The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 15, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1892
Page 4
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(Iiitul III-IMU. \ Aro you performing any lnrjor o£ sncrlllcc for your fellowmun? Many lives are hnrdciud, mituy hearts eu- crusted, merely because they do not cxpautl toAvnrUii others on tho great highway of life, livery soUnlculnl for the sake of your brother; every sentiment of sympathy expressed for tho fallen, every endeavor svhlcli kindles n noble response lu our frlvtuls, plants a new Hpriiig of nobility in our natures. The ivllex benellt of a good deed Is always more liencllcleiit In results U- wartl him who gave Uiuu the net Itself towai\l him who received. A London dispatch announces that In sin Interview between Lord Hosehery, foreign secretary of Groat llrltaln, and a deputation of missionaries who called upon him to protest apilnst ..»• wltlidrawal of tho Jlritish from l/Kandiv tin; secretary said that the Kovenmient would carefully consider what would bo best to do when the llrltlsh Kast Africa company shall abandon that region; that tlie Uritlsh occupation of Unit country might prove a bigger Job than tho colupicst of the Soudan. From this it is argued that the govern ment Intends abandoning Its hold upon what the jingoes claim Is a llrltlsh colony, ami leaving Itrltish resident* and ltrltlsl. Interests without protection, or that the policy of Gladstone's former government with reference to the Soudan, for which he was so bitterly criticised, is to be repealed. Should tills prove true there will be trouble In plenty for the new government. The next annual session of tho supreme council of thirty-third degree Masons will be held In Chicago In September, IS!)!!. Next year promises Ui be one notable beyond all precedent for the conventions and annual meetlus of different organizations In Clileag) The presence of the world's fair, tho special railroad rates, and other causes hardly less potent, all combine to brim such gatherings lu lS'.Ki. r.1 ao CAP; -O It— fHE STORY OK A SIN. I»T itr.t.ra* » v minus. itul scinilnts fly, are lint horn toillt*. A. M. miEST, Druggist, 81ielbyTille, Ind cave: "Hall's Catarrli Cure glvc« tlio best oi satisfaction. Can gut plenty of testimonials, as it ciirus cvory one who Ukes it." DrvggisU Bell It, 75c. Tim 1>IUII«1I goviirnient lias Issued a docros lorblillng the Importation of dogs from any foreign country except Sweden and Norway. To* Indigestion, constipation, sick headache, weak stomach, disordered liver — take Beechem's Pills. For salu by all druggists. Cora— What Is tho "course ol true love" that we so often hear spoken of T Don —Water and a crust, usually. FACE AND nouns rv v show it, If you're a healthy Vpn J woman. They'll have a P -if beauty of their own, no matter what your features. Perfect health, with Its clear skiu, rosy cheeks, and bright eyes, is enough to make nny' woman attractive. To get perfect health, use 'faithfully Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. That regulates and promotes all' the proper functions of \vo- rnaunood, improves diges- i MOD, enriches the blood, dl>1 pels aches and pains, brings ' refreshing sleep, and restores health, flesh and strength. For periodical palnB, prolapsus and other displacements, bearing-down gen- •atlons, and "female complaints" generally, It is eo effective that it can bo guaranteed. If It doesn't benefit or cure, ? ou have your money back. Is anything hat Isn't sold in this way likely to be "juit u good." A Woman's Remedy for Woman's Diseases. l.vciia t.. l'iukham devoted a life's study to the subject oC t"croale C o rn • plaints, working a), ways from the stand poait of reason, with a firm belief that a "woman best understands a woman's tJ/s." That she has done her work well is plainly indicated by the unprecedented success of her great female remedy called Lydiil E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound No one remedy in all (he world has done ao much to relieve the suffering of her sex. Her compound goes to Ihevery root of Female Complaints, drives out disease, and re-invigorates the entire system. . AH Dragttstt "H MNT I fbrm of Villi or *• EM! UTU •BOO' m infM, on receipt of SI .00. " Pllli, »A-RC* freelj , Idrett In confidence. >U K. ftNKlt-tM fctTO. CO. LYNN, MASS, S.S.S, ERADICATES BLOOD POISON AND BLOOD TAINT. S.S.S. CIVXKAL bottles of Swift's Specific (S.S. S.) *7 enUreljr cleansed my system of contagious wood poison of the very worst type. Vtu. S. Looms, Shreveport, La. S.S.S. 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FLUMMl MTOHCt •mm CI IA IT I'.ll IX On pmrlt"*' wln^^ Inlin Wlillt. vlrtu'iif* ntMt"tt Mr. Kvrc fnuinl M:iilci|i stretched rn a sola, Umkiti',' w> i>:iln .in I tvim Hint 1m cotiltl only consider tho riinsi'qiintiei'sto hoisidf of her m :d nr.nik, wltlnmt irinihliii!; Iiims.dt' nt nil ns In what |>IM)- plc mi :lil tliink ol' thi! itsolf. Hi> Umiifrhi HIIH riM'idvril liim a little co'.dly; lint lii-intr cotiscinm of sonny of- IctiHc" toward Iwr of I.Ui'. In< did noL let UiiH tronlilc linn, and had miuo thin lialf won IHT ltai-k. when next mum ws he said 1m nt'isl leavi- Iter for a li-w liour.s that lie intaht maUc htT itpolo^i-'s, and his own CN:';IS in ihn Dnclii .Mranwhiic. in' •• i d, i' mid llin cliihlriMi would k ' • p IHT fompany in tlu» tlriuviii^-roo-.n (whilln'rhu liims'lf hid carrii'il IHT, slio li>iir;imw nuicli r-'.slcd, if only a wraith «f her usual sell'), and to this wnjerly as avnlt'd; for tho momentary wion r K'IO had done, Iltnt'fliy heavily on her soul, and she p.issioiuileiv desired lo send some v\or I thai would show herself in le-s mean eo.or.s. '•Von shall no. on one condition," she s;ii I, as lie fit iop d his liead to her—anil lid I' iliu'onseioiisly slie noticed how j;r.iy he had lately grown—"that wli nt you eome I) lei; you will I'raul nv.) any simile leiiueil l may ask. Is Unit a-reedV lie promised her li/htly, mii'h as onee she liad pnnn sed liiiii soai••ih'.nil, and till now kept her word; then r ido away, an I she could not, even pre;end to a't'eelinnof JMIOIS.V at Ins depart urn, she was so sureol' hermidivul.