The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on April 4, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1927
Page 5
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CABBAGK PLANTS—40 cents 100; while they last. H. w. Ichaney,! Gas. ' WQnne Oustih TIIhlK IIoK Happened • T, Q. CURTIS, piilllonaire dc- partihcnt store owner," asks liis women cmployesl tb answer a uudstionnalrc. Billy jWells, prct- tv Utile heaH of th'e glove department, answers tlie oucstlon.s, Pioping thereby to wlh\puc of tjie prlies offered. She answer* the questions saucily 1)Ut truthfully, while NYDA LOMAX, and; Wl.N- 4 XIE SHKLTON, co-^*^orkers. lie »'H<i gain tholr employer's favor. CLAY Cl'RTIS. soil of Old T. Q.. boKS nilly not fa hand in tlic queH.tlonnairo. (May liax diK-. inheritod hlmsolt ,inil isnow living with llio WdlH rjimily in'ii poor M'Otion pf-thr (own, work'-. inK In a factory by day and wrJl: Ing niihslc at hlglit. Both: he arid Billy helipvi- th^'C'ld maniis "upV ' (o soniclihing. / • ; • ' •, STANLKY I'b\yEUS. who has 'been ni.shing Billy, aci.-ompanlcs hor to the thirtieth anniversary e«lobra(lon at which .the prizes ar/j to lie announced, ^he Is . hpred with l^owcrs and glad when her turn on the program '« an- noiinced. She plays,a violin solo and hor thoughts dwell nnac-. countably on Old T. Q., his stHig- gles, his succcBB, his loss of his i son. Wicn sbe gets bapk'stage after he performance, sjie leans against he wall afid te^irs.come to her ;ye8. There, old Cirrti;^ Onds hojr. He announces the •prize winner." and Billy has won/ tliird prize. He asks the winnei^s' to meet him for a, few minutes, in the olass-rooni. I • >0H t.o On nitfrthe S(ory- .'CHAPTER X. 1 .Billy Wells was conscious tliat the girls apd women, winners the questionnaire contest, made' a pretty pictifle in their evening dresses as they- fluttered - about T. Q.. thanking: him, flatteriig hlni, hnng^ng on his few gruff words. yg Billy did uql flutter. Slie did "ot even- go up to him to thank bim.' She slipped into one of the class-roonj chairs and waited till T. Q. had sent rhe other girls to their soats. He wasted few-words. That was one TKISOU why she ad- ••You're ^eUiusr lo lm »e (he m am going;to ask you to lyrite me a letter in ,which you .will tell me juiit how you-would use it.. If any of you decide that you would spend it fpr personal pleasure, tell me jii.^t 1 M)\V you would spend'it. If any of you-decide you'd give it aw;iy. toll what disposition }-ou wpultl make c)f it. 1 don't want mired hini. "Xow. ladies," T. Q. said. wheii;>f^" *9 think that I'm going to feej the flultprinR had died down. ''1 "'-ligiOed to follow any of the sug- didir't just ask yoiu here to he Kf'^"""" "'al ! '"ay get from your thatiked and to give you jour •prire money. You'll, fi id that i your pay envelopes aionday. When I,. letters, and I must add, lefet you ,j get a wr-mg impression from a fooliiili old man's whim, that I'm r read your answers la fiie <ju.'.