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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, April 5, 1927
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lOLA, KAN., TUESDAY EVENING,! APRIL 5,1927 Register Will Annoiihce The Returns After 8:30 O'clock—PoUs Will Close I at 7 O'clock. LlRht, vbting triis niornii^g Indi- lated thatjthe total vote, in today's city cicction will aWjt eaoal the liallot' iu the primary wheii 1.016 voters cast ballots- oiit; of i Iota's . total registration ol approximately 3.600. ; j , • O. W Holmes, w ho opposes A. H. i llecox in the race for linance com- i iniBsioner. has hcen; making' a houue-to-tipuse ctinipaigu during the closing hours, according . ports^ wl^ile Hecox' is asJting hiH^ return as finance <:omn)issioner on bis record during tiie last term. A. R. Sleeper, W. K. lialsioii ami (J. .1. Stadler will be the naw uium- i bersol the board Of j education ' while^.Melvin- Fronk will be selected for school board treasurer. Like Frenc •».T Refusal to Participate ini Naval Disarmament Conference, However, WilF Not Impede Holding of Conference—Plans lAre Being Perfected. Washington. Apr. 5. (AI)—President Coolidge in disappointed that France has decided not to participate in the naval limitation conference between the United States, Great " " • ' ^ not expect the refusal will in the conference. Britain and Japkn biit he does any wayjimpede the holding of Plans for I the gathering of repre-C .sentatlves of this country. Great Britain land-Japan arou]vd-a-confer- ence table at Geneva to limit naval arnianicnt.s will go forwari^ despite • France'.s declination, and the president Ktlll is optimistic that Italy, which ih-dined to join in the cohfereiice as active par;icipanl still nja^yl decide to send ^veri an nofficial observer. Italy has given no indication of the course it will take. ' Thq text of France's note declining to participate in any manni-r in the three power conferenco, ivas made public at the stale depart- nient .today. It followed the lines of press dispatchiis from Paris, bjising tile refusal on its present I participation in the prepni-ytory Jurors Are Chosen for No v.otps will-be. counted until! commission of llie ;.the ppllS are closed at 7 o'clock lonight. Results probably will be obUinable^ about 8::{0 tonight, city olficials believe. After 8:30. anyone calling th" Register will be given the results. WEATHKK IS KXCKLLK.NT KOIl KA.>.SA.S KLEn ;iONS .. Topeka, Kans.. i\|pril'5. (Ai'i:— Bright spring weather today .liu- couragcd voters in cities jto leave their homes. »>hops and OlUiet: and go to the polls. Mifnici- pal elections were held today in citle!;' of the first and second class ilics of more than 2.00U inhabitants. Cities <ir the third ; class held elections yesterday. 1 tions disarmament Geneva. . lA'aguo of .\a- confeience at ITALY EXPECTED TO BE PRESENT Refusal of France Will ' "Not Hamper Arms w Parley. Pittsburg. Kalis.. Apr. ."J. (API Having exhausted one jury panel if ~2' and made inroads on a spe- jci^il panel of .16 drawn la.^jt night, seleci'on of the jury to try Karl Mayberry, charged with the- niyr- ler his two children, with a lynaniite bomb, will not be com- i )leted until this aftern )on at Giard. liotli state and defense are coinb- ng ov 'T the jury material care- iullv with :i phalan.x^ of (|uestlons. Jvillioiiuh all ihose (iucstione<l said [bey had re;id about the case, one cca.sionally sa!u he h:id formed no pinlKii. -Most of them, however, iiid' tliey <-ntiId not try the ca-ve nparlially because of having niado MODEL HOME VISITORS OF People From 39 TOWHS From Coast to Coast • T4ke Tihie to Visit Kegister^s Home Beautiful. • ^KWTO^ IS KLKCTI.VG THKEK CO.>IMISSI0>KHS .Newton. Kan. April 5. (-AP)-- Xewtoii today is tiecting three .city | commissioners 'whose duty it wil. be to na'me a city manag-?r. Threo iii .i ^nihcr.s of 111'; board oC education a.treasiircr will also be elected. Friendly rivalries exist in all of the eoiite .slii. nO.\» IS.SI'KS l> VOTI.VG l.