Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 19, 1950 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1950
Page 8
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FAOE ItORT ALTON IVININO Roxana Church Names Officers Presbyterian Supt. Is Carl Gregory , Jan. 19— At a r«- cent meeting of the congregation of the First Pre»byt*rl«n Church, the followlnR officers and teachers were named for the Sunday school! Carl Gregory, superintendent; Bill Groves, assistant; Mrs. Cnrl Gregory, secretary ; Mrs. Lewis Wilson, treasurer, and Mrs. Ralph Hnrrls, pianist. Mrs. John Huskln Is superintendent of the primary department with Mrs. Lewis Purdy as assistant. Mrs. G. O. Norvell Is primary pianist. The prlmbary teachers are Mrs. Purdy, Mrs. A. Y. McCoy, Mri. Gilbert Wade, Mrs. M. Bowler, Mrs. Ralph Relchert, and Mrs. Kussell Carnahan. Teachers for the older groups are Mrs. Oscar Klelnert, Mrs. Arthur Llppoldt, Mrs. J. G. Cuddy, Oscar Klelnert, Mrs. Hay Nossl, Miss Delores Cuddy, Rev. E. E. Delong, S. W. Frey and C. Gregory. Shell Credit Union lo Meet ROXANA.— The Shell Wood Rlv- cr Federal Credit Union will hold its 15th annual business session at 7 p. m. Friday at the community building. S. 8. Teachers Mentlni ROXANA.— Wlllard Shirley, superintendent of the Baptist Sunday school, has called a meeting for 7:30 p. rn. Friday, of nil teachers antl substitute teachers of the primary, Intermediate, Junior, and ndult department. Entertains at Party ROXANA.—Mrt. Leland Longman of Central-avenue entertained Tuesday with a party. Refreshments were terved. Guests were Mrs. Keith McFarland, Mrs. Albert Doerr, Mrt. Harry Jones, Mrs. George Dytert, Mrs. Norma King, Mrs. Ernie Peck, Mrs. 8. H. Me- GUI, and Mr*. Kenneth Longman. South Roxana Auxiliary Changes Meeting Date SOUTH ROXANA, Jan. 19.— The Dads' Club Auxiliary met Tuesday evening at the school with 12 members present. The members decided to hold meetings Thursdays for the next two months to try to ' increase attendance. The next meetings will be Feb. 2 and 18. Plans were made for a shower honoring Mrs. Nola Opel, which will be given at 7:30 p. m,, Jan. 30, at the school. Hostesses will be Mri. Eileen Ernst, Krs. Thelma Zeller, and Mrs. Rosalec Hill. The Auxiliary will serve a supper Feb. 3 at the party the Girls' ClMb It giving. Serving will begin at 6:30 p. m. Mrs. Rosalee Hill Is chairman. Mrs. Ernst was elected vice-president, du* to the death of a member filling this position. A. flowet' wanmltu* waa appointed,) eompottd of Mri. Dorothy Krleb, Mri. Irene WinWord j and SOUTH ROXANA, Jan, M~At _ meeting Monday availing of the school of leaden and the program committee, plant wera made For the Olrl Scout talent ahow, M be given Jan. fftt the echoofc one girl will be aoleetwl from the entrant* to appear In the talent show, scheduled for reb, It* tip Roxana Community Bulldlni Hi North Roxana. Member* (rort each troop will take part In the the*. -- " thlt meeting Plan Talent Show At South Roxana ADM. DENFILD ASKS RITIRIMINT—Adm. Louis A. Denfeid is shown as he told newsmen in Boston today that he had submitted a request for retirement after more than 40 years of naval service. The admiral nad been removed as chief of naval operations after stormy hearings 'in Washington on unification of the armed services. Associated Press reporter Thomas Horgan is to right of Denfeid— AP Wirephoto. Mrs. Ernst. Finns ware discussed for the homecoming to be held Aug. 4-6. South Roxaim Notes SOUTH ROXANA. — Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gebeleln and children of Missouri avenue had at dinner guests, Sunday, the Rev. James Townscnd