«- ""^ soing to give a hundred thou- tions that must have seemed fool-| dollars as a prize for the best ish to some of you, and the good, common iscnse letters that. vou wrote me, I- wa.s struck, by tlie thought that I have a mighty intelligent bunch ot women and girls working Virith me." T. Q. never said "for me"—it was always "with mr." • V "Some of your suggestions made me do a lot of thinking. ( For thirty years I've •been piling lup money, lintll 'm afraid I've cheated the poorhc use out of a boarder. And I began to wonder what I'd got out of .it—not the work for I've enjoyed every bit of that, but the money; 1 began to wonder what J[ could do with.some of that money i letter.' Several .nirls laughed nervously a^ that, and again T. Q. grinned 'Stg'i'e the most happiness at the i^Ast risk .to tb^, largest possible number ot people. T. Q. paused, an^ there was g moment of complete silence, broken only hy. the eharply indrawn breath 6t some exiJUed girl.' That familiar, wry smil^ of his tugged at a corner of the old man's lips. "Now, don't jump to the conciii- slori that I'm planning to give all my money away. I'm not. But it occurred to me that twenty-five intelligent, clever Ittdies like you— Land-he [bowed, still smiling a.little sardonipally—'couW teach me a few things,about the use of money. I don'i, w'ant-you to' tell me how you'd >pend my money, whatever thp .t sum 'may be, but I would like jtb know how every, one of you would use a hundred thousand dollars— if .vou had it." I ."I'm not going to ask you. to tell me now what yoii'd do wKh'a hundred thousand dollars," T. Q.- itent on, grinning more nroaaiy. "Bill;I HOhA HIDE, FUR & WOOL COMPANY, • Get oBir prices on : POni,l»ir AlfD EjBGS -We will coBie after'Ifoaltry. ^ B:| A.J 0 NE 8^ m So. OUo. ' : ?lMBe 1307 ^RENNAN'SI MmKEt . We par the ( OIIOWIDC ; prices: JTo. I Efffi^r—-- S o. « EJW«' •-. .-.IRC ». 8 Knri • —-—..-.15c Jfo. 1 Henn u— .SIi- Jfb. 2 Henit ... i— IStc ^roiicn — .....^^^.^..m Torte H|de« .. . 18.00 with th-?ni. /'Only the twenty-five prize winners of the firtit contest are eligible in this second contest. Xow,j all you have tojdo is to write me a letter, as sliort as j'ou like, but ^nbt moie than HUO words long, answering the question, 'What would (lo with a hundred thoiisandl dollar.".' ; •Tliorc w'ill be jtcn prizes, and I am going to ask you to trust me| when I .say that ^thosc prizes will be well worth working for. Now, for • your guidance, I've had a memorandum'of the terms <jf the contest drawn up, and j'd llkejfor ea.-h of yon to take one: home with you; But I also want -'to ask you not to discuss this new contest with anyone outside this room for the rest of tho even.ihg. Now, trot along, all. of you, and have a good time at the dance." ;Billy,s»t qiiite still as the other girls aiid women crowded about tlie table. So old T. Q. had been ui> In something after all! But what'.' What was this absurd contest about a mythical, unattainable htindred thousand dollars leading up to'.'' Had he taken .leave of'h|s .sensds, she asked herself indig- nantl.v. "A. dollar, prize I get after sitting np half the night working over his old questionnaire,—he's gone 'batty, if you ask me. I wouldU't' waste ink on this fool letter— .'Billy was roused oat.of her irritating, puzzling reflectioqs by the h(gh,'nasal complaint of; the winner of the,twenty-fifth prize. Sije saw tho gitl tear the sheet of Instructions ;to bits and fMng them 'aiigrily to the floor. Plaiji, stout— With a start, Billy let her jeyes rove quickly over thq group ofigirls and wpmc^ni at the fable. Theri was somelning odd about that grp ip. In most i);acherlng8 of , women the pretty (girl-stood out. But len fireen Hides . _ 6c f ooiifr nni Old Cock* . ..lie .Tjre will 'ed»e aftw your ponllVT* I. F*. Grennan Produce Co. BCIly lounted BWfftly—tpn twtty gl.rl.