\ KLKCTIO> AT WICHITA WIcb'ita. Kan., April 8. (AP) Wichita voters w:ent to the polls today -iti elect three niemlters of the city commlHKlon. six inenibL'i 's of (he liOMrd of cdiicution and. to, vote on two bond proposals, A spirited campniKii Involvliifj cliai-ges of false reoo.niiiiendailon niiii'keil the coniest for seals m thi! city ci 'tmiitisshiii. T |ie three city coniinlssloners are c:aiidldaleH for re-e|ir( tloii. The I wo /lond proposals rail for II. lot-ill (•Xpendllure of about- $7<'i,- tHiii. It IK proposed to bullil a hriilKi' ar,ross' the Hlg Arkansas river III a cost of f .', and a county di;tentloii luiiiie for Sedg- wi.cik coiiuly boys for about $:!.').fMMl. < OFFKYVIM.K TO KI.KCIV yy.W STKIXi (»F OFKllKKS ('offeyvilK-, kan.. April 0. (AIM -('offtyville is voting today for a full conipleiiient' of city officers, mayor and Jour commissioners, and ' * three mcmbersVof the board ; of education.' J A j.number of hard fought contests make the voiiiig rather spirited early this morning ,aud a goodly jier cent of the registered vote, ijust under fivie tlioii- sand, is qxpcctcd to be cast. At 8 o'clock this morning 501*' votes had been cast in the ctily'sl largest precinct. ! The weather Ms^ cloudy and cool.: , "Washington. Apr. fusal by the Freni h Rovernmeni to ; t be represented even in an unoffi- jcial way at the 'orlhconiins tieiieva irms- parley will have no effect upim the agwenieiit of Creat HrU- ain. Japan' and the tliiited Ktates..w I to sit in at the lonference' t;il>le in j ajn effort Ut thrash out pr.icii. al i aj Iio.-jsihilities of extending limit ing agreements to cruisers, destroyer.", suhmariiies and other classes of war craft not affei-ted by the \i'a!.|iingtoii arms treaty. ; ; While it Is. still hoped by offi-, lals here that ItJily will aci-ejit j he hivilatiun of President Coolidge 0 he rcpreiientcd In some manner |it the coiifertnce, ll is bellwed hat alter the Rome and Paris gov- 4-riiineiits declliml to partiilpat*! 'il^itually with the other three pow- t», that Ihii l<ondon, Tokyo iiiid ItVaHhington goveriinii-iits halKrii-d l|eniselk'eH;TI:ii( It would be PONNI i lie to worH out an ii)tiecin<-iii that j koiild |M,«ri ||it liny jidjiisiliient to' ,f.edll ' • . ..p their mind already. (API—Re- 1 1. Opposing lawyers were c.vpectcd exhaust their full quota of liereniplory challenges. Selection the jury began yesterday '"orn- j ,,,,i';-,7;"Ji„™"i-;;3,7t,^-fypVterd^^^^ not coming in About 41) witnesses have been iibp;ieiiaed. .Mayberry is charged ilh having planted a bomb beneath lie bed in which his two *:hildren id estranged wife lay asleep last 'fbriiary six. The children were killed almost istantly. The v.ife rei -ovcrcd from er injuricH. From coast to coast pc(^le~"are coming to visit the Register's Home Beatlful! i ' ? ThOy may not have come all the way Just for that purpose, but It is an actual fact that visitors from New 'York- and San Diego and THIRTY-NINE other towns did go through tlic Home Beautiful last Sunday! ' The registration cards which were signed on that day have just been tabulated with this astonishing result. Each person who went through the Home was requested to sign Ills name and address to a card with the result that the following towns were registered by those who saw the house on Sunday alpnc: Kansas City. .Mo.. ICarlton. Kans., Springfield. Mo.. Winfleld. Kans. St. Louis, AIo.. iMildrcd, Kans., .New York City. Chicago. 111.. I.«ke Forest, IlL, Emporia, Kans., Gridley. Kans., KIncald. Kans., Carlyle, Kans.. York, .N. Y., Humboldt. Kans., Colony. Kans:, . Arkansas City, .Kans., Yates Center. Kans., Erie, Kans.. Bayard. Kans., Chanute. Kans.. Buckiif r. Mo.. L^aliarpe, Kans.) Moran. Kans., Piqna, Kans.; Garnett. Kans.. Welda. Kans.. Bron- .son, Kans.. Ft. Scott, Kans.. .Neosho Falls. \Kans.. Independence, Kans., Coffeyville. Kann-. Gas Kans., Fredohia,' Kan.s., i Topeka, Kans., San Diego, Calif.. Geneva, Kans.. City, Kans., Blue .Mound. Kans.. Ottawa. Kans. Another stream of visitors view- QUIET 0 flHptOOAY State Departmc lit Refuses Report on Move ' To Discuss London ! To Dem; ind ' Payment. SuccesJor to The lolii D,iily ReBtsti-r. Ttic lola Daily Record, and