The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 4, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
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Monday, April 4, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX I lEdfiUitGERIS HIGH SCORER . [ lola Man Raiiks Second in J ] Junior College i ; Conference. 96 83 82 81 70 69 69 48 9 6» 8 48 4 ;i8 6 ^48 7 47 Making 44 .Held goals: and 16 free throWs, C^i Burger, forward ; on thfe junior college squad, took J second place tn the Kansas jaulor I college iconference being' lead only by Vohs'of Parsons. Burger made, a total ;or 103 points In conference games against ,Vohs' 116 aijd Weller's 100 for Ark City. Burger was ;well down in the list of scofers ' several 'weeks before the season dosed but • In this few closing gameii be ran- bis points scored up greatly and took second place, "ged" Groff is .the next lola man-to icomc. He bail less than half of the.polnitB totaled by Burger having iniajjje 4!J points this season. One point below comes Fronk who pjayeft at both guard and forward while Mann, center aiidfCaptalii of the lolii team holds 41 points.'! ; .. ' Rgnres i compiled by the Ark City Traveler,; follow: Wayers* FO. FT. TP. Yolis. Parsons, c ^-—51 14 116 BIROER, lOLA, f -44 IS 108 •VVeiler, Ark City, f 44 12 100 ' Mccormick. Ft. Scott, f —4.5 8 98 Plumley.. Ark! City, c „44 8 96 . McMlcbael, Ark City, f —47 2 MoElvain, Paraops, f —37 9' • Wogan, Fort pcott. c —36 10 Heckert, Independence, c»32 17 Bell. Coffeyv^jle. f{ 29 12 Benjamin. Parsons, g 11 Ober. Ft. Scott, f j. ^30 9 Kannard.iCoffeyTille. f _i20 8 Ober. Ft.^;Scott. f 30 Kannard." Coffeyville, f —20 GRUFF, lOtA^ t --22 Mosher. Parsobs, f —^-21 Smith. Ark City, g 20 FROXK, lOLA, g 23 9 4? Jliller. Coffeyyille.; c 14 14 42 MAXX, lOLA.Ic -L- 17 " 41 Brings. Ft. Scott, g 17 6 40 Snell._Iudepenaencew f —IS 10 .IjS Crandall. Parsons, g —12. 3 27 Wise. Ark City, g —12 1 25 .MEX7JE ,IOLA, ir ^-10 & 2.1 Russell, Kansas City, f —10 4 24 Davee. Ft. Scott, f 11 1 23 Sanders. Independence, f .ll 0 22 Ho'uston. Ark City, f " 11 0 22 Hoffman. Independence, g 9 3 21 : Siahl. Kan. City, f ^— j— 6 5 17 r Roller. Parsons, c J 8 1 17 Fitzpatrick. Coffeyvi le, g 7i 1 Stephens. Oardei^; Ciky, f C 2 14 3IBLT0X, IOLA,|jrl „ 4 6 14 Carney. Ft. Scott, d 5 3 Farrell. Indepeaiiente, f 6 0 Eastman. Inde|teiidence, f 4 4 Smay. Pari^ons. f ——_ 5 1 •Phillip.s, Ft', Sicptt, f 4 2 j 10 Lewis. Ark City, f ' 4 2 J 10 Brown, Ark City, g -^—4 1 ' 9 DUiion. Coffey^lle, g -j— 2 ^i^ 7 " Vaughan; Independence, g 3 - 2 8 Shoemarker. Kan. City, g 3 <^ « .DilHpn, Coffe>^-iIle, g i-[.2 Bates, Garden I City, g - .3 CLOPIXE, JlOLk, K -..-.2 I Rhea,'Garden &ity, g -J. .3 jArn.jKansas City,, g -l -.l jKnux, Parsons^ f |.2 llJttle, Garden' City, g j-j.1 .Brandoh^ Garden City, r -Ll Baker, Kansas C ty, f --.0 Hubbard. Ft. Scoitt, g . .Ll Sprayutg' Deinbnstratiojli \ At the Boeken Fai mi L. C. WiUiams of Manhattan will be in Allen county Saturday to conduct A' spraying 'demonstrat on at the Harry Boeken farm in £ al- em township, Roy E. Owin, coi in- ty agent, announced today. ViM- iiams is well known in Allen coi n- t^-and a large attendance of friit growers Is expected. Williams -it ill lecture and demonstrate sprayijng Of fruit trepa. , THE TOLA DAILY RIJCISTER. MONDAY THEMimNES PARADE INSHA^NGH 7 ' COACHES NAME ALL-STAR FIVE loia Lands Four Men Honorable Mention