The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1915 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1915
Page 5
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WANTS^ALL KINDS li" IN NEED OP A FARM IjDAN, or any kind of INSUR- aoce, come to me. I am prc- xed to TAKE CARE ot youu ' IA ' Thompson; office, over lyaoB' Druir Store; Tel. 142: WANTED—STORAGE ROOM FOR sixteen automobiles. B. T. Barker. Fiibae 4^5., WANTEbAN. ENERGETIC AMBIT- iou^t'actJve man to .establish perman- ent.ll|u '8ii )eBS. Health and Accident In- snraiice.. Immediate cash returns and fuiure - Address National Casualty- Gomttany, Detroit, Mich. FA.RilHRB . ATTENTION—WANT cortt, whdkt, bats, alfalfa and prairie biylln cak- lots, any traclc. G. W. Al- coci.. Ciisinute, Kas. BABIES CARED FOR AT 202 N. Taylor, Mrs. Oldham, La'Harpe, Kas. f lNTED—TO BUY A FEW GOOD s. Call 988-33. WjMJTED—WHITE WOMAN TO DO housework on farm. Plione 980-21 or address Mrs. P. ,T. Hall, Carlyle, Kas. FJjLYING EMPLOYMENT FOR WO- meii:; full or part time. Sell guaran- te;^ cotton, lisle, siik hosiery to user. JJJipertence unnecessary; large profits. 8pT|n^ business now onl International " ' B, 3046 Chestnut, Philadelphia. WANTS-ALL KINDa WANTED—MIDDLE AGED WHITE lady for genera] house work. Phone 698 after 6 T)'clock, < ' FREE, VALUABLE STOCk BOOKS with each purchajae of LeG^ars Sto^ Food. EaUn'a Hardware. WANT—to BUY 1 OR 2 ROOM house to move. C. J. Hawley, phone 974-4. ^- ' WANTED -r RESPON'SIBLB WOM- an to rent boarding bouse 13 rooms, one block of- squaK. Rent payable in board of owner. Fhonea32.,. • List Your Property with • • G. W. ADAMS * <v Real Estate, Loans,. Life and 4 Firp Insnrance. ^ • Over Palace. Phone 296. • • * FOl^ SAXE—FQK §ALE THREE G<)05 PROPESRTliBtf ON paved street. Will sell.! trade or exchange' See Kelley, Pennsylvania Hotel.; i . , FOR .SALE—THREE SPANS OF; mules and span of ponies. [Pho^e 154; Frank Boyer, LaHarpe.. [ FOR SALE OR RENT—FIVE ROOM cottage, 61.5 South street. Inquire C. S. Blfick. Phone 867. FOR SALE—FIVE ROOI* HOUSE; built three years. Price right. 402 N. First St. FOR SALE—BEES, Oak. 322 SOUTH FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—PJGS AND SHOATS. Call 98T-23. Frank Bale. FOR TRADE-:-NEW BUGGY FOR milk cow. C. C McCarty & Son. FOR SALE—NICE BRIGHT TEXAS Red Seed pats. .Also Commercial White Seed Cofn Phone 989-21 or 984-4. W. F. W«bber. FOR SALE—WHITE BLOSSOM Sweet Clover Seed. J. N. Thompson, Route. 2, iMpran, K^ns. PURE BRED WHITE ORPINGTON Eggs for hatcbing. Algo Wttilte Pekln Duck Eggs. Clias; M. Funk, Phone 1092. FOR SALE—MODERN FIVE ROOM cottage, nearly new. Young fruit, well located., ^heap for cash. "N," care of Register. . FOR SALE—PURE BARRED PLY- mouth Rock Cockerels. S. W. Harris, Geneva, Kan. EGGS FOR HATCHING, ROSE Comb Reds. Also 1 splendid cockerel. Phone 310. FOR SALE—FOR SALE ! LOST AND FOUND FOR SALE—RED POLLED BULL; LOST—1 STEEL BALL BEARING calves, eligible to record. James Holtz, Lawn Roller. Call H6. Frank Riddle. Neosho Falls. Karis. LOST—A BUNCH OF KEYS. WILL FOR SALE—GOOD WALNUT POSTS give reward.. J. L. Bedwell. Phone 975:-21. I FOR BENT--FOR RENT it FOR RENT—ROOMS FOR HOUSE « keeping or sleeping; partly modern;,^ 212 W, MadlBon. FOR RENT—MODERN COTTAGE; 309 Sputh Oak. Phone 1178. FOR RENT, FOR SALE, LODGING, Furnished Rooms, Boarding, and other cards can be had at the Register office, neatly printed In large, plain type. Five cents each. FOR RENT—4 ROOM HOUSE, CITY water in house, located on East Spruce St. Call Spangler, Phone 29. FOR SALE—40 FOOT LOT WITH a room house one' block from square on terms. Phone 117. FOR SALE—FIGURE PAPER AND sheep skin scrapa The Register Book bindery. FARM LOASS, low rate, annual or semi-annual interest. _ Privilege to pay in full. IJrSlJRASfCE written In the best companies; B.iM. CUSMNGHAM Office State Sayings Bank. FOR RENT—FOURTEEN ACRES of ground adjoining lola wltli 8-room house, good barn and good chicken house. Mrs. Stelnman, 18% S. Wash- in.