The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 22, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 22, 1892
Page 3
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BE F OR The Postville Weekly Review PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY W. N.BURDICK. BY TERMS: $1.50 A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Turner danco this evening. —A now liberty pole rained today. —Shoes regardless of cost, 31 tf at h. STBOEBEr. & SON'S. —A boy la reported at the home U. P. Sawyer. ol Gent's Genuine Kangaroo Shoes, at 2.76, at L. Stroebel's. 31tf — The highest prices paid for poultry at Hart's market. '1^- —Lawyer Prank Adams has moved from Waukon to Monona. — A fine rain fell on Monday, not as much as was needod. though For Sale. My residence on tho north side. MRS. H. B. HA'ZLETON. Oood Farm For Sale or Bent. A good farm of 200 acres, 5} miles southwest of Postville. For terms and information inquire at this ofllee. Horse-Shoeing. No hit ami miss, hut a good job every clattor and prices very reasonable. Tuos. SnouTREF.n. To Rent. Millinery Shop, one door south of the postoffice. Good location for a barber shrip. W. S. WEBSTER. —M. O. Taylor has been "under the weather" with grip for a few clays. We did hope that this miserable malady would have worn itself out before now. —E. W. Booten, editor of the Clarksville Star, with his family spent last Sunday at the home of Jas. Mather, in Postville. We are indebted for a very pleasant call. —Mrs. P. W. Roberts has gone Grinnell to visit her daughter. to —Fresh bulk oysters received every Saturday at Hart's meat market. —Tho town is beautifully and bountifully decorated with Hags today. —The Oct. term of the district court will convene at Waukon next Monday. You purchase your Fall ai liter Suit k Dnsrceat do not fail to call on the U. T. K. and examine the goods which they are offering. They have made great preparations for the present season, and have They Have Loaded Their Counters with the latest styles of Men's and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Furnishings, Under Flannels, Trunks, Hand Bags, &c, and they would be pleased to have you call and look them over. —An excellent opportunity to purchase Ch'rlstmas dolls at tho Carnival. -Music, recitations and a doll drill at the Carnival this (Friday) evening. —Fon SALE —A second hand Show Case. Inquire at the Bcedy Photo Gallory. —Dolly Dodge at the? Carnival—an old resident of Postyille, though seldom seen. —T. J. Wilcox, editor of the Northwood Anchor, was hero last Sit unlay on business connected with the republican state committee. Sorry wo were absent from town at the time. —Tho oloction booths have been received by the county anditoi and will be distributed in due time —A republican meeting will be held in the school house in sub district No. 4. Grand Meadow township, next Monday evening, at 7:.'J0. It will bo addressed by H. P. Hancock, of West Union, and all are cordially invited. —It seems that Rev. Gass resigned his pastorate here some time ago, hut tho church has refused to accept his resignation, and by the rules of tho church he will remain. The church would have to look a long timo before finding a man that would till his place. Ho is one of the hardest working men in our midst. It was no slight task to supervise tho erection of such a church and attend to nil his other duties at the same time. Small Farm For Sale. The John Moir farm of 40 acres, a half mile south of Postville, is now for sale. Call on John Moir for particulars. Saw Filing. For the present I will lile saws on Saturdays of each week, at Bishop's old shop. Leave saws on other days at Staadt's drug storo. H. B. T J .TI.OK. —No dolly should be left at home from the Carnival. All are invited to a'tend. 11 WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. —Doll Carnival at tho M. E. church this (Friday) evening. Ten cents at the door. —Two ami a half bushels of good, selected potatoes will pay for the REVIEW - a year. —Word has been received that John H. Mott is the father of au heir of the male persuasion. —Ed. Prior has moved his marble works to the old Boody picture gallery, west of John Moir's. J. H. GRAY, Proprietor. - The HEVIEW