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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, October 22, 1892
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PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY —»T— W. N. BUEDIOK. TERMS: 11.60 Per Year, Strictly In Advance. Tht Bttt Advertising Medium to m the four north-tastrrn cmwtii* Offlc* BouthWMt Corner L»wler ami TtUli'i. : ADVERTISING RATES: W M BUIIDICK . Edit r ami Proprietor INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED', THE UOLDEN BULE OUH MORAL GUIDE. TERMS: $1.50, IF PAID IN ADYANN VOL. XX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1892. NUMBER 32. 1 week .., t ft-<H*kfl ., 5 wrpl;-*., 1 month . 2 tn<ini<m, 4 iimtiliiH. J )V .r.... 1 in. 9 in. i In 4 coijw col tl 00 ft 80 fj .VI f i TO] $1 00 i so i 'J'I 8 T:, 5 75: H «l S 00 3 IV 5 on " .V) 111 00 a ro S J:, 0 'J.'. o as! is on S 00 4 SO 0 rvi 11 ',r,' 17 on < mi li i'l li ir, 10 00' S! 00 n so fl Oil lr. no JO on! W f» 1 (1 00 13 W IS 0' SO OOj 45 00 J10 00 in oo is oo 19 00 » 00 .Vi 00 50 0C 80 00 I 1 IIS 1 II.-HS rnrl* mil tin-cling |lv,< linen, 15. I ^v «*• ndvvi t.-. im-nm at l» K al rate* AiWertlwv IIIHIIIS iiiM-rii'it wiiii no H*, M :1 C time iviii be I ln>r 1 ..ilitre ! (Mil urn' ••rin'-j'tsil for ao.\ :1 litlU p ivnltl ri'i.u c.>rljr 1'iililMi, Cortiln. lr TALMA6E IN KUSSLA. What tbo Brooklyn Proacher 9aw In tho Czar'a Domiiiiona The Fnmlne 'ji Awful Work Amonc the I'oor—Anipi-lciiu and Other Itellof IVorlt—Many l.lreft Savin! and llumoft rresorveil. In a recent sermon in the Brooklyn tnl>ernticle Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage reviewed his trip to Russia and spoke on the famine there mid tho work of relieving the starving. His text was: If I tako tho winRfl of tbo roorntrtff nnil iltvnll in tbo u'tprmost pnrts of tho ni>n, ^vett tliero tbnU Thy tniid lo.-ul me,—Psalm cxxxlx.. 0. Whntan absurd book tho Hiblemust be to u man who has no poetry in his •on). "Wings of the morning!" What kind of a bird is it, and how long are its wing's and of what colorV Ah. Rome of nshave seen and felt its wings. They are golden. They are buoyant. They are swift. They are widespread. Tho 15th of last June I took "the wings of the m< ruing" and started for Europe. June '20 on the "wines of the morning" I started from Liverpool: July IS, on "tho wings of tho morning," I entered Germany, the laud of Martin Luther and many of that ill;, living and dead. On "the wings of the morning" I entered St. Petersburg, Russin. On "the wings of the in ruing" I entered Moscow. On "the wings of the morning" I entered the mlnees of Russia, greeted by the emperor and empress, surrounded by a lovely brood of princes and princesses. On "the wings of the morning" I entered Inverness, the capital of the Scottish highlands, country of Robert Hums, and Thomas Chalmers, the- one for poetry, the other for religion. September SI, on "the wings of the morning," 1 entered the fluent haven of all the earth--New York harbor—and looked of? toward the most inteivsting place I had seen in three months— South Oxford street, llrooklyii. Oh. I like, "the wings of the morning." I am by nature and by grace, a son of tho morning. I think I must have been '< born in the morning. I would like to j dio in the morning. I have a notion I that Heaven is only an everlasting i morning. In the summer of my • text was fulfilled to me again and ogain. "If I take tho wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost ' parts of the sea, even there shall Thy hand lead me." Yes, lie lead mo as 1 He always has led mo since I took my : first walk from tho cradle to my i mother's lap at Round lirook until this pulpit where I now stand, and He will : lead mo until I stop for all time about three miles out yonder, where the most of you will b_> my fellovv-sluiuberers. Y 'ou all know why 1 went to Russia this summer. There are many thou- ' sands of people who have a right to say to me, as was said in the liible parable: "Give account of thy stewardship." Through the Christian IIc.rn.Ul, which I lia-e tho honor to edit, wo had for months, in publisher's, in repertovinl and editorial columns, put before the people the ghastly facts concerning twenty million Russians who were starving to doath. and subwriplions to the relief fund had com a by letters that seemed not so much written with •ink tvs with tears, some of the letters practically saving: "We find it hard to get bread for our own families, but we can not stand this cry of hunger from beyond seas, and so please receive the inclosed." Arid others had sent jewels from their hands and necks, saying: : "Sell these and turn them into bread." And another letter said: "Inclosed is an old gold piece. It was ray I mother's. She gave it to me and told mo never to part with it, except for bread, and now I inclose, it." Wo had gathered $35,000 in money, which we turned mto!i ,000,0:>0 pounds of flour. When I went down to the boar I of trade at Chicago and left *5,0!)0 of the amount raised with a prominent flour merchant, t iking no rae-sipt, an 1 leaving all to him to do the b^-st thing, and returned, it was sugg.wt.ed that I had not dono things in a business way. How could wo know what sort of Hour would be