Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 5, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1927
Page 2
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THEJIOLAPAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EyECT (VAPKn ;:S, I love all beaiitebuB iblngsV \ I seclt.and a^bre iheni;/ God hath ho better pb-aise, And man ]n his bastv days ' Is honored for thetii. I too will something make And joy In tbej making; Although tomorrpw ijt seem Lilce empty wprdR of |a dream Remembered dii waking. —Robert Bridges; Bell«r Ilvmes ^AddreKS at C%'federation Meetliifir The i)i)b}ect pf better homes wai - the important message at the ineet^ , Ing of the CityvFederation of Womf -.'en's clubs yesterday afternoon in .'.Library hall, an^ after the addres^ by Dr. T. H. Sowerby, the meeting was adjourned for a visit to th^ Register's Home Beautiful for inspection, i The.songs, "Home Sweet Home' ai ^d "Little Gray Home ini th« Weit," sung by Mr.s. A. R. Enfieli With; Mrs. J. E. Cornish at the piano opened the progrum.j which wais un- .d ^r the sponsorship 'of the Fuhston Chapter'of the Delphian Society. The 'buHihess. presided over bj< th» vice-president, Mrs. George Vosse. consisteil of a_ report fron ilrs.'J. W. Hes^er^ chairman of th( Aducational cofnmittee. to the ^• i&ift that the federation has adopted a student loan fund and voted $10(( ' tj ',thls fund to louned ut;present t >.junlor college students ofily unti the fuhil : become.** larger. Th«f president, ^r.s. i'harle.s F. Scott ami one delegate. Mrs. H. 11. Stodghill| who. waa .elcjclnd at-this meeting, will represeat the city fuderallon .at the state nreeting in Kmpor|u. Dr. Bowerby idtroduced his itopic on "Better Homim" with the quota- tl4n from an c-nilut-nt author. "To Adam: paradise was IS OMJ I P—to the good amo >iK llu- de.stondents, li/»mi' Is »aradiiie." . He'fiatd 'it was a uiilversMl maxim that home was the HtrefigO' of Ihi.natlon: and while all will! agre)? that' * thfefhome is not th« liouiii; In wliicli .we jive and that love, tlH' only irui' , basil of every Iiomp <-an bo just tm Sincere in a <:abiji an in :i p :il- ace ,r yet few would uit<'nipt to! de' that there in room for an orgaj zatibn whicti shuir u(jt in the nj ferlkl. architecturulj aijd t'lhii-ijl c meiita and relation' ' • ' canihome. , . Dr. Sowerby ba-sed : lii.<! ihojugli - ' «i— „..Ki:.,i.„,i l„.,4,.i„e„„ ,ir I care- card- on." the published better homes movfmeii|t. whivli i)urpioses of ilie a 'large part of th '_jitudy of Iwoi ejj 's clubs. Tlioy ncorporatej hi .•standards in hous^ ])uilding; ilio ne furnishing and lion e-life; the jmi d- fng of single-family .Hiouses and tiie remodeling of "old houses! thrift or home ownership and the sprea;di ig of knowledge of financing th«| pi r- ch ^se or buildijig of u new houjo; general study of the housing Ipn b- lems of. fa m i I y 11 f e; • f u rn i .sh homes econou'iically but in j gdod' 1 faste; eliminating drudger}! dud ' "Waste of effort in housekctiping; e &tabliuhing cour.scs of instri^ction ]n home cconomicH in public scbpols. particularly the conwtriic- tion of school'practice housef) and lijome economics 'cottages Whi re V i^rfs in the public scttoolsj and . colleges by actual practice learn i he best methods 0f conducting