will now be sent to new subscribers to Jau. 1st for 26 cts. Send it to your friends. —Luhman & Sanders have new announcement this week, watch for their changes. another Alwuy.J LUHMAN & 5ANDERS. —At the Carnival this (Friday) even ing, Bopccp, Itcdridinglmud, tho milliner doll, bride and groom. —J. H. Gray makes a new announcement to the public in his advertisement today. Head it carefully. —A slate bank examiner examined both our bunks this week and of course found everything "all correct." -Much of tho corn is dry enough to husk and crib that has never been touched with frost, and the leaves aro falliug rapidly from old age. This is something seldom seen in Iowa. ,. Dr. Will Cole's Dental Booms . Will hereafter be opon every week day, as I have associated with me Dr. M. A. Humphrey, a graduate of the dental school at Iowa city, and a good oporator. I shall continue to visitPost- ville on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, as heretofore. WILL COLE, D, D. S. I Farm For Sale, now offer for vale tho Win. Mitch* oil farm, 3} miles west of Postville, outaining 101 acres, witk good house, barns and outbuildings, an unfailing well and running water on tho prem isos, and fenced in sevoral fields. Cause of selling, advanced years and inability to superintend it. For terms call on the undersigned on the premises. A good stock farm. (17m3) JAS. KENNEDY. —Two ministerial candidates: preached at the Congregational church on Sunday, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Ono was from Minnesota and tho other from Illinois. —JAS Gordon, ono of the solid farmers of Henderson Prairie, made us a pleasant call last Saturday. He reports corn a big crop. He also paid up for the HEVIEW two years in advance. —Bo sure and not overlook the advertisement of "Farm for Salo," by H. & L. W. Heard, in Litis issue. This is said to bo the best farm of its size in Winno- shoik county. A bonanza for some man. — Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Thompson and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chriss went to Chicago to seo the sights on Wednesday night. Walter was to rneot his wifo at Cedar Bapids, on her return from Colorado. FARM FOB SALE. My farm of 200 acres for sale. Situated in Madison township, Winncshoik Co., Iowa, three and a half miles west of Deeorah, in sections 11 ami 14. Well improved and timber enough for farm use. In good state of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. School within six rods of house. Long timo will bo given on part payment Inquire on farm for particulars. Address: Wsi. Mcls 'Tosu, (Box 238) Ducorah, Iowa. For the Ladies. The Singer Manufacturing Co., the of week —W. S. Webster's back door was knocked into pi by that crash of lightning on Thursday night of last week. No other damage done. A curious freak. Wo suppose W. S. had a "paid up policy." New York, will have for begtnuig October 24th, an ART EXHIBIT, consisting of Flowers Animals, Tidies Curtains and many other samples work, showing tho range of work done upon the Singer Sewing Machine. No lady can afford to miss this Ar Exhibit. Everybody invited; free to all come ami soo us; one week only; at tho Singor olllcc, in tho Mott building opposite the old postoffico, Postville. S. C. HALE, Local Agent. —A Child's Solid Oil Grain Button Shoo with solo leathor tip, at 75 cents, 31tf at L. STUOEHEL & SON'S. HEADQUARTERS FOR - .Elbert Stiles "built" the now liberty pole which was provided for by the | town council. "Long may it wave." —Will Hiflman, cast of Hardin, is the happiest man on earth, and all on account of a little, bunch of feminiuo umnnily that came to make its home with him during the tain of last Tues- ay morning. • Miss Mabel DeCou, Graduate of tho American Conservatory of Music, Chicago; also.pupil pf Amy Fay, is prepared to teach tho piano, organ aud harmony. POSTVILLE, - IOWA. — We should bu glad if thoso snbscri | hers who desiro to pay their subscriptions in wood would bring it in now. --Louisiana Dimouson, Cypress I Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino I Finishing, lor salo at SANKEUS & KAI'LKK'S. m wm\mmm\ m -J J or Sale Cheap, ntonoo, I 1 Heating Stove, 1 Cook Stove and some | household Fui nituro. Inquire