The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on October 15, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1892
Page 3
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CLOSXXTC SALS Of Boots Shoes, Tlic Postvillc Wocklv Review • Mow w< EVERY SATURDAY W. N. BURDlCK. BY TERMS: $ j so A YEAR 1N ADVANCE. We intend to quit business, and therefore wo will sell our entire stock of Ladies'. Gentleman's and Children's Shoos, Slippers. Rubbers. Men's and Boy's Boots, •F * (OST. J^EBARDLESS * These are all the Latest Styles and were bought for the fall and winter trade. Now is the timo to buy your Fall and Winter Footwear for you can got them at WHOLESALE PRICES. L^N. B. On account of the foiling health of the senior partner we are obliged to close this stook, in order to take oharge of the store at Alma, Wis. Thanking our many customers for their past patronage, we now guarnte* you some GOOD BARGAINS. — Show iV (jnr«lloiis of cftst, 31tf at I.. STKOKUKI. A SOX'S. • MM. Crod'j Is prvpnviviR lo remove to California. Clnvenoe laltnr* Is down frvun Minnesota on a visit. (Soot's Uemilne Kangaroo Shoos, nt | 7.\ nt 1.. »»ro «Wr«. J'ttf --Tito highest prloes paid for poultry nt Hurt's market. No rnin for tivo wosks. loss to say it is n dry time. -K. N. l>ou;;l«ns has Iwtm buying | goods, in Cltlongo this week. -Fresh bulk oysters received every Saturday at Hurt's, meat market. -Mm. Tuttlo visilod l.ols, nt, Doeo- rnh, over Sunday wmik before. Inst. L. STECEBEL & SOT. TROUBLE HAS BEGUN l! SEELTOH I One of the firm has just returned from Chicago with one of the largest and best selected stook of goods that was ever brought to this place and in order to substantiate the fact you have only to step in and look for yourself. Every line of goods is complete. Our stock of Ladies' Dress Goods cannot be excelled in the town. Dress Goods from 10c up. Ladies' and Misses' Cloaks and Jackets in great varieties, consisting of Plush, Melton, Beaver, Mallasia, Cheviots and others too numerous to men tion. BOOTS & SHOES:—We have the most complete stock in town. We carry Bradley & Metcalf, Pingree & Smith and C. H. Fargo & Co's celebrated $2.50 Shoe. — All the doll* of iNxdyille and rieln. ily am invited to attend the IVII Carnival, Friday evening. Oot, 2lst. Rev. I.. H. Moses, of Vlllard. Minn, will preach in the Con^'l ohtuvh next I Sunday, morning and evening. Th* AlM*M\0<mli«m. Never before ha* there »s\n£rejs»t<M ! under a roof in IVstullo snoh a ms£t\l- • Alli- LOCAL REVIEW. U is uood- -lliinilmime NIIOW dolls mid n vnri- «ly of novelty dolls nt. the enrnlrnl. -Tin bank statement* published thla week hoth show a lioultliy condition. -Wo did gel a line shower thU morn- lnj; oiifly, for which wo are Ihnnktul. t)ct. Mth mid tomato villus still grorm. ll is pretty noiirly phonomlniil. Foil SAI.K -A Hoeoud hand Shoiv Cum Itii|iiiro nl tlio llumty l'hoto Gallory. — (io .spol Hymns No. mid (i consolidated, til olllue. -Will yon oomo In anil help us oele- Ivrate Columbus day next Friday? An interesting program is prepared. Heniy l.nhniau reports that S. II. Finney is doing a tine business at Fny- [ elte and Is v*ry pleasantly situated. For 8nlo. My residence on the north side. MlW. 11. 