Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 1, 1915 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1915
Page 8
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8 Jl lil6F0NDt01HE0ePIUNS SEAMTOIt M 'ACrOKNKR WILL E.\. ? DOW PET pSTITCTIOX. itefahon Home H IKK Alnuyx Keen the -Object of !!»pe«lal AlJonOon lij the 4jlt«nic). NEW PERISCOP THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 1, 1915. FOR USE ON LAND. 'I Topeka, March |.—When Senator B. P. Waggen«r dies,?and he believes that time is not far aWay, the institution for which he has' worked for nearly {flirty years, and for the inmates of which he has a -vyarm spot in his heart, will not beij forgotten, ^e has Left by his will, h<| told friend^ at the Oapitol recently,- ^| sort of endowment iiie income of w'hich is to be lised for , the benefit of theiUittle folks who in- • liabit the State Orphans' Home at Atffihison. - i Children are a passion with the vot- • ^ran senator from, Atchison. His annual-picnic has been for years one of the big events of his county. His atti ( tude on the Homeiis well known. It is far more than a*hobby. Tolits wel fare he has devojed many hours of time and no end of expense. He has feught the battles :of the home on the ijoor of the state'! senate, and has •*orked untiringly;! for dppropriaUons Ke believes are nieeded I to make the Children what they ought to be—to ^iye them a chaiicn to make good, | aelfr-respecting mep and women. He" cannot stay to Jifpu for them much Ipnger, he says, biit when he goes he Will leave a nest-egg in the way of an endowment:—a isum-that will help of the little hotncless child- pen, and it will b^ big enough at that Co amount to,something. V "My work is pr&ctically ended. i\Iy ' irace;! is run," he 'tola the legislatur^' i .f^w days ago. ,'"Rut I want to live longienmigh to sd4 the oirphans pf the Homb, the state's; wards, rhe states jihildren, get a souare deal—given a bhance to make tfie kind of men and Sforaen we can be;proud of when they are grow.n." i The bitterest partisan fight in years . iyhlch has ranged one houso of ihv^ fegislatufc againtii the other, ami that bromisesnothingi or'anything in Ihi- ^ay of ultimate pending, is expccleil to be carried on ^jiis week. Appropri ations bills started the trouble ^nd liouse jealousies fiave kept it hoilijni;. merely because qhe house refused! to j^ass bills whiehl emanated, from the other, and manyt^! big measures arc ijireatened with Sc^tructipn. For e.\• imple: 'I ; The house ha§ repealed the board of irrigation antj: hotel commissioner laws, and has passed a hygiene bill, •without approprihtion however, has repealed the nop-partisan ijudiciary bill, has passed Rs own mother's com liensation bill., and half a doztn measures designed to; strengthen the prohibitory law. T|I € senate has passed its own motherfs compensation bill, taking the heart out of the measure Ijy'nilaking it subject to referendum in each! county, haslpassed its own hotel I Oommissioner aid irrigation bills , The Most Popular Cake This Season leaving both set^-of commissioners in ; By Mrs. Ja„rf iVcKcnzie IIUl, Editor of office, and has :P^cketed the ijnportant i /i, ^-..j...... i-,r.../ This is the new land periscope— jiarllcularlv n.'elii! iii coiinec-tion.with ropied I'roni tliat nf siibmariiies-liui ; woik in the treiiehes. anil this illiis- iiever before used in laiui operations i Lration shows a ISritish solflier sight- in an army. 'I'lie r.ritish have rei-cnt-' ins from a tri.'iie!!, wliero he can not ly adopted ii for their siddiers. It is llie shot hy \\w enemy. Tl KKS KV\( I ATI; SIV.M. • I>on(lon, Mar. 1.