^on FOR EXCHANGE FOR TRADE—160 ACRES NEAR Edmond,. Okla.. improved; -10 acres orchard, 100 under cultivation, balance in pasture and lowland. Want merchandise. Ringler Land Co. FOR TRADE—160 ACRE FARM IN Northwestern Arkansas for lola residence. Address "R," care Register. FOR TRADE —GOOD AUTOMO- b!le.= WTiat C. C. McCarty & Son. -1 . • « F. L. a LEATELL, M. D. 4 Specialties— « Diseases of the Chest. 4 Diseases of Children. 4 X-RAY. 4 Fliones—Office 147; Sea. 117 lola State Bank Bldg. 4 • * • J. B. PEPPEB • • Dentist • 4 Office Riley's Hdw. Store 4 « East Side Sq. Phone 687 « • • IRA R. FBANTZ OPTICAL CO. lola - - Kantat miNBSOPKrOLIICOtOIlT AGED MAN FELL TO FLOOR AXD BROKE HIS LEG. lowauH Here for Visit With Rela­ tives—>ews Xotes and Personal Mention. • « • Guaranteed Human Hair Braids * for sale. Combings made to or- O • der. Coloring done. 502 North • • Chestnut. Phone 1242. • • • • • • * • • • * • • • • • • •> • • •> AVTiat a happy old world this would be if people who lose their tempers were unable to find them again. Women live longer than men. They arc never talked to deiath. liiRPE NEWS FOR TODn JO^X MEXEFEE TO MANAGE THE BASE BALL TEAM. Bi^hduy GreeUngs For C. K. Mintcli- • i .Sews Sfotes and Personal Mention. ]|AHARPE, Mar. 2.—Saturday, .Mr. C. f.. Mlnlch celebrated his eoth birth- da^ and his children planned and car- rl^ out a surprise in honor of the oc- ca ^OD. Abaut 10:30 the children came in ;^ith well filled baskets and at 12 o'clock a bountiful dinner was served tpjthe following: Mr. and Mfg. C. R. Mfipich, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence .MinlcU an^ children, Mr. aiid Mrs. OUie Mln- ic|(, Mr. and Mrs. ROBS Minicfa of Kan- viA City, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mlhlch and cl ^Idren,' Earl Minich and Osa Min- icqand .Jay Townsend. Mr. Minich refeived many beautiful presents. • JHarold Robins is visiting In Lone Blin this week. C. Chambcr.s lias a curiosity on 'hi«. f^rm south of towtii, a hog with wool, on like a sheep. Jit is about a ye ^r ~oId:and he intends to shear it s«^. S—Smoke your meat with Wright's Condensed Smoke.—Watjers & Dan- fortii. Drues and Jewelrj. .Sunday; at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitzpatrick occt rred a reunion of Mrs. Fitziiatrlck ^d her three b ^thers.^ who had not met together' f€^ about seventeen years. The broth- erb were: Heni-y Leake, of Egypt, Ark., l.sT.- Leake, of Gas City, J. P. Leake, oi north of lola. Other guests were: .1-1 J. Fitzpatrick south of Gas, U. L. Sharks, south of Gas, Mrs. Henry ll^ke, of Egypt, Ark., Mrs. .1. P. liake and Fred of lola, and Mrs. I. T. liiake and Pearl and Walter Leake, n (»rth of Gas. ^i—We noW have our complete line of W^l Paper on display, beautiful pat- teirns. Prices fropi 7c double roll on uj|; F. A. Cooksey, Druggist. IFriiik Knox, of Chicago, 111., arrived hijre j^e ^terday tii attend to businesiS alFairsI connected with his farm soptfa o| town. ' .'^ -^Jf you want lome good Wall Pa- pk|r CHEAP see C lok^ey. tbe druggiat. iD. T.- Nash,' wlo liap been visiting hSi daugjhter. Mot. :P. Rose has re- tifrned Arcadia Texas. ;tTh^ druggists »ere busy invoicipg tifeir, stock .bjfnat- iotics -yjesterday. Tbe l^rrlspn. act, wh ch provides tl^at 'all diugstets mu ^t n port on the amount 8 (ild, .^went Iftto' effect yesterday., 3-«ct a Victro th<»"" Pleasant Prairie neighborhood to lola. ,C. AV. Smith was ill yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Duggan have moved to the Sutton property. •Airs W; ;C. Walkesr spent yesterday with Mrs. Edna Felkins. —We now have our Complete Line of Wall Paper on display; beautiful patterns. Prices from 7c double roll on up.