liou le- hold operationR and bome-mujkli g; improving yards aiid | nelghb )r- boods and,eni/uruglng'tile n ^k ng of home gardens and l|omei ]i ay KfouudB; making homo life hiipp cr through devidopmunt .of iioiii^ ,n u M I C , homo pl )iy. borne arts and ^rufts and home'library, and encouniK Hpeolal study iilnd i U OUHH I OD ^f probleniH of c|ianiuii'r-rbulldl|ig the huiiH*. '• i Conligiiity of t i «t homei lii! a uroh. HchoolH, convi'hlenittt to bu,iiinoH8, social HUtroundinKS itxj to neighbors, .ai«Hocl« lUnm iforj I he children ami wliutljcr; tli^ tirp\\'r^y ^lU <l«creaHo or In wero; some (if il brought out In th( ¥QrM Yetfri He Ha4iGas— I j »^"I suirrired from gas for .35 years, a'py good,'but sinc{ Of Adlerlka I ha troubled a mlinutc. Even the FIRST lerSka relieves ga^ moves astpnisljing waste, matter, Mak^s you-efi frorix cr: thfl pr.oj , jr«a «»;lh j 'llue. high pi>\ Its selection I Gone jNffJw ind me Indigestibi) iNbthlnK <li^d the first dbse \-e not \\ bt b. CaflisI spoonfulj and often amount! of the IsyMje Joy your meals sleep better. !No matter what have tried (aij your stomach- bowels. Adierika will surprise home Bite. A clear title and fully, examined ibstract were ful firiit steps.' He dwelt on ma terfals to be used in constn ctloi pleiity of ^^Indfews and airy bed i-ooins. He was inclined to thine jthat brick - was the cheape; t. a; painting a frame bouse twice vouM hiake up for the difference ip th > cost. Jn summing up the reqaisiles t( create a happy home. Dr. So^erb; quoted Hamilton as follows: .''Integrity must be the architec aiid tiilinesa the upholsterer. Th( home must be warmed by nffec Ijion, lighted with cheerfulnesfj; in dnstrymust be the ; ventilator,' renewing the atmosphere and iiiring- ing-^in fresh salubritiy- day by day; while over all as a protectii^ canopy of glop-. nothing wil\ si ffice except the blessing of God." i Kitchen Shower tor ! Keceiit BrJde . ; j Mi-s. Elihn 15. .Moyer, until re cendy Miss Pauline Andre., wa^ giv«u a kitchen .shower last ijight in her home' at ::0S West .Madison avenue. Member^ of Ihe; World WidH Guild jind the Philathea *ere the hostesses! Tlie shower m-as pret'jented by using an umbnella with gifts attached to tb.e sectjarns by; ribbon i. Refreshments were served. Tde gests Were: : Alss Doia Davis, Miss Ara Stout Mi))s Viola lawman. Miss Riiviu Olds. Mhis pearl .McKariiin. .JTiss Ella Bull. ;rl<Ks Elora l,^*hman. llrs. A. II. DaUsi and .Miss Evalyn Hreckonridge. ' : • • • t'liiss (lives April K «M»| Parlf lihe members of the fileaner clahs of the First Christian rhurcli held an April [Fiiol party In the home of the . VH HSOH Ramoria and -.Mlblred .McKlnney. OumeH werf played and i-efrcsliments were ser- veil-. The guests were: lllie .Misses ; IJorothy • pniith. .Ma^ie Alterman. Vivian Siiffron, abeth: Riggs, Hazel Sjifrroii.' an Rig^s, Catherine (loss, .\a- .Mc'Kiuney, Krankle L<'p Crlfegs, Fern Bittick, Pern Brown, Helfen Ford, Virginia Smith, Helen CoJlby." Lucinda McDowell. Jtuth Ell Viv omi Col ly. .Vary Green, lla .Moeror, Ruth Green, Ivaiee West. Vorna Driiike. Ruth Wheeler. Jessie Heller and LaVi.