Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1961 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, April 15, 1961
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AFfttL 16» ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 8 111 for Homes * f > i In America of Future By AlTO* Along about 1938, a new trend began to develop in home lighting, fixtures In living rooms imd bedrooms began to dtaap- 1W"* man 25 years pent*. In their place, builders connected the wait electric twitches tb convenience outlets into which portable lamps could t» plugged. I biggest growth In the return to and remodeled homed this year will have more Installed lighting fixtures in living rooms and bed rooms than have been seen in The prediction is based on a survey of private builders of small and large-scale housing Dangerous For Floor Now and then people who have floors that are finished wtfh shH Inr will find a sort of cloudy dts coloration which they just can't seem to wipe away. This is fail ed "blooming" by the trnde and it's due to moisture gettlnft Into the wood under the shellac. II sometimes occurs during dump wenther and often It will dlsap *» . the room Floors, Walls Coming Into Their Right Place Some Ideas On Painting Inside, Out SINCE THE MAIL has been By VIVIAN BROWN AP Nettifeatnret FLOORS AND WALLS, tf*M of the home that been taken for granted In the past, have come into their own. Floors are enhanced with brilliant rugs, planters and decorative eush. Ions. Walls land their space to masses of art and objects that relate to the decor. But, If you'd take advantage of the new emphasis on floors,;heavy lately wtth questions about be sure that you prepare your]painting, both Interior and ex gently i dcna- frail tlAlUlCB. £7111 ClllllfTIJ' CU9IUC • & - i J|||»Arf dlCOHOl TIllS tTPfltlTlPnt fwlM»*.««lwmio»^^^ ln the CU8tom -! wm S0 ften up 'the shellac- coating Catlffnt tn€ pUDMC fflftcy. It W*i ^ * art fknf thr» umf*»r pun nfl^flOP hill • *' k •. » . » *. Tnn«* tuh*\ fatmw tMatnliAji HnWi ISC/ Ilia I lilt wuitri t-nfi *eo*LCif/T, L/UI pjim0 fftvhim-mhln tn HCIVP IK; na inonC WHO laVOr ITlBiBiieQ ilBni* . . . . . . *UCIIIIt7 iei"9lli"Ul WtUlv; II" f IH V"C IIVIIIK: ' ** ««/*tt ivtiictf I^A rtat*«9rft! Mrtt Fft tXnRP ... . . ine m a Is A *!%<• tw«tnf* «»* It A •% VOU mUSI DP Carf-MUi nul IO wipe rtrtttma jiftri h*rir*vmi* wlfhnul \n ' n S* "i a K e mm point. W n P n • . . . . ruviiw anu mnuwms wiinuui in*, ^ f,^ Vinivl nr Inn Inno nt» tfMAf* votl stalled Hghtlhg fixtures. And " xturo " dwrwwed In popularity, to ° haro or lo ° lon * eme you many thousands of fixtures in oldi hlllb wattages in lamps were in- houses were removed in favor of' crpBsed - but because of shade the wall swlteh-outlet system, I4e*\gn and the lack of reflectors, thev will rpmove much of the softened shellac. Shellac, while a very durable didn't provide enough j finish, doesn't get along very water and floors for the drama, says Patricia Harvey of New York, member of the American Institute of Decorators. terior, here are some random thoughts that should answer most of the queries: Before applying a brush or rol- .,., ,, . .. _., _:ier, rcmuve an neuuwnre aim "If your floor need, attention, ^ ^ ce|jjng f|xtureg |f you to make It an asset, then go to Wflnt gn especla|ly nea , result work with sander, sealer and I wax. Many floors could bej beautiful if attention were given to reflnishing them. The 'old world' look in wood floors, embodying the antique browns now," she points out. very gradually. The biggest gain was In 1960. And now comes SUMP PUMPS Vfvh.p. Reg. MM Cast Iron ,, ,. $4JW i & ' t ** I Molor fteg. 44.18* Brass COMMUNITY t BETHALTO Du 4tm ! room were cluttered with them.,a shellac coated floor. For that Also, Items such as clocks, radios matter, it's best not to use water and electric blankets were plug-ion any sort of floor. Keep a shel- iged into the same outlets as the lac floor well coated with wax Irfhips, which made it necessary for this will prevent water spill to keep the wall switch on con-|on it from getting to the wood.JThis gives concentrated protec jtinually and operate the lamps i Leaks in outside walls will al-!tlon and, In time, wll give that New floors may be prepared more easily, and given a mellow patina with frequent applications of paste wax, she says. (with their own on - an - off ! switches. low water io reach wood underj handsome old finish that may the shellac and so will a leaky She IMW low •less tonM ••/•cfcd