11. HA.7.I.KTO*. Good Farm For Sale or Rent, A good farm of 200 norva. o} miles southwest of lVstvillo. Kor tonus and information inquire nt this ofuYo. Horse-Shooing. No hit ami miss, hut n good job every I'lntlor mid prices very ronsonnble. Titos. SIIOKTKKKP. To Rent. Millinery Shop, ono door south ol the postollloe. (iood location for n harder shop. W. 8. W 'KiisrttK. Bumll Fnrm For Sulo. Thu John Mult' farm of 10 acres, a now for pnrlloii- linlf mil" south of l'ostvlllo, Is sale. Cull on John Molr for Inrs. 6 anil Nos. 6 the KKVIKW -Tho now minister, ROY. Smith, will pruuuli nt tho M. K. noxt Suiulnv. W. 1). ohnroh — Mrs. F. FninUon wn.s down from Onsinn Muudiiy vlalling hor siHltit', Miss Lizzie Uikoitbill. — Moiionn was largely represented nt tho Allison mooting on Woduemlny evening. Our neighboring town Is alwuys nwnko on smli nmlter.i. t'ns- tixlln nml other mirroundliij; towns wore also reprosentid. --Clmirmnn May wtllns us that Hor- iniiii 11. lUmdrioks, of Union City township, hns litun [nil on thn ropiililloan tickot for supervisor, nml thnt. ho is n tirst class mini for the pliic.o. Ills name npponrn In the tioknt. Tho HKVIKW household "lirok* hruiwl" vtilli I'nu.k llaislut, nml family nt Now Hampton, lust SiUurdiiy iiioluding Mrs. K, K. UurdUilc, who wont that, wny to St. l'uiil. Wo inndo loo I short n stay l<> onll it n visit. OouweU l?vween\vi|f»i iVwnell wet i<\ l-egolar s*«ston «Vt. lh. 1S>« tiivnt audle.nee x* (jreeled Senator Alll-J <*.M «mi»(ee on uijjlil watohman fepovt S\MI on Weduosvlav o\eiiin;r. rerhsp* ' \\n\ inq eont'eri-ed with the petitioiiet'> In the vears jrone hv on one or tw-o i it t< <y all a^iee to oonlrihule. Se\ oevaMons there have been nioi-e people j e ial applications have heen made, hut no ouo appointed. On motion, committee continued Action on sidewalk on south side of Military street, deferred until ue\t lueotlng. Petition of eitteens nsklny for a »lde walk <»U north and south olde or Tilden atri>et, commenolnu nt the N. I", cmnoi of IvU t, H. V!*; thenee west to the N. W. corner of lot S. 11. V; Also com menclnj! at tlio S K coiner of lot IS, II. V^; thence west to S W. coiner of lot 11. V'(>. Ii'.'ld l>u inotloii, prater of pelllionem granted, and oidtnance committee Instructed to diaw an oidinnneo to nccordiincc with the pvtltlon and pvn sent same at nevt meetliifi I'lie following; hill" w «tn allowed: I. 11. Saudeis, nttondiufj council moclliifis, . - ,'np ti. Stnndt, atleii«llii(v coun.'ll mceltufio, ,",011 W. <'. McNeil, atteudlufi council meetings, - ! tut Meyer, nttendlnji council men liitts i .00 S. 1'. Clln'on, altoiidlng noiuii'll mentlii|>a, - 7.00 S. V. Clinton, Inmher. 