iList. m The conference (loaches at the request of Mylos Pember, sports editor of .the Parsons Daily Rcimb- llcau. have chosen^ ijie ulj-star teum for the Junior colljfge conferwme ibis year. Pemberjchose the men for positio IB where the coaches did not give a decis ve vote. Two mei from both Parsons and Ark City i nd one man from Fort Scott go to make upi the first team, three of hese men were chosen unanimous y for the 'first team. They -were Vohs. Parsons, centdr; Benjamin. Parsons, guard, and VVeiler. Ar c City, guard. Plumley. of Ark Cit>r also received cuouKh votes to be a first team man. .MC- Cormlt ;k .0' Fort Scott Was tied with Beli dt Coffoyville for. the remaining Ifo -ward but .since McCor- niick had aiitscored Bell and Pember thoughlt that Fort Scott de- ser .ved at {least one . man un the rtrsf squailj .McCormick was given the positioh. Since Vohs was a uVanimous khoice for dtnter Plumley, who was alsti quite u favorite. Across th<» Infield of the race coui^ae in the intcrnitic nal sctllenientaf Shanghai United Skates Marines are led by their inspiring "color guard, while Chinese; and foreign youngsters take tlje review It was "on^y for exercise" said our government ufficials, thai the'men landed from. American ;men -o'-v ar lying .in the Whangpoo. proceeded through the streets of the coiicesBlou and paraded at ,the;race course. But Ijetause Cf their brU-f sojoa «-n'ashore came as victorious Cantonese soldiers bore down on;"the Pails of the East" It was Euspected that the Devil Uogs* display perhaps hud sonic iiioie sighiqcaht pu.rpose. .'i . vtaa placed for his sconiig atiility. Some peo- pje may be fljho usiialljy guard posit surprised to see Weiler plays forward in a ion but since both for- flpor work Was placed 12 11 1 7 t'pson. Ark City. Taylor, Ark City, BOOTHi IOLAI H. yiAyy, 10L|4, Kesier, Coffeyyill offeyw iXTzli THE FBAXTzL^tK <5ASE SETTLED g —4-11 c -. 1 If — .1 f; -—pi fe.r —1 0 1 1 2 0 =1 1 3 1 1 0 0 0 '3 0 !2 tfUT OF COURT Dr. -Mila Hayesi ^e1 and Dr. Ira B. Frantz haveiarrlyedl at an agree- ni'«*nt to settle but qf^ (^ourt the suit brought I)y Dri.Franti against Dr. . Lee for (issolution iof partnership. Dr. L * has purchased Dr, Frantz's ntercst in ithje Frantz Optical Co. mrtnership property. Dr. Frantz retains) ;his name and Is now at, 1 iberty. to use it for his }>usiness. Dr. Lee will continue business it the same location, with tile same equipment and has on file the records of .eye examinations made by the firm since 1911. Dr. Lee .Willi conduct an. up-to- date optical parlor fii her own name, and will probably get a competent' man to take charge of the grinding shop which is one of the liest equipped shops In- the southwest. 'Or. Lee nas been with the Franw Optical Co. since 1916' and Qias owned a halt interest In the (i^m since 19231 in a'forward position •v^ards wcrJ taken and Weller's was so exceptional at'guard. he .Fort Scoit came back strong f^om havini; gotten only one man oh the first team| and took three ot tlie five positicjiis on the second team with Coffeyvjlle and Ark City each -taking one position. Wcller recclved| two votes for the pHvilege of captajlning the first BUYERS FAVOR RAIISTODAY Streiigt'h Is Show^ Railway Issues on Stock Market. > SPK , York. April 4. (AP)—Operators for the advance centered their attention of railway ipsues intoday.'s slock market, under the encouragement of favorable