Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on April 4, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1927
Page 4
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! 1 - CHA8.,F. 8COTT Entered at- the ligiU Second Citm Offiel«l. ft^^ County. 8UB&$<P(PTION RATES. , By Carrier ft lola. Gas Qty. LaHarpe aiid Baasett. One-Week 15 Cents One Month Ccnta BY MAIL. One, Year .(:....:>....i W.OO 81i JWpnth .1 { ; J. j ....... .}2;60 ThceoilontKa ...i .ilM On& Year 1^ Allen Cognty f Six Months H- ce klon " 14,00 , Throe ktonlli-i T vi •'iOne Xoft(h p... ^ •::Wc .Member of-4i The Kaniiik Oafiy LMbu*. Audit B^r^u of Circulation. Preaa Cdngrefa of tha World. lnlsni |-p»%r Pfeaa Awclftipn. MEMBCtt ASSOCIATED The Kejfistcr canflei' the RESB. ilated wire. iVess report! by : a^ieclal Jw^,..., .'riip Associated Press Is cxctuMvrty entitled to the «se for ropublficatlon of Kll news ilispdtches crpditcdl to It or not! 1 credited i fn tMs; i»npcr. iind also the lopaj newji VubB«Bed herein. All riKhUn or rAiubflcatlffh of apc- cliil dls!>rit<lies hereih are also reserved. Germany. In his l(^t)y;fa\,||e.|l i ^xpecteA toi ^actisB the app|ic»ttoa 4| P J P)^M ^ i"^'. ./nthJJi ^el(i, he has had ^charge of many impdrtant projects, amcng thenii the dredging, of the Riier Wesefr for 1 distance of 42 miles. This undjeJFtakin ^i : vhlob wall carrifNl out betw.eett' ms>nd. U!«, (wpufj^ the port oti^aam (o aipe<uO 'g9iM vaafH^is. pt..ip. tpivry i« iffl^.w- pe«^^ - to. descri^ the intanq^m .rcjjj^Ch In ;;^;'^«U!IC8iielgg. cai rifid iput Jn <. U J,6 .I PJ^^ K ^jMVi .vfisl^ of Europe.. He has haen ajnember of the Intarnationai ftdtalcw Coipjbi^sBipn of th? Bup» Capal CO. afd''pf"4|Je;.?pri9«pf>t COTflJlwlisf ot thSe intflrutio^fti ^iiaoci«UQP. Navigation .dongresaes. lyMJifeg^P^ JLAl^yC MOitE^ GOIJ>EN EGGS AltRII; 4.1927. , Bibte TlwugM for Today. I am the light,of the wor that followeth mp; shall npt in: tlarknc'slj, but shall havb '.(he light ofnife.—John: 8:12. XOT.SO 1»IJA»I/Y. The esteeti^ed Faraood Sun Id: he walk seeks to draw "thk deadly parallet" up- Ln ciiizens "of kangas ^ho h^ve Ventured to .'observe that'thera is bo moral or'legal warrant fir the .i:our^e of Mexico in i)iiderta)clng, to enact retroactive measurss |iffeel­ ing land titles in that cot ntrv. The sim quotes the original B11 of Righfi. section 17. of the Kansas Constitution ks follows:, ,"^0 ; distinUion shall ever be made betwee^ citizens- aid aliejas; in' roforence i to the purcpaSe, en-' •joyment or descent of p'nfperly." And thei the Sun contimes with a citation )f ' this same eec(lon as amended ii iisSS to real as follows; "No distinction shall; ever be made between citizens j of. tlie state of Kanas and the citizenq of othbr states and terrftojies of the United States ]ln rcfereui^e'to, the ^urphase, enjoyment or .'desce^l jpf* prpperty. .The riigbtpf aUcfna Jnirajir^iice 'to the pi^rcl^asc. enjoyinpnt and; descent of i)roperty may be regulated by laW." , 'I j Whereupon the Sun seems tq be- j lieve it has convinced ( yeryfjody that a Mexican, for exampie .i|who bad purchased Kansas lanjd in good (aith (irior to ISS^.'wcmld haye| had his tide to Buch'i ^an^ invalidated by the anicndmcti^ adopt(|l in |l888 bccftiiao said amendment that ^the right ojf aliens enie lo tlic pure bane, and descent of j roperty regulated by law." But Sun point out any case: an alien who purchased Kansas prior to : 888 wasj asked to accept u flfiy-yiar conci;H8iun in lieu of his tee, tijlle, Of In which the land of the s declares in r^fer"- Enjoyment may; be does; the ill w.iiich land; in Id alien was tak' en over by the State of Kansas without compensation or due process of law? It does not!. So the Sun'k parallel Idoes not seem