—F. A. Cooksey. Druggist. VV. W. Phillips, of Moran wa-s in town .vesterday trainsacttng business. Mrs. Anna Sweariugen.. who has been visiting Mr: and Mrs. L. M. Daggett returnee! yc.stcrflay to her home near Kincaid. Wm. McCoy of Moran spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dough- prtv. The high school teachers and the scholars attended C. F. Scott's lecture at the Presbyterian Church at lola last night. —We will continue our cut prices on est prices on best Flour.—J. A. Brown. Groceries until March 6th. Also low- Thos. Leigbty who has been in western Kansas on a lecture tour is expected home tonight. Mrs. Thos. I>eighty spent yesterday with Ijor mother. Mrs. J. H. Wilson in lola. —Dr. F. R. Hook, Physician and Surgeon. Phone 66. Office south rooms over National Bank. The Cemetery Association has purchased several lots of E. D. Cramer.' Miss XJargarct Kirkpatrick, of Blue Mound is visiting friends here and in lola. Mr. and Mrs. R- N. Smith, of Dewitt, Iowa, who have been 8i>ending the winter with relatives In Hobart, Okla.. are here visiting Mr. Smith's brother, Tom Smith. Roy Minich, south of Gas has moved to Lanyonville. —Dr. Dunham, Physician and Surgeon. Over National Bank. Phone 20. James Welch, who has been visiting In Ottawa has returned here. Carl Barnholt, of Collinsville is here visiting old friends. .—When you have an appetite for Pie call at the Red Light; Ed. Danforth, Wm. Dougherty. Geo. BuBley and .lohn Menefee are busy organizing a base ball team. They will begin to practice' immediately. JoAn Menefee 'has been appointed manager and the others ^ill finance the team. THE UrS Domes IITEII5 CITY WILLIAM BROWX VICTIM OF EAR. LV EVEMXG THEFT. Thieves Made Awuy With Large Quan. tity of WrocerJes—Sews SQtcs and Personal Mention. a and hear the lat- eltmusfc from U e best talent.—Wat- eia &, Pan^rth^ I ntgs.ana Jewelry. |G«o,...Cole. of G ta GIty. la moving to mVHtfA tbre« ml!es «wt of here and l^lvin Goffey g) >Ted yesterday from Quick Action Wanted. —When one is coughing aiid splt- ting^with tickling throat, tigbiness in chest; soilness in throat and lungs— when head is aching and ^he whole body racked with a-cough that won't' permit slieep—he wants immediate re- pief. Thousands say Foley's Jljpney aSd Tar Compound Is the anrest and qul«ltr est acting medlclile.foc.cdngba, qp!4a, croup and la grippe. Store, GAS CITY, Mar. 2.~Rev. N. W. Gilbert, Chas. Monninger, Otis Snyder, Earl .lackson and Ben Shacklett went to Sliver I^eaf Sunday afternoon, where Rev. Gilbert conducted a meeting. Mrs. Ben Shacklett, who was injured some weeks ago when she fell from a cabinet was not so well yesterday. H. W. Chaney and Ray Chaney took dinner yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Summers. Joe Eastwood yesterday shipped a pair of black langshans to Haley, Idaho. J. R Heath and family yesterday moved to the Mooney property. ! Jesse Johnson, of Hutchinson was a business visitor in town yesterday, j Epworth| Ixiugue will be tonight at I the M.. E, Church instead . of. tomor- j row on account of the lecture course, at lola, Wednesday. Friday night will be the last time for the Literary at Concerto. Mrs. J, T. Demoret who has been ill is much better. Mrs. Lloyd Bratton. who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Jackson has returned \o her home northeast of LaHarpe. Mrs. F. O. Torbett is reported quite ill. Mrs. Fred Cowan, who has been visiting her father, Mr. Deering has returned to her home in Untontown. There was school bpard meeting last night. Miss Myrtle Eastwood, treasurer of tbe boara had sent in her resignation, which was accepted and another treasurer appointed tO' fill the vacancy. E. C. Pope, of Brandon. Mo., is here visiting his brother-in-law, V. W. Heath arid family, south of town. .; James j Davis left Sunday for Kansas City on a business trip. -The lyRdies Aid Society will meet Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs; ;J;rW. Dunbar. While Mr. Brown and family were at «hurch-laBt Sunday evening some ope entered. their home through the ba .ck door and took several dollars irorth o^. grocerlesl This seems to be a popular way of gettingr grub as lately several homes have been reported rohhedi of food while the families were away. -. Engine Sparks, Costly. Washington, Mar. 1.