Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on May 14, 1936 · Page 5
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 5

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1936
Page 5
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XHUttSDAY, MAY 14, 1030. Milda Waters, rind Miss Doris |bul<> returned to Waterloo Monday ernoon titor spending the Mother's ^week-end here in the home of jir parents, Mr. and Mrs. August fcultz. ' Howard nnd Neil Bulman, both of , m arc employed on farms in this •iility, f° ok time oflf Sunday for a to'ihcr's Day visit in the home of | c lr pnrents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. of this city. { County Attorney Wm, P. Shaier of juiton was in Postville last Friday illing on his many friends. "Billie" ( ' a candidate for re-election on the publican ticket and has many [ends over in this section of Allama- . who arc always glnd to greet him. ( Joyce Aim Gregg of this city has a ,'ndy little sister since last Thursday, hen the great family bird, the stork, ft a sweet little bunch of femininity . the home of Mr. and Mrs. Keith I 'ljtgl, who now have a lovely pair of ticens in their household. Nancy ue is the name given the new little dy. Read the advertisements in today's Herald and save money l For Sale—10 -20 and 35-30 McCormick-Deering tractors; Rock Island with two-bottom plow, $185.00; Case steel 22-inch cylinder thresher, $235.00. Also good used Farmall F-20 tractor. Want a good Fordson. I sell new Wood Bros, threshers. Frank Vsetecka, Ft. Atkinson, Iowa. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Lawson was the scene of a large and happy gathering on Sunday last, and delicious eats and a jolly social season made it an occasion of rare delight to all participating. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Weber and daughters and Mrs. James, of Cedar Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Peterson and family of Waukon, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Segvist, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Lawson and Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lawson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Cloy Lawson and Doris Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lawson, the Misses Berna Schultz. and Vevlie Weston, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ewing and family, Mr, and Mrs. Geo. Ewing and Ed Ewing. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAGE FIVE. Dravis CASH Grocery "Where Quality Is Inexpensive" Specials May 14 to 18 Yi lb. Green, at only Yi lb. Green, at onIy____ 27c 14c Yi lb. Orange Pe- JJ^» koe & Pekoe__ •WASH Water Softener—Cleanser Better and Cheaper than Soap for WASHING DISHES —TRY IT 25c Pkg. 17< MONARCH CATSUP 25c Bottle for 17c 16c Robb Ross 1 9„ Wheat Cereal IOC Monarch Cocoa, 1 pound for__ S0% more suds means 47% less work Giant Size for 55c 1 lge. pkg. Dreft 25c 115c-pkg. Dreft 15c 40c ALL FOR 25c ? ua r A Bottle for 19V 2 c Quart Mustard at only Pink Salmon, j|i/ 2 per can___ Gal. Prunes, per can__. 45c Brooms, at only Ik c 28c 27c Bars for OP- for only uuv 10c 15c Lima Beans, per can Gal. Dark or An Light Syrup^ *i i C 25c Pancake | /» Flour IOC 10c Swans Down *)A n Cake Flour— titt 1 lb. package 15c 1 lb. 30c; 2 lbs. 54c BUY NOW! 7c value now . . 5c 4 packages for 19c Miracle Whip pt Qt 37c Salad Dressing ^ Mrs. J. T. Humphrey, Howard, Donald and Margaret Humphrey drove to Dubuque Sunday and -spent Mother's Day with their daughter and sister, Miss Mary Hope Humphrey, at Clarke College. Bruce Webster will leave on Friday of this week for Ann Arbor, Michigan, to visit his flying friend, Francis Wallis, who has a position with the United Air Lines. Bruce and Francis were college mates at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon. , Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stone and Catherine drove into Chicago on Monday to meet Harold's mother, Mrs. Lucy Stone of Daytona Beach, Florida, who will spend the summer here among her old friends. They arrived back in Postville Tuesday noon. Arnold Wolf, a mechanic at the Falb garage in this city, is taking the week off, having been married yesterday to a lady in Prairie du Chien. On their return to Postville they will be "at home" in the apartment at the Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Behrens residence. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gordon of this city, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Gordon of Elkader, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ryken of Latlimer drove to Oak Dale last Sunday and spent Mother's Day visiting Miss Gretchen Gordon, whom they found in good spirits and mighty glad to see them. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gates and Mrs. Morgan of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, will arrive here next Sunday on a visit of several days. They will be accompanied by Mrs. F. W. Eaton of Long Beach, Calif. Welcome to Postville, folks, your many friends will be glad to greet you. Had you noticed it, or aren't you drinking water to quench your thirst? Anyhow the bubbler drinking fountains about town have been turned on for the season, and anyone desiring a swig of the best water on earth will find it on tap at all the public fountains, and it's free. Miss Neva Waters had a birthday anniversary Monday, so a number of her schoolmates autoed out to the Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Waters home that evening and gave Neva a neat surprise party. Dainty refreshments were served and a pleasant