The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1915 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1915
Page 6
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4: i$pi|:d.D.i iSHIPMENIS " "iWW. LIQUOB BILL! WILL jix^E ISIS:-. riiit li tie View tbaiRepresen^UTe 7i -EBdrw Takes of th| NewM^s. \ THEi the and af- the the the It It nts !Bn- the the Inot li- ier-l ect ow ---Special to the Register. ;-_v Topekal, Mar. .2 .4 -Perhap8 i -SibPhe, bill which has b^en widel] ad- 'irertlaed as the last ford In liquor ;-lefialation. will not i^ve\the effect p that haii) been attribtate| to it, accord.: 'life |t$ a statement ntftde toda; by Rep^entative Endres;! of I^eaven- Jwprttiy Endres claims that all the Jbill ditea is to make business go^d— and ceirtain—in Kansas'iCIty, Mo., other iixirder towns., Ii does not tecttite,' prohibitory nijittter In JeastltC!:'says. | .n^'Thei Dill provides, asalt passed liOUtei; ^bat the point sale is .iiplnt it which the mon^y is paid. ->«f cwimed to have been aimed alt G. ;,0;D.| shipments to bobtleggers; ' inei^el^ compels the m^n who w: - 9i!lMski|y to' pay for U in advance,' '-drea^iays, and therefore helps -lirhpletolers in Kansas fCIty. v_. Tacftly it was understood when ' blUiP^sied the, house that it did prevent any man trom jbuying hisi —jqfiot^cross the borderland shipping _ It into? dry: territory. Irt^ no wise thf ipi^haser or agent of the car * raBtjoi^ible to law for tieir acti pi'oTtdld the carrier dl<l not col' —^ainyi r^oney on the shqjment. ? Shidrel: isays the bill merely makes b 'asineliB good—and sur^—in Kar sas —City!, nrothing more. Ahotfier bill that did- not get out # of ihe; committee^ on public 'WeUiire, _Jhowev6r, would have repealed tlie jtreEfenti statutory penalties for sailing U(|aor, according toj Endres. The bill ippovidled a penalty? much uiikier the present penalty for.|violations of the I pijohibitory law tof keepers of pool hftlls who permitted liquor td be IV gDJdloft::who sold liquor dn their pi em .laesj 5"he joker was the repealing oiaube^iwhlcji wijped off the statute .books ?fall i lawg ^r parts of laws in i -i «onliici;!jherewith,?' and ^fhe coniAiit- '- tee !di<{ not "tumble" |;ndres sijs, i._mitllljB: palled its attention to th( re jfealjinM {clause. s" ?• "I ddn't"believe the rthn who iiitro ; duiSed ihe bill intended to repeal the jwrpliibltpryi law, but he .jvas trying to dd; it Jfttst the same," ; Endres de- y ^etkreil' "The committee proraj tly killed ^e bill when I called its atjten tidn tot; what it did. I a ^n hot a nro- ,hlbitio<)l8t but I felt thsjt 1, ought to ^11 thJini what the bill t|iey were ion |- Blderin^ would do, and ^id so." VW. Ii. O'Brien expects to live to see - this daj^ when the worsmen's comp ;n- "iiitlonjlaw will allo\y full time for r isiured workmen instea^of part time - «8 is? done now. Enijiloyers, Hr. , -p'Brlefi Jsays, are still (jneasy ab)ut *he o^TJation of the Ifw. But he 1- ^aima; that the idea of inen work ng under ^compensation are; less careful or thjit employers wHo are carry ng work^ec^s' jinsurance cafe less ahmt the sEety devices to sa^'a their «m- Irfoyes^ jis a mistake aftd has bt en /pirotea Otherwise by experience. He vl^^believgsithat society wil^shortly J itbe Mfwpoint thaL.workmen arc er ti- yj itJedit<|thelr wages when; injured d ir- ":jV tag-tha course of their Vork. '-^:|RaH|foad! regulation at? the presi nt -MSidoi), With the possible e >|3pt )pn of th^.'seini-monthly .payday b 'ljls, ^nparaitly has been rel^ated to the ^ Bcr ^P beapi The last two bills forbid 'Idtng'tlesapaBs vipon rallfoad proper- ItyfUaVe been killed by th^ house cpm- \ iikleefptt railroads, and but Uif^e re:' nil Inafon the calendar affecting rail* T0|i da Jh any shape. The |bill compel- j^ilrbads to give liv^.stock ship- 'Peft "i^aes' on passenger- trains,' and ^^nrai^'providing comfortable ca- .imaiesi