Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1961 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1961
Page 6
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MfltSDC ALTON EV&N1NG TfcLMUHAPH Marathons Way Source of Personal Satisfaction They Squeezed Last Mile Out of a Gallon J0RNF W. M'KWHHI WOOD RIVER - Present day gatnu of guolim economy are ntritttng fl* 1 * to She" leswiivh men tt ** total refinery. who In M60 ««re getting ISO mites per gallon to an annual event known AS the flneft Mflttge Marathon, ran be- WBod River and Edward* . IB ftat year Robert 3. Green- •HfnoK, fflMWlur of research at tti refinery, drove his altered 1947 atudebalua- to the previously unheard of mileage record of 150 TWB was tallowed in 1952 by the team of Dave Berry and Fred Sdraette, who squeezed 168.47 miles oat of B gallon of gasoline! In a 1§24 Chevrolet. Their carj weighed only 2.OO pounds whereas Greenshield's weighed 3,345 j pounds. i In 1949 Julian G. Ryan, the) Class B winner, attained nearly 81.2 miles per gallon from his unaltered 1938 model vehicle. Two classes. A and B were I established for the marathon in. 1948 following a wartime lapse! of the event. ! Class A contestants were ixw limited to the number of changes they could make to their cars,! whereas class B entrants were allowed to make only such minor adjustments as carburation changes, spark timing and tire pressure. tt Took Work Such records as 150 and 168 nines per gallon were not set on me spur of the moment, but rather occurred after extensive re-| search and adapting .of the carsi for the class A competition. Rear axle ratios had to be changed and oversized tires used to reduce resistance that regular size tires could not accomplish. The compression ratio of toe motor Greenshields docked 150 m.p.g. was increased from the standard 65:1 to 10:1 by shaving the head of the motor. This caused other changes to be effected, such as lowering valve seats in the engine block to obtain clearance for valves in the combustion chamber. Other adaptations, not recommended by the research boys for the family car, included buffing; miles per gallon in 1947 off of the tire treads leaving only • Studebaker. — Shell Oil a narrow smooth, thin rubber j Co. photo. tread for better road contact WllltamJ.Hubbard , New District 2 Justice to Resign Post at Shell Oil M, * $ CAR WITH WINDBREAKERS Greenshields cot 160 miles per gallon in this 1947 Studebaker. Plastic bubble was used as a windbreak. "Snow" on bumper is actually plastic foam to act as windbreak.—Shell Oil Co. photo. WOOD RIVER ~ William 3. HubbaM Jr., «, of 904 Roa- ftta 8t, Swjttf Roxana, newly elected justice of the peace In District 2, will resign hi* post with Shell CMI Company when he assumes his new duties on April M. Hubbard has been employed at Shell refinery 14 years as an operator. He plans to establish an of- jflce in the area and will employ a record clerk, "1 Intend to take the time to hear both sides of every case brought before me," Hubbard commented. Hubbard, a Democrat, won the seat In the April 4 election over Herbert J. Elliott, independent candidate. He had been filling the unexplred term of Mark Deterding. The newly elected justice has lived in South Roxana nearly six years and has lived In Wood I River area since 1934. He served (with the U.S. Navy from 1942 jto 1945, j Hubbard is a neighborhood commissioner of the South Roxana Boy Scouts and Cub Pack 36 in Wood River. He also has W. J. HUBBARD 7A RESEARCHER Robert J. Greenshields, director of research at Shell Oil Co., who got 150 Greenshields, a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, in a pamphlet h edid on the marathon for that organization, point- equal importance is proper lubrication and a careful check on tire