The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1915 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1915
Page 3
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^ Remember that tomorrow Jnesday) is the kit day erf tbe Big Nine Cent Sale. Come now; th^ store is full of bargains:-^: >: Richardson^^ Allen County's Greatest Departmient store'/ CanoD City Co&t To klldse up StocKi While it Lasts—Delivered at ^ I6JU) Per T 4|' Jola Ice, Cold Storage & i J ^uel Comitaiiy PliOBe 116 Frank Biddle, Mgr. -I Card of T\M^K ' We wfab to tbank the jieighbors and frlenxlB wlio so kindly ajslsted iia during the lUnesB and death of my wife, Ro^a McColor; also tor the beautiful flofal offerlngB.—T. H.'McCoIor. DOX'T BE MISLED. loin Citizens Slioald Kend and Heed This AdTije. dangerous and Mr. and Mrs. Georgg Grimm, of Col- UnevIJle, stopped here; today for a ahiirt visit with friends; They are on thefr way home from Rich Hill, Mo., I- . u i:. . MMK. „ r>n where they went to attAid the funeral Mr. Moot had. Foster-Milburn Co.. of -Mrs. Grlmm-B brother. Props., Buffalo. N. Y. Kidney trouble >B often fatal. Don't experiment with something new and untried. Dee a tested kidney remedy. Begin with Doan's Ki'dnev Pills. Used In kidney troubles 00 yeara. Recommended here and everywhere. The following statement Jorms convincing proof. P. Mpot, 408 S. Main St., LaHarpe, Kas., says: "My kidneys were weak and I had backache^ and rheumatic pains. The kidney secretions were irregular in passage and closed much annoyance. Not until I used Ooan's Kidney Pills was 1 benefited. They gave rac such great benefit tliat I have had no further need of a kidney medicine." Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy—get Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that MEM CITY IS Mr. MM Mn/tniA 9ee, of Oklahoma, are here for a visit with Mr. ^'s jwreqU, Mr. and Mrs. R. w. See, of 712 North Jefferson strMt.^en and iter little son. Robert, went to' Geneva this afternoon tor a visit of several weeks with .Dw parenU. iira'! J. W. Primmer .will leave to- Bi()it for ilouBton. Texas, for an extended vlBi .t with her daughter. -—jaarqline at'the Palace Oarage now for ll cents. W. B. Ralston ^as in Wlnfleld yesterday attending a meeting of general anperintendenta of ,the Santa Fo. Mrs: W>«W. iialiiiiKer and her three children have gone to Chanute for a short visit witti,h^r sister. . —Exchange your Old Furniture and S,toves for New at Ed Heunlnger's Stove Store. . -Lawrence Fisher, of Kansas City, is here for a visit with his inotliev, Mrs. Tom O'Donald. Mrs. Dick Busligens Is spending (he afternoon in Chanute with her sister, Mrs. Clayton Teats. Theatre TOBFIOHT ROSEMARY THEBY In "THE A^CCUSAtlOS" (Two Parts) -THE RUSTLER OUTWITTED" (Frontier) -HOT STUFF" ' (Joker) ToioRROW "The-Law of the Range" (Thrjee Part Western Fe'ature) —J. W. Rickman, Phone B8; Papftr Hanger. m Tomorrow (Wednesday) Afternoon, March 3 At 1 oclock, I shall ol !i-r for sale at PiiMic Auction at my place, 2 mUeft Hoath of lola on the Ilunilioldt road and % of a mile east, the foUpwItig property: Two cows, 1 Jersey fresh in a few days, the other soon; 1 black driving horse. 1 bjiggy and single harness; chickens; .ducks; household furniture, including chiffonier, sideboard, sofu, lilirary table, range, etc., and inany smaller articles. TERMS: All gums under |10 dollars cash. On all sums of $10 and over credit will i[e given on approved notes at !) months, bearing interest at the rate,of 7';; per annum, i'/c discount for cash. I FighyiiF Is Contianally (iloing on in , the Kuhurhti and Ott Mlnatlon Is Veiy Bad. (By the AsnoclBt'ed PTPRS) , -Mexico City, Mar. 1.