< i I u group ot Iwent -five. .N'(i. Mieveu. If she Kudinteil h 'rself, aitd tu nil fairiii'Ks she shotjlil, r.i* Ml"- wnH no fool. Pliv know there .were ot most juuly tliroe girls in the store prct- tl««r than she-Z-Nyda, Lofatax, Wln- ;«!»• SItclton.and I'earle H idley. Aud Mic kn:«>w.nlso diut In the opinion of maiify, not all of those thj-ee ranked nhtad of her In point of; )ieoH.*.v. iMHt' year. 1)efore iWla- ntf Sheiton had come to the ipnrtis jMaiiM titf 3tare,^ BUly. Walls.. loKk 'voted, the most heauUful gfrl In |>st nivfnl disposition, Billy.*' tiie store, and crowned the :Curti8 Queen at the twenty-ninth anniversary celebration. Eleven pretty girls—beautiful, .voung girts—out of a prize-wJnr ning group of twenty-five. Never before had beauty and brains been fonnd so notably unlledt What was T. Q. up &? "Here's a love letter for .vou.'' Winnie Shelton ran lightly toward Billy. ''t\re you going to tejl oid T. Q. what you would do with a hundred thou.sand dollars, Billy? Isn't It a perfect'scream? I haven't the faintest idea what to say! But just think, ,1 won twqnty-ouc dollars wicl) my questionnaire. Of course. Miss Doran helped me some—with spcllihg and punctuation and thingSL like that—" hor voice trailed off and the litUe .heartshaped face 'flushed undcif Billy's scornful gaze. "You said, you'd give Miss Doran a: pair of those I^rencb nude stock-! irigH if you won a prize, and I think you'd bettir keep that promise," Billv! told her evenly. "Besides, you'll need MisI; r>oran to help you on this contest—on spelling and punctuation and things like that," she emphaBized sarcastically. "You're gejting to have the most awful disposition. Billy;" Winnie said plaintivply. "Of course I'm going to give Miss, Doran the stockings. But what,arc you going to give Clay Curtis for helping you? You .said he gave you some good tips—". ' "I've been wondering what to give him," Billy said cooly. "He ne ^B a suit <^f good, strong kbaki, overalls. OhJ Susie!" she raised her voice to call tb Susie Howard, winnej of the second prize. "Hollo! I've been wondering where you were. Susie turned from the group at the table. "Isn't it a shame I'm leaving th6 store before this second contest is de- ci(|ed? I don't think it would be fair of me to compote, but the twtnty-four dollars I won on Hie qu ••stionnaire •will surely come In hapdy on my trosseau." You're leaving so soon?" Billy wajs surprtsed. "Y'ou'rc not going tol be married until March first. are yotir' "No, tiut I want to do a lot of sewing- heforo the bij^^ day. I want lo see yon win flr-st prize In this contest. You've' got moro brains than any of us.l Billy, if iyou will tHke Ihe trouble to use them. But let's go dance, ! cvei-ybody!" She sprang to her feet and began to danuo a few steps of the Cliarles- ton. Next to playing her violin, Billy Wells loved dancing. She had bo- $un to danre asisoon as she could walk; her pulses ponndrd to rhythm, her small, boyish ho<ly executed every new dance stop as If she hail Invented it. and nhe had never taken :i (lancing le!