pressure. "Last — car speed is very im- ed out that: increased tire pres-jportant and driving at reduced! jure is known to reduce rolling j speed will give a substantial gainj resistance by decreasing the bend-|in miles per gallon." i ing of the time wall. i The annual mileage marathons 1 To reduce other resistance a I were held from 1939 to 1959 when; light SAE No. 10 grade motor oil; they were finally abandoned be- j was used in the transmission and ; cause of the high personal expense differential of his car. The lubri- to entrants. Thought the events cant seals were removed from the i were sponsored by Shell Oil. those, rear axles and the front wheel participating used their own cars: bearings were lubricated with oil; a nd paid for all modifications! instead of grease. 'from their own funds. i A five-time winner of the mar-i The events were never subsid-j athon, Greenshields indicated injized by Shell, but rather were an been a volunteer fireman the past three years. for PTA'at Roxana Elects Officers ROXANA—The present officers of the Roxana PTA, Mrs. Eugene Floyd, president. Mrs. Donald Cranmer, vice president; Mrs. Joe Wilson, secretary and Mrs. Hubert Jones, treasurer were reelected at a meeting of the Rox- SENIOR HOUSING PROJECT This 10 stoi? senior housing static- ture to be buflt on Smith street in downtown East Alton this summer has 50 units to a 74 writ the efforts of Mayor and D. E. downtown East ton ts summer as an . . ' . Author^ been enlarged from original plans for the Madison County Housing Authority Mrs. Hubbard isaden motherlana P.T.A. Thursday at Edison Victor Herman, pastor of. the Service, Announced §elUOr HoUSHlg PrOJCCt Increased to 74 Units For South Roxana SOUTH ROXANA — The Rev of Cub Pack 24 in South Roxana. The Hubbards attend the First Baptist Church in Roxana. School. Wanda a*nd South Roxana Metho-' Mrs. Era Weeks' room won the room count for the year and was They are the parents of four j awarded a prize of a trip to the children. dist churches will use the them : "The Inevitable Day" at the Lincoln PTA Members Hear Merle Bassett EAST ALTON — D. F. Bran- drawings. „„, • director of Madison County Architectural Engineers, Inc., worship" at "\Vanda" and" 11! ! Hoiisin R Authority, announced O f East St. L6uis have design- n^iino r.iw.,, E in <Jt i.n.ii« »•">. worship at South Roxana i today that following a confer- ed the structure. I Miss vXn FerreU led a group!*', 7:30 p^m. the theme will beiance with other housing offld-, 'of 90 Junior High music stu-' " Saul and David • The Seniorjals. an agreement has been „, -|-i| . •dents in a choral program. MhBJ MYF at hoth South Roxana w.ri j Cached to increase the si/.e of) tJBSS J^ieCtS i Doris McCann dean of women {Wanda will meet at 6 p.m. and I, he proposed local senior nous-; (at Roxana High school, spoke lthe Junior MYF wH1 meet al Bl ing. project from 50 to 74 units. ! about the overall testing and I guiding program in the schools. I Refreshments were served by the p.m. at Wanda. Braner met with William E. Monday at 7:30 p.m. the sub; Bei ,. ge| . on reg j 0 nal director: P. district meeting of the MYF wjlljj Papadopu ios, assistant re- be held at South Roxana and the, a , d|rector for deve iopment, Officers at East Alton ! fifth grade roqm mothers and WOOD RIVER — Merle Has-(Mrs. C. B. Stark. !guest speaker will be the RPV ;chteago'pHA~ and M. Perry of- sett assistant state's attorney., Presbyterian Notes i joe Davis - missionary to the B«l-] the Central o ' ffice PHA> Was h- EAST ALTON - Mrs. Harold was principal speaker at the) ROXANA—The Rev. William E.jg' um Co "S° vvho IS on fur ' ough -'i n gton D C Chamberlain was elected presf- Thursday meeting of the Lin-i Rice . pastor o{ First Presbyterian) The Rev. R. M. Mapes. Jiastor