Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 22, 1959 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1959
Page 7
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Junior Editors Quiz on CENTURIES SW6ETII PIE By Nadine Seltzer OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSf . . . with , . . MAJO* QUESTION: Why are the 1900s called the ?0th Century? ANSWER: Along about the middle of the 6th Century, the Christian nations of the world decided to itart counting the year* from the birth of Christ. Thus, the year 1 A. D. (Anno Domini or "in the year of the Lord") began the day Christ was then believed to have been born. The 1st Century A. D., therefore, theoretically began on Jan. 1 In the year 1 A. D., and ended Dec. 31 in the year 100 A. D. The 2nd Century began Jan. 1, 101 and ended Dec. 31, 200. The 20th Century began Jan. 1, 1901 and will end Dec. 31, 2000. Every time we move Into a new century, however, a great controversy springs up for there are a great many people who believe that centuries begin a year earlier. They feel the 20th Century began on Jan. 1, 1900 and will end Dee. 31, 1999. If* a matter of choice. FOR YOU TO DO: Columbus discovered America in 1492. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. See If you can figure out in what centuries those two events occurred. (Gloria Carlson of Duluth, Minn., wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP NewsfeaWes, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins wlil select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "Henry takes good care of himself—watches his weight, dresses sensibly and never talks back to mel" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith T.M. «•«. U.SL 'ii en. 0 (Ml by NU tMWM, l«« "What did you buy with the money you »aved on the bargains?" T M. *t» U.i *«<• **• . •»<• Hy »H» Sn-vlM. I "I've juit opened a branch office of my bank!" TIZZY By Kate Osann » 1Mt ky NfA tirvlo.. In^ T.M. ••«. U.§. PM. Oft "Mother will entertain you while I get dressedl" Going to the Dogs Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS I— retriever y greyhound 13 Small pit 14 Obelisk 15 Seat, anew 16 Refuses" 17 Roulette bet 18 Charger 20 Morsel 21 Perfume 23 Thither 24 Thai coins 25 Fillip 27 Pressure 29 Spanish hero 31 Teutonic god 32 Dessert 33 Roman numeral 84 Fester 37 Rebounds 40 Suspend 41 Twilight tima 43 Empty (dial.) 45 Droll 48 Hawaii 48 Son-in-law of Mohammed 49 Conceive 51 Accosted 53 Drool 54 Cenobita order of Hebrews 55. Principles 56 Elocutionist DOWN 1 Screen actress 2 Hill nymphs 3 Instruction 4 John or Jane 5 High-flown 6 Feminine nickname 7 Jagged 8 Indigenco 9 Retreat 10 Fools 11 Signals 12 Haunts 19 Goddess 22The greyhound is used for • ?4 Lofty 26 Pluck 28 Foray 30 Eradicators 34 Interweave 35 Grand 36 Appellation 38 Resounded 39 Beloved of Endymion 40 Raise 42 Anesthetic 44 Allonge 46 Printer's direction 47 Relaxation 50 Farewell! 52 Isaiah (ab.) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Damaging Evld«nct BY EDGAR MARTIN ./ AkML^AVE POSE Of \ G '~*^':^? ^ / T^| ArvAvj~A.S? 'n~7. P. AV , f ..' 7 i.'f , .- HE WOVl'T \9CLIT HI* RJTIIPB-- r - ^ HP CAIMT PLAV A / K^ ) 6LMTAft--He r AIM't ( !M r L UF M, Fr AM' ^ I. iff? T.-i it-'J V ..^-LJ.II B.MT ^--A ,,en,. H, . v ">' ! " V'fV—V- THE PAILLIC<= I BUGS BUNNY Walk Right In ABOUT P1V£ PETUNIA! BUSS,MOW MUCH WILL vou CHARGE TO FIX THAT CPfcCX IN MV DOOR? OUTRAGEOUS! I'LL WAIT TH CAM APFOPP A NEW POOS? 1 00 VA A J03 THAT'LL KEEP OUT TH' E? A PRISCILLA'S POP Soft Soap Job BY AL VERMEER •SO MANY HAVE SHORT HUSBANDS.'' POOR DEARS! I REALLY FEEL POP THEM.' ; tt. V<. MOW P^" 5 ' fOO TMEV ] 'j^, EVER f ^ GET THEIR KITCHENS WASHED ALLEY OOP Close Call BY V. T. X HAMLIM THEY'RE \WELL, RUM 'EM OFTJ ALL OVER FOR TH' PlACE /WHATCH\THIK4VC OUT / I GOT YOU MORTY MEEKLE They Miss Her BY DICK CAVALLI IT'S A u LON6-TIMi-K/0-6€E* CARD FROM THE J& JAUTO • BOCV REPAIR 6HOf>. >^ ,« FORME? WHAT 16 IT? THE MAIL CAME... COUPLE HERE FOR YOU, MORTY. Clean Sweep FRECKLES AND HER FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER AW, AT EASE.'YOU'RE Gern^'TM* FASTEST MASS SHINE THERE IS/ FASTER--- COLOMEL'S COMING/ "rOU A6AIM/ BASS NSPECTIOM WlTM SHOES LCOWMS THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Well-Recommended BY WILSON SCRUGGS PLEASE TELL MRS. WAVWE Voul HO, I COULDW'T THEM ILL COKATE rr TO YOUZ PAVOSTITS CHARITY: OH, PLEASE, SOMEOW5 WHO WILL ?EA WOtJDERPUL HOUSEKEEPER/ I'LL EVCKI GIVE VOU MV SALARY/ Trl!5 WK. WUVS I 'AOKKED UP UUTIL H£K HUSBAVJD DtCO...<lUaLLUEC SHE'D LIKE TO TA<E V.V f.ACE U3OUT AU I'M CAPTAIN EASY Punle BY LESLIE TURNER YESTERPAY* IT BUT, BASV.JT WAS \ VOU WUST'VC C*EAMEt> HERE VE&TERPAV! THAT CHEMI&T 5«CP $IOW I TALKED TO HIHAry 6EEW TWERfr 50ME TIME 1 , LETS LOOK UP THE OTHER ACQUA\N- TAM^E* V(?U KPOJ INTO 1 , PAKPOW ME, 6UH. BUT THERft WAS LOOKEO W TH6 WIMP0W,A6 I' PONE POKVEW?S! HOW COULD WHAT HAPPENED TO WENT OUT OP BUT THERE'S SHOP THE CURIO SHOP TH'3HOPKEEPER

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