Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 2, 1962 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1962
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Established In 1914 NATIONAL EDITORIAL 1hi Old 1imw. Chattin' With Creek Bottom Comments # C 6 7, 2! N Subscription Rates In Fayette nnd Adjoining Counties Outside Fayette and Adjoining Counties 3 Stoney $3.00 Per Year $3.50 Per Year "Financial success is a wonderful thing. You meet such interesting relatives." The Leader is published weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed nn Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Offree at Fayette, Iowa us second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Ston«man, Owner and Publisher Editorial Comments - - The Public Deserves Facts The increasingly hitter debate over the proper method of providing health services to the aged has led. inevitably and unfortunately, to some widely- held misconceptions. Many believe for instance, that most elderly people now lack any economic protection if illness strikes. Mut the truth is that 53 per cent of all persons over (7) have health insurance of some kind, that this age group is buying health insurance faster than any other group, and by 19G5 more than 75 per cent of the aged who want coverage will have it. Many also believe that most elderly people are sorely lacking in financial resources. But the truth is that the economic status of those past 65 is, in m.iny respects, better than that of any other age group. For example, compared with any other age group more of the elderly own their own homes mortgage free, have lower tax liabilities, higher liquid assests and fewer family responsibilities. This is not an argument against providing aid to those who need it-and the Kerr-Mills law, passed by the last Congress, is designed to do that, under a sound federul-statc cooj>ei\*itive system. But ii, is an argument against providing aid in a shotgun fashion to all the people of one age category whether or not they need it, and whether or not they want to pay for it in higher taxes. And this is precisely what the Social Security approach would do at a potentially astronomical cost. Too many of the Huts have been obscured thus far. It's Your Money Too often the citizen, preoccupied with making a living, does not take time to inform himself about his government. Yet history teaches that democracy survives only ns long as the people take an active part in the making of governmental decisions. One-third of the average citizen's income goes to pay various kinds of taxes. That makes government his biggest cost. Businessmen who spend many sleepless nights trying to figure how to cut unit production costs by a fraction of a cent, or reduce overhead by a few dollars, are prone to ignore one of their greatest single cost factors- taxation. Husbands and wives perspire and argue over fnnv ily budgets but are unwilling to pay any attention to one item -government -which is now costing them more than food, clothing arid medical care, according to the Citizens Public Expenditure Survey of New York. Once started on the path of growth, many government agencies are like Topsy-they just grow whether there is any reason or not. . Citizen interest in government is sorely needed now. Without a sound economy, nnd that means government on a solid financial base, we will pay a dear price. !S:e :aHB ?.fii::: ! .!3SK:S:^ iDo You Recall S III : :' 20 -30 -40 Years Ago! 20 Years Ago — Paul Potter .local manager of the Central States Power and Light Corp,, has resigned to accept a position in the electrical engineering department of Iowa State college at Ames. Mr. smA Mis, H. W. H«fc»V St. Charles, Minn., arrived today to establish their home on their farm one mile west of Fayette. Men conducted into service must return sugar books to the local board. Melvin C. Wangsness of Roseau, Minn., has been employed by the Fayette county Farm Bureau board of directors as County Agricultural Agent, replacing Paul E. McElroy who resigned. 30 Years Ago — Sunday July 31, is the eighth birthday of the Wesleyan Methodist Sunday school. There will be a program in celebration. S. E. Campbell Chevrolet Co., won first place in the Iowa and Missouri zone fo rthe sale of Chevrolet cars, during May and June. The Grand Theater in Oelwein is reducing prices for the summer months. Deaths r -..Myrtle Buhmnnn. Fov- ette. ' 40 Years Ago — A free trip to Europe will bo awarded to four girls, members of the championship girl's canning team of the United States for 1922, following the contest held at the National Livestock Exposition in Chicago, this fall. Deaths oma; Lyman Mitchell, Fayette Poultry culling will be done in Fayette county this year, due to the fact that there has been so much interest and profitable re turns from the poultry business. Open Forum I'm concerned about the college pool and the risk we mothers' are taking in sending our children to the unsupervised swimming. I was told by one life guard if I didn't like what was going on I could keep my kids at home. I paid for a family ticket and thought a life guard would be provided. He does his family wash while the children are swimming (or drowning) who knows? On the evening of July 25th the small ones were swimming «r»U „<4.iil'l u