sent? Them are styles of flour more fit for the trough of the swine than tho mouths of hungry men and women. Well, as Is customary, when the Hour civnio to New York it was tested, and wo found indeed they had cheated us. They guvo ns better flour than wo had bought. I bought In Chicago tine flour, but they sent us superfine, tiod bless tho merchants of Chicago! Now, we know nothing about famine in America. The grasshoppers may kill the crops in Kiinsus, the freshets may destroy the crops along tho Ohio, the pot'ito worm may kill the vines of Long Island, tho rust may get into tlu> wheat of Michigan, yot when there has beon dreadful scarcity In some parts of the land there lias been plenty In other parts. Rutin districts of Russia, vast enough to''drop several nations into thorn, drought for six consecutive years has devastated, and' these districts wore previously tho most productive of ull tho empire. It was like what wo would havo In America if tho hungry fier .d somehow got out of hell and alighted in our land, and swept his wing over Minnesota, aud said: "Let nothing grow here." and oyer Missouri, aud said: "Let nothing grow ' here," ,in ' over New York state, and said: "Let nothing grow herei" find over, Ohio and Georgia and Mnssoehuautta and Pennsylvania and Nebraska and Dakota and the Carolines, and said) ''Let nothing grow here," and tho hunger fiend hud ' swept tho suinu withering and blasting wing over tho best parts of America in : the year* I8BT. 188B. mv, IBM. 18U1 and ••>• I8t>8, and Anally all our families were », »Ht on small allowance' urid we iijl had rUen from the table hungry, and alter awhile tho cW)«ri!>Vh> d only quarter •'enough, anil after awhile only one roeal bjtfWMW*! nftor »vyl)}li >iio got*! food at ''tSD.Wt a mixture ot wheat and chuff mid bari^iiLtta^Ji^J-- 111 ^-^ areliungol of wretchedness and horror^ that we went, and wo have, now to report that, according to the estimate of the Russian famine relief committee, wo saved the lives of one hundred and twenty-live thousand people. As at the hunger relief .stations, the bread was handed out—for it was made in to loaves and distributed—many people would halt before taking it and religiously cross themselves and utter a prayer for the donors. Some of them would come staggering back, nnd say: "Please tell us who sent this bread to us." And when told it come from America, they would say: "What part of America? Pleaso give us the names of those who sent It." Ah, (lod only knows the names of those who sent it, but He certainly docs know, and many n prayer is going up, I warrant you, day by day, for those who sent flour by the ship Leo. Perhaps, some of us at our tables rattle off a prayer may mean nothing, although we call it "saying grace," but I warrant when those people who received tho hreiid which saved their lives "said grace," it meant something. Our religion may not demand that wo "cross ourselves," but 1 have learned that while crossing one's self in some cases may mean nothing but mere form, 1 believe in most cases it means: "Oh, Thou of tho suiVering cross of Calvary, have mercy upon me and accept my gratitude." Prefer your own form of religion Uy all means, but do not depreciate the religions forms of others. Why does not some poet ring a canto on a loaf of bread, or some modern Raphael paint it, or some historian tell its history? Not like manv articles of food, pretentious, and iced all over like wedding cake, or dotted with fantastic ingredients, but that grandest, product of the earth, that richest yield of the (lour mill, that best benediction of a hot oven—a (iod-given loaf of bread. Hut the rhythm of it, the luxury of it, the meaning of it, the benediction of it, the Divine, mercy of it, only those, know who have seen a famine. No wonder Christ put this food into the. sacrament and said of a broken loaf of bread: "This is My body." Thank God that I ever saw that transcendent and compact kindness of tho Infinite (lod — a loaf of broad. And it was our joy this summer to hand over a shipload of material for gladdening many thousands of Russians with such a beatitude. Hut, I have been asked by good people in Great Ilritaiu and America again and again, why did not the prosperous people of Russia stop that suffering themselves, making it useless for other people to help? And 1 am always glad when I hear the question asked because it gives me an opportunity of explaining. Have you any idea what it requires to feed twenty million people? There is only one Ilcingin tho univorso who can do it, and that is the Roing who, this morning, breakfasted one billion six hundred million of the human race. The nubility of Russia have not only contributed most lavishly, but many of them went down and staid for months amid the ghastli- uess and horror of typhus fever and tho small-pox. that they might, administer to the suffering. I sat at the dining table In the house of one of our American representatives beside a baroness, who had not only impoverished her estates by hercontrilmtions to the suffering, but who left hor own homo and went down into the worst of the misery, and until prostrated with the the one easo. as soon as it is reported, the official is discharged. They who havo been sent "to write