j ^^ bui | ding to be construct- dent of the Daughters of Ruth Class of the First Baptist Church Mrs. Joseph Glassey Thursday meeting of the . colnn Parent - Teacher Associa- church, will use the thereof the First Southern Baptist "Moses and the Astronauts" at Church, will use the theme "Sin, . ed ln Blot and Blemish of area rvice sunciay. WOT ana o. the Uni-(Smith street is ideally located,! at 9:30 a.m'.:'verse." at the 10:45 a.m. worship'Braner said, being close to all ' facilities for the el-' tion at Lincoln School. Bassett discussed the general!the 10:40 a.m. service functions of the state's attorney'Sunday school is office in both civil and criminal [Junior High Fellowship at 4:30 land "Repentence, First Step to i necessary aspects, and explained the proc-jpm. and Senior High Fellowship!God" at the 7:30 p.m. service. ;derly tenants, who will bei ess of prosecuting youths under is at 6 p.m. 17 years of age. Movies of the recent Teachers I men's Associational meeting will; Appreciation Banquet wereibe at 7:30 p.m. Monday at »he.°J Madison County is one of the -i housed in the structure. ed vice president; The United Presbyterian ^\^^^^a^.^«^\ A * f °™» <~< d territo _, Mrs. Vida 'Harlen. secretary; Mrs. Fred isutton. assistant secretary; Mrs. (preliminary drawings have been Cec ., McC £ wni treasurer; Mrs. completed and it is merely a! Hmerv Barker and Mrs. Orvii STRIPPED MODEL Dave Berry and Fred Schutte in 1924 Chevrolet they got 168.47 miles per gallon.—"' " — shown by Darrell Moses, princi- 1 church with Mrs. E.E. DeLong as j be canceled an danyone having niatt ei of paper work, drawings IngJesbv teachers pa); and a medley of songs was program chairman. She will pre i long overdue books should re-; and various agreements be-j , ' '„' . ,,, presented by Mrs. Harry Foley's sent Miss Vera Jones, Wood: turn them. 1 ' 1 " fifth grade students to complete! River teacher, who will show: M ,, n . s Bibte C | a8S Mween certain parties which 1 be held May the authority to) g^ , oca , mjnisterl . early date with |al student, spoke on the topic. the program. . | pictures of the "Passion Play" in j RQXANA — The Men's Bible i It was voted to present pins to i Germany. iclass of First Baptist church met/.I~"~~j~ t . ,_ _ .„ faculty members of the school! Library Week (Thursday evening at the chUrChi prQje "' ^ , ("Witnessing for the Church as in recognition of years of serv-! ROXANA - Mrs. Doris Men-ill D. Harmon directed! Braner and Ma y° r £ft« rles the program feature. Miss Kay ice. i librarian, announces that in keep-jthp lesson. Refrashments W erej V8npreler indicated they anti-1 Keaaler appeared as vocal solo- Lester Lasbury, president, an-j ing with National Library week, served by Frank Williams and! c| Pated May 5 as the deadline; j s i with Mrs. Ethel Harney play- East Alton OES Chapter Honor Mr. and Mrs. Buckler \ Eagles Auxlliary Delegates Appointed inounced officers headed by Mrs. j April 16 to 22. assessed fines will .[Charles Meyers as president, will be installed at the May 11 ! meeting. Walter Thompson. evaluation of the final i inn piano accompaniment. WOOD RIVER— Mf. and Mrs. an- , ,' . William Buckler Sr associate tion was Beverly Kein, Amarylis; and Zerola Jartnert, Greenville. Thelma Berry and Oveta bis brochure that: "a driving tech- (nu al events with a holiday spirit: nique was developed for the mar-; a t which time the research boys! worth y matrmrand a !f ociate athon purposes wherein the carjcould show their stuff using reg-!P atron - of the Order of Eastern Witthoff presided at the guest was accelerated at full throttle inUar fuel that can be purchasedS Star were honored at the Thurs ; book ' top gear from five miles per hour;at any retail Shell service station.