and Miss Blllle Goodwin, Granite City. The Rev. Townsend It pastor of the Wanda Methodist Church. Mr. and Mro, Louis Knlpplng and sons of Indiana avenue had ai dinner guests, Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. William Grube and daughter, Joyce; Mr. and Mrs. John Wege•host, St. Louis; Miss Marvelene Tappy, Wood River, and Mr. and Mrs. John O'Neil, South Roxana. Jerry Jarzynka, ,son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jarzynka of Indiana avenue, returned Tuesday from St. Anthony's Infirmary after suffer- Ing from strep throat. Miss Ruth Kuelper, sister of Mrs. Howard Gebeleln of Missouri FOR SORE Dll B?C PAINFUL rlLC3 HERE is SOOTHINC Oat amaihit ukk nltof from !»!i>. IUh Mrf IrrlUtiM M«Md kr aistfle Pile.. Prowd •attofa torasla Inm t»mtm Thornton * Minor Clinic BOW avaJtable (or BOOM •>•. Itorntai 4 MlMf *«<ttl OlataeM t*na» t* aoiun «n4 akrlnk .wtlltat. Relieve* <lt> «nw. Gtt » twk« «l TtetttUm * Mlnw aVeeUI Olatwmt *r aeettl tosvoeltortas Sw. F.1U.W «teetknw M tk. iKl. Wm •E «» »U tH< ent.MSMi .*T*ir*kt>t In AH»n Thrifty Drvi*. fUMATISM RTHRITIS JwOMfTB* MW •mar KNOWN •API— cuNicAUY mno Arm »•»*• or •XfWMVI CUMCAL TMT! DIDRlNhMbMsclaielt •atoni Herat, Now proved coocluilvely to work ImtraaUr toward anatins reduction tt Mlo, heal, ivdn*M and iwelltos. For •ktiaa «t ibeiunatiuu, anhrldi. murlill. edatka. •euiabjla. Gee UIDMN t«dar. Ml, SAIL IWWtlf 1C TOUT NM a Mttwk'. Not htbU lomincl Loutlme lu (rom ihnntBun, »nh ncurilll BUT find IN gl*M florlous re CoMalai new working dope or <MlM UUIVM PAIN AN* M»mUN» Ami VMM of roanui IANI IM DtlN tonuju oo dgu »lumuful draM ... U not habll fotniln«. CllBl»«Tti*i» proi« UU OIUIO/UM fwuit pain nllovrn known lor arttuitlt .iiT rhwmatlc •ulluron. BUrl l»!*| IMTlUIH ttSiy. Utui't inlu ue diaaaa w MiJ«|r S«<a« OOM U4iu. MO FASTI* AWHRiriC PAIN MUff 0ft rout MOM!r MC* NNEKIIEIIIUmMSnNlES ...MMNOVTIIITECTIT Rheumatic and arthritic pain and inflammation attlke any of the steu indicated on above chart (KC Arrowi). Due (hex diteaui have many form* and lymptoms. All forms cause pain, frequent iwrlling, and ponible loei of /unction al joinu. Clinical tew patients |iven 1MDR1N retumea happy, active liviiiK once pain lubiided sod conn- dean IMW. 1MDR1N reducea iwelllns and eaaM pain rapidly. IMD.VIN may give you the tame bieiwd reiulu. Gee 1MDRIN today! MIHHRWIKLKVNI If you tuiTer the (onuret of ar- (luitic pain, 1MDKIN may be your «rea»i( hope. 1MQHIN la ouc of (lie faneit arthritic pain (elleveri known. Catea deemed •inoai hopeleu... pcnoni »uf- iferini rean ... are oow liv- V iuppy livee. livery cate backe/by clinical proof. Gel IMDftJN today. If ic iin't the fteatcit bleaiinj 'you've ever uied, return for tour moae* back. Get IMDR1N today-re- aume comfortable living •oaJshil Sold at Druggiftti Ivory whoro Ustwll I* OAllllt HIATTirt C»mm«iite On fh» New* C«Mt I* Cwewt («r IMDalNI MO f.M. le*Mra llMrfwd llav «>N *.M. C«*«l IIVMivd TliM •iOQ r.M. MewMii • facISi Tim rUHUT mt TNIMIU«f Ivesisti «• Iw tosil BUIUtl UsNst ALTON WOOD RIVIR liRSir- VILLE, ILL. OWW TONMNT avenue, has accepted a.position at Deaconess Hospital, St. Louis. A taxi driver In Sydney, Australia, who refused to carry a child eating a slice of fruitcake, was upheld by a judge, who ruled that cake may not be eaten In cabs. were leaden Mri. Albert Doerr, Mri. Harry Jonet, Mra, Albert Blenemann and Mlti Alice Han* felder; program committee mem« berk, Mri. Irene Wllieford. Mrt, Walter Huebner and Mri. Lyman organisation chairman. Mrs. Jack Buchanan .and the area chairman, Mri. Howard Oebeleln. Special Miule Friday TH ROXANA—Special music by a quartet