by Raymond Lo*wy Associate* to blond with dffforont architectural stylo*. Oar new Flexalum colon will harmonize with the roof, tiding or trim of all popular types of homes. And the special low gloss finish will add soft charm to your home, Flexalum finish is gvMtrmn- teod and bonded by Continental Casualty Company not to chip, crack or peel, or replacement free. Alto available in 17 standard high gloss enamel colors. We can custom build a Flexalum Aluminum Awning for any need: window, door, earport, porch, patio. Call for f re* demonstration and estimate. • Easy Terms • Up to S Years To Pay RUSSELL Blind & Awninc Co. fll MHton—HO 5.5588 Jock Martin HO 2.9070 Many persons will continue to| radiator shut off valve or a faul- favor the wall switch-outlet set-jty air valve on a steam radia- up. But those buying new homes | tor that allows water to get out will find increasing use of in-1 when the steam comes up. isTalie~<r~iighting7~Some development builders are catering to individual tastes by providing fixture outlets in the most obvious (locations, then permitting the I home buyer to select fixtures Itrom electrical contractor showrooms. ALUMINUM SIDING? "Let George Do It" HO 2-0386 be desired. "An area rug must have purpose, not used simply as a rug on the floor," Miss Harvey advises. "The area rug on a polished floor should be used to highlight the beauty of the wood, and to anchor a furniture When Inside wall patches have been made, the patched areas should be given a priming coat before the finish coat. In using a brush, about one- third of the bristles should be dipped. In using a roller, be sure to remove the excess paint by rolling against the shallow end of the roller tray. Easy Way To Store Your Hose The problem of storing garden or lawn-sprinkler hose where itj won't be dnmaged Is one that's' easily solved with the aid of n portable electric drill and an old ilrcular washtub or pail. The old tub or pall will mako a handy reel for the hose when bolted through the bottom to a plank nailed horizontally to a couple of garage wall studs. It's best to use an electric drill to make the bolt holes In the bottom of the pail or tub, rather thnn punching the holes, because drill- 1 ed holes are neater and don't; weaken the metal area as doesj punching with nails or other pointed objects. Too, the electric drill will give you quick, clean holes in the plank so long bolts can be used to properly anchor the hose reel. The outward-tapering edges of the tub keep the hose from slipping off and the curved Sides prevent kinking or bending, conditions which can permanently damage a hose. You'll find that No House Has Enough Outlets; and They're Plac / V «L Cabinets should be painted by j keeping the hose off the garage starting at the top and workim? j floor also will avoid damage from down. The insides should bok'ar wheels and from corrosive painted first, then the exterior effects of grease and oil spots, sides, then the fronts. Always do the ceiling the walls. No exterior painting job will be a success unless all lose and scaling paint has been removed with a scraper or wire brush, all nail holes puttied and all loose jionts calked. Painting should begin at the group or emphasize the color i top of the house at an upper cor- Does Your Home Need Major or Minor Repairs? REPAIR Now is the time to give your home a new lease on beauty and livability . . .a bright new look in tune with the bright new season. We have what you need here! SPRINGMAN LUMBER COMPANY 1101 E. IROADWAY DIAL HO 5-5526 j plan in the room." i Oriental rugs are getting a big iplay now among leading decor- alors, she says, because of the current interest in floors, and their usefulness in either mod-j ern or traditional settings. "If you have one rolled up in the attic, now is the time toj make use of H, if it fits into your room scheme. But floors must be in good shape to take the splendor of these rugs," she says. Patterned area rugs are more popular than plain colors and many fringed rugs are shown. Carved rugs are popular and add a note of elegance to a modern setting. Hot reds, yellows and brilliant blues of the Spanish rugs are much liked in contemporary rooms. More subdued colors are used for traditional decor. American copies of the elegant Aubusson rugs are available and we are importing area rugs with a deep pile from Japan. If you are the type who likes I wild patterns, be sure to use 'rugs in small doses or the rugs! ; may overpower your decorat- iner, working