<son in berjliro. There were no programs, of course, but she had recklessly promised enough dances, to have kept her whirling continuously un- 411 dawn, if the Curtis band could hav« played that long. She was so happy In the purely physical pleasure of dancing that she had almost forgotten the doubts and half-formed suspicions that had tormented hor whi|c T. Q. Curtis talked to his strangely chosen prize-winners, when they all came flooding back at the touch of T. Q.*s hand on her arm. while she stood beside her partner, applauding for an encore. 1 •Will you do me the l^oilor?" t. Q; Curtis biiwed with ; punctilious politeness. •' ' The encoco was a waltz. To Billys amazement, gid T. Q. danced it well, though he oonfidcd to her that lie could dance noiio of th-i modern steps at all. They danced so w-ell together, in fact, that every other couple on the floor: gave t|iem their attention. There was amatiemeni in their Interest, too, f^r T. Q. hadj never before been known to danc^ at one of his anniversary parties'. When the music stopped. T. Q. thanked her. .then, drawing her Itauil through h{s arm, Ud her to- watrd the doors that communicated N^lth t|ie cafeteria, where the birthday cake was ' waiting' to be cut, and where tables laden with refreehment-s,, supplied by the city's •beat caterers, invited the hungry revelers. •]'I hope yi'u will do me tl ^e honor; to cut the cake," be told her, in a voice that she had never heard from' his, lips before—a gentle voice, with a curious note of pleading In it. 1 She hardly knew whether she answered or not, .so heavily was her Heart beating with a sick, unworthy fear. How foolish she was lo be ^ifraid of him. just because for a moment he had shown her his soul Ih a voice that was gentle and wistful—Oh, what, what was T. Q. up to? She would make Clay talk, tell her what he suspected, feared. TO BE CO.NTINUED. : ^„ CLASSIFIBDj RATB8 Pslly rate per Uni for conaecutlv* tnaertlons: i Bhc day* 7c «c~ time du» ... 9c 70 *w Wc IOC Minimum charge. M c on any ad. Minimum caiilif tOi. Count fivfl wbnds t< a line. . "i^ONB TOUR (n^SBlPtBD AD TO 18 in a^ertise nouts should lie a .Immediately The. Reiciatci; not be nwpQnslbl B for raore Una MML-lnoorrect Insortlaa. I 'Alb ordered tor alx times and stopr pea l>e('ure.cxpirutlon will be charged toe only the number nf times the •<! a«gmrod^^d adju*tn ent r^de at thj The tola ncKlster < rflcc Js open to receive advmisnmentf from K a. m. to « p. m. dally. All ad* received up until 1 p. m. will HPvat In all city tCtk lions the same dar. | All Ad Taker'win tlailly aaxlat yni| If druirpd. .Mo thill lb • copy for your ad Is prepared In auih a manner a« to -brlnB the greiitcut results for you: Adierllalni; ordered 'or liremilar In*- rertlona takes the nnr tlm< rate. No ad is taken for leas ban a Iwaia of throe llnea.. Careful attention Bt ren t > mall ori dera_i»hlch_nju!it be_< aah_; >lth order. FORD R04BSTER-r-1325 ^tamJard • roadster, good tires, winter top, good; p*lnt, motor jin gooA shape. Guarantleefl. Small ipaymeiil down, balance easyi. terms. 