45.41 Sanders A Kapler, Inmher, lo.hS Wm. Mcl.tiillleii, lnlior on nlieela, V.t.7fi CIIIIIIMI Mclitillc, " " " l.oO lohn I'Uler. V.'t.lfi lohn Colo, liihnr of loam on ,'lln , VO IHI " unit " " 10 i:t 100 plocus ,' In tlio, tl 00 I' 1 . W. Tullvr, miirshnl. It moulhn niiliirv, - l!i I*. Miirphy, lnlior mi nirt .eln. It.IV ti. lUyllloll, lllllttlllji loll IMIUIM of nlono, 10.00 WfAUl.tWHiUi l!i:l;!. —Clork W. S. Hurt was ov«r vlowiii}; IH'H fuucUH und shuking hnnds with Ihci hoys on Tuusdny. —l-'rnnk Robhlr.s wnn ovot* from Wnukoti on Tuesday but did not "show u|>" nt this ollluo. — Soo notice of Singor Sewing Mauhiuu oxhibit week nfter next, In tho Mott building. Migs Mabol DoOou, Cirmliiuld of tho American Coiisorvii- tory of Muslo, Chlongo; also pupil of | Amy ,Kny, is prypnt'vil to touch tho piano, oigiui anil linrnioiiy. rOSTVII.I.K, - 1<)WA. —Mr. nml Mrs. II. S. Luliinnn spout Suntlny at I'liyotto, the jjoustx of H. 11. I'inuoy and family. - Dr. mid Mrs. Allonklrch loft for thuir now home ut Imlopoiideuco on Wtidnotulny ovoning. — Tlio KKVIBW will now bo wont to now subscribers to Jim. 1st for Ki ots. Send it to your friends. —A Child's Solid Oil (iruiii Ilutton Shoo with solo leather lip, nt 7fi oouts, 31tf nt h. STUOKHKL 4 SON'S. -Don't full to rund Luhiiinii & .Sun- dura' important nnnoiiiicoiuoiit on tho olu»f pago. It is n deop cut. —houlsinna DiiiioiiBon, Cypress Shinglos nml Arkiinsns Yellow I'iue FlDifllnnfC, for sulo nt SANOKHS & KAI-I.KIC'B, -Tho linn of .Schilling & Co., wlueli was to liiivo opomiil up in the Wnrd stand, hns fulled to iimtorlullzo, nml tlul old Htnmt is open for oii^iiguiniiiit wo bolUivo. It has for yours bumi ono of the bust business slunHs in town, - C. I. Bishop nml family will lonvo us for thuir future hotuu In KIUIHUH this nftoriiooii, wo liellove. Wn wish tlioiu unbounded prosperity, but bnllnro IIIoy would bo bettor off right hero In I'osl- vlllo, whore tlmy liuvn rnsnliid HO lontf. -•II. Yf. Meyer, of Itlilgowny, WIIH down on n visit n few days this week nml nlso to attend liW brother 'ti woil- illng. lie siiys crops Diei'v uro n llttlo bettor thnit here lids your, UKpiioliilly oitts, Wu me liidvhtod for ti pluiismit cull. at afternoon demonstrations out of doors, hut wo have nexer seen an\thlu(i lik» It In lh* evening, outside or Indoors. At 7:S9 litem was not a vacant seat In the commodious hall, although the new pari had been seated for the occasion. And mill the people came and occupied available staudlujj room. l.arni> mini hers went away, unable to fl-ot Inside tho hall at nil The quartet j;n?a some tine selections, W. C. MvNell, as "master of nionles," jjnve a short and eloipieni addivss. especially adapted lo \ mutj-- men. after which, and after another IOIIJI. Senator Allison was introduced, and for more than two hours held the va»l aullelloe perfectly ipilot, nohody, except n few who ware standing loav- lli/r the hall until the close. Mr. Allison discussed but two of the Issues involved in the eampal^ii, the money and tho tarltV nuestiotis. These he deems tlio paramuitut. Issues to lie decldud by tlio people at tho coming election, and no mint In the lhilled Ktales understands both questions bettor than he. Hit handled limit), not as a pntll(oji)<;er hulas a statesman with broad and liberal views, nml