lolu r >aily Index.. SIX PAGES Wave: Lengths Are B>' Gommission General Order 'Is Issued Today to Deal With Problem—No Immediate Widening of Frequency Band Is New Ruling^ Washington, Apr. '5/ (AP)—Radio wave length bands now used for broadcasting will be confined to their present limits, the federal radio jcommission decided totiay. > A ;general order was i.ssned to COUNTY AGENT BlISYIN MARCH tjicporl Shows Month One Keeping Cwin Active. (edliern(iieiiii ii^val pi>iKriinis. i iKIlii-e llie' Italbili Kovi'illiliii'lil de- ! lI'M'il thi) first .liivllatiiJii tor tiill > < pri 'Senllltioll iit llie lonferenre. i iiVtllltIK lli (S bi 'Vli lean HI or itn | iMlliide. i;i Is bcltirved liiiwvcr, lial officials ill. Home were await- lji« a stati -iiielit l ^'om Paris retrard- iiig the secimd invitation and, that tHie aiiiiolinycmeiit of the l-'^rfiiih nifiisul wlli l)c followed before raii.iiy Vlays • by a setting foijlli of the Itiillan attitude. ' The iVeiicli refusal in the form of a niemorillidiiiii hals been trahs- The ripori of the roiinly aBciii (I .M.'iiili. JiiMi Issued, reveals liianv aclivllii"*. These were varleil iijiid iiH -liided u^irk III orKiini/.atlon. HI iiiipritveiiieiit. farm crops. Iior- ciitliiie. livf stock, dairying and Iiloiiltlying. T. II! einillcatlon and idenl cniiirol. During the iiioiilh the final re- ti[sling of the county for T. B. was -|)mpleled. I'ighi; days being sjient this. Twenty co-operators were cured and. are being assisted in riou:| poultry projects. given in securing dairy C' ill Vi ani'i foHmitted' to ihe Auierjcau emiiassy j ,.| JS( HOOK H(f.M) I.S ISSIK AT <'HKKRVVALK TOOAY Cherryvale. Kan.. April 5. (AP)— Wesides eloCling a mayor and four Mv^mbcrs .of the school board Cher- jf^'valc today is voting pn a proposal to issue bonds in .'the sum of $1511.0110 for the constriictioif of a new high sehqol and a new grade school building. Interest- centers on the bond proposal, 'A large vote is expected. PARTY ISSIK IX VOTING F«K MAYOR AT TOPKKA Topekai Kans.. April 5. (AP) — Topeka's ijcity election today held Btatc '-widji interest because an effort has been mado to Inject party feeling iiito the Mayoralty campaign. W. O. Rigby. formerly the Democratic postmaster, undvr President Wilson, and W. O. Anderson, u Republican, who biu< never held office, are the opposing candidates for chief executive of [the capital city. .1 I,AR(JK VOTK KXI'KCTF.n IX KANSAS CITY TOOAV Kansas City, Kan.. April n. (AP) - One of tbi- most hotly iwntested campalguH In years brouRlit votera to the polls ^lero today to elect a iiiayon. u street conimlsNtoner; u finance connnlMsloner and throe nHtnibersjof the.board of education. Iti /lKht skies'Were expected to aid . ^latcriall!)' in bringing out a.larfic vote. Mayor . |J. 0. Emerson is Reeking re-clcctlcin against Don C. Mc- Conibs. municipal Judge; A. fl. : Strickland, finance comtnissloner, recently" vindicated of. charges which resulted in an ouster suit , against him, is seeking. M>-retain his position against the Rev. W. E. 1^ Brandenburg, and Henry F. Schai- i* ble, streejt coniJjniSsloner, also vin- i dicatfd in the ouster proc^dings. I is running for that place against I pavld M.i Boddiiigton. i (Continued ptt Page fi. No, li) itt-I'aris. It asserts France can-! tilde I probably would be adopted tjOward th<. "siiRgestion for unofficial, represenllation. •e wuf given I Ives.' biiby beeves, and pigs for lib work. Two demoristrations in ...chard work, and- two in rodent not w^eaken tlie authi.rity of tlie ,.f „t,.