downward from Bunker Hill PT A Elects Officers BUNKER HILL — New officers were elected at a meeting of the P.T.A. Thursday evening and are as follows: Orville Bierbaum, president; and covering about six feet | Mrs. Melvin Buhs, in width. JMrs. Wilbur Pullen, In painting clapboard, work ac- secretary; ADDITIONAL PLUO POWER •WOOD3CH8W9 JJL PLUGS INTO WAU SOCKET WALL SOCKET STRIP WITH HIODBN WIRES OUTLETS MAY Bff SNAPPED IN ANYPLACE AUONO TRACK the HlW raM WntfJ ol flint rorttw fltmv forget and cut Ml 'Imp It's hot Tht strip, art tot* M screws, gwwwiliy wv§ Mia* pro* vtded for them tt V«tB. •' ' Surface anted apt welcome along trw *wi* «M% In the kitchen tor tewtw. m**r and blender. In fht b«*Wm you might run one back of joofr Bed tor reading lamp and outlW An* clock and radio. .. , J;; ..... ^.'••j_;. Read Telegraph Want Ad<'6iijiy BY MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise AMR. It's almost an accepted fact that no house has enough electrical outlets, and those it has are in the wrong places. This has given rise to the trailing extension cork, the octupus- llke, three way cube tap, and a generally confused and unsafe situation. The only alternative for the homeowner was to knock holes in the wall and install additional outlets. Plug Power But in the last few years several manufacturers have come up with types of surface-mounted strip outlets. The strip contains two wires in a plastic channel. It can be mounted on the wall along the baseboard, on the floor or along a counter top. Outlets tee plugged into the adapter the strip can run in one or both de- rections. The strip la flexible enough to turn corners. But if you wish to change directions, you must use an elbow. Caps are used to cover the ends pf the strips. Watch Oat One word of caution. Remove Salti and Swvfe* JIM JONES, 911 Milton Phont HO 2-2765 Bulk Tank Sato* a«4 KcntaM, Complete Cylinder 6«rvte*> BUDGET TERMS -MIW BABY. in your house? ross it, doing the edges first and the flat areas between boards. Remember that masonry and some types of siding and wood shakes are porous and therefore may require more than one coat. Avoid paint failures such as alligatoring, cracking and wrinkling by using good quality paint, allowing sufficient drying time between coats and applying .the paint evenly. Outside painting should be done when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and pre-j ferably near 70 degrees, although the temperature can be considerably higher than that if the humidity is not too great. To prevent the sun from drying the paint too rapidly, paint the side of the house that is in the shade, then follow the sun around so that you are always painting where the sun already has been. Because exterior paint is constantly at the mercy of the elements, it is even more important to be certain that it is of good quality than with interior paint. Mrs. Glenn Myers, treasurer, In- can be installed almost anywhere stallation of the officers will be held at the May meeting. Mem- along its length. One thing it does not do is bers voted to send $20 to the to increase a,,, arn ount of power headquarters fund for the new building to be erected in Springfield. Eighth grade students will be honored at the May meeting and American Legion and Auxiliary j j^'. t awards will be presented at that available. Such a strip connected to a 15-amp circuit can still carry no more than 15 amps, no matter how many outlets you add. So resist the temptation, outlets a circuit can handle. of education member, spoke regarding consolidation and various bills that will come before the legislature. . Attend F. H. A. Meet BUNKER HILL — !£rs. Lola Lavis, F. H. A. adviser at the high school, Mrs. George Ash, chapter mother, Beverly Enke, Beverly Baker, Margaret Stevenson, Gladys Sievers, Georgia Ash, and Betty Witcher attended the district F. H. A. meeting at Benld Thursday afternoon and evening. Bridal Shower BUNKER HILL — Miss Sandra Barth was guest of honor at a miscellaneous bridal shower ing plan, Miss Harvey says, ad-| Rubber-base paint is especial-i Thursday evening at Zion Luth; vising top that you avoid using || y go0( j f or masonry, but where small rugs in too high a pile as heels may get tangled and the floor covering may slide, causing a bad spill. "The floor is the first thing you see when you enter a room," she says, "so it should j in 8 for ™ be as smooth as wax and regu- it is desired to retain the original color and texture of a masonry wall, such