-ile njiiro over his heart. Hut Frank did not. COIUH that al'ter- noon. thoii'jti Mr. lCyni had written to liiil him, and. indeed, produced a sensation in the Duehe.s's i; rolo when ho sa.d, liaviie' inado his wilu's iipulo^ies and his own — "Lord 1/ivel would have rid len over me, hut lie :s keeping my wiio till I i;o hack. You'll suo him, no il mlit. hy eveiiiu .Mr-'.'l 'r m'soiui' •. a-p. d, e.s slm looked it iiu-i i -o-eall"d >ii in oi llie world, who leled so jiri'ei -M -'.y like a tool; Ihouuli .Mien tlni Oil -a'.'-'S hid aeei Lmt il'.y ir ; v. n him to t lie eo:i < a '-'•itory, an idea, ,v ir .hv oi liie liviin that originated it, oeeun-eil lo her. -It illusion,'' s'ie. KIM to le'rsdf; "and ] we are to h • eieivem-mly iiliud." And a th:rd e.litio . tii' M'.m 1 ai was penned and posted taal V"i'y aiiermioii lo hi-r .oisips. W'neii Air. l-'.y.v reliini"!! to his wifo, sle 1 rejiiintl '.I him of iio proinis". "W' is if." he said. In i ho don lu>r icl.i\;•)„•. .as someiiow II -strr ntotirr.'j to l.i^ uiied. "1 want to u'o to lier," she said, with her anus close round his neck; "I've lorjiveii Frank, but I want her lo forgive I.T •."' II." startftl upas tho-i<;liHii nd lertnul stiine; him, and tile ilevi.s temporarily cast out in his lnvast returned sevea- fold. So not only was hn to he Hester's slave, bill M'nl.-an must bu dependent on lier (jood will likewise; fora moment his cimr.i.te <pt:til"d at the miserahle situiilion, tho next Jiu turue.l to liis wife, ami said — "ll is nor th that you sliould as-ioeiate with such a woman —you owe some respect lo yourself and in.'." Hui Madcap, weak and im*!ruii'.T, Willi soir.ethi'.'.e; of ihu sie'e chilk's lone;- ine; alter a foili dden tov, only iitl her face, cryiinr. "Voa i ronised ine; and if 1 see her, 1 m i-,; speak to li-»r."* "Ami so I mil not siilll-iieiit to you," lie said, patun.' liefore lie, "and you Ion; 1 ; for a eh in. :i'; even your children dou'r conteul y«m, niitl my wishes count lor iiothiiu'." " "Have yon studied minnV" exclaimed '•ladcap. i'ee';u ; more an^er toward him man she had ever done liefore. "Ik'sler is far nolilff, he; ler. more lit companion for mo tliiin your friend tho Duchess, whom yon forced me lo visi; " "1 am the le-st jad^e on thut point. i i I Mr. Kyre; then ahr ipJv elian.'eil liie conversation, and lli-ui.'Ii more devoted to her th in ever, would not sail' T her to even approach the subject Willi iilut ae:uiu. Ami, mi 'itiiwliile, tho county looked upon Mr. Kyre as a man who deliberately connive 1 at his own dishonor, mid who, for sullieient reasons, eucoiirattu 1 liis wife's companionship with Lord Lovcl on every possible, occasion. lie had never troubled himself to explain his wife's untimely ride to Lovul, explanations of all kinds lie cordially abhorred: and so luu j as lis was satis- lied, it did not occur to him to think thill any one else could bfl otherwise.. Frank's account of it (in Uto nature of tilings) was not believed, while Madcap was not even nwivro of tho grave misdemeanor slip had committed, and if sue had been called on to blame anybody, would have blamed the nss; while the Duko and Duchess, who hail set out for Sent kind immediately after their parly broke up, were not lit hand to give n true version of the story. The few persons who did not accent the current mr. and who, hein^ old were merciful, said that perhaps a ln'td- dlea^ed man like Mr. lOyre could not understand thill two yo;i:i,', )i ifli-sptriied people, drawn to^'i'ther by the eternal law that in •lines like io like, miiflit in time coma to prefer eaeh otlier'ssocicty to his. And I suppo-ie that such a tiling as fallim; out of love n person for no particular reason, just as one may : ud- uenly tiro of a food or an occupation, that has satisfied oan or years, is natural eiioujrli. (Jncouscmusly lo ourselves, little thin rs—'.rill is eveii—miv have been tnul •rmiuiiu' a per<ou in our regard, and o ie lav we awak -a wit'i a shock to tlie kuowlc We Unit what wo most valued his Ion' r.t'i.l our re,'irl; that by no conscious volition of oar own lie has been tried by a secret tribunal within us, an 1 sentenea passed upon him; so that it, is a eorosu only that oicupiiM the p!ac3 of ilia living object of our ivur.ilii|i of yesterday, and deeply as wo m iy ro^tet it, passionately as wo may seek to recall our tender- aess for it, ive cannot brine; it back to life a raiji, for love and it have died together. If Madcap had no such sense of full­ ing out oflove with Mr, Kyre, it was, nevertheless, certain that slio realized tlni oliiirm of youth in If rank morn vividly thai) she ever droamcd of. Ha came to supply a h ilf-iinderstoo I want in her life that hud often saddened her. for wlilld her whole aonl reposed itself on Mr. Kyru's love and strength, the s?ayely natural to her years am! character never foiin I freo vent In his nws- oni! •; and tier pleasure m I^'IMIIK'S company was that Btiu,'!liiiout in lier of repressed mirth that had always made her so bright and beloved a companion to IHT children-lau,'liter imtl jjat that m;iy have no mwinin,' to older ears, are natural and easy to youiM spirits who look out upon life with clear eyes and unshadowed hearts, th it moot happiness half way, and to whom the hues of sunshine are inure natural than those of iilulit. Only lo Fi'.ml; UI-J ntUtiuUof matters was leas piouatit, If he could, for an Inmr, throw l.lmnlf lu'olisr hnlltaui Ir-ippiii'.'si. Ii 1 afterward aulf Tod lontj bonis of auirulsU bfoHslu the sweat to hu br iw -'ii w>u but 'it may, Hint Hu must lov,i lid,' alllu all. or u >6 at all— inr very virtuosi to lier Uusli.uil, lier exquisite devotion to hot children, but line conviction thatiie would have made her a far better husband than Mr. Eyre had ever done. If he had llamed out once to hor face, and told lier that God makes man and woman, but tho devil invents tho cant word of friendship between two of opposite acxes and similariit;es, she miaht hive drawn back from him as a