Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 19, 1950 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 10
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'*fA01 Tilt AtTOtt BVlNtMO TBLKORAPH TMURIDAY, JANUARY 11, 11* I WANT Ma\ ""• /'t^SBBW****' 4* A OCftft -100»ft ML SMlY. - VOU Jj»u6in»UlO\»M*»»A 30 OM _JT «s M ' rip, ,«*• fr.iiy r........ li«.Un* I*. q%u n,4.i ,t*nt* CAHL_ r> AMDenaON "iT'S A*6OOO THING Oft RABBITS ARE RUNNKR* ...I TMINK I C'N MAKE ^Ju CU**N OFF/-CLOWN? AS ONE OF I WHY. you us7 ME* A VWSHWOH Of HH filRDLE...- VULNEEA SO IMAGINE HI5 PLIGHT VYHEN OUR AMAZON FRIENDS FIND HIM TO BE Av PHONY.' AND WE'LL MAKE SUKE THEY OO! I'* (SETS TH' T BETTER \ TEST.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLB By WILLIAMS OUT OUR WAY I COM6 BY MOTOR THIS TIME,** COMDUCTOR 1 LIKE To RIDE- wiiTH Aisi'T OM MORB —• 60 x TOOK VAMTA66 OP AM IM^ITE SOME PEOPLE et\Je Me!-~~ \AJELL, VOU LOOK ABOUT THE SAME WITH OMB MORE Cl4ir4/ EGAD, JAKE HELLO/ x JUST MBT THE TRAlrt I 1UOU&WT VOU'D BE OM VOU CHANGE YOUR. TRANSPORTATION IS THAT THE- SAM6 OLD SUIT. OR AMOTHER OME VJITH, GRAW , NO USE WORKIN' UP A 6IG APPETITE ON THEM COOKIN' SMELLS. CUZ. VOO'LL HAVE IT ALL OUTA VOU WITH THE CACICLIN' WE oar COMIN'.' HIM AFTER SEEING HIS THUMB VVA\/ING = THE WORCV WART ...-aTi^jir So BY BIDDING ONLY SIX WTS AT THIS BOX MDU GOT A 60OD LUNO4 AND FUTURE WIFE I CAN HARDLY I'M OF COURSE.PRICES I ARE HOMER WOWAOAVS. L MK3MT HAvfeib GO A9> Ht&H AS A BUCK. BUT evew so CHIP OP WBOU? AND HERE'S A PICTURE TAKEN DAY we GOT ENGAGED / AT THIS HOUK MELtOI THAT AO...BUT COUIOM'T VOW TU «W»tWII*5$ I'M SORCV.'SUH, BUT TWO $ov»' LIVE* MAV ON GRAFTOM 6T8CET,,,IW THE POORMIAV Of A VACAMf NEKT BANK WE'D NOTICED IT IN THE $AMf SPOT A FEW HOUKS eARLIifti ON TU|j»| WHIM WA9 rVHEM V THt PUP •OUWO IT? met THAT! HI'sXKME AlKfA&Vl r*r». t'iw. Vi <r»U m^n •, ',» o«n> rnJ«Mi iiiiiiHiirtiiiiiiiitHitHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimtiHttiii Tonight's Radio Program lllfNMIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH the fewgrtpn radio MMhiM a made up from programs provided weakly by tli* stations II cannot (M responsible for changas made *> programs since mallln* by (tattoo* ON »B DIAL. RSD. *Mt KXOK 888 WEW 77*; KFCO, 8M| KMOX, 1188 WIL. IU8; KWK. IM*! WOKB (FM **.* Me*. 117* rSJUBSDAf 9:00 P M KSD -News Jumpln' Jack . KXOK—Green Hornet KFUO—News. KMOX-News WIL—Jack Bennett KWK—Straight- Arrow 8:18 -f MKSO--MUSR CTOBI SM KFUO—Science New*. KMOX-WorM Now*. P M KSD-Nawt KXO K— Jack Armstrong. KFUO— Meditation. KMOX— Curt Massey KWK— B-Bar B Ranch. 8:48 p M KBD- «M Our TUB* KMOX— Lowell Thomai. WIL— Sporu extra 6:00 P. M. KSD— Newi. Sports. KXOK— Hollywood Showtime. KFUO <FM>— Concert t KMOX-Beulan WIL— Newt KWK-News KMOX^-Jack Smith WIL-Mlk* Douglas KWK-OU Newsome rtret Five. 8:90 P. M. KSD—Slnatra-Klrsten • y KXOK—Counterspy. KMOX-Club 16 WIL—In His Steps. 