—Of the 503 Area reported by the lorest service as having occurred in 1914 on the national forest purchase areas in the White Mountains of New England and the Southern Appalachians, 319 or 60 per cent were caused by sparks from locomotives. More than half of these fires occurred in Virginia and of the total of. 272, 227 weer caused by locomotive sparks, 379 of the fires were confined to areas of less than 10 acres and 296 were extinguished before a quarter of an acre had been burned. The total lusg amounted to |2,192 an dthe cost of fire fighting to $1,300. The greatest carnage was to young growth. Xot Fcpling "Just Riglit." —When you get tired early in the day, have an overfull feeling, are bilious, have bad breath or suffer from indigestion or constipation you will find Foley Cathartic Tablets quick and comfortable In action. They are whole some and health giving. -Mr. \^ L. Levy, Green Bay,.Wis., says: "They do not gripe and their effect Is quick and sure. The finest cathartic i ever used." Burrells' Drug Store. SALTS IX HOT WATER CLEABS PIMPLY SKIX MOlUN NEWS FOR TODAY JOHX HURLEY SELLS MOTOR CAR TO H. ADAMS. Larson Installs a Mammoth Storage Tank —Xews Xote^ and Personal Mention. If you should ever bo se foolish as BurreU'a Dmsjto write a letter-you want burned, jbunt It yoanel(. Says We Must Make Kidneys Clean the Blood and Pimples . Disapppnr. —Pimples, sores and iwils usually re suit from toxins, poisons and Impurities V'hich are generated in the bowels and then absorbed into the blood thro')gh the very ducts which should absorb only nourishment to sustain the body. . It is tlje function of the kidneys to filter Imihirltles from the blood and cast them out in the form of urine, but in many instances the bowels create more toxins and impurities than the kidneys can eliminate, then tlie blood uses the skin pores as the next best means of gettingr rid. of ^theae Infi^uri- ties which often break out all Qv ^l^the skin In the'fonn of plmplee. v The surest way to clear .the skin of these eruptions, says a noted jaiUthority is to get.from any pbarraa^:about four ounces of Jad Salta. and take a tablespoonful .in a. gla^s of hot w.a^er each morning before breakfast for one wfjek. This will prevent the .formation of toxins in the. bowels . slso stipiu* latfes the kidnpys to normal actiVity, thus coaxing them to "filter the Wood of ImpijritieB and .clearing the akin of pimples. ' ' . ; Jad' Salts is inexpensive, harmleas and is made from the jicli .of grapes and iemon Juice, coinhlned with: lithia. Here you have a pli ^8apt;-'effei^- cent dring which usually makea pfoi- pies diaappear; cleansef .the blood tad Is «)(cen«at X(>x^^t^ ki4ae )w lv »Ut MORAN, MAR. 2.