—"It is ofticially-an noTUiced." says tlie .MorninR l^ost's Cairo correspondent, "thai the Turks have evacu.Tted the Sinai peninsula. This confirms the belii>f liere that all danger of a seconil invasion of Kg.vpt' is now' removod." Ladir Baltimore Cake TO PREPARE EOR 19IS FXIR Allrn ('(Minty Ass(M!iaH<»ii Will Meet niili Srcrc^jiry IJeatliP Wcdncs- . day A I'k'nioon. %Ds ®^Wft!f3^\^^^ %^^^^_^^\^^\^^ ^^:!S5 ^%^^m\%^ A World of New thihgs We are showin.s? the NEW SPRING SUITS AND COATS for W6men and Misses. EARLY SPRING SUITS Their charm lies in the simplicity of their design .Alost alliiiing is the display of new Sjiring Suits. The short chic jackets arc full' of youth and life; the full circular and plaited skirts arc the very essence, of smartness. Our .showing is very good- for so e:uiy in thf season and each iiiodel is the embodiment of correctness.' All the newest colorings and weavi^s are representf'd. I'ri(;es rango from $12.50 to $27.50 TOP COATS FOR SPRING flight of weight and jaunty of line are in first demand in earlv spring. Todav finds them of t'overt (•loth, Palm Beach Cloth in novelty checks and fancy iiii.xtures in white, blues, .sand, battleship gray and black. Prices range from ..j, To k ..00 livery section in this big store is brim full of •cihild welfare bil| and the various pro • hfibitory bills enacted, by the house, "the committees i*'orklng earnestly on Bcvision'of the ;<;alenGars are giving Scant attention tip measures originat- itig in other thw their own houses, which may mean;-that these measures iday die on the ;calendar. The fight ^es merrily on ;and in the meantime the 48 bills which ha^e been enacted Have cost the stiate more than $1,500 DEATH OF REV. OVEHSTKEKT. Minister Was One of the FoiindcrH of Emporfa Colleirc. •JEmporia; Kas.,4March 1.—News w-as received m Emporia S'estorday of the diath of the Reiv. Robert M. Overstreet at a hospital in Kl Reno, Okla. Mr. Overstreet vina a pioneer Presbyterian minister ^t Emporia, founded more than a do:^n cljurches in this (!?ctlon of the country and was one 0? thefouriderg 6f the college of Km- pbrla. For many yisars he was a member of the ^oard of trustees ot i the college. He gerved in the Kansas I Idgislature In 1^71 and has been a j irtember of the board of regents of the slate normal schpol aiid a member of- tije Emporia schijol board. He.was a vjglrous writer apd for several years wjkg a contrlbutdV to Sturni's Oklahoma Magazine. I'He had lived with a /Ae Boston Co"king Hchool Magazine This is consi(iercd by ma^- cooking authorities the finest cake that can be made, though in reality it is not at all diScult. K C Lady Baltimore Cake O'le cup butter; 2 cups granulated sugar; 1 cup. milk; 1 (caspoon/ul rose nhtcr; Jji cups flour; 3 level teaspoonfuls K C Baking I'owdcr; whites of 6 eggi, beaten dry. Cream thebntter and heat in the sugar gradually. Sift together, three times, the flour and baking powder, anil add' 'I'he directors of Allen County Fair .-\ssociation will meet in the of- T K'' O T the secrotar.v V. S. lieattie Wednesday jifternoon at 2::!(i. Tlio business to be considered is the program for the Pnr, lair. "I already have a largo niiiMbei| of innuiries concerning pur fair, "~ said Secriiaiy PcTttie (his afternoon, "and the prospect is that we sirall have even a tieiter fair than we have ever had ami tfiat will take sonic fair." Tl:o conversation drifted to the livestock, conditions in .Mien County. "Stock in .-^llen County is in e.xcel- lent condition." Dr. Beattie said, "and there is not a single quarantine Mn force. In neighboring counties there is some such i)recaiition—but it is merely a jirecaution against infection from shipiieil, in cattle." >(> (o\n;ssio>s itv ('HI\A. to the butter and sugar, alternately %vith \ the milk and rose water. Lastly, add i jM'ccn-sioii of .InpiiiiV 0<-niands Ours •heeggwhites, Bake in three-layer cake Ucieloii an Airrei ^mrnf, •pans. Put the layers together with the ifoliowing frostJng. pckiiit'. China. Feb. 2S,—Another Wom^u ^'Sl'ch™Scs^orr^'^ | conference Mohrtoday to the 3^ M''"•"'•I made by .lapan r.|i;in China resiilt''d, it Is said, Jn no important cf.iicc? ions l)cjn;r jrrantcd by the Chl- I ncfic :-<>;i !