Ut\. (£wui yJ III sight. Someone must have forgotten to lock the door. When some life les body is found on the bottom of the pool that may bring up the question, who is in charge of the pool??? Mrs. E. Van Bogart Tiie highway d p/rlnvnt claims to be building safer roads it least that's what they tell us they're spending our money for), and die Governor urges safe driving by turning your car lights «>:i in the diyiim" while traveling. And then the highway commission builds the Fayette bypass which has already claimed one life, and will undoubtedly claim more. The fact that so mtirli tax money was spent without accomplishing anything is all water under the bridge now. It's been spent (and some engineer is probably happy because he had his first highway sketch accepted), so we'll have to make the best of it. But, even though it 's too late to correct the project, why doesn't the highway commission take a few steps to prevent accidents on the new road. AH last winter while the highway was torn up and blocked waiting for construction to resume in the spring, cars and trucks were continually sliding off the dangerous curve north of Fayette. Now, the paving is-completed and the cars are running off the highway at the west edge of Fayette. Instead of a straight strip of highway there is about a CO degree curve just as highway 150 intersects with highway 93. A sign, however indicates , that highway 150 goes straight ahead, and that's where many motorists go- straight ahead into the ditch. One foggy night four or five- cars landed in the ditch and Sunday night a motorist received a serious neck injury when his car went into the ditch. And south of town where the old highway connects with the new one, a life has already been lost. To get onto the new highway from the old road a right angle turn must be made. Of course there's a stop sign, but no illiminated sign of any kind indicating that it's a dead end with a 10 or 15 foot en- bankment on the other side. As we said before, it 's too late to correct the big mistake—that of building the by -pass in the first place. But it isn't too late to try and make it a little safer. The intersection of highways 150 and 93 should definitely be a four-way stop, and a large dead-end road sign should be placed at the intersection south of town. A lower rate of speed and blinker lights might even help to eliminate a few accidents, and possibly save a few lives. We'll have to -Acoept the fact tfiat tne rflyette by -pass is now a reality. And if the right steps are taken to make it a safe highway,' we might even learn to live with it. But, after spending several hundred thousand dollars of our tax money on this engineer's folly, we hope that plans for another highway four or five miles west have Charles Noel Brown was given his last meal, then hanged by the neck until he was dead. There-by our State of Iowa committed legalized cold-blooded killing in the name of justice. A barbaric law dating back to the old horse thief days of the 19th century. Nevertheless we admire Governor Erbe for his personal and political courage to let the death sentence of Brown stand. We presume he will do the same for Brown's companion LOCALS — Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nading, Mr. and Mrs. George Weyant and Mr. and Mrs. John Pattison and family attended the annual Miles reunion at the Elkader Park, Sunday, July 29. — m — Mrs. Mae Hinkle of Waterloo visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Popenhagen from Tuesday until Saturday. Mrs. Popenhagen and Mrs. Hinkle are sisters. — m — The Don Vandersee family were dinner guests Sunday at the George Reed home, and all visited Mrs. Elizabeth Pieplow at Oelwein in the afternoon. —m— Mr. and Mrs. lister Wright of Hampton and her sister and husband of Iowa Falls were Sunday aftrenoon visitors at the Frank Miller home. —•— A new residence is being erected by the Joyce Lumber Co , on the lot north of Mrs. Alta Owen's residence which is on Union street. —•— Dunnne Schneider, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schneider and Gary Oakley, soil of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Oakley have enlisted in the Navy and leave Aug. 5, for induction into service. — • — Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Kimpston and Mr. and Mrs. Andy Campbell attended the wedding Sunday of the Kimpstons* son, Keith and Edith Enghousen. at Dows, Iowa. The wedding took place in the First Lutheran church there. Coming home they stopped at the John Hokel home, nnd also at the Rev. Wayne Sehumaker home at Hampton. — a — The Rev. and Mis. Norman Betke and family arrived home Friday from their vacation trip to the West Coast. Rev. Betke is beginning his fourth year at Grace Lutheran church in Fayette. —•— Those who attended, the Pinebluff 4-H camp near Decorah, form the Westfield Worthy Winners 4-H club were: Bonnie and Barbara Boulton, Marsha Frey, JoEllen Langerman, Janice Stannard, and Janice Btoncmaii. They were accompanied by Miss Linda Niles. been forgotten. If more tax money is spent on a duplicate road that close, we'll definitely have to ask for an investigation of the highway commission.. — By Reuben in crime, Charles Kelly. This will take special courage on the part of the Governor, in an election year. The Governor