ciir- reni earnings reports and heaVy traffic movements. Temporary ir- reKularllics among the industrials appeared to have been ironed out by the strength of rails. Trading wa.s in moderate, v ume, public irarlicipation beiiig som^'what restricted by the cautionary advices uf commission houses. Hope for more favorable dividend distributions was in large part responsible for buoyancy' of rails. Erie common touche<l 52% to the highest price in 20 years. Recent strength of Rock Island gave rise to rumors that a fight for control of Urn road was Im- niinenl. but this wiis denied today ihi^irnian of the team- while Behjijmin received but | by K. .V Brown. chi\i ohe.and so Weller receives the po- Hock Island. • j shion. Since Bell Icist a firsit team Continued flow ; pbsition by such k^small margin he Was named captain of the seconds, ^lola made its first appearance WlijCU it came 16 i honorable mention, but here laiided four men out of fourteen mentioned from the conference. I^o ; Burger who placed 8t>cond in:the, conference scoring records, receives" iionorable mention at forward a.<v does Uroff. who was the second Idia scorer. ^ Mann \i one of the two.'centers who receives mention while Menzie re- ci>ived mention, at Iguard. ' " First Team. McCormick.tforward. Ft. Scott Plumley. forward —Ark City ^phs, center- J-] Parsons Benjamin, guard—: —Parsons Wellcr, guard (C)l- Ark City i Second pTenui. j Bell, forward (C) Qber, forward Coffeyviile J. Ft. Scott center JL—Ft. Scott ! Ark City .z----Ft. Scott Itlentlon. Wogan, Smith riruard Caijney, guard Honorable • Forward s— McE^ vain. Parson .Mc.\fichael. Ark City; Burger, lola; Russell. Kansas dity; Stahl. Kaii- siis City; Groff, lola; Miller, Cof­ feyviile. ' j Centers—Mann, • lola; Heckert, fndependence. i Guards—Wise. Ark City; Menzie. Ibia'; Briggs, Ft. Scott; Cran- dnll. Parsons; Dillon, Coffeyviile. Borger Habeas i Corpus Is Contihiied Today Borger. Tex. AprH! 4. (AP)—U habeas corpus heiring for Ed Bailey, Whitey an,ld Hugh Walker, brothers, held in (connection with the shooting Friday of Deputy Sheriffs Pat Ken.von and Elmer Terry was continued from , tliis morning to late today to permit arrival of th^ir lawyer^ from Oklahoma:, City. Veltdfan Surprises inpRYINa to exp ain tbo buainesa i of pitching Is a difficult task. doe of the veU ran' twlrl^rs who loo|k6d Tory ibireislTe la I the •oiith; was Sani lones of tbe St. tpulk Browni. I i Lijst season t U|i: thet pennant winning New Yoi k Yankees. Jones ' won I only nine i ;ainas and lost . eight.. No doub; ilfiper Huggins Ogurled Sam taa([ eetti his best days when be consented to a trade. ; [ Manager Oaof Howley of the Browns was..Wjillinp to gamblo with tbe Vetera ) and It appears be is going to. ca!: h lu on the t^n.s- action. Howley figured Jones is not a good reliei pitcber.^. He did much ot that w<rk as a Yankee."Take youi'oi n Ume about getting into conditi0ip. Tell nie when you are ready. Paring the season you will pitch qlBly in your regular turui" That :1s what I heard Howley tell Jones in the earJx^d^ys of tl>e spring training at-Taii^OD Sprlii-*- Fla. Explain This?! TTOWLEY'S system relative *^ Joneif is iippareutly the correct one for be has already tume^ in » number- ot brilliant perfbrm- ances.' ;i j! The records s^ow tha{ the best year that Sam J iues ever.enJoyed In the oiajors w is In 1921. wlieu ^ V0U » ana U(»i U, vUb a club tbat flnlsbeS fosrfH. OA BOItoia Red Sox. |. i On tbe strengUk ot cmit flao showing with Just an ordbia ball club, be was pnrcbMOd by New York Yankees^ -. ^ The (oliowing seasoiv with club infinitely better »r Jones conl do no better than-break even. wtn| nfng and Io,slng 13 games.' Tb' Y^ks won the penoant that sei son. , - Try to explain tbat oaa It ro can.