scorpion, and despised him as before; but h? had not such strength of crudty or Kellisliness, and lot her seem to load him as she willed. And gradually tho estrangement between Madcap and her husband grew, for she could not forgive Ills hardness to Hester, and refusal to herself, while the slight coldness she had latelv sliown him, though it pierced tho man's heart to ils core, aroused his pride, so that it seemed easier to him to let go than eu- tri-iit her to remain besido him. Kach day ho grew less a companion to Madcap, shroiiditu; hims'lf from all communication with his fellows, and often speaking and moving liko a man in a dream, though at times lie would be inspired with those violent spirits that by some are looked upon as tho forerunner of death or disaster. A curious observer would have noticed that Mr. Evre constantly put Frank forward to perform those little a^ts of attention to which she was accustomed from himself, and Madcap's pride being touched, she took them willingly, and Hi'eiv into the h.ib.l of lookingto'Frank on every oceado i, and that, too, without any"apparent disrespect toward her husband. Her health was so sound, nnd her spirits so good, that often Mr. Kyre would forget her situation, nor feel that it called for any special tenderness from himself. Indeed, it wis his settled aim at this time to ropresi each impulse to> ward her as it arose, so that after atimn the habit of coldness seemed llxed; and a stranger seeing tlie two together might have suppose 1 this proud, rcserv. ed man to be bitterly rep mting the folly that had joined him to the joyous, girlish creature that ho called "wife. IVrhnps Dody was the only one who got a peep into her real heart at thar tune, or saw the tears that never fell save when her arms were round him l'erliaps, too, lie guessed the cause of them, for one dav, as he kissed hor eyes dry, lie exclaimed triumphantly— "Daddy makes you cry—I make you well!" Mr. Kyre would have Frank at his house at all hours, and the children must go to the Towers and fetch him if a day passed without his appearauc and "often from his window Mr. Kyre would look out at thijse two young p'ui pie, and tlie happy children, feeling I himself as far away from all four as | though ho iiiliabited'another world; but no twinge of healthy jealousy or pain moved him, a profound apathy held him in its grip. If formerly lie had struggled against fate, now "lie seeme 1 passively to resign himself to it; or ratlie.r, having decided on his coarse, lie permitted himself, to drift with thi) current, feeling no sttiviugs of love, sorrow, hate, revenge; and even lookingon Hester one il iv. when shecvoisvl his pith in tlie vii a e, with an indifference that was not assumed. If sometimes Madcap's careless glance, as it llittcd past him, caught something of the change in hisfacj, it moved her more with tho irritation of youth ag ,inst a self-eentercl, preoccupied in in, than witli tho pity that had formerly thrilled lier at any sighof anxiety in him, and the look, ths word, which might have broushi their hearts In unison," rem lined iinsp >ken. I'crimps if lie could have told a fairy tale as Frank did, with a curly head resting on each shoulder, or stooped to the .•x.piisi.e fooling that can alone make m ei aa 1 women tho companions o; ehi'dr M i !c ip might have forgiven his cold i '.s i toward horaalf; but what was tho young fe'low's charm, hit strength to .Madcap, showed in th« light of a weakness to Mr. Kyre. And meanwhile the season stole on ward, tlie corn lay in golden seas beneath the August sun, and tho farmers wiped the sweat from their brows, and praised God for tho weather. The storm-cock had not been heard for a month; the harsh cry of the swift sounded like music in tlie ears of those who desired but lino weather for a few days longer to gather in that which had taken so long t > grow; the slaughter of the innocents, otherwise that of the drones by the boos, was over; and tlie wild cherries bad ripenod, and been eaten by unpainpered village lips. The fools'-piirsley had emerged to look for his brethren above ground, and gone home again, not having loarned much that was now; the asphodel had come again, asking the olil question thatsofowof us can answer; and the Hying ants been received with hatred and seen to depart with joy. In that ripe, still splendor of Hold, and wood, and sky there fas a gorgeous solemnity, a superb hush, us though, having run its utmost limit of perfoction.the hand of the dial now struck the hour in one grand perfected rote, tlion turned to retrace its steps, a little of the wealth and life lessiug with its every step and growing grayer and colder as it retreated. CHAITBH -V Our tiro Is Inn a pllniimnsi of Masts, Ainl every ti'n-i liratif* turil \ four, And ovory I'eur u tleutlt. The 1st of Septembe-had arrived, but neither at Hi; T"vers nor tho Hid Hall was anv pnttv dssutubled, though, a' Mr. Eyre's urgent request, Frank de> parted for a few days to a neighboring nouso, whore he bewitched 1 ' omen nnd enraged the men. by t ilieiti with WHICH no wore ins nonors as modem Lovelace. The woman's inuendoos, and the men's open congratulations on his success, sent Frank horns with such a sick feeling of tlie powerlossnoss of calumny, that for three days after his return ho could not bring himself to approach tlie Hal Hall. Hut Mr. Eyre, who had watched his wife narrowiy, thinking that she droo. ed in Frank's absence, sent him a private word, begging liini to come over next day, and, himself unobserved, was witness" to the scene between then) when they met. Madcap was sitting in her favorite nook of the garden with a scrap of needlework in hor hand, and a nursery book on hor knee, out of which she was teaching tho children to spell, when, looking up, she saw Frank coming, nm BlurUiil up nil rosy Willi delight. And first Donne tin- nv down his hook, and rushing to the young follow, got hold of his hand and shook it uiaii-fashlou; then Dody g it his oth <r. an I must kiss his "dear, beautiful Frank," and so reach his shoulder; Hum Madcap ad vanced and