Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 22, 1959 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1959
Page 8
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American Heritage: too Much Food and Not Enough Dieters Rr ttARP PANNE1, NEA Staff Correspondent NKW YORK - <\F,.V - Ac- rordinp to the best authorities available — doctors and corn- rprf _ this country is paying two mimrnsf prices for living off thr tat of the land. They are: 1. Most American!! are — or rnould be — on diets. 2 Successful dietinc \f almost impossible — there seems In be a nationwide conspiracy against it_ Time* Herald. Carroll, la. Thursday, Oct. 22, 1959 Nmv. the medical literature on your doctor's shelf reports that our national eating habits are in larcc part plaguing us with diabetes, gall bladder trouble, heart ailments. co- Mis. hypojZlycemia. gastro-intrsti- tia! disturbances, ulcers and overweight In addition, biologists are forg : Business & Professional Directory W. L. WARD D.S.C CHIROPODIST FOOT SPECIALIST 215 N. Csrroll St. Office 9782 Horn* 9587 Dr. N. D. Schuli DENTIST 822 N. Main Sf. Phone 2528 DR. M. J. HALL DENTIST 207 East Sth St. Dial 9774 ing a strong chain that links cholesterol <a fat-like substance in the Mood 1 to hardening of the arlor- irs and its result; to coronary bear! attacks. i So widespread is this problem that a report in the .Journal of the American Medical Association ! finds: Ihp niics'' 0 " is not who has it. but rather how much of it docs 'he have. In New York at this writing, Dr. Norman Jolliffp of the f'ity's Department, of Health is i conducting a fivp-year diet experi- ! inept on fiOO men to curb choles- ; terol count — and thus heart dis- ! ease. And so if is not surprising to hear many internists explain that the art of medicine in America today has become largely the art. of inducing people to get on — and slay on — diets: low salt, low fat. low starch, low residue, low cholesterol, bland or s A! Boss Speciatlting In livestock Farm Auction* Dial 2363 — Carroll <JJ »'«» tl "M •»«*>»• ** Contact- Lens Specialist Dr. 0. M. O'CONNOR, Optometrist VISION SPECIALIST — COMPLETE VISION SERVICE DIAL 3318 Ground Floor Office Next to Ellerbroek'i CLOSED THURSDAY AFTERNOON DR. JOHN E. MARTIN OPTOMETRIST — COMPLETE VISION SERVICE OVER WOOLWORTH'S - PHONE. 9709 CONTACT LENS SPECIALIST For your convenience, there I* an elevator located at the northwest corner of the Woolworth building. Dr. H, K. RICHARDSON, Optometrist Corner 5th and Main Sts. DIAL 9687 CLOSED THURSDAY AFTERNOONS CARROLL CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC DR. R. A. HEESE Complete Chiropractic Health Service Dial 3402 — Koepko Building Ralph M. Crane ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 51614 N. Adam* Sti Dial 3161 Dr. J. G. Donovan CHIROPRACTOR 410 West 3rd St. Office — Dial 3716 Residence — Dial 2283 Well, the proof of this pudding is in the not-eating Consequently. diet aids have become a mtilti- 1 million dollar pharmaceutical industry. One low-cholesterol mar- j gerine. sold only in drugstores and advertised only to doctors, has '< sold almost a million pounds in its first year of sales. j And it will be a black month indeed when the ladies' magazines appear without a diet and or a doz- 1 en easy-to-follow-rules for losing i weight. i But in spite of prescriptions, sub- Ucriptions and nagging backache, j a close inspection of the scene j shows that the only weight lost is Jin the pockethook. "The pressures to get off the diet," one internist told me. "are almost unbearable." He is Dr. Henry Shapiro, and he has given i considerable thought and study to I the plaguing topic: why do diets tail" i He lists magnificent fond adver- I tising, low - cost-and-quick-cooking ! methods in most, restuarants, tra- I ditions of rich-and-appealing cooking in better restaurants, and time as the biggest demons for businessmen. "The busy man is on a tight. schedule." he says. "He sits down and is presented with bread and butter and a drink: calories, cholesterol and the pressure of not wanting to be different from his dining companions." Dr. Jolliffe adds another pressure: the warm-hearted, eager. easily-offended American hostess. "If a dieter can resist temptation in a restaurant," he told me, "he j is hard-put to resist a hostess at : a dinner party, He just won't risk \ hurting her feelings. My advice to | him: eat a small portion; mess ! the rest up; and keep talking." i Even under closely-controlled i conditions — institutional dining rooms — the picture is just as bad. One recent A.M. A. report on a hospital kitchen experiment describes the high cholesterol content "1 HOPE YOUR food Isn't too appetizing, we're on