—Suburbanites, who nuoiber nearly a quarter ihiUion of people are seeking lodgeihei^ts in the city with tiie result that provisioBs arc still more scarce and iliigb-prlced than they have been. During the fight ing in tiie suburbs between the forces of Zaputa and the Carrahzamen, the modern system of electric car Jines which link the capital to its six principal, suburban towns : has lltgraUy been shot to pieces. The suburbanites are thus cut off from their business in the city, un dare also in danger if they remain at home. The fighting has been of the most indefinite character with the contend ing, forces occupying and reoccupying villages at intervals some times as shortly separated aa the rising and the setting of one sun. , The difficulty the soldiers have In distinguishing friend from foe is illustrated t)y a recent incident in the suburb of Coyoacan. A party of Carranza men w^o had dismounted in the main plaza encountered some loungers who were not recognized as Zapatistas. A friendly conversation was commenced and continued until someone suspected the identity of tiie lounscers and challenged them. The answer rang back "Viva Zapata"! With that rifles were brought into play .and the plaza was strewn with dead from both sides. Reinforcements arriving for the Carranza men, the Zapatistas were finally driven to the ^'oods. TWO HONBREO MEN OROWNEB -E. J. Hoch s.. ^. Jl /arm, Hi mHen vent And I Brtp «f lie i&rtSW-PldMa, Ml " • ~SSk I thTwiawlig dwribed »rop.rtyi & HEAD H09^S AKD Xl'LES. 1 bay .mule, 10 iears old,, wt. aijout KKWibs.; 1 3-year-old brbwd gelding, wt. iboxii lOoa IbJ.; 1 2-yiear-old bay geldfng: 1 «xtra ^od roan horse, single driver,. 4 years old, dbub'le galted. (by ludce hme)i wt. 1150 lbs.; i biy borsf, II years old, broke single or douMe, wt.. about^ 900 lbs. i 17 HEA^ICATTLE. $ faead^of cpw^. 1 .fresh, 1 willj be fresh soon: 2 cojiaing 2 -year-oId heif* ' era, ext^'cood O^s.'S J^earling calves. 1 yearllQc bull: t Buckling calf. These cattt^ ai^c «II li^ good ahaija. leatfHiiMwt. 129 lbs. each. J.WP1E.WEATS, ETC. 2 cultivators. 6 -sbovel spring clip, Jenny Lind walking, and I'-abovel riding; 14-in. sulky plow; 12 -in. Emerson gang plow; 14 -in. walking plow; Buckeye wheat drill; Deering mower;' Mc- Cot-mick mower; 8 -tt. cut Deering binder with truck; .Black Hawk corn planter. 80 rods wire; 2 -section harrow; disc harrow; band com sheller; S'^ in. broad (ire wagon; 2 narrow tire wf^gons; «(et dump hoards; 2 bay fram^: top buggly, pole and ahafts; he>. grindstone: 2 sets single djrivln^ harness; set dquble' driving Eariieas': 2 sets double work harness; 20 bu,.6f Early Ohio potatoes; large quantity com fodder; a few dosen chickens and sQ^e household spods. ~«tc. Catranxa Soldiers Caught In a It'aler Main and Drowned Like Rats -Mexico City.—(Correspondence of The Associated Press). Two hundred men of Generial Obregon's command were drowned in the water main leading out to the suburban sources of Mexico City's water supply in a recent attempt Jto get to the rear of the Zapatista forces. When the Zapatistas were comr pelled to evacuate the capital a few weeks ago; they retired to the suburb of Xochimiico and seized the sources of the city 's water supply, making the capital dependent oh artesian wells and a small reservoir in a park near Cliapultepec Castle. The unflfllahed sewers, due to the fact that a scajrcity of water made it unwise to use it for anything than drinking purposes, ser lously nkenaced the health of the, city. General Obregon made many attempts to recapture the main wurcea of the water supply In the old Indian town of Xochimiico, but all of them were repulsed by Zapata 's men. A daring raid was finally decided upon, for which General Obregon detached 200 of his men. He ordered them to drop into the mains which had long been dry. and to attempt to travel through th^m to an opening at the rear of the Za>- pata's main position. A spy informed tlie latter general of the ruse and after tlie men had been allowed to travel some distance in the maina, the full force of the water was turned on. drowning the invading force to a man. A. E. Gibson lias returned home from a business visit in Wichita where he has been since Saturday. Miss Grace O'Brien, of Humboldt, who came, to spend the week end with Miss Florence Mcl..ean, returned home this afternoon. —Rugs, Rugs, Rugs. Over 100 new floor Rugs at Ed Hennlnger's Furniture atoi'e. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Olson iiave gone to MOran for a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Alderman. Money to Loan —On farms. R. ft. Cunningham, office State Savings Bank. Mr. And Mrs. H. Harri.s and daughter Ruby went to Ceiiterviile, Kas.. to visit relatives until Friday. It was reported today that Miss Etulia Long, of Gas City, is ill with diphtheria. —Dr. 0. L. Cox. HpecIalUt, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Miss Rosa Threat of Parsons camo today for a visit with lier aunt, Mrs. Mary Ross. —Attorney John W.> Brown has opened offices in the Stf^»son building where he will be pleased to receive those desiring professional services. J. D. Moore went to Burlington today to help his daughter, Mrs. R. E. Moore and her three children to move. Tli'ey are coming to lola to make their home. Hog Market Lower— Ho Is Pork; at Roberts'.. —Hams 11c; sides lOV&c; shoulders lOVtc. Delivered lola, Gas City and LaHarpe. Other stations F. O. Phone 73, Ga.s. Rev. O. p.. Mooniaw returned this morning from Kansas City, where he spent yesterday attending a meeting of the ministers of the Christian Churches of Kansas City and vicinity. The most important event of this meeting was the hearing of a report of a Christian Church Commission which Kag Jiist returned from a world tour during w 'hich they visited the battle- flelds of Europe and the church. stations in China. .lapan. and the Philippines. While in Kansas City Mr. Moomaw also visited four lolans who sire ill in the Swedish hospital. They are Mr! J. E. Firestone. Mr. Upton, -Mrs. G. W.' Thompson, and Mrs. L. Brad- flield, and all of them are rapidly recovering. Two Reel Fixture "THE ME.^ACiSW FAST" Beauty Feature "la th« Vale of Sorrow" "DUB MUTUAL GIBL" Meets James Montgomery Fiagg at h-ANY SBkt— 54^ TOXORROW "EXPLOITS OF EtAL\E" MatlBM Sc. -OF^ALE—All sums Of $10 and under, (^sb in hand. On all sums */SLf V^^? "'.^^^ will bo given. purchaaer>v^g nirto with ap^ \^t'^H^^l^P' '?te^«t.Jrom;aate If prfdwffen»due:"5 aoTpidd due to Aifw iQjfc ironi date of sale. 4% discount for ciih on^redit No property to be removed from premfsM untri^wtUed w»T,|ci.rkr Mi%.JoluiMiirohy LUNCHiON QROUNDS. ILL, HE KILI^ SELFI Farmer 3ieiir Ft. j9e«tt Ballet; Ft. Scotf, Kas., Ibir. S^r^ron Shaf fer, aged e4 ,'-Ilvlng'at .FuUon, twelve miles north of- thir city , committed suicide yesterday nohilBg, Shatter planned his death with much coolness aiid deliberation. He,,aro !|e ^s'usual, and coming doivh /to .breakfast .he took a ahot giin Vk'^ch w^i-.lying oB: the table and-pointing the barrel 'pf 't his heart, aat in a chair, and pulled the trigger. The discharge ehteretl his body below the heart. He lingered perfectly coapiiious;. for two houra before .death eiiiiie. During this time ha JEalled. neab ^ra of iiis family to Ms deiMi b«4;«ad piuiiMl and arraacfid bla liuanUi ;Wun|iig tho: Shsifer Is^^misln«L -]^i iT.'Shaircir.- Ae leares four el MM OMW taail WaUM '^aETS -IT!" 2 Baooadi, 8 Dnpt-^Corai Yanish ! For everybodjr with corni), there.l* ID •vvk'jr drat storH In tli« Isnd one ol ttia rwl wviidftra of tb« world, sod tbat'i "OBTB^lT" for roriiatMt's tho llril and oaiy ttoro-enre evor known Uiglrsiiiavw M, GornTsweUing 1 lU. appudd "mtA'^jfk corn leaves foreieif %M th%t dart ' ,bsatt« Dike. Vbe Moeltttttn of ta' IMET shoes over sisra ^^nc eorns. the , dsaasr i4 blocMl ppuoaMoDtwAiMjtom ^^atisstl rQ <Tg:|risthj >.r— W.