The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1915 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1915
Page 2
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if: -----^ _ i , t I 1-' THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING. MARCH 2.1915. T Tbe biggest values iii Rugs and e^tpet^ y6u wiB §ee this sea- 0m are now being shown in our sale of floor coverings. Dptft buy lwi<^4)ut seeing^ t^ese bargains. Furmture Compaoy SENATE HAS PASSED BILL TO £\- A HitDfr of Hptiug. : ; (By Joe HeylmunJ Oh, iJje chill ana the ihrlll Of thfe evening's stl.II, Ani^'.the ^old of th« st^tting sun; And rUMlke trill Of tlif! whip-poor-will, Thai telle that the c:ay is done. oil, tljte fling and the swing Ofi tU« lightning wing, . And. the hiss of the cleaved air. And the waning away iOf a libnesome lay, Ukej tlie laugh of a fairy fair! Oh, tlije plume and the bloom And t|e pale perfume, , And*"the sips ot a sylvan scent, And tfe light in the night •pf the;fire-fly bright, i ThatiSies as an ember spent. bh,' the riftless lift Of the'lcleftless cliff. Aid the brown of its rugged brow. And'the leap and the creep Of ihe|li2ard fleet, In th^ sands of time not no\y. Oh, ;th^ breathing-ease i^^|ilj|jiiiny bre€ze. And iltE^ whispers of distant cUraes, And,.th|^ sighing r^ply In its jiassin^ by,^ From tongues of a thousand kinds ,Oh,|the;hue clear, too. Of the prilliant blue, . And jn the worlds in its inflniie 'j sireep. And th| sprite-like white Of the |)ale moonlight. And ripples that dimple the Winter^? last faint :gasp, And hi$^ feebling ferasp, .iTell the land u will soon 'be tre?; i" Nqt a d|y lades away Bat thefJworid's more gay. With pie thought of the days to'pa. i ' ' ~ '• • V . The Epyal Leadersj class of the Christla^i church is to have a business mifeting tomorrow afternoon at half pa4 two at the liome of Mrs. A. V. Napier, 308 West Madison avenue, and It Is hoped that all members will be presept. «• • * The yiung ladles' classes and the young mjjn's class of the United Breth rep ^un^ay school are planning a box su'pp'e'r't^ be given on Friday evening of thia *eek at the church, to which everybody Js invited. , • .:' •• .ij.* ^ Mrs. 0. P. Robertson, 323 , North Tiiti-d Btfeet, will entertain the G. L. F. W. cl}ib tomorrow aftfernoon at half pas^ two. ' " , |- '<•••<• Under ikhe auspices of the home Mission |6clety of the Baptist church Rev. Dr.i Palmer, of Denver, Colo., Tvill givek lecture at half past aeven I tonight a\ the church. Ot course his talk will ;be of particular interest to the memhiers of the missionary society of the Church which he- repreaents) i but everyj^dy who is at ail interested in mission work will find much to Inleresl tliem in what he has to say, and for tSat reason a cordial ihvita- tioil it expended to everybody to .attend. - ? • ;' • ^ •« •'^loche,'; according to the fagblon I writers, jsj the word which describes :the new 4 'ly>u*tt;^.. but as it is the jFrench i^rd meaning bell, and Seeoud district; Judge C.Ji. SoiiBrt ot Ddiiglas coitity, Fourth distrlcit Judge W. C: Harris of Coffey cibunty. Vittb district; Jiidge A. T. Ayres, Chautauqua county Thirteenth district; Jtidge £. C. Claric of lAbette county. ; .Sixtegiiih district; Judge C. I. Sparks I of KbbitB comity, ThirJty-fqurtih ;dls- Itrict, and .tud^ge. 6.