have been passedl Full crew k—tlillaHlll Iti^ds of them-£have fallen _;bjrJthe|-'wayside. ' i • HE'S A SWIFT MAXAGEB. The Beirs tola Plant Has OfOfiai Tra «4 t» Xame. ' Now that the telegraph / ai\d telephone companies bav'e fully r^overed from the effects of the recent blizzard and tliere has been au opportunity to make a recapitulation of the effort and expense involved in clearing up the damage, a most gratifying situation has been revealed. By comparison. It has been found that the lola exchange recovered from the damage sustained more rapidly than other plants and that local service was resumed in record breaking time considering the repairs required. Over 165 poles were down and in the city of lola alone near ly 100 telephones were out of commission. Despite that handicap service was practically normal within twenty-four hours. Mr. Swift Is the manager of the focal plant and evidently he is true to hame. AVith Vic Fultz, wire chief, he lieeras to get along with'less com- )laints than ever before. «5K II HIKE IN PRICE OF m lOLA DAILY RECpTER, TUESDAY EVENING^ MARCH 2,1915. RECEIVERS WILL FILE APPLICA- TIUX IS TOPEKA S00> If UtilitieN ennted Reiiuest <Mtawa Wonid Pay Fllty CentH Pe> Tboasand. FOEiriVEBilNKROBBEIISNEIU? (Continued fro|tii paj;e 1) Chief of Police Ch "isty and Sheriff Dunfee were notified last night of the «Jscape of Harry Milton and Jani^s Har |ion from the M'oodsbn county jail at ates Center. The two young men ero being lield for trial for the rob- lery of the State Exchange bank Feb- i^iiary 1 (K j The officRrs nvadcT'a seari-h of the cjourtfy surrounding lola but found no lew. The esfaiie ^y•as maile in the same cjool manner as the robbery. The ri.'oners waited until :utcr Deputy i he/iff M. Mooro brought their supper sit r >:30 o'clock. Then they climbed p one side of their barred: cell and t{FO][^S'S BEAUTY XOlsECHET. f _rT^tt^U'Ue8 in the care ihajjestows ^-uj>Mi Aer%e\t and in keeping at baj I thwie-dreadjlills peculiar ^o ber sex "Tlwifl4Bhingj eye, the elastic step and i-i'the I jcl^r,{complexion nevir „ accom- ganictroubles. Thii dfstressed «xi>|esiion; lassitude, headaches and -inrataE depression are onty the tell- ^^^ili) sfmptoms. Women So troubled ^^,f*lHMJi»d|take Lydia E. Pinkfiam's Veg- etahle '^onipound that slm&le iremedy , ..mrdW.iromt ' ' |fit"sto*e ^eii- i roots and herlfc.'a'nd re- health to a nor|nal condi- ^^ri^ queer things tfappen cv: irjr- da^;.tliat a married m^n expects : bis 'vile to believe a lot ofithings he iv- .M<jn<^ may not bring hapiiiness. but J v<9rage man is willlngUo take j^a^fcolWiih it. 3itl|l!e*d«eirei, Coimllpatlon, Wd Cold ortjSout Stomach by Mo|nin?. ^ ? TAKI: itASCARETS FOR BOWELS TOKlGHi; I IftTcent box. ? ^ •"-Blcfc llieadacbe, blliousnesSi obated ^t&iA and nose clogged uP with iways trace this %a torpid iyed> fermenting food In the . adbr, gaasy stomacjl. lOUK ^atter clogged |n |:he in- instead of being cajt out of im is re-abporbed.^ into tlie ;IWtiep this noison reaches the btaln tissue! It cause! conges- thaj dull, throbbing, |tckening immediately cleanse the pmove the sour, uadigested ' gaaes, tak? tie excess silver and carrjr out <all I waste matter ftnd pols- ibdwelB. •••i- i>ton!«*t; wlli surely -|Ottt br inor)aii|e. They jof aleep-^ Kl^nt box IdruJKtat nesna y||iir head Receivers ior the Kansas Natural Gas company will file within a few days an. application with the public Utilities Commission (or an increase in the retail price of natural gas. The receivers will ask that the commission allow an advance to 50 cents per thousand cubic feet, instead of the 25 cents now charged in Ottawa, and other cities supplied by tlie mains'of the Kansas Natural Gas Company. A year or more ago the Kansas Natural Gas company'attempted to secure an increase in gas rates, but the increase was refused by the commission. Shortly afterwards the Kansasi Natural