up" Russin and Siberia have dono as that man would do who, sent to "write up" New York, should write up slums ns «. specimen of what New Yorlc is, or sent to write up tbo American congress should write up some depraved politicians as a specimen of American statesmanship, or sent to write up tho sanitary condition of this country, should send a kodno pictnro of all the warts and carbuncles ho could find as a speclmon of American health. I believe I enn reverse tho opinion of any man antagonistic to Russia who will give mo an honest hearing, ns my own opinions have boon reversed by what I recently saw and heard. Ucforo passing to the other field of my summer observation. I give you one little specimen of the falsehoods about Russia. I stood in London with my ticket for St. Petersburg, Russia, in my pocket. It was two o'clock in the afternoon, nnd at three o'clock I was to take the train. An American physician came in and said: "You certainly aro not going to Russin." f said: "Why not?" Then a morning paper wasshown me, saying that in St. Petersburg there were two thousand cases of virulent cholera; the city had been divided into hospital districts, and the doctors were ut their wits' end what to do with the number of patients; the population was flying in terror. It was almost as bad in Moscow. While le- flecting on these, accounts, two messages arrived from other friends protesting against the foolhardiness of my rushing into the presence of two thousand eases of cholera in one. city. Of course I halted. I halted for four days. Meanwhile a telegram from St. Petersburg encouraged me. to go. I went. There was not a single case of cholera either in St. Petersburg or Moscow, and there was not a single ease in either city until four weeks after r left those cities. Hut theContincntal falsehood had done its commercial errand. Tens of thousands of Americans and Englishmen who proposed to snmincr in Russia turned in other directions. At the large hotel in St. Petersburg at which I stopped, though capable of holding live hundred guests, and mouths before every room and every j hallway and every mattress and every i pillow had been engaged by telegraph I by sight-seers, all the orders were canceled, and, instead of live hundred guests, I should think about thirty, ' nnd thnt included our party. And so i it, was in all th - hotels In Northern Russia, i ml the snbstrarHon of that amount of commercial profit from those cities you may imagine. Hut that whole subject of .systematic fabrication I adjourn to some other hour. Yet, I must tell you of a pieturo of pathos and moral power impressed upon my mind so that neither time nor eternity can efface it. The ship Leo swung to the docks a. few miles below St. Petersburg, loaded with Hour from America. The sailors on board huz­ zaed as they came to the wharf. From n yacht, on which we had descendod the river to the sea, the prominent citizens of St. Petersburg disembarked. The bank was crowded by prosperous citizens, who stood on the wharf, nnd back of them by poor laborers who had come down to offer their services free of charge for the removal of the brcadstnifs from the COJNDEJSSED NEWS. fever: then reviving, and toiling on mi- j s,,i P to thtt imperial freight train that til prostrated by the small-pox. She had come homo to get a little strength, and in a few days she was going down again to the suffering districts, nnd , she commissioned ino to execute in | America a literary enterprise by which j she expects with her pen more money, | all of which is to go for bread to those . who lack it. Then there aro the Hohrinskoys. i They are of tho nobility, not only tho nobility of earth, but the nobility of , Heaven. You know we have in Amur- \ lea certain names which arc synonyms for benevolence—George Pea body, •lames Lenox, William E. Dodge, Mr. Slater, and so on. What their names mean in America, Hobrinskoy menus in Russia. Tho omporor has mudo larger contributions toward this relief fund than any monarch made for any cause since tho world stood, and tho superb kindness written all over tho faces of emperor and empress and crown prince is demonstrated in what they have already done and aro doing for the sufferers in their owu country. When a few days ago 1 read in the papers othat the emperor und empress, hearing an explosion, stopped the royal rail- train to dud out what accident had occurred, and tho empress knelt down by the side of u wounded laborer and held his head until pillows and blankets could be brought, and tho two wounded meu were put upon the royal train to he carried to n place where they ould be better eared for, 1 said to my wife: "Just like her," When I saw a few days ago in tho papers that tho emperor and empress had walked through the wards of the most virulent cholera, talking with tho patients, shaking hands with them and cheering them up, it was no surprise to mo; for I said to myself: "That Is just llko them." Anyone who has ever seen the royal family will bellovo anything In tho way of kindness aieribod to them, and will join mo In tho exeovatiou of that too prevalent opinion that n tyrant Is on the throne of Russia, if God spares my life, J will yot show by fin is bvyond dispute that the most slandered aud