of JNO. CHOSHT. —Mrs. McMastor accompanied Mrs Bettys to Chicago a few days ago. She is in time to seo tho great sights thoro this week. Full Line of Cloaks and J ackets-Plush, Plain and Fur Trimmed. —Dr. Glenn White has decided to lo I ca'.e in Postville and has opened an of- 1 lice in the brick block lately vacated by Dr. Mabry. Hov. Look wood and family hav gone to their now homo at Osago with the best wishes of tho church and poo plo generally. - E. L. lluehur, of tho Elgin Echo made this ofllco a pleasant call on Tuesday. Ho reports Elgin and the Echo prospering. —Our "roll of honor" this woek includes the names of James Gordon, L. II. Schrooder and Dr. F. J. Becker, and they have our thanks. Well Bought is half sold. Wo can assure the pcopl of Postville and vicinity, that no stock ever brought into tho city was bought more advantagously or will bo sold ori closer margins. We have finished tho purehaso of holiday goods and can now show you coraplote lino—watches, jewelry, gold ind fountain pens, silverware, inclnd ing a large lino of novelties; musical goods of every description, artists' material, stationery (Whiting's standard) and presentation books. Tho latest designs, the best goods, and lowest pricos. Wo defy competition. Hospectfully, W. J. HANKS. 1 *r. i. Estray Notice. Taken up by tho undersigned about Oct. 10th, a sorrel horse, blind, in thin flesh aud shod all around. Tho owner can have him by paying expense of keeping and for this notice. 1} miles north of Postvillo. L. A. BELLOWS. —The Waukon page of the AUamn- ken Journal makes the following "kick" against the Waukon grain buyers and practically serves notice on the farmers to coine • to PostTillo or sdme titer town if they want fo get what their produce is wortbv We. hare had no com petition here in the grain market for years, and y«t we beliure Mr.' Roberts has paid every cent the market would warrant. At all events he has rawn grain from tho natural territory < of other towns every year. We say to all farmers, if you want all your pro-' duco is worth, and good weight and good treatment, come to Postville. And while you aro here our merchants can and will double discount tho prices at any surrounding towns, and their stocks are much larger and bettor than you can find elsewhere in tho county. We invito you to Postville both to sell and to buy: The farmers are making tho same kick on the Waukon grain market this year that thoy did last, and our business meu aro losing lots of trade in consequence. Farmers west and south are going to Postvillo and Deeorah. and those living north and east go to New Albin and Lansing, saying that they get from tlitio to live cents per bushel more for their grain at nither of those points. When they market there, thoro is no doubt but tbsy do considerable trading also. The fact of the matter is there is virtually no competition n the Waukon grain market and if our Business Men's Association is not ntir°ly dofuuet, this would be a good thing for them to look into. If such a state of affairs continues mnoh longer our business men will have to go into the grain buying business themselves in self defense. W» write thin at the request of a number of farmers, and in the Interest of Wankon's businojs men We oxpeut it will be denied as a slrail- iar statement was last year, bnt this does no good, and only continues tho abuse. Our business men know aud feel that it is so, an 1 among the farmers it is common talk. There is no veason why Waukon buyers can't pay the same price for grain as is paid in neighboring towns and tho only way t rectify the abuse is to give it such wide publicity that the buyers will be forced to pay the market prico, or some on else induced to come in and do so." ,ffiTABLlS§Ei) 1833, Our I'all np^t AVliit^i: n<fW flnily arriving. It, lias,not been our n'm io produce clmnpnnd has hy clothing, hut to noil such foof/s as will retain Jthq name wo Jinvc so far estalillshed, ^n^at the lowest,. Prices con-. sisten]t,wlth Good Gondpt., ,\Ve not ojily keep our- pricos nt n poJ;U where no competitor can successfully meet them, but our assortMiicnt. of Sjtyfcu mid Pnttoms- is easily the most cxtenslvo ever in tin's town. FUL,!