—J. J. Vamer was in Moran Sunday visiting his son Roy Varner. Mrs. Geo. Morrison, who has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs. C. Cook, returned home Sunday. Fred Protz our local wrestler arid McDanlcls of Ottawa, will wrestle in Savonburg Saturday March 13. C. G. Larson received his 6,000 gal Ion gas storage tank and wilt install it Monday it the weather permits. Mr.' and Mrs. Elza Bartlett returned home Sunday after attending the funeral of Mrs. Bartietfs brother, Mr. Edmonds. Miss Eva Hurley, who is teaching school in Eric was home for a few days visit last week and returned to her work Sunday. Miss Evelyn "Strobb, who has been In Fort Scott for an operation returned home Saturday night. Ed Varner went to tola Monday on business. Herb Wilson ig working for Mes- singer'fl. Claude Bradford is moving to his farm southwest of town today. Jim Teel went to Elsmore today to work on a farm. Mr. Phillips was In lola on business Monday. Smith & Smock were in lola Monday OP business. Dr. Lambieth returned from Kan- sag City Monday. Miss Myrtle Love ig visiting relatives In Rogers, Ark. ' One. hundred and three cases of egBa were received Monday by Latham k, Son. • , . Harry'Shi vely returned to lola Mon day. Dr. Stapleton of LaHarpe, was in town Monday on business. COLONY, MAR. 2.—A hard freeze Sunday night left the roads rough for Monday's traffic. The Split-log drag proved a great boon to road builders and Is now used throughout the United States, but Chan Denton has found a new line of work for it. Wet and cold weather takes the meat off the cattle in the feeding and fattening pens aiid farm erg build sheds at much expense and then find the cattle, will not all crowd in. But! Denton takes the road drag and drags the pens each afternoon after the storm and they dry up quick ly and afford a dry bed for the steers who do not like to be housed up. It also helps economize on rough feed that gets scattered on the ground. Other feeders could do the same thing at a profit. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Holzapfel received word that the boy born to Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Lackey, Paducah, Ky., •Thursday, Feb. 25th, died goon there after. Mrs. Lackey is their oldest daughter and it was their first child. •Emmett Ferguson spent Sunday in Welda. Mrs. Wm. Niles returned from a visit with lier parents at Franklin Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Joens arrived from Manning, la., Monday for a two weeks visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Joens. He sayg they have had a hard .winter with lots of snow. Albert rents a 240-acre farm there and pays $6 an acre cash rent, yet he makes money at it. His brother John will work for him this summer. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bennett and children moved to lola Monday to make their home. Grandma Bennett had preceded them. George Martin had Business In lola Monday. Jenks Grey's father, 75 years old, who makes his home w;th' him has been ailing for some tlm^, and last week when he tried to rise unaided from a rocking chair he fell and broke one. of his legs. He is beiqg given every care but at his age it will be a long time before he recovers from the accident. The social feature equipment of the defunct commercial c:ub has beer crated and stored in the iipplemen building, probably never to be takei out and used in-Colony again. Th^ boys will now organize a literary sof ciety and discuss the various phase^ of thfl European war and'the beautie^ of living In a country defended by i state militia that strikes terror, from Uin orator 's platform, to every foe. \ Mrs. Maude Bentley was in Colony Monday afternoon, returning- to Wol-^(I;i in the evening. —W. T. Azbell. -c.px-postmastcr of Edwardsport, nd,. writes: "I suffered from severe trouble with my kidneys and back. First bottle of Foley Kidney Pills gave me relief." Thousands testify that backache, rheumatism, sore muscles, aching joints and bladder weakness vanished when Foley Kidney Pills were taken, Burreli's Drug Store. The good ship. Piffle, always carries full tonnage. GRIHfimOESIIREVIISEn tASH WHEAT IS OXE C£>iT HIQK« EB TO FOUR LOVfEB. CutUe Values Are Stesd]f[ and Hof^ Are Stronj^Hay Beaialns (By the Asaoclated Kansas City LivestA^k. Kansas City, Mar. ,2.