placed lier little huiul and thimble In tils unoccupied one, so thai unconsciously they mil) one of those most beautitut picture that the gazer may be permitted to think so much flu liner because it never painted. Mr Eyre looked on contented. This was a it should bo. When feeling the vita, forces decaying within hiui, he thnugni he had resigned himself willingly u death, seeing happiness for Madcn] with Frank lit tlie future. „ • • in mat curious seatse of dual exla tenoe that had long possessed him, lie seemed at thut moment to be looking on at something that had been, or was about to be, no sense of outrage to himself piercing tho insensibility that en wrapped him; but Frank, catching sijlit of that face beyond, and a» though a glance hud power to dissolve the group. Madcap and tin? boys were tell bsltlnd, nnd the, two men brought face to faoe. " VA11 well, FrankV" Bald Mr. Eyre brought back to realities by the grip u the young fellow's hand. "All well." said Frank, with a siuh. »'Thel)ake '8 whlte-vasltinvj ha* taken eflej3i %jtnil£tH]t^^ by jiuuiau irom a great distance, wcro living, and he, all unseen, a spirit who kept p ice beside then), nnd of whoso presence they were ignorant, as his memory by them was forgotten. Ho seemed to walk on air. his head light as his sliad- ow cast before him, down a long, long arcade that had no ending, and in which lie was doomed to walk with these two who knew him not, forever, though with it all ho had a vague sense that lie was asleep, and dreaming over again something that hud happened to him yesterday, or the day before. Air, sky. and earth were lulled to an exquisite calm; the very birds; cheated into the belief that spring had come again, poured out their songs as sweetly ns in Unit brief time, of love and happiness, it was the hour of tho year's rcposo. tlie quiet folding of its hands as it sank peacefully to sleep, its preparations over, its fruits garnered in, like one of those saintly lives whoso evening is even more satisfying than its vigorous, striving youth. Half way down the avenuo Madcap paused suddenly, as the regular blow of a woodman's"ax sounded in the distance. "Hark!" she cried. "Von nro cutting down these trees!" and she turned to Frank with eyes of reproach. "It is only the M'ookpecket," ho said. "No," ho added in a lower lone, "not one of these lofty glorious heads ever fell at my bidding,—never shall as long as I live. There is something appalling, even blasphemous to me, in the sight of one of these monarclis, that have weathered so manv storms, crashing to earth at tho bidding of man, not tiod. To lie rent by a thunderbolt is grand, but lo bo hewn down by llio ax a degradation." "It is liko a human life," said Madcap, looking wistlully up at Die interlaced boughs overhead. "How much better to be struck down by one blow— the short sudden pang nuiokly over, bearable because of the happiness nnd vigor lasting to the end, than to die gradually—fust one's illus ; ons, then hopes, then perhaps love, then, by and by youth, and one's soul and heart dying last of all.'' Frank's eyes sank; he supposed her to be thinking of Hester, but Mr. Kyre looked up. while l>ody, struck by the word ihV, exclaimed— "Don't die. mummy, don't die," nnd clung with desperate fondness to her hand, while Donne announced his intention of killing any one who hurt her, with his new pocket-knife "You have overtired yourself," exclaimed Frank, seeing how white she had suddenly gone: and as he spoke, she staggered slightly, and involuntari lv putting out her hand, seized that of Mr. Kyre. It was like a stray clasp recalling wandering soul to earth. He took the baud, and drew it under his arm, look ing down at her with a glance that made hep steps still more uncertain as they traversed the remainder of the avenue. ,lob saw thorn approaching, and in diilged in a pantoniine that express intense hatred of something or somebody, though when they had entered the house he was assiduous in bringing w:ne, and waiting upon Mrs. Kyr who had long ago won his heart. When she was settled in an easy chair by the library window, Frank took tlie children away, looking bad ouco us he went to where she snt, as in bygone years ho had so often pictured lier silting as his wife; though this was a paler Madcap than the one ho liai hoped to win. "It is a place to dream In," she said almost timidly, when she found liersell alone with Mr. Eyro, lier eyes tiirnin lrom tlie avenue to glance around th room in which she sat, lofty and beaut' fill witli its ceiling and walls of oak blackened witli age, and decorated will arms and trophies of the chase. Hit Mr. Kyre noted that a blood-red stain was thrown across her bosom from th Blained glass of the upper window, ii which tlie colors glowed like a tulip bed through which tlie sun is shining "And to be lumpy in as well," said Mr. Kyre. "Ami this was to have bee your liomo, Madcap. How much more sue sam, looking up. tier lips quivering. '•You should have thought of that before. I nm in raid—even to oblige you and the Duchess—it is too late now." "I was thinking of Frank." said Mr. Eyre, not yot free of his character of on-looker. "And of course Frank is tho first con sideratiou," said Madcap gravely, with a suspicion of mischief playing rrmd her month. Mr. Eyro turned quickly, nnd looked at her. As their eyes met, somothlu in hers turned to stone in Ids breast to a living thing that leaped toward her nnd brought him to lier side. "Madcap." lie s id, ami the old mas terful ring had come back to his voic the old lire to his eves, "you would rather be up at the U '.l'llall than bore! A deep blush gathered on Madcap": face us she glanced up at tho worn and weary face that had for a moment regained all its chm m, ilien, half tiirnii away, gave him one of thoso sudden sweet looks that none but a good w man knows how lo give, and llien oni to the man whom she pnioly and deep loves. "And could you think of my lovin any one—or of any one but my husband loving me?" slie said in a whispi "And did you admire tho Duchess she added anxiously. "Not I; but