* « •i • _ • • ; Big Year Ahead T W0ULDN"fc be at aU sorprlsetL if Sam Jones bad a big year with the St. Lonis Browns. I hav^ definite reasons 'tor tbtnklns sol Jones is one of Uiose peculiar types who djoes bfe 'best worit when be pitches free. In othei|; words, wheui nonchalant be is more ettectivo than when be tight' ens iip. When on edge. Jones has thci fadlt ol making tbe ball too gtiodl Baiters know it.and.get a tba hold. This doesn't happen wheat Sain is flipping tbe ball in a care« less niauner. ' On a team fighting for a pen| iipvnt it is a habit for pitchers lO tighten up. The Browns bardlr loom as a pennant contender ana Saih is certain to work more natf ural. I Ty Cobb once told me tb^t b^ regarded Sam Jones as the great < eiit- :8tylt8t among major leagu^ reinvestment money lent strength ho a number of high priced indu.xtrials. U. S. Steel common held ;flrni around Its recent • high level, but General Motors encounte.rcri further selling pressure. Oil.s, developed better re.^istance to selling pressure, the action of some issues indicating tlie presence <Sr an over crowded short interest; Kan«n <i Cllj- (lose. Kansas City. Apr.' 4. (AP")— Close: Wlieat. May old il.2~Vi: May new $1.2CV.,: .lulv $1.21%. Corn. .May 72%c; July 75Tic; Sept. 79V<,c.. ' Kansas Knnsas t'lly <;ratn. City. Apr. 4. (API- Wheat recripts 186 cars; unchanged to Vjc lower; So. 2 dark hard ll.28Vi'51.34<.<:; No. 3 $1.27i^«i! 1.34; .No. 2 hard $1.28@1.34; No. 3 $1.27»A@1.34; No. 2 red fl.26ti 1.27; .\o. 3 $i.25@1.2G. , ; 'Corn, unchanged; No. 2 •white 71ffr73c; No. 3 6S%^71c; No. | 2 .vellow 755?76'.ic; No. 3 72V.(g)73c: Si). 2 mixed 71®73l4c; No. 3 G7»/2 ira'70'^c. . (pals, unchanged; No. 2 w'hite 45V..(5-48'/jc: So. 3 43>^«t)47c. .Milo maize 51.19@1.23. - 'Kafir $1.11^1.19. Rye 95t4«i.97c. Barley 77@78c. IgS: Kansas Vltj LIresfork Kansas City, April •f.— (ITnited States Departmenl of Agriculture) —Hog.s 8..^00; uneven. inosUy 10c to 2rie higher than Saturday's average; packing sows 10c • to l.'ic up .$9 .00 *19 .75; big packers going slow; top $11.S.'> on 1.50 libunds; desirable 170 to 230 pounds $11.50; most butchers 240 pounds up $10 .40 # 11.10; 140 to 160 pounds $11.50 ® kl.SS; stock p $11.75 (?r 12 .7.5. , Cattle 14 ,500; calves 2,000; heavy fed steers strong to 15c up; other fed steers and yearlings slow, steady; she stock and bulls st&dy to IHc higher'; vealers and weighty calves steady to strong; stockers and feederji steady to weak with last Monday; several loads weighty fed steers $11 .00ei>12 .00; medium to good short feds $9.00()i 10 .60; practical vea| top llO.OO. Sheep 7,OU0; wooled lambs steady; top $15.65; other fed: lots mostly $16.60 (fri5 .65; sheep strong; spring lambs around 50c higher; Colorado spring lambs 18.00; odd lots natives upward! to $17150; sliorn Texas wethers $9 .50. i KanMis City Hay. ' Kansas City. Apr. 4. (U. S. Dept. ofl Agriculture)— US .Vo. 1; alfalfa $19.00; .\o. 2 $16.00; .No. 3 $12 ..50. US No. 1, alfalfa very leafy $21 (f/12.5.00; No. 2 418.00^21.00. US No. 1, timothv$17.50; No. 2 Slji.OO: .No. 3 $13.00. ITS -NO . 