^ LINE of LIGHT WBTGIfT ns well ns Hon vv Overcoats POSTVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Report For the M ontfi Ending October 7th, 1803. BUSIXISSS SUITS. {3HU ,DREA"S SUITB^ Our Cnssnmerc Suita, nt 88.00, 810.00 and &19.00, fire the host good* for the inonev on the market. 71 V c s •~ n i n _c ~Z a -a < 3 U C •73 a 0 a E c •5 >> cu < D1trA.RTUI.rtTS. d rt Tj 0 o 'A H "0 Q a ti a Ui u 0 X G C 0 O u U cx < 0 'A £. « U ill Piiiuary 50 48 1 53 99-9 97 -3 1 id Primary 38 35 0 63 100 95- * 3 Intermediate 50 49 5 105 99-7 94-6 , 4 Grammar 43 42 3 14a 97-8 91 5 Higher 6] 59 17 104 99- J 93.6 ! 2 243 »33 26 48x 99-5 94-7 GUST'S 1*UKSI8HIXGS. OKiSSS SUITS. —The editor spent a vory pleasant half Jay last Saturday at West Union, and demolished an oxcellent dinner at Jim Lisher's oxoollunt hotel. Everything in our line is sold very I cheap. Respectfully, —The nineteenth annual meeting of tho Iowa Woraons' Christian Temperance Union will be hold at Waterloo from Oot. 20th to 28th, Inclusive. —The first frost ot the season may be sa'd to havo appeared on Wednesday morning, Oot. 10th, and that was not a vory heavy one except on low ground. Mr. Bl.vby, of the firm of Wxby' & Williams, was here on Tuesday air Wodnosday, going to Chicago on tho evening of Woduesday to take in tho Columbian pageant aud to buy a mam moth stock ol goods for tho new store, which thoy will occupy in" a short timo. -Andrew Stockman, who has boon indispensable to us on publication day and at various other timos for the past several months, has gouo iuto the mop wringer factory to work and loaves 11s "out in tho cold" for a roller. Androw is a reliable, industrious young mar and wo hope ho will do well. FOBS ALB! Buggies of AU Descriptions. (iuaranteo: After two week's trial if tho Uico Coil Spring proves not to be the easiest rider on (arth, will oxehango and give any spiing desired—with the 'Handy To))," tho most aouvorilout buggy. W. S. WRUSTEU. J. S. Roberts, a nephew of J. H. Banders, spent last Sunday with his relatives hero. Ho resides in tbo statu of New York, and is a very pleasant gentleman. He thinks New York will oast its doctoral voto for Harrlsou without doubt. Unliko his rolatlvos here lie Is a strong repiiblionn. r; —Commencing Satuviltiy Mor JI infr, wo will give Spe oiul Hnrjfiiins every duy to reduoo our stock propnrn tory to moving into' our now store. Spvvinl Good MttvieninH Suturdny. UIXUY & WIUIAMS W«ixTs Old Stuiuf. ISuicide at Castalia. Mr. Fred Mmult committed suicide on the farm of his sou-in-law, K. Schell hamer, noar Castalia, last Sunday uight. Ho had . roeoutly bought the Scott farm, but had not movqd up from Ciiard yet (his family still rosiding there.), t Ho was up doing some plowing and other; full work, spending Sunday with Mr. Suhcllhamei'. Suuday exening,. before time to.retire,, he wout out without saying unylhing. and did uot return. Search was made fur him but he was not found until.'Monday morning, when ho was discovered hanging to a tree a short distance from tho barn. He left,nothing so far us. is known to disclose tho causo oi the rash act. He was about 70 years old and leaves a family of six grown children and a second wifo. Tho remainB woyo taken to Oiard for interment on Tuesday. This report shows an increased enrollment for tho lirst month ovor last year, yet thero is room for a still largor enrollment. The secretary reports tho total enumeration 412. Out of this number our enrollment ought to reach 'M0 during the year, especially as there arc over 80 enrolled who aro not in the above enumeration. The Waukon /air cut down the per cunt, of attendance in tho High school for the month, also in tho Grammar and Intermediate. . • We request parents to look, carefully after all cases of tardiness aud truances on the part of their children, if auy occur. We shall make a report of the standing in classes aud attendance of each pupil in all tho rooms lo you at tho end of oach month, for your inspection, signature and return. The hearty co-operation of nil patrons is onrnQstly requested. Bring all requests and matters for adjustment directly to tho teaohor or principal. We aro ready to grant every reasonable request, and invito yon to visit tho schools.' Very