„j were given. Ten comniun- Lkjiigue of Nations, which already ... hjis taken up the probloiii of-general disarmatnent. nor can France (• impromise .the principal of eipial- it.v of all iialions. large or small. I Although 'the state department would inot comment upon, the Paris dispatches oi- admit tliat Llie mem- 'orandqni ha(l been received, word of the'French reliisal j\'as received in AVashiasfon w».h disappointment but cahsed no great surprise aU after tht'i Paris government declined to participate in the orif^iiial- ly proposed five power conference, it wais forecast that a similar atti- ABLANFERMAN CASE STARTED Penitentiary Sentence Is Possible in Liquor "Case Here. .Iiirors- were selected this niori)- ing and testimony taken this' afternoon In the state 's case against Ah Ijinferman. [.jiiifermap Is charged with pi'rslsleiit violation ofj Ihe prohibitory ru |iior;-law. BiiiJiey .Miller, speilal' prosecutor, li liuiidlln;; the stute'sicase. In case of I'oiivlclloii, Laiiferjuah can he sentenced to the state,penitentiary, District .Judge Frank R. Forrest vxplaOied tii prospm-tlve Jurors. i.Mlllcr brought out to Jurors that l4iiferman wiis nrresteiL after two bdys wero alleged to have beiome seriously III from drinking liqiior. which it Is allcKcd was purchased fijohi Lanfcrman. iiinclings were llel^^ during the iii'th ill which motion pictures •re shown and poultry problems k'lissed. Successful meetings re! held by the Cow Testing As- si^iation and the poultry Associa- tibn witli the assistance of the agent andiiither specialises. Thlriy- o samples or soil were tested by R agent, and .14(1 tons of limc- stjone secured by farmers in I the c( untry. Good seeds were locateO ff r farmers to the extent of 585 bushels, and many helped in sccur- ^ggs and poultry breeding st|ock. The agent also a-sslsled in ineet- iijgs at t 'baiiiite and Y-.ites Center. F\)vr .rl-H club^ were organized j wjliieh brings the totii now active I to eight. The report reveals ithe nillowing statistical information: Office calls on agent 309; letters whitteii by agent .^85; farm Visits b;- agent i:(l; nieeting .s^ held • !»• iigent 19; ' attendance 766; and nililes, driven 1595. such crowds, of they did Sunday, but keeping' the demoiiVitrators (airly busy all during the six hours the house was open. Several hundred registered In the course of the day. Favorable commcjita continue to pile up one upon ''Sliother as Increasing numbers of people see this modt'l of home construction and furnishing. Everyone who goes through discovers two or three little things that he would do diffqr- iiiily If he were building or fiir- K^ontlnued on Page :{, No. 'if THE WEATHER HMt KA.\NAS~Kulr tonlKht and >V<MIII««N4M) I uot nturh rhunite In IrmiHTulure. Teiuiieraturc Highest yesterday 7!l, al 11 a. .III.;; lowest last night III atj II a. III.; normal for today. U'J; exi -esM yesterday K; excess sliii;e'January 1st. degrees; this daiiT last year—hlgliext 49; lowest 35, iPreclpiratioii for Ihe 24 hours eliding at 7 a. m. today. .00; total for this year to date, 7.00; excess since January ist .61 inches. Relative humidity at li noon yesterday, 47. per cent; 7 a. iii. today. 90 per cent; barometer reduced to sea level, 30.07 inches. Sun rises 6:01 a. in.; sets 6:^9 p. m. R^es Hughes to Speak To C. of C. Members , Rees Hughes, superintendent of 'sclipols at Parsons, w.lll speak' on "IPinancing ; a Chamber of C» m- merce." at the noon meeting of the Chamber of Commerce at the: Hotel Kelley. He will be acc< m- panied to lola by George B. Wei ks secretary of the Parsons Chamier of .Commerce. Tlwo Men Plead Guilty Of Liquor Possession Richard Kohler and a man by e name of Wilson, arrested [iirch 21 by county officers, yes- rday entered pleas of guilty to arges of possession of liquor, lull wa .H fiiieil 'llOO and sentenced CO days in Jail. Roads and Weather Elsewhere. All clear, except Hutchinson, Arkansas City. Wichita, partly cloudy; roads good except' Emporia, Salina, Pittsburj^, Arljanaa^ City. L, T. Cannon Named Special i Prosecutor L. T. Cannon of Humboldt yesterday -was named by District Judge Frank R. Forrest to take lestiiiiony in the cl\il suit brought by i^. O. Benson against U. U. Roae- baugh. Judge Forrest set hearing for the case for 9 o'clock the morning Qf April 29. The jase is to be heard either In th* district court fodm or some other place agreeable to both partiijs involved. CUiinon is to present the facts ami his conclusions in the case to JIKIRC -Forrest. Kaw Valley to Have Large Pdtato Crop Topcfci. Kan., April 5. (API- Potato growers In the Kaw Valley have planted this spring the largest acreage since the World War. The