<?a Taylor. «• <• •:• Aiinnal (i. R, and IfLT BaiNinet Oiie hundred and twenty young 'people ^attended the annual Girl Res^'rv'es and Hi-Y banquet last night- in the 1 dining room of thti Bap ist Temple. "The background scenery was ai| garden and piiper butterflies were suspended by strings from the ceil- ing.t Bird houses wc^re lijung in several, places and a garden with a running fountain. t^tificial grass, floyers. and lawn L seats, -with floweripg trellis ittade up the artistic slicing setting.' Mr. Walter i'frombold wais toast- ma.ster and added .interesting remarks when 'most they wei-e needed. The Gir) Reserves quartette sang severalitjirl Reserves songs. len Kd- re- m. ind foa ind AfterSuffer^gforC Yearn'From ' Broih«r'M yiUvlce. Takes J'anlae. Rvgaim Ilenlih. Mr». Elmer Wil- rionJiighly Mtoeined remdoutu; 300 iaf- l ^rMia Stinot,'To- lijika, ICuisJ, nuC- icn><i for 6 yeaii from indigcsiion which caiiHcd ' hHr matly hours of .iulj- ferini;, tt'tlghtGuibg around her betux and nervouBticss. 8hc Bays: "I waslin such a stato tliat the 8ligh|te8t thing wouldupsitmc. LwouldWaattoscream. •"I did hot want to cat and at times dizzinoss and heart palpitation caused mc so tntifch agony that I thought I would gO; mad. My btbther who has uK >d Tanlac persuaded roe to try it. It cbd^d all my troubles. It-relieved the indigestion, dizzipess and increased niy wei ^t 12 pounds. Since then I have' taken Tanlac in the spring. , .for continued good health." "-, Made, from, rootei barks and herbs] according to the "Tanlac formula, it helps bmld up Etrengtb, baoisb suffering ajid give good nealtb. Over 40 million bottles sold. At all ^ggists. .Mr. Cbarlcsi- FJinfc senior ^l-'T president, gave ja toast to the; Girl Reserves which! was responded to with a'toast to! the H-Y by Miss Gladys Cortner,! iretiriiig president of tbe Girl Reserves. \ Miss Dorothy Smith garei a, reading and MUs Lucile Wapierl plaved 'Hungarian," by Jffe Dowefli •• The Girl Reserves gave a stunt. "Our Ideal Boys"' dt "Bt Pays to Advertise." In this litdle playlet the various characteri8tt;8 deiiired In the Ideal boy were j each described by some well Known advertisement. Miss Bess Griffin gave two readings and "The Volga Boatnian," played by the Hi-Y instrumental trio, closed the program. . ^ [ The npenu consisted of: lEscalloped chicken Mashed Potatoes Rolls Cocoa Ice Creain mm ITS CITIZENS Father and Son BanqneM-Saccef:!!. i ^Xrs. Pleree to Coffeyrille to Attend Grand Lodge. / Beans Cake I D. W. RaxtAn »e«d. Died: At the home o^ his son on a farm near Mlklred at 2 o'clock this morning, ApHl 5, 1!I27. Mr. D. W. Ruxton in th» eighty-sixth year of his age. . ; | The foregdinR announcement <:anie to the Repi'stcr this morning liy telephone with the further' notice that the funbral "%vlll be .held on Wedbesday, April 6. at 2:30 \t. m. in the .M. E. Chuich in Mildred and that burial will follow in the •Mildred Venietery. Mr. Ruxton twas one of the pioneers of Osag^ township, having settled lliere njore than forty years UKo. He was it man of I he highest charac-ler. attending .strictly to his own business 'and ypjt with a fine public spirit wliicli -mode him a valu.'d citir.en iif i Ili« community in which In- lived so' loiiff. He is .survived by two ^-ons. 'lill and Ceorgp Ku.xlon. both living on farms tiear .Miblre'dj and by a dauKlitcr, .Mr.s. L. n. Cihsoii. of CUK. The HeKiHtcr 1IO|H-S to publish a mure fXfi'nded l)ii)Kr:iphic.