The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 20, 1966 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1966
Page 2
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0*.! Mein*j T»«**«y, 0«. M. 1*6* Frasces Mosse-m forfeit ase. tb» .. fey Evelyn fit* closer arrf dvwr tWi monrfai O>K. 14) ri: as* %tere 1 left off aefcr/r- ledgiag cardt. Oo top of tbv»e at haod tt one from J*a&r* ir/i Dr. Gerald Cady ol San Die?-,, Calif. Enclosed »ere small pie- tam of the two ^oest 'tr,ys - Gtena, 9tt (trade, Garj, Ttt, xS. Jlnamte't picture Uiea f->? tU •cbool hadn't bees tent ta/Jt. The boyt look so aiitf, sJUte, bott look like th%Jr 4*1, Dr Jerry, and lat* graadlather, Dr. GeraM of Matoo Cit;. JeiLve leadt a bar/ ill* t.*/: &* V>;.« hare a program of nriv-a lettc actlTltles. 0&% It Interest irat that ter jrea wbo lives in Dulatfc, Mirji. brated her 100th MrtMay tember. She receiTe^a{*Jeg from her pet hero, El*ei.V^- 1 *bo Is alto a favorite c*f J% and Jerry. Dr. Jerr/, ir/tte it atslstafit •vrUwi*ii«t *J h'aral Hospital Ja Sir. D Flore&ce Patterson Ko^^rl, one of my Iriztite -A Ivr^eet standing wfeom 1 ksev r^/vre starting school (smi •»•«.• graduated together) &ow lives U. K»ve- nit Alice axrf Gnuse stiank (Mrs. DIUnrorth a Jackman, respectively) ar« L& Tempe vhere Alice's s-vri Is i professor, mHJ be with her for a vltit. Lsist year they speat quite awhile vith her. She says the has a little car this year so goes "buxnrnlog" arcu&d quit* a lot aad chauffers her graiid- to her dancing lessoos. ei ye«r«. Sgirt year stales. We visited »itb tfee fasiily ^aee 5orma ••* harfc't seess Is fc Septetcber crar oil ace Jeifrr %'A iefl ey* *ttfc a BB •& acd lost almott all t&e Tlslo&. e »1il Lave surgery ia tJse sprts? se* If some vf tbe lamge ca& repaired. ^'linii KaMmaze % la !»7reaber. T&ea »e est to Ciiilorsla to spead a,? rLth frJjK^lg. Mrs. will Irvve &« past tte rlisi Hose. 1 ^'t beliere rr%r>-&i^ UgroT- A letter *i*i carl fr->s &* C«li/., *ty; •»•«•* her* Lc Octot*- v,?Jie «%re some to see years i?o, ti.e tt -S-SLS aii iJx/it, iwt roiie-i a* At nsy birthday, too. * * * A car-3 asd letter from Meiris Header COB'S GayJe wat Ml of iigerestifig arrs aaJparttcaLariy of little Katie. Gayl* U a b»y hootewiie aad mother asd Chris*mat ditBser viz bn ffcared at ber witfc her mofeer, Leeta, Exfca 8tei<bCnt and ttoce tr*L of Herb's paresis are f ose, a eo^le o-f hit amis will be there froffi tose-rfesr* far es»«?Ji away &ddt aey riS be orerslgM gvettt. Aad, of coarse, her brother Fred TQJ be via tfcea. It is aarl to resember at an adsli - a eotlege mas I hive sieotiaa&l before at toTtag with a* iiea of g hit Gefree frees an krra not at yet specified, azd pertap« 17 this Use the idea I ttlak back to Chrittaiat 1923 at PJversile w>& Mcfter aa2 I and ti« Her^ersoc dan, at ttat Use &xs,bering 21. Mary s> bappj chaziges hare beea ^ bst there hire beea soae too, siT(Oe tt«s. Well, a icog Use ago - 43 years: pictures T-ere ei-ci i »ed- col o&es lLe> took, o&e of Si behind ay n1ie*i cLair Le propelilrjg 15 we left the Jo&uoc H?;se afte: havL'jg dia&er there. It is very gy/J i^i lookt so M-g, %isli/ ptss tvr i M£ai#r or K*E% Ligii eztcat3r%. KE ? Ot, U "&£ i %vA Wu&t-ts art i had cm He. No ^coier. It From Lucille Aoierzeo caxne a year's subscription to "Unity", which consists of daily uplifllag messages. It is inspiraUooal material. Thank