state, board of agriculture estimated today that 17,380 acres in the valley have been set aside for the production of potatoes for marketing. Tfyo acreage Is about in per cent larger than in lKif>, when the valley produced Its largest crop In Ijlstory. - Wa.ihington. Apr. (AP)—Adhering strictly to it! policy of silence, the state department tjpday declined to be drawn out on its Chinese diplomatic c iilrsc even by dispatches from Lonlou reporting that denbands upon .he Cantduese authorities aa a rest It iff the violence at ^Nanking we 'e rxpectcd to b? presented' niomertar ly by! the United I States, (Jreal Bhtain and Japan. I . ' .Meanwhile the d^lSy in presenting stipulations (or n parations was being employed "by unnsular officials throughout ChiAa in their efforts to move Anieri :an8 front the rapidly spreading zones of danger. -President Coolidge again called iu Nelson T. Johnsoi, 'chief of the state department's tj r eastern division ' and consulted him on! con-; ditions In China, th j conference being a continuation of that held with Johnson by the iresidcnt yesterday. • ' . At Ihe state depan ment, it was said there was i no afficlal word that .Minister .Mac.Mur^ay, at Peking was ready to submit |he .\merican demands to the Cai tonese leaders. Neither would ths department si^y how far negotiat ons between American, British, ai d Japanese diplomats In the Ch nose capital had advanced. There had been u6 flidication here that the state department would consent to an ultiniaiiim. rather than simple demands for reparations and guarantees for iVmerlcan citizens in China. Aa an indication of the anxiety to reniove Americans f -om the danger zones to ports *-hi!re they would be affdjrdcd m val protection. Admiral William! reported to the navy department t( day that thq consulate at Changs la, ordered closed April 17, woui d now be, closetl ten days prior to that period. Ho also relayed-id vices from ••responsible Japune ^e," who, he said, believed the disoiders at Han­ kow, In which the Japanese were involved.! were "prearranged and organized" moves aga nst the Jap- aooac. ' •^1 Anierlcdn resid vits itt •.' the i salt area along the ccast of Shantung ut;d Klangsu p-ovlnces lare believed by the state department to have been evacuated. Peking re- IKirt 's today told of looting and slaylngs by the Ta Tuo Hut secret sot'iely In this region-: Advices here have told o( only ..a few mlHSolnarles in the silt dIstHct: The Ta Tao Hul. k lown as the "big knife" society. It one' of the liiiiidredii^of Fecret nrgairlzatlons ill Chin.'i and the slati department has no record of Its frevlous liar- ticipatlon in. the present.civil wa'r conflict. The' salt arei in Kiangsn province begins sono distance -north of Nanking, see ic of recent anti-foreign outbreak:! and the (Utntonese troops are hellevedi to be nearing that terrltljiry in their march toward Peking. Sapiro Still de.ll'^'ith the problem, one of the first invpstigated'since the formation of the conimissioTi. Proposals had been made to reduce radio congestion by increasing the rtiimbcr of bands on which" broadcasting is now allowed. "In view of. the manifest inconvenience to llie listening public which wdnld .xesult 'from any im- meiliate widening of the frequency hand devoted to radio broadcasting." the commission's order said "the commission wilt not at this time allocate to broadcasting stations fi-eqencic-S other than those between (5-13.1 to 199.9 metprsl except on specific reqeust of such stati 'It believes, however, that the band between 1.500 and 2.000 kilocycles (199.9 to 149.9 meters) ,. . 1 should so far as may be practicable opposing farmers' associations, I ^^^^^^ ^ Detroit, Apr. 5. rAP)—'The I'le- fenso in Aaron Sapiro's'$l ,<)OO.Ono libel suit against Henry Ford devoted the forenoon session of e;oiirt today to an; admitted effort to show^ that Skpiro gained fees from TELLS Cip ABOUTJAPAN Final Current Topic^ Club . Meeting of Season Last Night Is One of the Biest. Immediately following the earthquake wfiich wrecked -Yokohama. Japan, in 1921 an American woman approached a Japanese naval officer, called his attention to the fact that while boats from various foreign ships in the harbor were busy rescuing Japanese Imeni women and children^ho had been injured by fallings-debris and taking them to their ships where they could receive medical treatment, the Japanese .warship.s, a number --n .ill -OA 'i "-l' ""i'"^iof which were in the harboi, were 0.