with a fiiiruoss thai. Is chariicl.erlsllo of the man and IICCIIIIIII/; to his lil^li position. Wo have neither I lute or space lo p.o Inlo ilolall. ll was ii clear nml logical defense of houeul. money and n proloe live lav Iff, and It will hn utterly Inipon sllile for the democrats who will follow lilm hero lo disprove or wiplnlu away Ids reasoning for II Is bused on cold mid solid fuels. It was nil educational speech mid nun dial will ho food for thought for nil who hoard ll. The ropiitillciiiiH mny well fool proud of the ovnllun j;lven to oni dlNllup ,ui 'diod sen lor sonulor. Wn clip thu following Item In rein tlou to our now Melliodisl mlululrr from a Into Issue of thn t h 'tmon Times: 'Thn Montgomery Mlniidurd, of Monteoiuci'v City, Mii., In Its report of Missouri unuuiil ooiiforenoe of lli» M. K, ohiireh, south, hus thin In wny of ono of our Howard county preiiehnrs Iter. Ilourliiud I), Mmlth, of the Ilppor lowii confureneo, nml biotlmr of Hon. (1. ritiiiiiu Hiitlth, of this place, was a visitor ilurliijr the weolt. Dr. John D. Vlnoli, In u toiiohlng mid henutlfiil iiddress thut iitovnd Hut niitlin iiuilleueo, culled attention to Ihfl puis mum of tlio VINIIOI' us n soholnrly mid distlngiilshod dlyluu whose fullior wim for nearly half u century n member of tills eonreroncii. Mr. Sinl|li wan Inlin- dnerd to the coiifurencn by the blslio| The few well ohosoii renmrlm by Mr. Htillfft «u iritpruNMnil die oiiiifeieiiim Mini, there was u geiierul deiiiuiid Hint he be given mi opportunity to prouoh. Sun 11ay iifteniooii wits usiilgneil him, IIIMI In the presence of eollt//u prosldeiilN, doe tors of divinity, and •cores of umlnunl ilivlmin an honor seldom ueeordeil lo so young ii mini lie prvuohod. Ills sermon wns ({oiiorully comuided to he one of thu 11 HUM t. Iinui'd dining I lei mission.' " Iter. I.oekwooil npeliks In the hlgViest tenns of pruiva of Ktiy. Smith, mid from wliul we can iiinrii he Is n yury ftlilu nml eloi|iiniil young limn. The church und pooplu of I'lintvillo slioulil glyn him n cordliil weleiiiiiu. OOLUMUUU BAY. JUlJ f >m I'nll mid \i /nt. fHI>» not fl«',"ll <HH' lt<Hl flU!, Illlf «<) ">t'll ain'fl fuiif •»< > I 'm fwfl'Mf wltl* ill nl n /n 'fnf «\ fif ffis'in, fiuf inn !»•)<•?, <" u<<\» ililili i»» li> |>i i )• I iti ' i • )l.'. i; i ii t li ii i »i M ia it « << i (r i, i ;, i at ;l fit / a h. I, iil.f rll ifl.' / Vilt »«f I ^.Hiif^i. H't' Mttl t"l «' nil I 'oeipcl tlor »Mlti llO'llll I Hll'Ml 111" fi( I f,' fvfiiy f T /itafM .'f .llTl rfi. I'll ll tttttll. • •n- 'll.lllv ffl.' 1111111 ,i,\iv or i.urn r l'\f«»llaf|-i» *' yv is mii r if 11 > • '(tout p> (,.,d i,., ...UQI'M 11 , fit,., ,f ll Ml f fit I I • 'Ilia <d fit I U l 'u I II ll M, /' I >l .1. • II so llcin i Mi eiviiiits itlisix if,s,s sari's. —/*Y»r Sulo Cltoitjt, utonuo, llenting Stove, 1 Cook Stove nnd some housohold lAiinituro. Inquire of JMO, CKOSBT. —Tlio following NulmcrlliotH uro (intl- tlod to ct 'udlt und llniiiks for ciuh on I hiibscrlptlon during tho past week: 'A. J. Buttolpli, <1. I. Ills-hop, T. U. Hydo, I'. I'Vmil/.mi, T. Shnrtnied, Mrs. J. Rlloy, K. U. Wnlkor, Miss