^ Advance Night program of Mrs . Buckler made the pre; the Chapter at the Masonic | sentation of a presiding officers j Temple. !pin to the chapter in memory j Among the 147 escorted were i of her mother, the late Mrs. ; the guests of honor: Isla Som-jUunice Steed, a past worthy to about 20 miles an hour. "The engine was then stopped and the car allowed to coast down to a speed of five miles per hour where the engine was then restarted and the cycle repeated. This gives a very low specifif fuel consumption and keeps wind' and rolling resistance low. This Cancer Fund Captains to :ers. Chicago, grand associate! matron of i matron; and Sybil Whiteman, |Chapter. | Kdwardsville, Cmapter instruc-j itor. the Lineville, Ala. Associate matrons and associate patrons of the local and vis- Presbyterian Circles Meet at Roxana WOOD RIVER—Mrs. Harry Ashlock and Mrs. Leland Swinney were elected delegates to the state convention in June in Peoria, at the Thursday meeting of the Eagles Auxiliary at the Eagle's hall. Mrs. Gene Ingram and Miss Frances Harshbarger were se-j lected alternates. MAKE IT A FAMILY NIGHT! ROXANA — The Circles Miss Ethel Frazler, president, announced officers will be nominated at the April 27 meeting, election will be held in May. Plans were made to participate in the Sunday school so- ofjcial meeting of District 7 to Hailiei vrrOUp driving technique involved a number of difficulties in engine oper- EAST ALTON — Team cap-| ilin K chapters filled the sta- ation which must be overcome. i, ams for the Apr j] 2 4 Cancer • lion!;: Marv Buckler, worthy Carefully Measured JFund Drive will meet at 1 :30, matvon: W""" 1 '" Buckler Sr..j First Presbyterian Church metlbe held at the local hall with Carefully measured quantities of i,,. m . Monday at the public li- 'worthy patron: .luanita Barnett.i Thursday. The morning circle! the Eagles Lodge as hosts, to gasoline were used by each mar-;hrary to complete plans for ihe associate matron: Richard Hus-iHiet at the home of Mrs. Keith, Lodge and Auxiliary members athon entrant, depending on the house-to-house canvass. son g. Alton, associate patron. jMcFarland in Wood Rivet with and guests. Dinner will be serv- weight and horsepower of the car Literature and olficial identi- Charlotte Freeman, Belleville. Ill members attending. Mrs. Me- e d al 5 p.m. followed by a soused. At the conclusion ot th--- | K -ation materials will be dis-- sei>l ' ctai 'y: Margaret Stafford, r'arland read the devotionals and C jal evening of dancing. contest the remaining luel \\as tributed and territories assigned, F.duanlsv ille. tveusurw. Creta M''.s. Ralph Harris and Mrs. Fay measured, to the sixth decimal MI s . Myron Starlna-k. chairman. Stone. Wood River, I'onductress; Ne! * 1 « av(1 "ie lesson. point, to deternnnp the exact, and Mrs. Olive McDonald, co- Mildred Smith. Bcthaltt). asso- The afternoon circle met at the amount of the fuel used. chairman, report. «'i«*te comliu-tress Karmyn F.d-:homc of Mrs. Carl Gregory. Mrs. . Many oi the alterations mad.-; Approximately 200 workers monds. Granite City, chaplain.! Floyd Radcliffe read devotionals IJlIUier 111 on cars for the various marathons I have volunteered their serves Letha Hoffman, Granite City, j and the lesson was presented by are not recommended for th? in the campaign, representing^ marshal: Lillian Ilussonu, Al- '• Mrs J. G. Cuddy and Mrs. Jack owner of a pleasure car. but the School Mothers' Club. Worn-! ton. organist; Ann Ranger. Gil- j Rhodes. Greenshields did summarize his an's Club, American Leg.un , lespie. Adah: Dorothy Johnson,; Tne evening circle met at the research in the field of gas econ- Auxiliary and the High School; Queen City. Esther; Clara i home of Mrs. Joe Williams. Mrs. omy by pointing out what can be Future Homemakers