evening was spent by all present. Earl J. Handy returned last Wednesday from a few days business trip to Kansas City, Missouri, where he purchased eleven carloads of feeder cat. tie for his farm and conditioning yards here at Postville. Most of the stock is now here and will be fitted for market in the shortest possible time. Word was received here last Sun day by Postville relatives informing them of the death that day in a hospital at Duluth, Minn., of Leo Sheeny youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sheeny. Leo was born in Post' villa about fifty years ago. His home of late years has been in International Falls, Minn. The Northeast Iowa Masonic Fellow ship Association will hold its May meeting at Garnavillo on Friday of this week. May 15th. There will be the usual guest speaker and, as a special added feature, the Garnavillo lodge has arranged for a three-act play by members of the Metropolitan Lodge of Dubuque. Lloyd Walter of Postville, engineer employed to make a survey of the proposed artificial lake project, completed the survey Tuesday evening and sent his report to the State Conservation Commission, who will make a topographical map of the project as outlined and return with other information to the committee in charge of the project here. Mr. Walter spoke very favorably of his findings and it is the earnest desire of everyone interested that the commission will approve the project and that work can be started in the near future.—Waukon Democrat. Contractor Louis W. Thoma and his crew have started the work of plastering and reshingling the home of Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Galloway, which was considerably damaged by fire and water a few weeks ago. The many Postville friends of Mrs. Cora Jewell, the venerable mother of Mrs. E. J. Handy of this city, who is making her home here with her daughter, will be sorry to learn that she was suddenly stricken ill last Thursday and has been quite poorly since. Robert Martindale of Waukon,-who had been a member of the CCC camp in Decorah until its recent abandonment, was here several d^ys last week visiting his mothpr, Mifs. Gunda Martindale, and his sijstefC Mrs. Burr Cook. Robert has been assigned'to the CCC camp at Lamont. Mr. .and Mrs. C. R. Winn and Johnny of Castalia, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Gregg and Mrs. James Gregg were Mother's Day guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Gregg making the acquaintance of Nancy Jane, the sweet little girl that arrived in the latter home the Thursday previous. When the boys at the Postville highway garage slick up they do it in a grand way, so that all may see their good works, and hence it is that the interior of their shop shines like a nigger's heel, the ceiling, sidewalls and floor alike having been brightened up with a coat of paint. Here's something new that should make lawn mowing a pleasure. Louis Hill showed us a lawn mower he has on display air his store w,hich has rubber tires, inflated to 1.5'pounds, which cuts a 16-inch swath' as easily as you like. It has .new/style bearings that make play out of an otherwise tedious job. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Meyer and family drove to Marshalltown last Saturday afternoon for a week-end visit in the home of his brother, Fritz Meyer, and family. On the return journey they brought David Meyer back with them for a visit in the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Davjd' Meyer. ' / In conversation with Fred Hangartner on Monday forenoon we/inquired if any of the farmers hereabouts had done any corn planting/yet. And he informed us that jthey/had, he himself having planted twejve acres on last Thursday and Fricfay, May 7th and 8th, and he further stated you can believe it or not, but thete^are already good sprouts on the corn,! so it won't be long until you..wilL.see^Fred riding his corn cultivator. The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schultz, just north of Postville was the scene of a large and happy gathering of relatives and friends on Mother's Day, where an elaborate dinner was followed by a most enjoyable social season throughout the afternoon. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thompson and family of Lamont; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harvey and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Can non and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schmitz and family, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Albright and family, Mr. and Mrs. Will Albright, Elza Albright, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Blake Albright and family, all of the Castalia locality; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schmitz and family of Ossian. I.G.A. SPECIALS MAY 15th to 21st SPEE DEE QUICK BAKED BEANS, 2 10-ounee t Q^, packages for XV \s POST TOASTIES, S\-t Z packages for £t\.