systematically lied about nation oa earth Is, Russia, and that no ruler over lived uioio for the elovatlou of his pin* plo in education and morals and religion than Alosautfor UL So I put all the three prayer* together! God save the president at trv»- UnltejJ States! <3ocl save the queen of Eiiglnntil God •'•»¥# the emperor und ompress of, Uus- slnf I will, wlmthor in sajrmons or: : Juotu .rO(t l have pot yet ^ecld^di _8linj!ti took the flour to the interior free of charge. While we stoid there, the long freight train rumbled down to tho docks, the locomotive and each car decorated with u flag—tho American Dug and the Russian flag alternating. Though a flag to some eyes is only a floating rag, you ought to see how tho American flag looks five thousand miles from homo. It looked that day like a section of Heavcu lot down to cheer mortal vision. Addresses of welcome and responses were made, and thou the work began, tho only contest being who should lift tho hardest and bo tho most oxpedltious. Prom ship to rail train. From rail train to kneading board. Prom kneading board to oven. From oven to tho whlto and 'quivering lips of the dying. Upon all who, whether by contribution small or large, helped make that Beene possible, may there come tho benediction of hlra who declared; "I was hungry and ye fed me." I TELEGRAMS,' CONDENSED. I Whltchiw Held addressed tho wholesale Dry Goods Republican club of New York last evening. | Geu. Stevenson spoke to 10,000 peoplo at Carroll, 111. j Tho two-year-old colt, Amerlcus, by Onward, dum by Dictator, was sold at i Lexington, Ivy., to C. J. Huiullu, of 1 Buffalo, for $15,000. | At Bloomlngtou, III., Dr. Joseph Soulier, editor of tho New York Stnntz ', Zoltuug, addressed a largo meeting of U crainn- Americans. Five men wore — ed by a falling wall at Seneca Falls, N. Y. Tho rib-coraei' easo against Oudahy nnd Wright la Chicago hits flattened out. A SECOND PITTSBURCl, Cmuutnu That Muy Menu perlor, Aluuli to Hn Wost Superior, Oct 17,—A trust Is being formed hero that will lucludo tho West Superior Iron nnd Steel company, Lnntl, ltlvor and linprovomout coin puny, Illinois Steel company, Amorlcan Steel Itm ge company, American Steel Buvgo company, Minnesota Iron company, Miuuosota Steamship company, Buluttv and Ijon Mange railway company. 'Tue Standard Oil company 18 at tho bottom of the deal, aud it Is oxpeotod that If every thing turns out all right Superior will bocome a second Pittsburg in Irou and Bteel manufacturing. • ,' •;• i Iowa miners stilivo for a 10 per cent, advance aud bi-weekly pay days. William Wilson, u wlte murderer, was Imugud at Aiidjrsuu, S C, Friday. In u wrestling match in St. l'uul, Charles Molu defeats Joe lliggius, the insli champion. Jack Thome, uu Arkansas desperado, was killed by uliicers near BkickUsh lake, Arkansas. James A. Rice, a prominent real estate man of New Orleauus, went suddenly iu»uiie Saturday. Tennyson's grave will bo next to that ol Browning in the poets' corner of Westminster Abbey. A Chicago business niun advises his drunken cashier to drown himself and the lailcr dues us advised. Ami;'. Tribble, a colored woman, was luicged at Newberry, S. C, Friday, lor die nnirih r of her child. David li. Avers, a prominent cotton buyer, committed suicide at Kulelgh, N. C, Saturday, while Intoxicated. Montana democrats oppjsc funkm Willi the, which the democratic loaders strive to bring about. Several persous were injured, two (.trainmen) lauilty, by an accident ou Uie Canadian l'acitio near Winnipeg. 10. S. Stark, a carpel raiesniau ol St. Louis, has been arrested at St. Joseph on a charge of adultery trought by Ids wife. In the bicycle tournament at Evnns- ville, lnd., Lunisdcu broke the world's competitive record livc-iuilo handicap. Time Li:UGo-5. This war In Venezuela ends in the overthrow ot the government by Civs- po. A. United Staled consul Is shot at, but not Injured. At Carboudiiie, 111., Friday, Constable William Terrell was sentenced to prison lor fourteen years for lulling William Sanders. Myriads of grasshoppers have appeared in Buchanan and udjoluiug counties In Kansas, and are rapidly destroyiug iho winter wheat. Tim lil'Dih anniversary of the first settlement of Germans Ut America under i'astorlus was celebrated Thursday til Philadelphia. The Deei'liom mine in the Cripple Creek district of Colorado has been sold for ¥liK>,UUU to T. F. Walsh and associates ot Denver. " High social circles in Loudon arc shocked by uu exposure ol the prevalence of drunkenness among aristocratic ladies. Charlie Mitchell, the pugilist, is seu- ! fenced in London to Uucc months ut j hard labor lor wantonly assaulting an old num. | Ruscoe Maniple was hanged at La I Fayette, Uu., Friday, for Uiu murder of Nehi'inlati i'vluo. He protested his Innocence ou the scaffold. In the Illinois college oratorical contest at Champaign, Friilnj, luo highest honors were won by 11. ii. Hopkins, of Lake Forest university. Miss Anna Sterltt, of Bowdon, 111., has been awarded $3,DtX) damages In her breach ot promise suit against Philip Judy, of Carthage. D. C. Church, a traveling fakir from Chicago, was arrested at St. Joseph, Mich., Saturday by the federal authorities tor pussiug coimterieU coin. Henry Judge, who was lu the packing buslucss