Club. Wolf. Alton, Ruth; Ooldle Mel.'Joann Rice gave the prayer done by the average motorist to, More volunteers are needed vin. Collinsville. Haitha; Ethel obtain greater economy in everyiand may obtain further informa-; Keller. Bunker Hill. Electa. day driving. I tion by contacting either chair- Marie Hoekstra, New Hope, "The engine and chassis should, I man Warder; William Camp, Alton, of course, be in good mechanical: condition. The carburetor, spark streets during the one hour drive Ihalto. color bearer. FREE PARKING METERS Paul's Fabrics •06 State HAM EL —Approximately 100 residents of Madison County at a March of at the Rose Rice gave the prayer; i 30 *' 1 Restaurant In Granite Omar Phelps led the meet- 1 City Wednesday evening. ;ing and Mi*. Carol Stamper was. J °hn DeLaurenti was speak- i discussion leader. er in the absence of George Vteltluc ill CttlUoniiM iWilkens. distributor, and spark plugs should be properly adjusted. Of Auxiliary police will the sentinel; Howard Ashmore, Be-i ^^^A ~ Mrs ' Alle " J ' H f 8 ThOSeMattenC 'i! 1g J rOm ^ am !! • ' H of ^00 Rcller Ave., is visiting hen were: Mr. and Mrs. Edward son and dauahter-in-law. Mr. and, Neuhaus. Mrs. Lucille Martin, Mrs. William Haas of Ingelwood, | Mrs. Evelyn Schumacher, and Calif. Mr. Haas is an engineer Mrs. Violet Martin, with the Parson Construction Co. trom 6 u> 7 p.m. Nina Posters are being placed in Mrs. Whiteman appeared as vocal soloists. , Laura Barton, O' Fallen; Edna George, Freeburg; Clara Kirleis, Monroe; and Marianne Gerdes, High land, candle lighters. In charge of the coin collec- Baptist Women of Area to Hear Retired Missionary j the business places of the com- WOOD RIVER — Miss Emma | Officers will be installed dur- munj , v hy the Junior High Brodneck. retired missionary, ing (he afternoon service by. St . noo j' (jj,.| scout Troop led by! will be principal speaker at the Mrs. H. L. Poehier. Alton. oa>t ^j,. s M ;ir ,. e | zei,, S et and Mrs.i l^th annual spring rally ot Wo- president, \\ith Mrs. Weish;iupt j^ este , Harpule man's Work oi ihe Alton Baptist as president for anoihei term A*s(aciation Tuesday at Ihe Col- The skit 'Hidden Depth . will t*ge Hills First Baptist Church, he presented by the uonien >f Kliss Brudbeek, who served ihe Hart lord First Bapti:-t wore than 40 years as a mission-1 Church Mrs. Sam Roberts. K«>,1 gry in China and the Philippine Alton First Baptist, will appear Islands, will speak at 11 a.m. as vocal soloist. Mrs. Don Har- gnd 1 ;15 p.m. n> ot the host church, will serve Mrs, George McCoy, Rock- as organist. ford, State president, will be Re-en auons tor the noon day h**iored guest at the altair. luncheon may be made wijli Registration is scheduled for Mrs Dfjn Harris 1230 W. Corbin 9 30 a m. with (he call to MOT- >t . Bethalto, before Sunday eve- 4up at 10 a.m bv Mi's Lauien rung Kdwardivilie, as»r> >.ui>tr\ ^eiAice will be pro- ivided thiouafcout the day. in Los Angeles. She is also visiting her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Almmassey. Telegraph Want Ads "CUCK" Released from Hospital HAMEL-Mrs. William Ohm was released fom Memorial Hospital at Alton this week where she had been a patient. NOTTOLI SPECIAL TUESDAY, APRIL U, ONlYt for Dtmocrocy HOWARD L SHELTON MAYOR OF CMT ALTON SUPER MARKET Highland & Gold CNOICE AND MEATS AVAILAiLI OPEN SUNDAY M 10 NOON A. * f. Food Storm 411 PIMM •itderimm Furniture 30J-204 PkMB Schaefrtrs us W. «*d Carton J«w<lry w. 3rd Stars Roebuck Co. aea-u Franklin Union Furniture SOO B. Broadway Slock Furniture ioa W. Srd Gorrott Furniture W. Brondw«y Thrifty Druf 833 Bella Thrift Hardware coo B«U« OOLOiN Vkk't Shots 114 W. 3rd J. ft M, Auto Store* 8pl<««l 400B«U« SHOEING L ft L Furniture Yavnt'i Pry ftee*

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