went into the hands of recjeivers. Two sets of receivers were apppinted, one by the federal court and one by the dlstiict court of.Montgomery county. The state receivers eventually secured absolute control of the company, and its property, and since then have been operating It. The state receivers last summer contracted for additional gas fiom a newly opened field in Oklahoma, which has been one of the reasons .that the gas supply has been better than for several winters past. But present conditions in the gas supply van not continue unless the Utilities Commission allows the price to be doubled, the statie^cceivers insist. . Thfcy assert that the supply of gas will ^et less and tbat even at 5& cents the'total revenue'will decrease. At 50 cents they claim the use of boiler and furnace gas will end, and the consumers will enjoy the benefits of natural gas for a considerably longer number of years. The increased price will allow thoireceivers to continue to extend the company's mains to new fields, as old ga» fields play out. At present prices they claim they no longer can afford the high cost of ex- fending their mains to newer gas fields and soon they would not be able to supply natural gas td the consumers. ' !• rRE IILOOII. Can HARRY MILTO>. tijire out the plaster ceiling. There a space between the roof and the iling of the cell, and the two climbed ong this until they reached a spot jjove an unlocked cell. Then they re out enough of the ceiling to let em drop down to Uie floor Wesley, a trusty, serving a sentence for bootlegging, was the only |her prisoner. They taught him and reatened to kill him if he made tiise. Boldly the two opened the outdoor of the jail, whichc was- un- lolcked. and fled across town to the nearest woods. j iMost of the residents of the tbwn w pro at supper when thejescape mad Feazi jail, nigh dii-ed cecs i.mpa Puril and fe\Y^ saw the fleeing pair, jier, as soon as they had left the |ran out and gave the alarm. To- posses are scarclilng. in every [tion about Yates Center, but offi- liadmit; tiicre - is little "chance of lig their men no. The night was dark and the roads are almost [isable because of the recent rain, lit hy automobile, which proved the ?i audits' undoing wlien they fled after - - imi'ij the 1] the bank robbery, is practically siblc. At the time; of the robbery an^lits secured over |4,(>00, but all iiivc $1.'>S.4.') w!is recovered when they; were captiir<^d. Th 'r commissioners cf Wondson ^oun ward victl<^ of »ho two men. Local authorities ivill ask the governor and state bank commissioner to siipiilenicnt the rewai ds. 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Linoleum, Ingrain Carpet, Velvet Brussels Carpet. • Come early and get the choice of the big bargains.^ You'll never have a better opportunity to save money on good furniture. A. Remember the Date R. SLEEPER West Side Square Types of Piute Indians, Some of Whom Are on Warpath. These are types of Piute Indians—"^jeneration would be scared half to A (Jreat Offer. If you will cut this out and send 3 dimes to Dr. Pierce, Invalid's Hotel, Buffalo, X. Y., you will receive a 1,000- page book, bound in handsome cloth, fully illustrated, all charges prepaid. .•iidging by the looks of some husbands, it looks like a safe l)et that their wives annexed them merely to keep out of the spinster class. some of whom have taken to the warpath to protect Tsc-Xa-Oat, tlie young desperado who is sought l)y the United States majrshal' of Utah for the niu.rdor of a "greaser" who stole his saddle. The Piutos are mostly peaceful, and have not iiut on war paint and feathers for years. In fact, the full dross of a Piute is usually a pair of ninety cent overalls and a twcnt.v-(ivi! death if they !=;iw an Indian in all the glory of war i)aint and featlier.s such as the artist^ wlio love the redskin, have cr(>ated.:i. The resent trouble is explained by Tom Redd, a Navajo Indian graduate of Carlisle: "The white men will never net Tne- .