-fseiitatives. I .Mtlio'ich lapauesc troops will oc- i ciipv the jioriion of Sliangtun'j; 'Mitered |di;iinf tlie operations auainst Tsing |'l:iii, ill t!ie Cerman concession. China, ' it IS declju.'d, has cf^ncfdoj little con- I o'lnia^ llie demani's relating to Sliang njnf;v »hicM r';^rn) the first group under iliscuh?ion, Till- 'Itscnssion today 1.= reported to iiavc l:;!rl t <i do wilh the second group o!' (iMcstion-! wliicli liuve to do with Koiit!;c|-fi .Manchuria aad inner .Mongolia, wlicrc lajian claims a special NEW SPRING MERC H ANDISE and you will find^t to your advantage to conic in^nd select what you want n begins and then again, we are anxious for you to sec the pretty new things. ow before the Kasler rush A FA(T OF I To every faiiiilv is the fact well ki! has lieen able to keeji' t!;e prices down on worthy goods. Its in the way we buy ;ind in the way we sell. MIMMITANCi:: in liiis coiiiiiiiinity iwn that this store Pcautiful silk fabrics for every possible occa.sion caroftilly selected that tliey may give you perfect satisfaction. .\ brilliant showing indeed and at prices extremely moderate, high quality considered. -Iii-iii(li Silk Poplin, all the newest shades, per yard ... *I .(m Ki-incli'Crepe de| Chine, all shades, p^r yard L . l |!|.()0 and #1 .50 :;2-inch fancy slr?|ied Silk Crepes for w.aists, per yard .. j.. __iSI.50 The iie«- fancy Silks in the little checks and striiies. yard _ __liil .00 l-:xtra good (lualitv Messaline, all colors. :!r,-inch, yard %\M Dutchess Satin in black—lUi and 40 in. wide—priced at - ,'. -!i !I ..'iO and iiiiOO ^ Dlack and {'oloijed'.'Silk Taffetas, a i verv ])opular silk tihis season, priced a? yard *lL *!..">« and $2; .•!2-inch Tub Silp in neat fancy- stripes, priced at.|....':. -.•i!)c and $1 .00 :'.<;-iiicli I-Hce Silk A'oile. priced per yard I ... . : ^- - - oOc .Ml shades in Canton Silks, iiricerl a yard . A wonderful sli Dress (iddds in all colorings, van! . ^nvintr of new Wool I he Mew weaves and .'.Or to ^LViO Some Extra Specials for This Week Every Wiufer .Siiit and ("out left in the house on sale Iliis week 111 nnheard of prices. !»!,' Waist Sale (liis week. ' 10c Cheviot Shirting—buy what you Want, yard . SVi<* Indies' Black Mercerized Lisle Hose, 2."ic qualitv, two pair for Silc Curtain Scrim, wortii l.r.c and 20c yard—this week Jl 10c $l-.7 "i Blankets. s|iecial, per pair - • S1.3."> Blankets, special, per jiair _ - - . T K ; Dress Ginghams. ',Vl inches wide, tiiis week, y;: 12':..c Chaiubray ''inislied Gingliaiii, on sale ihis w ISc to 2.".c Pillow Tubing, short lengths, on s;i!e tliil RIDERS FOR -OEFENSE Secretary Ijine today., "Dr. Uittman claims his process is safe. siiii|)le and, more ec<momical than any now in lise. i Krltaln Says (iLAI) FHA.M K <JOT I>A( lA. II "First Reserve" ij^ Organized to Serve on Short >otiee in Case of a Dec lanition of War. , -. Will Divide Kesixmsi- I hese are economic factors of gr.^at | i'ilily of Prize ("oiirls. importance. Board of Trade Head Explains Wheat Rise Frosllnd for Lady Baitlmore Cake Threr cufis irranutated sngar: yrup bnilittg valer: whitimt J I'liKs; I cup c/m/i^d Kinim: I £up chofpfd nuC-meati: S/m cut in thin s lUei. Stir the sugar and water until the sugar is .dissolved, then let boil without stirring until the syrup from a spoou will spin a long thread; pour upon the t^^^'^^i^^^. Sie • ol the e^.. heated dry 7 Wi ^i^ i>-^vi,e,es. oi whom is Mrs. J,. R. Wright, of Kan siEg -City, Mo. . Anothee daughter is Mi-s. J. M. Parrington i of Emporia.; T^e body will be; broug^it to Emporia ^ for interment. Jlrs. Oierstreet died itt'1908. Mr. Overstreet' was born in Rsntucky in 182«t but grew up in In- dtkna. ? | constantly meanwhile. Continue the. beating until the frosting is cold; add the fruit and spread upon the cake. The -K C Cook's Book cnnt.iins ninety just such deliriojLs recipes.—brt-.-ul, imjffms. cakes B..d pastry^ ^'ou cnn sccurracni)j-//v-/: by ^:cn(l- inff the certificate p.