to be so ideadly after «I1. It is not the right of Mexico^ to legislate for the futjure that j anybody questions. The thin^ that is questioned is the , right of Mexico to legislate for the i »ast,— which is a good deal like changing the tr4imp after the hand has been played- .. The' chances are that 'G OV ^ Henry Allen never was^ to such a hurry to "get home froUi apy of his many trips away from ihome as he is at this particular mpment, jwlth the Wichita Evening fiagle looming up to obscure the li^t of liis Eyen- Ihg Beacon. What] everybody wants to know is whether he wlll» celebrate his retur^ home by sta,rting a Morning Beajcon. If he should happen to do. that there will not be nearly somiicli money made ii< the newspaper biisiness this yeai' as there was lasl, but there will be a lot more fun. JByj a faXfs t^x pq Jpst, a a ^nglp ai]ticle Kmsaa riil,9ea aownthio.; like (8,900^00, , every, yefir. . Every itQ^y^p^yKff^ctty his shpfe;of thi 1 ta^,-tber^f(fre pobody gopj^pjaips o discrimination or Injuatlcel Thn prpUcm of getting at "ipf^n^bla" propjorty, or pfopycr valuing on i man's propqtjy aqd. linger valuUig another man's for taxation purpos es,,jdpes not .enter 1^. /fhe-ques- tipn;whctt^er ope .pia^ is penalize I for |hones(ly listing, everything h> hasTapd another man rewardel for dishonestly <;onQeiiUnE flO.qte ct his properly Is never rfUsed. The man who j wants *'ga8" buys it an 1 pays tjie itax jon it .^{id driyes 01 without a.word. lilow ^wouldn't' t be perfectly lovely if we raised a 1 our ta^c^s that 'w^y,—St^te ta; county tax, school tax, the whole kit and bilin' of th^ni—and cllmio at^. prpperty tax altogether? Wouldn't; it be, a fMiie acheme to pa r oiirtaxgi^a. c ^t or tyirOjat a tims all ti)e,|ear roupii, lnsj;§§d of having tltpin duQij^ed onto U3 all at ^nce at|d nearly ttlwaya ju^t when we- haven't got the money? ,rp_ptHcta^^aTe.,^pgn ^et yf\lf:ii w^l tiloie'Wie (5^8 Jjptflr|$n.lAw[ rence ^and Wll,UaW «j9*'>» .glvfe the «9ith sit|e of tbie kaw rlvjerra continuous cement highway bej- tween Lawrence and "Topeka. — double track ;vbii^ that ^ectlon 9! high way ..fery^ greatly i>e |da. ! Here la a.h^n, owqad by thb University of British . Columb\i whidh l|aB a record of 351 eggs tji ngejdays. Her eggs sell for t^i apiece,'and If ^slie knew it sh9 probably, would never lay .anothcjr one. • • . (Contloned £rom Pslga 1) SJx years iigo. Anatol Josef b caiije ti) this,country, a poor Ini- mig|-ant boy. Now he has bee n paid:a. flat million dollars for sa autoiuallc photographing machiie which ha invented. What would the Communists Or even, the Socialists, do in a case like that? Charlie Fincb, wiio has a sliadk up on .the banks of the Kaw rivlr above Lawrence where he watchis such things, says' that for severa years there have been few;. fish in^the river and this ipring thee ar^ np ducks.' But he! doesn't tei US" why. • . Ttie Mome Garden What Is Home Without aGarden? Alreadjf more than; 25.000 fisH igg licenses l^av^ been issued ik Kansafa under thfe new law. Whick shows that the good old Kansas Indeed of optimists has not yqt died oiit. The neW| cpfljjty jJDi^, . bridges anid all. \^ |1 cost;cost |612,000, which probajy Is one of* the largest cpntr^ts ^veri let' j by ;s Kansas county at one tiine|for road ^ bnildlng. The c ihcretej constrtic- tion. was lebfor,-) 14,313 i mile, and tfee • one mile .pfi.l ri<*. T ^Wch Is to be buiU throu^ti he city of.Pleas- anton, for ^98,702.11. The concrete contract went to a South l)akot.i firm and the brJcb to Co^ #i ^tmt- er of pttowa.' |. : ^. Senatpr KIngjjOf Utah, spent ^ g^ood dei[l of tlm< last ]»rtoter telj- ing the^ world ho v 'wlcljiedly tt^e United States is -nnningl the little republic of Haiti when it: ought to,| be letting it alom.' 