as brick, silicone sealers do an effective job. While metals such as copper and bronze do not require paint- purpose of preventing crrosion, they can eran Parish Hall. The shower was given by Mrs Robert Wieseman edges Qf than a plastic strip with a cord and plug which is plugged into an existing outlet. The strip can handle about three items, is fastened down with two screws. Up, Stairs, Too Others are more versatile, can be run around a room in an un broken line, can turn corners and go up stairs. One type consists of two wires in a plastic jacket and surface mounted outlets. Whenever an outlet is desired, the strip is cut, tfie wires exposed and the outlet snapped on. A plug can be snapped at one end and plugged into an outlet. Versatility Another style is more elaborate but also more versatile. .Wires are contained on opposite You'll need MORE HOT WATER GET A and Mrs. Leo Wieseman, aunts of the bride-to-be. Games were played and prizes remain ed at all times. Outlets can be added anywhere, changed anytime by twisting into place in awarded to Mrs. Carl Barth, Mrs. ithe fracks that cover me wjres Wilfred Kampworth, Mrs. Ed Brown, Mrs. George Wieseman. The CQmes specja , outlets, elbows, tees and end caps. ,.r care can make it. In cause staining of other materials and so are often coated with a! Mrs. Harold Wieseman, Mis. Ferd jA specai , adapter takes the place be removed for easy cleaning, there is no reason for a rug i not to be a complement to the ! floor and decor." Permaalas OlASS-UNID AUTOMATIC $** WATER HIATER wHn •xciuffve •otentod HEETWALL conitnicHon An A. O. Smith product Afore He* Water—Ust CM* No Down Payment Across Street from Sermania Savings Bldg. Open Mon. & Frl. Nltes 'Til 9 p.m. HLTOII REFRIGERHTIDn Open Mon. * Prl. Nites 'Til » p.m. "Authorized Frigidaire Sales and Service" 650 E. Broadway HO 5-7721 , nish DONTMA/ooot. ^"""""""""""""""""""""^^J^""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""™ ^•r __ HOME IMPROVEMENTS YOU CAN DO IT NOW WITH • No Devm NymtMt • UOM to S1.SOO.M M SlfMtwt My t UptolYssffteltpey • HOME Eloxana Spelling Winners Announced ROXANA — The second and hird graders of the Roxana Com- lunity School District held their nal spelling contests April 1 nd 12 at the Burbank school and winners have been announced. Second grade winners were: anna Johnson, first, and Trina 'ilson second. Third grade winners were: Denis Ursprung, first, and Mary Jeth Steiner, second place. Judges were Steve Paynic, Don larvick, Dick Propes and Mrs. Florence Dinwiddie. Mrs. Evanda all was pronouncer. Scouts at Hartford Plan Fish Supper HARTFORD - Boy Scouts of! roop 42 will sponsor a fish fry t the Methodist Church on S. 3elmar today from 4 to 7 .m. and they will be assisted y Scoutmaster Kenny Draper. Vssistant Scoutmaster Bernell "*aMwe'l and members of the scout committee. Mothers of the boys are also helping with the reparation of the food. The first white man to settle on the site of Alton was Jean Baptiste Cardinal, a Frenchman, late in the 1700s. Canvas Awnings EARLY Miss Barth is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arno Barth and will become the bride of James Hlafka on April 28. CAMPBELL TENT * AWNING CO. 100 CENTRAL ALTON Our Selection ot BRIGHT NEW SPRING COtORS Benjamro Moore ptunti BETHALTO HDW 1 Phone * PAINT DU 4-3.101 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" ; OPEN SUNDAY "Blue Grass" Subdivision Rosewood Heights Aroa NORTH CENTER ST. "North Cantor Street" i« the cutoff road from Roie- wood Heights to Cottage Hilli. Theie home* are in the row of 5 new, brick hornet *outh of baiement church on Center Street. TWO-2 BEDROOM HOMES ONE - 3 BEDROOM HOME You MUST stt riwtt brick bom.i SUNDAY ... Pull bottmtim, ow •Mt, boxwood floor*, tlltd klteh- tin wo 1 bafts, tUctrle avta OM) irovt, fiaitlMd bawmtiH. For taforMlbi or Aipolitnonl Call Carl Manner , CL 94983 UP TO S125 TRADE- On Your Old Window Air Conditioner ON A NEW G-E WHOLE HOUSE CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING! Make Your Present Furnace and Ducts Into a "Whole House" Air Conditioning System! Modtl TA-25 INSTALLED AS LOW AS $ 779 .50 INCLUDES! Normal ImtaHatloii To ExUti*9 Duct and EUctrle Strvlct. PREPARE NOW FOR AN ENJOYABLE SUMMER I NO DOWN PAYMENTS 60 MONTHS TO PAY! FREE! EARLY BIRD BONUS! Until May Ut A JQ AC UICTIONIC IYI Automatic Electric 0*KJ.W TUiNS ON AT OUIK UWH Light VAIUI Wt*» 0» AT DAWN ALTON BOTTLED GAS CO.

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