1, upland prairie $14.00; .No. 2 $12 .00; No. 3 $10.00. Chicago Grain. .• Chicago. April 4.—Close: Wheat: May $1.34® «^;- July $1.28% « JTB: Sept. $1.27. Corn: May 72%(^Mc: July 77%c and Sept. 80%^V.c. Oats: May 44c; July 44%c; and Sept. 43>^c. Rye: May $1.02%; Jiily 99%c: jSept. 95%c. higher; few big butchers 320 pounds up. bid'$10.45: most packing sows $9.85 at' 10.15; strong weight slaughter pigs upward to $12.00; heavv weight hogs $10.45^; mediuip $10.50ii71l.7r>; light $l:1.10(rH2.05; light .light $11.00 <r( 12.05; psicking sows $9..'>0 iTv 10.15; sliiughter pigs $11.00 (it 12.00. iSheep-v.15,000; h\ilk desirable wooled lambs $16.0lMi 16.50; clipped lambs $14.50 (Till 15.25 mostly; strickly choice clippirs held around $15.40; wooled ci lis $12.25 OflXW: sheep scarce; steady; 77 pound shorn mixed yearlings and three year old wethers $i;i.25; feeding; and sliearing lainbsj in light supply: strong with Friday, ii»e- diuin to good finishing lainbs .'14.25 (i'14.75; be .Mt held above $ Numbers (Continued from Page 1) was landed be withdrawn V>n the ground that this would calm the populace and prevent possible further clashes. The consui-geueral again refused tlie request. Tile nies.suge adds that Chinese guards who were sent to protect the border of tlie .lapane.«e concession deliberately fired on the Japanese. , . • RKVOMTIOX IS NOT t O.M .Mr .M.STiC—( HK\ J'aris, April 4. (AP»—"Our revolution Is not coniniiinist." said Kuf gene Chen, Chinese .Nationalist foreign minister, in an interview at jlankow with a cofrespondenl of ilie Petit Parisian. ; "The .Nationalists." (;hen added. Vtoday desire to aillpt their country to the social coi'litlons of modern life, while preserving it .T character and spiritual value." Chen admitto<i. however, said the dispatch, tlie communists were collaborating with the kuomintang, or people's republican parly. ""Tiiey huve." lie said. "|ioinls of contact in a negative jiart of the program. Both* jwisli to destroy the old structure. .4JIERI( AXS ARK l-FAVINJJ CENTRAL CHINA TODAY Shanghai. April 4. (AIM—Ainei'- icans and other foreigherti are leaving points in central and western Cbihii province as the (fantonese continue their steady advanc;e toward Peking from the south. Foreign residents of Kalgan. northwest of the capital.- have departed for Tifpntsin, near the Gulf of Chihli. where they can be quickly embarked in case of emergency. The exodus of foreign women and dhildren from Peking itself continues. Number2 (Continued from Page 1) nounces he will cpntine hiim- selt in the future to pushing ti 'c military cajWaign against, the Northerner's. j The Cantonese are reported to have spKung a coup Vunhan. :one southerly pro tl;e governor oner. Some Fren(}h newspapfrs criiicize iBrianld's iiolicy de.- claring he is k-ounting oii a Cantonese victbr and is tlius "putting lall basket." j hi [s eggs in .on? Nicaragua C ihal Is j Seen by Observers Washington. Ap^r.; 4. (AP)-t-Mili- tarv men. followii: become known, are inclined tlo favor construciion of d President Cooii the matter in his congress in Decel! I Chlcairo LlTesWk Chicago. April 4.