Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1915 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1915
Page 4
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'4 THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 2,1915. Itjr OT/aeTenty thousand R«pttbI {canB iOLAl4)AILir__ THE io|A DAIL-V nccOND AND THE wbo TOted (or him did >o for entirely UIOLA DAILY INDEX. dieffrent reasons, as everyljody linows. The admlnistration'or Governor Capper will be approv.ed or disapproved in the next election for reasons entirely diuoeiated from the tax levy. It does not follow, of course, that le public funds are to be appropriated with needless extravagance. It does follow that the appropriations Member U•\ Tb« K^uoeiatM Press. - Th* Kansas Dally Leagu The iureau of Advertlrin ' The Kansas Editorial At Th« /|udlt Bureau of Cir J'A. N. P. A. iseclation. Illations. THE HEGISTEB PITBLI. > Chas. f. Scott, Editor and IHIHG CO. Manaaer. Entered it the Tola Postoffice as Second- Class Matter. / Advertlsliiir Rates Made Known on Appll- % • . catioo. Official Paper of City oMola. j . Official Paper City of BassMt. ,j _i.,,„ made. It is as culpable on the part 'of the Legislature to^ refuse funds whlcli the public welfare demands as 8MB8CRIPTION RATES: It ig to squander money on things By Csrrisn In lola, Oas City. Lanyonvllle, , ^ CoKeiitto. LsWarpe and B.ssett. which are not necessary. The duty ^•3?**?J i? ""i! of every. legislator is to advise him- OheYear t^-^^ self ag fully as he can and then let •; BY MAIL One'YearJnslde county 12.50 .h's vote express his business judg- One Year. »ut»lde county 13.00 n^^^ anj not hi» political fears or hopes. The duty of the legislative branch of the government is to provide such funds as the business needs of the State require. The duty of the execujive branch of the government is to jsee to it that those funds arie honestly and economically ex|)ended. With these! two duties performed the administration may go before the people with a clear consctence and with lie knowledge that whether it receives tlielr approval or not It has deserved it. 1 TELEPHONES. ' Business dfflce 18 Society Reporter n J<ib and Blfidery Department 141 TilOSK lAPI'HOI'KIATlOX HILLS. . it Is very naitural that the Democratic Stiilc Seiiato shouid \opk with a lenient ifjye upon liberal nijpropria- ' tions. It equally natural that the RepUbllca^ House should be; anxious to keep t^e ligures down. Even iin election to the I.«gi8'ature does hoi al4aij8 lift: a map above the possibility di playing politics, and members of a legislative body have been known to attack an administration most severely for .^xtravagance in appropriations .which they themselves voted to make. On-jthe other hand men have been known to vote against appro- ipriatioiTs, the need of which they pri- A-ately admitted,, under the influence of an idei that "good politics" is rather to foUo^'cd than good business. These are ordinary human frailties fof which due allowance must be m^de. And making this due allowance in this present; instance, is it not entirely I likely that jthe error or both sides is about equaj, so the proper correction of it would-;be to split the difference? That difference just now appears to be about 11 .500,000. That is to say, the aggregate of the appropriation bills passed by the Senate exceeds by I a million apd a half tli^e aggregate of the House iills. Most of this difference would] appear to be made up of the sums tiUowed the State institutions by the Senate wiiich.are denied by the Hoijtse. As wc understand it, the Senate 'appropriations are practically those 4sked for by the Board of AdministraQon which has charge of the institutions, and while they doubt less are litieral, there can hardly be a question that they are extravagant. Certainly if jan error Is to be made at all in resp0pt to these mstitutions it should be ntade on the side of generosity rather-than niggardliness. The State can naiich better aJEord to spend more