-icked in every 25-ceTit can of K C BakinK Powilcr to the J AQCKS Ml n. C O.. ChicaKO.. i^mnll caiu do uut coutaiu Couk'3 Book certificaUs. , Telephciip girls, no doubt, have their troubles, and there are times when the line is busy that we wish tiieiii more. The c'lurch choir singer jisn't the only man in the world wh(^ pursues tile even tenor of his wav. RUG and CARPET SALE CONTINUED On accoiint of the inclement weather foj- the last ten days the GREAT 1915 OPENIJfG RUG AND CARPET SALE will be continued through all ofnext week! The same extremely low prices vvUl he maintained as during the last two weeks, as also will be the; syme Free Carpet and Vacuum Cleaner Offer! The A. W. Beck New York, Feb. 28.—Formal announcement was made here tonight of the formation of c :i organization ot first reserves to he known as the American legion to be composed of former navy, army and militiamen, which will better insure the-Nation's lireparednesg in case or war. Cap. Gordon .lohnspn, aide-de-camp of Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood, command , ing the Department of the East, mxTe 1 the announcement on behalf of a group of. army and navy men who in an unofrtcial capacity ar^e acting wltli civilians In promoting the movement. Captain .Tohnson said that it is Iilanned to es'tahllsh within a short ,1 me a first resfirvc ot between 2^>0,- jl 000 and 300,000 former army and navy militiamen for Instant call in case ot emergency. Maj, fGen. Wood already- hag given the plan his unofllcial indorsement and cX-President Roosevelt has written a. [ letter approving the proposal. A Btatement by the promoters says that former secretaries of war and of the navy have indicated their willingness to act in an advisory capacity. Asserting that he and his four sons will become members o^ th,c legion. Colonel Roosevelt, in a jletter to the organizers, says that in (he event of war he intends to ask Congrese for permission to raise a division of cavalry. TWO IMPOKTA.M OJSCOVEKIES. tlienilst Finds Way tu Iiitrehse Output of (.asolinc 2<H» Per t'enl. Washington, Feb. 28.—Two discoveries, lioth of vast importance to American Industries and one regarded also as a priceless military asset, were announced today by S(lcretary Lane of Uie Depar'tmerit of thd Interior. They arc chemical processek, developed after years of research by Dr. Walter F. Rittraan, chemical engineer of the bureau of mines. One' process is expected to- enable oil refiners to increase their output of gasoline by 200 per cent; the other makes possible the production from crude petroleum of toluol, and benzol, bases tor dyes and high explosives, for which in the past th^ United States and the rest of the world have depended almost exclusively upon Germany. Dr. Rittman has applied (or patents upon his nroceskes to prevent the possibility of any monopoly in their use and will dedicate them to the American people. "The federal government, through the efforts of Dr. Rittman, proposes to make free for the use of all operators a process oonfldently expected to increase their yields of gasoline fullv 200 per cent and perhaps more," sald^ London. Feb. 2S. —The. caiiture of tl'e .\Mieri<aii steamer Dacia, forincrl.v sailiiii; un.ler tl'.e German flag, hy tlie French', is welcomed here .as it will enable, a KreiK-li prize court to decide her case, while an English court will deal with tiie car .EO of the American steamer Willielmina. Tims the responsibility for stopping goods in neutral bottoms- iiouiul for Germany will I K ; borne eipK'-ll.v by the two allies. The Iarf:er riiiestion of tlio allies' pro liihitioii of n.oods to Germany, it is expected, will he expounded by Preinier Ast|iiitli in the jionse of coiiiTrions t</- morrow, .M the same sesion the prime minister will, in aslcini; lor more inon- I 'y t <i carry eu the war, explain the finan<'i.irneeiN of the country. It is i!ii 'liT.--iO(icl 11;;,t new taxation will he prop .)Se (l. i The sting of def(;;it isn't always ! small as il sounds. Volume (if It Trains <'<| rd. . ek. yard. Is!;, yard *l.3.-. lOc . lllc lOc .MKAT snilhlK^IS IM UKASE. Parsons, Fc b.. 2R.