8:45 P M. KBD—Son* Shoo KMOX—E. B. Murrow, Newt. KWK—Music tor Tomorrow. News 7:00 P. M. KBD—Aldrlch Family KXOK—Blondle KFUO <FMJ—Newt. KMOX-FB1 in Peace and War WIL—K-7 Return*. KWK—Count ol Monte Chrlstoa. 7:15 P. M. KXOK-Melodles RCA VICTOR'S Largt 10-inch Screen Priced at only $19995 KSD-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL S Thursday, Jan. 19 P.M. 4:15 Judy Splinters. (NBC) 4:30 Howdy Doody. (NBC) 5:00 Cactus Jim (NBC) 5:30 Charlie Ackerson Show. 5:45 I. N. S. Telenews. 8:00 Kukla, Fran and Ollie. Puppet Show. (NBC) 8:30 Top Views in Sports. 8:45 News Caravan. (NBC) 7:00 Stop the Music. (ABC) 8:00 Kay Kyser Show; Ish Kabibble, Sue Bennett, Lira Palmer, Carl Hoff and the Honey Dreamers. • (NBC) 0:00 Martin Kane, Private Eye; William Gargan In Title Role. INBCl 8:30 Wayne King Show: The Don Large Chorus. Harry Hall and Nancy Evans. (NBC) 10:00 Morey Amsterdam Show, (uumonti in SO Fttzpatrick Travelogue. 10:45 to 10:50 News. FRIDAY, JAN. 20 3:30 Test Pattern, Transcribed Music ana News Tape. 3:45 Just Make It Musloi Buit ' Severln. COMPLETE RCA . VICTOR LINE Oaah or Credit BILL'S radio shop IS East Ferfuagn Avo. WOOD RIVER, IUJNOIH Mat 4-flMI KFUO (FM)—Sports •WK-MOW*. 7JO P, M KSD-Father Knows Bed KXOK—Date With Judy. KFUO (FMl- Worship Hour. KMOX- Mr Keen WIL—News. Jack Bennett. KWK—Fish and Hunt Club. Newt 7:45 P. M. KFUO (FM)-MagAln* 8:00 P. M. KSD—Screen Guild i'neater KXOK—Amateur Hour • KFUO IFM) -Concert Hail. KMOX-Buipense KWK—Gabnei Heattar. . . 8:1* P M WIL—Serenade. KWK—Quiz Club. WOKZ operation at 8:30 P M KSD—Land We Live la. KFUO .FMl-News KMOX -Crime Photoe-raortar WIL—Calalcade of Music. KWK—Sports Award Dinner. 8:48 P. M. KXOK—B. Montgomery. KFUO intl—Melody Pattern. KXOK-Jr. • WISH Meeting. KFUO IFMl-BlessUia KMOX-Hallmark Ptayhous*. WIL—Rhythm. KWK—Frank Edwards. 0.15 P. M. WIL—Sports. , KWK—1 Love a Mystery. S:*0 P M. KSD-Dragnat. KXOK -Song and Dance KTUO «FMl-News KMOX—Hollywood Theater WIL—Bombers vs. Ft. Wayne. KWK—Mysterious 1'raveMi 8:45 P M KFUO iFMi -Open Bible. 10*11 HM USD-News KXOK—France Laux , KFUO IFMi—Music /KMOX-WorM News. KWK-Sports. Newt. 10:15 P. M. KSD—Songs KXOK-News KMOX—Guest Star. KWK—Orchestra 10:30 P. M. KSD-Richard Harkness. KXOK—Beautiful Music BWUO (FMl-News KMOX—Instrumental. Crime Bep KWK—Shopper's Special. 10:45 P. M. KSD—Here's to Vets. KFUO (FMl-Abide with Ma. WIL—Hawaiian Serenade U.DC P M KBD—News Sparta KXOK--News Orchestra KFUO (FM)—Concert Favorites. KMOX News Orchestra WIL—Dawn Patrol. KWK—Dell Trio. 1MB P M KSD orchestra. KXOK- orcneatn KWK—P. Traubmaa. 13:00 P M KSD—News KMOX—All Night frolic*. 8:00 A. M. KSD-Maw* KXOK-News •new-New*. Muafcal Cloak. Markets. KFUO—Call. KMoX-Fann Talks. Market*. FIL—Breakfast Club. . KWK—Charlie Ackersoa. 8:18 A M KSD- Hymn* KXOK—Town and Country Markets. Nabor News, Weather Chas. Stookey. KMOX—Sunrise Salute 8:30 A M KSD—Melodies KFUO—Farm and Home Journal 8:46 A M KSD-Weather New*. wcw -Grandpabpv lone*. KFUO—News IK* A M UD-Atea OroM* KFUO Meditations KMOX-WorM Maw*. WIL—M J B Show. KWK—Bin* Crosby 7:15 A M. KSD-Time and Tempo* KFUO-Hymns Mr the Beano WOKZ—News. Saddle Rhytnav KWK-News WOKZ—Chuck Wagon. 