in Butfalo, died suddenly wnllo visiting at the homo of his nephew in that city Friday evening. Burglars entered tho notion and Jewelry store of U. II. Jerusolotu at Indianapolis Friday night and carried •iway plunder aggregating $l,tXH) In value. Two children belonging to Henry Watts, of Ripley, Ohio, were abducted Saturday while on their way to school by Watts' divorced wife, who la ro- niurrlcd. Tho Columbus celebration In New York begun Sturdily with services lu the Jewish synagogues. An elaborate programme covering sLx. days was ar- raugod. Simon Johnson, colored, was found guilty of murder at (Julucy, 111., Sutur day and sentenced to life Imprisonment. Johnson went Lome drunk and shot his wife. Henry A. Schulte, of Cincinnati, wis drowned in two feet of water at ROJS lake Saturday. He was attacked with heart du-ease while standing in llio water Ushlug. Sauliury Inspectors lu the cholera Infected district of Buda-Pcsth were treated to a liberal dose of boiling water by Infuriated women and beat uu inglorious retreat. Mllbry Brown, uged 15, aud John Williams, both colored, were hanged at Spai'tnusbiirg, S, C, Friday, The girl killed an Uifaut aud tho wan mtu'durcd tho mayor of the town. A collision occurred on tho Panhandle, eight miles east of Dayton, Ohio, betweeu a passenger aud u freight train, Joseph Nichols, euglueer of the passenger train, was killed. Tbo fuucrul of Iteuau, tho French philosopher, occurred lu Purls Friday. Tho rcmuius were taken to tho cemetery of Mouiuiuvu'o, but will ultimately ho placed hi the I'aitUicou, Tho weekly stutotucut of iho New York banks shows > u reiservo decrease or *!},4»,l£&,^Tuq bauta* hold uao ,6T6 lu excess ot the amount rc~ pulrod by tho 20 per cent rule. John It. Itcdlug, tUo only contemporary of Robert 0. WlUtUtou ut) u memher of th« ,,,v " Is supposed to bo tho causo of the calamity. Princess -Mario Bilescoe, a girl of four nnil twenty years, has just accomplished the feat of swlmmlug neross iho Hellespont from the .European to the Asiatic shore, us Lord Byron did. Engineer Schnffer aud Fireman Johnston of a switching eugiue ut the mines of the New York and Cleveland Uas Coal company, near Pittsburg, Pa., were smothered by the toul air lu a liimicl Thursday. Prof. Pickering, of the Harvard observatory ul Arcuulpa, Chile, says Unit he has discovered forty small lakes in .Mars. He also confirms Prof. Hold'ju's oL-xTvalluus on the limiu aud measured altitude of tho planet. At Coatsvllle, lud„ the Insane wife of William Sharp poured coal oil on his bed clothing while he was sleeping md then applied a match to it, burning him to death. Shu was badly burned while holdiug him In bed. The uiuii'Iuiouial intentions of Prince George of England are still furnishing unlimited food tor gossip for the society papers. Tho ladies in question are l'l'iucess Victoria, Alary of Tcck aud Princess Victoria of Schlcswig llolsteiu. It is reported that a decisive battle lias been loughl in Dahomey, lu which aic- rebellious natives were defeated and 2,i.iUU of their warriors lolled. The loss to the 1 tench troops is given as sixteen killed aud seventeen wounded. While it is generally conceded that Swinburne is the greatest of living rJnglish poets it is thought in Loudon that Lewis Morris is likely to succeed Teuiiysuu as poet laureate. He bc- ougs in the eminently respectable category. Col. illggins of the Twenty-eighth Ohio Vuluuieera Friday presented to the Norm Carolina Grays at Raleigh, N. C, their Hag captured in buiiio by his regiment. The flag was then presented to the stale and accepted by me ;o\'cruur. Rev. Dr. John Joseph Nouri, who claims to have discovered tho remains ot Noah's ark on Mount Ararat, has been decorated by the emperor of Russia aud tue shah, of Persia, and bears upon his breast the rare Order of tho .Star ot Bethlehem. An attempt was made at Homestead by au unknown person to blow up a noii-iuiiou buardiug-house with, dynamite. A eurirUlgu was thrown through a window and exploded with torriuc force, wrecklug llio room in which. It icll, but no cue was hurt. The Southern l'acitio railroad eoiu- pauy and the Wclls-Furgo express company have sent $U ,0LH) to Cotl'oyvilie, lvau., to be distributed uuioug those who took part lu me extermination of the Ualtou gang ami among tnu relatives of those who were killed. in a desperate light with moonshin­ ers lu Lincoln county, T'uuu., Friday D. Mulder, deputy iuterual revenue collector, was shut and iustaiuly killed, Joe Spurrier, special deputy collector aud C. S. Caiwc'll, general deputy collector, were mortally wouuded. At Crawtordsville, lud., Saturday evening Leo Beusuu, aged 11 yours, started to water a team of horses, lie rode one and very foolishly tied the halter of the other around his wrist. TUo horse being led Jerked suddenly, throwing mo buy off. The animal then deliberately beat tho boy's head to Jelly with Us foro feet, killing him almost instantly. It was learned Saturday from the prison utllclals that Martin Burke, the Cruuin convict at the penlteutlury In Joliet, ill., teas fast passing away. His feet aro swollen and a large cavity Is on his lungs. It will only be a question of ti few months until he will pass away. Burke has grown very thin, us he cures for