Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 19, 1950 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

unmet it ALtOM BVIN1HO TltSOKApll TMURIDAY, JANUARY it, ill! Society to Meet AtMeadowbrook MEADOWfiROOK, Jan. 19. - (gpwlal.)—The Ladles' Missionary Society will meet at 7:30 p. m., today, at the Church of God. The organization "1« non««ectftrian, and all Meadowbfook wotnen are invited to attend. A group from the local society was guests Monday evening of the Missionary Society in Wood River at the United Brethren Church. Included were Mrs. Harold White, Mrs. Hilda Mahalich, Mrs. Frank Taylor, Mrs. Rose Baker and daughters, Sandra and Jo Ann; Miss Pat Davis, the Rev. Lydin Long, Mrs. Edith Mouser, and Mrs. Grace Hall. Monday Evening Bowler* MEADOWBROOK. — Nine couples were present for the mixed doubles, Monday night, at the Bethalto Bowling Alleys. Clyde Sehoenewels bowled high game among the men with 181, and Mrs. Grace Bond took the women's high game honors with 157, Honored With Shower MEADOWBROOK. — Mrs. J6hn Steward was the honored guest at a shower Wednesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. Dallas Runlon. Mr*. Runlon and Mrs, James Kune were hostesses. Present were Mrs, John Lucas, Mies Betty Denton, Mrs. Pauline Anderson, Mrs. Louis Andreas, and Mrs. Marjorie Steward. Games were played during the afternoon, after which refreshments were served. Mrs. Steward was the recipient of many gifts. Meadowhrook Notes MEADOWBROOK. — Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor and son, Randy, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor, Jr., Alton, were dinner guests Of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor, sr., Wednesday evening, In observance of Mr. Taylor's birthday. Mrs. B. N. Forwood, Bunker Hill, was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Basil Stephcnson, Monday and Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. George White, Caseyville, were dinner guests at the Stephenson home Saturday evening. Wooden Duck Recipe MEADOWBROOK, Jan. 19. —(Special.) — Two Meadowbrook wives would appreciate • good recipe for roast duck, —a wooden one, that Is. It seems the husbands went "all out" during the past duck season, and purchased all the equipment necessary to bag the limit. After an extended hunting expedition, the men came home. Ducks? They had many. In fact, every one they had when they left. _READ TELBORAPH WANT ADB InandOutot Service With Men of Area In Radio Service TENTH NAVAL DISTRICT, SAN CUAN, PftERTO RICO- Donald G. McCallum, USA, has been transferred to duty with the armed forces radio service, San Quan, Puerto, Rico. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Glynn of Alton. He ii presently assigned to an early-morning disc- Jockey program called "Sunrise Serenade" which means time to Beware Coughs Front COMMON CoMs That HANG ON Creomuliion rtlicvn promptly I it goe« right to the teat of the trouble to help looicn and nptl gerai ladea phlegm sod sld nature to tootht sod ne«l raw, tender, inflamed bronchial BIUCOUJ mefflbr«nei.T<ll vourdniggiM to icll yoy • bottle of Creomuliioa with the uadertuoding 7911 mutt like the wsy-Jt quickly allsys the cough or you art to hive your money back. hl.Cnast ronehiHi OFFICIAL PUBLICATION- Statement of Resources and Liabilities of MISSISSIPPI VALLEY TRUST COMPANY located af*St. Louis, State of Missouri, at the close of business on the 31st day of December, 1949, as shown by the annual report made by the •aid corporation as a trust company, to the Auditor of Public Accounts Of the State of Illinois, pursuant to law. RESOURCES 1. Cash and due from banks 9 64,585,447.27 3. Outside checks and other cash items 3. U. S. Government obligations, direct and/or fully guaranteed 4. Other bonds, stocks and securities 5. Loans and discounts • 6. Overdrafts ,.....