-il .sketch :it a later daici ^ 4. 4. .{. 4i <. 4. i. 4. 4. ^4. 4. 4. 4. 4. * ; + REALEStATKTRANSFEttS + IiBued Daily from. Office of 4 * Tola Abstract Co. <• + + I (.Mrs. Opal Mitchell) . April I4.—The imen and boy9 are talking about the good times they jiad at the Father-Son banquet held in the high school igymnaskim Friday evening. Mr.. Charles F. Scott, of lola, gave the address of I the evening and every one seejms Mighty well please<l. with thei words of advice he so pleasantly gave. The community Is very appreciative of Jlr. Scott's generoi^ity iii giving his time when there are so many demands upon Jt- s A piano solo by Nigel ^IcDonald: vocal duet by Rayihond Price and Clarence Morrison; vocal solo by Mr. Haglund and a table talk by Harry Pennington delighted the guests. —Read about big Auction Sale .LV«!d Ford Cars on Want Ad pase. McCarthy .Motor Co. The domestic science \ clas.s under the supftvision of .Mis .s Stelle ser^'ed the banquet and the men and boys are indeed grateful to them and the mdthers who helped to make ""the \ evening a success. Mrs. W. J. Pierce left today for Coffeyvllle where she will attend grand lodge of the Woodman circle. , Oscar Fulkerson left today for Tennessee where he has employment as boiler marker. Mr. and .Mrs. Willluin Newman attended . tli»^ funeral of their ne])liew. Alviii. Stevenson. whi<-h wa.s held at | the clnirch in Bronson yeslertUiy afternoon. .Mr. Stevenson was a young man and had i)uly|l)eeii married a few, mouth -s. lie 'had been working ! "'^"'•'"K with the ll ^rriKon • construct ion "Food- an company at Bourbon. .AIo. Tiiurs- .Unv will day lie wait sent with some, other | t"'rler. men on a truck ;|t|> geti tii when reiafning the trttck \ dpwn-and the ties piled cm i4en, breaking the; Aeck of the men. causing almost &ath anjl bi'eMlng' Mr. SU^itf. son's*legs and xkmn and cniMias bis body. The filter men eadaped serious injury !an(d attendedl the funeral. Ben Rapp is moirfng to: Ft. tomorrow where be will nwk^ his home. ' Mrs. M. E. Brow 1, who i has been holding revival s trrtcesj •.• astj! the Baptist chnrch the past two w «ekB, has been asked to remain andfther week. Mrs. Brown baa been twined at the Ijloody Ii stitnfe in ej^n- gelistlcal \ ork anc gives her p^- >ieoce some splendi I sermons. jlShe spent five >-ear^ among the Ocark mountain oik anc reached tliem as only a woman caA by beins with them during t lietr daily llrork and infl lenLiing thfm'in! the llbor for better things. 9he wishes'the cooperadion of eveiy one and asks for leaders to help tbfi good work along. "There has !)eeB a goocj attendance thrbughoi t the meet ings although; the weath >r bis beeii: inclement i and > a ]aige:;<:rowd iwas present bn Sundaw evening. Mr. Pennington, superintet^det of jithe Suday .sihoolLof tfl " " L 'hurch. Bald they to be present on ning. .Mrs. JBrownl glad to help build here and! has met i^any very good ]ieopIe. .Mr. and Mrs. Tur visitCHl Shnday wltl E. W. Ujinkerton. Mrs. Hail's . motl er, expects leave toii(orrdw for " indefinite! visit. .Mrs. Opal .Mitchell, local reporter, is bajk on the Job after having been laid up neajrly two months with a bi^oken arm. -Hie LaHarpe Vaht 'Bureau *lll meet witii .Miss Jibsephine Welth Wednesd.'jy. April IB. all-day cofti- nt 10 o't^lock. Subject, .N'nlrlliil 4. VXn D.eeds II. W. .N'orlhl and wife Arminia, lo W. H. Grobmer .