^ Kaiiies'of .Tacksoh W'Wanl* HMM Ad4HioB of BoariioH andkounty, Thlrty-slsth dintrict. . ; Lwi 'X ^MBlSr .Jts Jojbi Jiirlat ^s | Scnatoi\Troutm^n hp advised mem- Tfrritonr. ' of' the 'senate" to wHte ' * ' in JJiejrrMptective. districts aaking tor advice as to the time'and number ...of terms of court that will be necessary, in the varioiis counties of the state in case the new Judicial map is drawn as now outlined. "It wW be necessary." said he, "if the two bUJs now in the legislature's Hands are .finally passed, to pass a third law fixipg the terms of court in the various districts. In order to do that e.\peditrously In the short,time that will be. left after final action is taken on the apportionment bill, it will be necessary to have all possible information ready in our hands." 11^ If th? .Kansas iiQUse B\i.stain.s the senate in its vote on the Judicial redistricting bill. B'ourboii County, with LinU'County, will not. after .July 1, constitute the 36th' Judicial district, liut will go lnti )jj ^e.33'th dlslriiet with Alieif and Wobflsbn counties , b^ing added tb th^ dfiiirlct wblbh is at jtbis Jlme comiKiaed of- those two coUii^ties. Jfames A. Troutman of Shawnee, cbalr- inaqi; ofibe committee, which has 1;'^ en iioirking (or three weeks bn,,the r«ad- adjiisjtment measure. Introduced i^, by i .vote die .34 to 4. If the bouse'paa ^<;9 It tbi^ .number of Judicial districts [in the'state jar^ll be redifced oh July I. from. 3^ ,to 2« and ^ight jii^ges wUI be pu^t^piti.of office. Tbcy will,each receive however, half their ^ Bala|-ies for the reihainder of the terms,for whiclt;tliey..'w(ere elected. Among tl|e list of the Jduges' wiio Will lose, tbelr oftlcea the name of Judge C- £. Hulett of this cii^. who is now judge in the 36tli (district,, does not appear, notwitbsitanding the fact that U .aipi^ears' evident that Judge Os- car.Fbust of Ibia, who how has cKargc of the Woodsop-Allen county district will retain charg^ off it. under the new law, ^tti Bour)>on county added to Jiis territory, the new law, however, does hot make it necessary that a judge live in a district in order to officiate in its courts, and it is therefore possible that Judge HUlett may be given charge of the,new 35th district. fiELI6ll|US ClIMN AT H U. It BeiTiiii To4uf and Will K« tlitt Greatest of ItM Kind Kver Diider. taken AnywlK-re. Lawrence, Kas., March 2.—The iini- versity of Kansas is to have the greatest religious campaign ever held at any university in the United States, beginning Tuesday, March 2nd, and lasting until Monday. March 8th. According to international secretaries of the y. M. C. A., no American university has ever had so many great experts in student religious work to conduct a series of meetings. Dr. .lohn R. Mott of New York and We are now ready to ghow ypji one of the best and/largest assortments of new Rugs and Drajieries for spriJnlr ever in our store. A big shipment of Draperies iust unpacked Saturday and a big shipment of n?w Rugs in this morning and they will all bfe ready for your inspection—and never were bright new Rugs and Draperies «fh!g|i quaJity marked to sell for, less money than they are now at the beginning of iihis sp^ng season. 5- We know you will bepJeascd and TflE PRICES PLEASE YOU. Come in and look them over. WlU MORE T H A N 500 boxes Bucilla Crochet Threads now in. All colors sizes— lOcliatt SBtkfM0«B GaamatMd or Toar fOBcy BefuBded. * Amerifcatf^Jfeople 'ari^ rtaWag^a concerted effort to dfaw ^wity" a8'"inuch as possible from the French fashions; American women wjll be content to be given the sobriquet "bell sliaped belles.' Since the American people are designing their own clothes for the first time some of the belles are sure to be rather odd, but the general effect will be the same, beginning at the top of the "bell" with