'Now<he comes back from a cruse of tiniCarlb^ bean storming it. Secijetary of -S^ate Kellogg, be »u8e Ijh^ latter did not bi-der the president of Haiti to admit him | ipto hi^ country. That is to say thjuUtah Senator IB abusing the United States beouise it does not do tl e very thi^^ Jie formerly denouncj id it fordotos! - O^itnary—Mrs. Knowiton. /There are many people in Allen Couiity who wyi t-ead with sym[ pathetic interest the following from .t}ie I^eosho Fjills Post; liiiy Irene ^vans was born Ih Wiaveland, Ind.. May 18, 1855, jirit 1 biar pareats 9h.e came to K4nsi^s 11 1^8, iocatipg at Carlyle, then t > Geneva. i|Can., in: the year |186S wnere lived. until her marriagp to John b. Kiuuvlton, becembqr 1872.' .Te this union four childre^' w^e-:bprn,.Uoyd E., Mable, M^udjoj and Jessie, flje. tWo latter dying iki infancy. ; , , I J-; in;1887;tbQy pioved to Eldoradot Springs. Mb., wher: Ehe lived '^ntft her tieat^ H«rch 10. 1927. She lyil^^d jritb the PresbyteH^ rliurch .at Gei^va at the age of 1^ years, tJien Iwitl) the' Presbyteriay c^iiirch it ^Idot-adO Springs. SepLJ IjB, 18192. yAAe she continued ta| be in.activ^ du^mbeV. living a coi-t sisl^nt C^l^t^o life. Her quh b jrfluence Was' felt fty Vf^fV' anil ier eweet ooraial ijwilo " >ft8 1^ grayling Ipr *f ep! /jfle.: ^ talthCuI jlutiful wife ij^Tin d pa^eat motlier. To Ji^ar ihi^ wa i to ;l,Qv« ;h«r.' )U«ing lugflPah all; her lite she continued tO IM mort thoughtftfl of those caring for he «j yian ^oJl |i.j^r..|j.»t ..St^.-t <i «:au« i|o <au«i4^.b«r|iiB«*m Q(7;b0r;devbtril Lnsband. 6w son Ujjyid. lits wife end their flaugh ,ttb>> Q0f9Uuf.|Wl<]toti«$ca. and oir<„ Springs'two sisiera, UTB.\R: R{ Beatty. jand Miss .Lbneg^ jg of Ji»s Ange *»/ ciilt; tWw hi , aTR. W.-J. abul H. if • XvaiM. boMl of JolftLanjl S.iJ. , The average: American; vegeMibie ^ro.wer has one trait with the farmer—he is ultra conservative ..when it comes to taking up new-fangled vegetables. ^Vhat .was good c nough for father is good enough foi hlin. This is not surprising, oving to the number of disappointiients which hav^ been experienced In the past from over- ad veirtised new varieties that proved no bett< r, if as good, and sometimes iden leal with old varieties. However ;a,scientific era has invaded \'cge ables and new varieties have to be really new with definite characteria Jcs to distinguish: them from exist ng varieties to earn a place in a tratalogue. They are subject, I first, to thprough tests and cp/nnarison^. While It Is advisable to atlck to varieties you know will 4o .wjell and produce flne crops In your ]viclnity It Is not advisable to be. too conservative. Try 'a aeyi sort of some vegetable each year in .an experimental ,way but ilo not depend pn it for the chief crpp un: tit it is tested In your garden. It is cuHtpmary for writers op gardening to recommend the same old standbys year In and 'year put but as a matter of fact, progressive planters and seed groweril ani^ sellers throughout the country ar^ discarding many of these / old- timers each year because of nevf varieties that arc distinctly superior. Watch pt; these improved varieties. The amateur gardener has a limited amount of knowledge with which to start and must learn by experience and can't gb^far wrong in depending upon the kinds of vegetables he knows flourish in neighbors' gardens, but he has the chance to grow something better than they do if he cares to try a little in the w4y of experimentation. Vegetables are sometimes notional and: while they may be far superior to old varieties In one locality they may not be asigood iin %'nbther. This is one reason for experimenting upon it for the season's crop. Verj' little in the way of brand- new