mone| upon these institutionf than may perhaps be actually needed than to cripple them by spending less' it is to be remembered^referring only to the slate University—that no new buildinjgs have been erected for itwo years, yith the result, that the present quarters ai'e crowded beyond, all possibili|y of really flpst THF Kllin flF nfiHTIIifi JT IQ 'Russians at Their Ruined Home in Sochaczew inC mU Ur rmnillWl II ID, ^^^^^ Germans and Foes Raged Across the Land THE TRE.VCHES jlFTKIt AX AS- 8AULT FAIKLY I»Kll' l{L(M»II. RermaD Officer Admits Thiit His Tgen Hare 5iot R<>en Out of Tiielr flotlips for Tlirce .Yfonllis. An edltoi- ought to be the last man on ejxx^h to put on an old shoe that w.-is not intended.for him. It takes big headlines to get a woman's attention during housecleSn- ing time. -No matter how far astray the weath >r mans' predictions go he always •!eeras to have plenty more. Every smooth grafter is anxious to meet the man who is ar\Yays trying to .get something for nothing. The harder a man tries to please everyone the quicker he gets * reputa tion as an avyful liar. Berlin. — (Cerrospdndence by The .\sRociated Preas). The "recipe" whlcli i captain of iandwehr troops sendk homo, in accounting 'for 'succes.s iiji jtornMng the French trenches in the Forest of Argonne is: First bombs and mines, then ourselves." ! Writing in detail of these .attacks; which occurred early in November, he gives an hitherto unpublished account of how an "anarchist" in his regiment had won the Iron Cross. "We havej a fellow in the batt -illon who is an anarchist" and he certainly understands his handiwork of throwing bombs," the captain writes. "Me has rendered us services of inca ciil- able value. Me is somowliat of] the C 'atalonlan type, but lor such work as this he i.s slmiily magnificent, lie iias won the Iron Cro .s3 and is famous mroiighout the Forest of Argonne; in fart, he is the general teacher In bomb throwing. • lie even manufactures homhs. Ho does not know what fear is. Every time when about to throw I 4ioml> lie jumps up on ^lic back of Ihr. trench, where he stands full length inA casts the missle with deadly ac- l-curarty, like an old Roman t !\rowins the iliscus. What a dare -dovll the follow is.! After such work the encniy'-s trench was actually dripping with blood—but 1 prefer to l^eeii siiouci. •ibout that. Anyway, we are able in this ivay to.liroak the courage of the Trench " Other jiassages of tlif! captain's let- tor tell of a ccMtain attack at twilight jn Novemb (^r ?,. ".Ml day long wc belabored the enemy '.vith b<|inbs an<i hand grenades, \nd our mine catapult finally sent into liis trenches a few 'sugar-loaves', of lynamite. .'Vfter the littli mine tlu; nfantry of the comi)any was to fix bayonets, dash forward suddenly and ."ush the enemy's I 'ir .st trencli; every r^lan of them thaf. resisted was to lio ;tiot or baj'onetted. l^verything passed iff. as s'bheduled. The French, quito Hupified by tlie friglitful explosion of '.he mines, sat like friirhtened rabbits 'No good housewife will 'stay in bed ind allow her husband to muss up the kitchen in getting his own breakfast. The. French Premier says that Ger- nany is already beaten. Someone should slip around and tell Germany, ihe doesn't know it. L. E. IIOKVILLK, I'ros. \y, 4 .1. H. ('A.>IIMM;M., ( A. M'. RECK, Til r-T'ros. KALF.)IA\, 2iid Vice.Pre.s. ashicr. 1'. «). lii:.\SO\, Assf, ('H.shler 10LA STAT WE CapitaP Stock Surplus PAY INTEREST ON SAFETT DKl'O.SIT IIOXK.S .1. 1>. AK.NETT, ITesidcnt .1. F. MIJll, VUc-l'resident F. COI.O.NKL i-A.\VO>. ind V This is just one home in Uussla 1 wlii"! which has boon on the firing lino bc- lwci>n tlic Oernmiis iiiid Russians ever since the,war began. Tlieso natives of Hoch.icze.w have just returned to their home after hiding in tlie woods C. Ifn. ti./wji.