you admired Frank." "No; I loved him. I do love him,' she added gravely, "You see, he is fond of the children, and, then," he her dimples looked out, "lately wehav nee- sacrificing each oilier for Fr.m «)i t >i U> ii'. S ourselves W.i; We arc .1 el ii FARM NOTES. If farmers would test the skim milk nnd buttermilk they would be shocked to see how much butter they are wasting. Some of the best bulls In the country nro being bought by the range cattle men. It Is a pretty good sign that they are iu the business to slay. The main objection to salting butter In the churn Is that yon do not know- how much butter then; Is, and heiuv, cannot tell how much suit to use. Hogs that are kept on clover through tin; .summer will put on llcsh very fast when they get new corn. Hegln gradually, and ns .soon as they are used to !' feed all they will cat. If you can get (lie hens vigorously it work scratching it will do much m prevent their laying soft-shelled eggs, becoming egg-hound or having apoplexy, all diseases to which over fatness conduce. Think nnd then commence to plan for next year's work In season to order arly anything you tuny want, before tho list of varieties bus been overhauled too much by other buyers. T.iJ o conti ie d_ Stravi Ueo-ilivos. Mr. Frank McNlver, of New Jersey In Die American Agriculturist, gives the following description of the old "straw buo klvea," still used in soino parts of Germany, wo believe: While the old straw cone-shaped bee ldvo la referred to lu hundreds of works on bee-keepiug, and In encyclopedias, we do not now remember of ever read lug any direction for, or description of, their it'unufncuirc. It may bo that authors generally have considered the process too simple to need describing, for theso Ulves are usually made braided straw forming ropes tin luch or or two in diameter, and these are laid around a form of the required slsio, and then skewered together to givo solidity mid keep tho hive in shape when removed. A full size straw hive will hold ubout three peoks, but they arc sometimes smaller. They have been generally discarded becauso they ford an excolleut hiding plnco for the worms of the beu-inotb, nnd aro very dUUoult to keop clean, and in no way superior to hives made of plno boards which are also cheaper and fur more convenient for dividing swarms, remov. Ing surplus honey, oto. What tn I'orgtit. Lutheran Observer: If you would Increase your happiness aud promote your life, forgot your neighbor's faults, Forgot tlie slander you have eyor heard. Forget the temptations. Forgot the fault-finding, and give Uttlo I bought to tho cause that provoked it Forgot the peciulariUeH of your friends, nnd only remember tho good point* that make you fdnd of them. Forget all personal quarrels of histories that you mayJjavebunrjlJsKJonu^^^^*^ Improved Sttti'k, One benellt of Improved stock Is thut it is nn educating force In farm life. The owner of improved stock will not feel sntlslletl to see it depreciate, and he studies into stock-breeding and feeding so as lo avoid the reproach. II teaches him to think more than In the past, and thinking farmers are usually successful fanners. Htm to ship I'IMIII i > . To lessen the .suffering of poultn while being shipped, follow these rules. Do not crowd them. I'lace cups for water at the four cornel's of the coop and also midway between. I'lace boxes of feed by the side of the cups. I'ut sand and gravel on the lloor. Have the coops at least twenty Inches high with n cloth top aud the, sides open, so as to protect from the sun as well as provide air and keep the coop cool. Mm- Millti>i>. There Is a vast region In the south, a const belt sixty miles wide, on the gulf and the south Atlantic, and Including the whole of Florida, where the salt in the air makes sheep perennially healthy, and the millions of acres of wire-grass make them cost nothing from year's end to year's end. Wiregrass mutton (really made on sweet herbs) Is the lluest on the continent, according to the sheep Breeders and Wool Browers. Irish 1 'otutm'H for Winter. Iu a bulletin issued from tho North Carolina station a summary of the .-o piles given by a utmiber of southern growers about their methods of wintei storing of Irish potatoes makes it appear that all agree that the late crop is easy to keep. Many prefer to store iu barrels or crates In an outbuilding, some spreading on bum-floors and cover with straw, but tho majority prefer storing lu hills outdoors with earth. Nearly all agree on the necessity for keeping the potatoes cool and dark. KIM'P a Ui'i 'uril. It will cost but little time to keep record of all the happenings on thi farm. .Tot down tills trouble and that one. Note the laying qualities, that new sickness, the experience you have witli certain cures, the benetlts derived from certain feeds, how you can most prolltnbly make eggs and grow chickens. Keep a record of all the de talis, and you will be writing a book of untold value. That Is the way ex perlnientallsts do. Besides you leave book of practical experlenco and you will thus do double duty. Applcx Tor t'Dii-H. Cows loves apples, and a few are not Injurious to them nor prejudicial to a largo How of milk. But wo never knew conditions where cows could run In apple orchards and help themselves to fruit without getting far too much. The apple treo should be trained so low that a cow can reach the lower limbs even when not loaded with fruit. They lmv great fondness for apple leaves when they caimot get apples, and will strl| tho limbs of leaves If allowed access to them. This helps to dry up their (low of milk. A pig should make a pound a day for every day of Us life. If it does this ii is ready for market at any time after it Is six months old. To get the growth from tho use of skimmed milk It must bo fed to tho pigs while sweet, and preferably with cither corumeal or middlings. Tho two feeds combined will produce more than doublo tho growth that either will slugly. When tho pasture Is gottlng short ii the autumn It will pay you to buy mill food to keep the hogs growing. Do not let them go back, or oven