•5i;io;2t $l.«i». U.t 1;. Block I.' Homestead Place Addition to lola. ,1 , K. 1'. Brigham and wife .Mary, to Win. Croomi -r .T2s;27 J .'iO .oO. l..<its 1 and •'>. Block 4. lloinesteud Place.City of lola. ^ \\ Herman .lan.ssen and wife .Maud, to v.. ir. and Dora E. Arbuckle 4. 2127 Lot Block I. Brooklin Park Addition to lola. $1 .00. , ] Herhert E. Whitaker and wife Carrie H.. to M. BIan<!';he Wood 2172.'; South 37 V J feet of \M 11, Block 102, lola. 12000 .00. A Diitchi gypsy whose wife found a $20,0tn» strinp of pearls in a resident Kt.reet of AniSli-rd .Tm recently returned it to an insurance company and was asked loj name Jus own n-ward. He chose la new wagon, a horse, and a n<*w scrissor grinding machine. j DlIFFERENT! VVouldn'f you like fo have .vmii', i'0 ()m.s jn .st n little (lifftM'oht from "the common Let u.s .show .you our new and uniiiiie ideas in wall povering.s. e Presbytemn would arrange Thuirsdiy ( BT*says. she is up the ehtirch ey of Ft. Sfott Mr. and Mrs. to Indiana (or an NEWS I." .Mrs^ John he the leader.—Clab R«- •Deafon Dnbb*" / PfayV , at 0ns Sdiool HoBMi ITedne^ay . X^ht—KIdd JFamny Re./ mofe to PIqna. j .(Mrs. A. F; Holten) .GAS CITY. Apr. 4.—The play, 'rtllicoB Dubbs." will' be I given at tlte 'GiB sdiool bouie Wednesday dbn.. Aprn.6. Mr. knd Mrs. Harry Be iton and Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Holtei visited Standayj srftenioon at the home of Mr. «id Mrs. C. R. 'Carmain of lEasX. Gas.; : —^Read' about big Auction Sale Used Ford Cars on Want' Ad pag«. McCarthy Motor Co. ; j Oltft. Charles K^d and! family and ber fttber, Mr. Frank Steele, M>^at ewikj at the tarmj west of Pinua wherie they expect ^o move in the nebr: futnrel The S I. E ^.ladies will meet, at the cbiircb Wednesday afte -iioon to quilt, add attend to| other bnsinessi .Mr8.'W. Ej MurlShy. Mrt. David' Hart and bafby dauigbter Marilyn Louise, of Bast Larwn. a id ^Irs. Clifford Murpby' and. little dau.^h- ter. Lil4.Jean; of I^la, visited Sunday afternoon > at the h6m< of Mr. and Mrs. .1. EilGlffin. Misses Dorqtby and Ha:|el Ben- toaj Mr. andi^Mrs. Eli Ellsworth, and Mr. and. .Mrs. Xeslle Beeding motored, to Yatw Center Saturday, j. John.Boyer'and slAen'Mrs. Dora Wblte,returlJed'Friday from Independence, where they have been for the past week on-business. .Mr. and Mrs. Dicl^rsoa attei church at Carlyle Sunday and too! dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrsi G. R, Wlngler. . Mrs. -Hamilton and daoghte; Leota, vlsitetl^ Sunday w;lth the former's motheri Mrs. Shorter, inLa- Harpe. ; ! . % Negro Musical OoiiBM^ Thursday . night thfr^^ "bashing Dinah company, iwith a cast of 2.'>, *e at the Kettey; theater.. It is an all-negro musical-; comedy company featuring E<idie I.