diets." in food prepared even under ex- r- pert supervision. Most frightening are the recently released results of autopsies on Korean War casualties — average nge, 22. Hardening of the coronary arteries, the. forerunner of coronary heart attacks, was already i Mitchell Plans To Recommend T-H Act Changes WASHINGTON UP) - Secre- Questions, Answers On Social Security Arrangements have been made uith the Des Moines office of the Social Security Administration to answer questions of Daily Tjmes Herald readers about their old- age, survivors and disability insurance. Answers of general interest will he published in this column. Personal questions will be answered directly by the district office. Write the Daily Times Herald. Carroll. la., or the Social Security Administration District Office. 910 Grand Avenue, D e s Moines 8, Iowa. QUEStlON: I am drawing benefits for myself and my three chit- oren on my deceased husband's social security account. My mother came to live with us when we got married and my husband was her only source of support until he died. Since then she has been getting an old-age pension. Since he furnished her support, can she get benefits on my husband's account, too' ANSWER: No. Parent's benefits are payable on the account of a deceased worker or self-employed person (provided certain qualifications are met), but there is no such thing as a mother-in-law's benefit. QUESTION: 1 work for a local hospital and receive some meals file a form with the Internal Revenue people if their help is to be covered by social security and this church hasn't, so my $10(1 wages v;ould not. be under social security. Would I have to count my church wages in figuring my $1.200 limit? ANSWER: In figuring your earnings for our $1.200 earnings limit you count all your earnings from employment and self-employment, whether or not covered by the Social Security Act. Your church earnings would count in figuring your total earnings for the year. Homecoming W.L to Honor Wanda Sifford -•*--.' • ' ' r » i t r^nf-'it-ll' 1 lUol/liai cuiu iv^\-^i»v- uw*i •*.• ...x-«»^ underway in 77 per cent of the tary of Labor .James P. Mitchell > [rom (he hospita j in addition to cases. i said today he plans to recommend | cflsh es _ Do , nave lo count In the, end, Americans - forks , changes in the Taft-Hartley ia w si, lie va i ue O f these meals in figur- poised — face a dilemma that sci-(national emergency provisions re-1 ; my )olal socjal secur jt y earn- once can describe without being j Idling lo strikes. These provisions 1 ..^ ( ' Qr (he year? pble to solve: i have now been invoked in the ' Food is necessary to life; but!,steel strike. appetites are taught to us in the j The main change he wants, dining rooms of our youth. I Mitchell said, is to "give the By and by we have to unlearn j federal mediation and conciliation Meyers & Tan Creti ATTORN EYS-AT-L AW Practice in all courts. Abstracts examined. Estates settled. Iowa Land Service Company Farm Management Farm Records V. Stuart Perry — Dial 9883 ROBERT S. MORROW CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Audit*, Systems and Tax Accounting 100 West Fifth Street — Carroll, Iowa DR. R. J. FERLIC, M.D. 117 West 7th - Carroll, lowq Office Hours: 9 to 12 — 1 to S General Practice — Obstetrics — Fractures — X-Rayi PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office Dial 4120 Home Dial 3408 R B, MORRISON, M.D. 117 East 6th St. - Carroll, Iowa General Practice—Obstetrics Fractures—X-Rays PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office Phone 3543 - Home 3630 Carroll Medical Center PAUL L. PASCOE, M,D. Surgery and Diseases of Women and Children * Obstetrics r Infant Feeding J. V. SULLIVAN, M.D. Diseases and Surgery of the Eye Glasses Fitted A. REAS ANNEBERG, M.D. Medical and Surgical Treatment of Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hearing Aids WALTER A. ANNEBERG, M.D. Surgery and Diseases of Woman and Children Obstetrics Infant Feeding PAUL A. ANNEBERG, M.D. Surgery and Diseases of Kidney, Bladder, Prostate and Rectum J. R. MARTIN, M.D. Surgery and Diseases of Bones and Joint* Including Fracture* JAMES M. TIERNEY, M.D. - Internal Medicine JOE T. McKIBBEN, M.D. - General Surflery DIAL 3557 our appetites — a process called ' service the right to ask the presi ANSWER: Yes. QUESTION: I am a farmer and I have paid farmer's social security tax for 1955, 1956, 1957 and 1958. f have not done any other work covered by social security dieting — in the face of seductions i dent to appoint a board of in-; and j had g st ,. 