U. M. Ulluy, \V. J. Ilohiluii. THERE !S 11101 LIKE -Tho groat bargain stilt) tit Illxby & Williams' (Word's old stand) will bo continued on Saturday nnd u!l of noxt weok. -Misses C.irris and Par run Ci.lbort and Clurn and Hitohiu Curtis, of Monona, wore guests ol Minn Macule Abel on Wednesday. —Thero will bo a sociable at tho Cherry Vnlloy school house, on Friday ovoning, Oct. 21M, for thn benefit ol IUv. C. F. Scball. -Oar nix room residence on Hummer ktriiot will be for rent Sept. 22nd. It U one of the pleaeanlest locations tor a small family in town. —The repairs on our tonnrnent hotine are completed and there is now no house of its size in town in better condition for a small family. ifOU 8AI/B1 Buggloi of All Descriptions. Uuitriiiitod - . After two wenk'ii Irlul ll thn Rico Coil Spring proves not to be tho easiest rider on (nrth, will exchange and give any spilng desired Willi the •Ilniidy 'J'op," DID most cnnvii/iient '"'Kgy- S. WKHHTKH. —There seems to be u diversity ol opinion as to whether tlio Cermnii paper will come or not, Home report that the project has beon abandoned for want of capital and others say that It in going on. In those days It Is up hill work to start a paper on borrowed capital. We protect our customers by giving them Bargains. Our new Fall and Winter stock is daily arriving. We iftvite your —The I,nana contingent came tip to the speech on Wednesday evening with their vehicle gaily decorated with torches, making a fir.e display. — Mr. Storm, manager of the Bixby it Williiirai store, has leased H. Dreiser's new residence, which was to hare been occnpled by Mr. Schilling. —W. J. Hoiahan will be -at home" in hU new quarters a*noon fui Hall Rob em mores the hotter paekago factory to the lata west of HurliDg's office. —U ScroeJxi b Son ha»* found it ivecesaary to close out their boot and * hoe baiine4H b«re, and to <fo so as taoo as fxwsib 'iB are giving wholeiftl* prises. | See ad»*TtuetA*nt. I —SL T. Uewrferson fcaa U«» ^n»»»»I (io««t sat near Cn«*ok«« ew **e.»ttftt ol f»w jonttgtw who was with a'vw, lhe,ar.«. -It seems that the council committee appointed for that purpose have found no suitable pernun, in their estimation, for night watch, and henee none has yot been appointed. There It no question bat it is hard to fled just, the right kind of a man who will do the work for the pay offered. ! —The Graphic gives notice of a rlem- j ocratic meeting in I'ostvllle on Saturday evening, 22nd. "Hon. Jerry Green, of Floyd Co.," whoever that may be, U the speaker. If we were to retort In kind we would say that the speaker WM the agent >f the Knglish Cobden clab. Dot there ).» neither atgument or »•«.»« in snch slang. -The MethfxIUt friends and so far M w« know the poWtc generally regret the departure of Rev. K, J, IxK.kwocd from this charge, but a« his removal is t> pronootios he cor Id not b« expected lo remafn. In fact we aoppotta hU wishes were not partfeolarty coiwofSed. The eoofftrenfiB p!aee» the ministers where it k ttmngftl tMj earn aecow- pikh moat for f.h* tfowch, --'In* ^'e»»twy IMngajift* WiM t*fc« up to* B ,.