--0 and:l .:.00 kilocyclest..^p^i„^ ^„ ^^t^ ^^.p^ and that where he failed to gain control of ojie, he set abiiiut to wreck it and' establish another in opposition. ' Sapiro was under cross pxam- ination for the seventh day.i Questions by Senator Jaiiies Reed, chief df the Ford counsel, dealt with Saplro's connections with various farm as.soeiations and. the fefs he collecteti from the American Farm Bureau Federation, the Committee of 17 of that organization, which cstaDlished the United States grain growers. CANTONESE GOING IS FIND United Brethren Chui-ch To Make Improvements At a business Aieeting last night ofUhe congrftgatjon of the United • Bretbern church in the cHurch basement the question .of cliuriih improvement was uppermost and a motion was unanimously adopted that Ihe plain glass windows of the church be taken out and replaced l)y opalescent glass, to be followed by other improvements, the probable cost of which will be $1,000. Something over $2()0 in cash : and subscriptions wcr; secured at this meeting and the plan rJow Is .to liegin thc|!o imfrpvc- meqtt^ not later thaii Juno I. Pri)6edlng the business me .-ting, which .wax presided over by the pastor, the: Rev. E; N. .Monlgopiery. sevenly-flvn church people { had supper together In the (jiniiig room. Four separate squads of shooters will meet at eight o tonight In lhi« Armory. ;Tli<'|...„. team of trapslfooters will meijt the Expert College Hoys and Ihej ond team of TrapshonJers shoot against the SoutiiStre* open_ for; experimental work, in broadcasting and allied forms of radio' service, to the end that, with the further development of the art, this band may be eventually made available Tor broadcasting, whether for the ear or the eye. if it shall prove particularly well adapted to such type of service to the public." • The commission's mention of the possible visual radio service was said to indicate' its recognition of the increasing possibilities that something corresponding to motion pictures and views of current scenes will shortly be instantaneously transferred by radio appliances. rfflo y -lock i first sec- will t Alley Rats. Visitors are coripially invited to be present at bo these shoots. h of No Retrial in Famou^ Sacco-Vanzetti Murder new Northward Driv<j Toward Tientsin and Peking ' Is Resisted. (AP)—The Nationalists Shanghai, Apr. 5. northward drive, of the (Cantonese) along the leading to Tientsin an meeting with strong resistance. Northern forces captured Kwan- tlen, 60 miles northwest of Nan­ king, Sunday after heavy fighting, and 200 Nationalist wtjunded have arrived at the latter cuy. tlonallsts are rushingj in6nta to that sector.' A wireless dispatch king reported strong feeling in that 'city wh> between rival factions mintang were expected ist soldiers in unifornij .Monday removing -iproperty from residences of (orelgnerij there. The latest estlmatcj ol, the casualties In the recent me ee between Japanese and Chlnsje }n Hankow, said a radio, wre tenj Chinese kllUid and many wounded,! aid two Japanese killed and two uoiinde.d. In (Continued on Page 4. .No 4)i railway Peking,' is The Na- reiuforce- froni .Van- anti-forei|;n re collision !of the Kuo- .N'^tlonal- were seen Boston, Apr. (A^")— A trial for Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo . Vanzetti, convicted of murder in a case which attracted international attention was refused liy tho Massachusetts supreme court today. The court upheld the refu.sal of Judge Webster Thayer, of the superior cphrt to grant a new trial, sought on the basis of an alleged confession by Ccfles- tino Madeiros, under death tence for another murder. sen- Sunflower Club Hold.s Clothing Meet Today i • M • TJie Sunflower iini^t of the "Women's Farm. Bureau