\a-(!at or Old Polk without many men lice to come here. After this is at! over it will be lounii that the que.slion of Tsc-XiL-Gafs UjilUng a Mexican is only u minor (inesiion. It is the cattleman from ('olon.ido who brought •,il)()iit this figliting ami killing. The I'iutes will steal and the few cattle tlK 'v drive from the range to live on during tlio winter niontlis are at. the holKUM of th(' riglit The cattlcnion THE WEST IS GOING M TIIKKK STATKS ( OMl 'LETE PROHI- nrno.x vixys FOR>EXT YEAR. Idaho t.'ets (.overnor's Sigrnutorc, Colorado l-'inisht's Aniendments and I'fah Passes Xeasure., Id., March 1.— Governor Alexander signed the Prohibition bill today. The bill makes ithe manufacture or sale of intoxicating liquor Jn Idaho unlawful after .lanuary 1, IDW. Salt Lake City, March 1.— The Wootten Statewide Proliibition Bill passed the house late this afternoon by a vote of 40 to 5. It passed the senate about two weeks ago. i Denver, ilar. 1. —The Colorado Legislature today completed the law to orii'orce the statewideiconstitution pro hibition amendment, effective January 1, I'.tlt!. The senate and house adopted ;thc report of the conference committee which alters the adminstration bill ill two essentials. One reduces from six to four ounces the quantity of liquor to. ho sold by druggists on a physician's prescription and the other provides that druggists can keep On liand liquor valued ai 1 per cent of tlie value of their stock. The measure no'.v goes to the governor. ^. . . .being killed. The only chance to caii-1 waiil to^ drive the Piutes out of the cent undershirt. Most ol the present' lure tiie Indians is for the Navajo iio- couiitr.v and they refuse to go." COIORHOO MLITM IS SCORED i animosity li;ul existed for some time between the mine guards and the Reiiort Siiiimitted to House Rebukes Treatment of the .Sfrikin!? -^I^ii'^ era and Familie!<. necessary,' 'the coniiiijttee comments, "but wherever. 11 exists sooner or later troulde will occur, and iiroper of- miners and it was difficult or even im j ficers of the law should be substituted Weh-onu' liii'ornintion. —.Most niidille aged nien and women are glad to learn that Foley Kidney . Pills give relief from languidness, stiff and sore muscles and joints, puffiness under eyes, backache, bladder weakness and rheumatsim. They get results. Contain no harmful drugs. Bus- rell's Drug Store. ; —Register Wai :t Ads bring results. (.By the Associatca Pro.s-s) Washington, Mar. 2.—A .scathing ari possible for the minors to feol that these men were neutral conservators of the peace. Some or the militiamen I seized the opportunity, while clothed with' the authority' of the state, to on gage in various lawless acts. "In other instances the ads were TRY THIS IF YOU HAVyMNnUFF Or Are Both^ With Falling Hair or itching Scalp. There is one sure way that never fails to remove dandruff completely and that is to dissolve it. This destroys it entirely. .'To do this, just get about four ounces of plain, ordinary liquid arvon; apply it at night when retiring; use enough to moisten the scalp and rub it in gently with the finder tips By morning most, if liot all, of your dandruff will be gone, add three or four more applications will; completely dissolve and entirely destroy every single sign and trace of it, no matter bow much dandruff you may nave. 