-, I.i ^cii ,ibi >ut tiieiii. Tlii^y l^av(! loiind jiolliing biil: a cliim- ney |)hu-e_ and tlie )iaits of \val,ls left. Their e.siiei-icnce is eomiiioii ilirougli- out l-:;isf J^-iissia and that ijart of Itus- si;i ubu.b is between Prussia and Austria. You will have to give the silent ;nan credit for not having said the uu pleasant things that have probably .lassed through his mind. The most striking thing in the present European war, according I to witnesses, is the shell from the Gernan 42-centimeter guns. i- KANSAS CLIPS AND COMMENTS Evrybody is worth while—if not to teach us what to be, t^ien at least to (each us what not to be.—Sam Wool- ird. , You needn't worry about giving the class devil his due, the devil being one of work.- If nolbuildings aVe to be erect- 'he world's greatest collectors.—Atch ed for another two years it virtually ison Globe. means that |he University of. Kansas ^ successful man is one who at- goes perinaniently in:o the class of racts so much attention in the world second rate institutions, parting cori- that people consent to abuse him.—j pany with I^ichigan and Minnesota Weaver. and yoking i|p with Arkansas and Ok- .jf stand up for all of your lahoma. If |he members of. the rightSj you»]are going to find your- islature realfy believe the people of -^elf on, someone else's cornfield.- Kansas ^uli rather Undergo this hu- ^^--Quette Tribune, miliation thab to add fraction of a gome people can't even learn by ex- mill to thei--rtax rate, thejf are cer- lerience but keep blindly butting into tainly mistaken. "There is that which ' Bcattereth aiid yet increaseth, and there! Is that| which wilhholdeth more timn is meet: and it tendelh to pover- the same mistakes time after time.- 4aven Journal. We contend that the ground hop I should be called "glie" instead of iy." Mony vk'hich Kansas spends up- "he," and in support of our contention on its great schools should be regarded as - an investment and not as an expense, for|each year they pay dividends .in t|ie way of hundreds of young men a^nd women sent >into the ranks of ouii citizenenip with vastly J reater capacity for productive actjlv- Ities than they would ot^er^^se have,. submit that she is afraid of her shadow.—Click Fockele. All kinds of names' are applied to all Jtinds of folks. Here ^re two that we have always dreaded to have ap- iHed to us, "Slowpay," and "Tightwad."—Marquette Tribune. This paper* is( no fonder''of paying high'taxes th^i anybody else; and yet A smart New York girl at Newport last summer administered a clever re buke to a blase and patronizing young Englishman. The girl over- if^has scant I respect for a legislator, heard her hostess say that she wished whose fixed idea is to make approprl- to^,introduce the BrittJn to her and ations with an eve on the tax levy the girl also caught the reply: "Very rather than oh,the public welfare. In -ej^.^ ^11 '^^^^eS' Z the first pia^^ mistaken whin or the failur^ such a legislator is he thinks, the success of an administration will be determined by the reduction or increase pf taxes; The Register ventures the broad statement that ihere never ygt was an election, state, I national or (fpunty, the result of which was d|e to tlw charge of extravagance in appropriations. The Democrats m^de extravagance one of 'the counts in ftfjeir indictment against the Republicaip party In the national catBpaign of ^1912, but who believes for a| momentithat the election of Mr. Wilson was thought about, thereby? Mr.' Hodgeg i|ade the fame issue in big campaign idn Kansas, but the six- bowed, carefully surveying him from head to foot, then quietly said 'lo her hostess: "Thank you. Now trot him back please."