and unknown vegetaBlcs can be expected now as the wirld has been thoroughly ransacked by plant explorers. We must! depend on better varieties of thej known kinds. I Flan tbe Tetrelable Garden. Despite frequent gooil advice by the most successful gardeners, it is safe to «ay that not one vegetable garden jin ten is plahned in advance. No other factor {in garden making is so ibadly neglected as the planning of the vegetable garden on paper, putting down in black and white, drawn to scale just what vegetables^ are to be planted how gr^at quantities, where they ore to grow in the garden with, the crops that are to follow those; that matjir^ early enough to permit a sucOesaion. Haphazard planting is one of tlie most frequent causeii of poor s.uccess and flagging enthusiasm in vegetable growing. A ueat garden can be most certainly obtained by following a carefully thought out plan. There Is time to figure it all but in the winter M-ceks when snow Is on the ground. There isn't the time to do a real Job of planning when you confront the 8|)aded ground with a collection of seed packets in your hand and:start putting the seed in as you mck uji the packets. Rotation crops are one of the most importa!nt problems and for its proper solution it is necessary to preserve the plan of this year until! next spring w^hen the new plan is.drawn and it can be easily planned not to plant ; the same vegetables in the same position two succeeding years. i)raw an outline of the garden space to a definite scale, one-quarter to one-half Inch to the foot, depending, upon the size of the garden: tho smaller the garden the larger the scale. Mark in the var- lods rows of vegetables, studying seed packetsj or as to the prbper s. writing in 'i;ctablcs and the the directions oit the in :the catalogues space between ro^ names of the v( follow crop or (jej one is planned. With tho gardcjn plan madn!,.a notebook should le acquired to', be hung on a conver lent hook in:|the mpanion crop if garage or back p note down the dat ^a the seeds wjere planted, time of ;crminatiou, ^nd the date of the f rst maturing, of the crop. Note slso the datc| of the sowing of follow crops. With this data the gar lener knows exactly how to ca culato for his vegetables from.yiear to year.- )rch in which io SPRING VALLEY <B. F. L0W.3 Mrs. John Hoffman is very b isy caring for the , thoMaand b iby chicks they bought of the Spn- flower Hatchery of Bronson. We are glad to he:^ that George Stout is recovering from his recent attack of pnieumouia'. ' Ed Vouug la dping some extensive Improvement on tho firm occupied by, Cha4 Wendel, fencing new lots, putting iip new ga es. reshingliug and papering {the house. : \ • Our cottage prayer meeting was held at llie^ home of Levi Jackson. There ,was a good lat- tendance and tho by .Mrs. Chus. \\] very efficient leai some time a coyo meeting was ;led [en del who Is a Her. After being chased by hounds 'for e took refuge in a chicken park .belonging to Johnny Pa<ldock and JphnnS' <;losed the gate on Mrs. Coyote and secured a club and killed her. Walter Statrord| shelled corn for Clyde Guffy last Wednesday. , Charley Willlts 3 building a new fence around hjs garden. Jie thinks the bens briaig the-garden seeds up too quick:: so he is fencing them out. | \ Mr. M. M. Cul^bison drove his cattle to his BourT)on county bjue grass pasture op Fiiday of last wfeek. The Philadolphk Athlcticsl Who went to St. Petersburg a dozen •years ago, were |he first major league baseball team lo train I in Florida. . Zeitgeist is- the taste at any par bias of public icular' period. lola merchants that TWSNTY-SIX of^ them should have bfeen able to ,co-operate in the [furnishing of one :hom^ witb a result so palanced