10 A M KXOK—News WIW-News. Meiodlaa. KFUO—Musical Reveille KMOX—Weather. Road Info. Ozark Varieties. WIL—News. M. J. B. KWK-Ed Wilson WOKZ—Al Reihl Show. l:4» A M KSD-Newt KXOK-Breakfait Time. WEW—Sacred Heart Program- KFUO—it Chou Be Near KMOX-World News 8:00 A M KSD -Time and tempos KXOK-News WEW -Haws KFUO—News. Salute to Morn. KMOX—Clock Watcher. KWK-News Gd Wilson. 8:U A M KXOK UreaKlasl Club. WEW-AI Vow Sarvtao 8:30 A M KSD News WEW-Orandoaoo* Jaaaa KFUO-News WIL-News. M. J. B. 8:45 A. M. KSD—Clevelandalret. KFUO-Varieties KMOX-WorM News WOKZ-Western Roundup 8:00 A M KSD-Weicome traveler*. KFUO^Travelog. KMOX-Quiz WlL—Sunshine Serenadar* atWH- Handstand Bavue »:U A M WCW Mothe"> Maaltb CUMt KFUO fortraiu in New* KMOX-Artcur Uodfray WOKZ-Chapel of the Air. 8:30 A M KSD-Marrlag* «ot rvo a now icMi record for conyiag too modi, ho'• full of vim and •nway tinco ho'o drinking WALNUT GROVE KOMOGENIZEP VITAMIN D MU. WKW-Aik rr Lara. KFUO—Student's Devotion. WIL-News It. Manning. WOKZ—Just for You 8:45 A. M KSD—Dorothy Dla KXOK-Victor Llndlahr WKW-Markatt. KFUt>-Themes at the Asa*. 10:00 A M. KSD-We Love and Laarn KXOK—Modern Romance WBW—770 Record Chtfe, KFUO— Music of Mastart WOKZ—New*. Platter Parada. 10:18 A> M. KSD—Dave Gtrroway. IOJO A M. KSD-Jack Barer. SBatr. KXOKt-OuIck as a Flash. KFUO—Homemaker . Chat KMdx-OraBd Slam Wltr-News. Myrl WOKZ—Girl About Town. 10:45 A. M. KSD—David Harum. KFUO—Recital WEW—Stein It Greiner WOKZ—Song Fest. 11:00 A M KBD—News Weather. KXOK—Ladles Be Seated. KMoX-Roeeman WEW -Shopper > Bulletin KFUO—Open BlbM KMOX—Newt Wendy Warroa, WIL-M J B Show KWK—Tom Dalley WOKZ—News. Frankle Carle. 11:15 A, M. KSD—Vic Damone. KFUO—New* KMOX-Aunt ian»*'» StorM* WOKZ—Four Knights. ItdO A M KSD—Rus* UavM Show. , KXOK-Forest Park Lunch. WEW-Just tor Woman KFUO^-Musical Memoirs KMOX- Romance of Heler, Treat WIL-New» M J B KWK—Recall it and Win. WOKZ Musical entreat. 1:45 A. M. WEW—Marketi. KFUO Melod» Mine KMOX- out Gal Sunday 3:00 A M KBD--Na*ra KXOK-Howdy Neighbor*. KFUO- Devotional Music KMOX-WorM Maw*. WOKZ Farm-Market News 2:15 P. M. KSD—Jack Holt's Notebook. WEW-Crandpappy Jones KFUO-Repoee with Cbrltt KMOX—Ma Parktat WOKZ—Saddle Rhythm. 3:30 P. M. KSD—Newt. KMOX-Youna Or Maiona WIL—News. M J B KWK—To B* Announced. WOKZ—Bargain Counter. I3:4» P M KSD-What's New la Ike Stores Today. Nancy Dntoa. KFUO On the Farm From KMOX-fllB SMar. WIL-MJB Show KWK—Or Crane WOKZ—Waltz Time. l! °° f ** nyip—oaukia or Notnina WEW—Man About Town KFUO—Music Appraclatlon. WIL—Tello Test KWK—Ladies Fair WOKZ—Record Shop. New*. 