Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 12, 1972 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1972
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

Alton fivetitai Telegraph Tuesday, Sept. 12,1972 €AM£t>8 CLAfTEft 't> By Lurry Lewis 1MNTSEE HOW THEY tx> IT; IT TAKES THAT LONS,. MOOSE By Bob Weber I GOT RID OF ONE OP THE PUPPIES, DAD, AMD BOY, DID I MAKE A SWEU.DEAU! THE WIZARD OF ID Bj> Parker and Hart SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray OFFICER] I WAS JUST HELD UP AeAJNi THI5 \e THE THIRD TIME'« THE SAME 6UY HAS ROBBEP MEi WO YOU NOTICE ANYTHIN6 ABOUT THETHJEF? VES,,,HE6EEMED JO BE BETTER PRESSED EACH TIME] TIGER By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman THE + •.,'.-! WISE GUY WHO HUNG UP ON ME.' ...TOLD ME TO GET LOST/... ..YOU'VE GOT FIVE MINUTES TO COME OUT.I...OR I'M COMIN 1 IN APTER ...ED1E, THEY S-SHOOTiNS AT USL..THAT 6ANS OUTSIDE... SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal Ted Shearer HOPE 1 CAN UANP 1UIS 747 BROOM/ ...THERE'S JUS' A SMALL PIECE OF SWEET POTATO PIE LEFT AMP THIS IS MOTl/WE fOR. VISITORS/ oday's FUNNY A BANANA P0±L IS A YELLOW SLIPPER ®1W2br NEA, inc. Thanx to Polridc Fulton, New Yarfc Today's FUNNY- Ml pay $1.00 lor each original "funny" aicd. Send BOM to: Today's FUNNY, 1200 West Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. ull Me By A. LEOKUM WHAT IS A CELL? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: .1 0 N A T PI A N FALK, 9, Halifax ,Nova Scotia, Canada Almost all living things are made of cells. They are called the basic units of life. The human body is made of billions upon billions of cells, which indicates how small they are. Most cells can be seen ony with a microscope. All cells have three main parts: the cell membrane, the cytoplasm, and the nucleus. The cell membrane is the outside surface of the cell. Inside the membrane is the cytoplasm. This is a mass of grayish material which holds many other tiny cell parts. Near the center of the cell is the nucleus. It controls the nature of the cell. There are many kinds of cells, and usually each kind does one special job. For example, some cells expand and contract; these are muscle cells. Other cells are sensitive to light; they form the retina of the eye. Other cells may produce and give off material of some sort; they are known as secretory cells. Cells contain many com- pi dated structures and there is constant activity going on, in them. Food and oxygen pass steadily into the cell through the membrane. The cell changes them to energy. It uses cell material — more living matter. A single cell does not live very long — it ages and dies. But cells also have the ability to divide and become two new cells. So if the cell divides, instead of aging and dying, the old cell becomes two new cells. And both new cells are exactly like the original cell. When cell division slows up, the body begins to age. FUN TIME 1,2,3 Tlie Riddle Box 1. Is it better to have an old ten-dollar bill or a new one? 2. What should you keep even, after you have given it to someone? 3. What makes an elephant such an unpopular guest? ANSWERS 1. Any old ten-dollar bill is better than a new one-dollar bill. 2. Your word. 3. He must bring his trunk along. THE PUZZLE BOX Using the digits 1, 2, 3, can you make 6 different numbers and find their sum? See tomorrow's paper for the answer. A n s w e r to yesterday's Puzzle Box: Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer. Win The New Book of Knowledge yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: CATHRYN JAM1CSON, 11, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada * * * * Telegraph Want Ads CLICK! AMANDA PANDA By Marcla Coarse USING* v/ASN, ^FsP/ Ai 6UJE, KANGAROO DAVID CRANE BrWinslow Mortimer , Ml, PONNIE...J TAKE IKE. TO WE C«KIC-. /K//R0THERWIU PRUCEWA* SWEET ENOUGH 10 PKINC-ME HOME. TAKEiCAREOF KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andiiola R?OMTHEa3RMEROF«B HE IWCHE9 EYE, LEFT/ SEES THE 0#- HIS CHANCE TO SUP OP THE THIS TO MISS ATTHERIO/WCHO, LEFTX PUTS A SHEET OF BIANK BVER IM ENVELOPE... VELOPE PISEONHOLEP/ BACKSWIRSU AVON KAXE WHEN HOPE THE Jl*w SHE