and iharmonious as may be s^en in the jHome Beautiful, j It won,Id be intposslble to start enumerating the various features of the liome-which aroused the most comment among the - 1 visitors because every detail of eyery room came in for its share of prais^from oiie or another of those who flewed theml It appeared that each room seemed more beautiful than the one before it to the visitors as! they made their tour of the house. ' . One cpmment, however, was almost universal and that was one of, sorpris^' and delight ait the com- hiodipui size of the rbotns. From the outside the house gives the appearance of.being ratherj small, but as'a matter of fact, every room in it is of a most generous B I Z ^. This is largely due to the "mpdelf manner in which every inch pf space in the home has been arranged to be of the utmost value. fphe waste space in this Home simply does not exist. . ! One of ;he most interesting and indeed flattering things labout thd "open houkc" which the jhosts and hostesses noticed was the remarkable number of people who visited the Home twice and even three or four times. Literally liiindreds of them were so impressed (jither with the house as a whole or With sonio particular feature of it Ithat they: felt inspired to go getj some of;; their friends iind bring them back to -see iwhat - they had jseen and admired. The Register and the co-^ operators are delighted toj have visitors return and look pver|the hoU.s-e just as many times' as tl^ey desire. Those who co-operatejd in the building and furnishingsj of the Home Beautiful are the following: ARCHITECTS— : , Washburn A Stookey. GENERAL CONTRACTOR— John A. Griffith. | BRICK AND CONCRETE— Rqy Perkins. J PLASTERING-^ CA. Fiske.' PAIN-TIXG— Clair Lincoln. BUILDING MATERIALS— Northrup Lumber Company. PLUMBING AND FIXTURES— lola Plumbing Company. WIRING AND FIXTURES— Jones Electrical Works. HEATING AND HARDWARE— T. B. Shannon. WALLPAPER— Cook's. ! 1 PAINTS AND .VARNISHES— .Rowden's. FURNITURE— A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. SILVERWARE— Leffler Jewelry Co. RADIO— Arbuckle's Garage. LANDSCAPING— The loin Grpenbou'sei TOILET ARTIC ..ES— . ^•ry's. -j' BRUNSWICK— ; J. V. Roberta Music Co. .ME.VS CLOTHING— i ' Globe Clothing Co. GROCERIES- Fryer Bros. FUlOiDAIRE— L. S. Bustard. SHOES— Shield's Shoe Store.S BOOKS— . j The Evan$ Store. ' ART FURNISHI.NGS— A. E. Gibson. ' , DRAPERIES AND LINENS— J. C. Penney Co. LAUNDERI.VG— lola Laundry. STAR AUTO.MOBILE— B. T, Barber. GASOLINE-^ Peerless Oil & Refining Co. DRY CLEANING— Ableson Cleaners. LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR— Richardson's. CONFECTIONERY— Sife;^ Conl'ectioueryj T'le Home Beautiful is insured by tSaeEACCCVMBEfiASDrTHE SEA URCHIN. ,. DeariPnssy Cousin: I neVer wrote, yoii abqut my lact day at the •ea shore, when I went out on the rocks and talked'to the sea incum­ ber and tlie sea urchin. It is greenish yellow like-rout land cucumbers, while the sea nrciibx Is round and full of priekly ^plnes. Mrs. Sea Cncumber asked mc what they did with the ciucuinbers that they gro^ on land. I told her at they j)ickle<I and ate them. "Mercy." she safd, '•you are not go­ to do that with me." i Ur. Cnctunber made us all laugh said, "like my cousin fie starfish. If yon look closely you can see-them . wiggling about. They a^e arrangedf c in little rows. In gron is of ' five,* rnnning along: my body 1 ml leadini;^ directly to my, mouth. ^ Tou sec myi Pionth is round aad m;; teeth ar%' viery sharp." . j "This. Is a'skeleton bf ,thc sea. urchin beside me, with all of the .