the close fitting hat,- sometimes pointed, then the ^aist made to flare a little at the bottom perhaps, with a bolero jacket, thenJhe" skirt, clds^ fitting at the hips hut fl!irlng'wi6ely at the. bottom and (jurt^ SWort to display t^ie fancy shoes .of the season. • •> • Mr. G. W. Thompson went to Kansas City today and will return tomorrow with Mrs. Thompson, who has been ill in the Swedlsn hospital, but Is now sufficiently recovered to be brought to her home here. The many friends of the family will be glad to know of the speedy success of the operation and that there is every reason to believe that Mrs. Thompson will soon be ([uite wgli again. * •> <' Tht meeting of the N. T. T. club for this week is to be as usual on Thursday afternoon dnd Mrs. J. E. Powell will be the hostess. • '•,1*** ' The outline of the program for the meeting of the Mothers club for tOr morrow 'afternoon has been planned with special reference to the bdys of the family and should lie very Interesting. In answer to roll call each member will give a suggestion as to "How best to obtain the confidence of our boys.' Mrs. Floyd Elliott will have charge of -the scripture lessob and Mrs. ^Fred Green has' been appointed to glg^e the reading fbi- the afternoon, ^be meeting is to'.'be at the home of Mrs. L. Atzbaqh, 512 North Chestnut street. • « •:• > The meeting of. the General Aid society of the Christian church for this month is to be held on Thursday afternoon at the hom* of Mrs. Tom Moore, 702 East street, and it is urged that every member make an effort to attend. Business plans suggestions for the Easter Bazaar, will occupy the earlier part of the aftcrnpon and for the remainder of the afternoon the time will be si>ent socially. * • * • Miss Gleffdale Oriffith ^eturaeA to Tola yesterdhy ey.enlpg afl«r sperid- ing the week end here with her mother and . attending the lolariawrence- hasltel-bail gaiiie.—Lawrehce Journal World. . ;* * * The At Hom^ club will meet on. Thiirsflay afternoon with J*rs. L. L. Ames, ,522 South Cottonwood street. Members are'asked; to l>e prepared ylth current eventsi for the answers to roll call. I Mrs. J. M..Pife will entertain the A. Y. li T. cIub''tbmorrbw afternoon at her home, 314 ^uth Buckeye street. Tomorrow afterhobu the VToodpiore class of the Ptrat Methodist Sunday Bchoo wiU meet with Hra- 3: O. Brown. .SOS So^th Jettefaon ayeQh«: jit has ..been decided-to ,!9ake a stiidy; if th> life of .Sry^nt and his poetry.- and it is asked thfit eacji membe.r .ablest one of filg |H>«i|iia tiB r ^4 <*»4 to; fn Jhrnh i^h^Jn MV\„r„„^ Robius, of Cliicago, arc two .nnnnia ± ?f» ^^c big leaders or the meetings. The v ?ra "f. „. >^ Jf^ ^"•'"'e'- IH the general Secretary of the .hf!., 'i!Li "^f .!^T ^.r^„^o^'^?„^'^^/'*' Worlds Student (M.ri.stian Federation, "Tw ^ZZ '^.f rir .f: ^'0"«W«red by many authorities tricts other than their own for thc^^^ t,,^ greatest executive mind of the purpose ofl relieving overloaded dock-• „g„^. ^^..jj ^.^^ „„.^.r^j ets. Under such a law a Judge won d | ambassadorship to China, but declined, go from his own district into any oth-,R „,„„j ji^,b,„8 ^ivic reformer er to which he was sent by order of ^ .sociologist the supreme court, and hold court un-, goiue of the best known men In Kan- tll the overburdened docket Was relieved However, there are to be no exir^ judges with the sole duty of assisting on conjested dockets, each judge having a district, and this makek it appear that, in case the law passes; Judge C. E: Hulett will lose his office on July 1. It is the. opinion of local