lingerie, rcady- io-wear. etc. Thogersen Hosiery Co., Wilmette, HI. ' WANTED—Lady lor hatchery work. Apply Mason City Hatchery, 1201 4tB S. W. WANTBD-Graduate or undergraduate nurse, 8 hr. duty, « days a week. Write Q-8, Globe-Gaiette. WANTED—Waitress at the Cerro Gonjo Cafe. WANTED Stenographer and General Office Girl Inquire John Laughlin S & R CHEVROLET CO. WANTED—Maids. Permanent employ, ment. full or part time. Sc« Manager, Hotel Eadmar. Help WtA, 35 GIRLS WANTED AT ONCE TO CUT POTATO EYES PIECE WOHK Chance to Make Real Good Money Guaranteed Minimum Daily Wage APPLY LESTER NELSON IMPERIAL SEED CO, Gear Lake STENOGRAPHER WANTED Permanent position. Pleasant working conditions, convenient hours with time off during the week. Excellent opportunity for advancement. Liberal discounts on all store and catalog purchases. Apply to MR. HIBBARD Montgomery Ward & Co. WANTED—Housekeeper on farm. Mod- cm home. No objection to child. JTloyd Thornton, Iowa. WANTED—Good itenographv. Good pay and chime* tot tdvAncemcnt Will not discusi detail.* over phon«. Call 328 Or appointment. SECRETABIAL POSITION HAVE OPENING FOR A GOOD PERSON AS SECRETARY Experience desirable, but not essential. Variety of work. Afe 20-35. Phone or write for application. F. H. METHFESSEL FARMERS HYBRID SEED CORN COMPANY, Hampton, Iowa WANTED—Girls, 16 or ever; also young women. Apply 3 to 5 P. M. Birdsall Ice Cream, 518 North Federal. WANTED—Experienced cleaning worlc help and part-time finisher. Phalen neaners. Phone 50. Ill S. Madison. SALESLADY Ready to Wear Dept. We have an opening for a saleslady, previous experience desirable. This position will pay about J165.00 per month to a qualified person. The position is permanent and offers pleasant working conditions. APPLY TO MR. JENSEN Montgomery Ward & Co. H«lp Wtd., Mole, Female 23 WANTED ELEVATOR OPERATORS BELL BOYS and TELEPHONE OPERATORS Apply HOTEL HANFORD tVanted-Married Couple Apartment and salary furnished. Man must be general handy man. WRITE D-4, GLOBE-GAZETTE WANTED—Man or woman with car for special work. flO a day, 5 days a week, hours a day. Write P-7, Globe-Ga- ctte. Salesmen 25 SALESMAN—Toys. flOO per week, ex. penaes, commission, bonus, if qualified. Also cpare tim« and side line salesman. Tell us about yourself. Writ* H-28, Globe-Gazette. Services Offered 27 VENTED —Washings and ironings. Fftcm* 3351J. PAINTED—Custom hatching. Any amount. Kuhlemeier Hatchery. Ph. 1296. WANTED—Full or part time work or can do paiating and repairing. Wm. In- [enoll, 11 South Georgia. WANTED Job as tank truck salesman by experienced man. Prefer Winnebago county. Good following. Best references. Will lease good station. Write L-7, Globe-Gazette. TYPIST-sec., excell, ran work in office 1 to 3 p. m. dally. Also type and answer ills at home. Jane Hill. Ph. 1267-w. DRESSMAKING classes now forming. Singer Sewing Machine Co., 123 No. Federal. it < i

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