yc«, Lucille. And thank you Elsa and Bradley for "Arizona Highways." If I had a home, Pd like a. den in which to have some of the beautiful pictures framed and call it my "Arizona Special Room" or something of the sort. '. With Dorothy Campbell's card 9 was a note mftlch said in part "Greetings once again to you and all our old Algona friends. We were in Algona two days visiting at the end of a 7,200- mile, month-long tour of the wit a happy day with wooderfal frieols. The ctfier •••« a picture of their home - a lovely wtit* stucco, up high frcen the street Tfith a cement retairdng wall at the sidewalk, carving steps leading from the walk up to a stcoe wall aad broad stce* steps to the hcrase and a stretch of lawn between the sidewalk wall to the stone wall and terrace. Apparently it it 02 & side hill for two houses can be sees up beyond their home. The architect certainly had imagination and originality. I wish I could maie Mrs. Gilles understand that I had a card from a relative of her husband's in Evansville, Ind. The mother, sister-in-law of Mrs. Gilles, has also reached the rest home state and IB near Mrs, Wiles' a^e./To those who .hare sent cart*; to her, I will say thanks for her, but she doesn't realize what it it all about, much less who they are from. How much she would enjoy them if she were herself. VLa Sasla CUat Marg Dail, Debbie Prait, ter of Siirley and Merle, be i very Lapp-, riie year oil. Mar? is go-Jag toere for the bolilays i-ji Is taking Debbie the catest s*t of dc&l farzJtare made, of all tiags - Us cans: T&e tia is cat la narrow strips and f££hio2&i Into the most in- tricats designs aad has pink- catJilooed seats. How acyc&e can make such dainty and elaborate things it a mystery to me. Jost at I was writlag this, Kerthi Daj came in witb some holiday greens for oar nuntel planter. Sbe Is getting a set for a gift, too. A man at Lake View makes them at a rery mc»ierate price for the time he most spend cc them. Mark's cushions are pink foam rubber, Hertha silri. Sbe it going to make hers of red velvet and sequins to tofi tbem. Ob me, oh my; I am wearied Just writing atout tfaemJ Bat if I were a little girl again, Pd be writing Santa for a set And I'd get it, too, knowing my par- eats so well. Apparently the John Sweitzer family-tree" is being explored. ifit genealogy purposes. There were two|lrlB, Jennie and Stella. I knew the latter, toe married Clare (Kick) Moore and moved west Anything you have to offer, please call Marc Moore. I have She should be wearing a Bulova this Christmas There't a favorite watch for the woman of fashion. A Bulova, of court*. And that'i -why we carry a larg« aiiortment of beautifully styled Bulovas for Christmas. Ail elegantly designed and exquisitely crafted with fine jewelry touches. Whether it's a diamond watch to wear with a designer's original or a smart casual style to compliment tweeds, we have the Bulova you can be proud to give. Let us help you make your selection today from our extensive Bulova Christmas collection. LEADING LADf "0" Ftihlon't Itvoritt t«*rdrop d.tlgn. 21 )•*•!§, adjutliblc t*ptr.d bracd.t. Ytllow or White. 14995 OOLOEH OODDE85 "AO" D»yti'n« or d»lr tim«, Ihu Gv«<3*i» »uiu ttitr/ oct»- fion. 14K (old ci», • d|u«t«bl« «<pan- tion bract!