is holding a clothtiig meeting today at the home of Mrs. Pearl Connett, southeast of Humboldt. • TEACHER TAKES SUITHIGHIRUP lone Ebaugh Carries Case To Kansas Supreme Courts Topeka, Kau .s. April 5. (AP)— j PJxoneraled by a jurjy gosSti) 'which linked her with a Baptist church minister but denied; damages from a member of tlie school lioard who" was charged ••witn- didtng the spread of tho talk. Miss lone Ebaugb, a former .McPherson Junior high si .:hoo| leacher, today appealed her case to the state supreme court. ^ A Jury in tho Mcpherson county district court last' December de- nleil .Miss Kliaugh IZ-I.OOO damages In the action which she brought against .Miller, member of the .\IcPherson school board. A J 1.500 settlemeht in favor of the school teacher was announced as having been made outside of court in a similar action against John Sallhousn of Wichita. Salthouse formerly) lived in .McPherson. . ! Miss Ebaugh was a ra«<mber of tlie McPherson junior high school faculty in the 192.5-2G school year. s'|io was not tendered a contract for this year and is now said to be employed in the schools at Cheyenne, Wyo. . The school teacher instigated damage suits against .Miller and Salthouse, alleging that the two had linked her-name with the Rev. J. R. Pennington, . pastor of the Baptist church of McPherson. Mr. Pennington, resigned before the trial. -Testimony of the school janitor figured largely in the trial. C. H. Robinson, a school: J.anitor, testi- field in a despositlon read to the jury that he had seen through > hole in the ceiling of a school room. Miss Ebaugh sitting on Mr. . Pennington's lap and kissing him.) fhan twenty-two organizations .T*i-_ i * s .I.-. ..... . CI-*:—— i~ .t.^ • .. - - — nothing, and asked why it Was so. He replied, "W'e have lost thU book of regulations and wp do no know what to do." That was one of tho ? 'stories which Dr. D. K. Y'arnell njsedi in his address, before the Current Topics Cluh last evening to illustrate a Japane.s-e cliaracteriijtic. . Another story also thawing light on the Japanese character was of an occurrence that happen-^ ed in a certain city in Japan. One; section of ithe cily was without a sufficient ,water supply an'd tho city - council was considering a new reservior and bring a fresh supply of water from a considerar ble distance, the project invplvipg a heavy expense; Kortnnately one of the members of the council called attention to the fact that a nearby reservior had always a . surplus supply of water and\that it would be cheaper to build' a main from the larger reservior to the smaller one. and this was done, with the result of a great saving; In money. Whereupon the members of the council, congratulating themselves upon the bright idea, arrived at the' conclusion it| was only fair that they should be paid for it and'so they unanimously and enthusia'stically voted themselves 525.000 apiece for ;lhe "bright idea." ! Dr. Yarnell was conversing with a liritish friend in a Y. M. C; A., building in Yokohama when -the first shock of the groat earth-quake came. Inuuedlaiely they dashed for the street which fortunately both of them reached b*»- fore the building collapsed. ~'Mn two mlniitn?,*^ said Dr. YarnelL ''In' a city of 450,000 people, loss than, a dozJen buildings^ wero left itand-v ing, and they were of stee| and concrete—American construction"'"Dr. Yririiell said that as he jsfood . there In lh(» street tlu» dust i \1 the, falling houses was-so thick] that : one could not see his hand licfdre, ) his face and it was some-minutes before it settled sufficiently fr)r one to see V -here he- was going. After Joining his British friend in, resculMg some Japanesp.""who wero imprisoned in the wrecks of their- houses. Dr. Yarnell started to make his way to their home, over,^' whelmed with anxiety as to what might have happened lo his wife. The streets were so *liittcced with fallen -walls and other debris that^ it took'him from about noon to ninei o'clock in' the evening to reach what had been his iwme. Dr. Yarnell was dvercome .iwith^ emotion in recalling- the" harrow-.