—Pittsburgh Telegraph. Somewhere runs this Indian legend: Many, many years ago before the white man came, the north wind roaring down from hig home met the south wind on tli«. western plains. Here he wooed and won ber. Unto •hero a child was born. A child with the wild free impetuosity and bravery [Of her father, and the beauty and sweetness of her mother. A child witli a spark^ of freedom in her brea'st; full of ideals and imagination active, yet with a love for peacfe and home. And the Indians called ber Kansas—child of the windsi—From the Kansas Day toast of W. Eugene Stanley. n their trenc les and did not venture to shew the ti )s of their noses. "Down inns!' we shouted. A few who tried to: defend thomsehes were, knocked Dvor; and a few surceetlcd in slipiiing iway in the darkness alons: their *:renches and escapin.i;. Tiie rest wc made prisoners Of course by this tinu- the French in the adjacent trenches and in tho?e furtiier toward their rear 'lad discovered what, wii.s goins on; •ind a w:is opened upon 'IS from all sides. Hut tliut was all me to lis; we were Koinn' to keep to what we had euptured. Darkness soon put an end to tlie slinotiii,;;-, and we held on to,our trench. After seiidin.!; the prisoners to the rear 1 inaugurate.! -I liight of SOUK —first the Old .VetlieC- iands Prayer [of Tlianksjiiving. then patriotic sonf,'« and old soldiers' iiiel- ndies for three long hours, it was a mild night, with tlie inull moon sliln- inp. "Our victory next day was still -rcater. Wc took three trenches, ly- ns one behind the other, made 12 .'f nrisoners, and drove the F'reiicb at 'east 300 metres back and down into a 1eep gulch. Our 'recipe' ,was ugain •he same—first bombs and mines, then ourselves. -With'a few quick tiger- bounds we were in the trench. These bombs, cast at such short distances lavc a frightful effect. We saw French arms and legs flying out of the trench, irobably 3f) feet high, ,-\nd every bomb struck home. iEven before we wsprang forward for our final storm we .saw their raised hand and heard them in their trenches so iiiteously •rying •quarter, quarter.' that our men needed scarcely to make further use of thei!• arms. Only those who tried to run away were shot down. On the following day 1 counted over .'iO dead Frenchmen between their second and third trenches. "And so it will jiroceed till we siiall have squeezed the French coiiiiiletely out of the Argonne, although they are low. defending themselves ; with the stubbornness of desperation'. But it is a frightful tedious job! The tienches luist be dug at least two metres deep. The, ground is filled with thick roots lund is very stony. With axe's, picks ind spades our men work their way oilaomely forward—even under the (ire of the cnemy< ever in danger lor their lives. The weather-is often bad, jnd it is very difficult to provision the iiien proiierly, as all the roads are ex- •losed to the enemy's artillery fire, and ,he tiansporttlble kitchens can not aii- iroacli nearer than three miles behind t!ie front. Every spoonful'of soup, every cup of water, every bit of bren<l uciist be brought into the trenches by ;iigbt and often tlirough tl'.e ilog—a '.ramp of hours. For five weeKs oi|r aien have been living here in trenches, in the open air and always under fire. Their many losses through sickness, severe wounds, or death have a de- jiressing effect upon them. They have not been out of their clothes in Ihrei- months. Their uniforms are tattered and dirty beyond description. They can take no thought for even common cleanliness. Add to this the pestilen-' tii.l odors from the niany dead bodies; in front of our trencii}>s, v.-"hich cannot he iiuried owing to the enemy's fire. 1 really have^ofteii to pity our luen from the ijottom of my leart. How iliey do look. Disease is \)i'ritten iijion fheir faces; they me al candidates for death, enersy, no grumbling, no repining. mw OF xiONEr TROOBLE-THE REMEOy BANK ....$25,000.00 .. 15,000.00 TIME DEPOSITS FOIt HKXT. .lOK .n(KI,>LKY, Ca^UUr '. .HcClain, Asst. Ciisliier e-J'rt'sidcHl We Pay Interest on Tiihe De Accounts. Safety. Dop(|)sit B( ^ - Customers. STATE SAVINGS BANK lOLA, kA.VSAS. CAPITAL .$25,000 StilRPLUS $2,500 K),sit.s- and Savings xe .s Ki 'ee to Our 11 I'.MS 1 was taken veiy .