•••••••••««••««•«««> 7. Banking house $1,344,511.95. Furniture and fixture* 199,923.19 g. Other real estate ..: 9. Customers' liability under letters of credit 10. Customer*' liability account of acceptances * It Other resource* 25,084.35 1,444,435.14 1,856.46 196,667.93 90,622.26 426,353.72 Grand Total Resources $228,342,486.62 12 Canltal stock !f!V?!!f^? * 6,000,000.00 1*|. V-*PH»| 1WCK ••••• ••••• T VjVQJV QQQ QQ I A Ctitmtlttb "" * . . • ••.••••••••••••*••**•••••••• •*J,WVI|WW.W 16*. OUrUlUli *••«««•«••••«*•• •••••••••••••• i» _..'f*» A — O Q IK f Twfli*rM**t4 nitnfltn (Npt) .•.••••••••••a»f>a**»*-*aaaa«> O,WJ#fi| I* I ••40 19* UIUHV1QMI prowl* \«BI/ •*••*•*••••«••••••••• • IKO BRnSUB K*7 17. Dernand «lepo*lt* ^.WO.WB.&J 18. Time deposit* iamoSi'S 19. Due to banks • 42.090.J91.40 (1) Secured by pledge of assets ....$ 9,997,691.19 (2) Not »ecured by pledge of assets. 201,401,249.22 (3) Total deposit* 23. Letter* of credit 24. Bank acceptances 38. Other llabUltiea .... $211,398,940.41 ,„-_-_ ' Grand Total LlaWlltlei • .$228,342,486.62 ANDUM: Aaaeta Pledged to Secure LlablUtlei: 36. Assets pledged: ^a7u! S Government obligations, direct and/or guaranteed $ 12,544,164.99 Total amount of Assets Pledged (excluding rediscounts) $12,544,164.99 87. Purpose and Amount of Pledge: (a) Against U. S. Government and Postal Savings deposits •$ 5,471,308.94 (c) To own trust department against uninvested .._„__„ trust funds 50;U(X).u» (d) Against other deposits :," • i" 6,692,913.90 <f) With Auditor of Public Accounts to qualify for the exercise of fiduciary powers iHII'rJH' (g) F6r other purposes 200,000.00 $ 12.544.164.C9 Tptal, Ampup* of Assets Pledged (muit agree with Item 26) STATE OF MISSOURI, crrv OF ST. Louis-msa. _....,„ W. J. Bramman, one of the managing officer*, and Joseph L. Werner and Harry B. Mathew*. Jr., two of the directors of Mississippi Val ley Trust Company, a corporation of the State of Missouri, being sev •rally duly sworn, each upon his oath states: That he makes this affidavit for the purpose of complying with the requirement of Sections 9 and 10 of an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, entitled "An Act to provide for and regulate the administration of trusts by trust companies." That the foregoing report of the said corporation on the aforementioned date, Is true and correct In all respects to the best of his knowledge and belief, and that he has examined the assets •pd book* of the said company for the purpose of making said statement. . W. J. BRAMMAN, . Executive Vice-President, JOSEPH L. WERNER, HARRY B. MATHEWS. JR., Directors. Subscribed and sworn to before me this llth day of January, 1050. OUH... ««•,.. c w RITCHIE Notnry pubjlc (SEAL) My Commission Expires September 9,1951 SALE FINAL WEEK TO SHARE IN THESE VALUES RED CROSS SHOES! Rtgulorly $10,95. Dostni of Sfylti In All Siifi. $C.90 get up to thouaands of servicemen on the Island. Don entered the Atmy Feb., 1948, fend took his has!* training at Fort Knox, Ky., and later served with the 17th Signal Service Company, South Post, Fort Myer, V». Me arived in Puerto Itlco In May, 1949 and worked in the Fort Brooke Message Center and Motor Pool before assignment to AFRS. Pvfc Parker in Japan WITH THE EIGHTH U. S. ARMY IN HACK1NOHE, JAPAN —Pvt. Harry R. Parker, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Parker, Alton, is currently serving with Cc. "C", 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, as an amnobearer tof a 60 mm mortar. Prior to entering the army he attended Roosevelt Junior High school. Entering In* regular Army, Aug. 1% IMS, ha f aa aetlt to fort knox, Kf., for Hi MM* training. After completlMg thl* training* ha was Mtit to Fort Lawton, Watt* for proeeatint and to await, ahlft* ment oversea*. Me sailed, for Japan In December, IMS, Immediately upon arrival In Japan, h* wai assigned to the 12th Cavalry Regl- ment After a abort time ht wai re-assigned to Ma preatnt unit, the 32nd Infantry Regiment In WITH THE EIGHTH U. S. ARMY IN HACH1NOHE, JAPAN Pvt. Butt