from the Hartford Methodist Church will be given at the regular Friday evening meeting of the local Methodist Church. The Youth Fellowihip of the church will have a taffy pull following the services. Troop IT Moeto SOUTH ROXANA—Intermediate Girl Scout Troop 97 met Wednet- day afternoon with Iti leader, Mrt. Albert Doerr, at her home on Park avenue. Plans were made (or a display table for articlei made by the troop for the Girl Scout amateur ihow, Jan. 27. Girls who will participate In the talent show practiced. Flgurlnet made at last week's meeting were painted. Menu'i were planned for those going to the girl scout potluck supper Thursday it North Roxana. Girls' Club Meets SOUTH ROXANA—Memben of the Girls' Club met for an Inform al get-together Monday evening with their director, Mri. John Kleeman, at the Blltmore Hotel. Plane were discussed and Invitations Hartford Lesion Auxiliary to Aid Storm Victitn* HARTroRD, Jan. l»-The Auxiliary of Legion Pott 118T held Hi III IN b«IMIn| to pay halt on lamlUaa^rhoat Tna ireup votod UM elaaMni but lot ---------------hornet wtrt dtstroyod In tM N* etnt tornatfo, The group alto' Voted to take part in' thc> eard party which It to be aponaorffl by t:ia PTA rtb. 8. ; After the balnett moetlng, garnet were played aad ortatt ware given to Mra Alma Daabs, Mra. Gardner, and Mra. Dorothy 'tu« bank, Kfltartalm Ohsk HARTrORD-Mrt, Helen Lara*. East Alton, antertalnad her club Tuesday evening. During the evening, gamei were played and prim were awarded to Mra. Ann Dwor- tyntkl, Mrt. Helen Large, Mrt. Blanch Fry, and Mrs. Ossle Picket t, After the games, the hotteat ttrved luncheon to club members and in two weekt Mra. Harold Ewlng "ill entertain the club at the home of her aunt, Mra, Oltle Plckett, Watt Forrest. HaaoNd vt Mrthday HARTFORD ,- Mrt. Harlay Sparka of EaaUFIrtt atreet gave a lurpriaa birthday party for her ton, Douglan, Tuesday evening. During the evening, the boyt and girls watched television and played games. Prizes were given to Shirlene Atkins and Tommy Davit. Others attending the party .were Pat Schlieper, Jeanne SeehiUMn, Frances Smith, Dorothy Roblnton, Yvonne Hall, Joe Pickering, Ron* aid Hasenjaeger, Dale Black, and made for the party to be stated at 7:30 p. m. Friday, at the hotel room. Btnietl OaMwett. Mrt, a^a^UakalallaMa^ttaM lafi'laal IwrVRflaaWnial mvr THUftSDAY, JANUAHY II, p.m. ,tn the eehoel auditorium, ntor high t>atent* will tpotieot "fun nifht." fhtjr invite adulu of the community. VMta A«M -J4IMN WMhtifia trnle and HAIITFO*D- Oll4aA.« 0% tafeflifeA VDa%*ki4ttaAt ftim. Vjt a% JEMa] UlVR.ltV, • WMnlnftTlOTlt row* vtaltwd with their aunt, Mra, Amanda Oleat*e, Baat Watktne •treat, a eeup»e of day* thlt week. Benefit HARTFORD— Memfcefe'et Legion Port lilt and th* Lofton pott of Wood Rtvtr will ipotuot a movie, "Purple Htart and Ouadal* canal Warr rtarttai Sunday and continuing tor four dayi at the Mldtown theater, Wood Wvtr. Proceata from tfta movie will be on a percent*!* ban* fw both Legion group*. Hartford plant to UM Ita moae* to pay oh its Memorial, Tlohttt may bo purehaaed from Legion members.