•ipines dropped off." said tlio .sea urchin. "I bnlld my shell of carbonate of lime, which) I extract from the sea water." ' "When an enemy at<|icks us. wo I Lay Downf Beside tlie Sea Cucumber. Ib^H saying that she had kept him in k pickle most of his life. I Mrs. Gucimiber was indlgnaijt at fwliat Mr. Cncumber said,,for| she ithrew out.her long sticky threads, Tvhicb are used as a defenses It [was very Interesting to se« her., 1 The sea cncumbir Jhas Uttle tube feet which It can draw Into Its body, j "We never go to the sea doctor, iwhenwe are 111." said the sea cucumber. "If anything is Jhe matter iwith our digestive organs, all.we do lis cast them np and grow new ones." ' The jolliest one of the whole ierowd was the little sea orchln. How it did langb at Mrs. Cncum­ ber. ; As I looked at the sea nrehtn I thonght that It looked more Uke a ichestnnt/bnrr than anything else. Its, body was covered w1th{.short Stiff spines. They .were reddish lAik. > '-I move my spines while walking, to help me keep my balance," said thej sea nrehln. ' tHaven't yon any feetf^ X asksd 'Mjh. Tea; I havftjaany feeV .lt open our little knives, now folded np. We inap tthSe' knives together, which which rigi •I cnts and' stlng^ the victim. We put a poison fluid |into the sting," sJajid the sea nrchln. "Where are these knivefe," I asked, "They, are those little oval petals that you see," it answeVed, "I will extend one now, and show you jnaC what it looks like." "I breathe thru tubes and get thai oxygen from the water," It said. '"Why do they call-yiu.-the sea urchin^" I asked. .,,\ • "Because we are always pVyin^ around the streets of the" sea," It answered. "AVe have ijjts of fun. We are found on the.'»(a coast, in all parts of the world." .Do you remember th s long sea: ribbon. Cousin Ted, that my mi*; tress sent[ to Airs. S. I(^ st snmmerj That morning I saw thim growing on the rocks. They «re a dark br&wn thick and leathery Some are brown thick and leathery.; Some are ruffled. They are v( ry curious and I am glad that I sa^ r how they grew attached to the rpcks. Good Nlght .4 -JCHUM. R .L. Tlioinpson Agency^ financed li.v Security Building & Loan Association and is for sale through John Rcuther. ! up-tp-date brooder hpuse and have purchased a large number of baby chicks. Mrs. G. M. Remsberg.| also purchased baby chicks of .the same hatchery and is willing to wager 2 to 1 fhat she will jiave fried chicken before. Ruben docs. SOMEWOMEN SILVER LEAF (Mrs. Fred Duffey) A very heavy rain visited- tliis vicinity Wednesday night and ThurSda.v, which made Rock Creek bank full and will keep farm work in the field'at a stand still for several :da.vs. j A iphysician w .ns called to the C. C, Eastwood hoine fiiesday to see Mr. E^astwood, who has been sick, but is reported better at this writing. Those visiting at thft J. F. East- wood;homc Sunday were: Mr.' and .Mrs. Ward Atkisson, Fay and Helen Davis of Redfield, Miss Butch er of Tulsa, Okla. and the. two. .Misses Showers of Rock drcek dls- trict,'and^r. and Mrs' R. D. Smith and son Roy.j Willie Lasater and wife returur ed to lola Wednesday wliere Willie has employment nl tlie cement plant. i A number from this vicinity attended the dackson sale j Wednesday. Mr. Jackson and family expect to leave soon for Njew Mexico, where he hoi^s to regain his health. Mr. ; and Mrs. George Remsberg, Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Remsberg and' Mrs. Opa| Butcher motored to PHtsburg Sunday and visited at 4he AIUcHell home. Joe Wilson spent Saturjday night and Sunday with Hbmep Duffey. Mr. and Mrs.'Herman iBraun called at the Chas. Wray home Sunday e.vening. : I Mr. anp Mrs. M. A. Felnder visited her mother, who Is Qiiite sick, at Colonjr Sunday. ' \ ; Mrs. MeCamley: and (^anghters spent SuiMay afternoon- ^ the H. iBraun ho:ae. The Fa -mers Union shipped a load of «ailve8 and one I pf hogs from