^ick wilii Kidney trouble and beiuj; afraid, 1 went til a promjueiit iiliysiciaii at liib- ertyvilb', Iowa. .Mtor doctoring for some tiuie witliout cure or relief I began the use iif Swaiiip-itoot and fwind And yet^no r'elaxation of i>""i '«'l'at''' relief. After using several. bottles wliich 1 boughL of .lericho's I have seen men at work "fall down 'l>rug Store of Fairfield, Iowa, 1 be- froiii sheer exhaustion, and upon re- came a weir man and can honestly say covering consciousness their first act that 1, have never had any signis or a was 10 reach tor their spade. They,return of any Kidney trouble. T»OS. II. now MS, President. lOLA. KA.VSA.S. Allen County State Bank .1. F. .srorr. laslihr ESTABLISHED A QUARTER work niisht and day, one .^riiiiad relieving the other. Each man has six hours o .P .sleej), six hours of guard duty in the trenches, and twelve hours buildin.g trenches and positions, .-\nd ttiey are mostly Iandwehr men or reservists-fathers of families, who have their constant worries about wife and children at home. My poor company has lost hitherto •!(! men here in this riiurder- aus forest, and 1 still have .".S uiore Tnaii bah" gone. That says iiiur< all my woids I 'ould." liiaii "NUN" SHAVES; GERMAN SPY Taken Into English Home, "She" Is Liked by Girls—Pays Death Penalty! $an Francisco.—The fate ofra German spy disguised as a Helgian nun in England was told succinctly in a letter received in San rVancisco by .Miss Alice Kubiuson from her coi;sin, Miss Ada Grant of Boston, Lin'joln- shire county, ii^ngland. The letter said in part: "Did 1 tell you that we had taken in a Belgian nua as a coihpaiiion, thougii yet Vbre taken well? One night we he-ird a noise in 'her' room, and, going! up quievly, we neekotl through I I am so .tjratef111 toward your medicine that 1 never Jiesitate to recommend it to anyone 1 know who is suffering with kidney trouble, Vours verv Inilv. .\i.\CI-: CI.IXKI.VC.KAIU), l'"air(ield, Iowa, Slate of Iowa. .leifeisou ("ouniy, ss. ~ Subscribed and sworn to bcfop^ me by llie said M;ne ('liiiUi-iihi-aril and the si,!;,iialurc ac :-iiiiwliHi.!>iMl lo Iw {ri-iUuiiie by hiiu Ihi:, l::i!i day of .luly. ). ('barbs S. ('rail. .Notary I'ublic, III and for said .('(luiity and Stale, , Letter to '; ! Dr. Kilmer <S. Co.. ' Bingli.amton, N, Y, j I'roie Whal Swauip-li.Kit Will I»o for Yoii, S( M H 1 ten cents lo i).-, Kilmer Co.. Iliiighauaou. .N. Y., for u sample si/e bottle. It win convince! aiiyoi!«. '^'oii will also receive a booklet of valuable information, tellin.ic about the kidneys ami bladder. W'.'.eu writing, be sure and mention the lola Daily Re,';, l-ie.i^ular .'')c and $ size bottles for sale at all druK stores. Capital .. Surplus .. Deposits . INTKIJKST PA»!) OX IMF i>j;,s. SAFFTV I>KI' OF A CENTURY $ .30,000.00 . 60,000.00 . ^ 550,000.00 >SIT UOXKS FOU KENT Nor thru p National jBank lOLA, KANSAS. OVFIf FOIM'Y YKAIJS COVSKftVATU l>'(ory for (he Fnilt-d States, (lie Slale of (»FFI( FU.S. v.. ,1. Mir.LEI}. President. I.. 1 A .\()K'rillU:i', Viee-i^resf. MKI.VI.V ] .1. I.. .\()Sl CAPITAL $50,000.00 SI INTEREST PAID ON TIMli ItAMilXJ IV lOi.A., and Allen County liO.VK. trashier. .S, Assislilut ("a.shier. RPLUS .$20,000.00 DEPOSITS. PKAIKIF irVI.L. (.Mrs, Frank .Myers,) Mar, 1,—On account- of lln roads not many got out to sei-vices Monday, Do not forget lo come lo llu supper at theJfall Friday night. ; and Mrs, ; urday. bad Reinetnl! Good Work of Aviators. In all of his reports General French lias laid stress upon the great service the transom, and what we saw I shall I rendered by the aviators in ascertain never' forget. There was the 'sj-ster' in a German uniform, shaving, "My sister phoned for the police, and after a struggle the man was arrested. A little later a shot was heard that announced the last of him. Our feeling are bclti-r imagined than described, for we had really got to like the 'sla­ ter."' 178 PEERS IN BRITISH ARMY List Includes Eight Dukes and Ten (Marquises— Two Earl« Are Prisoners. London. —One hundred and seventy- eight peers are servin^' in the British o my, including eight dukes, ten inar- qrisea, si.\tyoae carls, twenty-two viscounts ari seventy seven baron .