'McCarthy Motor Co.,} 212 ^. Wash. Phjone 893. PASTURE-FOR .1 GOWS—In. Accrs Park. ' Telephone 4. PASTURE—On old Manley farm 4 miles southwest lola; $1.50 per month. Phone 777.'. WANTED TO BUY—All kinds cattle and hogs. J. C. Butcher. WA.NTED—A few more caUle to pasture. - $2.00 month: vearlings. S1.56. JL J. Keefe, jforth Ken- tncky street road half mile. SEED C<IRN—AVljIte, no failure In 8 years! 70 -hUi to acre" l^gt year on upland. H. Balzer, Tola. Kan's. WHITE SEED CCIRN-Adapted to ferUle soil, $2 bu. Ldmiljed sup- W. Works rarni, Huih- Wanted^To Buy WANTED TO BUY—Good wagou; harness and cows' ,1412J; ROOMS AND B0A91I) Rooms -Withont BoarU loam. Phone H'RNISHEEI ROO.MS- homc. modern. 222 South street.f Phone 143SW. MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale 0.\KLAND i— Dealers — PbNTIAC '26 Pontiac coupe, good as new; '25 Chevrolet tqurlng. lilte new; '24 Ford rbadsier; '22 Ford coupe, good; '18 iFord coupe, ch^ap; '22 Hudson sedan; good shape; '21 Studobaker 4<^pa8s. coupe, fine shape; '22!Dodge coupe; '18 Dodge tqurlng. gpod: '24 Overlaid touring, good;;'23 Dodge roadster, extra good. I Some other veri^ cheap cars. Cash, terms or trade. Ho- barl-Slcclo .Motor Co. i ANNOUNCEMENTS .Strayed, Ixtst, DOG-Pointer, whi spots. Reward, horn. Phono 1005 ^1 DIA,MOND BAR PI, oral reward. Fine phone-541. GOLD LOCKET—Cdnl?lnlhg picture of my son W( please return to Kelley Hotel Bldg.. •hster. \V. S. lola. HORSE—Strayed, t marc. Phone 107. .MONEY IX)ST—$25 fwcen lola and .Mildred -Mildred. LibAal Beck Furniture Co. AUCWGNS Anctionn PUBLIC AUCTION-I ei-err Saturday at Bishop's Sales Pavl AUTOMOTIVE Automobile Agencies A USED CAR— Is as PnniJd 1« c with livel- 01 Sbiith Col- N'—Lqst. ! Llbj- er please call FIndel: Bennett, le small gray J. C. Butcher. In bills, bcr or north or reward. Call 1«A jPubllcAtictlon 1:00 o'clock at lion. REAL USED CAR BARGAINS— 1926 Chevrolet coach; lB2f Chevrolet coach; 1923 Chevrolet roadster; 1023 F. B. Chevrolet roadster; lOlOJChovrolet touring; 1023 Chovrolot loii truck;: 1922 Chevrolet light delivery truck: 19S3 Star roadster: 192.'; Star tourInfe; 1926 Star touringi late model Star six touring; llato model'' Star six coupe; late model Star fOur sedan: 1924 ISssex coach; 1918 Dodge touring: 1918 Chalmers tpuring; Fdrd louring. B. T. Barber'Gar­ age, 211 West strtct. Phtjnc 515, FLAGS—All kindii atall times; typewriters to' rent, all kinds at all times. Williams Typewriter Co., over Glote. INCVBATOR—Practically new Old Trusty, 240-egg capacity: alsa good scw<ing machine, $10.00. In- qlilre 834 East street. STROLLER—In Phone 975-21. good condition. Rooms For HonsekeepniK TWO FIJRNlSHED-^Modck-n ho^isekeeplng rooms- -witlh Two adults. 206 S.^ I^hone 957. REAL ESTATE FOR Apartments and Vlnb* PDRNISHfeb APARTMENT — Jn modern roiims. home; also Phone 671J afterl private Buckeye light sink. 0hcstnut. RENT 74' sleeping 5 p. m. FartitK and Land For Bent 7fl IHOUSE^-Por rout with acre WALNUT POSTS—And native luiii- ber'^or sale. A. J. Swinford, 617 South Cottonwood street. Business and URice ftiulpment »i USED CARS—1925 ChevroIel{ coupe; 1924 Fordiconpc;; 1924 Fom touring, a dandy; 1925 Chevrolet truck. Shelly .Motor Co., lis West Jackaon. iPhone 60. { Apto Acc^sories, Titw, Pii^s 18 CHEvSbLET PARTS-^Botlh new and used, a big stock: B. [T. Barber Garage, 211 West street. TIRES—30x3, 3px3l^ 29x4.40. Can be.bought,'at, a real saving. lola Wrecking 1 Co. Phone 7821 BUSINESSSER Insnrance and Snretr Bpijds. .S3 LARGE GROCER'S-Or restaurant Ice box, new: also lised computing scales, illcnninger's Furniture Store. .Farm Equipment DISC HARROW—John Deere, with tongue truck, a bargain at $18.00. Allen County Implement Co. :Fue], Feed, Fertlllzeri) f^ne truck ground; good place for • chickens. ' ."