\s RED 'A' COFFEE, -J IJ per pound • ^ IGA CATSUP DELUXE OQ n 2 14-oz. bottles IGA CLEANSER, ' ft 2 packages for. tt\s HARDY'S FREE RUNNING SALT, plain or iodized, in p 3 2-pound pkgs ATWOOD'S VACUUM PACK COFFEE, per pound OQ„ only £i*J\j MOR GAIN CHICK STARTER MASH, 100 pound sy A J? bag for. U»HtD POULTRY WHEAT, "1 Qft 100 pounds JL »t /U PLAIN SALT BLOCKS, QQ„ at only OeJC Farmer Store Mr. and Mrs. Lance Candee of Elkader, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Candee and family of Volga City, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Candee of Calmar, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jahncke and family were Mother's Day visitors here in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Candee. Mr. and Mrs. Burr Cook and Mrs. Gunda Martindale took Robert Martindale to the CCC camp at Lamont last Sunday, after which they continued their journey to Waterloo for a brief Mother's Day visit to Burr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cook. Mr. and Mrs. George Henrys and family of McGregor, Mr. and Mrs. Will Beisker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Livingood and family, Mrs. Emma Livingood and family were' Mother's Day guests las't Sunday at the home of Mrs. Anna Beisker in this city. Our esteemed townsman and friend, Dan McNeil, St., made us a call on Tuesday afternoon, and as he was all dressed up we asked the reason why. "Reason enough," says Dan, "I'm celebrating my ninety-first birthday anniversary." And you'd never think it to look at him for he's as spry as most men many years his junior, and he can still crack a joke or dance a jig and enjoy both of them. He has always lived a plain, simple life, and was never intemperate in anything except hard work, which no doubt has a lot to do with the splendid physical condition he now enjoys at a time of life when .most people would be unable to get about at all. Congratulations, Dan, and may you be with us to kick the lid off the century mark; as you know the first hundred years are the hardest. On Friday last Mr. and Mrs. Ira Smith got out their gasoline chariot, and after loading in several cans of milk fed angleworms and lassoing on a flock of fishpoles, they picked.up Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ervin and drove down to Turkey River in the vicinity of Eldorado, whore they had a very pleasant time and harvested quite a string of choice chubs. ^iiHiitiHMiiiuimtifiiiiiiiiiiimiiimiiitiiitiiiiitiiiiitiiiimnrr, I At the Elevator j | TRY OUR I | PIG Meal | | —made from an | I Ames formula. 1 Mt i > 5 1 I per cwt. Postville, Iowa "^jiiiHiifiMiiimiiiimitMiMiiiiiMiiiiiMimiiiitiiiiimiJiiHiuti' f * Luhman & Sanders' Grocery Specials: MAY 14.. 15 and 16 Bananas, lb. 5c June Peas, 2 cans_—15c Van Camp Beans, 3 large cans 25c Banner Oats, lge 15c Ex. Standard Corn, 3 cans for 25c G. B. Corn, 2 cans__19c Chipso, lge. pkg._u_19c Rinso, lge. pkg 19c Rice, 2 lbs 11c Navy Beans, 3 lbs.__13c Prunes, ex. lge, 2 lb. 19c, Dried Apricots, lb.__19c Frute-Gel, 6 pkgs.__25c Crackers, 2 lb. box__16c New Cabbage, lb 5c Carrots, bunch 7c Head Lettuce, ex. lge. 7c Grape Fruit, ex. lge. 6c Bruce Chick Mash 2.35 Bruce Grain Feed_2.50 Oatmeal, 100 lbs. 2.50 Oyster Brand Shells 59c Block Salt __39c Stock Salt, 100 lbs—69c C&H Cane Sugar, 25 lbs. 1.29 Mothers Best Flour 1.75 Mother Hubbard Flour, 49 lb. bag __2.00 Reliable Seeds, 3 pk. 10c N. D. Early Ohio Seed Potatoes,-100 lbs. 2.48 N.D.Irish Cobblers 2.49 New White Potatoes, 4 pounds foi\. -19c Corn Meal, 5 lbs.___14c ARE INVITED TO ATTEND THE NORGE ys HOME sT/? fij? 5ERV,CE / / C>rO ^Vw-^ SCHOOL luff- mm N3 • This is more than a mere demonstration of Norge home appliances—although such a demonstration would be very interesting to any woman who keeps house. 0 We have arranged to have one oi the members of the Norge Home Service staff conduct this school. And we are sure that what she will have to say on modern methods of home-making will be intensely interesting to you. It will be well worth your while to attend. • Don't forget the time and place. Come and bring your friends. NORGE ROLLATOR REFRIGERATOR— Learn how Norge brings a new kind of economy to the home—at the same time giving you the luxury of better meals, tastier foods, easier work. Learn how a Norge will enable you to make many new and interesting dishes—quickly and easily. Take this opportunity to get the inside facts about Rollator Refrigeration. • NORGE GAS RANGE —See the beautiful, modern gas range by Norge, with its revolutionary new Concentrator burners—its self-lifting Broilator—"skyscraper" construction—extra-insulated oven. Learn how and why this new Norge gas range does betler cooking, in less time, with less gas. NORGE ELECTRIC WASHER— Let the Norge Home Service expert show you how to wash clothes the modern way—in a Norge washer. Let her show you how the most delicate fabrics are thoroughly cleansed without wear and tear. Learn about the Norge system of "Quietors"—a means of keeping the Norge washer running smoothly and quietly for years and years. NORGE ELECTRIC IRONER— You'll be amazed to see how easy it is to operate the Norge ironer—and what beautiful work it does. You'll say that here, at last, is the ironer you've been waiting for. If you have an electric washer in your home or are thinking of getting one, you will certainly want to see this demonstration. WHIRLATOR OIL BURNER —You know the many advantages of oil heat for the home. Let the Norge Home Service expert show you the special features of the Norge Whirlator oil burner. It is unusually simple in construction, easy to install and to inspect, quiet in operation, economical. Learn about the advantages of the exclusive Whirlator. At The Iris Theatre Wednesday, May 20 Two Sessions: At 1:00 and 3:00 o'clock P. M. Get your tickets for admittance to the theatre at our store now. These also entitle you to share in the awarding of the grand prize of a Norge Washing Machine, and the many other useful items that will be given away absolutely free at these interesting sessions. LOUIS SCHUTTE Norge Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Ironers Northeast Iowa's Largest Furniture Stores POSTVILLE—Two Stores—OSSIAN

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