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There were acts of brulality today by the mines and mining sub- tf ^^'ifiPd to before the committee that Head of Great Gun Works. Dr. Krupi) von Bohfen. at the head of th J great Krupp gun wortfs, was, prior to his marriage to Bertha Krup ), Von l^obleu uud llalbacb, but on tte day of,Uis wedding bis name was changed by permission of tha kaise . He was secretary of the Prus- eian egation at the Vatican when he met md won the rlthest woman of Germ any for bis wife. He bad had an e^en led idlptbmatic .experience, but from the day of bis nutrriage turhe|f his a tention to armor nanufacture... MO>EY! .HONEY! -MONEYr Who wants money? Plenty of money .to loan on good farm so- curit.v. Prompt service. , Farms and City Property for eale or trade. Choice bargains. Also some very desirable suburban trades to offer. We solicit a share of your business. THE POTTER REALTY CO.- With B. W. Mylar Old c•^r^ Hoi8»-_nwM m committee, which investigated conditions in the Colorado coal, fields under a resolution adopted a year ago in January. While 'scoring conditions generally in the coal fields and criticising many of the. acts of the min.e operators, including alleged violation of state laws, the committee reports that no evidence was found or a conspiracy in restraint.of trade to limit the output of the mines, nor conclusive proof of the existence of peonage. The strike was settled long before the committee completed its report, so no specilic recommendations were made. The committee, appeals, however, for arbitration in such situations. It declares these disturbances arc nation-wi'de In their importance; that the federal government is the only power competent to deal with them, and after referring to the testimony of .lohn D. Rockefeller, Jr., who is claimed to be responsible for conditions in Colorado, adds: "A^jsentee owners' or directors by their absence from the scene of such disturbance cannot euc-ijie their moral i'esponsiblllty fo rconditions in and about pronerties in which they are interested." ! Liberal extracts from the 'J.(i (|i> pages of tc!3limoiiy taken by committee are embodied in ilw report with this comment: "Considerable testimony on both sides .of, the controversy, be believe, unreliable and no confidence should be placed in it. (.Colorado has good mining laws and such that ought to afforirl protection to the miner if they are enforced, yet in this strike the percentage of fatalities is larger than any other, showing there is undoubtedly something wrong in reference to the management of its coal mines." "It iiPcmed the militia was on the I side of the oijerators in this controversy," says the report, after reciting the action of the governor in calling nut the state troops, "and the evi- dencet seems conclusively to prove su<fh to have been the case. The.soon jer men armed in the service of the state learn that tlie men with whom they deal.;.may be ipoor andugnorant and even violators lot the law, but are still human, the better it will be for all cohcemed. "The recruiting of intne guards as members of the militia, in our Judg- niight be eniiincra^ed; men on slighV provocation were tlini'.vn into jail and kept there without the oiiportiitiity of proving their innocence. There were many good men in the niiliti;i,. both oJTicv-'rs and jjrivates, and the strikers testifying said that certain companies weer composed of this kind of men and if their houses were to be searched asked that the members of tlicse companies be sent; and if othrs were sent to do .s'earcliii g tlicy would prnh ably be subjected to indignities and robbed of whatever they might have that the railitiu waiiled." Reviewing the testimony of m;iny witnesses the report says that from the.time the strike began until the federal troops won; sent into the slate by tlie PresidejU, of the United Stares there were a serif's of battles which seemed to he tierce wliile they' lasted and tli;i| many were killed and wounded on both sides. "A private guard system m.iy be who will b<> impartial in maintaining HAIU IS TritNIX! peace and order. Testimony of present and former county ofhcers is (luored to show efforts of mine operators to control the elections in Los Animus and Huerfano counties. 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