-^^'prTLlB, celpts 6,000. Market stei Prime fed steers |8.0.0 @'8JJ beef steers |6.50 @i8 .00; itek^ anid ItetT- ers^|4.25@8.25; stockera and.teetflti »6.p0@7.80,- bulls. $5.25®6.75; calyw, |6BO@10.75.' ' .- . |.;-'V5: HOGS—Receipts 16,000. Market'wM stiong. Heavy |6.60@«.70;J packarl': an|'butchers $6.60@6.7&; llgjht. 16 .00)9^ Chicago Llvie8tock.{ J- Chlcago, Mar. 2.—CATTLE, receipts 3,opO. Market steady. Beeves 45.600 9.1&; dows and heifers $3.5( HOGS-Receipts 18,000. Mkrfc «t.'waiB strong. Light i6.55@6.8(); mixed>|>-^ @S.S0; heavy |6.25@6.80; pigs t.&-'Kfl: 6. • Kansas City Produce, teansas City, Mar. 2 ,.-rBUTTBR -.i. cjearaery 29c; firsts. 27c; aecoad^-Kr patking stock 17c. • , * i 'EGGS—Firsts 17c; seconds ISc. \. SAXTA F£ TIME TABLE. (?:ffectlve Feb. 7, 1915) Sontli Sonnd. No.'201 PaBsanger daily-.-ll:42 a. m. No. 203 FasaenKer dally 2:45 a. m j -No. 207 PasBMi^r Daily— 8:24 p. m No. 209 Pasaanger dally-^.. 6:30 a. m. No. 215 Freight da. ax. Sun. 12:35 p. m. No. 819 F^rghi^aaHy .ll_ 2:20 a. m. NortkJhmnl. No. 302 Pasaabmir daUy... 1:40 p. m. No. 204 Pasaanger daily— 3:20 a. m No. 208 ^ttMahger daU]r-_ 6:30 a. m. No. UO PBSBflMT^ diilr— 7:16 p. m Ntf. SlfF|M|fat Bu«. IS as p. m- ICansas City Grain. < Kansas City, Mar. 3.—Cash Wiheat-i-- -Market unsettled, Ic higJier,t6 4C tow^ eij; New—No. 2 hard, .n.36M!@l.Wil^ iNb. 3, »i.35%@1.43%; No.rodt |i35| j @1.87; No. 3. |1.33@lv35H. ; Clbs»srf \y%y $1.34%; July $1.09,%; VBept! I CORN—Market unchanged. No. ^Il idfxed, 68c; No. 3, 67c; No. ,2 whltii' 69c; No; 3, 68 %c. Close^Mair 6»K#; RSHc: Sept. .72%@72%c. v /OATS—Market % to It lowep N*; 2iwhite, 54@54%c; No. 2 mixed, 5I*£ sii:.- , • ••- • RYE—$1.15 per bushel; • ' ' 5 HAY—Market steady. • V- jWheat received, ,47/cara. JL , Cblcago Close. j WHEATr-May $1.42%;. July \iX%% CORN—May 72?4c; July •74?4«. • OATS—May 55%c; July Bljfcc. ' PORK—May $17.32; July $1175. LARD—May $10.30;' ^uty $10.5©.- 5 Local Mnrkrta.':... rroduce Quotations' furmaheil dai^' bl Cogblll Commiaslon :Com;»a]r;' |- jPacking Butfer--16c jerppuhd. FFresh Eggs-^lOc per doien.' *" .•i.lf ^Poultry—Hens. 10c 'oef'IR: Tou« 1 l^poultry—Hens, 10c'per'IR; cfibks, 6c; spring chickens 9c lb.; F .fv H ducks, 9c; F, F. P. &«tV. ;6 Q.' .»Dj4^ tUrkeys. iPc; No. 2 turkayv..Zc;-,o|4.i t|ms. 8c; guineas, 20c;e*efc.-. . .jr- i' J .Green HidB*--l4c; No. Ihorse kldw $1.25 each..... li^BAY HAIB BECOMES DARK. THICI, Should I T'S dififereht others because more < ••. Is iaken in the mah _ and tha materials used are bigbervgrade. Black Silk Stove Poli^ Mak ^iV brilliant, lilky polish t^at 'does not rub oS or dust oS, an Ithe sliinclast* tour, tioieii as lon^ as ordinary sloye Used on sal .dwareandi IvauktaatnaL •loves nnd sold rytiaalera. t on your ecok Mtor*. gia nni;*.' U ima •saa , . BUdc Silk PeOili^orka \ Sh'-ne in [very D.^-op rjibok Tears Tbnager! f IT Vtaataei Almost everyone known, U>at Tea and Sulphur, properly coinp( cM, brings back the natural -CMOi lustre to. the hair.wh^nifadad, (jn or gray;^ also enda:d;amlre %% scalp and stops faUing'hiur. ;o the only way to' get ttaia'li _ as to make it at home, wMebv^fs luasy and troublesome. ', j -j i Nowadajra we simply, aak ji^v Irug store for "Wyeth's Bawk '.d^^' iulphur Compound." You ariU^H rge bottle {or about $Q;c|ttQ|^ body uses this old, famona' [ecause no one can ^iwpflM;^ ti lu darkened your hair, aatiitr naturally and evenly.'; Ton a sponge or, soft brjish iHtbit, iraw this through your halrr tani^ #ne small strand at 8 .time:|.|)y laah^ ig the gray hair dlaartpaiiifr ter another appllcatloif'orf lialr becomes beautifully fid glossy and.yoi^ Iptdt:',^ ^. SpecUl Agent 8. fL^Bj l ^I Agent S. R. Qnrrall.' There la more Catarrh tB,.t he country tluin all athar' aii4:;*-^l a» supposed ;:tQ. be* by- eons jrith Iqcal tBMtViSBli I Ihle. buirM'Tcblutitut

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