but little to eat aud suffers intense pain. Ho remains In the prison hospital uuder tho care of the prboa otliclals. A bitter contest over part of the estate of tho Into liiiko of Southerltiud has begim between tUo present duke aud his stepmother, formerly Mrs Blair. The sou resented from tho first his father's union with the widow, and he refused to rccogusslo her, His father ejected him at her request from Titteusor house. Shu took pousesalou at once, deposed all tho old servants, mid maintained tho reorganized establishment until tho old duke's death, 'The stepsou then seized Titteusor house hi her absence, replaced her new ser van is with tho old ones, uud gave a caretaker charge of the estate. A FITTllG ENDING. JSpirital Banquet Closes the New York Columbus Cele­ bration. Several Hundred of the Nation's Best Men Partake of the Feast. Toasts .Responded to by the Viec- rresident, (Secretary Foster and (iov. Flower. A RATTLEIV BRAKEMAN. Ho l.imiiH Ilia llouil mill Nolirly KllU .Mull. Bessemer, Mich., Oct., 18.—Nluetceu miners, employed hi the Colby mine wore, desceudlug shaft No . 1 this morn lug lu a cage, when tho brukemau at the mouth of the tunnel noticed the rop- ou the drum had nearly given out. lie shouted to Brnkeiuiin ltyun lu charge of tho machinery, to apply tho brake Instead of dolug so, ltyau throw It wide open, stood for a moment dazed thou grabbed Ills cuat and hut ami made fur the woods, where Uu Is still wandering. Duly ouo of tho nineteen men escape unharmed. The other olghMoeu are in the hospital every ouo stifforlug from broken logs, arms and shoulders. Four tiro believed to bo fatally Uurc, Later mlvlcos from tuo nfino show that none-' of tho muu were fatally Injured, tun! only one is thought to bo Injured luterually. Two or three aro hardly Injured at all. assisted in the parlors by her daughters. All's. T. Ii. Lwing, ol tliis ciiy, and .Vlrs. Paul Mausoiit, of New York. Immediately alter the reception Air. and Airs, l.luyil left ou nil extended trip through the west. Upon their arrival at Gothenburg, a large reception will be gheu the young couple, at Uie residence of the groom's parents, Air. aud Airs. L. C. Lloyd. They will make iheir home iu Gothenburg, and will occupy a beautiful residence which has been erected for them, a wedding gift from the lather of the bride. A SPEECH BY BLAINE A beautiful wedding took evening at 6 :iiU o'clocli, at place this liuiiiunticl nig New York, Oct. KJ—The culumblau celebration in this city was brought lo tilliug close tonight by a gruud banquet at the Lenox lyccuiu. Several nuiidreel of the best known men in the ouutry were seated al the table. Alayor Uraul presided, vlce-PresUleut Atortun, representing President llar- aon, sitting at hit, side. -Near him weiv ex-i'residenl Cleveland, ex-l'rcsidcnt layes, Governor Flower, Secretary ol late Foster, Huron Favu, General llor- lee Porter, aud Bishop Poller, the tirsi toast was responded to by ico-l'resident Morion. Tho vice presidcnl lamented the uo- e.ssity ot tlie president's absence, say- that h is standing in a great siiad- w, auaitiug the issues ol lite or death, he 12th of October, said the vice- president, will uiTout'ler be marked with white Wo have instituted a Columbia u festival to be repeated ut the xpuiilioit of each hundred years tu I he furthermost limit of time by actors who will not have been witnesses of mo preceding celebiution. Atler briefly reviewing mo impressive vents of Uiu past Uvo days and speaking of me lessou they convey, me vice- resident said ou bchull of me president mat ho was here especially to thank mo ministers of Spain, Italy ud France for their fraternal assis- uiuco aud the representatives of other powers for their kindly appreciation. Al Hie close of his address, Airs. Alor- lou proposed a toast to the wife of the president and expressed hope for her speedy recovery. Secretary of State Foster responded to the toast The United States, making graceful speech. He said, among ther things: "In no other ualiou of the world is religeous iuith which so ulli- eieutly contributed to tho success ol me first voyage of Uie great discoverer so potent In controlling society, curicli- Us charities uud elevating the race, it was in tho United Stales that civil aud religious liberty experienced its now birth. Hero it has its most perfect application aud its rellecl influences have ueeu protuluuut factors fur the last lew ears in tho reconstructing of society and government iu F.uropo. lu no other nation Is education so muullicleul- ly fostered and iuteUlgeuce so geuerui- dilfused throughout ull classes. Wheu we turn from the social condition to the physical accomplishments of iho country, tho contrast ia equally marked lu the midst of our ilorlllcutlou, however, It Is plalu to any Intelligent citizen that we havo not reached perfection lu either society or govermueut." "Too often, in my residence abroad, have 1 beeu made to blush ut mo recital usually, it is true, iu exaggerated terms—of riots, lyuchiugs and lawless execution of punishment upon supposed culprits uot iufrequeut in this coun- U'y. Usually It Is uu imperfect adiuln- istraUuu of justice by me constituted authorities which occasions, but never Justifies Iheso lawless acts, and back