1:15 P M. KXOK—The Menjau*. WEW—Music. KMOX—Parry Miiaa IM H M Kto-Tadar* CblMrom, gUCOK-Brlde and WEW-Markets KMOX-TMa 1* Mara WIL—News. Melody Lane, KWK-auaaa far a Day 1:4> P M. KSD-ugnt at tl WEW—Books in Brief. KMOX—Brighter Day KWK-Quls Club. WOKZ—Here's to Vets. •:OD H M KSD—ut* Can Ba I KXOK—Pick • Date. WEW—Shopper's Bulletin. KFUO—Christian School. KMOX—Nona from Nowhera, KWK—Lionel Barrymora, WOKZ—Whirligig. S:15 P M KSD -Road Of US* KFUO—Area Rent KMOX—Hilltop HOU»» . KWK—Hollywood U. S. A. 1:30 e M KSD—P Young'. rageO* KXOK—Hannibal Cobb. WEW—St. L. u. Series. KFUO—News KMOX—House Party. New*. WIL—News. Melody. KWK—Ed WUeoo I:4S r> M KSD-Rlgbt to HapPtaMat, WEW—Sacred Heart Program. KFUO-St. L. Inst of Musle, 3HW P ML KSD-Backitage Wtfa. KXOK—Carter Family. WEW—News. Master'! Moment*. KFUO-Wings ot Healing. KMOX—Llnda> First Lova. WIL—Show Time. KWK--News gjd Wilson Show. WOKZ-News. Varieties. •:!» ? M KSU «tella Oallaa. KXOK-Blng Sings. KMOX—Guldlna Light * *» P M KSD—Lorenzo Jooaa. KXOK-eVma and Dance Parade KFUO- Tomorrow'* World KMOX—Editor's Daughter. WIL—News, T. Dorsey. WOKZ—Personality Time. 3:4* P M KSU- vouna WMd*r Brows WEW—Poetry Center. KFUO—Eyes on the future. KMOX—Hearts in Harmony. WIL—Harry James. 4.-00 H M KSD-When a Girl MarrtOk WEW—News. Novelalrres. KFUO—Song Shop. KMOX-Curt Ray. New*. WIL—Jack Bennett. KWK-News Ed WUsoe Shaw. WOKZ—This 1s the Story. 4:1S P M KSD—Portia Facet Ufa. WEW—Grandpappy Jones. KMOX-Curi Ray WIL—Orchestra WOKZ—News. Sports. 4:30 P M. KSD—Just Plain BID. "Don't try to JUt it Y«mr««tt - Can a Roattog 1*9*1" W CALL A HEATING CONTRACTOR?? MIGOSM--DPNT VOU LIKE THE WAV I INSTALLED THIS ROOM UNIT?" Always Coll a f wHcWo H«oting Contractor for fxporf Workmanship— Quality Matoriall Try ALTON PLUMBIW I HEATINQ CO. lot STATE STREET PHONE >«tSll How Important Is This Man's "YEl"? LNTNMHAN Ha't tho BUM whoa* "yo*" holpod to put sa ambittoiu boy through madical school. • Another occasion, hi* friendly "yet" (tartad s man In buainaoi sad today that man'* butinow i* s irowini, paying propoiitioa. And then there wa* tho time hi* "yet" enabled a worried family to got from under a itack ol unpaid bill* sad his friendly advice put that family'* budget oa a aouad, tecuro basis. Thit man whote "yei" ha* brought peace of mind to thousand* of people by helping them get a froth ttart U tha msnagor of the rWtMaaf Finance Co. office in thit city. • < Hit job U to mate poraonsl loans, and to keep tha trsntactioni an a biwinaadika batit, Hi* year* of experience with ~ have taught him to retpoct tho hoassty of local people Iriaadi, rotative*, or amptoyar are not brought into tha picture. Oaat borrow tiajMcoaaarlly. Bui If • ISM — far • maata ar a year, or laager—la tfea aoaiible laiag far you (sad yaii'ra tka Mis) Ika VBt MANs«ay will appreciate Iks rasas* la say ^ysa." You can telephone him ... or drop in to tee him at tha ' Financo Company office. Ha says "yea" to 4 out of |. Sad ft. • (Ovar taNy Aaa «ka*» Mt MUI II t-'MI • loillo Myndowa, VU ..*!*. fcA o^oitalg8l gal SBB! gBBBJ B8J BBBJSBBBBBIJ BBI BBBJ MOM, Hi.

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