—There has been several weeks and oil shipm line south, w Msiiiess on Sinitbcrn iislantl.v (irowlnir. an unusual inerease during the past in the tonnage of meat mis on ihe Katy main ich has its headquarters here. Thp Kat.v road handles a Got to Go Deep to Cure Rheumatism I • • • LinimenU Help Locally, But the Disease is Way Down Inside. hir'ge volume between Texas City. An excl ing run south erage of forty il. 'I'he only < can offere is in liie busitie f)n the iiorlht shortage of < big oil (rains. If tllr> ilelel acipiitlal. Illis no MIell 11 c(iiirls . It ;;enera!ly teach a Iililli h f the general business Oklaiioma and Kansas isiv<' meat train, is be- daily now, and an av- [•ars a day are used on .xplanation the officials 1 gi 'ueral imiiroviinent, s silU!ir:on southward, lound runs iheie is a Igilie.^ to lialiille. thi! laiit isii'l i-i.afident of hi convinced that thr're iiiK as - justice . in the lakes iw littli experience he knows. to C. U. C.\NBY. C. I!. C4inby, president of the Chicago Board of/Trade, was a voluntary witness before the inquiry instituted hy the attorney general of New York into; the rise |p the price of bread and wheat, lie insisted that there was no such thing as a monopoly of wheat, and that the high jirices w-ere caused merely hy .the Knropean demand. - "The prcfsont situation is remarkable but lawful," he said. "The export sur- Iilus fixes the domestic price. We can nofdxpcct to buy here for less than is offered abroad. However, our export facilities are limited. Otherwise, Europe would be in the market for all the wheat we have. Germany would pay $i a bushel.for any amount. "One/advantage ot high prices is that people waste less wheat, flour and bread when it is expensive-. "1 do not'understand how peoide like ours, who spend millions a year on cheap chewing gum, cigars' and other trash, can be affected by an increase of 1 cent in the price .of bread." 1 i •mi Ml! frwup and Whooping Cout;li. —Mrs. T. Xeureuer, Eau Claire, Wis., says: "Foley's Honey and Tar Compound cured my boiy of a very severe attack of croup after other remedies had failed. Our milkman cured his childien of whooping cough." Foley's has a forty years refcord of sinill^ cases. Contains no opiates. Always^ Insist on Foley's. Burrell's Drug Store. Tl) pet at the Koiircc of rhenmallc pjiins il requires tin- deep, searching' In- lineure iif .S. .S. till! famous bloud pur- lliir. Uiieiiiiinrism Is primarily a blond disease Hint, since It Is In this vital _flulil lliat rliciiiiiuliir tendencies are carried, I KI I RI-S ij tlie J. lints anil mtinclea, there to Irritate t!:e nerves and pnidiu-e jiain. And In enii-r to drive out these pain In- tlietliiK IMil.Kons It reipilres S. S. S. to .sink deep into the tiny glands Iniliedded la tlie innermost tissues. S.- S. S. travels wherever the. l)loiyd goes and never loser. Its medicinal iniliienee. Tills explains why it overcomes the most chronic forms (if rheiimatisin, »liy it dislodges those hard deposits that thicken the Joints, for It ail» as a solvent and n.sslsts the bliHid to provide In the tissues those natural elements fur which the hndy-biilldlng process continually craves and must have. If you have never used S. S. S. for rlieumailKm. (let a -hotlle today of any druggist. I'se. it as direelefl and with some simple home helps yon will soon dethrone the worst and most paliiful forms of rheumatism. Write the medical department, Thu Swift SpeelHc ;('o., e,?. Swift Illdg., -Atlanta, <ia., fnr additional adviie. Your* may he a case where a slight help from a specialist whose advice Is free, will solve th» mystery that has heen maklni; life miserahin for yon. When .voii ask for S. S. S. Insist ' filioii It and jrefuse all substltutea. Ptiblic ISale Mr. Farmer, if you a \Q going to public hold a sale ^vithin 30 miles of Tola you canmkkesureof a gooci crowd by puttmg your ad in thyi0la Daily Register. Ask toy man who liaj? tried it.

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