!'/.: miles southwest lola, just off the ccmeut slab. Rhone 970-11. Houses For Rent 77 FUR.VISHilD HOUSK^Four rooms. clectrici|yj city water, garage, good gainlen and fruit. Inquire 305 Souljb Fourth. Phone :i53; lipV'SK—'Nffc six room, garden and friili. I R. .M. Cunningham. = HOUSE—I ^-oonis partly nioilern, 17 North Tjiird. Phono 9(M\V. THREE ,RpOM HOUSE—Electric lights, city water, located at 508 South Chestnut. See M. A- Schllcft. HAY—Few tons baled prairie, $8 at hadn: also i alfalfa am! crab grass, $10 ton. J. I. Conger, 2 west, 2 south andijialf weal lola. IX)OSE HAY—Alfdlfa: timothy. .Mrs. Anna Weber, mile west, V^ north CarlyleJ Phone i 989-24. .MILO MAIZE—200 bu8hels,.'50c bu. at barn. Bring sacks. J. I. Conger. TI.MOTHY HAY'—About two tons, $10.00 ;per ton. Phone 983Fil. B. A. Hill. Carlyle, Kans. 4 ROOM COTTAGE—Furnished: garden and garage. Telephone "4. 4 ROO.M COT'rA(|!E~Go(>d condition, gas, eleetriicity. water' in kitchen, garden, jiarage. Phone 4. Snbnrhan: For Rent 80 HOUSE—Barn and 3 acres, chfckeu house, lots of fruit. Van Hyning,Kelley Theatre. WELL ROTTED MANURE—For flow'crs, gardens and lawns. J. C. Butcher. dependable ah the dcalec who , se lis It — Dodgd Sales and Service. The best place to buy good, depend ible used cars. At present ^e. haie a complet^ line of both open at d closed mod^ els. priced to sell, Ellis Motoi- Co.. 214 North Washington. [ HUDSON-ESSEX—: ice. Bud AVhlte South Washington. Sbles : :and SerVf- ijlotor Co., 219 Phone 180. I Automobiles For Sale A fender, unforgettable lionn for. Bjllf Wells api t'l.ny liirtljj In the nest rfaapter. ^ *************** * \ ' * * BEALESTASXTBi&NSFEBS • * Issued Daily from Office of 4 + I tola Abstract Co. * * • * 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. * • f. 4- •!> 4> •!• 4 April 2, 1927. Sheriff of Allen Colmty to tho Farmer's Fund, Inc.. SE«4 of 3525-19. $12,400.23. Linn County Bank to Robert B. Higgins and Ettie V. Hig^ins, SEV6 of SEW and N% of SR!^4. less railroad right-of-way off! North side, all In 32-24-20. $10,000.00. Florence K. Htser aiod G. R. Hl- ser,' her husband, to Ruth F. Glidden. Lots i3, 4, 5. 6.*i,, 10, 11. 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. Bldck 1; Lots 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. 6, 7, >i, 9.! 10, 13, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19..20, l\ and 22 in Block 2; Clinton Plice, pn addition to lola. • ) Frederick G..Apt and wife Ada N. to Mrs.: Prances K: 5 Bo wen, E^ of NB16 24r2.3rl7. $750. AEROPLA.VE—Curti IS J. N. 4-D, motor in excellent condition, ship has never been en .eked. A bar-gain for $450.00. B. T. Barber, i 11 FOR CIT\], FARM AND AUTO— Insurance! see the Ra*y Investment Co. •: .VoTing,; TmcklnfT, Sto: CORR ; TRANSFER CO.