is no more to blame for death by hanging in Iowa than you or we. It is the law of the state. The law should lx> changed to life imprisonment that does mean LIFE, for the first degree homicide. We hope the next Representative of Fayette County, be he Baringer or Merkle, will do his very best to get the Legislature to re-examine and re evaluate punishment for murder in Iowa. But if we are to continue to have capital punishment, let it continue to be by hanging. The electric chair or the gas chamber are NOT more civilized ways of being barbaric, c-b-c Da}' by day more and more people are lulled into un reality by the thread -bare phrases, "Government expense, paid for by Federal funds, Federal aid, and joint financing". The Government has no funds, no money tree, no pennies from Heaven. Federal money is the taxpayer's money, the PEOPLE'S money. Tne taxpayers of all fifty states are "clipped" billions and billions, so that JFK and his Harvard mastermind (?) can pour it down a dozen-and-one rat- holes (preferably where the Demo crnt voters are in the majority.) Long ago Thomas Edison said, "there is far more danger in public than in private monoply, for when government goes into business it can shift its losses to the taxpayers. Government never makes ends meet - and that is the first requisite of business." c-b-c It has been said the biggest room in all this world, is room for improvement. Modern Puritans should wear fig leaves over their naked eyes. FRESH BAKED GREEN APPLE PIES 65c ALL KINDS ROLLS, DONUTS, COOKIES Johnson's Home Bakery OFFICIAL HEADQUARTERS WMT-LAND Radio 40th Anniveriory COLD RUSH! COM! INI — RiGISTIR FREII $35,000 IN FRIZES CUTS 'WASTE AND SAVES YOU MONEY Slop wasting materials by on-the-job mixing! Tell us your specifications and we'll deliver the right amount of the right concrete mix to your job. Spahn & Rose Lbr. Co. "ONE PIECE OR A CARLOAD" Duane Slauson, Mgr. Phone 47 — Maynard, Iowa Six licenses issued Six marriage licenses were Issued last week in the office of the clerk of court, Fayette county. They were to: Charles Frederick Langerman, 23, Fayette and Sharon Kay Graff, 21, of Oelwein; William C. Lewis, 18, and Carol Jean Clark, 17, both of Fayette; Garry Kuhens, 21, Wadena and Patricia Ann Larson, of Elfin; Gerald Hackman, 20, of Wadena and Mary Carol Balk, 19, of Waucoma; William L. Boyd, 25, and Judy Schmitt, 20, both of Cedar Rapids; Emil A. Yoch, legal, Waterloo and Dorothy Grasso, legal, Oelwein. Six civil cases tiled Six civil cases were filed last week In the office of the Fayette county clerk of courts office. J. P. Gallahger, M. D. vs. Paul A. and Monica Welshaph (attach); Julie Hook, by her next friend and father, Russell Hook vs. Ronald Davis, damages, $1,500 interest and costs; Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. vs. Martin Schwartz, account, $429.87 interest and costs; Phillip J. McGraw vs. Marian M. McGraw, Extension Council Activities Calendar George Brace, Wauc- Friday, August 3 — V Alpha Clover Leaves 4-H club achievement show - Alpha school gym 7:30 p. m. Putnam Peppy Pals 4 II club achievement show - Arlington IooF hall 2 p. m. Saturday, August 4 —Westerfield Worthy Winners 4-H club achievement show— Extension office - 2 p, m. •*'" separate maintenance; John W. Monrlav AUO-UAT R McNamara vs. Mr. and Mrs. Dar Wlonaa y' August O - rell Anfinson, transcript; First National Bank, West Union vs. Don Murray, transcript. Smithfield Jolly Juniors 4-H club achievement show - Laverne Vandersee home - 1:30 p. m. Tuesday, August 7 — Fertilizer and Limestone Dealers' Meeting - Maynard Community hall - 7:30 p. m. Waucoma Urbanettes 4-H club achievement show - 2 p. m. Benefit club to meet The Home Benefit club will meet Wednesday, August 8 -— Tuesday afternoon Aug. 14. at the M Hearts of ScoU 4 . H dub Qchievement snow . Stanley Union home of Mrs. Shirley Butts. There cnurcn . 7:30 p. m. will be a picnic dinner at noon. Center Do-R-Best 4-H club achievenment show - Randalia church The last half of the membership 7:30 p. m. names listed will comprise the Union Busy Beaverettes 4-H club achievement show - West Union program committee. r Boys' county 4-H demonstration contest - Extension office - 7:30 p. m. Thursday, August 9 — One case Glr j s , county 4 , H demonstration day One case was filed this week a. m, in the Mayors court. County Extension office - 8:30 Friday, August 10 — Donald Lee Latham. 19, Fayette, Extension Agricultural Engineers in county disturbing the peace, $25 and cost. 4-H livestock enteries due for Iowa State fair SCHNEIDER Is A Regular SUPERMARKET Where Ifau Get The We Have Moved - We have sold our building on Main street and have moved our optometry business to our home at 501 South Main St. We will be happy to service all of our former customers, and new ones at this address. Call Black 79. Dr. H. L Robinson $ - VOL I NOW ON DISPLAY THE ALL NEW, EXCITING 1963 Admiral Television and Stereophonic Lines INCLUDING 1963 ADMIRAL Special Prices This Week On All T-V & Stereo I NEED SOME LOOT — AND NEED IT FAST WE'LL WHEEL AND DEAL —- TRY US 'S (FURNITURE — APPLIANCES) |PH. 287 FAYETTE! CAU. US FOR REFRIGERATOR & T.V. SERVICE "String Iwta Hom«mok«rs ha* J»*n a family tradition for ovor 60 Y«M " ' 5 :x

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