0 k e on j u i y 17 O f to splurge. .quiry. a board to clarify the! |hjs whjch , ef( mv ^ side The result: off-again, on-agam! issues" at any time during the'. para jy Zec | i am getting my work diets — a process more deadly to i mediation process, perhaps even rfnne « nJow by cus t orn n j re ' and 1 the body than being too thin or before a strike occurs. ' . . . too fat. •D o yo m 73 U? S ^ =1 V! U, N. Indirectly Condemns China on Tibet Aggression By TOM HOGE UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. At. present, the secretary said, Hcrnld Vcn-n Pervlrp) WALL LAKE - The entire Wall Lake community, as well as the Wall Lake High School, will center this year's homecoming activities in paying honor to and in complimenting Wanda Sifford. Miss Sifford retired from leaching in May. 1959. after 47 consecutive years, of which the last 25 years were in the Wall Lake High School. Recognition will be made during the day with a breakfast, a high school assembly in the afternoon, a dinner at 6 p.m. in the Presbyterian Church an in (he high school gymnasium following tho football game. The dinner will include former instructors, out-of- town guests and present members of the faculty. It is the hope of the planning committee that many Wall Lake High School alumni, who were students of Miss Sifford will be present at the activities. Khrushchev and De Gaulle Will Meet PARIS <AP> — France has a* vised her Allfcs officially thai 'president Charles de Gaulle ha§ invited vSoviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to visit him and Khrushchev has accepted, informed Western circles said today. Only the date remains to be fixed, these sources said. They added they thought the meeting would take place in the next few i weeks. Word of a possible meeting between Khrushchev and De Gaulle began circulating in Paris Wednesday. So far there has been no announcement by the French government. But neither has the i government denied the reports. 1 De Gaulle's government said ! Wednesday it favored an East! West summit conference, in principle hut not until next spring. There was wide speculation that De Gaulle has had the Khrush- , chev invitation in mind for some i time and wants to get in the visit , before the top level East-West 1 meeting. Thus De Gaulle would have the opportunity of a pre-summit per- i sonal contact with the Soviet Premier just as President Eisen- : hower and Prime Minister Mac. millan have had. U.S. apparel 'excluding dept stores' sales hit $ in 1958. To show — and sell — their I latest styles, national apparel man- ufactuers invested $R,R1B.OOO in daily newspapers last year. Consider- I ably more was spent by local re- I toilers, who know (heir customers I "shop" the ads before going out to buy. did all the work myself until I had | my stroke. I expect my profit this , - . . i . . 1**J OH v»J»v.> i vn'f-'v-" ••«»; /•the President has no right to ap- , 0 be about $2i40 o, so will point such a board until a national have reporlable earnings for this emergency has been reached be- year , plan to fiie a disability ap- cause of a strike. | plication j n the near future and I The fact finding board named am wonderin g what is the earliest by the President under Taft-Hart- month l could posE i b i y get disabil- ley in the steel strike noted with j j( cnec ks? .. ... Dismay that after months of col-j ANSWER: you forgot to tell us —The United Nations Wednesday i Active bargaining, and more , how old you are bllt assu ming night indirectly condemned Red' months of strike, the two sides j (hat you are a i rca dy old enough China for violating the ba'sic rights of Tibetans but the U.S.- backed move lacked important support from nearly one-third of the 82-nation General Assembly. The assembly voted 45-9 to approve an Irish-Malayan resolution urging respect for the fundamental rights of the Tibetan people to determine their own way of life. Twenty-six nations abstained from the balloting, including Great still were not able to define all of the issues. Mitchell spoke in a taped inter- to draw disability insurance benefits (between 50 and 65 years of age i it appears that you could not ,-iew on NBC's "Today" television [ be el j gib ] e to fj raw benefits for any program. DOUBLE DUTY POINT PLEASANT. N. J. <AP>Many party fishing boats are get- t month earlier than April. 1960. This is because you must, serve a six-month waiting period before disability benefits are payable and riaiiv uaiuy IIOIIIUCL uuuia a* v> £ v '-i> i - . , , , .ing double use these days as skip- i because the waiting period cannot r-ers take advantage of the popu-1 he g' n before lhe monthj yo " , ac ' of the romantic moonlight i quire disability insured status the daylight sports-'Your qualifying 20th quarter of Britain. France and Belgium The ; man has departed the boats are , coverage will apparently be earn- three U.S. allies voiced strong , washed down and lhe scaling knives ed in October. 