#mdns,. late star of JlOier & Ly'e's "Riin- ning Wild." He will preient nedf and original ethipplan jazz. T ^f^ company- carries with it) a seven- pieco jazz orchestra. I' m mm ^ Ar5 yon! one of those tmforln- iiates who snlTer with pains fii your mnscles and joints, miBlkib^ yon, miserable. less effleienli: InterferUg' with yonr working hofirs, raining your steept Ton may havetried inaBy fWags withoitt relief, why not try S.8.S.? For nl»e lhan 100 year* It has beeil giving, relief In tbonsands of cases, as testified to. In nnsollcited letters oC gratitude. -I suffered from rteumaOsm for a igood many years. At times aay joints woutd swell so, I conidn't walk. 1 tried most everything. Went to Hot Sprlngg and flnally .1 decided to try S .s;$. I toak a eonrse. la a short Ume the-rheufflatio paiUs entirely leftmc. I also bad a brca^ iai out on- lay faandis for years that notbing would .beak.-but noW: this bas disap'pearied, and I Hin ^ure that it was S.S.8. wbleb pemdved tha cansei I am now In perfect health, and want to add.that I bave tried all kinds of medleUes Diit^ I jthbilc S.S.S. is the best" Cart Cl (Sfnp- bell. y ^^est Main Streiit. lobnsoii 14^ purely vegetaWe. It is extracted from the fresh tioots of medicinal plants . and herbs and f ives to Nature what she needs in uildlnj^ you tip so that yotu! throws off the cause. S.S.S, is sold at all ^[odd stores in two sizes. TUQ is store economical. our affection as no other! vatch'ptissi- hoKi biy Idn. For Elgin is concedi^ to be thtf world's Standard for watch integrity. !kane lonc K'f :. ij :kixr lirje HKI ! ahrr Bliini jo yaii rt*-ily- Soahrrvati^ is tiered in it^intt' Tur «nMAN"« wiiirr ;>rATCif, In 1 r4-Si JT'r -.uliil white (Rid, is prictd Tto it %r :'iiriTCiitna ^l >chaflina 14. ;'ol.!-hltcJ isti* of white or crcen Sclhf .lrJ4a AS THE WATCH YOU CARRY NEW: , .WHEN ^HANS6MS kULED i THE STREET^ ? watch may never lo te a second yet be many years slow TKejowncr of such a wafch may never niss a train or an ajipointment but it is the Dne false note in hi.s motlerrt makeiip, pr^blbly the only thing he has'that stairlps him is a hit old-fashioned, a trifle bchin^l the times. And yet a new and modish Elgin can be had at a notleratc sum. Slipped into yV)urpoccet, or SI rapped on your wrist,: it ^fiH win and State of Kansas i)e.«?pferate, the Free-Soilers adopted in December, 1855, a.Freej-Soil Con.stilution, under wljich Charles Robinson was elt^eted (governor. The jeonstitution, and the election iheld under it were both repudiated by President Pierce,!who already recognized the first legislature which, ais has[ been seen, was pro- sjavery} in sympathy, and illegally jelected by pro-*lavery Missouirians who cros.sed the lines and stuffed the ballot boxes ajt the election. system drug FAITHFUL That is a word: we like es- peciaUy to apply to oiir /JCTI;- icea, .for tve. try to he faithful to the trust placed in xis try those idho ask vs to serve. Gofdrn Rvle service is\ owr 'lbjective. „ > \MfaKmKEix lOd'Myeii.WASHniciiON ' Mini Jiiiii •i i Qui an cjjorrt/Bi <j/ ttyUt ntir at rt.3te .-0 tiitrtl JU0b^-WVST1[ PIECES High Siihpdl AMitohufh, 8 p. m 'Friday, ^piil 8 Seiiti—RMerire ffiSION •tuU 'at ^erd 1 f • O FAMILY gtjobM ^ 26 years of cessful mer- chandisinsr in lola. THE HOME OF GOTHAIM: GOLD STRIPE; HOSIEltY ; Mad^m,must raatcK Your Easter Gosfume The "Kay^r" I Hc^iery in 15 new Easter 8had6s i.s' acce iery perfection. The coIors|^--,, riess after repeated washmgs. Sheer and Chiffon weights, per pair- as Hos- iirfrj^fh ON THIS #EEK / An iimtsaal offering of b^ljtiful Rasrpn lUnderwear at from 1-3 io 1-2 their resrular price—•Irregulars. ...ij

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