of derUlct uulhorlUos uuiy generally be fouud perverted public sentiment. What well grounded sourco of exulUi- tlou It would bo if to tho list of achievements already enumerated wu could make mo claim that In tills laud justice was always Impartially aduduis- terod to mo high and mo low; to the rich uud the poor; without fear or favor." Governor FTower iilso spoke, aud referring to New York's light for the fair locullou llu'ee years ago, said: "This week's demonstrations have given mag niiicent proof of the broad, utisellisli patriotism of New York's citizens lu concealing idl resentment and nulling heurtlly." churcn. Atiss Virginia Waluu Douglass was united lo Henry Seymour Heller, iu the presence ot a huge as souiblagu ot lrieuds, by Rev. \\ illiam Chester. The bride is a daughter ul Air. and Airs. George Douglass, aud the- groom is iho ulelcsl sun ol .Mr. and Airs. Aured Woiler. The altar was aUurucil wiiii large palms, which lormed the only decoration at llio eiiurcli. There Here eight ushers—Alcssrs. Rictiartl -Norris, Clement Small, Franklyu Smilli, Dr. Bryant Smith, Fred Braelioiti, Spencer llsley, David Edgar cud Jolm .Maimer. tue lesliers preceded iho uridesniaids, also eight in number, who entered in the toiiowiug order: Alisa elamp and Allss Lliol, AHss Kathryu Bellows anil .Miss Alarg.iiel Saw .tt.-r, -Miss O'.Ncil and Aliss lckla iiii ^eri, Jiliss Euslis and -Miss .Margery Albs, ail of whom wore simple gowns of while muslin, fashioned iu Empire style, with sashes of while ribbon. 1'liey carried huge hunches ol maiden hair leru ami while caruulions. The ushers wore oulouniercs of while cauiclias. Alter iho bi'iticsaiaids came iwo doner girls, .Misses Annie Douglass and Marion Osborne, both in tnili.i white sill;, iriiuiucil Willi lace, and carrying while :aruaiious; then the bride with her sis- or, Aliss 1'Jiy.abeih Douglass, who was uud of honor. The bride wore while uiu trimmed with lace, a veil of illusion, and carried bride roses. A gown of white aud green silk was worn by iho maid ot honor,, who carried a bouquet to correspond. Tho groom and his best man, Arthur Young, met the bridal party at the chancel. Alter the marriage a small recptioii was held al the home of the bride's [items, 1U0 Prospect avenue, for thj members of the bridal party and relatives only. The latter were represented by Air. and Alts. George Douglass, Air. ml Airs. All red Weller, parents ol the bride nnd groom; Air. and Airs. William Weller, Air. aud Airs. J. II. Ynu Dyke, Air. and Airs. J. 11. Van Dyke, Jr., Air. aud Airs. William D. Van Dyke, Air. ud Airs. George D. Van Dyke, of this Uy, aud Air. and Airs. F. AL Douglass, Air. uud Airs. William Douglass, Air. and Mrs. C. 11. Douglass, and Col. aud Airs. Rucker, all of Chicago. A wedding dinner was served at a table decorated with white flowers and foliage aud candelabra and white candles. Air. and Ail's. Weller lett tonight for the east. They will be at home Tuesdays, November 'S- ami liO, at liti- Lyon treet. OFFICERS ELECTED. illuu Wlio Wilt Seo tollto Affair•ilUielJiilnii Volerun l.e(;l. 'I iudlauapolls, lud., Oct. IP.—National oliioera of mo Uulou Veteran Legion were elected ut today's session us follows: National comumuder, Wm. H. Tucker, of Indianapolis. Senior vice conuuaudor, James Beggs, of ClucUiuuU. Juulor vice, commander, H. K. Sloim of Indiana, Pa, Surgeon general, Dr. Wluflold Nor- oross, J^ewlstou, Ale. Cluipluln-ln-ohlof, John A, Dunks, of PUtsburg. MILWAUKEE CURLS MARRY, Ttvo Nutublo WuiltUntra tn (lie Itiidgu aiun'opollt, Milwaukee, Oct. M.—Tho murriagi of Mfsa Ohm-lotto Kenutiu, youngest daughter of Mi\jwill_MjSiJ^n ul i^ IN A BAD WAY. I'lio 1'renn Ninv.s Ahuuoliitloi! I'l'olntlily (Ituie Washington, Oct. 11.—It is reported that tho Press News association has fulled and is in a bad tiiiaueiul strait, 'iho Western Uidou company today took the loused wires away from It, owing to Its failure to pay Its bills. The Washington managers of the concern think It will bo ou its feet again soon. It looks us If II. P. Hall would bedoposed us manager even If the company Is able to resuiuo business. Air. Hall assumed a big contract when lie undertook to ruu the association. II is heavily Involved aud appeal's to be loslug money. The general Impression is that II. . Hull's Press News association will coiuo to life again. It is said it owes tho Western Unon $15,000 nnd that tho Inusad wires were taken from II to bring about piiy-uent. Tho report Is Unit Hall loses about $10,000 lu trying to float Uie association and that fie old members aro trying to freeze luu ent. Tho Washington bureau is uot working tonight, but (he manager has un intimaUou Unit business will be resumed without Hall. The Minnesota frleuds of Hull will learn of his disaster with regret. ailed Out, by S.UM Maine Man o:n Talk. waders tlie nits t<> lie is Siire tlni lri>'h aim: be Led to Favor England. Minister Egan Says South Amer­ ica Has been Taught a Lesson. COUNTY JUDGES MEET. TUe>- Oct Yo|;eiIter la Milwaukee mul Talk Shop. Milwaukee, Oct. 13.