«Wsnre. r ^ It foreoriM. eallUM^ - "OafS-lT" is joidr t %hM«^ Me a bottle; UwrauM^^CoJCh- Soia iniola |nd , _ „ ^prld's ^est cpr^ cdre by Mrs. Nettle Ewart. of New York, who has been visltihg her brother. Mr. E. P. Brighain, leaves tomorrow for San Francisco, Calif., accompanied by her niece. Miss May Brigham. Nathan Heath, sixty-seven .years old, died' early yesterday morning at the family home, 613 South State street. The funeral was held at the home this mdrning at,ten oi'clock. Rev. O. C. Mooinaw officiating, and burial was in the old cemetery. Mrs. Heath and four daiig>iter,s, three of .whoni are married, survive. ' Tiie only son of the family enlisted in the navy a few ycatrn ago and was drowned while in service early last summer. C. S. Potter has opened a real estate office and has taken up office room with E, W. Mylcr. The new firm will be known as the Potter Realty Co. George Grover, of Delia, Kas., who rerently purchased the Old Court House building from N. J. Fuller, of Garnett, was in town today attending to business matters. Mr. Puller was also here conferring with .Mr. Grover. G. A. Rellly, of Earltop, Kns., has purcliased tlie J. C. Thomas groeriry stqre. on South Colbqrii street, anil will continue the business in tlie present location. Attorney n. E. Clifford was called • to .\!oda, Illinois, yesterday by a tele- 1 grniiv'telllnsr of Uie dangerous illness of his indthe.r. Marriage license was Issued yesterday afternoon to Miss Mary Meely of Cariyle and ti. J. Smart of Columbia River. Wash, Judgs Smith married Miss Ella Rodzers of Bayard and EnrI L. Choezem. of Mbrnn. C. Caidwell, of Moran, spout tlie day in lola visiting fronds. The petition of the city of Moran for permission to enlarge Its corporation limits will be heard by the board of county cpmroissioni^rs. Dr. A. C. Smith, of Kansa-s City; spent today here on biisiness. The funeral of Mrs. T. H. McColor.. who died Saturday evening after suf- 1 fering for a long while with tuberculosis, was held this afternoon at the lirst A. M. E. fcburch. A great number of friends attended the funeral. Rev. J. W. Gordon, of Fayette, Mo., arrived this morning to officiate at the services. LOCK DIRECTORS W VAfLP. Jobbers Interrupt Bank Meeting and E,seape With 91,500. Wniiamsvllle, Mo.. Mar. 1—The president. the.cAshlier and three directors, oiie Of .them a woman, of the WJIliamsvUIe State bank irere locked in ,Ui^ bank vault this afternoon by two D^^sked robbers, who escaped with Icfot of about |1,500 each. Bloodhounds and a large posse Immediately staKed.ln pursuit of the men. The robbers entered the bank during a meeting of the board of directors. In locking the directors In tlie vault the robt^ers overlooked ^ large amount of cash stored tliere. They took a i the money in sight a ^t the cashier's cage. .As the>-" fled they were showered with buckshot from (be gun of a jeweler in the bulldliig, who heard the calls ot the imprisoned directors. One of the robbers threw up his hands and stuntbled as thoiigb. wounded. The prisoners in the vault were released » few' minutes later.. He Reached the Limit. The Green Dag lelis of a police magistrate in a weatern city who is a n&' tiye of Binglian ^ton, N. Y. Once a cul- pvtt. balfid Into coiirt for drunkenness, .t«1il,Jiis ho^pr that be had played in « -bud in Blaghavton. The iudg» dVBcharged..the priaoner. . (ffow'thla incideiit.waa published In ilh«.jia!ca|iapera, aqd^iVlhKjhe next aix months at .leut fiv* Ather prison's)^ .hirought before .^hoju^ge explained ittiiit they bg^ played In &e aforesaid lifin^. TheJiifl8i;telegr«i^edtoanold '.MtsoA hacfclii .Hi^liarotoa a«Ung how -am p^c«S!|rrta#,the band. The tPBljr .f^«..lia«li' r/^lM" Accordingly. .;^l»fJip |tors ^i^^ himself as ;y "jHareattjV lip priaOiiers will be dis- -•oliai ^pBiil on B<^kht of. former mein- 4a.thft'Ringhamton baud. The WHY IT IS NEEDED: The present enrollment of the ilinh Hcliool is 344, This is 2« more tiian ever enroIJod in any previous year. There are more iitudents in actual attendance today than were ever enrolled in the ttnC'rc y««r at iiiiy previous year. About Hit students will enter High School next year to take the place of uljout :i.'i who will grud'uate this year. There .are aljout' 17.". pupils in tlie 8»>venUi gVade and over 100 in BA. .