A. Henaon of 3305 Come In' place, Alton, ia serving at a lineman In the Communications Platton of Headquarter* and Headquarters Co., 32d Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division In Occupied Japan. finUttlhg In the Army In JoM, 1MT, he received hi* Initial train* trig at Fort Knox, Ky, After ha had completed hit training, ht wa* liven a ahort furlough hem* to vwt hi* family before leaving the U. 8. tor Japan Jn March, IMS. Upon arrival m Japan he wa* aastgned to the 81*t infantry Regiment at Seoul, Korea, After he had aerved with the 31at In* fantry Regiment for a ahort period of time he was later transferred to the 32d Infantry Regiment at Camp Haugen, Japan. Generators with capacity of 424,000 kilowatt* were Installed by the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation In 1949. READ TELEGRAPH WANT ADS MM Struck by ROCK Still in Hwtpittl Virgil Bowman of 4« Velma, Rmana, an employe trf Carter Braa., in AHon who Buffered a head injury five week* ago when he wa* atruck by a rock white at werfc, renialn* a patient In St. Jeaeph'i Hoapital, Bowman *uf* fered a eoneuaakiA that haa made rest arid quiet imperative. He I* now making iteady progreas to* ward recovery and la able to re- . «wTS*» •••» M»mna" «• At M 4ttt i<*rw •«*•?«»•••• •i fftrtttr M AHM, «*«».) ceive visHofa. . , Bowman's injury oecdrred early in the morning when aptneone hurled a mlaalle Into the garage pmr,i*** at Broadway and Plum. Shortly previous, another mnafle had broken a window'In the gar* ^ Aft Ytv CwmfiHf AMIR Ywr litik-firfii Nut? IN|INII*IN« CNlCAfO *, lit age. Pollc* »«* «*<*** after *Vtf man waa .truck, tout **fN<l;* vain for the taaallantwlte waj believed to have thrown In the danfteaa from tome total overlooking the lighted garage are*. iCRAINFS - TOPS IN FREE OIFTS - AMP FURNITURE VALUES I Do You Know Why UK Is Making Headline*? frt loaded with farqaim for your ftotnef.,tfs our qreatesf FELT-RASE REMNANTS Some Room Slae 29< FLOOR SAMPLE DRASTIC PRICE Whit* Limit** •••»ly L»iW rirau bflng »»mt r«»m miMirtminltt Allnellr* ALL WHITE •llhti i . . IfempltK Mrvlc* t»r • -W TO OUT THEY GOt All Floor Samples — Display Wee**! 1 or f. et a,-lilnd suites! Croine'* regular FINE QUALITY furniture and homeiurnlsUngs. -.. NOW AT TERRIFIC PRICE CUTS . . . due to the small quantities remaining- of any particular Item! Remember, It's first come, FIRST SERVED! ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE! SPECTACULAR BARGAIN CARNIVAL!! FLOOR SAMPLE SALE OF LIVING-ROOM SUITES* FLOOR SAMPLE SALE PRICES AS LOW AS MOHAIRS—FRIEZES—LOOM- POINTS—TAPESTRIES — in all the popular colon. Large choice of various styles? ACT QUICKLY! FOR YOU* OLD LIVING ROOM WBW FLOOR SAMPLE SALE OF BEDROOM SUITES .50 Modern, Period and Conventional Styles — in WALNUT, MAHOGANY, MAPLE and sophisticated BLONDE woods. Included are bedroom suites with the popular "Mr. and Mrs." Double Dressers. FLOOR SAMPLE SALE PRICES, AS •— LOW AS .... VPfa> 'SO 59 fOK YOUR OLD SUIT f f 5-Pc. CHROME "DUNCAN PHYFE" BREAKFAST SETS Table complete with 4 chairs! Smart—new—popular! Regular $14.50 value! FLOOR SAMPLE SALE PRICE. 59 50 STUDIO COUCHES! SOFA-BEDS! Large selection of styles, fabrics and colon, OPEN INTO COMFORTABLE FULL- SIZE BEDS! Floor Sample Sale Prices, AS LOW AS :. 29 (NOTHING EXTRA FOR EASY TERM sit INO INTEREST - NO OOUBLI 000* MITAL All METAL DOUIIE DOOI UTILITY CABINET OU»wtk| wktt* — *Ur4ll)r kvUt. . . . ILOOE MNfUl •ALI rate* '10" Rigidly built — toll a** roomy. BMW* **aM*4 finish. 2 IRONING B-0-A-R-O-S •M* Value*I Flow Baospl* tela Prfcwi SC95 BIlMIr taUt re-lilareed nielal IreidaV baSr*. raU aawpMtl). Umlted supply M Ifeto raaaw law aala pwca. ED-SPRING - AND - IMATIRESS COMPLETE! FREE i EN IVERY SATURDAY NICHT TIL 9 M n. *»• :IIK «-pe. WITH Mft fUlCHASI |o>™»! OF«ooo«ov»' |HW •"*• _ EVERY NIGHT UNTIL » P. M> FURNITURE COMPAN WEST BROADWAY ALTON! ILL

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