COMES IN? fM.SOGOOPf By Georce Sixta / He HAS AM ( AWFULLY LOMG WINOUP BETWEEN THE HE PITCHES <30 AGAIN I By Dick Cavalli I'M GOING TO BE THAT FEIT Ul E A NBMy WAXED FLOOR WAVING A AAOR OWU4 f I III I I By Carl Anderson True Life Adventures HOMSCOM1NO A )N HV3 NEST. Wait Disney Piodaetj \Voild Righa Retard By Sidney Oman *f •/ HORNED THB K^M© A HE sire LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE IF ^^ Your Horoscope -8 'awnHi •/ 'wnssodo -9 'xv -e 'NOJ.ONIHSVM -j '1109 'I — u^oQ 'Vini '6 '3NOSW081 '/ 'NilOD '9 *xoa FORECAST FOR WEDNESDAY i Flowers mean much to Aquarius. If entertaining one born under this zodiacal sign, put flowers on the table. Talk about astrology to Aquarius. Express unusual ideas. Aim toward the unorthodox. Then you are on your way to malting a hit with natives of this sign. The classical Aquarian is a romantic, is sensitive and gregarious. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Concern with philosophy is emphasized. You examine principles. You have desire to write, to express yourself. Family member is involved. Domestic area requires- more-than-usual attention. Stress diplomacy. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Much is hidden, obscured — this could be deliberate or otherwise. Key is to be patient and selective. Choose quality. Eschew shortcuts. One born under Pisces could play significant role. Avoid self-deception. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Study Taurus message. Snap decisions should be avoided. Get legal clearance. Find who owns what and who is pulling strings. Assume responsibility. Permanent relationships are featured, including marriage. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Work and health are highlighted. You are able to finish project. Do so. Don't try to hang on to proposition that drains funds, vitality. Aries individual could play prominent role. Take overall view. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Accent on children, speculation investments and affairs of heart. You can succeed now in creative efforts. Be ready to take charge, to make changes and to put ideas Into action. VIRGO (Aug. Z3-Sept. 22): BuUd- ing, home, end of matters—these are emphasized. Older person needs attention. Rely on experience, not sensationalism. Aquari- «ml° U ! d P J 3y , Key r ° Ie ' Se " Se °' timihg is sharply honed. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Move- neit, change, short Journeys are on iigenda. Develop ideas Don't rusj. Give thoughts time to Jell Taks special care in traffic. sW <»a.|an could play key role. Open of communication. :ORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21); -?•' £ egu , n recently now could dividends. y ou collect. You olidate. You get down to facts you utilize material at ban" y details. Find ways to inv r -~ e current procedures VoiV coud be on brinkof discovery? ^GITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. You feel more free to act to |e ^,,1° react ' Express you" nntltlu. ~« .Don't hold Gemini and itta line S Pro pay con and Stu pro s 21) dec- self bac Vir Pacle thr her rec cei to uor PRICORN (Uec. 22-Jan 19)is modified. You Bain now ugh diplomacy. Family wm- makes conciliatory gesfure Be tlv v ? fai " sh ow). Gift is' re" . Visit one who is confined weled PUal - Mystery C "S r\4\Jt Desires your li slai.ce fron ' live ab wil abo^t P get etc] lug 11 DA to AJUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb 18)- are emphasised. Some of | 8t - r .w 1 5nes may Jack sub: . strive to separate fact fancy Be creaUveTfioagina. But don't delude yourself SCES (Feb. 19-Marcb 20): You ed -~~« \» »u. iv-ivittrca aj); ft more opportunity and addaa resi onsibUity. Money' is mvSlved Rel tionships intensify. Nothing l» Events are deeply --. .. is apt to be all or noth- Capricorn could play key role. TODAY IS YOUR BIRTH- you are perceptive, attentive 'stalls, of scientific bent c*I " of helping others overcome - _. —d by change, travel and va. riet feaCurtag relaUonshipTwltt Genial and Vfrgo Individuals De- cen.ber should be one of your molt ''<" '"•«•- month* of 1972; w

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