*f« and &ei«ne« eotvtroversey^ fa live K&v«mb«r Ctnwty, Vto1«m>t Oillelnl I'rogrnm. The Nnllomil I'lihlie Seiimd Celnbni- thm of Coliiuilmn Day, Oct. 21, MM. 1. Hnnding of tho pi'iiiildnut'H proc intiiulioii, by Ihe mauler of onrHtiiniilnH. 2, Kiiliilng of the ling, by Ihe veter anii. 11. Huliito Ut thn ling, by I tin pupils. 1. Aeknowledgoiiieiit of Cod; pruyor or seiiplurn, ft. Song of Columbus Day, by pupils and people. Ii. The luldnew for (.'oluiiil/iiq day. V. The ode for Columbus day, Tho citizens program In nut yot perfected, but will consist of vonnl and Instrumental mii'il' by Mm glee club and corim'. bund, an add rein, etc. Iter. Mr. Smith, the new Methodist minister will bo Invited to deliver the address. As we understand it tho exerciser will commence on tho school ground? «t 10:00 o'clock, a. in. Full programs will bo printed and circulated nant week. -Miss MerlleCook met with a severe accident last Saturday afternoon, which might easily have resulted fatal ly. Hhe was driving a team of colts to f»wn, attached to a buggy. Just. afl.«r crossing the railroad track near Mr. McMastor's the team got scarr.d at something and became unmanageable, throwing her violently la the giound breaking one bono of her left arm above the wrist and cutting her lip and head snverely. Dr. Hhephsrd was called and she was taken into Mr. Rohbe's, her wotindi dressed and she was tfikrtm home lh» same day, and is doing well. The boggy watt a, totil wreck, bnt we believe the hor.vw were not injured, H vrntt a narrow escape from a worse accident. WM. Sun rnu.Hn, lteeoulei. M. 15. AI'l'OlNTM 10NTH. Deenrnlt Dinlrtel. II. II. (Ireiili, pioiildlll^ elder, pout olllce, llecornli, limn. Itannnll, I,. N. tlreuii. Hull' Sink, supplied by A. II, I'lidile Cnliunr, I). N. Ilowo, Chnrlrii t'.lly, T. M. Kviinn, (Meriitoiit, C, \ . I'm Uln. (iroiico, t'. II. Mui'idi. Creneo ('Ireull, II. K. Hiillaliury. Deoornli, W. I''. I'lliior. Klkudnr. II. C. I.unk. Klmn nnd New lluven, II. I''. Wynll. rioyd, J. I). I'erry. Fruiikvllle, niippllod liy 11. I'. Itnrry. I''l < iidni'lclinhiii'g, Ii. M, Cooloy. (JuMoi|liiii(r und t!|uylon, F, II I,Inn. Iluwlieye, I'. N. Ilwello. I.nii'ilng and New Albln, W. A. Allen. I.lmn H|ii'lugs nnd Chenlnr, ) r I', t'ns sidy. Iitiunii, H. M. Aolint'iiiim. MeCrogor W.W. Cnrleliin. Mllohell, Kiiguuo KHII'IIUIII. Monoiiu, ft. ti, Minllli. New Ifnin|iltin, T. N. Cook. Osiign, K. J, liiinkwood. I'unlyllln, It. II. Hinllh, IMiievllle, I). H. Htunbler. Ridgoway, lliidwui Wllllliiiifl. Hi. Auniriii', Ahiii/.o < lump. Blneyvllln, I'), ll. Hull. Volga City, supplied by Ii. H. Itob erbi. Wnueomii. I>. M. I'mkiir, Wuiikon, W. (!. Mneuidy. West Union, H. It. Furgenoii. H. T, MnKIm goes to Cenlvr, Wm. ( nfi'jmiM'ie « mi nit is ;VM RHI i,« 1 1 1 on i (i« ,<•!•! flIO.IMI, yiH l(/o III* tit* I I I 1 1 I I. t » i . SJlBOa* Hi* . f ; 15 ,\ 7"N I' 1 1 1 «• A ' N 111 "V«• IH,T,')?I rii>i'I 'M III /flM'l' i'ltli lllllU. 