1959. so this will sympathy for Tibet s plight but _ A] , jg mgde ready for a be the first month of your waiting they insisted Tibet is part of Red boatload of hand-holding couples, ; period. China, and that the U.N. has no with lhe s ^ip pet . serv jng as chap- QUESTION: I am getting social right to interfere in the internal , erone Qne skipper remarked security payments of $73 per -„-=..- ., __,:._- i r Activities Planned by F. B. Young People Carroll County Farm Bureau Young People are planning several activities in the near future. Thursday night, several are serving at. the annual Farm Bureau meeting at the Starline Ballroom. Next Tuesday. Oct. 27, a district skating party at the Parkview Roller Rink will be followed by lunch. Two carloads of t.he members expect to attend the state I convention Nov. 13, 14 and IS at the 4-H camp near Boone. In addition, some will attend an area meeting at Denison, with the voting delegates including Jean Schweers and Bob Potlebaum, with Walter Gross as an alternate. Tentative plans have been made for a bowling tournament. affairs of nations. The Peiping regime made clear in advance that it will disregard "There's some similarity in our day and night experiences. The only strike some unlucky Lotharios month and my farm profit will be about $1,000 if I sell my summer pigs before the end of the year. I the resolution. "We will carry on i get is a slap from the unme [ti n g have a chance to work as janitor the revolution in Tibet to the end, no matter how madly the imperialists howl," declared the Panchen Lama, the Communist-appointed ruler of Tibet, in a speech in the Chinese capital Wednesday. Only the Soviet bloc voted against the mildly worded resolution. The resolution did not mention Red China or the charges that it crushed an anti-Communist uprising in the Himalayan land last spring. But the two-day debate that preceded the vote resounded with condemnation of Peiping. girl friend. for a church which doesn't pay so- They look almost as sad," he ; cial security tax on help and they said, "as the fisherman who hasn't I would pay me $100 per month. I had a nib'ble all day." I understand that churches have to REMAINS SAME Soccer is considered the purest | form of football. Originated in i Sparta in the days of ancient | Greece, the game today is almost j in exactly the same form as it was then. RCA-VICTOR RADIOS The HOVOBO-, RCA Victor 1 * excluiiva new High-T Circuit and Speaker provide dramatically improved performance. Economical operation on inexpensive flajMigM batterie*. Non-breakable "IMPAC"* cat*. Mod«4 ML Only $ 34 95 (Less Batteries) SPORRER'S TV&APPLIANCES PLENTY OF FREE PARKING 9th & Salinger — Dial 9513 reasons why you should put your car on a pair off Goodyear winter tires •.. 1 Unused *par» • traded ^ 2. unu on 2nd tire „ - v^, A^^rOiS^,:^ , :.4<;\ Vv^/ri ^»»^^r... -< T 7 iWj^«1\ ^$&^MF 0«ii ^, ^^^\ *^ ^.^j*?'. vis^yiftr:.. •" if|> RAYO N SUBURBANITE WINTER TIRES, GOOD/YEAR Trade today for safer winter driving with a pair of the tires that bite through snow hub-cap deep. no* mm ^^ *(0(tMv ^H ^^K fio Sin 6.70 x 15 blockwoll tube- typ* plui tax and recappable tire _ „ AUo available in W Terms as low at $ j xe for new, ^l 50 weekly! compact car$ MOftt «e*| MM ON OOQWEAt flfttt THAN ON AN* OTHft KJW* Paul & Wayne's SKELLY SERVICE East on Hiwoy 30 - Phone 9161 Where, you're going in life is more important than where you are which is more important than where you started. OVERWEIGHT Available to you without a doctor'! prescription, our drug called ORDI- NEX. You must lose ugly fat In 7 days or your money back. No strenuous exercise, laxatives, massage or taking of so-called reducing candles, crackers or cookies, or chewing gum. ODRINEX Is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. When you take ODRINEX, you will enjoy your meals, still eat the foods you lik«, but you simply don't have the urga for extra portions because ODRI- NEX depresses your appetite and decreases your desire for food. Your weight must come down, because as your own doctor will tell you, when you eat less, you weigh lest. Gat rid of excess fat and live longer. ODRINEX is sold on this GUARANTEE: You must lose weight within 7 days or your money back. Just return the package to your druggist and get your full money back. ODRI« NEX costs $3.00 and Is sold with thlt strict money back guarantee by. 1 RETTENMAIER DRUG STORE, CARROLL. Mall Orders Filled. M ME? I'm doing the dishes Nothing very surprising about that. Her electric dishwasher is doing the job automatically. 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