come to standstill, In growth, If the pigs have been kept on short rations all summer you cannot turn tlie corn crib Into thorn now with much prollt. Bettor sell for feeders If you can Hud anyone to buy. Wheat middlings Is one of tho best foods that can bo used between grass and com. It will keop the pigs growing uud begin to round them out as well, If you can got tho old boar and the antiquated sow right fat, you will (Ind moro prollt In turning them into lur than In selling them on tho hoof nt a discount. Next to Jersey Red, tho Poland Olilnn breed Is considered tlie mule highest lu regard to hardiness and ability io resist disease. Tlio Ilttrrow, The harrow Is tt neglect'd implement with tunny farmers. Wo know men who seem to think tho spring Is its ouly season of utility, aud Its ouly use Is lo follow the plow when breaking up the ground; but our more progressive farm era aro learning to put It to other uses, such as narrowing -tho com and pota toes lightly Just as ttipy begin 10 show above ground, burrowing the wheat In both spring and fall, Uurrowluj? down olo-ver and weeds preparatory to plow ing them uudar—of courso,jnuj WltiiI u III' I, Men siihl. ? St. I/Ollls Advocate: I cm ride im easier in a line carriage than you • .-ID lu an omnibus for live cents, without tlie trouble of attending to drivel's, footmen and hostlers; nnd as to anything, 1 desire, 1 can tell you, young man, that, the ii ss we desire In this world the happier we shall be. All my wealth can not liny me a single day more of life-cm not bring back my youth—cm not purchase exemption from sickness and pain—can not procure me power to keep afar off the hour of ill jii li—it ml then, what will it avail when, iu a few short years at most, I lie down in the grave and leave It forever? Voui-g man, you havo no cause to i nvy me. I II. Il'l I -HI. In this world of ours there is nothing so likely to succeed as wlso and well-diieei'd enthusiasm. H Is the en- llnislas'ie men or woman that wins our interest and .'.ivoiupllshcs results. Le.zy and lai-k-a d.iisical people fall behind in life's i.-iir, Inil the enthusiastic keep to tin- front and get tho prize. It is tin- cause which rouses popular enthusiasm that sweeps on to vlctoiy. Luck of i nti111sinsi11 has lost many a e and made ninny a failure. Of all people in tbe win Id, young people uii^lit to he enthusiastic Of course, there may bo an enthusiasm which has no solid en which to rest and no principles behind It to give It proper support, l-.'verylii dy wants llrst to get correct foundation on which to build and to have light views of lifo for his gi.iidiinci l'.ni wilh these things utidersliii'd ihere is nothing young people so much ln-i-il as an enthusiastic pirlt. If they will take hold of their woik with enthusiasm, if they will pul an I'.'iriifsi spitii in nil they undertake they will iieeomplish wonders. Don't be (io into things with all yniir might. Throw your whole si ul into your meeiiugs, your iddresses, yum- praycis and your son Carry into your religion the same life HI show In your ulhleiios or your play. Then you will he a power in tlie world, and sue, ess will be sure lo collie. t\tii.-.^ tor I'uililer. Wilh many western funnel's, c fodder is the principal dependence roughness durio;- (ho wimer and, po< hilly so. for Ii edlng growing catll i'l-opi'i'ly mniu.ged cattle can lie wintered ou cornl'eildf i alone, hut whether or not they make nay eonsidcrahlo growth .Upends largely upon the treatment. It will require very heavy feeding to lie able lo make any considerable gain by reiving wholly upon corn- fodder if no shelter is provided. With all animals, the animal beat must foiiii' Iran llie food and if stock ire exposed, more food will lie retpniei, than when slu'lo-red and as lie.u ami life inusl liist under uu-rage i on- dillons of feeding Very little gain will lie seemed by llie slock when no shelter is piovim-d. il roughness alom is depended upon for feeding says an exchange. Thi! quality of Hie feed is an Important factor. If the fodder is cut Inle. set up iu small shocks and allowed ;o stand in llie lield exposed to wind, sun. rain and mow ils value as food is very much les.-i l ed, To be of 1 1)0 best quality, cornfndiler should lie cu; In good season, carefully shocked up and ns soon '!>•' —i.iy dried out the fodder iliould be he.iiied in. A.- wilh liny nnd straw, tho best plan Is t, store under shelter, but this cannot always he done uud tlie text best plan Is to stack or rlik up. Ity doing this there will be a considerably less quantity exposed to the we.-itlu r and it will milk'. 1 a belter feed than if left in small shocks in the lield. tlood feeding nicks should be provided so that there will be as little waste iu feeding as possible. Whether fed iu stables or sheds or in feed lots, good iiiiingers or racks will materially lessen the waste lu feeding and If the stock Is to bo wintered economically It is very necessary to avoid waste In feeding u.s much as possible, then if llie animals are well sheltered and bedded liberally they can lie kept thrifty on rougluu ss alone and ought to be kept, at a li w cost. It always pays to keep the stock thrifty even in the expenses of additional feed, as glv ing only enough to barely keep, with out securing any gain is so much add ed to the cost of keeping the stock without rcull'/.lng an adequate return A "iiairj ' in t liicniyo. hay. But whore the hay could be placed before them, except In the swill troughs, was a mystery. There was no room elsewhere lor It. and there was no slim Inside of the shed that any had recently been fed lo the animals. The cows were arranged side by side, with their heads closely tied lo upright posts with short pieces ol rope. So closely packed were they thai It seemed Impossible any one of t'li'in could It- dowai without being trampled upon i>y the others. Hut the man with llie pole who was stirring iqi ;he swill pr>-p.