1V< lu'l'tn-o, nml fii'foi 'P, ili l.oiVf-'Bf. Come Co niiif fi ftiiri'lnmhiii. All uuni/s ;iio/n'l' will l>< Is in ii 1 (ni'iicr I /no limn •OI<//MU to IJitnlHy. ill" V '"i V 1 nt) qjunv ion our ilocli /i.>l'oi» w nt'iiml <'t1 ii" i < •;»! •" <' ••' In >i 'I' I 'u 11 y it • In in 11 '< I. »>i or (JAJM, UOLTKli: . :.<r,-. -<r- -T- -T- l.ensn to DHVVUI, and land to Mai Inn clrcull. W. II. Hllngor- Vcrt the TL,*Ai«», The Jtinge' MmorrliAotoring Co., of }?sw York, will have fo* lri» week beg»nriig OctoUt 21th, an ART £XHiBiT, consisting of Flowers Animafs, 'fldiea, t'ttriafn* and many other sttmpres at work, shewing th« trngn oi work ** i*on# opow td« Slrtger Sewfnjf Ma«rV(ne. So ladjr ear* afford lo mJs* fftis A*t B'KMMI. Kv«y ;tio(tjr 1»iti*&i <»'•» Ut *K; Well ilonKbl. Is hall sold. Wn can uicure Die people of I'ostvllfn nnd vicinity. Mini, no slunk ever hroiiglit Into llin (••Ity was hn light moro ndvantngoiisly or will be sold on closer margins. Wn liuve finished II,i. piii'iiiiioie of holiday gondi nnd can now show you a complete lino watches, Jewelry, gold nnd founts in peiis, sllverwur 'i, Including a large lien of novellle-;; iinnlcnl goods of every des/irlpLlon, iirllsli material, slalloiiery (Whiting's stand ard) and presentation hook!;. 'Ihe lat est d»slgns, the best goods, and lowest, prices. Wo defy eorripetillori. Respectfully, W, J. HANK*. JfAKM VOil HALU. My farm of iffy) acres for sale. Hi Mi in MfldUon township, Wlririn/dieik Co., Iowa, three arid a half miles we-d of Deoorah, in sections 11 and If. Well improved and timber enough for farm rise. In good state of cultivation. Well waVired arid good buildings, Hchool within nix rutin of house, /.ong lireo will lie given on part paymer.;. Inrjnire on farm for partifiolars, Address: Vim. iAutxtmit, (1Ur* 23*) f>eeoTfth, Jowa. Tilth, for 8«I«. f now offer for safe; 6h« Wm. Milfth- elf farm, ftj mi/es west of I'ostvlfje, oosaining 161 s/sres, with good hovis«, barns and owtbHiidiog.s, an rirrfaiiiog wall! and rnwoirrg water orf the prew- iseit, and fence.d \ti several fields.- C '*i !w«r of sailing,, adv&need y«Ar* and issbility tosttperlrrtanri H. For teftii* call on'the Mtfai/iigmd tm th« prem- f.*«Mf».- A ^(oorl itensbi txfftt. (t7m>SJ> .HAS. Kttnttm. tusttt AtfUtfw, "ln*4 trs* Kw6»iflW Hotivt tfflf* w tit %*i*<i f *«4t «*>»nt Mow* *ti4 ifjr*- 4', I I'liiiNrniKK. leiiiNC and caiipkts. orFurnltuTo, I'lodrtlriK. C'n-i'- uttd Window HIiadoB shown 1ft thlf. (.'or;i» find RPO I ii I I ovor Oomtn-uiilty. UR, BEsr'saTiF'aLiX/r, W A i\ 'r n n Cx n r< T ^ POBTVILLE, IOWA. tidt.fil A«S, ft I z\u tH. v r j.A.S IF." P.'.VF>?, RVRTRIF** f'Afi. ii? C.AhTAf,. WW-- Uti n (intiftui ('rUfikiri^ fiusir.Mji liny »rid SA)) Forei.go rthrl IHomesrio f'/xehsoge, Aoooi'ihls ol (.'itrrrters. .\*Me 'h *rif< add .-rfhSM reoeiverl sod onrafnily fft'tit»<f f «t\. .lrVf«»'*s* paid'ori 'fiMfl f)«f,f,sits. frryesfrVtentrf ri'isda Iff euiside put ties tiit favova 'hi 'A wrrns.- BVPttilttiUd by fir« pttxil V'attVt and .*»ew safe, Safety efeiionif steef rffft««r* tot renn. door, urn*

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