*!, y*l- low or Whrt« J71.95 When you know what makes a watch lick, you'll buy a Bulova. A*.GONA,IOWA American 'f^^P-^^rw^^^l^^ r T^^'l^»w^^Pp^BWlWI^HM^H^tWI|^JPI^^"'^H^^^JHI^J^^W WP*iWr%^^W>^^W^i^^B^JB^iB^^IWWp ^^»WH^Pi^mi^H^%(i^^(i LA PETITE "EC" for her most sparkling eveningr. 23 j«w*l>, »ix dazzling diamond!, 14K yellow or white gold c»n>. $100.00 For your own sake, do as Bulova doe*: rely on an Authorized Bulova Jeweler. Ftflwr Dtlfefr to fo over aj fiaty *wt brt I tort* fltat M rffi Cad mfMag u tu taefc t* i* vutod. Hank foodaetttt eoterprt*laf niatrre of aUae, of frandpa Caff's Dr. Cfeaitef Carry «fc> into fct Cadj liJKift, tad I Lrr» broagfet «p to date — tt &r *s tsj Hat, *tkfc faetefes a? etaciac GerHd aad Edvfs Ctdj aad Etrrj Goditn. From U I fletsal tbat I us eilgiUe fcr D.A.R, aad tfeat QUotefe CfeJj SUsrfofi, -vfeo titt Carrie Oapaua Cait aad Laentia Motl T7rt*i diiiftaGr to! "vccMe't rigjst*", vat a eoo£a of aj Cadj. Fre aesftoapi &ctt before, I aa ore. se to ss? deoiai feass. It to keep SB coat bottaas. Tiers are frctoaiiT aasrj of Jolly Neighbors Xmas Party TV Jour iSsigSfcQr* CM> of Lrfis Cmk setfefffbeirCferi*- Pirtr in » teer tt mhfeat* of OfeeoU, *lft * Dt*> Fljiac Crofi n*4al for hit *cUon irtrfl* OR datf at an AC-47 Dr«fOMhip pilot in Vl«t bees tc E* tai I here K EJET carls aad il*ss a? Merest, to Ctie at Set tl BOOB DeeeabsT 14, AH 14 bers xad &r«e gaesU vere pretest A sirafrt boiaecs ewt- Lar ns beM. 5 nc rated to boott bare wrae, ooe fcr D* ooe for ^atarr - also sj Deosaber Aritosa HisS-nrs Ed a ::*«£*?€ troc Sie doocrs ELsa tai flUlit &a5tej, "Te rea*s Bosa* is Skra C8y. TkJa VkftfrarfaM asJ Faersiesas Lad c&27£« of fet LARGEST SELECTION IN THIS AREA OF.. moterfc rigtet ts tbes oolj celebrities i& CK eo fax at I kzcr. * * • at ssj A TSTT M«rry C&ristsas toafl re*J Skit, aad sj sincere carols TEIC nag. There vac is eicfeaaee of gifts tad wcret ptls rere revealed. Tbe next se-tiac vffi be *18i Mrs. Yefc- 18 al THE UPPER to glad &* aid post Legkc iaU are to be ace. & it aa MEDAL mefeirrf H. Glean, USAF, ECO of Mr. 3&& Mrs. Joba dean, office p£ to ideal toess't take &e UDU, 1 ezplaia &e oid pod office it to be tt* Legkc Bali sad fee present 0127 be crrasrf bjtbe Ko*sa!t Hittortcal Sxietj. INDS THURS., DEC. 22 ALGONA to &e biri Iwrier aad TS»r are rerj Ual lorelj ttae aa! graj. to tat &e? rare iore ttee looks. * * * fci^lts to Mrs. GOUJFIHEER' SEANCONNOT 'DrNo SPECIAL LATE SHOW WED., DEC. 21 &OX OFRCE OPfNS: 10-^0 " LORD LOVE A DUCK All Kinds of Boxed Candle* Cook Books Smoking Pipo* A Boxed Cigar* Cigartffei Cigarette Lighten Pip* Tobacco The SMOKE SHOP ALGONA This $10.00 Gift Certificate May Not Make You Buy a New Dryer.... buyER qifr CERiificATE But it's an important extra Buy a new electric clothes dryer now and earn the Important extra — the $10 merchandise certificate. Your electric appliance dealer will issue the certificate to you the minute you buy your new dryer. (Sorry, but no certificate if you don't place the dryer In service on an iowa electric light and power company electric line.) You can redeem the certificate in any clothing store in any community served by iowa electric. Nice as the certificate is, the biggest benefit for you and your family is the sparkling new clothes dryer. It will handle all your laundry drying needs perfectly, including the special setting for permanent-press fabrics that you don't have to even touch with an iron, See Your Appliance Dealer

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