-ir.i- ntory to letting II (low into the 1 •-.Iiu-j; troughs, said they had plenty of room to He down If they wanted lo. A glance along the double rows of cows, how ever, did not show that nny of them were lying down or rest Ing. Iw stand ing up they manifested a sense of < 1. an llllCPS to Which lllelr keepers Seemed ill different, for the Honrs on which tiny stood Were uiiiitlernbly lilthy and without any bedding. On the south side of the shed, that next to thi' river, there are no openings, and consequently no way for the wind to freely enter and at times partially clear llie structure of Its nceuiim- luted odoi-s. On the north side of Unshed there is one small and another larger opening, and on the west end a door leading to a room which looks as if it was used for the milk delivery otlicc. Around it hung an annua like that of a rendering establishment. The swill that feeds lliese milk cows comes from a vinegar factory on North avenue, the man in charge said. It Is brought there iu barrels, mixed with hot water, and is dumped into a tank from which, after being stirred up, it Is allowed to How through an opening into tie- troughs. The cows, the attendant said, did not like the swill at llrst, bill liny soon got used lo It. Hunger miik-'s stomachs of nil kinds bear many imp il atable tilings. Tin- dairy lias been run nlng for about two years, and the man lu charge said the product of their milk- In:.' was many cans eaeli day. The milk is sold throughout tlie city, as well -as lu the neighborhood. 'August Flower lor os- 99 " I have been afflicted with bilious- ncssand constipation forfiftccnyears and first one and then another preparation was suggested to me and tried, but to uo purpose. A friend recommended August Plower and words cauuot describe tho admiration iu which I hold it. It has given me a new lease of life, which before was a burden. Its good qualities aud wonderful merits should be wade known to everyone suffering with dyspepsia and biliousness." JESSE DAUKUK , Printer, Humboldt, Kas.* AT I TAKE ^NJORNJNCII _FEEL tlRtOHX AND THE NEXT NEW AND Mi* COMPLEXION IS QETTER." My doctor *aji it acta ri'f.fw on tli* htomach, I1»„, f d klilnpy*. ami li*n iilt'11-..-na luxrao... iiili drlu, made from tirrti*, tun) t„ ),r ftftea. UlycfUtui a IIT use u 0i*U> I-:*, in -ion li.ti ,-> e. Me* (hiiatuo iiml l-'aslcni lliitiei-i Uai. roiut will M-11 oxt-itrsimi lii-I.L-t, jcpl. g7 uud tk-t. a:>, IS'.i-', nt the low inle of one furo for the renin] trip, lo tiuiiierims poltttft to tl"i toul)!ca:,t, bonth ntut southwest. For full particulars, maps, time tables oi any other information, apply to C. W. Humphrey, Northwestern Passenger Agent, 1TO E. Third street, St. Paul, Minn.; to City Ticket Olllce, 204 Clark street, Chicago; to- any ajjent C. A K. I. R. R., or to Charles U, ttone. General Passenger Agent, Room ill Tint National Bank Building, Chicago. Mary: "Melius I'm ugly now, ma'am, but ID my day I've broken many a heart." Mistress: "Well, Mary, it you handle kearta the way you do my china, I belief yoa." When Nafear* Needs assistance It may be beat t* render it promptly, but one should remember to us< even the most perfect remedies only when i '-iided. Tlio beat and most simple and p-ntle remedy is the Syrup ol Figs, manufactured hy the California Fig Syrup Co. A little girl aqulrmad uneasily In a street i-:u\ What ails you?asked lier mother, whe n.i.s tulil: The palm of my batnl Uclies. LAKE'S E9EDIGIHB Ait <,ni.-<:>t< nil tt il AV ,rd |l o .r i art, If m (jaa «l ns] k, io:. IMMI f„ r » frt., Un .'t U .-dlj H*<U*£rt k*<*4 t(t« lid «*la rath In -i i»f M fcc li- *: t!-) , U la-M* AIIUM URATirK V <At .t.) >\V A It II..M H. T. I CURES RISING ..BREAST "MOTHER'S FRIEND" FITN.—All I'itu Utoppocl freo hy III'. XII » I I-.-Jlt NlTVl' ItPHtur*','. No FltM ftTUir llr.i riiij'i, UH8. MurTolotu eurea. TreatUuiuiil l-'.ixl boitlo freo to l-'it Oiuuis. Bead to ))r. Kline, till Jlri-)| St., 1-hlla., l'a. A Paris builder has bought tlio ruins ol St. Cloud for tWO. He will use tbe materials In tbe manufacture of paper weights and other souvenir*. i&vonrslon Hlltes South. Tlio Chicago and Kaitern Illinois Hail roa'l will sell oxcursloti lU-UeU Sept. -J? ;oui Oct. ISM, at the low rate of one faiv i.n "lie round trip, to numerous points lo ili> -'inUieast, miulti mid soul Invest. for full partU-iiInrs, lutips, time tables or -iiv otlier Information, apply to C. VY '.i niiiplu ey, Norlliwestevu Passenger Agent. V 'i I-:. Tlii'nl street, t*t. Paul, Minn.; to 'it) ... ! (Knee, 'Jot Clark street, Cliivngo; lo •, , • nt V. ec I- - ,. 1. It. It., or to t.'lml -le.-, t. . , , 'ii-m-val Passenger Agent, Kuom -ir. . : Niiiioiial Hank building, Cliieago. 'II -.11! II. Ii llie next total solar eclipse dues pluee until April 15, ISti;), uslrono. • ulruudy making plans for obaurv- AH it sample of a "duir.v" within the limitM of llie i-lty of Chicago, we repro tlueo the follov-'lng iVoin a dully pupei of C'hhngo: Neiif the foot of North Itobey street, liulf u block from llie river nnd ubout a block and ti half south of L'l.vboiint avenue, is a "dairy" tor "pure country milk," which is tiltliy beyond ordinary comparison, and emits a boipiet of mingled stenches that 11 would require n chemist to disintegrate and label. The keeper of this dairy is a man named Uyuu. Ills "i'ai'tti" is a low, rlckctj shed about 1(10 t'eet long and liUO led wide, mul there lie pastures in vluegai slops from seventy-live, lo eighty cows. Uo hud over seventy cows there- yes terday. One can smell tills dairy before Kobe; street Is reached, and when getting oil tho Ulybotirii avenue car at the Intersection there Is no need of asking ipies lions us lo Its locution, especially when tlie wind, as yesterday, blew from Its direction, It' the wind had been blow Ing the opposite way It might be claimed that the odor cunie from a section of prulrio on the north tilled with goals. And It was not the odor from cows thut fed on new mown liny, clover and goldemod. This tumble-down shed Is situated in what Is still a morass, the ground all around It being tilled up and higliher. When a heavy rain falls Uyan's l'arin Is overflowed and his COWH nro probably glad of It, for they eau got a tlron of water to drink. Tho cows lire arrac^ed lengthwise ulouti eitvh side of tho shod, with their bunds separated b.v u small passageway. In front of each row of eattle is a narrow trough into which the vluegttr swill Is poured. This is their food, though a "fiii'iiter" who was stirring up the swill with n lotig pole Biiid they tilso got some I ttlnrtDBilaUVtr Bis URVII > slioultl liavn Uee» 4>M<1 louar "eo te ll hail Mnde to Look Like New, Di'esses, dent's Clothing, Feathers, Oloros, etc., J)yed oi- Cleaned, Plush Garments iSli-iinied, ut Otto l'leti'li'H l)yo Works, Ult) IV. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. A Philadelphia girl asked at a Chestnut -Ireet music store lately, for the "Lost string." It finally caino out that she wanted the "Lost Chord." The nse of Ely's Cream Balm, a sure cure fur Catarrh aud Cold in Head, la attended with uo pain, lucouveulouco or dread, which can be said of uo other remedy. 1 feel it my duty to say a few words In regard to Ely's Cream liiihn, and I do so entirely without solicitation, t hare used it half a year, and have found It to be must admirable. 1 have suffered from catarrh of llie worst kind ever since I was a little Ino and 1 never hoped for cure, but Cream Halm seems to do uvea that. Mauy of my acquaintances have used It with excellent results.—Oscar Ostrum, -45 Warren avenue, Chicago. Apply Halm Into each nostril. It Is Quick. Iy Absorbed. Wives Kolluf at onco. Price at) cents at Druggists or by mall. i:LV UUOTIIEKS, 611 Warron St., New York. Elliel—Mlsi, Fits was at the sea shore all summer, and came home without a scalp. Maud — Voor thlngl I don't believe she knows how to propose. A Held of corn lu Kansas la reported to invo grown thlity-iilne Inches iu fifteen days. you Is i Coruii on sows iuiio»T the nesi medicine by far UAI.K'U famous HONEY on HOKKIIOUND AND 'I'AH. PIKB'S TooritAOim Duors Curs lu one inluuto. Uncle John: Can you ride your now bicycle yet! Little Nopbew: No, sir not quite, but I've got so I can fall off without getting killed. HI us, H M. UKNUV. Norfolk. Vn..,-ii *: **Flutllnn much rolluf from hen I: e i H a use of nt-iidyei-oUiie.. I am ile 0- -as u,' h,- troduulut; it In mil' now hospital." t).. ..II Dtuiiglsta. 00 touts. Wllbjrforco: Faith trembling, but holding fust! Tho llrmest thing In tills Inferior world is a believing BOUI. Coat and Cure. For 10 Years. POTTSTOWN, PA. I was a sufferer from neuralgia for ten years; tried .-ill kinds of remedies without relief, and I tried a had given up all hope, bottle of ex. eXA-ocms OIL, and it effected such One wonderful relief that I -j recommend it to all. • J[ CHAS, LAW , Jit, Bottle. man. 1 have been a and In each caso •jlHTeil cliilil-bfariii^ ijiiil-uifo for many >cars Micro ".Mother's Irtentf" had be«n used it has xc: oniplislicd wonders and relieved much iitfTt ;ri !i£. JtJ» the best vciuedy for rl.slnU of (he brCiut known, and worth tho ^vtiro it>r that 4luU0. AULS, AI. M. JiUCriTKIl, Montgomery, Ala. I van tell all expectant mothers If they will i u a ff\v bottles of Mother'* Friend tln-y will liinmgh llio ordeal without anv cam and drcrhig. Ma*). AIAV J.UANHAM. Anrusville, N. D. 1' I-MI Mother'.* Friend before birth ol my ._;!: l i child. Will noviT Cfusc its praise. Mux. J. T. Mouitc, Colusa, Cal. 'cut by express, charges prepaid, on receipt : i rice, $1.50 per bottle. PRAOF1ELD REGULATOR CO,, i i.y all rtnig£iBta. ATLANTA, Q\ BileBeMis Small. Guaranteed to our. Blttous Attaolu, Slafe Hcadachs and Ooiiattpatton. 40 la cash bottle. Prloa S5o. For aulo by druggliu. Picture m l, 17, 70" and jumple dose free. A F. SMITH & CO.. Prurrlrtert, A>flV YORK. THE CAMPAIGN. The campaign is now upon aa. We are in the midst of rallies and processions ami speech makitiK. The American pnhlic dearly loves to talk and to hear others talk. Erery campaign is in its way a great educator. Every man can secure a bearing provided lie talk ao thut people .'an understand him. The plainest speaker, it' he utter his words suffici- i -ntly distinct, so that ho can b« heard by his audience, will secure respectful attention. In order to do this every speaker should take care of his voice. A bottle ol Ii KIIJ'K GHUMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY Ci 'KK is invaluable lor this purpose If clears tlio throat, .streiifjfcheiia the vocal chords, cures all hoarpvness, relieves the lungs, aud as it is totally tree from all opiates or other deleterious Btibstanco, it can bt taken without injury. A small dost taken just before speaking will enable an orator to talk for hours without fatigue. It is the best remedy for this purpose in the world Get it of any dealer. Tho small bottles aro 25 cents, the largosi ones 50 cents. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, IU. tlTet. uome a _ ,-<• .nil. eXIiiifl <«u(ttl{(;t ur«*H St*'U llcmliirllul reutor<iul.tiiiH »!*'T '.vui't'ht'on*! iput iott* KM* ftr f,M tf4iu*K (• IIV W.«, Sit««l, Niw Vutk. CUj. This Trado Mork la on tho beat WATERPROOF COAT gffijfiS' 1 In tho World! A. J. TOWER, BOSTON, MASS. (riTINTIS.) The eat awe* I* made, Ueltk* othei IM K Maf i 4ue ponder and packed la a cal with reuoiabla IW, Ue onteatj '.... ml. Mi, ite alwaj. read}' ter make the tot perfamed Barf teal In 80 mtnutet ulthoul »«U4A«. fl la the beat ter cleaalsf waeM plpea, dlttotecUng alake, clee.M, trathlni kottlet, patnta, It»•,€*», FJ5NNA. 3AL1T HFS. Cfc. Oen. -»tu., rmia., re. mil in ' ' RIPAN8 TABU_,_ tho atuuuuii, llvor aim Dowula, purify ihi> liloml. tti-o atvfti and cltaL'tual, llio l.t'^f iiu'dii'liiu kuowulurbiltoua. )1?:M, l\>;iHlJ|,Atl0U, (lTHI)ti|M!la, foUt l.r. t\i li lipmln<mo,iuoutul de)irot>*lon,i luuiicul digestion, bad comiiloxlou, mul till dttiua^ottotuiiiou by failure or jfor'ti yvropor tlio fctontftuu, liver or bowtiU to par*f iir fuiu-'tloiia. poraono given, to ot.r-l t 'i'fttliiy «v li,m5iVtod by tnkiiu/ono nftor'eaoiTiuoeJ. IVliji, 61 ; >i>milU>. IM. it nruiiiilita, or sent by mall.. • lii.'.iKii CM!:MtOAI, Co.,uttpmee8».,MeefYork.1 i- • - . ><>rt.a«o<n»e»ee»aeeeeeeee** tlou ttiat uimle a ma of mo,

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