attorneys that Judge, ilulett would lose his office. • The eight Judges ,who. will be legislated out of office by the senate bill it it is finally approved in its present form,, are: Judge W. A. Jackson, of Atchison, be prepared to give the incident that inspired its writing. ia answer to roll call verses frjom next Sunday's lesson will be given ais usuaL It,has been necessary to postpone' the iheet'ing of the' ei-Teachers club for- several week?; bi|t all members | are now reminded that there Is to be; a meeting'^n Friday afternoon at the, home of Mrs..S. I S; Hllscher, who is to'have, t^e assisjtance of Mrs. James Welch a^ Mrs; t.H. Wishard in en- te'rtalnlhg.' ., . • * * , It is a long while sfnce the Otterbein Gillld of the Unltied Brethren' church enjoyed such! a pleasant and ihterestihk nie^ihg as that hbld.last, nlgl^i at .the Jtibnife of Mxa.' Vei^i Steele ori.North'Waliiut street, "nie members of the Guild met at half past seven to elect officers and plah hew work for this year. The new bmcers are Miss Hazel Kelm, president; Miss Hester Alger, vice-president; Miss £:ilza Brown, secretary; Miss Mae Chatiield, secretary of literature; MIss Opal Gillespie, treas- sas will lend their aid in the meetings. Governor ArthiirCapper will come, W. Y. Morgan, W. R. Stiibba, Henry Allen of Wichita, President H, J. Waters of the State Agricultural College, and the entire State Board of Administration, composed of Ed T.T^ackney, E. W. Hoch and Cora G. Lewis, will be here.' Many other college presidents, editors, clergymen, and men of note throughout the ijtate are expected. There are many other widely known religious leaders from all the United States to be here and their plan is to make a personal campaign at all the fraternity, sorority and boarding : l^ftkes Stut^^pm Coughs : Vanish h^aliurrv ' Basllr ChcaplT Made at H OB:> houses—to come into personal contact witli' every man and woman In the ITnivei-slty. • "* If some one in yonr family lir .s an ob- •tinate cough or a bad throat or chi 'St jqld that i>as been haiiiK>nK oh and refuses trf'vielttto treatmtat, get froirf any dru^ store 2% ounces of Pin^r arid'iUake it Ihtb a pint bf cuugii s^rup, and watch that eouffh-vauiali.' • POUT' tfa^ 2^ buncos oh Pines (50 cents worth) into a! pint'bottle and fill the bottle with plain ^ranuluted autrar •yrup. The total co-vt is alK)ut 54 cents, and giverf yoii a full pint—a family aupply-^f a ihoai effective remody, at a •aving of 12. A lay'-s use will usually uyercome a iiard. cough. KiiHily prepared in 5 minutes—full dirtM ;tions with I'inex. 'Keeps perfectly and has a p'.eusunt taste. Children like it. tight conjih and heals the iiitlnnicd membranes in a piiinfiil cough. It alw> stop* the forhiiitiOh of phlegm in the throat and bron(^hial tu.ljes,'thus ending the persistent loose coiigh. A splt-ndid remedy for bronchitis, winter couclis, bruncliial asthma and whooping c-ouuli. Pinex is a special and highly concentrated compound ot genuine Norway pine extract, rich in guaiacdl, which is so bealiiig to the inembraneg. Avoid'diMppointmenit by asking your dragffist forouiieeg of Pinex," and do not accept anything else. A guarantee of absolute satisfaction goeri with-this Dreparation or money promptly refunded. TWPihw,C6., Ft. Wayne. lud. ^ aW'M"^ OeOrgf ^- "ooly, pat- l really remarkable how promptly roness. China was the subject of the and easily it loosens the drv, lloursl^ or lesson arid'so miicHintet 'eBt in the • *"'•' ' subject was aroused ^by M*"?. Steele's paper oh the religion of China and Miss Adii. Wh^lejPs