—FbcUns, . storage, long distance Uaullos. Beasonahle rates. Phone QUO. t 1 \ r— l^flfisssional Serrlce -s [ ^Yj-Medicine. X-raiy. iski; Phones: office. 38 SURGBIlli F. Le'nakli. Phones: residence. 11126W. 1 Dr. 886: Good Things to. Eat NlOB-F.\T ••FRfeS^l '>4 lbs.-to" i lbs. each. •- Trowbridge, 318 West Bruner. Phone 1231 j iHousehoId Goods OAK SIDE BOARD—Good, for sale cheap. C. H.Arbuckle, 824 S6uth street. Y'OU CAN FUR.VISH—Your home cheap by buying your furniture at Brjson's Furniture Store, North Jefferson. .• EMPLOYMENT llelii W>nted—Male 93 FAR.M HAND—Wanted, by month. Bert AVilhltc, one east,'' three south of liaHarpe. GOOD USED CARS steif, new tires: Stu Ford and Buick tpi^ring that will interest yi Supply Co., Buick —Buick roadj- jlebaker coupe^ -'—at a price )u. Marr Auto Iiealcrs. • | GOOD USED CARS—1925 Essex •coach; 1926 Ford roadster; 1926 Chrysler 'NiS" ton >e; 1924 Ford coupe. We trade, f oss Arbuckle's Garkge. Chrysler Dealers. Pho. 56; USED CAR BARGA CHEVROLET, 1924 TOURING. DODGE, 1925 TOURING. FORD. 1926 TOURI >JG. FORD. 1925 TOURING. FORD, 1926'ROADSTER. FORD. 1925 ROADSTER. FORD. 1925 COUPE FORD. 1925 COACH These cars are all shape. We sell 01^ or trade for 1: BOYER MOTOR CO. 212 £3. JEFF. .MARRIED .MAN—With small family, wantel for farm work! Chas. Robinson, LaHarpe. Xnsical Xeiicbandise K PHO.VOGRAPH—Edison Diamond Disc with twenty Edison records, extra reproducer and thirty miscellaneous records. 504 X. Second. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms and Land For Sale 83 15 ACRE TRACT—One, of the liest in the county: reasonable price, possession at once. .lohn Reuther. HonscH For .Sale 9A Bl'.VGALOW-^^Iy seven rw)m bungalow; also nice five room bungalow; good fonr room cottage-and, thrc* lota with good honse and! frame business building located! half block south of square. Ray' Inveslnient Co. To F^xchange-Real Estate 88 ECiUITY—In 5. room cottage - for stock and farm equipment. Jackson Realty Co., over Brown's Drus Store. ~ Wanted-Heal 'Fstate 80 W.\.\TED.—To hear from owner of land for .sale. D. .\r. I.oight, PA- zada, Mont. , CLASSIFIED DISPLAY FINANCIAL Money tJB Iioan ^Mortgagep 40 FARM LdANS—Quick aervide and reaaonabl^ rates. A. DJ Hawthome, 213 S. 'Washingtori. M{)NBY TO LOAN—Priratio and eastern n^oney to loan od farms and cityi property. LoW^ rate. Xernu, and payment ta suit borrower. Stewart & Funk. NS— in first class easy terms, vestock. PHONE 23 FARM ANp CITY JLO, rsfte OB fairins. 69^. «Ity. or afaort tlme^ R. M. LIVE STOCK Morses' Cattle^ YeWe Ii 48 TWO HOtSTEIN COWSf-Extra gtod. heavy producers. W. R. Colvin. S'/i! milea we8t ;3 «>iAh Ibla. PonUjry and Snntlles b BABY CHICKS—ISO Whlt^ " Leghorns and {500 S. C. RL L Reds for Tuesday.-tihe 5th. . All froin State Stjreet.. Tola. HIGHEST j MARKET—Prices paid for cream, eggs, and; poultry. Our truckj ntd cUcken coops- are at your advice tb pick up. poul^ try. Bai^cer Produce Co. Ph'or668. fnONjSALE Used Ford CJars %ii 2 p. m. and 7 p. m. ' ON NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE on the lot behirid Sandwich Inn (formerly Peerless Oil Station.) Oh Ow Entire Stock of tJsed Cars* COMPLETE LiST will be given on this page Tliursday editibn; also all'details-regarding sale.

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