^ ing experience and could not complete the story. But to friendji la- " rter he explained that after- being impri.soned for five or six hjur.n his wife was re..scued from fh«- wreck of their dwelling; comparatively unharmed." Dr. Yarnell; describeil briefly', some of the; wondr^rful beauty spots of .Japan and paid Jiighj tribute to the scii^ol that are main-" tained in the .country by cfiurches of various denominations nnder tho management of Americans. He\ said that the Y'. M. C. A. was ' very popular in Japan, uot Jess Home Pemonstration ; Lekdei* iii the County • .Miss Amy Kelly, state home demonstration agent; was in lola yesterday conferring with Mrs. Florence Syverud, Allen county home demonstration agent, (concerning work in this countyi for j tho coming year. ' i_ '. f Marjorie Dunlap; Asksi DivQrce From Husband Marjorie Dunlap filed suit inidis- trlct court' today for a dlwrce Trora her husband, Harry Pun- lap. - I The jury found that this was not true. It aLso found that the two had never locked themselves in any school room alihoiigh tesfi- j the Y. W. C. A- isting in the single city of Tiikyo. and that it i.s doing a much needed an<\ appreciated work, as is lalso mony was introduced feet. to this ef- KEEPING THE WHITE WHITE!! Local Display Advertising in the Daily Register for GrjAA Mareh 1926 (inches).. Local Display Advertising in tlie Daily Register for QA'JO March^l927 (inches) ...... J Vpg/^f Gain this Mardi Over Last 28inch<» UNf ADVERTISING 171 the REGISTER is an UNFAILING BAROMETER of^ BUSINESS CONDITIONSi in I0LA\I MXLAIN TALKS TO EX-SOLDIERS —— • ' \ Kansas City Man Emphasizes Influence Legion Might Hjave. Kxcppllonnlly good attendance marked the American f^cglon meeting here last night. Baxter D. .McClain of Kansas. City, formerly of lola. Ill making the principal address qf the evening, stressed the need of co-operation to make anyt^iing u success. Sp^Aklng of patriotism, McClain declared who wei-e wlll- I-ng to risk their lives for their country, should be willing to unite in a movement such as the American Legion for the civic betterment of a community. He brought out'that only; one- ninth ' of those eligible to the American Legion in Allen county are members of the organization. He pointed out that^ if all were united the organization woiild have a powerful Inflileiice w^)ich i it could exert for the 'good bf Ida and Allen county^ .1 Plans were made' last niight for a membership drive in! an effort to bring all ex-service mea in the county Into the, Americaa Legion. ad-. tho that Incxt. lola As previously an-nouhced j the meeting last eveping was the concluding one of Ithe Current, T9P'C3 season, twenty-two meetings in all having been held since last October, and thanks to. the generbsity of the Kelley Hotel manageiient, th© main 4 '"i"B room, was us'ed and decorated for the occasion and' the event was celebrated by th«»> serving of ii meal which was itioroi^ nearly a banquet than the Usual; simple lunch to which the cliib Is' accustomed.-' In announcing Journment for the sumhier president o? the club stated i hn Imped to distinguish Jthe cljib season by bringing to under tho sponsorship of f'uifrpnt •Topics a ^number, of the. most! em- ' I inent lectiircrs who aro now oii the ' American' platform. His Idoi la to; have one of these special lec- 'Imrers for'each monih of the plub season at an approximately otal expenne of one thousand do lars with the understanding of-course that these special programs should be given in a large auditorium and tho mibllc admitted upon the payment of a . reascmable chargeYfor tickets, i In order that such a^ro- gpm I>e carried out it will ) lie necessary for the estimated Cost to be nnderwrittcn and Mr. Spott, suggested that any who" were wining to join in such underwriting to the extent of ten dollars wduld i have, that opportunity. Aftecjad-' journment a considerable number of those present signed theTpa- per that had been prepared, and ,it is now announced that any ]«rho did not do so butjvonid like t<>.be ^Continued on Page 6, No. .-I

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