paper on the cUs toma pf the country that the girls Im mediately decided to adopt a little girl in one of the church mission schools in China and see to it that she is properly supported until she has completed her education in that particular school. Juat.after the j)rogram had been completed ihe young men of Mr. Moody's diasi. l<>iD^ the jrqung laaies and there were .seysral hbiirs of fun and the ho^te^s served.light refreshments. Nearly f<^rty meinbers and Quests were ipment. At ^he next meeting the Guild will cntettajii. the yf. M. A., the senior iiiissiqnarx. .soci'^ty. ^ *««9' The Guild of the Episcopal church will meet tomorrow afternoon with MiSs Louise Hyde. • • Poui'teep meipbers of the young J ladies' Mlssibnary society of the Baptist church met with Miss Nellie Walters la :$t ni^ht. After the usqaj mis sion study there was a very pleasant social hour and the .hostess served luncheon. The meetinga of the Unity club cqptjlhue to be Piad^ very interesting with studies, from 'Brqwnini;',' and' the progra .0i ieitb'rdiiy at th,^ hpme of Mr?; E. t MUl 'ei- was given Tjj^ Mrs. Eari RqBe1>|i«h aQd M^s. Jaimos Welch. •'nSifJ subject or. th6 pape 'r iread by Mrs. Rbaebush wfis "BrpWnihj^ as a DramaUBt," itid thfe les«6n sdibject was ''tlifs'.Biick in tb^ flscutcheon;" . ' . •' • -' - ' U ..i l'-'' ' Hpbd^g SiifAiMittrilla J^T^ scjbfiila sqiM, boils aiid other ei;up- tifti^alM^awiB it^.Vfs out ot i |(e blood the iiumors that eausc tbem. Eruptions cannot be successfuily ti^i^t^d y/ifih external ij>|>iM!ations, becaiisfl tbetw eaanot purify the blood. • - ' aoo ^bitildq «p t^-wbpU ^ypteni: In-, sint oB ^viny ;&)!Bflk .Q9t^ ao#. I MRS. iilLhmrs ITE.MS. We are sorry Annie Felkiiis is sick. A few of,Mr. and Mis. George Brennecke's friends called and spent the evening with thorn one night last week They took light refreshments and had a, pleasant ('vening. . Tlie fumily will soon move back to their farm and com meiice farm life. (Jeurge and Cecil have many warm (friends In this com- unity who are glad they are coming here to be with us. J. W. Gullett read .1. .N. Tliompson's ad In the Register, tlioii he called Mr. Thompson up and bouglit a bushel of sweet clover seed from him. It pay:-, to advertise and to read the ads. Mrs. Harry Boeken attended the Kel ley sale. Thanks to Mrs. Wagner "and others who sent in pies to help us out. How abo^t the ground'iog? He,only saw' his shadow a few' minutes and he lias no need of acting this way.' Ben Wallis has been in poor health all .winter. 'Some days he is able to be up and around other times he is hardly, able to move on account of a lame back. A number of families nave moved in to the community and others are moving in. . Some ,of them have bought farms' and.others are renting. i We would have liked to attend the i Lou Wbot^n sale hut the roads were tod. bad. , Mr .Jim Andruss attended the Kol- [ ley sale. Mark Ard, of Old El.smore, also attended " Mr. and Mfti. Hanson have come to the soli from lola. Tliey will move onto the farm LatiurerH live. A few braved the roads and went to Sunday School Sunday. We are gla^ our worthy editor, C. si'rup, and wuteh iScott, arrived home safely and we feel assured that he received a warm welcome wherever he went. Mr. and Mrs. Will f'^enneily arc lying seriously ill at their farm home, north west of Elsmore. Mrs. Kennedy's sister, Lou, is hoiping to care for her and they have hi'rcd a man to rare for Mr. Kennedy, and the iieit;hbor.'