respectfully.,, , E. II. HUUD, Principal. J11 Boys' Clothing ire hiive n larger line thnn ever before, and prices, According to Quality, the Very. Lowest. Come in and let UH S/JOW you our »tooU before purchasing. A.11 goods warranted as represented, or money will be cheerfully refunded. CARL HOLTER. FURNITURE, BEDDING AND CARPETS. —Uolh churches had good oongroga Take NoUoe, • That the Pustvlllu Steam Holler MillMi Are You Engaged to he Married? Or aro any of your friends? Don't toll, if it's a secret. But oyoryonc, oven if plodgud to a life of "single blessedness," is bound to bo interested in weddings, and wauts to know all tho latesf, fads concerning thorn; and everyone will ho thoroughly posted about all tho details of a modern fashionable we Idlug, and know how to manage any stylo of wedding, aftor reading (as everyouo should) the vory fully illus trated and exhaustive article, "The Modorn Wedding Festival," published In Dcraoiest's Family Magdsdno for Notembov. All the girls and their mammas will uujoy ruading about Kitty's debut tea, which is described it Hiioli a sparkling manner in "A Debut ante's Winter In Now York," and will learn just how 11 coming-out tea Bhonld be conducted. If you are interested in florloulture, you will appreciate tho advice given In "The Care of Outdoor Plants in Autumn." "Columbus: His Story ami His Country" is an cspey. tally timoly article, beautifully illus. trated. The slorios are excellonl; every one of the numerous departments, for which this distinctively Family Maga zinc is uotod, Is full to overflowing with ti,i Au EngHftti Ctutoiii.' Kissing,' It Is said, Is an English oustom: We reuu in aueient history of a knight who visited the Field ot the Cloth of Gold, aud who, on being Invited to a local ensile, was addressed by the kyndo Mye of the establishment, who remarked! "forasmuch as In England ye have Buuh a cuslomo that a man may kysue a woman, therefore I wilt that ye shall kysse 111c, and ye shall also' kvBBo theso'iiiy inaldcnj." Which thing ye knyghto straightway did, and fojoycod greately thoreut What people did before klsslaa Svas discovered wo really oannot tell you, nor have we •ny notion of how the engaged couples ot - the middle ages amused themselves when klaslutf Was hardly known. We have no doubt, however, that Jaok and Jill of tho thirteenth century did pretty much as their descendants In these days, and that tho solitary walk, the squeezing of tho hand, tho kicking of the llltl.) foot under the tablo, the prolonged aud cold-producing good-nights, etc.. wuro genorul then, as now. The Largest and Cheapest Line of Furniture, Bedding, Oar- pets and , Window Shades ever shown in this ., . , Community. Come and see us. .RBSPEOTFCTIjliV, J ^ WALTER GHRISS. I —Wo are pleased lo announce , that Mr. McNoil has docided to veneer his new storo building, the old Meyer corner, with brick Instead of ii;ou. This will not only look but bo far bettor. L'he brick came from Cresco, and Mr. Wilson, of Docorah, will lay them. Wlimi completed this will bo tbo finest and largest store room in this part of tho statu. Wo aro only sorry that it Is uot deemed expedient to build two slo vies high, as before. But there wasn't time to do it now anyway, it will bo a grand Improvement as it is. —U i*. .noteworthy that vory few farms are being sold In this section this fall. Hov. Uoss says that It is because lam' is now held so Ijigh hero '.hat there Is no inducement (ov farmers from the vicinity of National aud Unrnavlllo to sell and buy here. J^iuid in certainly pretty well up around Poat,vl,\ia, but- lb not only never will bo choapar, but will go higher. The soil is No. 1 and the towu U ditto. POSTVILLE, IOWA. R. N DOUGLASS, PKIS. J. H. SMITH, V. P JAS. MCF.\VEN,CA«HIIK. PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000. Do a General Banking BuMnesa- Buy and Sell Foreign ami. Domestic 'Exchange. Accounts ol Flu'niors,' Merchants and others received and carefully proteo'.ed. • ; Interest prtlltorr'Pta* Deposits. Investments made for eutslde par- tics on favorable terras. j»-Prot«ot«d by Ilru proof vault and screw door, time look, burglar ptoof safe. Safety deuoeit steel drawers for rfnt. natm s nil

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