—Tho county judges did uot put iu an uppeurauce in very large numbers this morulug. Nine of them took possession of u lu the common council chamber uud tu a social sort of way talked shop. Judge Maun, tho president, was the most venerable looking dispenser of justice lu Uio lot, Judge Beldeu, of ltaviue, who Is tho secretary, looks llko a freshman at tho college. Ho has the dlstluctiou of belug the youngest Judge lu Uio statu Judge Biteusch, tho republican cuudl dato for congress In the sixth district was ou deck. The others present wer Judge Sawyer, of Washington; Judgi Moeskea, of Outagamie; Judge Clove- laud, of Winnebago; Judge Martin, ol Waukesha, aud \l. J. Wilcox, of La Fay otto. Tho iiauto of tho organization Is tixv assoolatlou of county Judges of Wisconsin. 'There aro sixty-eight mmnbors. Probate court busluoss was tho priuol pal toplo discussed. White Plains, N. V., Oct. l-l.—James G. Blaine lias spoken. A big crowd from the viaagc ui Westchester heard the mail from .Maine. Politicians tried to oblalu tlie same results but tailed. 1'he ex-secretary, however, yelided to popular cuihiisi.isin aud .spoke. Tho demonstration was spontaneous aud arranged on short noiice, Delegations were present lruiii all tlie siiriouudiug towns. Upon arriving al Ophir furiu me bauds which accompanied the crowd played several selections, and Air. Reld appeared upon the veranda, lie ,vas followed by the distinguished party which hud gathered to meet the ex- secretary. Alter a few words of introduction, Held presented Blaine. As ihe popular sun of Aiaine stepped forward lie was greeted with round after round ot cheers. \\ hen suilieieiil silence had been secured, Air. Blaine spoke m part as follows: j "Fellow citizens of New York—I .should be churrlish indeed if I did not make a response to your call. At tho same time I'm not making speeches In the canvas for reasons which Is well known to my friends and which havo uo connection with politics. "Generally Iho administration in a presidential election is challenged on account of the condition of the business of the country, and I submit thnt ihe republican administration of President Harrison can triumphantly endure such a test. (Applause). 1 doubt it since tlie govermueut of the United States was Instituted, anybody at any lime lias seen what wc cull good limes so general, taking lu so many interests md spreading prosperity throughout tho whole domain of trade. Tlie opponents if the republican party always represent New York as a comiuercliil, and uot a manufacturing city, but more meu iu New Ycrk get a living from pursuits protected by the tariff than from tiny ther source, but all tlie men engaged lu commercial ulfiilrs lu and about New York are smaller lu numbers tlmu thoso engaged iu manufacture. Now, If you go west, whore demo- rats tills year are making a conslder- blo effort uud ilolng a vast amount of boasting will you find it dill'lferent'.' Take Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, and the products of the manufactories are greater In a pecuniary ainouut than the products of agriculture lu the agricultural states; so I think when democratic orators try to mouse hostility iu (hose states i.galust the protective larilf they will encounter sentiment of which they had not Ireamed. We leuru from Uie democratic parly that those western states are lu a desperate condition; that the amount of their l'r.rui mortgages rose up into millions. This is not so among tho farmers of New York, nor among the farmers of any state near by, whose ctiulitlon can be easily learned, but by a singular fatality it is Uie western states that have got all these farm mortgages burdening them and hiking the llio out of Uie people. Democratic papers suy tlie tariff Is the origin of a plutocratic government. sbuh venture to challenge all such statements, and shall make democrats make pledges In the case. A careful examination of the list of the wealthy men lu the country demonstrated the fact to be ulte Iho reverse, to such an extent hi New York city that of the first hundred and fifty fortunes uot more than one can be coiiJilcred us derived from liiiiitul'actiuiiig Investments. I see it Is staled that thu democrats boast of having tlie mass of the Irish lu their ranks this year. It Is one of the mysteries of our politics that the supremely, which is canvassed almost as much lu London as it i lu Now York, should have tho Irish Ho ou tho side of urctit Britain. I kn iv tho rip- peal is frequently umdo to the Irish voter, but 1 make it with emphasis uow, for I am unwilling to believe, with the light of the knowledge before them, they will deliberately be- beside their former oppressors. 1 think 1 shall rely ou my good friend lOgnn, the brilliant antl successful nilulster to Chill, to Intercede with his countrymen not to aid the democratic party In lowering the standard of wages of Aiuorl can labor by their potential votes mid numbers." (Long continued applause). When quiet had beeu restored, Alln- Ister Eguu was Introduced. Iu concluding he said: ''Whatever triumphs were won In tho Chilian dlllleulty—and they were very fur-reaching because the attitude assumed by my govermueut taught n lessou to all South America, that while tho United States was will- lug to pursue a policy of aid aud protection if it became necessary against Kuropean Intervention, the peoplo In South America cinniotluaoltJliiLUiufcd—

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