— (tJnited States iDepartment ot Agriculture)—Cal- Itle 16.000; bulk of fed steers $9.75 'ffri2 .00; Blockers and leeders $8.00 P9.00; best $9.25@9.50;i fat.cows scarce; bulk $6.00 @ 8.00: heifers $8.00 & 9.50; yearlings np to 10.25 and better; bulk of : veal ^Si to packers $10.00 & 11.00; few .at $11.60; shippers $13 .00014 .00. Host 26,000; mostly i»: lew .81 914.00, I 16 to iSo XAXKLNC I'ROTKST.S ARE EXPECTKU F(>R CAXTirNKSK I.rf)ndon. April 4. (API—Protests by foreign governments over outrages it Nanking and demands for a reparation, are e.\pected to In- lodged'.with liie Cantonese government in a- few day.s, ll wa.s; aulli- oritatively .stated in Itowiiing street thi .s morning. ^ GENERAL E.XOIU'S OF A.MERICA.\S TOII.VY Canton. China, April 4. (AP)—A general exodus of Americans from Canton to Hongkong is under Iway. The American gun lioat Pampagna has arrived here. A British ; gun boat has gona to Wupiiow to.' pro- tfect the BrItUhers there. CRISIS APPROACHJXfi AT HA.YKOW, UKITI.SH REI'OH T.rf)ndon. April 4. (AP)—Another crisis, seems to be approaching at Hankow, Foreign Minister Chamberlain told the House of Commons twlay. He said, however, that latest reports showed a lull following yesterday's fighting in the Japanese concession there. CHIXESE MOBS RAISE Rir.MPrS IX UAXKOW Shanghai. April 4. (AP)-]Chinese mobs are .besieging the Japanese concession in Hankow, says a Japanese wireless dispatch, and ('Iii--| nese troops are intervening to !keep order. • Twenty-five Japanese have taken' refuge on the British gunboat Bee. It is expected the Japanese evacuation of the city will be completed today. U. S. Stiokesman Into ! Disarmament Parley Geneva. Switzerland. Apr. '4. (AP)' ThCi American spqkesman,': Hugl Gibson.. again intervened in -the' disarmament commission parley.s today to 'insist upon the necessity, of a sharp division between military! and civil aviation, and the neces-^ sity of doing nothing to prevent development of the commercial side of aerial'transportation. He announced that the United; States declines to take civil airplanes into account in any scheme for the limitation of military aircraft i In of the mdat inces. makin? virtual prls- g surveys, jit has a new Atlantic- Pacific canal acrt ss Nicaragua In- Kteid of the enia gement of the present Panama CTanal. It is ^liev- Ige will deajl with unual mes.siige to ihber. i BALLLEACllk assureM Season WiU Open; May Is Decision Afade ; Sunday. 1, May 1 yesterday was selected as opening day for ithe four team baseball league Jnclude lola. Chanute, definitely ^hich will Humboldt and °.Moran. This agre^m^t was reached at a meeting 'of directors here. Ole lOlsoR will; not ^:inlanage the Chanute team as wiu^ previously announced, r biit Dick Ulobnson will act in; that' capacity.; ipach team will play 21 games, meeting other teams in the league sever t(mes. .As Chanute has! a July 4 celebration this year, it has be n decided to play a double h'eade- between lola and Chanute there at that time. As Moran has a similar celebration Humt>oldt| will g( there for a double header. • , Managers | will draft tentative schedules and the boarc of directors will select the most satisfactory one prior to bpening day. Charter Is Spugh 'Longfellows for Society Topeka, Kans. April [4. (AP)— The National Society of Longfel­ lows applied today for a charter under the laws of Kansas. . The society is composed of men whose height Is at lea^t six feet and one inch. Its purpose as set forth in the charter application. Is for the support of an esducational undertaking to convince manufacturers that members ot tjhe society are entitled to the same