\inety to ninety-five per cent of tliose who complete the eiglitb grade work ent^r the High School. . • i •" I There is every reason to ,believe that (lie High Sciiooi will continue to grow :is it has for several years past.' It is conceded that no high school class should have over ar> students in it, and no laboratory class more than twenty. There are 1.5 classes In the lola High School that exceed 2r>. and laboratory classes number as high as 28. There is no chance to make these classes smaller without .organizing other classes and there Is no room for other classes without renting rooms outside of the, High School. This is what will have to be done in the near future unless room is provided ' There are only -six rooms in the present High School that are properly equipped for recitation purposes. Many recitations, are now being held in laboratories and In a smail office room. * The entire tiilrd Moor Is without provision for heating. The best asset that lola has is her reputation for good schools. We have recently lost some smelters and other industries but 'we can better afford to lose these than to lose our reputation for liaving good schools, and that is what is going to happen unless we make provision to take care of the hoys and girls wlio waul to intend lliKli School. ON M OF WHITE SUli/ (Continued from page 1) and it would be 0 |f great assistance to the government's case if any who pur cliased thread,- needles^ or court plas- [ ter of young women canvassers dur ing February would report the fact [ to the local police eepartment at once. That tip might lead to other interesting developments. Xo one can tell the value of the slightest' clue until it has been -fully invest!- j gated." I Chief ot Police Christy assisted Agent Stone in working on the case here. The Thomas sisters, alleged victims of Johnson, while not pretty, are said fo be attractive though distressingly illiterate. < i Pulse Report. —So many persons outside of lola think we are hurtled put. .Vothing to it. >Ve are' doing bu8ihe.s8 at the same old place, in the Sleeper building, northwest corner of the square. Watch for our ad, in the Register If you' are wanting first class deiital work at reasonable prices. . Just a day ori .so; you won't have to walt'long. Then get busy for these prices will not last long NEW YORfc DENTISTS. Dr. Ferguson, Maniigcr. MULEK WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Majestic Line Oils and Greases, JKejrosene and Gasoline, lola, Kanaas. BRANCHES: Chanute. I<as. Cllnteni Okla. HiimMldt. Kas. Cutter. Okls. Wlahlts. Kas. ''-Xia^M\BAStiWi judge a cigar or a woman byitho wrapper. .SINGLE rO.«^ WHITE LEGHORN EGGS. At the TrI-Sfate Show at Parsons, Kas., in a divided exhibit, I won, 2ud,'3rd and 4th hen; :;nd, cock; 1st, 'Jrd and 4th pullet; and tst pen. At Ind'epcndence same week 1 won 1st cockerel; 1st pullet and liest cockerel in Mediterranean "class. Eggs from penned birds scoring from 93 to 95 points, fJI.OO l»er setting. Range Stofk (4-00 Pcr 100. Baby ubicl ^B |10 io^ir> a 100. I MR.S. A. J. SMITH Colony . . . . ' KaBsasI .Soap and Cuticura Ointment for skin purity and beauty. SmplM Fra« by Moa This—AM FlTo eCatk | —DONT MIflS THJS. Cut out this 'slip, enclo^ five ceiits to Foley Ik ' Co.. Chicago, II., writing your name ,and address clearly. You will relieve in return A teial package contaiuing Foley's iipney»nd Tar Opi^^poynd. for coughs, tolii agii croup.'FolQy Kidney Pllhi. and rmy: Cithiirtlc tahlAp. Burrell's Drugi Store. The balanc^ of the people always aeem foolish. •fi.

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