Cokxny, Tuesday night. The" H. & N. club served lunch at the Jsckson skle; Wednesday jand cleari d aboat $32.00. Rich^d BastwOod atid wife of Oklahoma are visttlng at ihe C. C- Eastwood home, and helpflng care for Mr. C astwoodJ I ^r.JgU^Un. 9a^n nennlierg are tnttdg the rllnjclclin tile chlck- ]e!s,4i ilJieT lia ?elNll |t>.8n STATE-HEXT Of the Ownership, . .Management, Circulation, etc.; required b.v the JAct of Congress flf 24, 1912. |of The lola Daily Hugister, published daily exctjnt Sunday at lola. Kansas, for Aprj|l:l, 1927. SlHte of Kaunas; Allen County, SH. Before me, a Notary Public, in and for tin; State and county afore•said, personally ajjiioared Angelo C. Scott, who, haivins! been ,diily sworn jict-onfing to law, »lpi)ose .H 'and says^that he is the Business .Manager of the lola Dail.v RcRister and that the following, is, to the best of his knowledgt' and belief, a true s atement of the owuerhsip, nmuagenicnt. circulation,. etc'., of thn. at'orcsaid publication for the date slio'wn in the above' caption, requiredi by the Act of August 24. 19121. embodied in section 411, Postal Laws and Regulations,; printed on the reverse of this form,' to wit: ; 1. That the names and addresses of the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers are: PuDlisher., ChajrlcsF. gcott, lola.; Editor. Charles F. Scott, lola. Managing Editor, Charles P. Scott, lola. ' Business Manager, Angelo C. Scott, lola. 2. That tho owner is, Chas. F. Scott, lola, Kansas. 3. "That the known bondholders, mortgageos,, and othbr security holders owning or holding 1, per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortsagcs, or other securities are: None. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the names of the owners', stockholders, and security holders, if any, contain not only the list of stockholder.s and secur- it.v'holders as they, appear upon ^hc books of the company hut also, in ca>-cs where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the bboks of |th(' company as tr-ustec or in any; other fiduciary relation, the name .bf the person or corporation for •whom such trustee is acjv in;. Is gil^cn: also that the said two paragraphs contain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief: as to the circumstances and conditions under which 'stockholders ahd security hplders who do not appear upon the books of the comp;M>y as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona fide owner; and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association., or. corporation has any interest direct or indirect in the said stock, boads, or other securf.. ties than as soyStated by him. 5. That the average number of- copies of each issue of.this publi-l cation sold or distributed, through; the mails or otherwise, tq paid sub-: scriiiera-during the.six months pre-; ceding the date shown I above is 3698. j " ANGELO C.i SCOTT. Businesii Manager. Sworn to and subscribed liefore me this 1st day of AprU, 1927. i EUNICE E. TOBEY. tSeal] Notary Publltf.' (My commission expires January :tl. 19?.l). You w^nt to be beautifult You want the tireless enerRj-, fresh domplexion ahd pepof youth. Then let Dh Edwards' Olive Tablets keejj your system free from the poisons tlogpjd bowels and torpid liver. | For 20 years, men and wojmen suffering from stomach trouhlcB. pimples, listlessness ami headaches have taken Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablet^, a successful substitute for calomel, a compound of vegetable ingredients, (nixed with olive oil, known by their blive color. They act easily upon the bowels without gripiriEi VI H-V deanse the system and tone up the liver. Keep youth and its man^ gifts. 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