rights, privileges and coiivenienpes as are persons of smaller statnne. Longer beds, bath tubs audi sleeping ear berths and more cdnlmodious colthes are the society's; aims. State Senator H. W. Behrens of Lyndon, Kansas, is president of Ih^ organization. Jess ^llard of Los Angeles, former world 'is heavyweight champion and la. former Kansanils vice president! and Phil Zimmerman is secretary! Mr. and Mrs. L.'T. Wolffe of 114 South First street spentjyeisterday with their daughter, Mrs. Jl L. Arbuckle and family in Colonjl They took their little grandson, l Lorenzo Arbuckle home. Lorenzo has been spending some time his grandparents. 2^ e with Current Topics Meet Is Last of Season The meeting of the Current .Topics Club which wUl be held' this evening will be the last of the season and therefore; should be the best. The meeting will be held'at the Kelley Hotel and;.Mr. Kelley reports that in view of the fact that this isl ^he last meeting he will make the "spread" .something, special and will/ the main dining'toom. The speaker will be Dr. .Yarnell who will talk about his observations and experiences in Japan ^nd .other parts of the Orient and theaddreks doubtless will be informative and very" interesting. If any one reads this notice who has not "put his name in the pot." through oversight or otherwise, but now thinks he would like to attend, perhaps by callinK up the hotel' even now be can find a place at the tables. j Mrs. A. Z. Groves, state Vice- president of the Woodmen Circle, .Mrs. George Stewart, state attendant, .Mrs. W. J. Pierce,; banker nad Mrs. Bert Potter, one' of the state auditors, left today for Cof­ feyviile where they will attend a' state convention which is meeting there Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Mrs. Custer Djxvis and Mrs. L. E. Brown, Mrs. Max Shelby accompanied them as delegates from the local Circle. Mrs.' Dan Dressier of 707 East Spruce street, who bos been quite ill of the flu, is recovering rapidly. Compensation Suit > Settled Saturday A compensation case brohght by Merle E.: Ball, through hia father, Clint ^Ball, againat the.Sifers Candx company was settled shortly aftier H was ; filed j in district court: Satarday for $350. BaUj sought $4;559-6t for;, injuries al-1| legedito have been received by liim November 21, 1986. when he fell with a truck while working for the company. i. Lawnmower Sharpening and Repairing We call for and deliver PLOW WORK, WOOD WORK, AUTOMOBILE PAINTING. GENERAt ^LACKSMITHmG C.C.McCarty& Son 301 South St. Phone 216 214 North Jefferson OPEN ALL NIGHT NIGHT MECHANIC—SERVICE ANY CAR PLENTY OF^STORAGE PHONE 720 NASH MOTOR SALES CO. As a result of intelligent care from its first owner and careful reconditioning at the hands of tlie dealer, the good us^ car that you buy today represents a spl vestment. endid in- Such | a car offers j'-ou sound automobile value atja remarkably low price. Its purchase brings you both motoring-satisfaction and the assurance of ?;having spent your money well. , ^ You will find cars of this fine type offered for sale ill the Automobile Coluirins of our Classified Section todays The right kind of people are behind theni. It will be a profitable move for you to-conr suit these voffers and see which ones of thenf particularly appeal to you. - , TWm Now to iJeRow intm R Agister's Classified Section

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