* Mrs. Anna Trump Funeral Service* Funeral rltet for Mrs. Anna Trump, wlft of Chariot Trump of 163 Pence, East Alton, were con* ducted Wednesday at 3 p. nv In Streeper funeral home by the Rev. Letter Upton, pastor of Church of God, Eatt Alton. Mrt. A. E. Stnaers and Mrt. Delia Smith, with Mrt, Alonto Rotenberg at tccompanltt, tang two hymns. Pallbearer* were Herman Feuquay, Lowell Bazzell, Bart Sawyer, Thoma* Dorrls, Clyde Penrod and Charles Stretch. Out-of-town relatives attending the funeral Included Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Scott and Mr, and Mrs, Thomat Scott and children, Paoll, tad.; Mr*. Barnard Smith, New Orleant, La; Elgie Dillman, Amarillo, Tex., Sally Helnrlchs and Madga Vaughn, Greenfield; Haaei County History tiead to Speak At East Alton of EAST ALTON, French etttlemenu --.,-«, be diteueiad tar Donald F. MwtS tne Madieen Oot.ntr Historical Society, before met of the Bait Alton Woman's Lewit, who Uvee near Alton,^ will trace the Wetoiy of vlllaget from East St. Louie to Cheater and discuss living habttt Mdi aoclal eu* tomt of the Freneh and their rela- tlonehlp with Indlant of the area. The tpaaker. M Inetructor at Alton Senior filth iehool, it nil. nolt* repteeenutlve on -the ^Ittor. leal committee of the 10 state Mlw- ~ Highway Commit- imppi fleanle Men. The pared program, by Mlet J .. which wti ore- Adele McDonald, a member of the Eatt Alton Junior High faculty, will alto feature an oVttt from fcut Alton-Wood River High lehool, under the direction ofTtoai Vara Jonet. Nancy Keller will pretant » solo, accompanied by Thelma Edgar, - Hostesses for the meeting will Include Mrt. Leo Wools, Mri. Richard Early, Mrs. Armlnta Whitlock, Mr* John Bishop, Mri. Stanley Stepson, Mrs. Russell McKenney, and Mrs. William F. Bonn. Dr. radner't Poem In Anthology Dr. Frederick Fadnar of the Shurtleff College English department received word yeiterday that his poem "Dltllluilonment" had been accepted for publication In the National Anthology of Poetry, 1950 edition. Dr. Fadner't poem was one of 490 published, out of more than 8000 submitted. The anthology |i for poett of the teaching profession, and, thlsls the sac- Atklnt, EdwardtvUle; Richard Sieving, De Soto, Mo., and Geraldine Rogers, West Alton, Mo. Batt and Manning to DiMolve Partnership Dtewlution of the law firm part- ntrahlp of Franelt J. Manning and Joeeph J. Bart it Wood River was announced today, tt It to be effective ae of Jan. 31, Manning is to continue the office at 352 East Ferguton. Barr plant to set up an office at another location. Barr It eteklftg the Democratic nomination to the office of probate judge of Madleon County. Manning la M aaplrantjor the Republican nomination to the of county judge. ATHENS. Oreeoa, Jan. M, <*>>- Oreece'a general election tor a new parliament haa been poatpened two weeki, until March S. Originally scheduled (or April, the election had been advanced to Feb. » by the new premier, John Theotokis, after a dltpute over the election date reeulted In the (all of Premier Alexander Dlomedet 1 coaii- tlon cabinet ond year that the ihurtleff pro. fessor't contribution hat been a> cepted. • ' Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away.... A* w» t<t oldtt, itKM tnd itrtin. nvcr. exertion, excnii** •moklnf or ««poiur c to cold lometlmw ilows down klilnty func. tton. Thto ra»y hwfl, m»ny lolki to complain ot nUSini bMkttln. «»• of pip and •ncriy, hi4d»chfi «nd dillinn*. Gettini UD nlshU or freqiunt pHUtkn may reeult from minor blsddir irriutlon» due to cold. d*mpn»u or dlltarr IndlieretjoBt. If your dUoomforte «ri due to those caurai, don't w«lt, try Doan's Pllto, • mild diuretu. UMtd >u«eMt(ully by millions f«r over 60 ynn. White th«« aymptomi may often othirwisi occur, Iti amMlni hnw many tlmw Dosn'i,tl»i hyppy relief- help thf II milt* ot kldnty tubw and filter. flush out WMU, (M Ooaa'a PIUi today! EAGLE STAMPS AH Sato llonwl on GOLDFARB'S Winter No Exchanftfl or tUfundi ALL SALES FINAL Festival Every Oiu of Our Expertly Tailored, Beautifully Styled LADIES' As Low As. As High As. A Drastically Reduced! sfgu $3995 Buy NOW and Save! 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