^ sit up at iiiAiits with them. The sale at Mrs. Kelley's was well attended and the bidding was good. Some of the 'lows sold as hl^h as $70. The Ladies' Aid cleared, over $12 and had 5 a s"od, social time. Those who solicited ^vere Miss Bess Williams, Miss Artie Boycr and . .Mrs. Spencer Davis. Those who aasisted with the lunch were Mrs. Tony Stewart, Mis. Frank Myers, Mrs. Wess Smart, Mis, Joe Gritfits, Mrs'. Ed Boycr, Mrs. W. C. Walker, Mrs. Hattie Gullett. Mrs. Tip Williams and Mrs. Van Camp. The ladies enjoyed a visit with Mrs. Spencer Davis and a friend and Mrs. Geo. Anderson of Moran. We thank all for their help and Mrs. Kelley for assisting us as much as she could. We Brotherhood of American YEOMEN DesMoines, Iowa DesMoines, Iowa Membership 210,000 Reserve Fund .$2,7.50,000 Assets $3,250,000 iCIainis Paid .$11,50^00 issues Ortilicati's Paying, los {..xpcc (aiicy OeiliiitiiMi Cash at death : . 4li<i)i) (^ for Loss of i:yc _ .. . H.'iii Cash I'or.'JxJs.'! of llaiiiL _ :;r,ii Cash for Loss of Koot . i,. . 'J:,u Cash for Broiicn.^Ariii . _ ._ _ loii CJash tor Broken l^g ._ , lOo Casli i'or Total Disability 1 „ Old Asfi Disability yca.f-Iy 'after TU for te i yoars luo DO NOT HAVE TO DIE TO Insures Men and Women from .Join the Voonien now and get your charier will Fttbruary 'Joth. Tlie Yeomen Kesorvo Kuaranfeos jif . Policies inc<)nte.stal)!>>. Havi; it e.xplaind $3000 .',1111 750 .•.III.) 750 •,m 750 liim • sqoi- :;oo 300 1IIUO I.'IOO 200 SECURE BENEFITS 18 to 45 Years Old. name on the cliarter list. Thje •iiianciicy and future low cost- I now. See M. L. GATCHEIF, Dist. Mgr. rhonc 21)1 U'i \. JeiYeisoii Ave. tola, Kans. Meeting Nights in lola I'lid 'ind Ith Tliiil -Kday .N'i.nht.s at K. of P. Halt. feal that she will find frioiuls w!ifr-<• evi'r she goes. •We wish Ray Wagner HIIPCI^SS in liis new work on tlie bus line in iola. II i> drives from the li6tel to all parts of,,, tlu^ city. Hay is one of oui' Hall hoys, j^* Kindness will win out I 'viTy liiue .•, Ti 'y it and see. Marry Boeken went to Lallariii, ultli two crates of eggs .M ()ii (lay. Waller Baker Kjjeiit several days out on tlie farm Willi his sister, Mrs <' VOSR and family. -Miss Bessie Williams laitiMtaincd Miss Florence Hound at dinner Sunday and in the eveiiinji tliey were acconi- pained by Millard Williams to the Jlall where Miss Round led ICpwortli Leatjiie. and in spite of the mud tiuMe were lliirteen present. Sonic of them liad put on ruhber boots and waded. 'Cliarhiy W-'Kiier went to lola .Monday to see his brother, Ray. • '> • • •:• "J. •{• * • *:.,mK» I'KIVATK .HO>KV tol:l()an on Karni Security. Rea- soiialih; Rate. Optional Payments. ProiMjit Service. 101-A l,A.M> CO. • •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• <• •> • ioiiie • • • • • J- Tkey Know It's Safe. u'l'nts will) know from exper- insist upon Foley's Honey and Tar Compound when buying a medicine lor coughs, colds, croup and |la gripiie. C. T. I.unceford, Washlngt<>n, Ga., ^vrit••^': " have used It for six years and it never has failed. I t^ilnk It is the Iji'st remi'dy made for cijipghB and ioliis." iiurrell's Diutf Store. lan^it' is .lii.-^t as apt to hurt as liidp a business. CAMPBELL UNDERTAKING CO. We Strive to Please Phone 332 lola, Kas. i'i Last Number, Lecture Course A number that every one will enjpy because it is made up of music everybody loves, presented by A'irls of splendid training in the lyc,eum and experience in professional work. A company (Jf artists, in a program of popular and strong patriotic interest IBICES. ..... .25c, 35c and ^Oc Seat.''. Monday at Merchant's. 'mm

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