-i, •The earl of Annesley, Viscount Hawarden and Lord Congletui have been killed in battle, and the duke of Box- burghe, the marquesses of .\orthamp- ton and Tweeddale. the earl of I^even and Lords Gerard and Somera have b"en wounded. The earls of Erne and Stair have been taken prisoaers by the Germans ing the moves of the enemy as soon as they start to make them. The reconnoissance work they have performed lias been invaluable. According to the official statement of the British war office, their aviators are covering an average of 2 ,000 miles a day. P.iirliniiton liepublican: .Mr.-?. .1. \V. Tiiimcs was the victim of a veryiiecu- liar accident Friday night and while she was hurt bad enough, she is lucky that it was 1io worse. Slu; turned on the electric light in the bath room while standini; on the rcgi.ster with her bare feet, and instantly received a se\ero shock wliicli knocked l\er down, biirni'd her fingers where shf> touched t\u) lam|) and also spared the bot- tcnis of her feet with the design of the register. In fallin,!;, Iter head stiucl; against sonietliing and cut it. Dr. ThiiiH!.-. hear.l j:er cvry and ran tr. iHM-, finiiin .i; hi r unconscious but she seoii recovered, lie al first thought a liurular liad struck her on the head, Imt^wheii tic s!iiell«l the burned flesh he iwah'zed what i had happened. .A l^,•.y^•ician was summoned immediately ah I she i.e; now getting along nicely and soon will be entirely over the effect of tile siiock, . dies bring iiies and cvcryon( and bear the program, Mr, and Mrs. Van Camp and family spent Sunday at the J, A, Cress home and ."Mr. and Mrs. Myers and Gladys called in tlie afternoon^ The ladies had a jileasant time at .Mrs. Ivclley's stile and made $12.7.5. Mr, and Mrs, lid- Boyer visited Mrs. Boyer's motllier and brother in Elsmore last week. Miss Florence Round was the guest of Miss Bess Williams Sunday. -Mr. and Mrs. Wess Smart and Helen spent Sunday at Joe Griffith's. Mr. and .Mrs. Ed Boyer went to .Mo van Friday and were guests of Mr. church ! day I ..I. . pie U'illiams l.a- Stanley ivr, the l>ie Rupper next Fri- nightL j • W, Gpllett took dinner with'Tip •Sunday. Selliuan, of LaHariie, came comciout to Frink Myers Friday night toi work Sat fered, Frank > day to bri the countr Glayds You can what you what you .N'ews, George Anderson till Sat- rday but the storm inter- yers went to I..;iHarpe Mon ilg his mother and sister to y for several days visit, tlyers stayed with Mrs. Cress Thursday while Mrs,'Myers at tended the sale. News is very scarce mis week. Any iteihs'givei to us at any time will be ratefully accepted. , tell more about yourself by think of others than by ihiiik of yourself.—Lyons i)0 €to^ Now A^ee On Ecz^ jRemedy Confirm the Statements About D. D. PrescriptlMi Geo, T. Rlch.ird8on. M. D.: "In my ©pillion D. V. V. should be applied In ttll cases of akin disease—an Immediate relief to the Itch, a calm to excited nerves, soft, soothing, yet a powerful aifent, a atrensth to the genaral system. * „ Dr. Unna Holmes: "D. D. D. Sa k* near a spcclflc for eczema and th'e dreaded psoriasis as Is quinine for malaria. I constantly pr «8orlb» P. D. P, also for salt rheum, tetter, barber** Itch, pimples, all forma ot ltchln( eruptions, acales, aorea." Dr. Ira T. Qabbert: "I frealy admlti that D. D. P. reachaa .all caaas oil •eaama. and parmanaatly eura* %h»m^ Pr. Oabbek of CaldwalL Kaaaaa, la one ot two biat akin apecUItaU IBUS and aak him It you ara affaotad wltk uur mUtm emlsh. 9vt\ the allfhtaat. or a Urn- irary rash,lry b. P. P. today * All druKKlita haadla b. IT jb.l M* statj.^Wrl^a blem porary All drum 60o and |1. {Coma to oa ani offer you thi flrat full ataa the vuarantfea that nnlaaa what la olalniad. It coata you Burn^H 's Drug Store SHOE POUS For the Easiest, Quickest, Most Lasting Shine—Choose 2 in 1 Shoe Pc "Easy-Opening" Box. AU I)ealers, lOdi per Box. THE F. F. DALLEY CO.. LTD. BUFFALO. N. Y. H A M I LTO N, CjA N. Vi

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